and lol @ eli's face

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Lol stop saying guys are fucking horny and shit your the sluttiest girl i have even seen you say that im not your bitch your everyone bitch like u have all of ur tits out walla 7araaam 3ala ur tits m3 el shit face eli 3ndk lol horny cut

horny cunt*
ur shitty grammar gave me a headache
actin all high and mighty bringing god into this to try and shame me about my life which you know nothing about.
listen and listen carefully because I’m about to educate you, you ignorant fuck don’t ever body shame or slut shame girls as a way to deal with the insecurities you’re obviously dealing with, just because you don’t love yourself doesn’t mean you have to hate on me and how confident and comfortable I am with myself, now with all due respect ur whole msg is bullshit.
you probably felt like a king sending this which is really fuckin hilarious lol
your narrow minded thinking won’t get you far in life and you’ll never be happy boo so fuck off and go do something more useful than being a sad internet troll xo


guilty kevin is guilty

note: peniel was talking about the presents they brought to kevin and eric in the previous show (which were bread, a flowerpot, and a photo of himself)