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Boyfriend!Hyung Line : S.Coups / Jeonghan / Joshua

A/N: hey special s/o to @thirteen-oppas for this boyfriend!joshua ~ hope you like this, smol joshua stan :-)

  • this sweet dude istg
  • love going out with him on street food dates
  • you both bought the same thing just strolling around the neighborhood, sharing stories and being cute together and whatnot
  • he likes to toast your fattening treats before you bite into them together
  • on your second buy you both get something different
  • and he goes “hey, Y/N do you wanna try mine?”
  • next thing you know he’s feeding you his really delicious thing you’ve never had before
  • and you’re going nuts because of the way he looks at you when he fed you
  • he’s got that sparkle in his eye you know?
  • like he’s soo proud he did that and also just enjoying the way you look when you’re eating, even if you think its dorky
  • imagine this you either listen to underground artists more so you two are compatible in liking similar artists
  • or you find yourself mostly listening to mainstream artists and he introduces you to some really good artists and albums you’d never 
  • excuse me but who ever has arguments with this man?
  • he’s so extremely understanding its hard to show how much you love that about him
  • literally him getting mad is practically an urban legend
  • hey remember that beach date he talked about?
  • you two went on one
  • and it ended up being probably one of the most fun dates
  • you guys went onto the beach looking like the cutest couple
  • so get this, you were walking together holding hands on the boardwalk and you two shared an ice cream 
  • by the end of the boardwalk you two were just finishing up the ice cream and enjoying the beautiful beach view with a nice easy breeze
  • and then he hugs you from behind and kisses you on your cheek!!
  • you don’t see it but he’s smiling so hard and kind of giggles because he’s so great
  • he practices the guitar around you
  • it ends up with you getting almost embarrassingly serenaded 
  • your curious to see all the ends of your boyfriend
  • and him being mad was something you would want to actually observe
  • at some point you kind of get desperate to see that
  • you start asking members if they know ANYTHIGN that sets him off
  • it’s basically really simple since he’s a person but he doesn’t lash out at all really
  • and like you finally see him mad…and its the most underwhelming thing ever
  • soonyoung literally didn’t buy him anything for his birthday after he gifted hoshi a nice pair of shoes for hoshi’s birthday and like?
  • hoshi is still alive! they’re still friends like you wouldn’t believe! 
  • how is someone that chill? is it genetic?
  • maybe he’s just so scary when he’s mad people do things behind the scenes to keep him from breaking…
  • you lowkey become a conspiracy theorist about that aspect of him
  • anyways you love him a lot
  • sometimes when you’re walking together he pulls you closer to his side
  • and you are graced with his forehead kisses maybe while you’re waiting to cross a street
  • just at any good time
  • cuuute cuddles and kisses when you’re alone
  • he kisses you so warmly and sweetly
  • you know those kisses where the pair just kind of sighs into
  • eyes fluttering shut
  • that sort of really relaxing kisses that make you want more by the end of them because you’re taken to a different place of your own
  • his hands are so gentle when they caress you or touch you
  • (if you want him to be ;-))
  • he’s really good at adapting to you
  • you may have small pet peeves and it’s easy for him to not do it (most of the time since no one is perfect)
  • and you do the same for him, but he really doesn’t have too much
  • he’s just a good boyfriend who you eat well with 
  • what more could one ask for?

March monthly playlist! This month I added in a lot of underground acoustic artists. Easy listening perfect for studying, driving, relaxing. The last song is J Cole’s “No Role Models” which has been on repeat in my phone for the past couple days. Hope you guys enjoy! 

If you guys have any song suggestions or would like to hear a specific genre, feel free to send me a message! 

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Amerie's 1 thing was before Bday and green light the video and song looked and sounded veeery familiar I love beys talent but amerie did do that first beys been known to take of more underground artists and make it popular because she has the talent and looks but she does that she's a mini diana Ross

That’s crazy, I have honestly never made the connection, most likely because I don’t listen to anything but Bey, majority of the time. That said, I’m calling your bullshit on the other half of this message. You say you love her, which means you probably follow her closely especially with her last album. She is someone who gives upcoming artists / producers / designers a chance to shine, a lot of the time people don’t want to work with them because they haven’t worked with big names in the industry, but Bey looks past all of that, contributes to their talent, gets people to notice not to mention,  make something outstanding out of what they offer her. Pretty much every producer / songwriter Bey has worked with has clearly started she had taken what they offered to turned it into something much greater than they could ever have imagined. Ryan Tedder for example. Here’s what he said about ‘Halo’: ”For instance, on Halo, that bridge on her version is completely different to my original one,” he continued. “Basically, she came in, ditched that, edited it, did her vocal thing on it and now it’s become one of my favourite parts of the song. The whole melody, she wrote it spontaneously in the studio. So her credit on that song stems from that” (x)

Boots, the guy who assists Bey on  Dreams x Haunted x CIL (50 shades edition), no one knew about him until those sounds were released, they’ve been raving about him ever since. He is even signed to Roc Nation now. “‘Haunted’ was the first thing she ever heard from me, and she heard it in a very innocent and pure way, without any label heads or any of that,” he says. “It was originally called ‘I’m Onto You’, and I’ll be honest, I didn’t get it at all at first. I was like, ‘What is she hearing in this?’ because it was just me sounding sad as fuck, singing by myself. I recorded the piano with my iPhone as a voice memo—and that shit made it onto the damn album, by the way. It was a loose idea, but the feeling was there. I had written a bunch of songs that could have been ‘Beyoncé songs,’ whatever that had meant before now, but she wasn’t interested in those. There was something about what I had to say that resonated with her (x)” - There is also Sia, who during the recording process of the album, kept tweeting how grateful she was Bey singled her out of a crowd of a billion people who would like to work with her. Another good example, not music related is someone like Michael Costello. He was lowkey known because of Project Runaway. But Grammys this year, the biggest night in music, Bey chose to wear an outfit he designed.

What was your reaction when you first saw the dress on Beyoncé at the show?

I starting bawling! It’s one thing when you dress somebody who’s an A-list celebrity, but it’s a completely different thing when you’re such a huge fan. She wore my dress when she could have worn anybody else’s dress in the world. That moment, I’m still living it. 

Then you have her dancers who have been given endless opportunities because she has given each and every one of them a chance to shine as bright as they possibly could.

Bey is an artist (she draws), she is VERY observant. Her surroundings inspire her. She thinks, watches, listens, learns and executes! So miss me with that nonsense of “underground artists,” she’s quite capable of shining on her own, not to mention making a name for others, not just herself.

it’s kinda sad how some people who claim to be huge fans of k-hiphop have never even heard of artists like drunken tiger, mc sniper, outsider, leessang or primary (and of so many other influential and important artists but it would take too much time to list them all here). also it makes me cringe when those some people say they listen to many underground hiphop artists when in reality they just fangirl over some show me the money contestants and idol rappers.