and look at cal's face

  •  You and Cal’s daughter falls down the stairs while trying to chase the cat after a nice day at the pool. 
  •  Requested: Yessss, “1 and 3”


It was a hot, summer day in LA, California while you and your husband, Calum Hood, shared this beautiful day with your 3 year old girl Brielle. You, Calum and Brielle were currently at your local pool.

You were watching your little girl while she was splashing around with Calum’s grip on her tiny bathing suit covered hips.

“Ahh mommy! Look at daddy!!” Brielle giggled while splashing Cal in the face with the salty water. Watching as he flinched as she splashed him, while messing up his now wet dark brown hair. Causing you to smile and laugh at her  actions.

“I see Bri” you smiled while adjusting your sunglasses so she could see you looking at her. While Calum groans at his appearance from his baby girl.

“Daddy, daddy, dip me!!” she squealed as she gripped onto Calum’s tattooed arms while flailing her toes in the water.

“Okay, Bri.. 3.. 2.. 1..” Cal responded while counting down until he dipped her small body half way into the water causing her to lift her chin so it doesn’t go under. Calum laughs as she squeals at the coldness.

“Daddy that’s cold!!” She engulfs his large body and kisses his wet chest while laughing. Cal rubs her small back while looking at me with a warm loving smile.

You look at Cal and smile back and suggesting them to come up and dry themselves so we can get home for lunch,

“Okay you two, time to go home..” Causing Brielle to whine and Cal grasping Brielle in his large arms while walking up the stairs carefully.

Calum sets Brielle down on the seat next to you and grabs her blue Dory towel and wraps it around her for her to dry off and plops her on top of me causing Brielle to cuddle into my chest.

“Hi my little fishy..” you joked at Bri.

She smiled cheekily at you and shook her head, “I’m no fishy mommy, daddy is!!” You laughed as Cal shook the droplets in his hair off while getting on you. 

“Baby, you’re getting me wet!” you shrieked. Cal smirked and said cheekily, “Baby you always say that, I always make you wet..” Causing you to gasp while putting your hands over Brielle’s ears. “Calum Thomas! Don’t you dare say that in front of your 3 year old!” you shouted in a whisper. 

Brielle giggled and said, “M-mommy why does daddy make you wet?” Cal smirked and you shook your head while groaning. “Because he always shakes his wet hair on me..” Brielle giggled once again and said a happy, “Oh!” 


 It was starting to approach 2 pm and you all decided to have lunch at the pool resort instead. You and Cal were collecting your bags and towels so you could head home and go grocery shopping while Calum looks after Brielle.   

 You had your large diaper changing bag on your arm and your pocket book on the same arm while holding Brielle in your free arm, while Cal carried the toy bag, towel bag and other necessities, while walking to the car. 

  “Cal, honey, do you have the keys?” you asked cal. Cal nodded saying “Yes, I do.” “Okay” you nodded. 

 Brielle started to rub her eyes while yawning and cuddling into your chest. You smiled down and laughed at her as she was playing with your left breast. Calum looked back to you guys as you both approached the car, Calum smirked and opened the back of the car so you could plop the bags in the back as Calum did so too. 

 Calum pressed the button for the automatic back door of your white SUV Range Rover while walking up to the both of you and gently placing a kiss to your forehead and placing his hand on top of Bri’s while chuckling and placing a kiss on Brielle’s brown short, soft baby hair and you on the lips. “I love you both so much” Calum let out with his raspy voice. You hummed and kissed him on the lips, “We love you too Cal.”

 You got to your side of the car as Calum started it, you put your pocket book on the floor in front of your seat and walked to Brielle’s car seat while gently placing her sleepy body down and buckling her in, making her safe. After you’ve done so, you hopped into your seat and smiled at Cal while whispering, “Let’s go home love.” Causing Cal to respond with a nod and grabbing his seat belt and connecting it with the source of latching it in, you mirroring his actions. Cal changed the gear into reverse and started to drive off as he changed the gear once again into drive while placing his hand on your thigh as you changed the channel to a classical channel to help your baby girl fall asleep on the way home. 


  “Daddy!! Where’s Squeak?!” Brielle questioned while trying to find your family kitten. “He’s somewhere upstairs, cutes.” He responded with her nickname he forever called her while lounging on the grey leather couch watching TV and texting you telling you what to get at the grocery store. “Okayyyy” Bri yelled while running around room to room searching for the cat. Calum laughing and shaking his head at his silly little girl.

 “Squeak! Squ- AHH!” Brielle screamed while chasing the cat down the stairs and tripping on the last step and scraping her knee on the floor, as the cat bolts under the couch causing Cal to jump up and rush over to Brielle. “D-D-D-ADYYYYY!!!!!!!” Brielle screamed while crying heavily with tears pouring down her now red cheeks. Cal crouching down to her little body and picking her up while hugging her tightly while rubbing her back and kissing her head repeatedly. “Shh shh shh, it’s okay baby girl, take deep breaths.” Cal soothes. Calum walks carefully to the big bathroom next to the kitchen and places Brielle on the counter while looking around her small frame to find any scrapes, his eyes resting on her knee with a small scrape. Brielle whimpering and rubbing her tear-full eyes while pouting. Cal speaks softly while soothing her, “It’s just a little scrape that daddy can fix okay?” Brielle nods and says, “I want mommy here too..” Cal frowns and crouches down to get the medical kit under the bathroom sink while taking out the wound cream and bandages. He carefully wipes off the blood off and covers it with the cream and a bandage while bending down and kissing it while engulfing her small body into his broad tattooed arms. Brielle whining and reaching her arms around her fathers neck and playing with the neck line of hair. Calum fetches Bri’s princess pacifier and plops it into her mouth while rubbing her pajama covered back, walking over to the TV and turning it off. 

 “D-daddy I hungry” Brielle pouts at Calum while patting his bare chest. “You want some chocolate milk baby?” Cal asked. Brielle pouts again and nods mumbling a small “m’kay” while rubbing her tired eyes. 

 Calum plopped her into her highchair to keep her stable while he was making her chocolate milk in her new favorite ‘Finding Dory’ sippy-cup. As Calum twisted the lid back on the cup and handed it to Bri who was humming a Disney song with a catchy tune, you walked in with grocery filled hands while the cat ran to you sniffing what was in the bags.

 “Hello my sweet family” you sighed while placing the heavy bags on the counter top. 

 “Hi mommy” Brielle chirped while taking a sip of her chocolate milk. 

 Calum walked over to you and took the rest of the grocery’s and placed them on the countertop of the island and replaced the bag filled hands with his own big calloused fingers and palms and kissed you on the lips whispering a “Hi my love..”. You hummed in response and kissed back, longing the kiss, the two of you forgetting Brielle was there by your side. “Ewwe” Brielle giggled. You de-tatched lips and laughed in reaction to her. 

 Calum decided to put the grocery’s away since you did all of the shopping and you went over to Bri who was whining to get out while reaching out to you. You picked her up carefully but noticed her bandage covered knee while gasping,

“Honey, what happened to your knee?” Brielle frowned while looking at Calum and the cat, “I, um, f-fell down the stairs while tryna catch um, Squeak” Calum walked over and rubbed her back while you were still holding her and kissed her forehead. You sighed and did the same thing that Cal did, and you grabbed Cal’s large frame cuddling into him with your free hand. “Aw I’m sorry to hear that lovey, are you okay now?” She nodded her head rapidly, “Mhm, I had daddy there for me and he cleaned it up and p-put the medicine on!” She bounced in your arms. 

 She gave you and Calum the biggest toothy smile. “Thanks, my man..” You smiled warmly at Cal and kissed his bare peck and bit your lip. He groaned while rolling his eyes. You laughed and then hugged him closer [if that was possible], Brielle tapped you on the chest, “Can w-we watch Finding Dory today please?” You glanced at Cal and he nodded his head and shrugged you tapped Bri’s nose, “Of course, go find your sweatshirt and we can all get changed and head to the theater okay?” She shrieked in response as you put her down carefully on the ground, “Yay yay yay!!!” 

 You and Calum laughed as you watched your little girl run towards the stairs while carefully running up the stairs. You turned towards Calum fully and wrap your arms around his broad frame and kiss his chest resting your head on his pecks. He wraps his hands around your smaller frame and rests his hands on your ass while kissing the top of your head. 

 “I love you so much Y/n” Cal hummed. 

 “I love you too Cal” You leant up kissing his soft, plump lips. Sighing in a good manner thinking how lucky you are to have the two in your own beautiful family.

- - - 

 I hope you liked it because I thought this sucked dick. Buttttt, This was requested as two different imagines but I decided to put 1 and 3 as one full one cuz it’d take me fucking long. I def had the fucking daddy!cal feels after this one, I have a lot of good ideas for next imagines though. Send in requests and I will be more than happy to please you all in my writing. - Jewls

They are all like “wtf are you doing Calum”

parents catch you in a cute moment

Luke’s/Cal’s face would flush and he would look away so neither you or his mom  could see his rosy cheeks. Liz had just walked in Lukey peppering innocent little kisses all over your face and as soon as she had seen, a small “awww” had escaped her mouth. “You two are so cute,” she would say and you would thank her with a little giggle as Luke hid his face in his hands, absolutely horrified that his mom had seen that side of him.

On the other hand, Mikey and Ash would be proud of the fact their moms had walked in on a cute moment. I feel like Ash would be playing with your fingers, just expressing to you how much he really loves you and Michael would be strumming his guitar with you across from him, trying to find words that rhymed with your name. Their moms would walk in on these separate moments and their hand would find their way to their hearts, the boys blushing slightly but pulling you close, saying something like “Look how lucky I got.”


Girls like girls like boys do…nothing new

It’s the one day a year I show up on camera. Happy bisexual visibility day and remember that your sexuality is valid and no one else can tell you otherwise!

ugh but just imagine cuddly!cal in sweatpants and this soft sweater and he has sweater paws omg and he’s wearing a beanie and he’s so happy bouncing around the house surprisingly cleaning and then cooking and you come home you’ve had a bad day and cal just suddenly stops and the look on your face breaks his heart and he says in a really soft voice “you need a hug” and he’s so quick to walk to you and embrace you in his arms and honestly i think cal hugs would be the best and you’d just feel so safe and secure against him

You know this clip, right at the end?

It looks like Cal is holding an envelope. Also take note of the fact Ethan is sitting with Emilie and Cal.


If I’m not mistaken, they are both holding envelopes… and again, if I’m not mistaken, they are open. You know you have the ordinary address and stamp on the letter, well if you look at what is in Ethan’s hand (it was very hard to get a screenshot of it), it doesn’t look like an envelope. It looks like an open letter.

And he is not sitting with Cal and Emilie.

And his face looks like this.

I really hate my imagination sometimes.

he cuddles you for the first time

pairing: calum + y/n

request: Could you do something where you ask Calum to cuddle you for the first time ?

You shifted on the couch, tossing and turning and grumbling under your breath from your lack of being able to get comfortable. Calum was on the other couch in his house’s living room, his head turned away from you as he watched the movie playing on the television. You bunched your blanket tighter around you and let out a loud groan in frustration.

Calum turned around, his eyebrows furrowed in confusion as he asked, “What’s the matter?” You frowned, throwing the blanket completely off of you and sitting up. He reached for the remote and quickly paused the TV, facing you once again with an amused look on his face.

“I just can’t get comfortable, Cal,” you whined, tucking your hair behind your ear and swallowing hard. He slowly nodded, sitting up straight and nodding towards the other pillows on the opposite couch. You looked over and immediately shook your head, hesitantly raising your arms and making grabby hands for him.

“I… want you over here,” you said quietly, your eyes nervously flickering up to his. “Come cuddle with me.” Calum slowly nodded and stood up, shuffling over to where you were with an uneasy smile. You stood up and waited for him to lay down, tightening your blanket around your body before laying down and pressing your back to his front.

Calum’s arm slowly wrapped across your waist, letting it stay there before he reached around and intertwined your fingers. You smiled to yourself, detecting how nervous he was to be so close to you for the first time. If anything, it was enough to make you laugh. He rested his elbow on the arm of the couch, resting his head in his hand as he peered down at you.

“Better?” he hoarsely asked, his fingertips brushing against your cheek when he tucked your hair behind your ear. You nodded, glimpsing up at Calum with a satisfied smile as you cuddled closer to him on the couch. He leaned down, pressing a light kiss to your cheek before picking up the remote and resuming the movie.

You felt your face warm at his display of affection, fisting the blanket in your hands as a little smile still remained on your features. Calum tugged you closer to his firm body, holding you tighter as you both focused onto the movie again.