and look at demi's face

  • demi lovato: *writes a song about feminism*
  • demi lovato: *stands up for bullied and mentally ill people*
  • demi lovato: *pays for other people's treatment*
  • demi lovato: *goes to Africa to build schools*
  • demi lovato: You don't need to paint your face like a clown to look beautiful.
  • demi lovato: You don't need a thigh gap to be sexy.
  • demi lovato: *exposes internet activists because some of them don't even know what it means*
  • demi lovato: *is sober, clean and healthy*
  • demi lovato: *talks about sensitive topics (self harm, religion, wars, drugs)*
  • demi lovato: *supports lgbt rights*
  • demi lovato: *gets banned from Russia because she believes in equality*
  • demi lovato: *gets called fat by thousands of people every time she comes on Twitter*
  • demi lovato: *gets dragged every time she says something because people are too lazy to read the whole interview*
  • internet activists: Demi Lovato is so problematic. ://

Prompt: Can you do a Zianourry prompt where Niall and Demi Lovato like eachother so they go on dates but the boys get jealous and tell Demi to leave Niall alone and then they teach him a lesson


Niall talked happily to his cellphone, oblivious to the jealous glares sent his way.

“Yeah…I had a lot of fun too. It was great and remember-” He paused, in an attempt to compose himself, failing when he started laughing loudly. “Remember when you fell into the pool, you were like soaking wet.”

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