and living happily ever after

I want a really complex everybody lives AU

Kakashi saves Rin from becoming a jinchuuriki. She never has to sacrifice herself for the good of the village. Obito escapes Madara and comes home. Minato sends Jiraiya to get Tsunade to heal him and seperate him from Madara’s chakra. Rin becomes her student after staying by Obito’s bedside during his recovery.

Kakashi watches his friends fall in love over the next few months and decides to stop being the third wheel, enlisting in ANBU.

Around the sametime Kinoe has graduated from Root and been told to join ANBU as his spy.

During an Orochimaru tracking mission they come across the Iburi Clan. Kinoe finds his humanity again and changes his name to Tenzou. He and Kakashi inform Minato of Danzo’s involvement with Orochimaru and all of his plans.

Minato and Hiruzen work together in stopping him. Itachi never has to join ANBU to kill his clan. Instead becoming a member of the police force.

Iruka grows up as a happy child with genuine smiles and pranks others because his father is an enabler. He still never has the heart of a killer and Minato is happy to encourage that as his Hokage, recomending him for the teacher’s exams.

Sasuke never becomes cold and emotionless, he has his big brother to support him where his father fails to. Naruto never becomes a jinchuuriki because Kushina never dies. He is happy, still loudmouthed and energetic, he makes fast friends with some but annoys most.

Obito becomes Team Seven’s jounin leader and he and Naruto frequently drag their team to ramen after training. Their old academy teacher is sometimes there to hear about all their adventures, because Iruka never stops caring about them.

With Obito dating Rin there is no jealousy for Kakashi and the two become as close as brothers. Often he drags him along for ramen as well.

Jiraiya and Tsunade are tasked with finding Orochimaru and bringing him back to the village. Forcing him to keep running and hiding, not being able to establish the Sound Village or infiltrate the Sand Village.

Rin begins teaching Sakura medical ninjutsu when she worries she’s holding her team back. Helping her find her strength before the chunin exams.

Gaara is chosen to fight Naruto in the preliminaries and his tragic story comes out. Naruto knows what he’s talking about because some villagers look at his mother that way. He and his father still love her though and he promises to be Gaara’s friend no matter the outcome of the match.

Gaara’s siblings reconnect with him afterwords promising to be more like the Uzumakis.

And everyone’s happy with their own happy endings.

This is about family. Alice’s journey has been to help him [Hatter] but she’s sort of learned about her own situation, really from him and it’s the great thing about their relationship that she tries to help him but in the end he ends up helping her by inadvertently being himself.


[The shot where Alice and Hatter are holding hands as they say their farewells] They can’t let go. […]They’re holding hands here and they’re holding hands at the end of the last shot. It’s like, they have to go but they don’t want to go.

—  James Bobin, Alice Through The Looking Glass

I know it was predictable as hell and meaby a little rush but in the moment Jonh said “my queen” i gasp and smile and i want them to married and live happily ever after but this is gane of thrones so they probably are gonna die soon so werever.




(I covered up Jimin’s face on this meme. That’s why you’re a giant black circle)

^ Me thinking about how you live hours away and it makes me so sad because I want to be friends with you in real life :’(((

I hope someday you get to marry Hoseok and I get to marry Yoongi and we have a double wedding and we all live happily ever after. But if that can’t happen, then I hope you find someone you love ALMOST as much as Hobi and you two live happily ever after. And you have to invite me to the wedding

It’s weird because I don’t really remember why I followed you or why I messaged you (probably just because I saw that you were born in 1994 and I was trying to meet people around my age on here), but I’m so glad I did. You were a Luhan stan back then. Wow. That seems like a hundred years ago. I feel like I’ve known you forever. I don’t even remember the last time we went a day without messaging each other at least once??? It’s crazy. I talk to you more than I talk to most people I know in real life lmaooo

Anyway, I love you <33333333333333333333 Someday we have to go to Korea together. And one day when BTS tours America again, we have to go together. 

Have I ever told you guys that I headcanon Archie and Veronica (in most alliterations) being high school sweethearts who sadly break up when they part ways for college since they don’t want to hold each other back and want each other to explore everything they can with no string attached (aka, the break up); but eventually they find their way back to each other at some point in the future and get together and live happily ever after <3 


there should be a disney movie where there’s a gay prince and a lesbian princess, right? and they’re in an arranged marriage but they don’t want to get married because their hearts desire the same gender but they can’t tell everybody that so they go along with their parent’s wishes blah blah blah but then they finally find themselves and are ready to come out by almost the end of the movie and then they finally do come out and they find out that they kept it a secret because they didn’t think the king and queen would approve but it turns out, their love for their children trumps above all and they’re accepting of them. then they live happily ever after: the prince with his prince and the princess with her princess. 

here’s the catch: the princess is in love with the prince’s sister

and the prince finds love with his ftm childhood best friend (and it turns out they’ve been loving each other the entire time) - only the childhood best friend’s family know about his transition and kept it a secret because they thought the king and queen would disapprove but they don’t because love trumps hate and they banish anyone from the kingdom who thinks otherwise

and and and the prince and the princess are both POC!!! 

idk…. who’d watch it? cause i would!!!

and the music for the movie would be from troye sivan, hayley kiyoko, halsey, etc. 

if you have any more ideas on how this movie would pan out, comment it omg

Has anyone talked about a Zimbits The Proposal AU yet? Because I have some thoughts.

  • I had a really hard time working out who should be Margaret and who should be Andrew, as tbh it could work both ways, but I decided it fit better with Jack as Margaret and Bitty as Andrew so for this au unfortunately the Zimmermanns have to be dead, but apart from that it’s fine.
  • Jack is high-flying [insert appropriate job here - photographer? still a publisher?] and Bitty is his long-suffering assistant.
  • Jack is known as the robot in the office due to his lack of emotions and apparent ability to work till ungodly hours of the day without stopping, something he expects of everyone else around him. He also doesn’t seem to have a life outside of work.
  • Jack is from Canada. Jack ignored his visa limitations and went out of the country for a business deal. Jack is about to be deported.
  • Bitty, meanwhile, had been looking forward to finally seeing his extended family at his moo-maw’s 90th birthday, but is now stuck complaining to his mother about his evil slave-driving boss, and how he’ll be stuck as Jack’s assistant forever at this rate.
  • When Jack asks him to be his fake fiancé, Bitty wants to say no, but the prospect of a promotion is too much to pass up. So he agrees, on the condition that Jack comes down to Georgia to visit Bitty’s family with him.
  • “Why would I need to know what you’re allergic to?”
    “Because that’s the kind of thing couples who are about to get married should probably know about each other?”
    “Like you know so much about me.”
    “I know you like PB&Js, what your coffee order is and that it has way too much sugar in it, your dry-cleaning specifications, and everything you’re allergic to; so yes, you do need to know that, I’m afraid.
    “What am I allergic to then?”
    “Pine nuts and the full spectrum of human emotion.”
  • Bitty’s massive family is overwhelming for Jack, who’s been by himself a long time.
  • Everything is too hot and Jack hates it.
  • Bitty and his dad don’t get on too well, because Bitty didn’t want to take on the family business. 
  • Bitty’s family make them kiss and it’s awkward as hell until it isn’t, and who knew it could be that good?
  • Jack’s not used to so many people being nice to him, especially Bitty’s mother and grandmother. They persuade the two to get married that weekend. In a barn? For some reason?
  • Bitty has some really great friends from college who come for the wedding. Jack likes them.
  • Jack’s not overly fond of Bitty’s ex, though, who’s sniffing around despite Bitty being fake engaged. To Jack.
  • Everything is still too hot.
  • Jack is starting to get used to Bitty calling him honey and sweetheart and he thinks he likes it.
  • Bitty is starting to get used to Jack’s smile, which had almost knocked him flat on his ass the first time he saw it. Jack should smile more often.
  • The problem is that, now Jack’s met Bitty’s family, he can’t quite bring himself to go on with this charade. Bitty’s family deserved better than this sham of a wedding. Bitty deserves better. 
  • So Jack leaves, and Bitty spills everything to his family, who tell him to go after Jack. 
  • He catches him at the airport.