and loo omg


I am so blessed to be alive at the same time as this woman.

so I really don’t wanna talk about The loo but I keep seeing this same anon(s) on so many blogs and I need to address it so I just wanna say: y'all are crazy for listening to them.

don’t tweet about lexa during the premiere. or before or after. just stop giving them more publicity and attention. everyone has forgotten about the show by now and we’re the only ones with the power to make noise so just don’t do it maybe? 

do nothing. don’t interact with the twitter accounts, don’t make hashtags, forget them. the time frame for when we had power to do things with noise has long gone. it could only benefit them now. you know the whole “any publicity is good publicity” thing. if you really absolutely have to do something then just downvote the new episodes on sites like amazon/imdb/etc. don’t even read reviews and give them clicks. and ffs don’t watch live. be smart for once

anonymous asked:

I woke this morning to an AO3 notification for your new fix. Read it all the way into work then hid in the loos to finish it. Omg the feels!!! But thank you for making a rainy, sleep deprived, 'will you please listen to me boss because you pay me to know this so you don't have to' Monday morning a lot better.

I’m glad I could do something to make your Monday suck less! 

so I saw a post with info about s3 dvd and people seem to wanna buy it because of some extra features so I just wanna say:


do you really want to give jason more money after literally everything that has happened?? dvd sales count. we didn’t fight for months now so that you would still give them money in the end. be smart. please. just don’t buy it omg

Just a friendly reminder that in an alternate universe,

you are married to your favorite actor (or actress!)