and locked up later by tomas


The ironic thing is, this is exactly what they both wanted all their life.

It may have been a very strange road to it, but the end goal was achieved in the Good End. It’s never easy. But what I love about them is, they work through it. Toma was at his absolute worst, Heroine still saw through what he was trying to do and loved him anyways. That’s unconditional love.

And boy does he go out of his way to administer punishment on himself to make it up to her in Later and Crowd…telling Shin everything, and having him beat him up; locking himself in the cage. Though Heroine doesn’t want him to do any of it.

Also that look on his face: You can tell that’s the best day of Toma’s life up until that point. It made every bit of pain ever worth it.

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Gimmie bros' reacting to mc getting all dolled up bc she s done with all her duties ( f i nall y) and goes on a date (special mention to possesive rei bc im thirsty i mean what) please?

There is so much rei love and i’m so happy too bc i enjoy him so much, i want his route now honestly!

But yeah, here we go ;)


  • Probably bought you one of the dresses or outfits that you’re deciding to wear that night
  • “I can’t have the woman that I’m with look trashy next to me.”
  • Excuse me what?????????????
  • Before you get to reply though, he’s urging you to finish your duties so you can have fun wink wonk
  • but you go to put on your makeup with your smokey eye and intense shadow and stuff and pretty yourself up with jewelry that he’s bought you
  • but when you come out of your room, he’s like
  • hot damn
  • He knew you were beautiful, but like wow he’s just awestruck by your existence
  • You know he’s just admiring you all night and undressing you with his eyes honestly


  • he didn’t really notice at first bc
  • fuck this guy is always constantly drowning himself in his work
  • and while he didn’t say much verbally, you can see in his eyes and his gentle loving touches throughout the night how much he admired your beauty and hard work and effort into dressing up to go out with him
  • and after a long night of dinner and heels your ankles and feet are just in so much pain fuck
  • and he notices when you get home, since you braved the whole time you were out
  • While you’re showering to settle down for the night he’s the one that makes you some tea and prepares some snacks for you guys to indulge in
  • and he’s constantly asking and worrying about you because he can see the tiredness in your face and in the way you carry yourself before pulling you into soft and loving carresses 


  • He’d probably be one to shower you with jewelry or something
  • Also would’ve been super critical of your makeup and how you did it and how it set because he’s a model of course he knows something about his makeup
  • but he knew that you were going to be beautiful regardless
  • so he’s not confused or awestruck or anything when you walk up with the fanciest updo and elegant makeup look you could manage yourself, he’s just like
  • “You’re just the way I’d imagine you to be.”
  • blush blush blush tbh
  • He’d take you somewhere quiet and prob feel you up under that dress yanno ;)
  • proooooobably would feel bad for ruining the effort that you put in? 
  • yanno, smeared mascara, messed up dark lipstick…
  • but he’d be walking around so smug with you for the rest of the night


  • okay so lbr he would totally
  • doll you up and buy you all the dresses and outfits and cute things you he wanted
  • “I gotta make everyone jealous of my precious toy ~” he’s joking of course he loves you
  • but he’s just laughing at your frustrated reaction after buying them
  • he figured you’d be cute in them but to actually see you in them with makeup that you put on and that cute lip gloss that he loves you wearing, he’s just…
  • “Whoa.”
  • his jaw visibly drops before slinking an arm around your waist and pulling you close to him
  • “You know we’re just going to an arcade right? You didn’t have to come out looking like a princess!”
  • then proceedes to tease you about your makeup and how next time he’ll hire someone to give you make up lessons >_>


  • he doesn’t really care what you look like
  • okay like he’s just like happy and enjoys you how you are regardless if you ‘doll yourself up’ or if you’re just makeup-less
  • probably prefers you without makeup anyway lol he’s a simple man
  • but when there’s a banquet for a bunch of high profile celebrities and musicians he takes you with him ofc
  • and he’s in a fancy tux with his hair swept so nicely, waiting for you patiently while you finish your makeup
  • (please I NEED TO CONCENTRATE AND I CAN’T WHEN YOU’RE STARING AT ME THE WHOLE TIME?!) *kicks him out of the room*
  • but when you do come out in a stunning dark burgundy ballroom gown his eyes widen
  • and you can see as he studies every inch of your face
  • from your simple waterfall braid with loose and lazy curl hairstyle,
  • to colors to accentuate your dress he’s just beaming the whole night bc got damn look at u


  • He loves taking you out because he knows other people look, and he loves showing other people that you’re his
  • Loves you with and without make up and doesn’t quiet understand the pain women you go through because you wanted to look nice for him
  • But for your date to the art exhibit,  you do your best to remain casual yet classy, donning one of the scarves and sweaters he owned bc fuck he loved seeing you in his clothes
  • When you emerge from your room with a neutral yet glowing look, a very small smile stretches across his lips as he crosses the distance to press kisses to yours
  • “Shall I mess up your hard work now, or later in public?”
  • He has fiendish little grin and you’re pressing against his chess with faux protest  but he keeps you locked in his arms
  • “No, it will be later. I know all the work that you’ve put into this, and I want to be the only one to experience all of you.”