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Doctor Who Panel - Ottawa Comic Con 2017

I haven’t made a post here for a long time but this is the most fandom thing I’ve done in a while and wanted to share. I attended the DW Panel and we had Peter Capaldi, Alex Kingston and Jenna Coleman in Ottawa which was great because we never get anyone and certainly not a current Doctor. They were all wonderful and I really enjoyed the event. Here are some of the highlights (I say highlights but this is basically the whole thing) 

Q: Peter Capaldi (PC) what do you look for in a partner?
PC: longevity 

Q: Fave monsters?
PC: Likes the Daleks but his long time fave are the Zarbi from the episode “The Web Planet”
Alex Kingston (AK): When she was young, she liked the Cybermen but now its the Silence (she never actually said the name, she acted like she couldn’t remember it and Jenna ended up being the one to say it)
Jenna Coleman (JC): She also likes the Silence. She finds the scariest monsters are the ones which never have to run but move slowly

Q: Fave Dalek scene?
JC: When she was a Dalek (“Asylum of the Daleks”)
CP: When they were shrunk and put into a Dalek (someone from the crowd shouted rusty, “Into the Dalek”)
AK: When she killed a Dalek (”The Big Bang”)

Q: Fave emotional scene without giving away any spoilers?
JC: The diner scene. It was shot over two days as they shot some of it in the diner and the rest in the studio. She didn’t think the parts shot in the studio were meant to be emotional, when she enters her Tardis. But Peter was there when he didn’t have to, in his own clothes, and seeing him there made her emotional
AK: Saying good bye to David, getting the ‘piss off’ (her words) from Matt, and for Peter it was hard for both of them to hold back their emotions but still be able to show it to the audience, of knowing what was in store for each other without the other knowing.   

Q: Jenna asked what it felt like dying
JC: She read in the script a raven was meant to fly at her, but she didn’t know what to expect on set and whether they would actually get a raven which would be made to fly at her. So when that didn’t actually happen she was so relieved she kept forgetting to actually die. 

Q: Choose a show or movie for Doctor Who to do a crossover
PC: Game of thrones, because the Doctor can definitely take down the white walkers
AK: Lord of the Rings, and the Doctor to face the Orcs
JC: The Thick of it (so Pc vs PC lol)

Q: If they could choose a name for the Doctor what would it be
JC: Bob 
PC: Doesn’t believe the Doctor’s name can be understood by humans, so it isn’t a word
AK: When she was shooting the scene where River Song whispers the Doctor’s name, the first take she whispered the name Shaniqua (lol) and caused an NG. She kept changing the name every time they shot the scene but wouldn’t say the other names 

Q: Fave line?
PC: I’m the Doctor
AK: Hello sweetie 
JC: Chin boy, show me the stars and Run you clever boy
(They got into a discussion led by PC, that Steven Moffat likes to notice peoples different quirks and bring it into the script. So it’s not a trait of the Doctor but the actor e.g. like how he runs funny. 

Q: PC why does Doctor who appeal to young people today especially with an episode like “Thin Ice”?
PC: (I loved how he answered this question and I’m not going to do it justice but here goes) There are a lot of things going on in the world right now which are bad, terrible and crazy. And it’s up to writers to put across a message about the times we live in. The Doctor sees things from a different perspective from all of time and space, to see what’s truly good and what’s truly bad. It’s in the Doctor’s character and we all have to keep saying it

Q: Do they have any input into how their character is written?
JC: The script is fluid during filming and Moffat can put a joke she said before hand into the script
AK: Likes how Moffat writes characters to be unique, so they have their own speech pattern. You can see a line without naming a character, but you can still picture exactly who would say it
PC: Even though he doesn’t change the lines they can interpret and deliver the lines differently from how they are written in the script

Q: Fave episode?
JC: Vincent and the Doctor, likes she get to meet such influential people from the past
AK: Also really loved Vincent and the Doctor, and that the Doctor was able to take him into the future and show him how people admired his genius and talent (honestly one of my fave scenes also)
PC:  Frontier in Space (To him only six people cheered after he said this so jokingly wondered if we are all really Doctor Who fans in the audience) 

Just some things I took note of

  • JC knew for a year she was leaving the show. They had already decided that Clara could not return to Earth, so she was happy with the ending
  • AK told us David Tennant loves playing cards. And him and Catherine Tate played a game between takes which she joined, to name a band from the last letter of the previous band named. They all got so into it they were more into the game than the actual scenes
  • Alex was asked if she would do a show with John Barrowman as River Song and Captain Jack Harkness. She walked over to Peter and covered his ears by placing his head against her stomach and covering the other with her hand, and whispered yes into the microphone.  
  • They are all for the next Doctor being a girl, PC added a woman as well. If they could choose an actress to be the Doctor AK choose Frances de la Tour, PC choose Melissa McCarthy, and JC declined to answer sort of hinting she could be in the running (the host added because the Doctor can choose a face he has known i.e. like PC)
  • AK says she can’t have a fave Doctor because it’s the same person but he is like a snake which sheds its skin (loved the metaphor), but River Song enjoys that the different Doctors come in different shapes and sizes ;)
  • PC told us his punk rock band was called Dream Boys (was very embarrassed by this admission) and his stage outfit was a white shirt and a bow tie. So he has always loved bow ties
  • The fave character AK has played is Lady Macbeth. She never grew up believing she would be on tv as Britain doesn’t have Hollywood like America. So hoped to make it in theater 
  • PC was asked what it was like being a side character on DW before becoming the Doctor. He gave a funny excerpt of how he sneaked into the Tardis and played with the console because he thought it would be his one and only chance in the cheapest toga ever made (thankfully it wasn’t)

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243. “Oh, my God! You’re in love with her!” - Josh Dun and if it's at all possible to make the reader a photographer 🙈 and like Tyler is included too. Feel free to ignore this lol

I had known Josh before he was introduced to Tyler, I knew him before he was even in a band. We grew up together but we sort of grew apart once he accepted to be the drummer of Twenty One Pilots. 

It’s not like we needed to talk everyday but when we got together it was like no time had passed, since him joining though there hasn’t been any time for us to even get together.
I understood though, I wasn’t upset but I just missed him and his quirky self.

I’ve gone to a few of his shows in his old band and he always goes full force, you can feel the passion radiate off him.
You could tell this is what he was meant to do.
After those shows he would usually invite me to go hang out with the band and a few others, nothing crazy, just a laid back get together in someone’s backyard.
Nowadays, I get the occasional text from Josh of a funny picture or just a “How are you?” The conversation usually ends within a few short texts and I’ve begin to understand that he is just moving on and while I’m not saying I’m stuck, I’m just not going anywhere far.
It had been a few weeks since our last little conversation, I knew he was going on be leaving for tour in the next week so I sent him a quick text.

“Josh! I can’t believe this is all happening for you! I’m so proud of you! Stay safe, have fun, & don’t do drugs! Kidding, I’ll miss you, send me some cool pictures of places I’ll never go! Lol”

I really didn’t expect a text back, I can only imagine how busy they are getting ready for their first huge tour.
I pack up my camera and three different lenses and hop in my car to meet my first client downtown. Once I get there I scope out the downtown area for different spots to shoot the newlywed couple that would be showing up any minute.
I switch out my lenses and pull my phone out of my back pocket to check the time, surprised by the multiple texts received by Josh I quickly unlock my phone and wonder if everything is ok.

The first text - “Hey! It’s crazy and a little scary if I’m honest! Caffeine isn’t a drug is it? Because I am already having withdrawals from our hometown coffee. I’ll send you some sick pictures! I promise!”

The second text- “Actually I have some weird questions I want to ask you, wanna come over later? We are just having a small get together one final time before we leave.”

Followed by- “Ok, you have to come! It’s going to be sick! And Tyler wants to talk to you too, don’t ask. I’ll see you tonight squishy.”

Why he calls me squishy, I will never know or understand but it’s always been my nickname with him.
I quickly send him a thumbs up emoji, my clients are scurrying over to me as they are running late.
The photoshoot goes smoothly and runs late, which I never mind and people appreciate it.
I finish packing everything up and say goodbye, I pack my car back up and pull my phone back out to plug into the charger in my car and I have more texts from Josh.
This is probably the most he has talked to me in a while I laugh to myself and open the texts.

“It’s cool if you’re busy, I know you’re wanted lol. But maybe we can get lunch or something before we leave. If you want, just let me know when and where.”

“Tyler is insisting you come tonight! I mean I’m cool either way but I don’t think Tyler is.”

“Alright last text till I hear back sorry for bugging!”

I text him back before driving off, “I’m on my way! I had a shoot downtown lol, tell Tyler to give Jenna her panties back. Sheesh.”

I send it and drive over to Josh’s house.
It takes me about 25 minutes to get there, by the time I pull up there is barley any parking, I freshen up my makeup in the car and reapply my lipstick. I step out and lock my car doors behind me.
I get a nervous feeling, there are a lot more people here than our average ‘get togethers’ and more than likely I will only know a small handful of people.
I take a deep breath and open the door.

I’m instantly greeted by unfamiliar faces, I smile and try to squeeze between people and make my way to the backyard.

“Squishy!” Josh’s voice rings out from the kitchen.

I make my way over to him and he pulls me into a tight hug, he keeps his arm draped over my shoulder as he introduces me to the people around.
I hope he doesn’t expect me to remember any of these names though.
Tyler comes over to the other side of Josh and rests his head on his shoulder, one of the people step back and hold their phone up to snap a picture, Josh nudges me and I quickly cover my face with both my hands.
The group of people start throwing compliments to the picture as Josh had made that scrunchy face and Tyler is being Tyler and I simply have my face covered.

“Pretty sick.” Josh laughs as he looks at it.

The night goes on and Josh and Tyler are busy mingling, I found an open spot at a table in the backyard. I sat there and sipped on some water waiting to find a free moment to tell them both bye but it never came.
I was flipping through pictures on my phone when Tyler takes a seat next to me, I jump in my seat and he places his hand on my shoulder.

“Chill, it’s just me.” He laughs.

“Sorry, just a little tired. How are you though? I feel like I haven’t gotten to really talk to you guys.” I slip my phone into my back pocket.

“Honestly, scared. Like what if no one shows up? Or if people hate us live?” He puts his head down on the table.

I pat my hand on his back, “Tyler, you know people love you guys and aren’t all the shows sold out? I promise you guys will do just fine. After the first show of the tour al these feeling subside.”

“Thanks.” He says with his head still down, “I actually wanted to talk to you about something.” He sits up and looks at me.

“What?” I look away, “You are making me nervous, what is it?” I push his shoulder back.

“Ok, really. I’m just going to blurt it out.” He takes a deep breath in, “Will you come with us?”

“What!” I laugh out loud, “For what? Why? Are you serious?” I laugh even more.

“As out photographer! We need one, the one we had ditched us yesterday. You know us, our personalities and you are really good.” His look is serious now.

“Tyler, I can’t just leave for a year what about my clients I have scheduled already!” I’m not sure if I am trying to reason with him or myself.

“We have three people willing to pick them up and they can’t charge a penny more than you.” He places his hand on my shoulder again, “Just, just try the first month and if you hate it then no hard feelings. We will even find a back up for after a month if you call it quits. Come on? Please?”

I roll my eyes at his pleads, “Fine. I’ll give it one month.”

He pulls me in for a hug and then stands on the table, he screams out Josh’s name and he appears from the crowd, “She said yes Josh! She’s down for the first month!”

Josh screams out and runs over to me, I cover my face out of embarrassment and he wraps me in a huge hug, “Squishy is going on tour!”

That night I went home and started packing, they were leaving in three days so i didn’t have much time to get things in order.
I packed almost all of my clothes, blankets, pillows and every kind of toiletries.
The days passed quickly, I made sure every client was taken care of for the next month and I had to join in on the last few meetings to go over rules and boundaries.
They had provided me with another set of camera lenses specific for concerts and shows, which I was grateful for because I mainly did weddings.

The first day of tour arrived, I got introduced to the team probably three times in one day. We all hopped on the bus and the crew put our bags away.
All three of us sat there in silence as the bus started rolling.

“You guys are going to do great, you know that right.” I run my hand up and down Josh’s back in a comforting manner, “We should be celebrating you two!” I stand up and open the fridge and pull out three Red Bulls.

The first week of tour has passed, it’s hectic.
The energy Josh and Tyler throw out is really the only thing that gets me through the shows and then whatever is planned after the shows.
I have to run behind them on the stage for almost the entire concert, laying on the ground, getting too close to the grabby fans at times.
The mornings are usually really early, they have interviews to get to or just a new location to check into. Then the setup process and anything in the meantime.
I am there to capture every moment of this tour and I actually am loving it.
One of the crew members has been incredibly helpful, he always helps carry my film bag around and always has a water for me, sometimes a few waters if its an outside venue.

It was Sunday night, the last show of the first week.
It was an outside venue with a huge tent type covering. I was leaning against the side railing messing around with my lenses for the lighting.
Josh and Tyler were over by the piano and I snapped a few photos of them to test it out.
Kris, my new tour friend came up behind me and offered me a water.
He stayed there and helped me with some things in my bag and carried them behind the thick curtain.
We stayed back there and I was working a few different angles from the slit in the curtain and Kris was helping me find new angles that maybe involved less running.

“I don’t know about that Kris guy. He seemed cool but now he might be shady.” Josh’s tone was annoyed.

“What are you talking about? He is a huge help! Especially to out new born baby deer photographer.” Tyler laughs, “I feel bad sometimes that she has to run miles across the stage.”

Kris and I look at each other in shock at what Josh had just said, I shake my head towards Kris as he was going to get up and leave, he stays and sits with me as we listen.

“She doesn’t need help. I mean, we could help her if she needed it.” I can hear Josh pacing the floor slowly.

“Dude, when do we have time to help her? It’s not like he is clicking the button on the camera, he is just carrying her bags and making sure she doesn’t die of dehydration.” Tyler chuckles again.

“I don’t know, man. I don’t like him hanging on her like that.” Josh groans.

“Wait.” Tyler grabs Josh’s shoulder, “Oh, my God! You’re in love with her!”

Josh doesn’t say a thing, Kris and I have been sitting in silence but all of a sudden it became awkward.
We both stand up quietly and I nod to him to go ahead while I stay and listen.

“Since when dude? I had my thoughts about it but you hid it so well!” Tyler sits back down on his piano bench.

“I don’t know, for a little bit. I figured with tour I could come back and go back to being best friends but then you mentioned her coming with and I have to admit, I was stoked about it.” He lets out a sigh, “I haven’t even hung out with her in so long.”

“Well, if I had no idea I know she has no idea.” Tyler shrugs.

I go to get up and I stand quietly, I take a few small steps and sneeze. My heart drops.

“What the hell!” Tyler laughs as he pulls the curtain back, “Well she knows now.”

I cover my face as I come from behind the curtains.

“What were you doing back there?” Josh questions with his cheeks red.

“I was trying to get new angles from behind the curtain, it would mean less running but you guys started talking and I started listening. Im, I’m really sorry.”

“For once, I’m going to stay out of this.” Tyler walks off the stage with a light laugh.

“Josh, why didn’t you ever say anything? I never even thought..” He cuts me off.

“You never thought of me like that, I know. I understand why. You are worth so much more and for someone so much better.” He takes a seat on Tyler’s piano bench.

I stand in front of him and put my hands on either side of his face, “I was going to say, I never thought you thought of me like that because I always have loved you but i really am in love with you.” I close my eyes and let out a sigh of relief.

He looks up at me, his yellow hair matted and curly, his eyes deep brown. He doesn’t say a word, he pulls my waist close to him as he stands up and he presses his lips to mine.
My hands fall around his neck and our kiss grows passionate.

“Atta boy!” Tyler laughs out from behind the curtain.

I quickly burry my face in Josh’s chest with my hands covering the sides of my face.
Josh laughs and wraps his arms around me, he kisses the top my head, “Tyler will now be jealous the rest of tour and will refuse to leave us alone.”


Request: Hi it’s me again I just had the cutest idea ever!! Could you to a middle school au where the reader has a crush on TJeffs and the reader puts a note in his locker and loses his cool over it?? I think this is cute af and I think you could do it really well thx luv you!!

Warnings:  no n e

Tags: @abi-sans05

Time Period: modern?????? Yeah

Notes: h ah - enjoy this piece of garbage m’dudes. I tried my best. and honestly i just wrote this like how my school schedule was in middle school


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so, i ranted about spideychelle in the tags of one of @spideychelleforever‘s posts and @aqhrodites called me out by posting my tags here and i’m a sucker and will write anything probably. this is inspired by tom’s instas here, here, and here and a conversation with @spideychelleforever. also tagging @spideychelle-romanogers bc she loves me. part two now here.

pretending to drown is immature and wrong (ao3 link)

It’s the summer after sophomore year and Michelle has a problem. And this problem presents itself quite often because Michelle’s designated (and paid, which she’s quite happy about) job for the summer is to babysit her little sister Leia. And Leia loves going to the pool. Which, okay, Michelle’s all for her sister going to the pool and playing Marco Polo and doing dives with her friends. It’s just that Peter Parker happens to work at the pool as the lifeguard. And he’s there nearly every day she goes with Leia. And he’s also almost always shirtless. Hence, Michelle’s problem.

Look, it’s not as if Michelle didn’t know Peter Parker was attractive before the summer. She spent most of sophomore year staring at him from a distance. She watched as he fawned over Liz and as he started to flake more and more and saw the sudden change after Liz left when he started showing up as a teammate and classmate. (What? They did projects together. She had a vested interest in his dedication to school.)

If you watch a boy all year, eventually you’re going to notice when he has some attractive features. Like when he showers and heads straight to school so his curls are all damp and twisting all over his head. Or when he runs around the gym during PE class and his shorts are tight on his ass. Or when Ned makes a joke at lunch or during practice and Peter’s whole face lights up and his features scrunch together as the pure joy takes over all his features.

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70 with josh 💕 thx

(Sry this is bad lol)
70. “What are you afraid of?”

You nervously run your hands over your dress for the millionth time, as you look at yourself in the full length mirror in Jenna’s and Tyler’s hotel room. You hardly recognized yourself. The floor length gown accented curves you didn’t even know you had, and the makeup made your eyes pop. You felt beautiful, but that doesn’t stop the anxiety that was building up in your stomach and escaping from your shaking hands.

“Can I see now?” Jenna calls from the bathroom. You had sent her in there while you put on your dress. You needed to be the first one to see yourself.

“Uh, sure!” You reply, and she opens the door, revealing her dress. It was bright yellow, like the colour of Josh’s hair, and you instantly felt self conscious. She was gorgeous.

“Y/N!” She gasps, cover her mouth in awe. You stay still as she walks around you, taking in the entirety of the dress. You had to admit, it was a beautiful dress. A deep navy colour, with thick shoulder straps, and completely backless. But it was something that you would never be caught dead in on any other occasion.

“Josh isn’t going to know what hit him,” She tells you once she’s done her inspection. “You’re beautiful.”

“Thanks Jenna, but have you seen yourself? I don’t even compete. Your dress is…” You couldn’t even find the words. She was going to outshine everyone.

“Oh hush,” She links her arm in yours, and you both take one last look at yourselves in the mirror. “We both look amazing. And both our boys are going to be in shock,” She states. “Now, speaking of them. I have a feeling they’ll be here any minute.”

You’re heart is racing, and your nerves are getting the best of you. It was the Grammys. Josh had asked you to be his date months ago, and of course you said yes. But you had never gone to an event like this before, and you were terrified. You were a jeans and t-shirt type of girl, and it wasn’t like you had never worn a dress before or gotten dressed up, but it was more the magnitude of the event that was causing your anxiety. Josh was used to the attention that followed him around, but you were still getting used to it.

There’s a knock on the door followed by Tyler’s voice. Jenna gives you an excited smile and turns to open the door. You’re frozen in spot as Tyler showers Jenna with compliments and kisses. Then Josh enters, and for some reason you’re worried he won’t like your dress or your hair, and you start tearing yourself apart in your head. He gives Jenna a smile and a few compliments before looking to you.

You immediately think something is wrong, because he’s not smiling anymore and he’s frozen in place. Your anxiety shoots from your stomach into your chest and you’re ready to cry. “You don’t like it.” You’re not asking.

“Are you kidding?” He half laughs, bringing a hand up to his mouth. “Y/N…” he takes slow steps towards you, his eyes trailing up and down your body. “Baby, you are breath taking,” He almost whispers. He closes the distance between you both, pulling you tight to his arms and showering your face with kisses. “I have the most beautiful date,” He tells you in a low voice. And now you want to cry because Josh was the most amazing human and always knew how to make you feel better.

“Alright, let’s get this show on the road!” Tyler says, rubbing his hands together before reaching for Jenna’s. Josh gives you one more kiss, then leads you out to the elevator.

Panic sets in once the elevator is moving. Josh had helped you forget your fear but now it was back. And when the elevator door opens and you can already see the cameras flashing, you’re frozen in fear. Everyone is looking at you, confused expressions on their face, but you can’t even tell them why. After a few seconds, Josh signals them to go ahead and when the elevator doors close he presses the emergency stop button.

“What’s going on?” He’s searching your face, trying to find the source of your anxiety.

You’re trying so hard not to cry, only because your makeup was done so beautifully. You can’t help but let a few tears fall as your boyfriend soothes you. “I’m scared,” You whisper, looking up to meet his warm brown eyes.

“What are you afraid of?” It’s a genuine questions. He’s running his hands up and down your arms lightly, leaving goosebumps wherever he touches.

You shrug. “Messing up,” You answer. “This is so overwhelming, and I just feel like- like I’m not prepared. That people are going to question why you brought me.”

“Let them question, who care what they think? I brought you because you’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen, and I wanted to share this moment with you.” He cups your face in his hands. “You don’t have to be afraid of anything, my love. I won’t leave your side.” He softly places a kiss on your lips, being mindful of your lipstick and makeup.

“Josh,” you almost sob as a few more tears escape your eyes. He only smiles and wipes them away with his thumbs before taking your hand in his and disabling the emergency stop.

Josh doesn’t let you go the entire night, whether it was holding your hand or having an arm wrapped around your waist. And you decided - as they walked on stage in their underwear to accept their first grammy - that you would endure this over and over if it meant you got to watch Josh’s dreams come true, for the rest of your life.

Hidden Truths

Summary: Jaebum won’t leave until you hear the truth; painful or not.

Word Count: 1,497

Originally posted by imjaeboms

You watched the dew drop fall from the leaves on the tree outside of your office window. There was a slight fog that covered the streets as the sun started to rise and cars began to fill the streets. You always loved getting to work early and watching the crowds of people form. After hours of people gazing you breathed in the scent of perfume from no doubt, your secretary who always wore Japanese Cherry Blossom everyday of her life. But somehow the smell was a comforting reminder of the office. 

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Scared Part 2

Requested by: anonymous 

Summary: you find out that you are pregnant and Josh gets scared 


Your Pov: 

Last night I did not sleep well. I kept waking up due to nightmares. The first one that I had was about Josh. They all were about him. It wasn’t until the third nightmare that I woke up screaming. The first two I would just wake up startled and confused, but the third one was so vived and terrifying that I woke up screaming my lungs out. 

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Michael attempts suicide in the bathroom and jeremy finds him? I apologize. I'm a total slut for suffering.

Hi!! Thank you so much for the recommendation!! This fic is super long compared to my other one-shots I got rly into it lol. I hope you enjoy!!

I did some LIGHT research but not a ton so a large amount of this is NOT TRUE!! If you overdose on adderall, it is not possible to not get the side effect the nurse mentions. None of this is stated as scientific fact, it is all a writer twisting fact to fit their narrative - please keep this in mind!!


(Word Count : 1,933)

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Request: Hiiii! Prompt: eliza x reader. The Schuyler sisters and the reader being childhood bestfriends and you show the progress of the friendship/love that grew between the reader and eliza. it’s like a reel of the significant moments of their love throughout the years (butterflies, bushing, fluffiness, jealousy and all that). Okay the prompt was detailed enough, I’ll leave the rest of the creative freedom to you. Thank you and have a nice day/night!

Warnings: idk

Tags: none

Time Period: modern

Notes: you can tell where I gave up

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Twelfth Doctor Rewatch: Mummy on the Orient Express

Originally posted by weareheadoverfeels

Where the Doctor and Clara are saying they’re not friends anymore and yet act super cute, the Doctor does a lot of flailing movements, and Clara turns into a blanket burrito.

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TVD 1X09 Review

Hi all! Welcome to the ninth review of TVD season 1. Considering that I haven’t like sat down to watch a full episode of the past seasons of TVD in a few years and my memory might not be the greatest I think I will start with my usual disclaimer: I will write my thoughts in real time so if I make a mistake at the beginning of this post, it will be corrected by the end. There will be anti-Damon and anti-Delena sentiments (I’m only mentioning these two because it’s the beginning of the series), and I feel the need to say that there may be some anti-Jenna sentiments too. I will probably bring up other shows and call attention to misogynoir, racism, anti-blackness etc. Ready? Let’s go. 

Omg a class other than history! I’m going to say science? They’re measuring the sun’s shadow or something. Clearly, I didn’t pay attention to anything that wasn’t humanities-based in high school.

Bianca Lawson is a vampire, you guys, in real life. That woman never fucking ages.

I also think it’s hilarious that this class other than history is in Bonnie’s dream.

“All right, well I tried. I’m officially out of it.” Elena, you asked Caroline why she was so mad at Bonnie and then just gave up. Like???

Alaric’s first appearance.

He actually looks pretty young.


The fact that Damon thought he could make a peace offering for killing Lexi with a cup of blood is absolutely ridiculous.


I would’ve actually liked the show to explore Stefan’s lack of reaction to Damon killing Lexi and add it to the vampire lore because it would’ve layered the show more. There’s this little speech Pam makes in True Blood saying how humans love pain, romanticize it, how humans chain themselves to it but when vampires say they’ll be hurt forever they have to mean it and that’s too much so they HAVE to move on in order to survive, which btw is how they lose their humanity because they stop ACTING human, it’s a lot more complicated and logical than a switch imo.

Oh! Once I asked if we ever see the characters have a lunch break during school. While we don’t see Bonnie and Elena physically eat, I see that paper bag and water so cool.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a literal paper bag lunch. Oh wait, no, I lied, I did in the fifth grade in school, they were called “hot lunches” and some days you got chicken wings and fries and they were the booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooomb.

One paper is going to make up for Jeremy’s half-fail, Alaric?

Matt and Caroline’s relationship is actually pretty high school, Caroline freaking out over the ‘heys’ and Matt saying ‘hey’ trying to act like nothing happened is prrrrrrettty sixteen.

“I’m going to back off and keep my distance” he says in person after waiting for Elena to get out of class instead of just calling her. SE, you dorks.

I find the way Damon threatens Bonnie in this scene (regarding the necklace) interesting because it’s aggressively sexual, he presses her against the car and strokes her face with his hand as he scares her, Damon legit uses sexuality as a weapon. It’s pretty much in everything he does.

“She was Katherine’s handmaiden.” Yeah, way to sugarcoat TVD.

Stefan’s imitation of Damon is still hilarious because it’s sooooooooooo true. All eyebrows, man.

Bonnie, I’m sorry, Caroline is a bit much but you can’t expect her to believe you’re a witch just because you say you are, you actually proved to Elena that you were a witch with the feathers, you didn’t provide Caroline with the same proof, her sceptism makes sense.

Also does Elena ever have an opinion? She only ever seems to like say anything real when she’s around Stefan.

Lol, Jenna really annoys me.

Every time I see a séance scene I think of Now and Then. Are my followers too young to know what Now and Then is? I mean I was a kid but still.

You know, I get it, the necklace is a big deal but I’m just thinking about all this fuss over a necklace that gets destroyed in the episode anyway and it’s such a small thing? Like season 1 True Blood, there was a serial killer in Bon Temps killing all the women Sookie’s brother Jason was sleeping with and the serial killer was after Sookie and there were vampires and there was religious fervour. In Buffy, the Vampire King was going to rise and slaughter everyone plus there were vampires who actually were killing everyone and episodes where students were actually possessed by hyena spirits and literally ate the principal. Like so much big shit. And this is about a necklace. Still better that it’s about a plot point unlike the later seasons.

The first time I watched TVD I thought when Damon and Stefan play football and laugh and then Damon sits up and looks at him and says, “What do you want, Stefan?” with that resigned tone was a touching moment because Damon couldn’t let himself believe the fun they were having because he knew they were only having fun so Stefan could get something out of him. But now I’m like, you MURDERED his best friend like a DAY AGO, you ASS.

I still love how Stefan was like, “I was the last one to see her, Damon” and that nod like yeah we were fucking. And then Damon being Damon is all like but like, I mean, why didn’t she tell you about the crystal if you saw her last so then Stefan has to spell it out and he essentially just repeats WE WERE FUCKING.

“I could rip your heart out and not think twice about it.” “Yeah. I heard that before.” I actually always wanted to see the scene where that was uttered.

See if Damon had actually sold his soul to Emily to keep Katherine alive and Katherine was like lol sorry then I would get his pain more but all Emily asked was for Damon to look out for her descendants which he BARELY does.

Also shadows love Paul’s face.

Seriously, “they killed 27 people and they called it a war battle, they deserve whatever they get” THIS is the Damon storyline we should’ve followed. Like if Damon had been a pillar of his community when he was human and had a deep love for MF and they turned against him and he carried that with him and wanted to return home because it’s his home and then wanted to purge the founding families and enact vengeance I’d be with it. But no, we get a little piece of dialogue about vengeance and then it’s all about Katherine then Elena.

Aw, Stefan touching Bonnie’s face after healing her 😄

I actually really like Mattoline. “It’s just … I don’t like you but we cuddled and it was nice.”

“Katherine never compelled me, I knew everything every step of the way. It’s real for me.” Damon, I don’t care.

I’m sorry but Nina becomes a considerably better actress working across Paul. All episode she was hella mediocre and she got so much better in these few moments.
Those shining eyes.

Logan looks like such a sleaze in that picture with Jenna.

When Stefan throws the diary on his bed and cries, man, Paul is so expressive. Also I find this scene telling much like the scene in 1x06 when Elena tries and fails to write in her diary because both times major things have happened to both of them and they can’t write in their journal anymore, not after experiencing the completeness of having each other to talk to, a journal just doesn’t cut it.

It still pisses me off that Bonnie legit had her throat torn and she’s comforting Elena.

I do think that the show ending with Logan being like, “Aren’t you going to invite me in?” was a good choice.

Until next time!

Tour// Youtuber!You/5H

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Lol I couldn’t help but put that last one it is hilarious. 

“Well hello internet, welcome back to Sunday Fun Day,” you wave at the camera, sitting on your bed, “I know you’re all probably wondering why I’m on my bed and not in my office and the answer is…well I was just too lazy to leave my room!”

You shrug, grinning at the camera, “I’m filming this on a Saturday because by the time you see this, it will be Sunday but I’ll be too busy filming for my main channel to actually vlog. Things are about to get really crazy on that channel and I need to prepare everything in advance!”

You reach over and grab the black beanie sitting to your left with a grin, and put it on, “by the way, how cute is this fucking beanie? Lolo gave it to me yesterday before the girls left for tour,” you pout at the camera, “I miss them already!”

With a sigh you get back to the point of the video, “so, as you guys already know, my beautiful, talented, sexy, amazing…what was I talking about again,” you trail off, thinking about the girls.

“Oh, right! My girlfriends are starting girlfriend on Monday, and I’m gonna miss them so fucking much,” you sigh, before grinning again, “or, I would be missing them if I wasn’t going on tour with them! Soo…this is basically the big surprise I’ve been dying to tell you guys! My manager had to work a lot of stuff out, and then there was the whole travel situation and blah, blah, blah more adult stuff. But, everything was finalized last night, and I’ll be catching a flight Sunday morning to meet them.”

You bounce a little on the bed, your smile wide from happiness, “Just two more days and I get to cuddle with the hottest girls ever. It’s ok, you’re allowed to be jealous.”

You grab the camera and start walking from your bedroom, “in the meantime, I’m gonna be hanging with a few Youtuber friends that are in town so you should enjoy that at least. I know you’re all excited about seeing the girls and everything, so be sure to subscribe to my main channel and this channel for updates daily! Love you guys!”

You turn off the camera, and get put it in your office. After making sure you have everything set up for when people come over, you head upstairs to take a shower and get dressed. Since there was a chance you might be going out you decided on something casual but still pretty hot. You don’t usually dress to impress, but when you do, you go all out!

In the end you decided on a white crop top that showed off the abs you spent countless hours in the gym to get, low ride black skinny jeans that showed off the V-line that had people drooling over you with a black and red flannel tied around your waist and some black combat boots. For your hair, you decided to leave it long and wavy, not wanting to spend an hour straightening it. To finish off the whole look, you decided to wear a red snapback Dinah gave you for your birthday. Glancing at yourself in your full sized mirror you gave yourself a nod of approval.

It was still odd to think that before you met the girls you were so insecure about your looks. Everything changed whwn they came along, and now you know you look good, but you’re not cocky about it! You took a few selfies and picked the best one to post on Twitter.

@(Y/T/H): Baby I’m worth it
*insert selfie here*

Immediately people started retweeting and favoriting the picture, and you laughed when you saw that the girls had tweeted you about the picture.


@NormaniKordei: That is so not fair @(Y/T/H)! Where was that outfit yesterday when you were with me?

@camilacabello97: Holy bananas! I call dibs on first kiss when @(Y/T/H) gets here!

@(Y/T/H): There’s plenty of me to go around babe.

You closed the twitter app, laughing to yourself as you heard the front door. Scooting along the wooden floors on you socks, you oppened the door to see your favorite person ever Jenna Marbles.

“Jensters! Catch me,” you yell, jumping into her arms with your legs wrapped around her waist.

Behind you, her boyfriend Juilen is filming you both with his phone, “see? Every time these two get together I know they’re having a love affair. They don’t even try to hide it!”

“You’re just jealous because I gave your girlfriend lady wood,” you grin at Juilen and stick your tongue out at his camera.

“It’s so true,” Jenna turns to face the camera, meaning that they can only see your back and ass as she holds you up, “I have the biggest boner right now. I mean look at dat ass!”

“It is a nice ass,” Juilen agrees with a shrug, as you finally get down.

“Ok, I’m done. Jenna’s dick was getting annoying while it poked me,” you winked at the camera, before grabbing your own.

“Ok guys so Jenna and Juilen are here, and as you can see, they are both already being idiots,” you turn the camera to show Jenna sitting on the couch with Juilen on his knees begging her for something.

“Please don’t do this Jenna! I know (Y/N) is the hottest person alive, but don’t leave me for her,” He begs, holding her foot.

“I’m sorry Juilen, but no one gets my dick harder than (Y/N),” Jenna says dramatically, “It’s not you, It’s my dick.”

“You said dick like a million times since you’ve been here,” you turn the camera back to yourself, “which by the way is about 3 minutes.”

“You know you like this girl,” Jenna said with a fake thug accent, puckering her lips.

“Um….so anyway,” you change the subject.


“I’m surrounded by fools,” I sigh, shaking my head.

You stopped filming for a while and soon after Lily Singh and Tyler Oakley showed up. You guys were all cuddled up on the couch, when Jenna decided it was a good idea to eat grapes out of your belly button after realizing it was the perfect size to hold a grape. Juilen took your camera and started filming you guys.

“So this is what happens when Youtubers get together,” he points the camera at you, “Jenna is eating grapes out of (Y/N) belly button and Lily and Tyler are feeding her grapes like she’s some Greek Goddes.”

“Don’t be jealous, Juilen, cuz I gets all the bitches!”

“You better not let your girlfriends hear you say that,” Tyler laughs, taking your grape and eating it.

“Pfft they know I’m joking,” you roll your eyes, going back to the movie.

A bit later, while everything had calmed down, you were all editing on your laptops and realized that you had enough footage left over to post this Vlog today and one for tomorrow and Monday. With a shrug, you finish editing and decide to post it tomorrow just in case you need the extra footage and went to sleep.


The next morning you woke to Jenna sitting on you, “wake the fuck up and look at this!”

“Fuck you,” you mumbled, rolling over.

“I’m serious, look at this puppy it’s so cute oh my god,” she shoved the phone in your face.

“Jenna, please get your phone out of my face it smells like vegan bacon and it’s making me sick,” you grumble, turning away.

“Don’t hate on the vegan bacon,” she sassed, before shaking you again, “come on, we already put your bags in the car. Don’t you wanna see your baes?”

“Yes,” you pout, opening your eyes to look at her, “carry me?”

“Uh, no! Hurry up,” she shoves you, getting up from the bed.


“Ok so I’m getting ready to head to the airport, and Jenna and Lily are gonna take me and then I’m letting them use my car and place while I’m gone,” you yawn, getting into the passenger seat.

“Hey guys,” Lily smiled from the back seat.

“I just texted the girls, and let them know I’m on the way,” you grin, “we’re gonna do a prank on Camila and tell her that my flight was delayed by 12 hours. I just texted her and she sent me crying banana emoji that I had no idea existed.”

“Girl, she gonna kill you,” Lily laughed, “film it!”

“Oh sure, I’ll totally film my girlfriend murdering me. Totally.”

“I’d watch it,” Jenna smirked.

“You would,” you glare at her, “anyway I’ll see you guys later, love you!”



You felt Dinah jump into your arms, and you immediately held onto her before she fell, “hi, baby.”

“I missed you,” she grinned, pulling you in for a kiss.

“You saw her yesterday,” Lauren rolled her eyes, “now move so I can have my kiss.”

“Be nice,” you grinned, letting Dinah down so that you could give Lauren a kiss.

She wrapped her arms around your neck and pulled you down for a deep kiss. You groaned at the feel of her lips and pulled her body closer to yours. Before you could deepen the kiss, you felt something cold and wet being tossed on you. You pulled away with a gasp to see Ally flinging water on you from a bottle labeled ‘Holy Water’.

“In the name of The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit,” she yelled, “forgive them for their sins for they know not what they do, Jesus!”

“Ally what the fuck,” you ask, completely shocked.

“Dawg she got legit holy water,” Dinah laughed, pointing at Ally as Normani held her up.


Ally bit her lip, batting her eyelashes at you as she gave you her best puppy dog eyes. You groan, looking away from her stare as you attempted to remain even a little angry. You failed, of course. It’s Ally.

“I can’t believe you did that! I just got my hair done,” Lauren glared at her, and Ally hid behind Dinah, who was still laughing.

“Calm down, Lo. We’ll get her back later,” you promise, walking over to Normani and Dinah.

“Hey pretty girl,” you lean in and give Normani a kiss, and drop a quick one on Ally’s lips.

“Shit, I forgot to-”

“Guys, where did you all go- Baby?”

Everyone turns to see Camila enter the room, her eyes red and puffy, with the stuffed banana you gave her cuddled in her arms. Her eyes were wide as she realized that you were here, before she dropped the banana and jumped into your arms. She was more lightweight than Dinah, but the force of her slamming into you nearly made you fall.

“I missed you, I missed you, I missed you,” she mumbled over and over, placing kisses all over your face.

“Hey, I’m here now. I’m not going anywhere,” you give her a proper kiss, “why were you crying?”

“Because you said you weren’t gonna be here until basically tomorrow! You lied to me, you puta!”

She playfully smacked your arm, glaring at you. Behind you, you see Normani filming everything with her phone, which makes you smile. She knows that you like to vlog everything and you still haven’t taken your camera from it’s bag yet.

“I’m sorry, it was a prank! It was Dinah’s idea,” you blame everything on Dinah, who glares at you.

“Bitch what,” she glares, crossing her arms.


She turns her glare on to Ally, who is still hiding behind her. Ally offers her a sheepish grin, kissing her cheek in apology.

“You betta run, (Y/N),” Normani cautions, as she sees Dinah glaring at you with Camila.

You take off running down the hall, laughing as you hear them following behind you.


“(Y/N) what the hell is this?”

“Lauren, watch your mouth-” Ally walks into the living area of the hotel, before looking at her laptop, “what the hell is this?!”

“What are you,” you glance at the laptop and see a picture of you and Jenna in a very…compromising position, “oooh. That…”

“Oh that? What the fuck is this,” Lauren glares at you.

“It’s not what it looks like?”

“It looks like I’m gonna have to give Jenna a Poly Beatdown for putting her lips on my girl’s body,” Dinah comes into the room with a glare and her cellphone.

“She was just eating grapes out of my belly button,” you defend yourself, “ok that sounds bad.”

“Is that what you want,” Camila questions, coming into the room with Normani, “is it because she likes grapes? I can’t help my love for bananas, and I love you almost as much as I love bananas!”

“Mila, what…you know what, ignore her,” Normani give Camila an odd look, “I’m more worried about that bitch putting her lips on my boo.”

You look around, realizing you’re surrounded, “fuck.”

Opening Act {S.M}

requested// imagine where you are Shawn’s opening act and you develop feelings for one another but you have a boyfriend and he gets jealous and so does Shawn

author’s note//hey pals heres a halloween imagine kinda lol i love halloween and aHHHhhhhHHH okay enjoy this as much as i enjoy shawn’s existence !!

masterlist || link to part two

“Dude, i’m so hype.” Your best friend, Jenna exclaimed, putting some pretzels in her mouth. You gave her a small chuckle as you shakily put your eyeliner on, trying very hard not to mess up the wing. Jenna was here for the special occasion, the Halloween show, so she could play the keyboard and sing backup vocals for a couple songs on your Halloween setlist. 

“Me too.” You flicked your wrist so your wing was perfect. You now looked like a black cat, with the drawn on whiskers and the tail and the ears and the tutu. You would have gotten into the Halloween spirit, and dressed up as something more fun (you really wanted to dress up as Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation) but you remembered that this was Shawn Mendes’s world tour, and you were preforming in front of thousands of teenage girls. Who would judge you. So the traditional black cat would have to do. Even if it was painfully boring of a costume. 

“That was the fakest ‘me too’ I have ever heard you say since Holland Gerrand said he had a crush on you in seventh grade.” Jenna popped a fun size milky way into her mouth. 

“I am excited, Jenna.” You mumbled, getting up from your seat. It was not ideal spending Halloween, your favorite holiday, preforming indie songs that these fourteen year old girls don’t even know, or care about for that matter. They just wanna see some boy they think is hot. 

“Y/n, why is it after like, the first month of this tour you literally hate it?” Jenna popped another pretzel in her mouth, wiping the crumbs off on the skirt of her Dorothy costume. Jenna looked a whole lot better than you, with her long blonde hair braided in pigtails, and the whole Dorothy thing working out extremely well. She hopped off your makeup table. 

“I don’t hate it…” You muttered. 

“But you do.” Jenna shot back. 

“I hate the fact that i’m preforming for teenage girls who don’t care at all about what I am doing, I hate the fact that i’m dressed up like a freaking black cat on my favorite holiday of the year, I hate the fact my boyfriend yelled at me over FaceTime cause I told him I was catching feelings for Shawn.” Jenna sighed. She knew very well that you were starting to catch feelings for Shawn. She knew everything, she was the first person you told. 

“Y/n, you need to get over that. Cause it can’t last past the tour a-” You cut it off. 

“And Damion.” You added in. Jenna just rolled her eyes at you. 

“Your relationship with Damion is basically a ticking time bomb, y/n.” She sighs, jumping up and scurrying (cause that’s really all she can do with those sparkly red heels on) over to the chair where her packed up keyboard was. She picked up the pack and started to walk off. 

“Where are you going, Jenna?” You sigh, not wanting her to leave you alone. 

“Your act starts in thirty minutes, i’m setting up my keyboard.” Jenna walked out of your dressing room before you could protest, being left in the boring beige room. You were tired of spending three hours a day in boring beige, black, white, or grey rooms. You were tired of preforming for teenage girls who don’t care a bit about what you’re singing. You could easily leave the tour, go around to outdoor concert festivals and preform, people who go to those kind of concerts are the ones you want to preform for. The only reason you were staying was Shawn. He brought a light into your life, and while he was there, your songs weren’t all that sad. 

Of course Shawn was a teeney bopper, and your boyfriend Damion (who you weren’t entirely sure that was his real name, because you met him at a really obscure outdoor concert event you played at) was a lot more like you. And you liked Damion. You weren’t quite sure if you loved him, but you liked him. You weren’t a fan of the idea of breaking up with him. But you also hated the idea of living the rest of your life without Shawn. He made everything so much easier, so much better. You never had to worry about saying something wrong around him… like ever. You could say the stupidest of things, and he wouldn’t judge you at all. You loved that. You always felt so welcomed. 

You started pacing around, not really sure what to do. It was Halloween, your confidence was at it’s peak around Halloween. You needed to do something. You needed to either end it with Damion and try to be with Shawn, or tell Shawn how you feel so you can move on and focus on Damion. Either sounded absolutely horrifying. You needed to make a decision, and sooner than you thought because you felt your phone buzzing in the waistband of your leggings. Your breath caught in your throat, hoping to God one of the two names wasn’t going to flash in large white letters on your screen. Your hand shakily moved to your waistband, and pulled out your phone. Your heart sunk down to your stomach when you say Damion’s name pop up on the screen. You sucked in a breath and pressed the green answer button. 

“Hello love.” You tried your level best to pretend that there was nothing wrong. 

“Please explain to me what the hell that photo I’ve been seeing all over the internet is?” He obviously wasn’t doing the same. 

“What photo, my love.” You sighed, forcing a smile on your face just to make it a bit easier to fake it. 

“The one of you and that Shawn kid holding hands.” He almost growled. He was seriously getting mad over that picture? 

“Damion, please we were just out and about before a show and paparazzi were out and I couldn’t really see so he was helping me along. You know how the media is.” You added a laugh just so he would get off your back. 

“Y/n that’s a load of crap and you know it. You like this kid.” He snapped. You felt a couple tears leave your eyes. You couldn’t do this now. You needed time… You couldn’t make a decision to end it with Damion and tell him about your feelings for Shawn right in this moment. 

“Damion, please, I’m going onstage in twenty minutes I need to go.” You told him, pleading almost. 

“Aren’t I more important than some stupid concert?” He basically screams. 

“Damion please stop yelling at me… I have a show.” You held back the tears so you didn’t mess up your cat makeup. 

“Whatever y/n.” He scoffed. “This isn’t over.” You heard the three beeps that indicated that he had hung up. You didn’t cry except for a single tear. You pulled your shoulders back, needing to compose yourself before you went on the stage. You were doing a pretty good job at it until you felt two familiar arms wrap around your waist. 

“Hey cute cat.” Shawn whispers into your ear, his lips brushing past your neck, which sent a shiver down your spine. 

“Shawn…” You started. You couldn’t do this. He always did things like this… and you knew he had extremely strong feelings for you. You felt his soft lips press against your neck, and for a moment you gave in. But Damion reentered your mind, and you shook yourself away. You turned to look at him, being all irresistible in that pirate costume you helped him plan a week or so back. He looked so good in that loose shirt and black pants. Even the eyepatch looked good on him. 

“What is it?” Shawn frowned. You shook your head. 

“I can’t do this… not right now.” He gave you a puzzled look, and you continued. “I’m still with Damion, and until I figure that out, I cannot be with you.” You looked down at your black boots waiting for a response. 

“I thought that..” He started and you looked up. He paused for a moment, looking up. “Wait, scratch that, I know that if you truly want to be with someone, you’ll do anything to be with them… and I would do anything to be with you. But it hurts so incredibly much that you wouldn’t do that for me.”

“Shawn, pl-” he cut you off instantaneously. 

“Let me finish.” He put a finger up. “But I would do anything to be with you. And if waiting is what it takes, than I will do it. I’m not happy about it, but I will do it.” It was hard to take him so seriously in that costume… 

“Th-” Again, he cut you off before you could even finish a syllable. 

“That doesn’t mean I will accept second choice, y/n.” Before you could get another word in he had turned around. 

Your heart sunk a little, but you seemed to forget that when they told you it was time to go onstage. 

author’s note// lowkey feelin a part two lololol!! but happy halloween ya’ll, even though Halloween is actually tomorrow but I can’t post tomorrow lololol. hope you have a great one!

quick fic #22: what do you know?

“This is bullshit.”  

Sam rolls his eyes at his brother’s dramatics.  “Dean, he’s done this before.  Sure, he hasn’t had as much practice as we have, but…”  He pauses, seeming suddenly unsure, then repeats himself.  “Well, he’s done this before.”

Dean gives Sam a look.  “He interrogated a cat once, Sammy.  And he can’t even hold a goddamn badge the right way!”

“I am in the room with you two,” Cas says dryly, his arms crossed as he leans against the motel room wall.  “I can hear you.”

Dean ignores him, turning away with a huff.  

Sam sighs.  “Dean, he’ll be fine.  Jenna will make sure he’s careful.  She’ll take care of him.”

“That’s exactly what I don’t want,” Dean mutters mutinously.

He flinches when the light bulb nearest to Cas bursts, sending shards of lightweight glass outward in a five-foot radius.  

Calmly, Cas picks a few pieces of glass from his trenchcoat as he says in a mild tone, “Sam, I think it’s best if you step out for a few minutes.”  

Sam holds up his hands in mock-surrender, but it’s clear he’s holding back a smirk.  “Got it.”  

When the door closes behind him, Dean meets Cas’s eyes.  “Done peacocking now?  Or are you gonna blow the windows out too?”

Cas meets his gaze unflinchingly.  “If you’re going to again imply that Sheriff Jenna and I are going to engage in romantic or sexual exploits, then perhaps I might.”

Dean rolls his eyes in derision but says nothing.

“You are aware that she is interested in women?”

“So what?” Dean asks, raising his eyebrows, “Doesn’t mean she can’t also be interested in guys, too.”

Cas tilts his head.  “You mean bisexual.”

Dean looks away.  “Yeah, I guess.”

Cas takes a step closer.  “You mean - like you.”

“Whatever,” Dean mumbles.  He turns toward the door.  “Do what you goddamn like, Cas.”  

If Dean ever forgot Cas was an angel, he is definitely reminded now, when Cas uses one hand to spin him and pin him against the door.  The doorknob pushes painfully into his back.  

Cas’s face is close - his mouth is even closer.  Dean can’t seem to tear his eyes away from it, even when Cas begins to speak.  

“Let me explain something to you, Dean Winchester,” he says in a low tone.  “Sheriff Jenna is not interested in me, nor am I interested in her.”  He drops his arm and Dean feels the pressure on his back lesson.  He would rejoice if it didn’t mean Cas was stepping away.

The angel looks down at his shoes, seeming suddenly bashful.  “I am not interested in her because I am already - “ He pauses here, his eyes slipping closed.  “In love with you.”

On some level, Dean already knew.  But to hear it spoken aloud so plainly makes his heart do tumbles, painful and exhilarating all at the same time.

“Yeah, well,” Dean says, face warm, “You’re a dumbass who interrogates cats - what do you know?”  Despite his tone, his feet carry him forward and his hands find fistfuls of Cas’s coat.

Cas looks up at him, pink-cheeked but stubborn.  “I know you’re jealous of a lesbian woman, and I know that’s why you don’t want me on this hunt.  I also know that you secretly enjoy it when I blow the lights out.  Also, I know you’re still not comfortable with the idea that you are bisexual.”  He blinks, then swallows, then says, more quietly, “Or with the idea that you return my feelings.”

Dean pulls him closer by the front of his coat, closing his eyes.  “I’m trying, Cas,” he says, voice raw.

There’s a hand on his cheek.  “I know that, too.”  There’s a pause, then Cas says softly, “May I try something now?”

Dean nods, squeezing his eyes so tight he sees stars.  

In the next moment, he feels the soft give of lips against his, simple and asking for nothing in return.  Despite that, Dean’s ready to give Cas everything.  The breath he releases when Cas draws away shudders in the space between them.  The kiss barely lasted two seconds, but it lingers - a reminder, a possibility, a gift, a blessing, if only Dean reaches out to take it.

He opens his eyes and reaches up to curve his hands around Cas’s face.  Cas looks so hopeful, so joyful, his eyes blue and brimming.  It’s all Dean needs to be convinced.  He wants Cas, every day of his life.  

He smiles and kisses Cas and kisses him until they both have to pull away to smile.

Healthy Relationship.

You guys know I normally use ‘Y/N’ but I thought this topic was a little intense to make it ‘real’…so I used the name Grace because that’s cute. This is one of the ideas that has been plaguing my brain for days. I’ve written better, I know, but I’m still wavering on creativity (trust me I’ve got 6 half written stories on my laptop). First exam is on the 10th, I should be revising lol! I hope you enjoy it!x-Ash

Trigger warning! Domestic abuse/ violence

“Can you see the bruise?” You patted makeup on the last prominent section of bruise around your eye.

“No, you’re good.” Joe kissed your forehead “I love you”

“I love you too” you smiled up at him and snuggled into his chest.

This wasn’t the first time you’d covered up a bruise with makeup, in fact it probably wasn’t the first time this week. But you knew he loved you and before meeting him you’d never felt that before. You and Joe had been dating for 2 years and up until around 8 months ago you’d never even had an argument. But as soon as you joined the BAU something changed within him, maybe it was all the time away and late nights or maybe the fact you spent so much time with men that weren’t him.

You forgave him for his actions every time, I mean what else could you do? You’d managed to distance yourself from your family and old friends, at his request, so there was no where you could go to get away. And if you were honest, right now, you didn’t want to.

“I will call you once I know where we’re going.” you murmured into him.

“Make sure you do.” he brought his face to yours and kissed you goodbye.


“Yes. I know its far away Joe, but I don’t get to chose where a serial killer decides to… I’m sorry!” you brought your hands up to your face and immediately pulled them away “Ow! Fuck!” feeling the eyes on you, you glanced at the rest of the team before disappearing into the bathroom.

“What’s wrong with Grace?” Morgan had noticed something was wrong for a while; the hushed phone calls, little signs of pain whenever someone brushed against your arms and the obvious distance you had put between yourself and the team.

“I think she’s had another fight with Joe, he doesn’t like her working so much” JJ shrugged engrossed in the file she was reading.


“Where is Jenna Malcom?” Your face was close to that of your unsub and you held his stare. He was silent as he had been for the entire time. “Where is Jenna!”

He spat in your face, the water he had been holding in his mouth since he took a drink an hour earlier “Go to Hell” he smirked.

You stormed out of the interrogation room and began wiping your face on your sleeve. A makeup smudge on your sleeve alerted you to what was slowly becoming visible. You held your hand over your eye and headed for the toilet.

“Hey Grace are you okay?” Morgan stepped in front of you blocking your way.

“Yes, bastard spat water in my face and I think I’ve got an eyelash in my eye!” you tried to move past but Morgan gently grasped your arm, right on another bruise “Ow Morgan that hurts!”

“Why does it hurt?” he raised his voice slightly and it scared you.

“Just drop it Morgan!” You felt yourself starting to cry.

He quickly moved his hand up to his head and without realising it you had cowered away. Covered your face with your arms and prepared to be hit.

“Grace? What’s going on?” His voice was soft, caring, something you weren’t used to.

“Nothing I’m fine.” you uncurled your body.

“Grace, you just flinched. And if I’m not mistaken the reason it hurt when I touched your arm is because someone is hurting you.” He brought his hand up to your face and gently pulled your hand away “Did Joe do this?”

“He didn’t mean to.” you pleaded with him

“Son of a Bitch! I’ll kill him!” the anger radiated off of him

“No! Morgan, please! He wanted me to be home for our anniversary and we were out on a case. It was my fault” You felt the tears cascading down your cheeks. Morgan’s hand held onto yours tightly.

“It’s not your fault . You’re perfect; you’re beautiful and you’re smart and if his masculinity is too fragile and the only way he can feel like a man is by hurting you he is not deserving of even knowing you. And God dammit Grace you hunt down assholes for a living you could kick his ass any day of the week!” his smile was reassuring and for the first time you felt like you didn’t need Joe. You didn’t need his love because there was someone else who cared enough.


“I’m leaving.” you were terrified and there was no way of stopping it. You knew Morgan was on his way but right now there was a wall between you and him and nothing between you and Joe. It had to be done now, now or never.

“No you’re not.” Joe was strangely still and calm “You cannot leave me!” his shouts radiated within you stopping you from moving. You had no idea why he made you feel this way or why he had this power over you.

“I have to. You’ve hurt me enough and I…I”

“HURT YOU?” his voice alone made you hold your breath “You want me to really hurt you? Because that’s what I’ll do!” he launched at you and knocked you to the ground.

“DEREK! Help me!” you screamed out hoping he could hear you.

“Derek? You’re leaving me for him? Stupid whore!” his foot cracked against your stomach, winding you.

As you opened your eyes, you watched Morgan tackle Joe to the ground.

“You never! Never! touch that woman ever again! I love her and for as long as I live she will be safe next to me! If I ever see you so much as look at her again I won’t be responsible for my actions!” his focus shifted from Joe to you “You’re safe now. I promise.” He held your body in his arms and pulled you close to him. And finally you felt safe, safe and loved.

#52: Boyband VS Girlband | AU | Part 3


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When Mr. Walden said that there would be a storm you did not expect this – far from that. A storm would be an understatement to name this. The wind was crazy and powerful, the woods around the cabins lighten up because of lightning, the trees so close to fall from its roots. “This is crazy.” You said sitting up in your bed, eyeing the weather from your bed. Luke looked up from his guitar and outside as well, shrugging his shoulders. “As long as we’re inside it can’t hurt us.” He reassured before giving the guitar a last strum and placing it on the floor, ready to go to bed. Luke eyed you as you pulled the duvet up towards your chin, your eyes saying more than 100 words. “You okay?” He questioned with knitted eyebrows. “Yeah?” You said hesitating as in a question, your body was lightly shaking but you tried to brush it off and cover it with the duvet. “Okay.” He answered unsure, flicking off his lamp, the room complete dark now expect from when lighting stroke in and illuminated the room.

His P.O.V:

I could see it on her shaking form that even though she denied what she said, she lied. She was terrified to say at least, but showing off a macho attitude probably not to make me think she was weak. But I felt genially sorry for her and even though I know I shouldn’t do it, all of the sudden my body was away from my warm covers, heading towards her bed before giving her back a light push for me to join. I was actually expecting her to narrow her eyes at me and tell me I was pathetic, but she didn’t and only removed herself closer to the wall, letting me join her on the bed. She didn’t even protest when I wrapped my arm around her waist, she just moved closer leaving no space between us. It wasn’t far after that her shaking body faded away and she started to relax, her breathing becoming deeper and so did mine. I didn’t even realize that I had fallen asleep before I heard the sound of my alarm starting to make a sudden noise making me instantly groan and Y/N to stir, waking up both her and me. I nuzzled my nose into her hair but stopped in action as I realized what I did. It wasn’t planned that I was going to sleep in her bed, but she hadn’t been complaining herself, she looked pleased when she woke up with her head on my chest. We both shared a glare that said shit before I removed myself from her and her bed, heading towards my nightstand to turn off my alarm. No words were spoken as we both got dressed and making us ready for breakfast in the shared canteen and the day’s activities. We both headed towards the door and on the same time our hands touched as we reached out for the doorknob, her instantly removing her hand from mine as if she had been stung by an ant or something. Our gaze met again but she removed her eyes instantly, grabbing the doorknob fast before heading out of the door. This couldn’t be more awkward.  


“Ey you showed up.” Calum said making you your head towards his voice, breaking out into a small. “I thought you might have been joking.” He said cocking his head at you. “I didn’t.” You laughed and he let out a small chuckle as well. “Nobody followed after you right?” He asked more seriously, letting his tone go quieter. You shook your head no, knowing that if you would say something he would probably feel the sound of your voice letting out a lie. He nodded his head and started to walk over to the cabin, waiting for you to walk you through the door he held for you. “Gentleman.” You commented looking back at you to see him shrug his shoulders with a smirk. You took a look around the room, the smell of cologne and teenage boy thick in the air. “My bed’s over there.” Calum pointed towards the bed standing in the back of the room against the window. You nodded your head before walking over to the bed and taking a seat. Calum grabbed his bass from where it stood in the corner along with other guitars before he headed towards you, placing it in your lap. “Just place your fi-“Before he could finish you had already placed your fingers where they should be on the bass, strumming lightly. “Oh.” Was the only thing he said. “So you already know that, cool.”

His P.O.V:

Y/N was quiet teachable to be honest. It didn’t take me long to teach her a few tricks here and there. But something kept on crossing my mind. I k I had to tell the boys about what was going on in our cabin an why they couldn’t interrupt, we had always promised to tell each other everything – especially when it came to Y/N and her crew. That’s the reason why I had to tell Y/N that we should keep it quiet, something Ashton had suggested. He was the most suspicious about the whole situation, really protective about me going to hang out with her in a fear of me going into a trap or such thing as that. But as time passed by with Y/N I forgot about the whole thing and started to enjoy being in her company. She was really easy to talk to – mainly because we so many things in common such as music. We shared same passion. “I should probably get back now, the girls are probably wondering where I am.” She announced standing up from my bed, me joining her. “Thank you for the lessons. We should do it some other time.” She smiled before giving me a hug, me instantly wrapping my arms around her waist. She pulled back, giving me a last smile before heading towards the door and leaving the cabin.

Your P.O.V:

As you had shut the door you were instantly attacked by the girls, smirks never leaving their lips. “That was brilliant Y/N, he’s totally trapped right now.” Emma greeted, the other girls clapping their hands together in excitement. “Before he knows it, he’ll get crushed.” Willow smiled as they all hugged you. “I think we should head back now before he notices us.” You laughed before the four of you went down the stairs and heading towards your own cabins. “Shit.” Ashton cursed, coming out from behind from one of the trees, Luke and Michael following him as they stared at your now black shadows in the dark.


“HE DID WHAT TO YOU?” Rachel’s rage filled the whole cabin as she looked at you madness in her eyes. “Let me see.” Jenna mumbled walking closer to you Maya following after. “It wasn’t that bad.” You reassured as the 3 of them were standing close to you taking a look at your eye. “He didn’t do it on purpose I swear.” “He didn’t do it on purpose my big ass.” Rachel mocked after your words taking a step away from you. “Why in the world would he splash soap in your eye and not on purpose.” The other girls took a step back as well going back to what they were occupied with before. “It was probably just an accident Rach calm down.” Maya mumbled going back to her mascara. “It was.” You said nodding your head. “I think we should still go see the medical cabin you know just to add some salt water to it.” Jenna suggested. You only nodded your head at her before grabbing your leather jacket, ready to leave the cabin, watching Jenna as she grabbed her coat as well.

His P.O.V:

The grass was crunching lightly under my shoes as I headed towards one of the medical cabins, my feet dragging me away as my mind where somewhere else. It wasn’t on purpose that I hit Y/N in the eye; I wanted her to know that even though you could qualify us as rivals, I didn’t want her to think that I hated her so much that I would use psychical pain on her. I grabbed the rack on the stairs as I walked up the stairs, already noticing Jenna standing outside with her arms crossed leaning against the wall with her back, looking out in the horizon like she was waiting on someone. As I passed by her, she gave me a death glare, probably already heard the mornings activities. I looked at the ground as I walked into the medical cabin, but to my surprise Y/N was sitting to the side, the doctor having a flashlight in front of her eye, looking at it.  “It’s not that bad.” He commented pressing on the flashlight so it turned off before he placed it on the table. Y/N nodded her head at his words before she turned her head, noticing me. She raised an eyebrow as I approached her, taking a seat next to her. “I was actually here to get saltwater for you.” I admitted but her eyebrow kept on being raised. “Why?” She questioned throwing a leg over the other. “Because I feel bad for doing that even though that it wasn’t my plan.” I said pointing towards her eye. Her face softened more by my true words and she nodded her head slightly. “I know you didn’t do it on purpose.” She said quietly making a smile form on my lips. I reached out for my phone in my pocket, grabbing it before unlocking it and opening the number app. I held it in front of her to take and she gave me another questionable look. “Just so you can tell me how it goes with it.” I said pointing towards her eye. She nodded her head a little bit hesitating but typed her number into my phone anyways giving it back to me to put it in my pocket. 


After the morning’s activities no one had said anything since you had left the boys and your camp leaders, silence falling in between you guys. It was first when you all arrived at the cabin that one of the girls spoke up. “I’m so tired of Ashton’s constant smirk. Starting to annoy the shit out of me.” Kimi Groaned, letting her body fall back into her bed, her head hitting her pillow. “I don’t know what’s going on with those boys, they’re increasing their hate towards us every year.” “Mainly because they lose every year.” Hallie mumbled with a small giggle afterwards, taking a look at you to sit with increased eyebrows looking out of the window. “What’s bothering you?” Adelaide asked eyeing you as well. “Yeah, what did Ashton whisper to you?” Kimi asked, the 3 of them looking at you curiously. “Something along with that he wasn’t done with us yet.” You shrugged looking back at them. “And so aren’t we.” You smiled, already having an idea formed in your head.

His P.O.V:

Drums were the only thing being on my mind as the boys and I were walking on one of the paths heading towards the music room further away from cabins due to the always loud music. After the meeting with the powder brushes all I really needed to break out my rage by hitting on my drums. Michael opened the door to the music room for us to following him, Cal, him and Luke approaching the guitars and the aptitude whilst I headed towards the drum kit, taking a seat the chair. Michael grabbed an acoustic guitar whilst Calum was holding a bass, playing different chords on it, checking if it was voted right. I grabbed the drumsticks lying on the snare-drum before letting them roll around in my fingers – a not really bad habit every single drummer possibly had before I placed my feet on the bass drum and hi-hat pedals. I pressed my foot down on the hi-hat pedal but that was probably the last thing I should have done as it connected with each other, a massive spurt of white liquid similar to whipped cream spread out from it and hit me right in the face fast. “Fucking shit.” I groaned throwing the drumsticks in the air, the other boys looking at me curiously, but tried to muffle their giggles as they saw my state.  “Whipped cream?” Michael questioned walking closer to me before letting his finger glide down my chin before pressing it to his lips tasting it. “Yep.” He confirmed nodding his head. I stood up from the drum kid in rage, looking out the window to see any possible witness. “I think I can recognize that handwriting.” Luke commented making me turn around fast, seeing him and the other boys looking over at the blackboard. “Sorry we forgot the cherry on top Princess, enjoy your dessert though.” My blood boiled as I read the word princess over and over, my mouth going into a straight line before a smirk formed. “I have an idea guys. Michael you’ve still got those handcuffs you won at a camp competition last year, right?” “I think so why?..” He trailed off unsure, looking questionable at me – just as the other boys. “I have a plan for tonight. I’ll explain later.” I answered the smirk never leaving as I went over to the toilet grabbing some paper before heading back and cleaning up the whipped cream mess.

last minute twin theories:


  • k. this bitch. always shown through a mirror. always. what is the purpose.
  • the whole weirdness with eddie lamb recognizing her
  • (ps is he dead? where u at eddie hmu)
  • those shots of byron looking at the family album with two little girls


  • marlene said we have seen the twin once. is this the twin watching hanna?
  • there’s a plothole? MIA red coat for certain parts of season 3 when matched with the timeline given by cece. @spencerslakehouse has a great post about it here.
  • alison told hanna the story about the twins. hanna’s mom saw one of those twins. hanna saw the two girls herself (in red coats!).
  • pics marlene has posted about twins have similarities to hanna in coloring.


  • tammin knew about a twin before any other cast members spoke of it
  • again, marlene said we have seen the twin once. remember when we saw this sketchy ass bitch walk into a shop, then drive away from it like .2 seconds later?!
  • or when jenna was driving emily around the night emily was drugged?!
  • jenna was either blind or “oh, jk, not blind” “wait no she’s blind again” for like half the series
  • that weird ass scene with jenna and sydney at the eye doctor


  • im really going to scream if ms d had another fucking kid she forgot about
  • ali’s room is full of twin clues
  • sasha knew about a twin as well, interviewed about the episode “the first secret” saying to pay attention to ali’s room
  • the weird discrepancies during the night ali went missing- hair, necklace, all the blondes running around that jason saw (that cece claimed weren’t her)
  • ali’s debut at the ice ball- she’s surrounded by twins
  • ali looks similar to hanna. the girls in red coats could also refer to ali. 


  • she’s most likely involved somehow in the twin storyline, since we haven’t seen her face still.
  • bonus: hanna’s always been lowkey smarter than she acts. is she actually older/more mature than she seems, because she’s the adopted twin of bethany young? despite spot on casting for the other girls, hanna and ashley don’t look much alike.
Tragic Clues in PLL: Could they Mean More? + Montgomery family

In regards to this blog post on the movie Rebecca :

It hit me reading this line: When a new inquest is held into Rebecca’s death, things look dim for Maxim until Rebecca’s London doctor testifies to the authorities that she was dying of cancer and was contemplating suicide.

Ok im finally going to make a note about this . The cancer clues in PLL. There are a couple, I never thoguht they meant much but now im starting to wonder in terms of all the tragic clues that are in pll. Here what I found:

  • Suicide: So we all know the suicide associations related to marion cavanaugh and ian. What do they have in common? both suicides are suspicious especially marion cavanaugh , theres no way she comitted suicide. ian i honestly dont think he shot himself.
  • Cancer: There’s a couple cancer clues in PLL that were strange. Maya once joked about nair in shampoo bottles, thats a relation to cancer. We veronica’ secret about her breast cancer scare and that she didnt tell anyone but alex about getting a lump removed. The infamous dream hanna had about her mom’s hair falling out:

And last the infamous wig wearing going on in PLL, all in relation to cancer. of course , the obivous , to look like someone else. Could these clues be hinting at a bigger picture here?

Let’s look at all the other tragic clues in PLL:

Loss of Hearing: So many have noticed the jokes hanna’s made toward jenna, but thats not the first clue hanna gives us. In the christmas epsiode, hanna shares her ability of sign language. We see her signing with little claire who is deaf. Hanna claims she learned this at fat camp “what hanna knows is what hanna means” lol Now remember this scene, the mean girls here, the little ali replica is being a real bitch to poor claire who is deaf, the little ali replica says “ its not like she can hear us anyways” Do the writers throw these scenes in here for fun or do they have more meaning? I think they do.

UPDATE EDIT: someone on tumblr pointed out in the video pllheada​ of the little boy in 5x25 has a hearing aid , what appears to be a hearing aid. As i pointed out in this old post about tragic clues and clues on loss of hearing, this could be another clue to add to that!

  • Loss of Eye Sight: we all know the blindest person on the show is  jenna thats another story, but anyways the point is the jenna thing could have more story to it . But we also see other clues about seeing and the eyes and loss of sight. Mrs grunwald sees through a glass darkly , meaning we cant take her word 100% she has insight, not full truth. Theres also clues with aria not seeing things clearly. The NAT club the all seeing eye. EYES  are huge clue in PLL. Could there be more to this than what we alredy know?
  • Burned: Now alot of clues on being burned , gives us insight to whats going on in PLL. We know black veil and the side of the face burned. Tobys house , the lodge fire, all burned. Poor cyrus all burned up. Spencer in the sauna room all steamed up by -A (funny how aria just so happens to be the one to get spencer out of there just in time hmmm), caleb almost fried up. There’s something with heat and hot going on in PLL. Let’s look at the clues with aria and the burn references with her that seem to have more deeper meaning mentally, perhaps even physically:

aria “Lieing to my parents was one thing, but lieing to my friends is really hard, its not my friends that i dont trust ….its the other people..I’ve been burned before” could there be something more to being burned with aria? is it mentally burned or physical? this isnt the first time aria has expressed or been associated with the element of fire and heat. is there a contrast with cold and hot in pll? i think so.

Has anyone noticed how byron is always bringing up the past as if he screwed it up in the past? lol jsut saying everytime he’s bring up something about the past, dont think its a coincidence. So in this scene, byron says “ when we first moved into this house, we didnt have money for a furnace, it was winter, but we bundled you up in sweaters, you looked like this big ball of yarn rolling from room to room.We never used the fireplace, i was scared if we’d turn our backs you’d get burned. My one job on this job was to make sure you didnt get hurt. I havent done a very good job”

so again, in relation to aria, being burned is mentioned again, and the contrast between cold and hot. Look at this scene the fireplace going. The elements are big clues. Could this convo been about something more? byron seems to always bring up the past, he seems like a screw up in the montgomery family. Is there just the one meredith secret between him and aria or is there more to it or more secrets? i personally think there is definitely more to this family in general.

Note: why do you think byron likes to talk about the past and how ella “wore the pants” made a small place seem big, basically she took care of everybody all the time. They went from poor living in a college dump on east 6th an unexpected pregnant ella, byron felt bad he couldnt get them something better. But he talks about while they were still in college, they talked about moving to europe, but then aria happened, then mike, and a mortgage. So what changed? was it really because of the ella getting pregnant which doesnt seem like aria was planned. Then he goes onto say, iceland does not count, you were taking care of 2 teenagers and 1 nutty professor.  Questions are, why did they talk about moving to europe and what part of europe exactly? what if they did move there but had to move back for some reason? Remember this line from ella from 3x10 “ there were so many things your father and i didnt know about each other when we got married…(aria takes arm off ella and makes a face)” so something is off with byron and ella’s relationship, what happened in their past, an what are these things? byron has mental illness on his side of the family , who knows how far this extends to & how it has affected their relationship, what else did ella not know about byron vice versa?

*Something i noticed , remember when aria confronted ella about what byron did with the transcript and how he wants aria to go to boarding school. Something hit me when aria said “ what was the plan mom, were you gunna hall me off kicking and screaming in the middle of the night?” this reminds me of the bethany drawing :

just something to think about

! this picture does look like someone is being halled off kicking and screaming in the middle of the night. Also in that clip, aria’s tone was very different, she starts talking about being

exiled to syberia (doesn’t this sound a secluded place, like iceland? which is why i ask why iceland of alll places, what was iceland really about?)

then she goes onto say

“ i’ve couldve done something about it, i still could, what do you think would happen if the dean found out he was having an affair with one of his grad students? where do you think they’d send him?”

  now she says this after ranting about being punished by byron and being exiled to syberia. The choice of words here is telling , in connection to what we know about the montgomerys, coincidence?

ok question:

where would they send him? if we are talking about meredith, she was of age , byron wouldn’t be sent no where but home and fired from his job perhaps , but he wouldnt go to jail if thats what aria is trying to say. meredith was of age, unless it was more like an affair with an underage grad student?

ali was pretending to be older, it wouldnt be unlikely

, and many have suggested some relationship might have happened with ali and byron. im curious if anyone else understood this scene, you think aria was talking about meredith? where would byron be sent to exactly? as far as i know, he wouldnt be thrown in jail for the affair with meredith since she was of age right? he would be fired if anything but , the way aria is talking, is as if he would be sent somewhere bad for that affair. what do you think? you know when aria gets hyped and starts raising her voice, her mind seems to go somewhere else, the choice of words she uses are interesting. misplaced feelings ,anger?

Let me know what you guys think of these tragic clues and added on details in this post could they all be alluding to something more big? more underneath the surface?

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photos above and vids, i do not own.

"Nose Pic" Lol (sounds goofy) - Follower Submission

Okay, SO, first of all: You are right about the nose. I totally get what the other person was saying (the one who said that they disagree and think it would be disproportionate based on where the collar is) because I thought this at first too. But then, I realized it’s all about the perspective you’re looking at it from. The screen shot freezes in a way that makes it appear way too high up to be a nose, but that’s just the angle. In order to figure out for sure, though, I re-watched the ending scene, and it is, without a doubt, a nose. I believe this was probably on purpose, since they are so careful about what they choose to include as a hint (or red herring).  

In any case, for the longest time, I was suspicious of Aria. The scene of her looking into a mirror with broken glass practically confirmed for me that she had multiple personality disorder. It reminded me of a book I read when I was 12 (and I was way too young to be reading such a book!) titled “Morning, Noon, and Night” by Sydney Sheldon. The cover depicts broken glass, and you find out at the end that the protagonist, who has been trying to find out who “the killer” is, is in fact, the killer!  So, I figured Aria looking into a shattered mirror with several reflections of her face staring back at her, is a clear symbolic reference to Dissociative Identity Disorder (aka- multiple personality disorder).

THEN I was suspicious of Hanna. In the “Black Swan” episode, everyone though Aria looked suspicious because of her dress, which, she does. But I couldn’t help but see the parallels between Hanna and the Black Swan. It almost appeared as though Hanna was the white swan. She was the very first one to see the “Black Swan” and the camera even angles in on them so that they are juxtaposed to one another, staring at each other, as if in a mirror. If you’ve ever watched the movie (X rated, just a heads up not really a Disney movie..) the white swan chases the black swan through a corridor, and it turns out that the black swan was in fact a different personality within the “white swan”. Confusing…I know. But we also see this scene re-enacted with Hanna chasing the black swan down a corridor. I just don’t get it…..first Aria has MPD, now Hanna appears to have it? Do they ALL have it? Are they all one person? I"m so lost!

HOWEVER, I decided to watch the entire season from start to finish, tracking clues that pop up for each character, and I must say, Spencer Hastings is one guilty looking lady!

One COLOSSAL clue (in my opinion) is Season 1 Episode 20. I took a screen shot of it, but I don’t have a tumblr account, and have no clue how to do this, so I’m hoping this gets to you. I am signing up just to leave this post! So, hopefully you get my screen shot. If not, check out the episode for yourself, and you’ll see what I mean!

Anywho, here is the clue: 

In the previous episode, Spencer and Toby investigate while staying at a motel. They believe Jenna is staying in the room next door because they hear a flute playing. They then sneak into “Jenna’s room” (with the help of an easily paid off maid) and find her glasses, which suggest it was in fact Jenna in the room. But then they end up discovering that the flute music was just a tape recording, and they were setup. Well, interestingly enough…

In the next episode, season 1 episode 20, Spencer begins clearing out her in-box from her email account, because the police have a search warrant and she is afraid of what they may find. First of all, why did she feel the need to delete all of her messages? If you look closely at the messages she deletes, she deletes all of the email correspondences that occurred between her and the other liars. Maybe she is just protecting them though.

But here’s where it gets really weird. So just last episode Spencer and Toby thought they found Jenna, when in fact, it was just a tape recording of someone playing flute (which Jenna plays). In Spencer’s inbox,  she has an email of “Sheet music/flute” with a file attached….

Now, is it just me, or is this REALLY SUSPICIOUS?!

She also has an email from “Leon’s Cupcakes”, and Hanna just recently received the order of cupcakes with pig faces on them, and she was forced to eat them (by A of course) or A would expose her mother’s theft. I guess I’m just thinking…they wouldn’t go through all the trouble to create an email account for a character, and create emails within the account, and label them, and spend time zooming in on the screen, if each email didn’t serve a purpose. Maybe they were just filling space…or maybe…just maybe, they were dropping a huge clue. 

Why does Spencer have an email with sheet music? If you want to check it out for yourself, it is in season 1, episode 20, 29 minutes into the episode. A lil’ bit cray cray if you ask me. 

Also, around 8minutes 50 seconds, Spencer makes a comment while eating lunch with the other liars, “I can hear A laughing IN MY HEAD”…yeah, cuz you’re A!

So…are they suggesting Spencer AND Aria have dissociative identity disorder? Are all 4 liars just a reflection of Alison (or one of the liars) and they are all just personalities within one mind? It’s all too wacky for me to get into without getting more confused. All I know is, I can’t wait for the finale! I just really hope they don’t go with the whole “Lost ending” and disappoint us monumentally with the “Aria wrote the whole story and it’s all in Aria’s mind” theory…she did after all write the script of a future episode in her journal..UGH. Lame. I don’t have evidence of that, but I’ve seen it. One of these PLL Tumblr blogs has evidence of Aria writing in her journal and the dialogue that is in her journal ends up occurring a few episodes later between Hannah and her mom. How did Aria predict the future? She didn’t-she wrote it. 

Please don’t do this to us Marleen!!! It’s a show already. We KNOW it’s fake as it is! But we want to pretend it’s REAL! That’s what makes it awesome and intriguing! If Aria just wrote the whole thing and made it up…then it’s just DOUBLE fake, and it ruins it for the fans. Instead, stick with one of the liars having a double life-now THATS interesting. I just wish evidence didn’t point toward all of the liars have multiple personalities. It seems odd. Unless…unless they’re all one girl-stuck in one crazy head. 

Okay, going to bed now. Sorry to spill all those theories at once. I don’t have a tumblr. I get a tumblr to post a huge theory I have once every 3 months, then I delete my tumblr. I am not one to blog, but when it comes to PLL, I have an unhealthy obsession, and therefore, I sincerely hope you get this email. It would mean a ton! You’re my favorite PLL blog. You know your stuff! 

OH MY GOD! Thank you so much for taking the time to write this, it’s AMAZING!! Never paid attention to those small details about Spencer/computer mail, so kudos to you for noticing that. I absolutely LOVE this theory!! I have your photo in the next post. Amazing!! Oh and we’re the blog with the evidence of Aria writing in the diary, lol :)

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valdayafan13 said:

Sorry I send u a lot of prompts… So this one is how z surprises val in Hawaii with the bwat crew and how val teaches z how to play volleyball(like the photo with karina but more coupley). And they spend most of their together ignoring the rest of the crew cause missed each other. Then the everyone starts to notice that’s something’s going on, but z&v denies it until they get caught by maks/karina/etc kissing at the beach at night. But they don’t say anything until breakfast next morning LOL

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