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pairing: Bucky x reader

words: 1.2k+

warnings: mild mild angst but F L U F F 

summary: A quiet cold November morning with Bucky, confessions happen.

A/N: I don’t know what this is or how it happened but I like it a lot. Title (also the song I listened to while writing this) from Salvation by Gabrielle Aplin.

@buckyywiththegoodhair​, you are an angel and I don’t know where I’d be without you. Thank you so much for helping me out and editing.


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You were preparing your morning coffee when Bucky Barnes walked into the room. He took his usual place, leaning against the kitchen counter, just watching you pour way too much sugar in your extra tall mug, like he did most mornings. The two of you were the only ones in the building to be found awake this early. Besides Steve of course, who routinely went out for a run every single morning before the crack of dawn. 

Bucky watched you with an amused expression, a lazy grin spread on his face and sleepiness evident in the way his eyes were slightly hooded. The coldness of the floorboards beneath your feet acted as a reminder that you shouldn’t be walking around barefoot on a cold November morning. 

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i. another life - ingrid michaelson // ii. heavy heart - gabrielle aplin // iii. wise enough - lamb // iv. armor - landon austin // v. far too young to die - panic! at the disco // vi. can’t pretend - tom odell // vii. save me from myself - head // viii/ knocking on heavens door - raign // ix. dark come soon - tegan and sara // x. by the throat - chvrches // xi. wild at heart - birds of tokyo // xii. scream - cub sport // xiii. talk me down - troye sivan // xiv. love is a battlefield - ngaiire // xv. heavenly creatures - wolf alice // xvi. salvation - gabrielle aplin // xvii. the lighthouse song - josh pyke // xviii. murder cries - snow ghosts // xix. saturn - sleeping at last


Summary: Soulmate!AU where Jungkook can’t go back “Home” until he has his soulmate with him. 

↳ Words: 2.900+ | Genre: Fluff/Angst | Pairing: Jungkook x O/C  | AU: Soulmate!AU

a/n: I wanted to write a fic like this for quite some time, and inspired by “Home” by Gabrielle Aplin, listen to he song if you can. I hope you enjoy, Thanks for reading, and i had fun writing this piece. 

Each piece must be seen as an individual. Unless otherwise stated. 

#01. | Short Fic #02. “Home” | #03. |

“I’m a phoenix in the water, a fish that’s learned to fly, and I’ve always been a daughter, but feathers are meant for the sky. And so I’m wishing, wishing further, for the excitement to arrive. It’s just I’d rather be causing the chaos, than laying at the sharp end of this knife.”

Once, this little girl was sitting in the sandbox, where her parents placed her. They told her “Be nice with the other kids, and you’ll make new friends.” with a smile spread on their lips.

Like any other parent they want their only daughter to have friends, to fit in, even at a young age. The fact that they moved didn’t help much, Arya was a shy child, she didn’t like having too many people around, or it was because she simply felt uncomfortable next to other children, at a young age she already knew that she wasn’t like them, she didn’t share interest in the same things as them, even though she forced herself to.

“Why are you so quiet?” Julia asked Arya, as they ate lunch on the cafeteria. The latest conversation was about this new boy in school, Jungkook, most girls fell for him, but reality is that Arya couldn’t care less.

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imagine our world // songs for when you just want to lay in bed

1. hold you in my arms - ray lamontagne // 2. tell me a story - phillip phillips // 3. circles (acoustic) - passenger // 4. home - gabrielle aplin // 5. fire alarms - ed sheeran // 6. firelight - young the giant // 7. i don’t care what my friends say - chris holmes // 8. stubborn love - the lumineers // 9. family - noah gunderson // 10. lost in you - ryan o'shaughnessy // 11. arms - christina perri // 12. once in a lifetime - landon austin // 13. heart on fire - jonathan clay // 14. ones and zeros - jack johnson //

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SUMMARY: With the coronation drawing near, M/C and Drake share one last moment together. For they know that they’ll never be more than a fairytale—one that ends before its happily ever after.

UNIVERSE: The Royal Romance


WORD COUNT: 1400+ words

AUTHOR’S NOTE: For Round Eighteen of #ChoicesCreates by @hollyashton and hosted by @kittenmusicals. The prompt was: ‘We are made of all those who have built and broken us.’ 

A result of this week’s chapter that had my heart breaking to the point where I had to write something angsty to cope with the pain. A possible Part Two to Falling Like Stars. Written while listening to Please Don’t Say You Love Me by Gabrielle Aplin. (Rating: T)

As a young girl, she padded down the hall and into her parents’ room with her squeaky bunny slippers on. She’d tug on her mom’s and push the storybook onto her lap, practically begging for her to read one.

She had always been fascinated by fairytales, by the proposal of a so-called happily ever after that awaited at its end. She had always loved how anything and everything seemed possible, of how even the dreams that were hardest to grasp could come true.

Tales of princesses and dragons, knights and adventures, magic and spells were what her mom would read to her. It was the place where all the problems the little girl had vanished in the flick of a wrist. It was where the hero could fight the dragon and win. It was where she was sure to find a happy ending, even if it wasn’t her own.

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Patrik Laine - Home

I recommend listening to Home by Gabrielle Aplin :)

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When you first moved to Winnipeg, you were a lonely college student in a new city. You had no family, no friends, and no home. You lived in a small apartment, but it never felt like home. you were alone in a big city and everyday you felt miserable.

But now? Everything has changed.

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alone again ↪ a mix for unholyverse gerard.

one: jesus christ - brand new two: blue lips - regina spektor three: broken crown - mumford and sons four: you’re no god - laura marling five: squalor victoria - the national six: in minutia - proxies seven: crossroads - tracy chapman eight: sigh no more - mumford and sons nine: graceless - the national ten: all this and heaven too - florence and the machine eleven: can’t help falling in love (elvis presley cover) - ingrid michaelson twelve: the power of love (frankie goes to hollywood cover) - gabrielle aplin thirteen: luca (reprise) - brand new.

[listen here]

Cute Mix For A Cute Person (pt 2)

  • Alive / Gabrielle Aplin
  • Bones / Lewis Watson
  • Don’t Wake Me When It’s Over / Lifehouse
  • The End Of All Things / Panic! At The Disco
  • Hazy (Feat. William Fitzsimmons) / Rosi Golan
  • Home (Demo) / Lewis Watson
  • If I Tremble / Front Porch Step
  • Love Like This / Kodaline
  • One / Ed Sheeran
  • Our Last Days / The Fray
  • Simple As This / Jake Bugg
  • Something I Need / One Republic 
  • Take My Hand (The Wedding Song) [Feat. Will Anderson] / Emily Hackett
  • Turning Page / Sleeping At Last
  • You Are In Love / Taylor Swift
  • 102 / Matty Healy (Of The 1975)

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- ̗̀june 9th 2017☀️ ̖́-
this week has been super productive : i’ve basically summarised the last ten weeks of my phonetics/phonology class. because, while i always do my weekly word document summaries, i can’t study with fifty word pages and since my exam is on the 12th of july and i’m currently on pentecost break i started revising this week 📖☕️

currently listening to // miss you — gabrielle aplin

for the day: perfect songs for singing in your car with your windows down and the sun on top of you.

i. best day of my life - american authors | ii. boomerang - the summer set | iii. young volcanoes - fall out boy | iv. wild heart - the vamps | v. this is an adventure - the lighthouser and the whaler | vi. these streets - bastille | vii. sex - the 1975 | viii. why don’t we go there - one direction | ix. sun shy - dresses | x. forget about you - R5 | xi. alone together - fall out boy | xii. i blame you - plug on the stereo | xiii. like or like like - miniature tigers | xv. afterglow - the crookes | xvi. lighting in a bottle - the summer set


for the night: relaxing mixes to listen while looking at the dark window of the train / car you’re travelling by

i. slow it down - the lumineers | ii. i will follow you into the dark - daniela andrade | iii. a world alone - lorde | iv. why’d you only call me when you’re high (acoustic) - arctic monkeys | v. medicine - daughter | vi. for the first time - the scripts | vii. the girl - city and colour | viii. lonelily - damien rice | ix. old pine - ben howard | x. first day of my life - mathieu saikaly | xi. pompeii - bear’s den | xii. atlas hands - benjamin francis leftwich | xiii. hero - family of the year | xiv. what about today (live) - lewis watson | xv. please don’t say you love me - gabrielle aplin | xvi. redeeming love - amy stroup


“early morning commute”    [ l i s t e n ]

back then (acoustic)julian smith // a case of you - gabrielle aplin // she - ed sheeran // i won’t let you down - alex clare // menswear - the 1975 // words as weapons - birdy // sheets - shannon saunders // after the storm - mumford + sons // scare away the dark - passenger // overjoyed (acoustic) - bastille // little darling - lewis watson // city love - john mayer // a drop in the ocean - ron pope // oats in the water - ben howard // medicine - daughter // you - the pretty reckless // parallax - the careful ones // waiting game - banks // bloodstream - stateless // nicest thing - kate nash

falling back to you → a mix for nate & elena, from pirates off the coast of panama to new beginnings on a dock in new orleans, louisiana. (cover image by @zae-lynn!)

2hr22min of 40 songs & 40 artists, feat. all we know by the chainsmokers, backbeat by dagny, skinny love by bon iver, start of time by gabrielle aplin, bright by echosmith, and many more. 


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