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Calum x Reader

You waited in a seat at the airport as you waited for Calum, his huge sweatshirt hugging your body. He was officially done with tour and as proud you were, you also missed him to the high heavens and back. You chewed your lip as you tapped the armrest with your knee, sitting in your criss-cross position.

“IT’S KIWI KID”, someone shouted in your ear and you instantly jumped, relieved yet suddenly nervous to see him.

“Cal”, you stayed in your seat while swinging your arms around his neck.

He furrowed his eyebrows, “That was not a proper hug, get up and give me one”, he still had a wide smile on his face.

You suddenly stood up as he waited with open arms and a wide smile, “Cal–”

“I missed you so much”, he whispered in your ear while giving your temple a sweet kiss, “Let’s get out of here”, he placed your hand in his as you both headed to your car, “I’ll drive”, he called.

Before you could even protest, he was in the front seat. You simply sat in the passenger’s seat and put your seatbelt on.

He furrowed his eyebrows again, “You okay?”

You sent him a small smile, “Always.”

He didn’t look completely convinced but he stared at the road as you pulled out of the parking lot and toward your house, “I love you so much. You know that?” He grabbed your hand and rubbed his thumb over the top of it, “I love you so much”, he muttered again.

He was being so sweet and you felt terrible. He was so innocent, he only missed his girlfriend, for some reason you felt like a horrid person.

Once you got to your house he ran through the door and to the fridge, “My baby”, he wrapped his arms around as much of it as he could.

Your eyes went wide at his words, “What”, you ran into the kitchen with wide eyes, scanning the room.

“What”, he asked with less panic and letting go of the fridge, “What’s wrong Y/N.”

“N-nothing”, you shook your head while looking at the floor.

“My ass”, he walked away from the fridge and toward you.

You backed up slowly, hitting a wall, “It’s nothing.”

He instantly caged you in with both of his arms on either side of you, that sexy smirk on his face, “You know you can’t lie to me right? Your mouth twitches when you lie”, he winked, “I know my lady.”

You bit back the smile as this was much more than this, “I-I.”

Suddenly his lips were on yours, “I missed you”, he mumbled against your lips, “Let’s take this upstairs, yeah?”

You pushed him off of you, “That’s the fucking problem, Cal!”

He looked confused, “Huh?”

Tears rushed down your face, “I-I’m…Oh my god…”, you put your face in your hands.

“Y/N”, he began stepping toward you, but your actions were quicker.

You pulled the hoodie over your head and threw it aside. He didn’t even recognize the fact that you just threw his favorite hoodie on the floor, he was staring at you. Tears streaming down your face as you tried to choke back sobs.

His expression, a blank one, worried you and you felt more pain rush to your heart, “I’m sorry”, you cried, “I feel terrible.”

“No”, he yelled at you which scared you slightly, “You’re not a terrible person, why are you even sorry?”

“Because you have a career”, you sobbed.

“Well I can have that and a family”, he stepped over to you and looked down at your stomach, “You would never be a terrible person because you’re pregnant Y/N. Yeah, we weren’t planning it, but the best things are unplanned. Serendipity”, he smiled down at your bump.

“Right”, you smiled back, “I love you.”

“I love you…BOTH–more”, he placed a sweet kiss on your lips.

The Jealousy Game - Simon Minter Imagine

Summary: On a night out, you see your ex-boyfriend Simon for the first time since your recent break up. You both spend the night trying to make each other jealous.

WARNINGS: A few swear words and basic smut/alluding to smut.

Word count: 2.2K

Author’s note: I had a sudden inspiration to write this and decided today would be a good day to post it seeing as it’s Simon’s birthday! As always, apologies for any mistakes and I hope you enjoy! 

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You could feel dread bubbling away deep in the pit of your stomach. Seeing him was the last thing you wanted to do tonight, but also the only thing you wanted to do tonight. Simon was your ex-boyfriend and your relationship hadn’t ended amicably. You were both jealous people although you hated admitting it. It originally started as a caring jealousy, however 6 months into your relationship you had both become much more possessive and in the following few months this had culminated in an argument which ended the relationship. You two hadn’t spoken since. The break up was still fairly fresh for you. It was hard to see him leaving flirty comments on Instagram and posting snapchats of him partying in LA with beautiful girls, however there was very little you could do or say about it anymore. You chose to bite your tongue and rant to your friends instead. 

You took one last look at yourself in the mirror of the club, your vision ever so slightly fuzzy from the shots you had done with Gee at the bar. Your hair was straight and sleek in a middle parting and your make up was sharp. You wore a navy bodycon dress- it hugged every curve and edge of your body, accentuating your lovely figure. You still wore the necklace Simon gave you which had your initial on, out of habit. It was your favourite. You took a breath before braving the club again, hoping that he still hadn’t arrived. 

You wandered around trying to find the girls, the flashing lights amongst the dark room making it a more difficult task. It wasn’t long before you found them. You shimmied through the room of strangers, finally managing to get to them. 

“Aye, there you are!” Freya shouted over the thudding music, pulling you into the circle that the girls were dancing in. “The boys just got here, they’re getting drinks.” 

You felt your stomach twist and turn, not knowing whether to feel excited or anxious. You downed the rest of your drink, getting rid of the plastic cup on a ledge and carried on dancing with the girls, laughing and having fun. A few songs had passed before you felt a pair of hands on your shoulders. You turned around to see a smiling Callum Airey, followed by Josh, Harry and Vik. At the back of the group of boys was Simon. You made brief eye contact before turning away and letting the boys filter in to the circle. He ended up on the other side of the group, directly opposite you. 

Soon after the boys had arrived, Shakira began playing loudly over the speakers. A chorus of excited screams came from your group. As the song played, you swung your hips and shook your bum, your hands flying carelessly above your head. You became sandwiched between Freya and Emily as the three of you danced in sync to the song. Although your eyes were shut, you peaked quickly and caught Simon’s gaze all over your body. You decided to make a bold move. You opened your eyes, catching his. You expected him to look away, however you both stared at each other as you danced alluringly. After a few seconds of eye contact, Simon turned and walked off into the masses of people. Confusion took over your mind momentarily, although you were having too much fun to let the feeling linger. 

After dancing for what seemed like hours, you were hot and sweaty. You decided you wanted another drink as the buzz from the others had worn off. You shouted to the group that you were going to the bar to get another drink- Cal offered to come with you. You both mingled through the other sweaty bodies, holding hands so that you wouldn’t get separated. You leaned against the bar, watching as the bartender poured drinks for other people. Cal placed a hand on your shoulder, turning you around.

“What do you want to drink? I’ll get this one for you.” Cal shouted over the music into your ear.

“Oh, thanks Cal!” You shouted back. “Please may I have a double vodka lemonade?”

Cal gave you a thumbs up and managed to catch the bartenders attention. He requested drinks for the both of you and paid on his card. As the bartender was making your drinks, you looked back over to where he was stood before. You felt jealousy fill your body as your saw Simon stood with a girl. This wasn’t just any girl from the masses in the club- this girl had been talking to Simon whilst you were together, trying to get him to go to her house late at night and sending him suggestive messages. She had been the source of many disagreements in your relationship and there he was with her. You narrowed your eyes in disgust. Simon shifted his position with her, so that she leaned her back against the bar and he had one hand by her hip supporting his weight. He looked up at you for a few seconds before turning his attention back down to her. You watched for a little longer and noticed a small smirk on Simon’s face. Suddenly it all clicked- he was playing a game with you, trying to make you jealous. You decided to one up him. 

You turned your attention back to Cal, seeing that he had also ordered tequila shots for you both. This was your chance. 

“Do you want to do proper tequila shots?” You asked playfully, placing a hand on his arm. He nodded back. You grabbed salt, placing some on the back of his hand. “You lick the salt, take the shot and then suck on the lime, okay?” 

You placed the lime carefully between your lips, looking up at Cal with innocent eyes. A playful smile took over his face, which was followed by a grimace as he licked the salt off of his hand and sunk the shot. His face edged towards yours and he bit into the lime, his hot breath fanning over your face. Your lips were only millimetres apart. Cal pulled away and laughed. You took your shot and placed a hand on his cheek as you used the lime, which was between his lips, as a chaser for the bitter alcohol you had ingested. You turned your head back to Simon. You could see the rage in his eyes, his jaw was clenched and his fists balled up. You turned away, feeling accomplished that you’d gotten a reaction out of him, but also bad that you had to use Cal to do so. You made a mental note to apologise to him in the morning in case you’d given him the wrong impression. 

Cal grabbed your hand and dragged you back through the crowds to the bigger group. You danced with the girls again, momentarily forgetting about Simon. You sipped your drink frequently and before you knew it, you had finished it. Out of the corner of your eye you spotted Simon again. He was grinding with the girl from the bar, his hands on her waist and his eyes staring straight at you. You’d had enough. 

“I’m gonna get going, I’m getting really tired.” You shouted over the music to Freya. She pouted before hugging you and telling you to get home safely. 

You said goodbye to everyone else before marching yourself out of the club. You stood outside, fiddling with your phone trying to order an Uber however your hands were too cold and your fingers were seizing up. You decided to call a friend instead, scrolling through your contacts to find Tobi’s name. 

“Leaving so soon?” A voice asked from behind you. You rolled your eyes, turning to see your slender ex-boyfriend stood behind you with his arms crossed. 

“I’m surprised you’re not all over that rat still.” You sneered, turning back around and focusing on your phone again. You heard him laugh behind you. 

“Wow, I’ve really gotten under your skin haven’t I.”

“You really are a fucking prick aren’t you Simon, you know the issues she caused for us.” You replied bitterly, turning and stepping towards him in anger.

“Oh and teasing me with one of my best friends is any better?” He asked scathingly, raising his hands out in front of him. “I saw the way you looked at me when you were dancing, you still want me and you want me to want you too.”

“And what if I do?!” Your tone of voice was defensive. “We only split up a month and a half ago, it’s not like I’m just going to stop wanting you straight away!”

Simon stepped towards you, placing a finger and a thumb either side of your jaw as he placed his mouth to your ear. “Well then, why don’t we do something about it.” He whispered seductively. Your breath caught in your throat and you were in disbelief- your brain was repulsed by his attitude, however your body wanted nothing more than to have one more night with him. Your heart thumped out of your chest and your hands became sweaty. Fuck it why not, you thought.

You pulled your head away and looked up at him. His eyes were darker than you remembered; mysterious and lustful and his mouth had sly grin on it. You could smell his cologne. 

“Let’s go.” You replied in a hushed voice, grabbing his hand and making the small journey back to your flat. 

You were lucky to live close to the club, however you would never walk back by yourself. Your footsteps got quicker and as you walked as fast as you could, hand-in-hand with Simon around the streets of London back to yours. Walking in heels had never been a skill of yours before now, but suddenly in this lustful moment you had become a pro. Once in the building you hurried into the elevator. Simon pushed you back against the mirrored wall and slammed his hands onto the buttons, hitting your floor. He latched his lips to yours hungrily, his hands either side of your face. Your stomach was full of knots. Simon’s lips moved to your neck and you gasped, causing him to grin against your skin. You reached the floor of your flat in no time. You hurriedly ran to your door, fumbling with the key in the lock. 

You both piled into the flat as quickly as possible, slamming the door behind you. Simon grabbed your arm and dragged you to your bedroom, somewhere that he was more than familiar with. He pushed you back onto your bed, unbuttoning the first few buttons of his shirt before crawling on top of you and latching his lips to yours again. Amongst the intense kisses, touching and moans you had started to undress. Simon’s shirt laid in a crumpled pile on the floor with two pairs of shoes and his black jeans. You arched your back as he dragged your dress up your body, revealing lace underwear and you bare chest. Simon ran his hands gently down every curve of your body as he hovered above you. The moonlight shone through your window, illuminating your skin and giving just enough light for you to make out his facial expressions. He had a look of awe on his face.

“No bra, naughty.” He whispered suggestively. “I don’t think I’ll ever get over the feeling I get when I see you like this.” 

Simon’s lips explored you, making their way from your lips to your neck, collar bones, shoulders and then to your breasts. You ran your fingers through his silver hair and sucked in a deep breath. He hadn’t forgotten what you liked. You exchanged sloppy kisses, your hands ran over each other’s bodies excitedly and hurriedly. You became familiar again with what you had tried to forget for the last month and a half. 

The experience felt like it was over so fast. From the moment that you got into the lift, to the clothes hitting the floor, to the moment you reached your peak. Euphoria flowed through your veins and stars were painted in your eyelids. You had dragged one hand down his back and he held the other above your head, your fingers intertwined with his. His groans were like music to your ears. 

You replayed it as your laid awake in bed, Simon asleep next to you with your duvet laying just above his waist. The moonlight shone against his porcelain skin this time. You looked over his sweet face. His lips were parted slightly, eyes firmly shut and his hair was messy from your fingers. He was still as handsome as the day you had met him. You sighed. You had made such progress getting over his smile, his scent and all his mannerisms- fewer things reminded you of him now than before. Your relationship with him- whatever it was- was a mess. 

You didn’t know what would happen in the morning, but at least for now you were both peaceful. 

World of Our Own | Harry Styles Uni AU | Chapter 3



LISTEN TO Bros by Wolf Alice
Shake your hair, have some fun
Forget our mothers and past lovers, forget everyone
Oh, I’m so lucky, you are my best friend
Oh, there’s no one, there’s no one that knows me like you do


Word Count 8.5k

‘Hope not.’ Rae heard Harry’s mumble and she shot her eyes to him, but it appeared no one else heard it or at least they pretended not to. Harry looked up to her and she saw the way his cheeks instantly reddened under her gaze before he dropped his eyes to his hands, restlessly playing with the rings on his fingers as always.

‘No probably not ok?’ Louis giggled and shook his head. He’d reeled her in and wound her up. Normally he struggled, clearly her slight hangover lowered her defences and she felt stupid for letting him get to her. Though really it wasn’t Louis that had got to her at all. She could deal with his taunting, she couldn’t deal with Harry’s look or his silence or the two muttered words he’d let out of his mouth.

The kettle clicked off the boil and Rae turned to it, letting conversation bubble back up amongst the boy’s behind her. Her thumping head returned to the forefront of her attention as she poured the boiling water over the tea bag, holding her head in her hand as she did it. It served to remind her why she didn’t drink a lot, and she vowed to herself then, as she had done after her first experience with alcohol, that she’d never do it again. Up until the night before she’d stuck to that vow, one or two rum and cokes and she was done normally. Why she’d forgotten that last night she wasn’t sure but the memories of it made her sure she’d definitely forgotten.

‘You can do better that’s all I meant.’ Rae nearly dropped the box of granola bars she’d reached up to grab as Harry whispered to her. She hadn’t even noticed him stand let alone make his way over to her and his voice simultaneously made her jump and sent shivers down her spine. Harry swept past her just as quickly as he’d appeared, his bare arm virtually brushing against the exposed skin of her back.

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DAVEY Jaconsbi x FEMALE GIRL reader!!!!!! Gays keep out  ✖ ✖ ✖

Your nrame is Y/N ad u are the sexiest goil in Manhating New york. U rule the stretz but all the other goils are rly mean to u t(they re juealous that u are smart er than them hthey are al dum dums who gosip all day) so on1 day utdecide to become a NEWSY and meet all tda famous newsiessies like ryna berlisn!!!!!!!! Girls are to much drama anyways .

u go to the logding ghouse and u show up wearing sexiy enewsie clothieingfs………… IMEDIATELY ajck ekly shows up.

W’”What? who ? what Are u……. u not boy i can see u have tidis….” he smels u just ot be sure. then h e looks awaywith a woried look on his face and cals the other Boysies (newsies boys).”GUYS CUM QUIK THERES A GOIL IN HERE!!!!!!!!!”

everynone comes urning and evroyn1 is confuec bc ur girlU getperiods? they dont knwo wat periods r they have to ask all tda ladies around town what to do…………….. .. haha Stupid boys u tos ur hair over ur shoulder nd u tos ur tiddies ove r ur shoulder loking very sassy. 

sudnyl…>DAVEY! CUMS UP 2 U ! he blush bc Hes so cute :P Smol awkward bean mus protecT!!!!!

“A-A goil…. hm….”‘ he storoke his sexy defnied chin “I read about them in books befor……….” 

sinc he is the Only one who has seen a girl ebfore (katha dn smalls dont count becausthey smel bad) he is asisgned girl expert and he hangs out ith u for the rest of the day

ddvey teach u how to sel l papes but ur not a helpelss girl u sell the papes GOOD….. U are a strong independnt woman and hre cant help slolly faling in love iwth u…….. he looks intoy our E/C Eyes and your H/C hair  and h*lds ur h*nd (Auhtor Not;e sorry i dontlike to swerar)

Doppy pushes you off the brooklyn bridge and shows no remorse.

AT The end of the day u go home to loding ghouse. Dibdong says “ i-i-i-i-i-i hatd a realy good t-t-ti-it-itime……” and smiles at u . his little smiel is so cute hthat u smeille back realy cutesily u guys are soft smol pure beans who must be protected….. then he p*ns u to the w*ll and m*kes out with y8*ou  while al the other nyoBoysies watch and are aljealous bc they are all in love with you (especiaby jack kelly) but they know to let davey have his girlsie :)

Bloodlines - 10 (Callum Lynch/Reader)

Part One  Part Two  Part Three  Part Four  Part Five  Part Six  Part Seven  Part Eight  Part Nine

@superwholockstringpuller this is what happens when you write angst…you pushed me to everything that happens after thissssssss….

Originally posted by andsowewalkalone

You sat next to Cal on some fold out chairs a few weeks later. You smirked a little at his fidgeting as he looked toward the horizon, “She’s going to make it.”

“I know…” He nodded a little patting his hands on his legs. He licked his lips finally looking at her, “It’s just she said she had this hitch in her foot yesterday…”

You reached over taking his hand getting him to stop for a moment, “She’s going to be fine. You trained her and you were trained by Aguilar, in person no less. She is going to be the best on the field.”

He smiled giving your hand a squeeze, “She is, isn’t she?”

You laughed a little to yourself, as he turned back eagerly looking for the class to appear. Everyone in the town had been sitting in the morning sun for an hour now waiting for their return.

Finally, children screeching from the lookout post alerted them to someone approaching. You smiled as Cal and several other fathers stood up looking for the potentials to return. You stood with him leaning over ever so slightly, “You know…regardless of the outcome…”

“I know…” He looked down to you, “She’ll be magnificent either way…”

“I was going to say there was still cake at the house…happy cake or sad cake…just remember that when she gets here.” You winked as you looked back to the field. You pointed, “I see someone.”

His eyes looked back toward the horizon as a small form appeared racing toward the finish line. A big grin came to his face, “It’s her! She’s going to make it!”

“It’s not that simple…” You told him with a sigh, “This is the final push…she’ll have to get past the last defense.”

He looked to you, “What do you mean?”

You moved closer to him so he could follow where you pointed, “There’s an assassin in the field. He’s been there all day. There’s one closer to us too.”

“Can you tell who it is?” He frowned making a fist.

You nodded crossing your arms, “Julian and…Sam.”

He looked to you worried then back to the field, “I didn’t know…”

“She’ll be fine.” You reassured him, though you had some doubts yourself.

Everyone watched as Risha pushed through the tall grass field running toward them. This is where young potentials made their mistakes. You could only hope for her now as Julian began to move toward her.

“She sees him.” Cal whispered.

“How do you know?” You glanced at him.

“You’ll see…” He smirked a little never taking his eyes off the field. You followed the girl across the field as Julian made a move to take her feet out from under her.

Risha moved like a river over rocks placing a firm hand down onto Julian’s face pushing off before she rounded off her landing with heavy blow to his back. The crowd winced for him as he let out a loud yell before she took off running again.

“I don’t see him.” Cal whispered scanning the area for her final opponent.

“That’s the point…Sam’s a master at infiltration…” You frowned, “He won’t be seen until he wants to.”

Risha ran for the finish until she began to slow down. Everyone in the crowd began to mutter as other potentials began to catch up. Cal looked her over carefully trying to read what she was thinking.

“Cal…” You whispered anxiety reaching you.

He shushed you as the crowd went silent. Finally, Risha ducked down as wooden blades shot at her. She was quick to move toward where they were coming from. More shot at her as she ducked and rolled out of the way. Never once did she stop moving.

Finally with a loud cry she leapt into the air throwing her feet out in front of her making Sam retreat from his hiding spot. She landed hard on her stomach making Cal flinch toward her, “Get up kiddo…”

Sam took quick steps toward her grabbing her by the hair. She let out a loud cry grabbing his hand. You reached for Cal’s hand as he made a fist. You’d explained that people got hurt during this, but it was still Risha.

Risha reached back grabbing Sam by the ear yanking hard enough that he loosened his grip. She took the moment to maneuver her way to face him. She grabbed his arm for support as she climbed up his body with her feet wrapping her legs around his neck. Using her momentum, she landed him down on his back before throwing her hand back she as if she had a blade on her wrist. She cried out as she slammed it down over his heart.

Sam stared at her letting her hair go he nodded. She turned quickly for the finish line. Cal couldn’t contain himself any longer as he rushed over to the finish line with many others.

You watched the pair of them light up when they made eye contact. Risha pushed herself faster running into his arms. You smiled as he lifted her up into air as everyone crowded around her, the seasons next assassin.

Cal put her down and she looked at him breathing hard, “I did.”

“You did.” He smiled cupping her face with his hand affectionately like a father.

You walked over with Eli and Ren. The children gave their big sissy a hugs as you held out a bottle of water to her, “Well done.”

“Thank you.” She nodded to you before downing the entire bottle.

Once everyone settled down and all the potentials were in. The elders gathered in front of everyone, “We have these opportunities to prove ourselves…to better ourselves…to ensure the safety of our people and the world. Today Risha…a girl who’s dealt with so much loss, has proven that she is more than just a girl…she is an assassin.”

Cal smiled giving Risha a wink. She smiled from behind the elders. He leaned over to you, “When she makes her declaration…she’s going to pick music. We should get her a piano…even just a small one.”

You smiled and nodded, “I’m sure we can work that out with everyone.”

“Now…as is our custom Risha will come forward and declare what she desires. No matter how big or small…it will be done.” The elder turned to her, “My dear…”

Risha swallowed and stepped forward looking at everyone. She cleared her throat, “Um…I know it’s become a custom to ask for a skill that we could be trained in…and I had intended to do just that, but…”

Cal’s mouth dropped open surprised, “Has she said anything to you about changing her declaration?”

“No.” You shook your head as Risha went on.

“It’s a little short of a year since my father died…and I miss him.” She smiled sadly, “But I’ve been given such a gift already. Callum Lynch and Y/N L/N. They have given me a home. They have given me food…siblings…and so much that I can never thank them enough. Know that I will be thanking them for eternity.”

You felt a hitch in your throat as she went on, “My declaration isn’t for a weapon…or a skill set. Today I’m declaring that Cal and Y/N are my parents. I will no longer call them by their names…but by the loving roles they have provided for me…Mom and Dad.”

Cal sniffed as a tear rolled down his cheek. He took your hand tightly as she continued, “While I will have a different name…I will honor all traditions of parents with them. Every mother’s day…every father’s day will be theirs from this day forward. I will honor them like I honor my birth parents, with love and respect.”

“You are sure that this is what you want?” The elder looked at her.

“I don’t need anything material…” She looked over to the pair of you crying together, “as my parents provide everything I could ever want.”

She moved away from the elders and walked over to you both. Cal stood up embracing her tightly like a father should, “Oh Risha…”

You stood up looking at them wiping another tear away as Risha took your hand, “I love you guys.”

Cal final let her go and she moved to you hugging you tightly. You smiled kissing her cheek, “We love you…we always love you. You will always have a home; you will never be without.”

After the emotional scene everyone broke for the large banquet that was set up nearby. Many mothers walked over to you congratulating you on the gaining of another child. Fathers did the same to Cal.

You watched Risha carefully as masters approached her to discuss the next portion of her training. She had a long road ahead of her and you worried. Becoming an assassin required so much sacrifice.

Cal came over with a couple of drinks and sat down next to you, “They’re never going to leave her alone are they?”

You shook your head taking the drink he handed to her, “Nope…they want her to be ready.”

“She’s more ready then most assassins.” You both turned looking at Sam. He shifted a little on his feet taking in a deep breath, “Never seen someone move like that.”

Cal looked at him, “We came up with a few new things…to give her an edge.”

Sam smiled a little and nodded, “Well it worked. You’ve got well-disciplined daughter, Cal.”

Cal nodded slowly looking at him, “Thank you.”

“That’s why this really sucks…” Sam took a step closer them, “That I have to break up your new family unit so soon…”

You looked at him and frowned, “…you’re sending him on a mission?”

“I’m not…I don’t think he’s cut for it yet…” Sam licked his lips, “The council thinks he’s a fit for this job though.”

Cal swallowed and stood up stepping closer to Sam, “…When?”

“In three days…overseas.” Sam told him, “That’s all I can say here. Council wanted me to let you know…so you could settle things before leaving.”

“Alright, thank you Sam.” Cal sighed watching him turn walking away. He took a deep breath before looking at you, “Y/N…”

You shut your eyes to try and stop the tears of worry. It didn’t work, so you quickly put your hands over your face. You felt him put his hands on your knees as he whispered your name. You looked at him tears dripping off your nose to his face, “Cal…I can’t…”

“You won’t.” He smiled at you shaking his head taking your face in his hands, “You won’t. I’ll be back…”

“Cal…” He wiped the tears from your face before silencing you with a kiss.

“I love you.” He whispered resting his forehead against yours, “That love will bring me home.”

“Its about time.” - Calfreezy x reader

requested - nope

warnings - none, just a bit of swearing

its like rly long so yeaa, sorryyyyy. Send in requests and ships please x

You were currently getting ready to go out with the gang to celebrate Sarah’s tour, you had just finished in the shower and started to get dried and dressed. There was a knock at the door, you shuffled over quickly shoving on some socks, Katie’s face lit up when she saw you as she fell into a fit of laughter “You’re still not ready?” she asked walking into your apartment. “not yet, but we are only meeting in Harry’s apartment, and I only live one floor above them” “you’ve got a point, but did you not get the text? i said to meet early for a couple drinks” “oh, no i didn’t see them” you laughed. “well, everybody’s already there, so hurry your ass up and get down there!” “okay okay! ill be down in 10″ you giggled as Katie left you alone.

About 15 minutes later, you were doing he finishing touches to your makeup when your phone buzzed “Y/N WHERE ARE YOUUU?!?” before you could even see you sent it, you grabbed your bag, ran out the door locking it behind you and made your way over to the elevator. when you got to the flat, you knocked on the door and waited patiently, Tobi answered pulling you into a hug almost straight away “SHE’S HERE!” he shouted into the flat, suddenly all eyes on were on you as you walked into the flat. You were ambushed by the girls, Freya, Emily, Nia, Katie and Gee were all there as they gathered around you admiring you. “you look amazing!” Freya gushed, you responded to her hug wrapping your arms around her. After talking with the girls, you made your way over to the guys where you exchanged hugs once more and friendly chatter, you noticed in a corner, Cal and Simon talking, you wondered why they were talking alone so you went over to them, “Hiya Simon, hey Cal” “err.. hi Y/N” Cal replied sheepishly, “You sure? you seem like somethings bothering yo-” you would’ve finished but Simon interrupted you with “Right, i think we better set off, well be late if not” Everyone followed his announcement and started making there way down to the taxi’s.

You got into the first one you saw, followed by Vik, Simon and Cal. Cal was almost pushed into the taxi by Simon though, making you wonder even more what was up with him. You were originally sat next to Vik, which was ironic since that left the two tallest people beside each other, “Y/N? Would you mind swapping seats with me?” “okay sure” you replied moving over next to Cal who seemed to try and move away, you ignored it and went on your phone. Simon looked quite disappointed and shook his head at Cal, Cal looked away, facing the window away from you. When you arrived you met back up with the girls who arrived shortly before you, Nia mentioned something about Mark not being able to make it, but you weren’t really listening. “earth to Y/N? Hello?” “what? oh, sorry, guess im not really in the zone right now” you laughed awkwardly, “why? whats up?” Emily asked, “its Cal, its like he doesn’t like me, all hes done for the past hour is try to get away from me…” The girls looked at each other as if they knew why, “Do you know why? I swear to fucking god if you do, im gon-” “Well, Harry told me that Cal likes you, but like, more than a friend…” Katie admitted. “what? so why the fuck is he avoiding me?” “that? i dont know”

You started thinking about earlier at the flat, when Simon and Cal were talking, what were they talking about? you? and in the taxi, when Simon got me to sit with Cal. Maybe he did like me? wait, no surely… he couldn’t… could he? You decided to ignore your thoughts and enjoy the concert. You had fun during Sarah’s show, forgetting about Cal, you hadn’t see him the whole time, at one point you saw all the guys looking over at you, but not Cal. When you went to get a drink you ha a chat with Vik, “hey Vik, wheres Cal” “I believe hes at the toilet” “is it true? that Cal likes me?” “what? how do you know?” “The girls told me, I think I deserved to know, I mean, hes been avoiding me all day, I thought id done something wrong.” “oh, well, you haven’t, I guess he just got a bit scared” he laughed and you joined him. You went back to the girls and enjoyed the rest of the night, when the show came to a close, you all went back stage to congratulate Sarah, that was the first time seeing Cal at the concert. You waited till you had both spoken to Sarah before pulling him outside, “Y/N? what the fuck was that for?” “you’ve been ignoring me all day! just for me to find out you like me? What a great way to treat the girl you ‘love’ Cal” “Y/N look, i just…” you just what!?” “I didn’t think you liked me so i just left you alone with the girls, of course the boys kept pushing me to ask you out, but i guess i was just too scared of the rejection…” you pulled him into a hug, “Cal, ive liked you for ages but i didn’t ignore you” you laugh at his childishness “I still spoke to you, and you know, you could still ask me out?” As you pulled out the hug, you looked at his face, it lit up at your words. “alright, how about tomorrow, 8pm?” He asked with a smirk, wiggling his eyebrows. You laughed at his response and planted your lips together he seemed shocked at first but melted into your hug. “ill take that as a yes?” “of course” you giggled.

You turned to walk back but stopped when you saw everybody staring in shock at you an Cal.

Sarah spoke first… ”Its about time.”

Roots Part 2

Band Member: Calum

Type: Soulmate AU

Description: When your father walked out with his soulmate, you realised that soulmates were nothing but ugly things that ruined your life. You couldn’t understand how people dedicated their lives to finding “the one when there were dreams to be chased. But then you meet him and maybe a soulmate wouldn’t be too awful after all.

Author’s Note: No, you are not hallucinating, I am finally finishing off this story. I am so sorry this took so long. I hope you accept about 4,000 words as an apology.

Please read Part One first!

“Calum?” your assistant repeated with a frown. “What does he have to do with this? It’s a disaster of epic proportions, the business… I need to call PR and decide how we handle this. They’re saying how irresponsible you are, God, this is a catastrophe.”

You looked over at her and sighed loudly in place of the words you did not have.

You could hardly deny that the whole situation was a mess and all of it happening just because you trusted a guy who said he loved you. If only you’d stuck to being your old cynical self who didn’t fall for the whole soulmate bullshit, you wouldn’t have just wrecked your quiet life.

Resting your head in your hands, you groaned purely out of frustration.

“What do you need me to do? Get the team to deny everything?” Christina asked frantically as she flicked through the stack of papers on your desk. “We could claim it’s a rumour from a disgruntled employee? Should I call your father? He’s handled this before, maybe he—”

“There’s no point denying it, Christina, they have pictures,” you pointed out.

She looked back at you hopelessly, resting her hands on the scattered papers. You felt bad for the woman. After all, if you were going down, she was going with you in her mind at least. You rolled your chair over to the old cherry oak liquor cabinet your father had left behind. You pulled out a bottle from the back. You read the label and moved back over to the desk with it.

“You can’t be serious,” Christina said coldly when she saw the bottle.

“Why not?” you asked her with a sarcastic frown. “Champagne’s for celebrating, I’d have a martini but we don’t seem to have any olives.”

“The company is hanging in the balance and you want to toast to that?” she said slowly like you might have lost your mind.

You laughed as you placed the vintage champagne down. It was about the same age as you which suddenly made it sweeter when you realised your dad probably intended to drink it when you took over the company voluntarily and now you were drinking it to celebrate sinking your own career.

“It’s not going to ruin us, Christina. The company will still be fine, Dad has enough money to keep this place floating through an apocalypse. The only thing that will be ruined is me.”

“Then why is that something to celebrate?” she questioned, her eyes were wild with confusion. “You’ll be forced out of the business!”

“Maybe it’s for the best,” you said with a defeated shrug. “This isn’t what I want to do for the rest of my life. I guess I’ll have to hire a new CEO and retire to my chalet in Spain or somewhere. Honestly, Christina, I’m going to be fine and so is everything else.”

Christina rubbed her temples like you were the physical embodiment of a headache. Perhaps you were. But what could you do about the whole situation now? Your dad couldn’t swoop in and save you this time – even if you could get hold of him. He was always busy with Hanna, renewing his commitment to her or something. Your mother wouldn’t be much help either, some days she didn’t leave her bed for marvelling at her soulmate. Soulmates rendered you useless or they just destroyed you, which brought you back to Calum.

How could you have been so stupid? After a few drinks, you were convinced it wasn’t such a bad idea. Maybe Calum could be different to the soulmates you had known. Maybe you wouldn’t lose your sense of identity if you let yourself love him. Maybe you wouldn’t repeat your father’s mistakes. But you’d let yourself trust the wrong boy. Calum wasn’t some meaningless guy you’d met in the dark of the night, he was your soulmate and that’s what made the sting even worse. He had sold the story that had made you the way you were and that hurt you the most.


You weren’t angry and that’s what surprised you the most as you drove home later that night when you had sobered up. Christina had cancelled your meetings and PR had put out a statement that you were shocked about the allegations and needed time to process them with your father. Your media team had come up with the last part, apparently it showed Jet Studios as a united front with an excellent support system. You wanted to laugh when Christina read it to you, how could your father support you from overseas when he didn’t even bother to call on your birthday anymore?

Your stomach dropped when you saw Calum’s car in the driveway. You’d hoped he’d be long gone so you didn’t have to deal with the fallout of the nuclear bomb that had wrecked your day. But here you were, scared to walk into your own damn house like you were when you were a kid again. You hated arguments, they made you feel eight-years-old again when your parents screamed at each other because they were miserable together.

You shook your head to get rid of the memories that kept you awake at night, you weren’t strong enough tonight. You weren’t convinced you’d ever be strong enough but you knew you had to confront him, even if it was just so you could crawl into bed and stare at the ceiling hopelessly.

As you left the car and walked to your front door, you were trying to work out what the hell you were going to say to the soulmate you hardly knew.

“Just get it over with,” you muttered yourself as you turned the key in the lock.

Calum was waiting by the door, pacing nervously before he realised you were staring at him. His hair was damp and he’d changed his clothes, replacing his t-shirt with a crisp, white dinner shirt.

“Are you okay? I saw the news,” he said quickly. “I thought I’d take you out for dinner but then the news broke and I just – I don’t know what to say.”

He moved towards you like he was going to try to comfort you but you took a step back, putting your hands up defensively. He froze then frowned at you before the confusion flooded his face when he saw the anger and sadness reflecting in your bloodshot eyes.

“How about sorry?” you snapped. “That’s where I’d start if I had fucked up on this kind of scale. You’ve ruined my life, Calum. What the fuck did I do to you to deserve that? This is why the soulmate bullshit ruins lives, Cal.”

The hurt look spread across his face like a drop of ink in water, it spread out and blurred all his features as he tried to understand what you were thinking. Finally, it hit him. His forehead creased in anguish, in upset, at the idea he could have done this to you.

“No,” he said fiercely. “No, I wouldn’t do that to you! I’m not the monster who you seem to think I am, your soulmate doesn’t have to be your worst enemy.”

You laughed, but it wasn’t how you’d laughed last night – there wasn’t any humour in it. “You’re the only person that I’ve ever told apart from my family, Calum. It’s just a fucking coincidence that the day after I tell you, it’s all over the news.”

“I swear to you—” he started but you had very little strength left.

“I trusted you, Calum, it might have been the stupidest thing I’ve ever done because look where trusting my soulmate got me, hm? Just get out, I can’t deal with this right now,” you remarked, exhaling slowly.

He moved forward again as if he was going to argue with you over your conclusion.

“Please, Calum. Just go.”

Then what hurt you most was watching him nod silently and walk out of your life for good, knowing that was the only shot at love you had and it was just as bitter as you expected.


“So why are you really here, pumpkin?” your father asked, a cocktail in his hand as he stared out to sea before his eyes found Hanna who was paddling in the shallows. “I love the fact you’re finally here but you’ve never visited us before. Is this because of the studios? Honey, I’m trying everything I can to find out who did that to you. I will find out who sold the story.”

You glanced over at him, he looked happier than he ever had done with your mother. His eyes lit up with hope and life when he saw his soulmate, it almost brought tears to your eyes at how pure his love was for Hanna. Yet you still shivered when her eyes surveyed you from the chill of her stare, her eyes didn’t smile like her cherry red lips when she saw you.

“I found my soulmate,” you said as you fixed your gaze on the waves.

Your father turned to face you, his hands clasped together and you could see his grin out of the corner of your eye. “That’s wonderful! Is that why you’re here? Have you brought them to meet us? This is such a special thing, I’m—”

“He was the one who sold me out,” you added with a pinched voice. “He was the one who broke the story.”

“How can you be so sure, sweetheart?” your father questioned. “Soulmates are rarely so… malicious.”

You shot him a side glance to see if he was being serious. His own soulmate had systematically cut him off from his only child just so she didn’t have to acknowledge the “mistakes” he’d made in the life he had before her.

“Where is he now?”

You shrugged, staring down at your feet. The last you’d heard from Calum was he’d left the keys he’d borrowed with Christina and that he understood you needed some time to realise it wasn’t him, that was two months ago.

“Have you tried talking to him? He might have made a mistake or somebody who helped cover it up finally decided it was worth the pay-out to sell the story.” He sat forward and took one of your hands gently in his. “You can’t run away from fate because you’re scared you’ll turn the relationship into what your mother and I had. We weren’t soulmates, we were doomed from the start but soulmates are designed to succeed. Your mother and I are happy with our soulmates now, we have found where we belong.”

He smiled at you weakly. “I know it seems like the end of the world now but you’ll figure it out. If he was honestly responsible for selling such a personal story, I don’t know if I’d want him in my life but that’s not my decision. You’re a bright kid, that’s why I left the company to you. You’ll work it out.”

“No, you left the company to me because Hanna wanted your undivided attention,” you muttered, pulling your hand away from him.

“I’m trying to be supportive, you could at least try to like her,” your father replied brusquely.

You rolled your eyes as you sank back into your chair, you’d only escaped here because it was the last place anybody would consider finding you when they knew your dislike of Hanna. You didn’t need your mother’s endless questioning or Christina’s never-ending attempts at calling you.

From somewhere in the villa, a phone rang and your father didn’t bother excuse himself from the bitter atmosphere. You watched him walk into the house before turning back to see Hanna stood at the end of your sun lounger. She walked over and sat down where your father had been moments ago.

She gave you the cold stare but didn’t bother with the smile. Her hair was scraped up into a bun and her sunglasses perched on the top of her head.

“You know, if I’d have known this breakdown finding its way into the news would drive you come here, I wouldn’t have bothered,” she said with a sigh as she glanced towards the house.

“What?” you said in disbelief, wondering if Hanna had just confessed or if you’d been sat outside in the sun for too long.

Hanna tilted her head and smiled slyly. “You heard me, I was the one who gave the press a little tip off. Your father was considering moving back because you had taken the pressure from Jet studios for him so he could do the fun side of music. So, I needed to give him a reason to stay as far away from that company as possible. If he saw the company in ruins, especially because of you, I’d finally get a clean break and have his undivided attention again.”

Your jaw dropped as your mind whirled with how badly you’d fucked up your future with your soulmate, all because of this spiteful bitch.

“I guess you were just collateral damage,” she said with a small shrug. “Though I can’t say I regret it, at least not until you showed up here and your father hasn’t shut up about how well you’re handling it all.”

You swallowed hard and looked at her. “What’s stopping me from telling him?”

She laughed darkly. “As if he’d believe you over his soulmate. You’d just sound crazy.”

It took everything you had not to get up and slap her but you bit your lip and stood up which took more planning than usual. You turned to walk towards the house to pack your bags, to get the hell out of here and go somewhere that didn’t remind you of this mess.

But your father was stood behind the loungers, his mouth open slightly in shock. You wanted to feel something, maybe sympathy for his discovery, but right now, you struggled to feel anything at all.


London had always felt like home to you. You could be anybody here. It was the anonymity you’d longed for during your teenage years, an escape from being the heiress of Jet Studios. Here, the possibilities were endless and you took every single chance to be somebody else. You liked pretending, you didn’t have to carry the memories around like a ball and chain if you were a new person for a few hours. Even your brief time as Calum Hood’s soulmate faded into the background when you weren’t yourself until missing him disappeared for a while. You’d researched why you ached for somebody you hardly knew and found that was a side effect of finding your soulmate – it was hard to leave them for prolonged periods of time. It only ached more now it had been a year and it was still hard to remember the night that you’d felt like you truly belonged. You hated yourself for not believing him.

You glanced around the hotel bar as the various guests began to appear in their finery for the evening, you bit your lip and looked back down at your cocktail. You took a little satisfaction in it being a place that Calum would have hated – he’d told you how pretentious people dripping in diamonds, each of them as dishonest as the next got under his skin. He would have been begging you to leave if you remembered him correctly, the thought brought a small smirk to your lips. But Calum was probably oceans away with his band, somewhere new and not giving you a second thought. You wanted to forget him, at least that’s what you told yourself in order to justify a part of you still loving him when you had been the one who had told him to leave. You had been the one who had ignored his calls and texts out of the shame that you hadn’t believed him, you only listened to his voicemails when he filled it and you were forced to hear the opening words of his calls, begging for you to believe him and you couldn’t find the words to apologise. Then one day he stopped and you thought you’d be grateful until you found yourself missing his voice and aching to tell him you were wrong about him.

“Fuck, is it really you?”

You froze into place. Your fingers were wrapped tightly around your glass as you questioned if you had started to go crazy. It couldn’t be him; your mind was just playing tricks on you in your lonely state. But still you turned to the source of the voice and stared at it for a moment.

“You had me thinking I’d got the wrong person for a second there,” Calum laughed, his eyes were focused on just you. “I never thought I’d see you again.”

It took you a moment to recover from the initial surprise. He still looked as good as the final time you had laid eyes on him, the night after the story broke and he tried to convince you it wasn’t him who had sold you out. Tonight, he was all dressed up and you wanted to laugh at your previous notions that he wouldn’t be here. It was like the world was trying to throw everything you knew about your soulmate into the wind to remind you that he was no longer your Calum and he was never really yours anyway.

“Calum Hood,” you said, trying to make it sound more like a statement than a reflection of your shock. “And at a cocktail party too, I guess we’re both seeing things we never thought would happen.”

He laughed, sitting next to you on the bar stool. “I thought I’d find you in a city one day, but I always imagined it years into the future when we were both in too much pain to be apart any more. I always wanted you to be happy though, even without me.”

“And are you happy, Calum?” you asked boldly, longing for his answer to be yes.

Calum nodded weakly. “Maybe.”

The bartender took his order, pouring him some cherry red cocktail that reminded you of how his bandmate’s hair had looked once during their recording sessions just after you’d stepped down as CEO and had given one of your father’s trusted friend’s the position instead.

“Why only maybe? You should be happy, Calum.”

He raised his eyebrows at you before he accepted his drink, telling the bartender to add it to a room tab. He looked back at you as if the interruption or your remark had never happened, his smile was still as addictive as it was when he charmed you before.

You gripped onto your glass and stared at the ice at the bottom before you spoke. “Sometimes I wish we hadn’t have met, you know? It might have been easier that way, I wouldn’t have to sit and wonder what it would have been like if I could have carried on without missing you.”

Calum turned to face you, you wanted to kick yourself for admitting it but the alcohol made your mouth reveal thoughts you never wanted to tell anybody, never mind Calum. You glanced up and tried to ignore the hurt look in his eyes.

“I sometimes feel the same,” he confessed. “But I wonder if it would have been easier without you kicking me out when it wasn’t me. I wish I could take credit for you being in a better place but I can’t, I didn’t sell the story.”

You stared at the bottom of your glass as you willed yourself to say everything you’d never found the words to say. You closed your eyes and took a deep breath.

“I know.”

There was a moment of silence that fell between you as Calum looked at you with disbelief painted across his face. He sat up, straightening his back from leaning on the bar. His forehead creased as he processed the news.

When he still hadn’t spoken, you panicked and started throwing everything you knew at him a year after he should have found out.

“It was my stepmother if I can still call her that since my dad has left her to take some time away from her to reconnect with who he is or whatever you do on those overpriced retreats in the middle of nowhere,” you rambled, afraid of looking at his expression.

“How long have you known?” he asked with an indifferent expression.

You picked up your room key card and began to fiddle with it. “A couple of months after the news broke, I escaped to my dad’s villa until Hanna told me. I know I should have called but how the hell do you recover from accusing your soulmate of ruining your life less than twenty-four hours after meeting them?”

He drained the last of his drink before speaking. “You should have just called.”

“I know, Cal, I know I’ve fucked up. I ran for cover at the first chance I had so I could protect myself from being hurt but all I did was hurt us both. Look, I can’t blame you if you never want to see me again but I just want to say I’m so sorry for being broken. Sorry I couldn’t be the matching trees-on-wrist soulmate you could show off to the world. Someone will love you, Cal, and I know that won’t be me, not after I’ve fucked up so badly.”

You pushed your glass away from you as you slipped off the stool. You brushed your dress down and smiled weakly at Calum before you picked up your key card and clutch. Your eyes burned with the tears as you turned and began to walk out of the bar with your head bent towards the floor so no pretty woman dripping in jewellery tried to speak to you.

But his hand caught your scarred wrist.

“Please don’t leave,” he said quietly.

You turned to face him but never looked him in the eye. He slipped his hand down your wrist and gently held your hand in his own.

“I don’t want a cookie-cutter soulmate and I don’t want to let you walk away so I can live a half-life with somebody who isn’t you. You’re not perfect and neither am I. But you can’t walk away without at least giving me a chance to tell you how I feel.”

Your eyes flickered to his face and he smiled at you.

“I want to start over,” he said boldly. “Forget everything that happened the first time we met, tonight can be the first time we’ve ever met.”

You tilted your head and frowned at him but it quickly fell away for a smile to dawn across your face.

“I guess tonight is the first time we’ve met in a way, it’s the first time we’ve met this version of each other,” you pointed out. “Are you sure about this, Cal?”

Calum brought your wrist to his lips and pressed a kiss against the broken soulmate mark.

“I’ve never been more sure about anything in my life.”

He guided you back to the seats at the bar but he never let go of your hand, he looked at you like you were the one who had hung the stars in the night sky.

Calum caught the bartender’s attention and asked for a bottle of champagne.

The bartender came back over with a grin. “Are we celebrating something?”

“Yes,” Calum said as he looked at you with a sparkle in his eye. “I’ve met my soulmate and she’s amazing.”

Forever and a Day: Michael Clifford Imagine

Hey everyone!! I’m back with yet another imagine. I personally love this one. I came up with the idea a while back and once I started writing, it was hard to stop. Let me know if you want a part 2!! :-)



He never thought of himself as attractive. As a matter of fact he’s not sure if anyone besides his fans have either. He was always trying something different just to stand out. Like dyeing his hair wild colors or ripping & folding his pants a new way, you name it, he tried it.

So the idea that he was going to meet a soulmate wether he liked it or not, scared the shit out of him. Michael even went so far as to try to cover up the clock on his wrist with the bracelets the fans gave him. Everyone was always asking him why he wore so many bracelets, and he could never bring himself to tell them the truth.

He even showered with them on, just so he would never see the time. He had no idea how long he had, if it had already hit zero, or if the damn thing even existed. He’s nearly convinced himself that the clock isn’t real and that the whole idea of a soulmate is complete bullshit.

“Michael, you ready?” Their stage director yells at him finally getting his attention.

“You go on stage in 30 seconds!!” He was so lost in his mind that he forgot where he was. He snaps himself out of it, and grabs his guitar joining the rest of the boys who are so used waiting on him that they don’t even get mad anymore.

“You alright?” Calum asks with a look of genuine concern on his face. Out of all of them, Cal understands him the most. He knows what it’s like to want to run from your problems, so he can’t blame Michael for ignoring the clock on his arm.

“Yea, don’t worry about it.” Michael flashes a grin, because despite being completely stressed, he appreciates Calum’s concern.

The countdown clock finally hits 10..9..8.. all the way to one and the boys make their way on stage. The feeling Michael gets while performing is similar to taking a hit of hard drugs, causing the blood to fiercely pump through his veins, making him feel alive and more importantly making him forget the clock. It’s almost as if he blacks out while on stage, only to come back to life about halfway through the show.

Jet Black Heart. It’s Michaels favorite part of the show. He gets to stand on stage and admire the thousands of people who give him hope for a happy life. Something about this time feels different. He feels the strange pull to walk towards the front of the stage, and he begins to panic. He’s read about this in the books and he knows what’s happening. He definitely hasn’t felt this feeling before, and it causes his heart to drop out of his ass.

Instead of fighting it, he lets his feet lead him to the front of the stage where he sees her. They lock eyes, and he feels his whole body ignite, way more than the stage ever could. For a split second, he hopes that she feels it too. The way she’s looking at him is as if she’s staring at his soul. It helps that she is the most beautiful creature he has ever laid his eyes on.

The way her hair frames her face, the way her smile seems to radiate nothing but happiness, a feeling Michael is sure to drain from her, or at least he thinks. He begins to feel the panic set in, and instead of singing the song, he runs off stage. He runs into Luke who starts screaming at him, telling him he needs to get back on stage but Michael just keeps running.

He finds an exit door and swings it open, stepping into the cold air. He forgot where they were but quickly remembers when he’s standing in the snow. He takes a second to breathe, hunching over with his hands on his knees. He starts to calm down until he begins tearing into his bracelets only to panic again.

It had hit zero. The skin around it seemed to be pulsing and almost burning, indicating the freshness. Regardless of she knew it or not, he was her soulmate. He could only hope and literally pray to God that she felt it too. His own insecurities getting in the way of him feeling excited that she seems to be a fan of the band. Which is something that if he just had to have a soulmate, he wanted.

He sits outside for what feels like forever until Calum opens the door and sees Michael sitting in the snow with his bracelets on the ground and a fresh new 0 on his wrist.

“Oh, Mike..” Calum trails off. He had a feeling that this is what happened.

“She was there man. Right there in the front row. She was the most gorgeous girl I’ve ever laid eyes on and I couldn’t even bring myself to tell security to get her.” Michael stands up, wiping the near frozen tears off his face.

“Well you’re in luck. We put the show on hold so you could calm yourself down.” Calum practically begged production and the boys to let him talk to Michael, he knew that if anyone could get him back on stage it was him.

Michael looks at him, and pulls him into a hug.

“She’s gonna love you, man. I just know it.”

Calums words help calm Michaels nerves and gave him the strength to make his way back onto stage.

He brushes past Luke who looks pissed, but he’ll get over it and Ashton who held Michaels gaze just long enough to know what happened.

He steps out onstage and into the light, and suddenly the pull is back. She’s still here, he thinks. She didn’t leave.

He makes his way to the front and instead of standing, he sits himself down on the edge. He can hear Dave screaming at him to back up from the edge but Michael doesn’t care. He has to see her up close.

There she is, in all her beauty. She’s smiling so big that he’s afraid it’s going to crack in half. Michael says his apologies into the mic and like he hoped, the fans had nothing but love.

He looks down at her in the crowd, standing there with lights hitting her in all the right places. She has to feel it too. He doesn’t want to call her out and start a frenzy. So just before he sings, he begins to move the bracelets around to show the tiny bit of skin and holds his new 0.00 out to the side.

A few seconds that felt like years go by, and when he looks back down, there she is, standing in the middle of a crowd, at HIS show, holding up a fresh, new, pulsating 0.00 and for once, Michael allowed himself to feel everything he had ignored in the past.

If You Don't Know Part 2 - Calum Hood Smut

Pairing: Calum and Y/N

Word Count: 5.0k+

Rating: Smut

Requested: Yeppers

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“How can you not love Cal Freezy, just look at that face” “yeah but his video’s are so funny” “yeah but he’s so hot like omg daddy af”

Yeah, yeah don’t worry about it, all of the above DEFINITELY out shadow his misogyny.
Don’t worry about the fact he has absolutely NO respect for females or his friends for that matter because hey at least he’s funny!
Don’t worry about the fact he’s betrayed his friends trust!! At least he has a pretty face!!!!
Don’t worry about the fact he’s admitted he won’t wait till someone’s comfortable enough to have sex with him! As long as you enjoy looking at his face.

Absolutely SICK of the naivety of some people. OPEN YOUR EYES!! He’s disgusting, he’s disrespectful and he’s so far up his own arse he can see out his own throat.
But don’t worry about none of that! Cause he’s “good looking” (open to your personal perspective of course) and funny, nothing else matters, not the lack of respect he showed for all females, his friend and his ex girlfriend, not the poor example he’s shown his young impressionable fans (clearly evident in some of you) or the bad example he’s set for males.
Lets not worry about none of that cause he’s FUNNY 🙃🙃🙃🙃

Scene Short: Interruption...

A little Red Queen, Modern AU, wedding thing for funsies.

“This is wrong.” Cameron corralled her body between her arms and looked at the gaudy valances over every window of the church.

“Too blue.” Kilorn was three shots into his flask.

“Too… wrong.” Cameron couldn’t find a better word besides wrong.

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I Don’t Love You Anymore Pt. 6

“Ashton Fletcher Irwin,” I say bringing my hands back to his hair, pushing it off of his face. “I think about you all the time you’d think I was obsessed. These last few weeks have been hell being away from you and when I saw you in the supermarket I almost cried. I’d do anything to go back in time and make you mine when I first had the chance. I’m so in love with you,” I say with my whole heart. “Oh baby,” he says rubbing his hands up and down my back, “You don’t know how long I’ve waited to hear you say that,” he says. “I love you so much, y/n. I’m never letting you go, I don’t care what anyone thinks. You’re mine,” he says staring into my eyes.
“I fucking knew it” a voice behind us says as we turn around and see Calum looking like he’s ready to kill us.

Part 5 —-> I Don’t Love You Anymore pt-5

My eyes widen and body tightens as panic courses its way through my veins. This is it, I tell myself, this is where I die. “Calum,” Ashton and I both say at the same time, “This isn’t what you think,” I finish, removing my hands from Ashton’s pillow soft curls. Calum’s chocolate brown eyes look back and forth between me and Ashton a few seconds before her erupts in laughter. Not a “you just told a funny joke so I’m laughing, laugh” he was cackling like a maniac. The veins in his neck pushing towards the surface, little droplets of spit falling down his chin, he has a painful expression on his face, he looks scary. “Cal, are you alright?” Ashton asks. “Oh, I’m fine,” Calum starts, calming himself down, “I just find it funny how I asked you, Ashton, if anything was going on between you and y/n and you told me nothing was going on. I fucking knew you guys were screwing around!” Calum shouts with such ferocity I jump off Ashton’s lap. “Calum,” I whisper out in attempt to calm him down, “We’re not screwing around,” I say as he continues throwing eye daggers at Ashton. “She’s right, Cal,” Ashton speaks up, rising off the couch, his leather jacket making funny noises. “We’re in love,” Ashton finishes as he intertwines our hands. “Bullshit!” Calum speaks storming over to Ashton with his fists balled up. “Calum wait!” I scream moving in front of Ashton. “Move out of the way, Y/N!” he demands finally looking at me, his eyes are blood shot red, I’m not sure if it’s because of his irritation from me and Ash, or the alcohol in his system, probably both. “No!” I shout back, “You’re not going to beat up your best friend!” I scold. “EX-best friend,” he says, emphasizing ex, he continues scowling as he now is toe-to-toe with me. “You don’t mean that, Calum” I say softly staring into his fiery eyes, “Just like we didn’t mean to hurt you,” I finish. “Oh! Really?” Calum gasps, putting his hand over heart. “Well I guess it’s okay since you didn’t mean to,” he mocks me, his voice seeping with sarcasm. “Y/n, I told you how I felt about you two being together, and you turn around and do this? How did you not mean to hurt me?” Calum snaps at me, staring into my hazy eyes. “I’m sorry,” I say, guilt flooding my body, am I about to break up Cashton? “Yes, y/n you are sorry, a sorry son of a—

“Hey! Don’t you talk to her like that!” Ashton snaps, moving from behind me. “Shut the hell up, Ashton! I don’t want to hear anything you have to say,” Calum snaps at him, shoving me out the way and making me stumble, and I curse y/b/f/n for making me wear these painful heels. “Ashton Fucking Irwin always after my leftovers,” Calum spits at him while he sizes up Ashton then pushes his chest. “I said,” Ashton starts while straightening his jacket, “Don’t fucking talk about her like that,” he finishes pushing Calum back. “What, those sluts you pick up from the bar can’t get you off anymore so you decided to go snooping through my trash?” Calum taunts smirking devilishly and unknowingly breaking my heart once again. Does he really see me as his trash? I watch the anger rise through Ashton’s fist as he pulls it back and slams it into the tan boy. “Ashton no!” I scream, trying to pull him away from Calum but fail miserably, it was like pulling Mt. frickin’ Everest! Before I could think, I witness Calum give Ashton two sharp blows to his stomach, making Ashton double over. “Guys! Stop!” I plead, tears threatening to spill from my eyes. “Don’t fight over me, I’m not worth it!”

“You’re right, y/n. You’re not worth it, but that didn’t stop him from being a dick and breaking the bro code,” Calum spits at me. “Don’t you ever tell her she’s worthless. Just because you couldn’t see what you had when you had her doesn’t mean she isn’t worth it!” Ashton says shoving Calum so hard he stumbles and falls to the ground. Ashton walks away from him and walks over to me, “Babe, don’t listen to him, you’re so perfect,” his hazel eyes stare deeply into mine, “You’re worth more than life itself. I love you, y/n” he finishes, wiping away the tears from my eyes. His body engulfs mine and once again the curly hair boy’s warmth comforts me, no one will ever comfort me like Ashton. I don’t know how but just his touch makes all my worries wash away. Ashton warmth disappears and I open my eyes to see that Calum has snatched him away. “Calum, I’m done fighting. I love you man, you’re my brother and I’d do anything for you but, I’m in love with y/n, and we’re gonna go have that cup of coffee and afterwards, I’m gonna ask her to be my girlfriend and after she says yes, I’m gonna take her home and make her feel real good,” Ashton confesses, pleading with Calum but all his confession does is pisses Calum off even more. Calum tackles Ashton to the ground and starts punching like a mad man. “OH MY GOSH!” I scream in fear running speed-walking towards the boys. I pull on Calum’s shoulders, damn those stupid broad shoulders and bulged biceps, it’s impossible. I pull and tug on him with all my might and Calum doesn’t budge; I watch Ashton let Calum pound him to nothing as I plead, beg and cry for Calum to stop when another solution comes to mind.

I run to find Michael or Luke whose probably somewhere making out with y/b/f/n. I find Michael drunkenly dancing with Niall and Shawn to the Macarena, but instead of doing the actual steps, they’re doing some bird-picking type dance. I weakly laugh at the silly boys, well I can’t get Michael because then I’ll have to say what happened in front of Shawn and Niall and I’ll be the girl who ruined the party of the year. “Hey, Y/N!” I hear y/b/f/n shout behind, I turn around and luckily Luke wasn’t too far behind. “Luke!” I scream out in relief and push past y/b/f/n to which she frowns. “Ashton and Calum are fighting!” I tell him, “What’s new?” he jokes, his icy blue eyes full of happiness, “They’re like a married couple” he giggles out like someone just told him a funny joke. I always found Luke’s innocence amusing and beautiful in a sense, but there’s no time to gush over the sweet boy now. “No, Luke, look!” I say shifting his body towards the back of the club. “Oh my gosh!” Luke gasps as he runs towards the brawling boys, Calum socked another good punch to Ashton’s jaw. “Calum, stop!” Luke screams, running after Luke, leaving a confused y/b/f/n behind. “Enough!” Luke yells, pushing Ashton off Calum bringing attention to the scene to a few bystanders. “What the hell is going on!” Luke demands from the two as they just glare at each other as their chest rise and fall heavily. Calum’s got a few bruises on his face from earlier but Ashton looks horrible. The whole left-side of his face is turning purple, his bottom lip is split and his nose is bleeding pretty bad. The blood starts seeping in to between his lips and he spits. Only a few seconds past but it feels like minutes, “Somebody better answer me!” Luke demands shocking all of us, this is rare, seeing Luke upset.

“He called Y/N a slut!”

“He slept with Y/N!”

They continue overlap one another, shouting blames of what the other had done, most of their words were pure exaggerations. “STOP!” Luke shouted once again, “Y/n, what happened?” Luke asked me as my stomach dropped to the floor. I don’t want to say what happened in front of these people. “Y/n?” Luke asks, signaling me to say something. I look around at the mini crowd around us, now consisting of Niall, Shawn and semi-sober Michael. “What’s going on?” Michael asks seriously standing next to Luke. “I….uhh…” I stutter and turn to Ashton who gives me a reassuring look, “It’s fine babe” he tells me, causing Mike and Luke to look at us weird. “Me and Ashton we uhh…” I pause to clear my throat, “…we love each other,” I say looking at the ground, “And Calum isn’t okay with it but we’re gonna see what happens between us,” I finish, timidly “That’s fucked up!” Michael says immediately taking Calum’s side. “They basically said, ‘Fuck Calum’s feelings, let’s fuck each other instead’” Calum announces making us feel unnecessary guilt. “We didn’t sleep together!” Ashton and I scream at the same time, anger now filling me up I look at Ashton and he winces as he touches his lip, he needs to disinfect it. “Not yet!” Calum adds, “You should’ve seen them, she was practically riding him on that bloody couch!”

“Can we please not do this right now!” I shout, the reality of strangers, famous strangers at that, watching this all go down is very embarrassing. I glance at Shawn and he looks at me with puppy eyes, damn, I ruined his birthday. “I’m sorry, Shawn. I didn’t mean to cause trouble,” I apologize to him, “It’s okay, y/n,” he smiles softly, and awkwardness feels the circle. “How ‘bout ‘nother round o’ shots on me!” Niall says to which the crowd cheers and walks away with him to the bar, including Shawn. I mouth “thank you” to my Irish friend and he mouths back, “call me later,” to which I nod. Niall has always been a great advice mentor, he’s like the big brother I’ve always dreamed of having. “Okay, they’re gone. Let’s talk” Calum snaps, stretching his arms out to motion the six of us, me, Calum, Ashton, Michael, Luke and y/b/f/n whose looking pissed right now. “No, I’m done talking to you Calum” I say. “Why? Because you’re afraid because people are finally seeing you for who you are?” a nasally voice says. We all turn around and see Twitter Girl walking up to Calum. “Who the fuck are you talking to?!” I snap at the girl. “Whoa! Don’t talk to her like that!” Calum snaps at me. “This is too much, I gotta go,” I say walking away from the tense back of the room. “Ahh there we go, y/n doing what she does best, walk away from her problems,” Calum jokes. Anger boils inside my blood and just like a tea pot, steam shoots from my ears as I storm towards Calum and slap the living crap out of him. Grunts and gasps were heard and it seems as if the whole VIP area grew silent at the sound of my hand against his hot skin.

“Don’t you ever fucking tell me about walking away from my problems! The only runner in this room is you, Calum Hood! You ran out on us, not me, you did! Your bitch ass couldn’t even tell me to my face, you left a stupid note breaking up with me. I guess our bed no longer kept you warm so you decided to start sleeping at the studio instead of our apartment. I guess you weren’t attracted to me anymore, so you decided to stop touching and kissing me, you decided to stop talking to me, you made the choice to stop loving me!” I shout at him, tears threatening to spill my eyes. “The moment things got tough you decided to run away! You ran out on us, you didn’t even fight for me Calum! Was I not worth fighting for? Was I?!” I scream and I watch his eyes soften and I’m sure it’s my imagination but the red move from his eyes to mine. “I spent every frickin’ day of the last few months crying and wondering what was wrong with me. But now, I realize, nothing’s wrong with me, you’re the one with the problem. Why is it that every time I’m around you I end up broken hearted, crying or angry, we’re not even together and somehow you still manage to hurt me,” I cry out and I feel a warm comfort against my back and I know without a doubt it’s Ashton. “So yes, I’m in love with your best friend, because when I’m around him, he doesn’t hurt me, make me cry or angry. He tells me how beautiful I am, he holds me, he listens, he makes me feel special. He makes me happy, Calum, don’t I deserve to be happy?” I ask him.

“Girl bye,” Twitter Girl says, “You’re just like every other groupie, after you’re finished with one member you move on to the next. After you’re finished with Ashton who’s next, Michael or Luke?” she asks. “Shut up!” Calum shouts at her and she rolls her eyes and storms away. “Yes you do,” I hear y/b/f/n speak up, tears also threatening to spill from her eyes. “You deserve happiness, God knows it’s about time. Who cares if you were dating Calum before, y/n, Ashton is your soulmate. He literally got pounded because he loves you, he’s willing to threaten his bromance to be with you! I’m so sorry I wasn’t supportive,” she says.

“No,” Calum speaks up and everyone turns to look at him. “C’mon mate, give them your blessing I mean look at them,” Luke says, as everyone’s eyes shift to a bloody and bruised Ashton holding my distraught frame. Calum clears his throat, “Ashton, I’m sorry for beating you up. It’s just that despite what everyone thinks here, I did love y/n, she was the first woman I ever did love and she will always hold a special place, right here,” he says pointing to his heart. “Which is why I was so possessive, I know its fucked up, but I didn’t want to see you date anyone because you were mine,” he adds putting his head down to which Ashton leaves me and goes to comfort his friend. “It’s okay, man” Ashton says, “No it isn’t, you guys didn’t deserve the way I acted, I’m sorry, I really am. Y/n you’re an amazing woman, and you’re beautiful. I just said those things so you’ll hate me and get over me. Ashton, mate, I always knew you like y/n more than a friend and I was jealous because at the time I really liked her and you guys had this connection like you were meant for each other. But, I didn’t want to believe that because it hurt too much to know that once again, I was a fuck up and I didn’t deserve y/n. But watching you guys together and hearing you speak about one another, I can’t be the one who holds you back. And honestly?” he continues, “If I wanted to see y/n with anyone else, it would be you, Ash,” Calum finishes, slightly smiling at his bandmate. Ashton gives an award-winning grin but regrets it as he yelps and touches his lip, “Yeah sorry about that,” Calum chuckles, making everyone laugh. “It’s alright mate,” Ashton says pulling the Maori boy into a big hug.

“Hey!” Michael whines, “What about me?” he pouts, “Ahh get in here,” Ashton says, pulling Michael in. “HEY!” Luke shouts even louder, “Get in here!” Calum says and Luke flails over to his band mates and wraps his long limbs around them, yes legs too and surprisingly enough, they were able to hold the lanky boy. “This is priceless, I need a picture!” y/b/f/n says as she captures the precious moment. They all pull away from each other giggling like school girls, “Excuse me boys,” Ashton says as he walks over to me, and even though his face is bruised and bloody, I can’t help but admire how beautiful he is. His gaze is intensely on me as if he could take me right here and now. My eyes shift behind him to the other boys and they all smirk at me, I look back at Ashton and he’s already face to face with me. “Hey” he whispers as his warm hands hold the sides of my face, “Hi,” I smile back at him. He leans in and kisses me so intensely my knees start go weak and his arm snakes around my waist holding me up for support. Our tongues begin to dance and I loudly moan from how good he tastes and feels. I grab his hair and in return he grabs my butt and massages it, making me moan again once more, “Alright get a room,” Calum jokes pulling us away from each other. “Gladly,” Ashton says, “We’re gonna go back to the house,” he announces, his eyes never leaving mine. “Yeah, I think we are too,” Luke says as he tugs y/b/f/n to his side. “I’m tired!” Michael shouts, “Do you want to leave as well?” Calum asks and Michael nods his head. “Let’s go home and play Mario Cart!” Michael squeals as he starts leading the way, “I thought you were tired?” Ashton asks, “Well, I’m not anymore!” Michael replies back with so much sass everyone laughs. Ashton rolls his eyes and huffs out in annoyance knowing that his plans for the night will now be postponed. He grabs my hand and we follow the rest of the group.

“Oh no!” I gasp causing everyone to stop and look at me.  “I broke up Cashton!” Everyone laughs at my flustered state, “Eh, I was filing for divorce anyways,” Calum jokes, “That’s right, Cal’s mine now!” Michael devilishly laughs jumping on the bassist back. I follow suit and jump on Ashton’s back, “Taketh me to thine castle,” I say in a horrific British accent. “Gladly, love,” Ashton says, and we lead the group out the club. The main dancefloor is still full of drunken bodies dancing and grinding to some EDM song. “I’m hungry!” y/b/f/n exclaims, her and Luke walking hand in hand as we finally reached outside. “Yeah, I kind of am too,” I admit. “You’re what?” Calum asks as he comes back from the valet. “We’re hungry,” I tell him, “I could eat,” he shrugs, “Me too,” Luke adds just as the cars come around, that was fast. “I want pancakes!” y/b/f/n says and I roll my eyes, her and her pancakes. “So Ihop?” Calum asks and everyone agrees going to their respective cars. Ashton opens the door for me and gestures for me to enter, “Thank you, sir” I say again in the butchered British accent. Michael starts making his way towards to the backdoor, “Hey mate, ride with Cal and Luke” Ashton whispers to him. “Why?” Michael whines, “But we rode here together,” he pouts. “You can ride home with us,” Ashton bribes, “Okay,” Michael says and walks back to the other car. A few seconds past and Ashton makes his way to the driver’s seat. “Hey, how come Mikey couldn’t ride with us?” I ask confusedly. “Because we’re gonna take a detour,” he says smirking at me as he rubs his hand up and down my thigh. “Ashton,” I whine, knowing what he’s up to, “I’m hungry,” I continue as he starts up the car. “You think you’re hungry now? Wait until I’m done with you,” he says kissing me the same way he did inside the club, he kisses over to my ear, softly biting and sucking it. He retracts his mouth chuckles at the small whimpers coming from my mouth as he speeds off. “Who are you calling?” he asks and I shush him by placing my hand right on his bulge, “Shit,” he whispers. “Y/b/f/n, don’t wait for us, we’re gonna be a while,” I say, massaging him through his now tight pants and hang up. Ashton whispers, “Fuck” and presses down on the gas even harder making me giggle, “Oh baby girl, you don’t even know what you’re in for. I’ve been waiting for this for so long,” he says as he presses down on the gas even harder, going at least 30 over the limit. “Bring it, babe,” I say smirking back at him, tonight is gonna be magical.

A/n: Here it is! Thank you all soooo much for being patient and sticking with me through this series 😘😘 Tell me what you all think!!! Did you like the way I ended it? Let me know 😁😁 Do you have any requests, message me!! I love writing for you all 😘😘br />

Calfreezy smut ‘go fuck your self ’

Promp: 'go fuck your self’

Warnings: Naughtiness

Cal x reader


You were just chilling in the flat on the sofa, all the others were out. For once you had the whole flat just to the both of you, but you and Cal ended up fighting. Cal had be spending the whole night editing and you didn’t get the attention you desired or craved. He had been traveling with the boys recently, you were always happy that he had such good mates and that they’d do nice things together. That wasn’t the problem, it was that whenever you had alone time he was working or editing.

It’s his life and job, trust me you Understand that but you two hadn’t done the 'nasty’ in weeks. To be brutally honest you were sexually frustrated, you wanted to spend some quality time with your boyfriend. You two had got to the stage in the relationship, where it wasn’t sex all the time and you were comfortable around each other which you were obviously happy about as you could be yourself around him. But the relationship had lost its passion and compassion. You were determined to get his attention.

“Cal come here, you’ve been sat in that chair all day.” I sighed

“Just a sec babe” he murmured, not even looking up from his computer screen.


You sat there just waiting.

Half an hour had passed, Cal still hunched over his desk. His hair in it’s natrual state, hanging down his forehead, his eyes surrounded by bags. You were angry, annoyed and most of all just a bit lonely. Your feeble, half assed attempts to get his attention had all ended in utter failure.

“Cal, are coming to bed anytime soon?” You questioned, curiously.

“Just give me 10 minutes Y/N” He said in a slightly annoyed tone.

You had just about enough of this you got your bag and slipped your shoes on. You headed for the door when Cal looked up from his computer.

“Where are you going?” He said, confused.

“Cal I came here to spend time with you but, all you’ve done is edit. I know how important it is and why you have to do it, but you barely said more than 3 words to me all day! I JUST WANT TO SPEND TIME WITH YOU!” You raised your voice.

“Y/N you know I don’t mean to, I just get caught up in my work. Why are you getting mad? It’s ridiculous?!” He said anger present in his voice.

“We haven’t touched each other in weeks, your allways away. Now we finally have some alone time and your EDITING” Now your yelling.


You cut him off.

“No Cal, go fuck your self” you hissed

Turning your heals, about to leave. You heard shuffling. You turn around to give Cal one last scowl.

He smirked, a mischievous look on his face. Eyes now filled with an emotion you can’t quite place.

“Or I could fuck you?” He said, loud and clear.

He slowly walked towards you, hands snaking around your waste. Him being significantly taller bent down and started to leave kisses on your neck and jaw.

“Ca..l no, I’m mad at you” you breathed out, very unconvincingly.

He starts to leave little love bites all over your neck, until he found you sweet spot and gives it all his attention. You let out a breathy moan, legs slightly quivering under his touch

“But babe, I’m not sure you really want me to stop? Giving the bruise a small bite

"Calll” you moaned out

Bag falling from your hand, Cal left your bruised neck to look at you. A small whimper falling from your mouth due to the lack of attention. Cal forcfully backed you up to the door.

“Just say stop, if you don’t want me to carry on” He whispered into you ear before slightly sucking the lobe.

A moan escaped your mouth, you were mad at how much you were loving thing but, you couldn’t help it you wanted him so bad. Your hands run up his back to his fluffy hair, clutching it in your fists. He stripped you from your shorts, getting rid of the unnecessary clothing.

“Jump” He said huskily.

You obliged, annoyed at your self for so easily falling for his antics. But that was now not the proirty. Your legs rapping around his waste.

Your eyes met his once dull, drained eyes now filled with lust and want. You could so easily get lost in his beautiful eyes and there’s no other way to put it. He slowly put his lips to yours and met for passionate kiss, lips moving in sync perfectly his tongue swept over your bottom lip asking for entrance which you denied still being slightly annoyed. This lit a small fire in him, teeth sinking in to your bottom lip, you gasped in shock as he used this as opportunity to slip his tongue in. The kiss quickly turned sloppy and hungry, his hands finding your bum, squeezing and groping it. You moaned into the kiss, he smirked.

“To the bedroom?” He questioned

You nodded, now forgotten about your fight. You practically sprinted to his room, he shut the door and threw you on the bed. You giggle in excitement, finally getting what you wanted. He climbed on top of you and stripped you from your or should I say his blue weezy top. Leaving you just in your underwear.

He grunted “It’s like you were planning this”

He also slipped his plain white shirt off, his topless glory in front of you. He bent back down to kiss you neck, your hand roaming his entire top half.

He kissed town your torso slowly, teasing you. He pulled your panties off gradually, as soon as you could you impatiently kick them off and he chuckles.

“Do you want something babe?” He asked crawling up slightly.

“Callum, don’t you start” you warn, not having any off his antics. Pulling out the full name card

“Sweet heat you’re not threatening, I can have you quivering under my touch in seconds”

“Cal..” he cut you off by pressing his thumb to your clit. A shocked gasp leaving your lips.

“See Y/N, I know just how to make you putty in my hands” he says while now rubbing a figure of eight on my clit. You let out a moan, legs shaking. Your annoyed by the smug prick, but can’t help but love he things hes doing to you.

You held in your moans, you were not giving him the pleasure for hearing your sweet nothings.

“Oh I see, Y/N”

He instantly inserted two fingers into your pussy, starting at an unbearable pace.

His hands forcfully being rammed into you at such a pace, his name slips from mouth.

“Fuck, Cal”

He keeps going, now placing his thumb to your clit and pressing down hard.

“Cal” another breathy moan falls from your lips

You can only imagine the look on his face right now, you doing exactly what he said, powerless under his touch. He starts to curl his fingers hitting you g-spot every time.

You feel a familiar knot in your stomach, vision going fuzzy.

“Cal I’m closeee”

“I know” he replies (I love me some cocky Callum like - A/N)

A few more thrust from his fingers and you’ve fallen over the edge. Profanities falling from your mouth as he rides out your orgasm with his fingers, as soon as you’ve finished he attaches his mouth to your clit.

“Ahh, Cal” you whimper, being sensitive from your last orgasm. Sucking on your clit, he has you cumming again in seconds.

“Oh my god, cal fuck, ah” you moaned as you fall over the edge again. Seconds after your first orgasm.

Cal brings his head up.

“What did I say?”

His face coved in pride, you ignore he comments.

“Jesus, cal” you pant

“Can you take round three?” Raising his brows

“Give it to me, freezy” you say confidently, a sly smirk on your face

He rips off his joggers and boxers all at once he puts a condom on, Crawling on top of you then aligneing him self with your pussy. He thrusted in not giving you any time to adjust as he forcefully grabbed your hips and trusted in even harder hitting you g-spot.

“Cal, ah Cal” his name rolling of your tongue just how he liked it.

“Y/n you feel so good!” He grunted

He leans down to kiss you, still ramming you into the bed. Your nails digging into his back.

You let out a few more moans, his thrusts get sloppier as your both getting closer. You came undone beneath him.

You fall over the edge as he kissed your neck and he soon follows, your orgasm triggering his. He rides out your orgasm, then pulls out disposing of the condom. You pop on his white shirt and he climbed in next to you, putting some boxers on and snuggling up with you.

“I needed that” he says quietly stroking my hair

“I think it had been too long” you giggle

“Three orgasms, you’re not going to be able to walk tomorrow…”

You cuddle togeather, falling asleep very quickly due to all of the nights antics.


First attempt, give me criticisms and help plz. Just thought we need this :)

anonymous asked:

do you like bro? he was my fav character and i still feel like he's been controlled by a puppet for like,,,,, 30-40 years of his life???? like,,, him and gamzee basically had the same downfall of "Bad Puppet controls You"

I shed light on my thoughts on Bro once, but Yes! I do believe that that is indeed the case! My thoughts on Bro are that we never really MET him, except in echos. We know his trivial interests- puppets, irony, music, the things LE couldn’t be bothered to destroy with his, y’know, destroyer-of-souls powers- and we know the traits that LE valued and Dirk feared within himself- Controlling nature, Disregard for the well-being of others, A Need to come out on top. In fact, I do believe that LE fostered those personality traits, leaving Bro an empty husk meant only to take orders and act on impulses that closely if not identically paralleled Caliborn’s own, since those were the only traits he was left with. 

It’s hard to say PRECISELY how LE controlled and manipulated the souls he enslaved, but my take on it has always been that LE splintered his own soul and sent that splinter out into other things, like Dirk sending a splinter of himself into the AI program he wrote that eventually became Lil’ Hal. But instead of making an altogether new person, LE uses this power to enslave the souls he’s stuck that splinter in, and destroy them from the inside. 

Bro got Lil’ Cal as his heirloom back in the ectobiology lab, so we can absolutely safely say that he has been possessed literally since the day of his creation. No way in hell the infant- creatures who by nature look to and identify faces- wouldn’t have made eye contact with Lil’ Cal. So, most unfortunately, my opinion is that we don’t know Bro. We know his husk, the shadow of what and who he could be at his absolute, utter worst, and we can divine through looking at Dirk and looking at Caliborn what would have happened had he been allowed to develop as a person naturally and not been controlled by the red cherub, and in many fanfictions I really adore Bro for what he might have been, had his soul not been rolling down the gutter of the bowling lane of life since day one.

Anyway it’s a little late so I’m not entirely sure if this is all coherent but in sum: