and lol we all know what followed this

For anyone who’s confused, this is all we know so far:

  • Ishida’s twitter has been deleted (his account was removed from my following list).
  • His account name, sotonami, is now protected, and the title says “Other”. The account was made in September 2016.
  • Also, the link to Penisman is broken, and his pixiv account is gone as well. Ishida’s tumblr is still there though.

Hopefully we find out what’s going on soon…

So good to know that all the Larrie anons who have told us that “other Larries don’t like lesbianslovelouis” and “we’re not all like that” think it’s so important not to break ranks that they’re willing to defend someone who’s done and said all of this. Someone who’s sent her apparently 15,000+ followers after a 16 year old who expressed discomfort with her, claiming ageism while saying “lol i don’t really care what some 16 year old thinks LMAO” and encouraging the idea that adults on the internet have no responsibility to be careful how they interact with young people.

Also someone who lies casually and without any concern for accuracy or consistency, who has insisted on about half a dozen different theories about who Freddie “really” is, each time without any proof as if it were obvious, then just switching to the next equally “obvious” theory when the last was disproved. She spent god knows how long obsessing over the idea that Freddie was a doll, which she said she could tell just from photos… before deciding he was someone else’s actual baby and saying “oh if I’d seen this baby early on I would have known it wasn’t a doll.”

She decided that photographs of Freddie looked like dolls designed to look exactly like real babies, and that this was enough (because Louis didn’t feel the need to provide these people with forensic proof that his child was an actual infant!!) to insist that there was absolutely no doubt that Freddie was doll. She encouraged the fandom to dehumanize Freddie to the point where she and others felt fine posting things like this. Where people were posting fantasies about dropping Freddie because she had told them he was just a thing.

Organizing charity projects does not erase the fact that she’s profited off her websites mocking Freddie, lied to the fandom, encouraged harassment against teenagers who speak out against her, and repeatedly published violent fantasies about Briana and Freddie. I’d take anything she says with a grain of salt, but if anyone in Briana’s family has actually reached out to her about her blog, well… I would not feel comfortable rallying behind her as an innocent victim.

Whatever you believe, I beg Larries to try and prioritize at least some basic level of decency, some consistent moral standard, instead of automatically supporting anything vaguely pro-Larrie.


W h a t ?

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We have been following Rick and the group's journey but even Robert Kirkman said that if we had followed Negan's journey throught the apocalypse we would root for him and not Rick. I think that's really interesting. LOL anyway i'm #TeamNegan.

I completely agree with this! I also believe that that is true for almost every antagonist out there.

They’ve ALL made questionable decisions but we support team!Rick because we saw what drove them to do what they did. Everybody cheered when team!Rick slaughtered a lot of people in their sleep (people they didn’t even know existed a few days earlier) but Negan killed a couple of people and he’s the most evil motherfucker ever and needs to die. Then, a few weeks later he kills a guy we all wanted dead and everybody cheered. Talk to me about double standards!

btw, wooohoooo!! Team Negan forever!!!! <3

LOL so i rly felt like doing a little collage for this and ended up with this soft grunge explosion. what can u do right.
so anyways! idk the exact date but i do know that my blogs bday is some time in january so!!! happy 4th bday @ my blog! ur all invited to the party but only if u bring presents

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How i think Keith and Lance relationship progress in S2

I’m aware of the space ranger partners floating around and some of the fans even claimed it to be canon jokingly or not

but i do think what jeremy shada meant to say was that keith and lance finally became real friends. somehow keith/lance/friends doesn’t sounds right in a sentence lol

VLD creator probably wanted to follow closely their relationship with the originals, and we all know that keith was a leader of the black lion and lance is the second in command

But with what being presented in s1 we all can agree that keith no way can become a leader that instant with his lone wolf character and very impulsive and as for lance he need to resolve his one sided rivalry with (and pretty sure keith had no clue about it at all) keith, the rest of the crew probably know that lance probably just admirer keith so much

in a way these two need to settle down their non existence rivalry issues and work together. that’s when jeremy mentioned that they indeed can work very well together and it has been prove in the balmera episode, that’s was 1st mission that keith and lance need to work on

we can witness that lance is more calm and can think more rational than keith even tho he has more advantage in combat, i really want to see lance become the strategist and keith successfully deliver it in upcoming season!

moreover, lance admiration on keith and looked up on him was too obvious when one time, he jz want everything keith has like when keith found out he got fire element from red, and he genuinely asked how did keith manage to close the hangar door

poor keith lol he probably has no idea, so eventually before keith could become the leader he and lance need to work out on their relationship, and probably getting closer and put their trust on each other

that’s when Space ranger partners probably will become canon

but hey, i’m still a slut for Enemy>Friends>Lovers troop

someone can still dream :)

The Things I Didn’t Think About When I Was 7

Remember this creepy ol’ statue guy in the first Scooby episode ever? Y’know, with the eyes that followed the gang as they went back and forth?

Remember how there’s the big reveal, where we learn that, surprise…

…it was the professor they were looking for all along, tied up! What a twist! 

I guess I didn’t think too much about the plot when I was little, but this time, something struck me:

Why didn’t he just make sounds, or move, for goodness’ sake?

I mean, the people talking about trying to rescue him are right there, and the bad guy’s not around.

All he needs to do is go “Mmf! Mmmf!” Heck, when you think about, later in the series, that’s exactly how the gang finds tied-up people. This episode could have been resolved 5 minutes in!

Shaggy: “Jinkies, what’s that?!

*statue-like thing jumps up and down in place, making pitiful noises. Freddy removes the mask & gag*

Freddy: “It’s the professor!”

Professor: “Thanks, kids! The curator’s behind it all, it’s a forgery ring, and the Black Knight isn’t actually haunted. Call the police, please.”

Velma: “Oh! Oh. Ok, then. That was easy.”

*credits roll*

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Exactly! Like.. what kind of music Louis listens to? He doesn't mention that very often. I only know that he had a Green Day phase as a teenager. But what else? Pop? Rap? Club music? Indie? He could be a kpop fan for all we know lol

judging by his collab with steve and other IG/twitter follows he certainly likes a bit of EDM (martin garrix, the chainsmokers, calvin harris, diplo, avicii). he’s worked with lunchmoney lewis too who comes from a completely different genre. we know he likes green day - like you said - and we also know he likes brand new (which is so.. oddly specific and makes my heart burst because brand new is the only band i love more than one direction and i digress)! he’s super supportive of small bands that are just starting out.. and then there are some other notable follows and/or posts like the libertines, tame impala, notorious BIG, john mayer, jason mraz, vance joy, years & years, etc. and last but not least he’s worn several band shirts through the years, for example def leppard, the killers, the who, joy divison, the stone roses.. i’d say his taste is pretty diverse which is so lovely?? i would kill to talk music with him tbh

hey, quick question, but why can’t people in this fandom let other people be happy about the things they wanna be happy about? lol


You guys did it!!! Yay!!!! I swear I never thought I would get this many followers, or any lol. Thank you all so much, you guys are awesome!!

As I have said before, this is a cause for celebration!!! What should we do?? I was thinking of a fanfiction giveaway, maybe pick three winners and I’ll write whatever they would like? Let me know if you guys like that idea!!! Thanks again guys!!

Thank you everyone for 1,000 followers! I appreciate it so much! I love you guys!! <33 I didn’t think my blog would get back to 1,000 after my last termination but we did it!

Special thanks to @thebrushking and @vadavarot-chan for being there for me through all this. I love you two!! <3 You two are my everything. I don’t know what I would be doing without you two. Keep doing what you’re doing (aka being with me and not leaving lol you’re trapped forever! Mwahahah!!)

Thanks to my biggest fans @crocodisle @weirddarkside @mikeyfresch @jc-summers

Also thanks to my 1,000 follower @chibi-punpun! Thanks for coming back my ol’ friend! 

And thanks for my top post getting so many notes. I never thought it would get popular like this. 1,700+ notes is insane for me! 

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OMG FRICKIN CONGRATS ON A THOUSAND FOLLOWERS! YOU DESERVE IT SO MUCH AND I KNOW WE HAVEN'T BEEN TALKING BUT I STILL SECRETLY STALK YOUR BLOG ALL THE TIME BECAUSE I LOVE YA! *deep breath, calm down lilly,* I love your idea for the celebration, by the way, i wish had those ideas because i suck at celebrations xD. I'm really curious about this one: 🎧 because music is cool and im curious what you can come up with for three L's lol. HERE'S TO ANOTHER THOUSAND!

LILLEEEEEEEEEEH! I have a confession to make: I *kinda* secretly stalk your blog too and i miss you woman! It’s been ages since we last spoke but here’s your playlist (plus an extra E because, well, you get it)

This is what I came up with for 🎧 

Love and Drugs - The Maine
Incomplete - James Bay
Lisztomania - Phoenix
Lies - Marina and the Diamonds
Yellow - Coldplay

plus Eyes on You - Kings of Leon

HOPE YOU LIKE IT! (honestly, this is a perfect example of how weird my music taste is, there’s everything in there)

1000 Followers celebration!

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i just realized, that maybe since amber and dpr had some sort of falling out, that it could be the reason why amber is not releasing new music videos? im sure shes also super busy and trying to tie all the loose ends together with all her songs, but dpr did help produce (especially that christian guy). she's more than capable of shooting her own, but that team isnt there i guess. maybe since she refollowed scott, things are starting to look up? lol idk.

It really is super strange how she just kinda stopped doing stuff with dpr/Scott but we don’t know what happened behind the scenes. Her following Scott again on ig could mean anything or nothing, but i do hope she finds someone (whether it dpr or someone else) to help her with MV’s again. I think she has a lot of creative energy and wants nothing more than to create and produce something but she’s not getting much from sm….. she should start a soundcloud tbh

Updated Challenge List (1-5-2017)

Hey guys! Johanna ( @boredoutofmymindwriting) and I wanted to thank you to all who has participated so far! We are really excited to read what you guys are going to be writing! I am having a hard time promising people in private messages a prompt or a song and then I have more than supposed to BAD BECKA! lol Anyways, as of right now we have one prompt that has 3 people on it again this is me not following the rules! lol We still have prompts and songs left so if you still want to join! Send me an ask! :-)

NOTE: If you see anything wrong with the list and what I promised you when I answered your ask let me know! It’s hard to keep up with all these prompts and songs lol

Here’s the CHALLENGE AND RULES in case you didn’t see it before!

ALSO IMPORTANT: Please tell me which pairing you want when you send an ask!




Tags: @boredoutofmymindwriting


1. Why did you put snow there?! - @padackles2010 (Jensen)

2. “Man, what is that?!” @frickfracklesackles (Dean)

3. What tree should we plant in our yard?

4. Traveling home for a hunt, arguing about window seat. @ellen-reincarnated1967 (Sam)

5. We were both caught in the rush hour and our cars broke down, so we´re both waiting for the pick up truck to arrive at the service station.

6. We were both cast in our high schools drama production. @spn-and-daddy-issues (Sam)

7. cute way to tell a pregnancy. @riversong-sam (Dean)

8. As she walked towards the exit of her favorite coffee shop she glanced down at her cup. “You’re beautiful” was written in place of her name. She glanced back  and their eyes met. - @sleepywinchester (Sam) @ravengirl94 (Benny)

9. She had never before seen so much blood. - @yellowtheremarvelfan (Dean), @scarygoodfanfics (Castiel)

10. This was not was she was expecting when he invited her to a picnic in the park. @megafrontliner311 (Castiel) @supernaturalyobessed (Sam)

11. Their hands meet reaching for the same book. - @chelsea072498 (Dean), @soul-of-verity (Castiel)

12. He knew that he was home when her lips touched his. - @plaidstiel-wormstache (Jensen), @kalliravenne aka: @neversatisfiedgirl (Sam)

13. Silver moonlight illuminates a familiar name on the thumb stone.

14. The phrase “ignore it and it’ll go away” does not apply to being chased by a dozen cop cars… trust me on this one.  - @just-a-touch-of-sass-and-fandoms (Dean), @spn-and-daddy-issues (Dean)

15. That is a terrible, horrible, incredibly foolish idea. Let’s do it and see what happens. - @storyofawinchester (Dean) @luckynumbrnelly (Sam)

1. A Little Less Sixteen Candles A Little More Touch Me - Fallout Boy

2. Blank Space - Taylor Swift

3. Honey I’m Good - Andy Grammar - @td122609 aka: @impalaimagining (Jared)

4. Carry On My Wayward Son - Kansas @demonangelimpala (Jared)

5. Can’t Stop The Feeling - Justin Timberlake - @kalliravenne aka: @neversatisfiedgirl (Sam)

6. Cheap Thrills - Sia

7. Don’t Wanna Fight No More - Alabama Shakes

8. I Walk The Line - Johnny Cash - @wayward-mirage (Bobby)

9. She’s Got A Way With Words - Blake Shelton - @spontaneousam aka: @wayward-oneshots (Dean), @supernaturalyobessed (Sam)

10. Colors- Halsey - @unefemmedelettres (Sam), @megafrontliner311 (Dean)

11. Better together - Us The Duo - @jensen-jarpad (Jensen)

12. Radioactive- Imagine Dragons @bulletscrossbowpie (Need pairing)

13. Free Fallin’ - John Mayer - @plaidstiel-wormstache (Jensen)

14 .Shower- Becky G @abbirae99 (Sam)

15. SexyBack- Justin Timberlake @roxy-davenport (Crowley) @frickfracklesackles (Dean)

This has been changed! But there are still prompts and songs available if anyone else wants to join! Come join! :-)

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I just have to thank you for all your rants about the absolute fuckery that was the end of yoi because I probably would've been placated by the ending we were given if I never followed you but instead I'm just disappointed at what they did to it and I'm glad to know exactly why it was disappointing. I love your insight on it, honestly.

You’re welcome! lol I’m glad that you find my posts eye-opening and honestly it baffles me how this is such an unpopular opinion, like, we’re really a minority here in the fandom hahaha.

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I don't think I get cait in the wrap vid. Why not just say sam is spending his holiday in Europe and couldn't make it? What with these two and being cagey all the time?

I don’t know Anon… maybe we should just follow the Antis preferred argument in this case and believe what she says…LOL LOL

So, she said “maybe, I don’t know” and maybe that was an honest answer..

Maybe Starz, studio, TPTB hadn’t yet decided and the call came in early this morning LA time (I believe they were both online around 7am LA time) with the decision.

Believe what you want….

Yo I was tagged by @rainhellontopofme so here we go!

rules: answer the questions and tag 20 followers that you’d like to get to know better, but whatever, tag who you want

name: Macrissa

nickname: most of the time Mac, but it ranges to macadoodle, mac n cheese, other variations, etc.

star sign: Virgo

height: 5′4″? 5′5″?

orientation: bi/pan

house: Ravenclaw

fav animal: big cats, lizards, deer, orcas

average amount of sleep: lol what is sleep

cat or dog person: if i had to choose, it’d be dogs but i love kitties

fav fictional character: idk probs Ellen Ripley

number of blankets you sleep with: all

dream trip: Ireland or Alaska

when was blog created: um around 2012? 

current # of followers: 161

i will be tagging: @werewolf-thong @zombieunderwear @macurban @kay–the–bae @oscitantego @chrystallene @lycanrocc and whoever else wants to yeah. its ok if you dont want to tho! 

George Weasley:  Scars


“A George x Reader, where the reader has much trouble with Umbridge and she gets a hard punishment, like whipping, for her disrespect and she ask George for help, with a healing potion, but she’s very ashamed ? I need fluff.”


A/N: Don’t we all need fluff in our lives? anyway I just finished my home work. It was sooooo hard fam, but grades are important you know? lol ANYWAY please request, like, follow anddddddd


The pain wasn’t subsiding, and it’s been two days since the incident. You tried being strong, but the pain Umbridge forced you to inflict on yourself was too much to bare.

You were always in her office, and always tracing words upon phrases upon sentences in your skin. When your palm was covered she had you do it to your arms. 

All of the pain was getting to you, your grades were dropping, you were ignoring your friends ,you were embarrassed. 

It was embarrassing you felt weak, there was nothing you could do to escape umbridges wrath. She had it out for you, a friend of Harry Potter, a trouble-maker, and the icing on top you were a mud-blood. 

She would never admit she hated you more because of your blood, but you knew. You were writing the word “filthy” in your arm this very moment.

“Write it in BIG letters dear so you won’t forget this time…” Umbridge smiled at you kindly. You didn’t know how she did it, she was literally the most evil person you knew but she some how managed to pretend she was good, it was as if she was lying to her self.

You nod at her, tears threatening your eyes. You look at the paper and the quill. It gets harder and harder, it doesn’t get easier at least the first time you don’t know whats going to happen, but this time I do. 

I take a deep breath, and write it quickly on the paper in big letters. If you write it fast the pain is fast, that’s what I’ve learned since I’ve been here so many times.

As soon as you finished you grabbed your arm putting pressure on it, waiting for the pain to start and the pain to stop. You felt the magical knife cut the letters into your skin, and a burning sensation pains your arm. You whimper once, but then bite on your lower lip. You close your eyes and let a tear fall from your eye. You feel the last letter trace into your skin, and exhale. You pull up the sleeve of your robe and look at the fresh cuts.

“I hope you won’t be back again Y/N” Umbridge says, standing by the door with her hands behind her back, and a smile plastered on her face. You sniffle, nod, and duck your head. You quickly make your way out of the office, and in your haste and need to be alone you start running down a hall, not really sure where to go.

You pass Harry, Hermoine, and Ron but just march past them. You ignore all your friends, you don’t want to talk about it. It hurts so bad, it’s going to scar, and you feel terrible.

You come to an abrupt stop, bumping into someone much taller than you. You go tumbling to the floor. You sniffle and wipe at your eyes. “Can’t you see where your going?…” you ask irritated. 

“Are you alright?” a familiar voice asks, you look up to see George Weasley, one of your best friends. “George…” you breath. He looks down at you confused, “I’m fine..” you mumble, George reaches down and grabs your arm to help you up. “OW!” you scream. George immediately lets go of your arm, “What’s wrong?” he asks startled.

You stand up, and fix your robe, “nothing…” you lie. A serious expression crosses George’s face. “Y/N… what’s wrong?” “I don’t want to talk about it..” you say, and start to walk off, but George chases after you. “Y/N, why are you pushing me away I just want to help you!” he jogs after you, he quickly catches up with his long legs. 

“Would you calm down?” he says stepping in front of you. You take deep breaths, “I’m freaking out George, I can’t handle anything anymore…” you mutter, “I just need to be alone!” 

“What happened? please tell me Y/N” he asks. “Come on lets go somewhere private and we can talk okay…” you nod your head and he takes your hand and leads you through the castle, and up a bunch of stairs to a little room. 

He sits down against the wall and you sit down next to him. “Now what happened?” he asks worry all over his face. “I just feel so terrible George, that stupid bitch Umbridge has it out for me, and I can’t take it anymore it hurts so bad…” you cry.

“What hurts?” he asks furrowing his eyebrows, you move your hand to the bottom of your sleeve and slowly lift it up. The word “Filthy” is scratched in big letters, and other words and phrases are slowly healing around it. “Merlin’s beard” Georges eyes grow big when he see’s the cuts.

“They’re going to be scared on my arm forever…” you whisper and hot tears fall from your eyes. “shhhh…” George wraps his arms around you, and pulls you to his chest. “Don’t cry Y/N… those words mean nothing.. don’t give them any meaning.”

“Maybe I am just a filthy mud-blood…” you sadly say. “Don’t ever say that Y/N, the amount of magic in you, and your blood line means nothing.. it means nothing to me, or any of your friends.” “We all love you for who you are, you’re smart, kind, and beautiful..” he says, and tucks a piece of hair behind your ear.

“Now let me see your arm…” he gently holds your arm, and pulls out his wand with the other hand, he says something you couldn’t fathom, and instantly the pain subsides, and you don’t feel any of aches or soreness. 

“Y/N, you are beautiful, smart, cunning, and brave…. I’m sorry she made you write those horrible things… but those scars will make you stronger.. don’t let her get to you, that’s what she wants to do..”

“Thanks George,” you smile at him and he smiles back down at you, he kisses your cheek and you blush. “I promise I’ll get my revenge on her Y/N.”