and look at cal's face

“How can you not love Cal Freezy, just look at that face” “yeah but his video’s are so funny” “yeah but he’s so hot like omg daddy af”

Yeah, yeah don’t worry about it, all of the above DEFINITELY out shadow his misogyny.
Don’t worry about the fact he has absolutely NO respect for females or his friends for that matter because hey at least he’s funny!
Don’t worry about the fact he’s betrayed his friends trust!! At least he has a pretty face!!!!
Don’t worry about the fact he’s admitted he won’t wait till someone’s comfortable enough to have sex with him! As long as you enjoy looking at his face.

Absolutely SICK of the naivety of some people. OPEN YOUR EYES!! He’s disgusting, he’s disrespectful and he’s so far up his own arse he can see out his own throat.
But don’t worry about none of that! Cause he’s “good looking” (open to your personal perspective of course) and funny, nothing else matters, not the lack of respect he showed for all females, his friend and his ex girlfriend, not the poor example he’s shown his young impressionable fans (clearly evident in some of you) or the bad example he’s set for males.
Lets not worry about none of that cause he’s FUNNY 🙃🙃🙃🙃

Bloodlines - 10 (Callum Lynch/Reader)

Part One  Part Two  Part Three  Part Four  Part Five  Part Six  Part Seven  Part Eight  Part Nine

@superwholockstringpuller this is what happens when you write angst…you pushed me to everything that happens after thissssssss….

Originally posted by andsowewalkalone

You sat next to Cal on some fold out chairs a few weeks later. You smirked a little at his fidgeting as he looked toward the horizon, “She’s going to make it.”

“I know…” He nodded a little patting his hands on his legs. He licked his lips finally looking at her, “It’s just she said she had this hitch in her foot yesterday…”

You reached over taking his hand getting him to stop for a moment, “She’s going to be fine. You trained her and you were trained by Aguilar, in person no less. She is going to be the best on the field.”

He smiled giving your hand a squeeze, “She is, isn’t she?”

You laughed a little to yourself, as he turned back eagerly looking for the class to appear. Everyone in the town had been sitting in the morning sun for an hour now waiting for their return.

Finally, children screeching from the lookout post alerted them to someone approaching. You smiled as Cal and several other fathers stood up looking for the potentials to return. You stood with him leaning over ever so slightly, “You know…regardless of the outcome…”

“I know…” He looked down to you, “She’ll be magnificent either way…”

“I was going to say there was still cake at the house…happy cake or sad cake…just remember that when she gets here.” You winked as you looked back to the field. You pointed, “I see someone.”

His eyes looked back toward the horizon as a small form appeared racing toward the finish line. A big grin came to his face, “It’s her! She’s going to make it!”

“It’s not that simple…” You told him with a sigh, “This is the final push…she’ll have to get past the last defense.”

He looked to you, “What do you mean?”

You moved closer to him so he could follow where you pointed, “There’s an assassin in the field. He’s been there all day. There’s one closer to us too.”

“Can you tell who it is?” He frowned making a fist.

You nodded crossing your arms, “Julian and…Sam.”

He looked to you worried then back to the field, “I didn’t know…”

“She’ll be fine.” You reassured him, though you had some doubts yourself.

Everyone watched as Risha pushed through the tall grass field running toward them. This is where young potentials made their mistakes. You could only hope for her now as Julian began to move toward her.

“She sees him.” Cal whispered.

“How do you know?” You glanced at him.

“You’ll see…” He smirked a little never taking his eyes off the field. You followed the girl across the field as Julian made a move to take her feet out from under her.

Risha moved like a river over rocks placing a firm hand down onto Julian’s face pushing off before she rounded off her landing with heavy blow to his back. The crowd winced for him as he let out a loud yell before she took off running again.

“I don’t see him.” Cal whispered scanning the area for her final opponent.

“That’s the point…Sam’s a master at infiltration…” You frowned, “He won’t be seen until he wants to.”

Risha ran for the finish until she began to slow down. Everyone in the crowd began to mutter as other potentials began to catch up. Cal looked her over carefully trying to read what she was thinking.

“Cal…” You whispered anxiety reaching you.

He shushed you as the crowd went silent. Finally, Risha ducked down as wooden blades shot at her. She was quick to move toward where they were coming from. More shot at her as she ducked and rolled out of the way. Never once did she stop moving.

Finally with a loud cry she leapt into the air throwing her feet out in front of her making Sam retreat from his hiding spot. She landed hard on her stomach making Cal flinch toward her, “Get up kiddo…”

Sam took quick steps toward her grabbing her by the hair. She let out a loud cry grabbing his hand. You reached for Cal’s hand as he made a fist. You’d explained that people got hurt during this, but it was still Risha.

Risha reached back grabbing Sam by the ear yanking hard enough that he loosened his grip. She took the moment to maneuver her way to face him. She grabbed his arm for support as she climbed up his body with her feet wrapping her legs around his neck. Using her momentum, she landed him down on his back before throwing her hand back she as if she had a blade on her wrist. She cried out as she slammed it down over his heart.

Sam stared at her letting her hair go he nodded. She turned quickly for the finish line. Cal couldn’t contain himself any longer as he rushed over to the finish line with many others.

You watched the pair of them light up when they made eye contact. Risha pushed herself faster running into his arms. You smiled as he lifted her up into air as everyone crowded around her, the seasons next assassin.

Cal put her down and she looked at him breathing hard, “I did.”

“You did.” He smiled cupping her face with his hand affectionately like a father.

You walked over with Eli and Ren. The children gave their big sissy a hugs as you held out a bottle of water to her, “Well done.”

“Thank you.” She nodded to you before downing the entire bottle.

Once everyone settled down and all the potentials were in. The elders gathered in front of everyone, “We have these opportunities to prove ourselves…to better ourselves…to ensure the safety of our people and the world. Today Risha…a girl who’s dealt with so much loss, has proven that she is more than just a girl…she is an assassin.”

Cal smiled giving Risha a wink. She smiled from behind the elders. He leaned over to you, “When she makes her declaration…she’s going to pick music. We should get her a piano…even just a small one.”

You smiled and nodded, “I’m sure we can work that out with everyone.”

“Now…as is our custom Risha will come forward and declare what she desires. No matter how big or small…it will be done.” The elder turned to her, “My dear…”

Risha swallowed and stepped forward looking at everyone. She cleared her throat, “Um…I know it’s become a custom to ask for a skill that we could be trained in…and I had intended to do just that, but…”

Cal’s mouth dropped open surprised, “Has she said anything to you about changing her declaration?”

“No.” You shook your head as Risha went on.

“It’s a little short of a year since my father died…and I miss him.” She smiled sadly, “But I’ve been given such a gift already. Callum Lynch and Y/N L/N. They have given me a home. They have given me food…siblings…and so much that I can never thank them enough. Know that I will be thanking them for eternity.”

You felt a hitch in your throat as she went on, “My declaration isn’t for a weapon…or a skill set. Today I’m declaring that Cal and Y/N are my parents. I will no longer call them by their names…but by the loving roles they have provided for me…Mom and Dad.”

Cal sniffed as a tear rolled down his cheek. He took your hand tightly as she continued, “While I will have a different name…I will honor all traditions of parents with them. Every mother’s day…every father’s day will be theirs from this day forward. I will honor them like I honor my birth parents, with love and respect.”

“You are sure that this is what you want?” The elder looked at her.

“I don’t need anything material…” She looked over to the pair of you crying together, “as my parents provide everything I could ever want.”

She moved away from the elders and walked over to you both. Cal stood up embracing her tightly like a father should, “Oh Risha…”

You stood up looking at them wiping another tear away as Risha took your hand, “I love you guys.”

Cal final let her go and she moved to you hugging you tightly. You smiled kissing her cheek, “We love you…we always love you. You will always have a home; you will never be without.”

After the emotional scene everyone broke for the large banquet that was set up nearby. Many mothers walked over to you congratulating you on the gaining of another child. Fathers did the same to Cal.

You watched Risha carefully as masters approached her to discuss the next portion of her training. She had a long road ahead of her and you worried. Becoming an assassin required so much sacrifice.

Cal came over with a couple of drinks and sat down next to you, “They’re never going to leave her alone are they?”

You shook your head taking the drink he handed to her, “Nope…they want her to be ready.”

“She’s more ready then most assassins.” You both turned looking at Sam. He shifted a little on his feet taking in a deep breath, “Never seen someone move like that.”

Cal looked at him, “We came up with a few new things…to give her an edge.”

Sam smiled a little and nodded, “Well it worked. You’ve got well-disciplined daughter, Cal.”

Cal nodded slowly looking at him, “Thank you.”

“That’s why this really sucks…” Sam took a step closer them, “That I have to break up your new family unit so soon…”

You looked at him and frowned, “…you’re sending him on a mission?”

“I’m not…I don’t think he’s cut for it yet…” Sam licked his lips, “The council thinks he’s a fit for this job though.”

Cal swallowed and stood up stepping closer to Sam, “…When?”

“In three days…overseas.” Sam told him, “That’s all I can say here. Council wanted me to let you know…so you could settle things before leaving.”

“Alright, thank you Sam.” Cal sighed watching him turn walking away. He took a deep breath before looking at you, “Y/N…”

You shut your eyes to try and stop the tears of worry. It didn’t work, so you quickly put your hands over your face. You felt him put his hands on your knees as he whispered your name. You looked at him tears dripping off your nose to his face, “Cal…I can’t…”

“You won’t.” He smiled at you shaking his head taking your face in his hands, “You won’t. I’ll be back…”

“Cal…” He wiped the tears from your face before silencing you with a kiss.

“I love you.” He whispered resting his forehead against yours, “That love will bring me home.”

anonymous asked:

do you like bro? he was my fav character and i still feel like he's been controlled by a puppet for like,,,,, 30-40 years of his life???? like,,, him and gamzee basically had the same downfall of "Bad Puppet controls You"

I shed light on my thoughts on Bro once, but Yes! I do believe that that is indeed the case! My thoughts on Bro are that we never really MET him, except in echos. We know his trivial interests- puppets, irony, music, the things LE couldn’t be bothered to destroy with his, y’know, destroyer-of-souls powers- and we know the traits that LE valued and Dirk feared within himself- Controlling nature, Disregard for the well-being of others, A Need to come out on top. In fact, I do believe that LE fostered those personality traits, leaving Bro an empty husk meant only to take orders and act on impulses that closely if not identically paralleled Caliborn’s own, since those were the only traits he was left with. 

It’s hard to say PRECISELY how LE controlled and manipulated the souls he enslaved, but my take on it has always been that LE splintered his own soul and sent that splinter out into other things, like Dirk sending a splinter of himself into the AI program he wrote that eventually became Lil’ Hal. But instead of making an altogether new person, LE uses this power to enslave the souls he’s stuck that splinter in, and destroy them from the inside. 

Bro got Lil’ Cal as his heirloom back in the ectobiology lab, so we can absolutely safely say that he has been possessed literally since the day of his creation. No way in hell the infant- creatures who by nature look to and identify faces- wouldn’t have made eye contact with Lil’ Cal. So, most unfortunately, my opinion is that we don’t know Bro. We know his husk, the shadow of what and who he could be at his absolute, utter worst, and we can divine through looking at Dirk and looking at Caliborn what would have happened had he been allowed to develop as a person naturally and not been controlled by the red cherub, and in many fanfictions I really adore Bro for what he might have been, had his soul not been rolling down the gutter of the bowling lane of life since day one.

Anyway it’s a little late so I’m not entirely sure if this is all coherent but in sum:  

The Only Exception - Part 6


Bucky Barnes x reader

Summary: you don’t believe in romantic love, you find it pathetic. But maybe, you make an exception when you meet James ‘Bucky’ Barnes.

A/N: there is no Bucky in this part, sorry! And the part in italics is the past. Hope you enjoy this one! Of course Bucky will be in the next chapters.

Tags: @supersoldierslover @barnesandnoble13 @vivianbabz @petals-overdaisies @damnbuckyishot  @brazien @siobhanrebecca @shamvictoria11 @independentgirl @elwenia @flaipa

Originally posted by mulderscullyinthetardis

(Credits to the owner of the gif)

You were texting Wanda, and even though your attention was on your phone, you could feel the eyes of someone on you. You looked at this someone, Albert. He was looking at you with a roguish smile. “What? You are scaring me, Albert! Why are you staring at me like…” you tried to describe his creepy face, but all you said is: “…like that?”

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If You Don't Know Part 2 - Calum Hood Smut

Pairing: Calum and Y/N

Word Count: 5.0k+

Rating: Smut

Requested: Yeppers

Part One Here

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Bloodlines - 7 (Callum ‘Cal’ Lynch/Reader)

Part One  Part Two  Part Three  Part Four  Part Five  Part Six

Originally posted by sikanapanele

A few days past and there was a noticeable difference in the house. Things seemed warmer, happier…even the kids felt it.

But there was still something missing…

You stared out the window watching the kids play as you fell deep into thought, “Has that cup wronged you in some way to receive such a scrubbing?”

You snapped your head over to Cal standing in the door way. You laughed a little putting the cup back into the sink, “I was just lost in thought.”

He walked over to you slowly, “Oh? Anything I can help ease?”

You felt a blush roll over your face when he slid an arm around your back, “I’m not sure how to breach the subject.”

His eyes lit up as he looked at you, “Y/N, you know that you can tell me everything.”

“It…It’s not something I need to tell you…more ask.” You turned to him biting your lower lip.

“Okay…” He smiled a little as he watched your face only grow with more concern, “Y/N…just ask.”

You stared at him a moment taking in a deep breath, “I want to take in Risha…and I’m wondering what your thoughts are on that matter.”

“Oh…um…” He made a face looking away, “I don’t know. I guess I hadn’t really given any thought…”

“I know…I know…” You looked down at the ground, “I just…there’s this feeling in the pit of my stomach. This instinct that tells me she should be here…”

He stared at you for a moment before looking out the window at the kids. He swallowed and began to nod, “Alright.”

You looked at him surprised, “Really?”

“I trust your instincts.” He smiled at you reaching up moving a strand of hair from your face, “You’re a mother and you’ve lived in this life longer then I. So if you believe that she would be best here…then I agree.”

You smiled and hugged him tightly feeling him bury his face into your neck, “I’ll go ask for the arrangements to be made…”

“Alright.” He rubbed your back supportively.

“Of course…” You pulled away leaving your hands on his shoulders, “someone could’ve already taken her…”

He put his hands on your face before he grinned, “What will happen, will happen…and will be for the best.”

He left you with a kiss before he turned for the back door. You swiveled your head to the window as he ran out chasing Ren around the yard. You couldn’t help but laugh as all the children ran toward him tackling him to the ground.

You’d made up your mind and would approach the elders in the afternoon before you dropped Eli off with his father.

“Mom…do I really have to go?” Eli asked as they walked toward his father’s house.

“Now…” You looked down at him with eyeing suspicion, “do you not want to go because of your father, or because Cal was teaching how to use that sling shot of yours?”

He opened his mouth a little but stopped, “…he was actually going to let me shoot today…”

“Well you’ll be able to do it next time.” You consoled him with a little chuckle.

Cal stood across the way watching you knock on the door to Sam’s home. Eli’s father wasn’t a bad guy…just difficult. He was a great soldier though and thoroughly believed in the cause. Cal could never fault him for that, but he could fault his parenting skills.

Then again he couldn’t really talk…Eli and Ren weren’t his.

He sighed looking away as the door opened. When you brought up Risha this morning it took him by surprise. At first he wanted to say no. Why should they take care of another kid?

But then he thought about being in the foster program. He’d been so alone, so afraid, and just wanted someone to hold on to him and not let go. Granted he was the biggest asshole when he was a kid and couldn’t blame most of the homes for kicking him out.

Then there was you. You were born for this. Taking in lost souls and helping them. He was one of them, how could he deny someone else that light?

His head turned back when he heard a raised voice. His eyes narrowed on the pair of you. You were raising your hands up as if surrendering. Your turned to leave but Sam grabbed your arm roughly pulling you back.

Cal immediately began walking toward them. As he did he pulled the slingshot out of his back pocket along with the rock he’d been saving for Eli all day. As he walked he raised it up taking aim.

“Sam, let go!” You hissed at him.

“We are not done talking about-AH!” His hand fell away from you as he crumpled in pain. He cursed pulling his hand back from his head seeing red on his hand. He looked over at Cal fast approaching, “You son of bitch!”

You shouted at the pair of them as Cal dodged his punches. He grabbed onto Sam’s arm pushing him away from you and the house. Cal pointed, “You will not lay a hand on her again.”

“Finally stepping into your roll?” Sam tried to take a jab at him again, “Don’t see why you’d want something used up and broken?”

Cal pushed him away again not saying anything. He turned to you, “Are you alright?”

You nodded slowly as the door opened. You looked over at Eli peering out to see what was going on, “Eli…”

“CAL!” Your son was too fast as he ran past you.

Cal turned enough to see the small boy run to his defense get kicked squarely in the chest where his knee would’ve been. Cal dropped to his knees picking the boy, “Eli…Eli…”

“Eli!” You ran over to him lifting up his shirt seeing the bruising forming quickly, “Oh my god…”

Sam took a step forward as his face went white, “Elijah.”

“Don’t!” Cal snapped at him as you tried everything to ease your son’s pain, “If you really love your son…get help.”

Sam nodded slowly as he turned taking off. Cal looked at you as tears poured down your face. You looked at your son who had passed out, “Elijah!”

“He needs a hospital.” Cal told you, “Y/N…We need to go.”

You nodded as you heard a car approaching behind you. Moussa and Sam came out of the car as Cal picked Eli up. You stood up climbing into the backseat. The hospital was so far way and it was taking everything in you to just remain calm. Cal had to keep reminding you from the front to check his vitals and listen to his chest.

When they got there Cal wasted no time getting him out racing inside, “Help! I need help!”

You came in crying, “Please help my son…please…”

Cal set him on a stretcher and he was rolled away a pair of nurses holding you both back, “We need to be with him!”

“Sir we understand and will give you updates but we need to work!” One nurse told him, “Your son is in good hands…now what happened?”

“Please I need…” You tried to move past the nurse again, “I need to be with my son!”

“You will, but I need to know what happened first.” The nurse replied again.

“Let her go.” Cal looked at the nurses, “Let her go I will tell you everything…”

The one nurse nodded as the other took you back. Cal took in a deep breath watching you disappear behind two doors. He put his hands over his face taking in a deep breath, “Sir…time is critical…”

He nodded as he struggled to speak, “There was a misunderstanding with his father…I stepped in and when he tried to take me from behind…Eli…he stepped between us and…he was kicked…”

Cal listened and answered a series of other questions from the nurse. Finally, the nurse handed him a clipboard with paperwork and escorted him to the back. He paused when he saw you pacing the hallway.

He tossed the clipboard in a chair and walked over to you, pulling on your arm gently to get you to stop. You looked at him bursting into tears as he pulled you into his embrace. No words would help you right now.

He was able to find out that they had taken Eli in for emergency surgery. They knew his ribs were broken, but because of the bruising they couldn’t determine the extent of the damage internally.

He held you in the waiting room, worried. Not just for Eli but for you. For your heart, but he didn’t know how to ask.

“I’m going to kill him…” You whispered hoarsely.

Call looked to you, “You don’t mean that…”

You sat up looking at him as your face burned from all of the emotions running through you, “He hurt my son.”

“Yes. He did.” Cal looked at you, “And that is inexcusable…and he will pay a consequence. Be it from me, or you, or even the council…but you don’t mean that.”

“Cal…” You teared up again looking away, “I don’t know what to do…”

“I’m here.” He moved resting his forehead against yours, “Let me take care of you, and Eli, and Ren.”

“And Risha…” You shut your eyes letting your tears fall off your face hitting your hands.

Cal sighed nodding, “And Risha…”

“That’s what Sam…was so angry about…” You looked at him, “Bringing her home…he said it would take away from time spent with Elijah…”

Cal shut his eyes trying to still his rising anger, “He doesn’t know what he’s talking about…He is filled with anger and chooses to take it out on the one thing that made him happy…you.”

You looked at him as he opened his eyes. You took a deep breath before hugging him, “What if…”

“Don’t.” Cal hushed you holding you tight, “Everything’s just fine.”

And his words were so. Eli came out of the surgery with just broken ribs and now a large scar. It took a few assassins to help get them out of the hospital, since living off the grid meant no insurance.

Cal parked the car outside of their house and opened the back door carefully taking the boy out. He paused as he saw Sam walking over. Glancing at you he sighed, “I’ll take him to his room, looks like the healers inside already.”

You nodded slowly as you turned to Sam. He swallowed stopping in front of you, “Y/N…I’m…”

You slapped him making his head fall. As he raised it back up you slapped him again as you hissed, “You almost killed him.”

“I know…I’m sorry.” He looked at you his cheek swelling up.

You pushed him tears pricking your eyes, “You’re sorry!”

“Y/N…” He stepped toward you again, but your threw up your hands shaking your head.

“No…” You stepped away, “You’re not seeing him. You’re done, until I say otherwise.”

He stared at you, “You can’t keep me from him!”

You stopped staring at him dead in the eye. Something he was not accustom from you, “Watch me.”

if big hero 6 had a gag reel
  • Hiro: Tadashi is gone! *he slams his fist so hard on Baymax he pops a hole on his chest* ...T-that wasn't supposed to happen...
  • --------
  • Tadashi: Someone has to help! *runs but trips on the first few steps* D-darn, and I looked kinda cool running off like that...
  • ------
  • Fred: ...D-Dad? *loud fart noise*
  • Stan: ...*gets up and leaves the set without saying a word*
  • ------
  • Fred: Welcome to mi casa! That's Spanish for my house! Oh wait, was I supposed to get that wrong...?
  • -----
  • Tadashi: I'm not giving up on you. *grabs Hiro by the legs and tries to lift him but accidentally bumps his head on the floor and then on the bedpost*
  • Hiro: Times like this I wish I was the older brother in this movie so I can do that to you too.
  • ------
  • Yokai: *when confronting Krei, his mask won't lift up* H-hey, I think this thing is stuck--h-help? I think we got a real setback here!
  • Krei: *mutters to someone offscreen* He doesn't know I tampered with his mask, don't tell him.
  • -------
  • Gogo: *runs Wasabi's car directly in the path of the camera*
  • Director: ...There goes a hundred thousand dollars off my paycheck again.
  • -------
  • Wasabi: We can't go up against that guy! We're--ummm--
  • Gogo: How hard is it to forget one word? Nerd!
  • -------
  • Yokai: *after a montage of him tripping off of his platform of microbots countless of times* I am getting too old for this...
  • -------
  • Baymax: *while Fred is singing Fred's Angels, he starts beatboxing*
  • Hiro: Okay, I didn't teach you that... *looks at everyone*
  • Everyone: *bursts into laughter*
  • -------
  • Gogo: *throws her disc, it hits the camera instead*
  • Director: Goddamn it, not again!
  • -----
  • Hiro: *falls off the moped as they were getting away from Yama*
  • Yama: *helps Hiro up* Whoa, that was one heck of a fall--you okay?
  • Hiro: ...are we filming Tadashi's death scene yet? *is dazed*
  • -----
  • Aunt Cass: Are you two okay?
  • Hiro and Tadashi: Yes, Auntie.
  • Aunt Cass: *pinches both their ears* Then what the f--- were you thinking--
  • Hiro: You can't swear in a Disney movie, Auntie.
  • Tadashi: See? He told her.
  • -----
  • Hiro: *throws Mochi up the stairs, glass breaking and other things breaking are heard*
  • Baymax: You missed, Hiro.
  • -----
  • Callaghan: I want my daughter back.
  • Krei: *on the side, making faces as he mimics Cal*
  • Callaghan: *looks at him, covers his face with microbots, and then chuckles about it* Not this time, Krei.
  • ------
  • Cass: Stress eating! *chokes on donut* G-great, that's more stress that I don't need--cut! Cut!
  • ------
  • Baymax: *in the middle of their fight with Yokai at Krei Tech* L-low batteryyyyyyy--
  • Yokai: Uh-oh, someone didn't charge their nursebot before filming...
  • Hiro: Could you not.
  • -------
  • Fred: School mascot by day, but by night-- *flips around, accidentally lets go of his sign and it flies into the camera, destroying it*
  • ------
  • Tadashi: Hiro-- *signals for him to follow him to his lab, but forgets to open door and hits it facefirst*
  • ------
  • Honey: *on the side, applying makeup to Baymax's face*
  • Baymax: I fail to see how makeup will make me a better healthcare companion.
  • Honey: Don't resist it; it brings out the roundness in your face.
  • Hiro: You know that'll all be ruined once we get to the fight scenes, right?
  • ------
  • Baymax: On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate your pain? *displays Hiro's internet history on his chest rather than the chart* Oh no...
  • ------
  • Callaghan: But you should know that Mr. Krei has cut corners and ignore sound science--
  • Krei: *on the side, mimicking Cal's words while making a face*
  • Callaghan: *makes a bewildered face at him*
  • Krei: Oh, I thought we weren't filming.
  • Hiro: Why do these two have a higher paycheck than I do again?
  • -------
  • Tadashi: Someone has to help!
  • *before he could run in, a sudden storm suddenly rages down on the entire set*
  • Hiro: I guess you're not gonna die today, huh, bro?
  • -------
  • Baymax: Tadashi is here. *points to Tadashi on the director's chair; everyone laughs*
  • Hiro: *laughs into the camera* And you thought we would kill him off, did you?
Solstice - Chapter 3

This is Chapter 3 of my entry for @sincerelysaraahh‘s So This is Love January Challenge.  


Summary: The reader is on a cruise to Alaska - her graduation present from college - when she finds out that she is to marry someone of her parent’s choosing.  Can a stranger on the ship help her find happiness and escape her family’s expectations?

warnings: angst, arranged marriage

word count: ~1620

Your mother had texted you another eight times as you sat silently with Dean watching the land disappear – until the ship was far enough off shore for your cell phone to lose service. You finally decided to head back to your room to change for dinner, as you had a formal meal scheduled in the dining room that evening.  With a short and simple goodbye to Dean, you left the peaceful eighth-floor deck.

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Last Christmas | Calum Hood

Last Christmas

Calum Hood Imagine

Can you please do one based on the song Last Christmas the Ariana Grande version. Where Luke/Calum (you choose) and y/n have been friends and one holiday break they do the deed but then Luke/Calum ends up going on tour and not telling y/n and just stop speaking to her. And now that it’s the holidays again he tries to win her back. Even though she doesn’t want to be fooled again? But gives in.?

(not my photo, found on google)

All the boys, Hey Violet and of course Y/N, the very good friend of Calum Hood, sat around the hotel room relishing in their last night before going on a 2 week holiday break. Their red cups were filled with eggnog mixed with some form of liquor that Michael had brought, and a messy child-like gingerbread house stood lopsided on their small table. Y/N sat across Calum’s legs and her arm around his shoulder to keep her steady, and she’d be lying if she said she didn’t enjoy it. There was plenty of space in this room for her to sit and still be in close proximity with her friends, but Calum was the only place she wanted to be. His hand softly ran up and down her side for comfort and warmth, and each time he did that her stomach tingled and she almost felt like vomiting, but in a good way.

Around 2 AM, Calum yawned putting his drink down and tapped Y/N’s waist signaling for her to get up off from him. He stretched before grabbing her jacket, keys and phone.

“You guys leaving already?” Ashton looks up at us as if we’ve just committed a crime by leaving a damn gathering at 2 in the morning.

“Yeah, we’re tired.” He said nonchalantly. He grabbed Y/N’s arm before anyone could say anything else and lead her out of the room, a confused look plastered on everyone’s face.

“Cal, what was that?” She said taken back, still slightly tipsy. Once they made it to Calum’s room, he kicked the door open and set his things on the counter. Y/N shut the door and suddenly felt two warm hands lay upon her shoulders making her shiver. His voice just above her ear, but was heard enough to make her feel dizzy. Calum was just that enchanting.

“I just wanted some time with my favorite girl.” She laughed out at his comment, walking out of his grip and into the small kitchen he had. She found a bottle of wine in the fridge and popped it open, pouring the alcohol in seperate cups for themselves.

“You’re too much Hood.” She said handing him his own cup and walking over to the huge hotel bed, turning on the TV and cuddling up underneath the blankets. Calum followed her with a sigh, and laid across the bed sheets, not daring to get under.

“Aw, you mad I didn’t like your dumb-“ and before she could finish, with her eyes still open, Calum grabbed her cheeks and smashed his lips onto hers. She swore she felt his teeth cut her lip from such force, but none the less, the warm sensation Calum’s lips carried kept her wanting to feel it even more. She heard their cups fall onto the ground, staining the carpet and she gasped and pulled away.

“They’re going to kill us.” Y/N slightly giggled at their mess, with hair falling in front of her face.

“Maids will get it.” Calum leaned in once again but was stopped by Y/N’s hands over his mouth.

“Please, Y/N. It may not make sense right now what I’m doing and no it’s not because I’m drunk or just trying to have a quick fuck but I truly can’t get you out of my mind.” He paused and looked down at the wrinkled bed sheets. “And I know you want to do this too.”

She snaked her arms around his neck, one hand traveling to his curls and looked into his eyes, seeing that he was serious about the actions that were to take place soon. She smiled, playing with the ends of his hair and whispered, “I do.” Calum didn’t take another second before lundging at her, taking her body beneath his. His hands and fingers traveled down her body and his lips nipped at her sensitive skin, taking any chance he got to cherish her, before it was too late.

The next morning arrived and Y/N’s head was banging. The slight TV noise in the background woke her up, as she flipped from side to side trying to make sense of anything that happened last night. She could still hear the moans that bounced off the walls, she could feel and see the purple marks all down her chest, neck and even arms, she could still sense his skin upon hers which made her get goosebumps instantly. She sat up grabbing her bra and underwear on the floor next to her, and walked around the room, trying to find the boy who made her Christmas wish come true.

The kitchen, the bathroom, the small living room, the bedroom. Calum was nowhere to be found. Y/N finally gave up and decided to grab her phone, thinking Cal had just gone out for a bit in the morning. Her phone was flooded with texts from the Maori boy and she opened them curiously.

Calum: I’m sorry, I had to leave you this morning.

Calum: You deserve so much better than what I gave you. I don’t deserve the title as your best friend, let alone…boyfriend.

Calum: Don’t call me, text me, or look for me. Last night was the end of the beautiful connection we had. I can’t explain now, but don’t wait for me when I can.

Calum: Last night was amazing. It will be a day I never forget and will be a day I always cherish. But now, there is where I block you, and where things end.

Calum: I love you. Always.

Y/N just made a weird face at her phone, shaking her head. ‘He has to be joking, this isn’t real. Calum is my best friend and he would never just leave me without a trace or warning.’ But boy, was she wrong. Soon her phone was to her ear, ready to spoil Calum’s plan at scaring her, but her worst fears arose when his voicemail immediately popped up.

“Real fucking funny Calum.” She called once again, and then one more time…and one more time after that. And after 5 calls in a row, tears were brimming in her eyes, realizing he might have truly left her. But she was still holding out for the possibility that this was a joke gone too far.

She decided to call Luke, knowing that he was most likely with Calum. He picked up after 2 rings, and her shoulders dropped. The background with filled with many talking voices, and loud noises of engines were heard in the distance.


“Y/N I can’t talk right now…”

“Don’t you dare leave me in the dust too. Don’t you dare.” She was almost full on sobbing at this point, her voice shaking and breaking.

“Look, your suitcase is packed in the corner of the bedroom.” She quickly looked to the corner with her fingernails in her mouth nervously, and realized he was right. “And there’s a ticket in there to anywhere you plan on going after this. We’re so sorry Y/N, but we have to go now.” And without letting her have another word, the line went dead. Her throat felt as if it was closing, her eyes were stinging with tears as she looked toward her packed suitcase. She fell to her knees as tears fell down her face, but no whines or cries came out of her mouth. It was more of that silent cry, where you know you can’t stop it, and knew that if any small noise escaped your mouth, you wouldn’t stop for days. She wasn’t going to let Calum do that to her. Y/N grabbed some random clothes, a jacket, her sunglasses, and marched out of hotel room with a final slam to the door. Thank goodness she knew where they were off to next.

The boys were on their way back home to LA for the winter break they received from tour. And Y/N being the best friend of Calum knew exactly where he lived, which is also where Ashton lived. Her plane came down from the air and she practically sprinted to baggage claim and hailed a cab with a simple whistle into the street. Calum had no idea she was coming, and she wasn’t going to leave him without putting up a fight for feelings that she clearly knew was there.

“Calum open up the damn door!” She banged her fist on the apartment door multiple times knowing he was hearing her. This was te third time she’s shouted at him since arriving.

“Calum I know you’re in there please…” she pleaded, her voice becoming lowering and cracking at the reality she was too stubborn to face. Calum had used her for sex, and left her.

“I know you’re done with, I know you want to never speak with me again, I mean…it’s apparent in your texts.” She sniffled. “But I just need closure, and then I’ll be on my way out of your life like you want.” Her palm was placed on the door, and she sunk deeper into the door, her back falling again against it for guidance. “You’re my best friend. I won’t just let you go without a fight because…because you mean so much to me Calum. Last night…it was expected, but it was the greatest moment of my life and you know why? Because last night was the moment I realized I fell in love with my best friend, the one person I could picture my entire life with and never want anyone else with me.” Tears were falling down her face at this point, but she was too busy professing her love to Calum to even care that her 25$ mascara was running. “If you give me a chance and open the door, I will prove to you why you don’t need to go, but why you need to stay. Stay with me…”

In the next few seconds she felt the door leave her back and open slowly. Y/N stood up quickly wiping her fallen tears and looking into the eyes of the boy that was listening to her entire rambling speech. He huffed before pulling her inside, and wrapping his muscular full arms around her shoulders. Y/N burried herself into his neck, remembering the scent he filled her with last night. Calum’s hand came behind her head and combed through her hair, calming down her fast rapid heartbeat.

“Oh angel, I so didn’t want to leave you yesterday.” She pulled back at his comment, with a slightly confused look on her face.

“Then why did you.” At this point it wasn’t even a question, but a demand.

“Y/N you wouldn’t understand right now.”

“Why? Because I’m not famous? Because I’m not a part of your celebrity world? Calum I came before that! I came before all the cameras, TV interviews and sold out arena tours! I was there when you were scared to sing on Youtube, remember it was me who pushed you to even post those. I may not be famous or wildly popular within the media, but I know you better than any of those other people could.” She got closer to his face to cause more intimidation, even though he wasn’t looking at her, but at the ground. “If you think for one second I won’t understand you, you’re wrong. I would learn a thousand languages to understand you. And that’s something you’d do for someone you love.”

His eyes were glossy, afraid of even a single drop of water to escape from them. Calum held his own and breathed deeply, leading Y/N to his couch. He placed a comforting hand into hers and rubbed her knuckles, a gesture he knew calmed her down all too well.

“It’s Nia.”

A blank expression, and a silent room.

“See, I knew you wouldn’t get it. That’s why I couldn’t explain and why I had to leave-“

“What about her Calum. What does she have to do with us.”

“Management and her came up with a plan for us to get together, to sell more of her bands music and to get more publicity for me since, out of the 4 boys, I’m the one who likes to stay out of the headlines.” Y/N let him continue, scooting closer to him.

“I left because last night, after you had fallen asleep, I got a text from our team telling me of this plan. I had to fight to LA to be seen with her today, in fact…” he looked at the clock behind him, “I have to be down at the grove in 10 minutes so the paparazzi can photograph us at lunch.” Calum grabbed her cheek and looked into the soft colored eyes he knew he couldn’t resist. He had so much he had to say to her, but those eyes, those damn beautiful eyes, always had him tongue tied.

“It had nothing to do with you, okay? It’s not her, it’s not anyone else, it’s always been you.”

“Then why can’t you stand up for yourself and for us? Why are you being so submissive to them?”

“Y/N they control me, if I don’t do this the boys and I could very well be out of a job. You know how much I love this band, the fans, the music. I’d risk everything for it, and I’m sorry but that includes you too. No matter how much I’m in love with you…”

She wasn’t going to let Calum make her cry again. She had been crying over him for almost two full days now, and she wasn’t going to let him win against her.

“Fine, then that’s all I needed to hear.” Y/N sprung up from her seat on the couch and paraded to the door, just before Calum stopped her and brought her close to him.

“Please don’t walk away though, I still need to know you’ll be in my life someway.” Suddenly, they felt a vibration and ringing noise come from his pocket. He sighed frustratedly and pulled it out looking at the caller ID. Y/N saw her name instantly, and chuckled in disgust.


Hey where are you? I’m here already!” Her perky voice shouted through the phone and almost made Y/N gag.

“Sorry can’t come. I’m with my girlfriend right now.”

Wait what? What do you mean girlfri-“ and he declined the call looking into her eyes once more.

“Why did you do that?”

“Because last christmas I wished for you to be my girlfriend. This year, I’m going to make it a reality, right now.”

So I made it a bit different, and wrote as close as I feel like Calum would handle the situation, even though it is just a story. Hopefully y’all like it! Request more holiday themed stories I love writing them :)

Two Can Play That Game (Luke)..or..(Calum)?

A/N: WARNING this gets smutty also there is a twist… so yea don’t hate me. 

The look in his eyes was not the look she had become so accustom to. It was distant, cold even. She watched from her seat at their table as he flirted with two beautiful girls at the bar. It made her feel insecure, not about herself but about their relationship.

To be quiet honest, if he was over it then so was she. Ending things would be hard yes, because she did still want him, but this limbo he was keeping her in could possibly be worse.

It was a constant give and take with him. There were days where she was most definitely his, where he would have his hands all over her and make it known to all that she belonged to him. But then there were days like this, most of the days were like this, where it felt as if he was annoyed by her presence, that she was around as a clingy tag along not the girl he claimed to love.

She was tired of it. She was over being strung along. She would have left a long time ago if it wasn’t for the rest of the guys. She would never talk to them about Luke and the way he was making her feel, but they noticed and would sometimes make comments in passing that let her know they saw the way he was being a dick. They were all in favor of her sticking it out, giving the bumps in their relationship a chance to work themselves out.

They were sure he loved her still, but she wasn’t so positive anymore, you don’t treat people you love like this. And truth be told, did she even still love him anymore? The only thing she was sure of was that things were not the same.

His new attitude towards her was very unnecessary and even more so unappreciated. He treated her like he knew she wasn’t going anywhere, like he could do whatever he wanted and she would stay by his side, waiting for him to come around like a doe eyed lost puppy.

He was wrong though, she was at her breaking point. Here she sat watching him as he blatantly put the moves on not one, but two girls at the bar not more then 20 feet away from her in plain sight.

The felling that was inside of her was unfamiliar. She wasn’t sad or vulnerable. She was fucking pissed. He kept looking over his shoulder back at her, as if to see if she was watching, as if to make sure she knew that, ‘yes this is happening’. And then he would roll his eyes and turn back to the girls. Who did he think he was? And even more important who did he think she was?

Instead of confronting him about the bullshit he was pulling she made a brash decision. She was going to play his game, but she wasn’t just going to play, she was going to win.

She turned to Calum, who was obviously observing what was going on. He shrugged his shoulders not knowing what to say when he saw the look on her face.

“Its fine Cal, I just need a drinking partner for the night.”

“He’s a dick,” Calum mumbled under his breath protectively.

Thank god for Calum, despite being Luke’s best friend he always seemed to have her best interest in mind. He was always there to take her under his wing, to lighten the mood when things were getting tense. He knew how to make her smile, he knew how to make her forget the shit relationship she was stuck in.

She tapped her knee against his a few times and flashed him a smile, “Come on Cal, seriously we need some liquor.”

He groaned then laughed a bit, before standing up. “Fine but none of that fruity shit,” he said agreeing to come drink with her.

“Oh, don’t worry,” she told him flipping her hair before leading him to the end of the bar opposite Luke, “I’m thinking it’s a tequilla night.”

“Oh shit,” he said, sounding a bit concerned.

She leaned against the bar, making sure not to even look in Luke’s direction. Smiling at the bar tender she ordered six shots.

“Six?!” Calum asked, “Who are the extra four for?”

She rolled her eyes, “What Cal? You don’t think you can keep up?”

“Oh I know I can out drink you any day, I just didn’t know you were trying to have that kinda night.”

“Yeaaaa okayyyy” she giggled, “you wish you could out drink me, its not gonna happen.. Seriously good luck.”

Calum gave her a cheeky smile as the bar tender brought over the shots. He handed her one and lifted his of the bar “Lets do this,” he said before tapping his glass against hers.

She bit her lip in an innocent, but flirty kind of way. She grabbed the salt shaker pouring a bit on the back of her hand looking directly at Calum before licking it off slowly then taking down the shot and biting her wedge of lime. “It’s on hood.” She said with a wink.

They stayed at their end of the bar laughing and smiling at each other between shots. She could feel the alcohol making its way through her blood stream. She could feel it making the way to her brain. She was enjoying the sensation, the freedom it gave her.

After they finished their three shots each Calum looked at her with eyebrows raised. “You ready for another round or are you tapping out?”

“Shut up Ca,l you know I’m not tapping out this isn’t little league.”

“Alright, alright” he said laughing and raising his hands defensively before ordering another round of six from the bartender.

Just after the bartender placed their second round in front of them she notice Calum’s body tense up a bit.

She looked at him a bit confused, “What’s wrong? You giving up?” She said flirtatiously.

Calum shook his head, “No, you wish.. But don’t look now you’re boyfriend is on his way over here.” He told her, almost sounding a bit disappointed.

She looked up just as Luke approached them.

“What the fuck are you guys doing?” he asked with a hint of agitation in his voice

At this point she was feeling pretty good, only three tequilla shots deep so far but she had drank a few beers at the table earlier. She looked up at Luke pretending not to notice his tone. She smirked a bit to herself, knowing this would annoy him further. “Cal thinks he can out drink me, which he most definitely cannot.” She told him, shooting Calum a look.

Calum chuckled awkwardly, “Uh yea mate, your girls insane, but you know I can’t turn down a bit of competition.”

Luke looks at her, that same cold look again back in his eyes. It hurt to see, a look that used to be filled with hope and excitement, now was a look that seemed to despise her. “You know tequilla makes you wild” Luke growls at her.

She narrowed her eyes at him, “I think I’ll be fine” she snapped.

Luke rolls his eyes at her before looking to Calum and slapping a hand onto his back, “If she gets sick you’re taking care of her” he groaned as if she was such a nuisance.

“Don’t worry man, I got her” Calum assured sensing the tension.

“Yea I bet you do,” Luke bit back sounding as if he was alluding to something other then taking care of her.

“Fuck you,” she whispered under her breath as Luke walked away back to the girls he had been giving his attention to all night.

“I’m sorry Cal,” she said shaking her head.

“Don’t apologize y/n, he can be a fucking asshole sometimes,” Calum clenched his jaw, “The way he talks to you is really starting to piss me off.”

She slid forward two of the tequilla shots from the bar then handed one to Calum giving him a half smile, “How fucked up is it that I don’t even care anymore?”

Calum raised an eyebrow at her before throwing the shot back down his throat and she did the same. “Fuck,” he said before slamming the shot glass down on to the bar, “Of all the liquors you had to choose tequilla.”

She smiled at him tilting her head to the side, “What Cal, can’t hang?”

“Yea right, its gonna take a lot more then four shots for me to back down to you.”

She rolled her eyes, “Oh I’m just getting started,” she warned.

After the following shot she looked across the bar, noticing one of the girls run her fingers through Luke’s hair. It made her cringe. “What a fucking joke,” she let out unintentionally.

“What?” Calum asked looking up across the bar, “Oh,” he said realizing .

“My relationship, its literally a fucking joke,” she told him, noticing how drunk she had become, “I’m not letting him ruin this night” she said more to herself then to Calum.

“I’m not quitting just yet,” he mumbled, “But how bout we take that last shot and relocate for a bit, huh?”

She grabbed the last shots off the bar, handing his to him quickly then throwing hers back. She watched him waiting for him to take his. “I guess thats a yes?” he laughed.

“Come on,” she jumped up grabbing his hand, “this song is my jam right now.”

She pulled Calum along behind her heading to the dance floor, making sure to look back over her shoulder at Luke, the way he had done to her earlier. He was no longer smiling with the girls, but watching her intently, burning holes in the back of Calums head with his eyes.

She stopped when she got to the dance floor, turning around to face Calum, who was clearly as intoxicated as she felt. She rocked her body to the music laughing and grabbing his hands, forcing him to dance with her. He was reluctant at first but finally by the chorus of the song he let go an began moving his body with hers.

They were both laughing and smiling. Calum letting go of her at times to bust out a ridiculous dance move. “You’re a terrible dancer,” she yelled to him over the music.

“You’re just jealous of my moves!” he yelled back. She rolled her eyes and continued dacing and laughing. After a few songs one of the club dancers pulled her up onto the platform she was dancing on. She looked down at Calum shaking her head laughing before begining to move with the dancer. She ran her hands through her hair and then down her body. She looked back down to Cal who was watching her with wide eyes.

“Maybe tequilla does make you wild!” he called up to her. She smiled when she realized that yeah, it probably was the truth. She was reminded of Luke, who she hadn’t seen in a bit so she looked over to where he had been perched at the bar. He was gone and a pit formed in her stomach.

She scanned the room for him and noticed he wasn’t far at all, he was on the dance floor with a new girl. She was discusted, he wasn’t dancing the way she had been playfully with Calum, he was grinding with this girl, hips gyrating into hers. They might as well have been having sex on the dance floor. What a fucking pig she thought, using her anger to cover up the way she really felt.

She looked to Calum who was now looking back and forth between her and Luke in utter shock. He reached his hands up to her, “Come on,” he called, “You look like your ready for another shot.”

She nodded her head agreeing before jumping down into Calums arms, he placed her gently on the floor and she made a bee line for the bar.

They took their shots and she looked at Calum straight faced, “I need a cigarette,” she told him.

“What?” he asked, “You don’t even smoke.”

She raised her eyebrows leaning in to him, “I do now,” she whispered walking towards the balcony door.

Calum followed closely behind. “It’s fucking packed out there,” he complained before they walked all the way out.

She looked at the door across from where they were standing and got an idea. She grabbed his hand and pulled him along, “Come on,” she told him, “We’re sneaking up to the roof.”

She didn’t wait to give him a chance to respond or hesitate. She knew he probably wouldn’t have anyways, seeing as he was equally as drunk as she.

“This is insane!” he insisted as they finally got to the top of the staircase and out onto the dimly lit roof. She pushed the door closed behind him.

“It’s fine, live a little.” she said in a low voice, moving close to where he was standing against the wall. He shoved his hand into his pocket, fishing around for his pack of cigarettes and lighter. He handed her one and she placed it between her lips. She stood just in front of him now, not more then a few inches away.

He moved his hands up sparking the lighter and bringing it to the end of her cigarette. Taking a long drag before exhaling slowly, she looked up into his eyes. “I’m fucked,” she admitted before handing him the cigarette.

He took it from between her fingers, letting it drop to the ground then putting it out with his foot. She looked down watching what he was doing, then back up into his eyes, realizing what was happening as it happened.

He reached out for her, snaking his arm around her waist and pulling her close into his body. She reached up wrapping her arms around his neck and moving on to her tippy toes to bring her face close to his.

“I’m fucked too,” he whispered before crashing his lips into hers. She pressed her body up against his and he tightened his grip before turning them both so her back was now against the wall. 

They moved their lips in sync, breathing heavily as they embraced. She moved her hands up and down his chest, unable to get enough of him. She grinded her hips forward into him and could feel that he was hard.

He pressed back against her, running his hands down from her waist to her ass, squeezing tightly befor moving to her legs, up her thighs and to the  hem of her dress.

They waisted no time, not even allowing their lips to part she began sloppily trying to undo the buttons of his flannel. She could feel his hands at the bottom of her dress, slowly pushing it up and making their way to her heat. He moved one hand to her hip to steady her before using the other to push her panties to the side.

He paused for a second and she pulled away from his lips, “Don’t stop,” she breathed before reconnecting them. With her approval he continued, moving two of his fingers to trace down the line of her already wet slit. He stopped at her clit, rubbing circles around where she was most sensative.

She let out a moan into his lips and moved her hips foward to his hand wanting more. She pressed her back harder up against the wall and put her hands onto his chest, slowly dragging her nails down his toned body.

He used the hand on her hip to bunch her dress up further, while still slowly teasing her with his fingers. “Fuck Calum,” she moaned when he finally sank  two inside of her. He kissed her harder and began to pick up the pace.

She reached for his belt, unbuckling it as quickly as she could. “Cal, fuck,” she continued to moan out in pleasure,“I want you,” she told him as she began to push down his jeans and his boxers just low enough to free his length.

He didn’t stop touching her, using his free hand he pulled her panties off, letting them slide to the ground. He deepened his kiss before removing his fingers from her heat.

Slowly he moved his hands to her ass, pulling her up off the ground and guiding her to wrap her legs around his waist. He moved his lips to her neck now, kissing up and down and across her chest as if he couldn’t get enough of her, a feeling she hadn’t experieced in some time.

Finally he brought his lips back up to hers before thrusting into her. She cried out his name as he slowly pumped into her, pushing her further up against the wall.

She moaned desperately, begging for more of him as he quickened the pace. She knew she wouldn’t be able to last long the way he was repeatedly hitting the spot that made her lose control. She tightened her arms around his neck, pulling him into her kiss even closer.

She ran her fingers up through his hair and then down his muscular back. She felt herself coming close to her climax, ready to let go she tossed her head back unable to contain herself she called out his name.

He thrusted into her harded and harder before he finally couldn’t hold out any longer sliding out of her she reached her hand down pumping him a few times allowing him to let go.

After his release he leaned into her, still holding her he pressed his forehead against the wall beside her. “Fuck,” he said exhaustedly.

She turned her face towards him, kissing him lightly on the neck before he placed her gently back down onto the ground. He pulled away from her finally, pulling up his pants and begining to button his shirt back up as she pulled on her panties and straightened her dress.

They stopped and stared at each other, both still slightly drunk and not sure what to say. She reached out and helped him with his last few buttons.

He bit his lip looking down at her as she fiddled with his shirt, “Did that really just happen?” he asked her in a low voice.

She looked back up into his eyes realizing the consequences of what she had just done. “Fuck Cal,” she whispered, “what did we just do?” She never intended for it to go this far.

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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