and lmao chelsea

story time with chelsea lol 😂

random story i felt like sharing lol: so i have a french project where we have to talk about a story and have an anecdote for it and such. basically, we’re supposed to tell the story and the point of it is that we’re expressing a regret and what we wished we could’ve done.
and like, i’m a super un-creative rat who is terrible at decision making and so i was like “hmm what person do i know who’s life is full of regrets and has tons of stories relating to these things, oh i know, dan”. and so i decided i’d use dan’s evil piano teacher video as my story bc my french teacher was like “you can use someone else’s story, or a video from someone; whatever you’d like”
so now i literally have a whole french presentation about dan’s video and i present (possibly) tomorrow and i’m just dying.
also like side note, i told my teacher it was based off a video and was then watching the video in class just to make sure i got all the details right. and she walked by me and was like “oh he looks adorable” as dan was talking. and then today she told me that she was going to watch the video after i presented and i was like “haha madame you probably shouldn’t, he uses some really colourful language” and she said she didn’t care and was going to watch it.
this is honestly a true representation of how into dan&phil i am, aka i am lowkey attempting to bring my teachers and classmates into the phandom whoops


Every time I meet Chelsea (Handler), I must’ve been so scared, like “Chelsea’s gonna fuckin’ destroy me!” I don’t know where to be and she’s gonna kill me.


i gave my little cousins some reference photos, control of my tablet and let them have at it. there is some real potential here 👌👌👌