and listening to all her music

“She has a lot of fans,” says Jack, not just because she’s “famous”, but because her fans are true fans.  “A lot of people think that fame,  or press, or everyone knowing your name can sell you a lot of records or movies or whatever it is, but it’s not true. Everyone knows a lot of people, but, when they put out an album, no one cares. What’s always exciting to me about her is,  she has a ton of fans that like to listen to ALL her music and will buy her music.”  He continued, “That culture is amazing.”

Jack Antonoff

isn’t it wild that taylor was able to prove her point with reputation without saying anything about it at all? like yesterday i saw some dumbass dude tweet something like “what is taylor swift going to do when she’s in a happy relationship?” …IDK MAYBE LISTEN TO THE ALBUM AND YOU’LL FIND OUT YOU IRRELEVANT SWINE!! people are literally criticising the album based on content that DOESN’T EXIST…like…her reputation really does precede her…and at this point you can either believe the things you hear and read or you can take the time to listen to her music and you know… form opinions for yourself!! it’s that simple!! we don’t have time for lazy hateful people anymore!! we’re done with them!! 

LMJ's songs

So yesterday I listened to Lauren’s solo stuff again, and here’s how I rank her songs according to my own preference (a reminder that music is subjective. Other opinions are welcome, I’d love a good discussion as long as it’s not hateful):

4. Strangers – I love her vocals in here, the way she delivered her verse, it’s really hypnotic and it makes me want to hear more than I wanted to hear Halsey. But, I wish there’s more something (adlibs, runs, idk.. Maybe more Lauren or more Halsey-Lauren singing). I think this song would have been better if there’s a visual attached to it (mv). Still a good song tho.

3. In Your Phone - again, Lauren’s flow/delivery is so freaking awesome. She’s not stiff or monotonous in any of her songs because she plays her flow up. I wish this was longer, I might have ranked it higher.

2. All Night - a solid banger. It’s smooth and chill. I was expecting it to go hard, but after I heard it, I think the way it was done actually works. The beat and production is topnotch and the song is catchy. Lauren’s vocals is rich and raspy and really attention grabbing, and the way she went off on the last part was good.

My initial reaction though wasn’t as warm as I felt after my fourth re-listen. My first thought was that, while she sounded really good, it felt a bit too laidback. Like, since there’s really no intense beat drop, I wish there was more spike in her verses/vocal prod (granted she did it at the last part). But I’m not saying it’s bad, because I do think the song is really good for its category.

I think if Lauren’s second chorus was a bit amped up (not too much though..) just added some sound variation, I would have loved it 100%.

Again, I do think it’s a solid song (it’s my second favorite after all), I love the production, and I love Lauren’s lyrics and how she sang it mostly, and I love that there’s a certain emotion added to the song because of her voice and her words (like it was a bit haunting the way she sang it – like she truly feels it).

But yeah that was just my issue (which is more of my general feel towards this current edm-Pop trend), that it wasn’t as hype as I expected (I know it was meant to be that way and it’s good too).

1. Back to Me – this has everything. When I listened to it again last night, I got chills when I heard the beat. It’s a fucking solid song, man. It has everything I like. Great vocals (both from Lauren and Sam), good build-up, fucking bass, and I simply love the production. Maybe I’m just biased because I was a fan of Marian Hill before, and just seeing them collab with Lauren was too much excitement for me, but yeah, I think Back To Me is solid. So underrated.

(Although, All Night, as Lauren’s first solo, is a fucking great way to introduce herself as a soloist. I’m really proud of her).

Saturday morning

We were up at 7:30, had breakfast (leftover pancakes for Lou and cereal for me), her coat is being washed, realized my coat has rips under BOTH armpits so I ordered a new one from Costco. Lou watched a half hour of her favorite (High School Musical) and she’s making jewelry and listening to an audio book..  (I also ordered her a kit of scented beads from Costco for Christmas.) 

I want to do ALL THE THINGS but sitting here under the blanket is oh so nice. The weather is so rough, we should go walk the pup before it gets gross out there but its cold. We are going to a friends’ house for dinner tonight and might check out a middle school play this afternoon.  

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving with family. Green beans are my duty. 

modern disney princess study moods

snow white

apple and cinnamon tea, having the cleanest of clean studying spaces, instrumental covers of pop songs, needs to study on her own for important things but loves organising study groups, makes mind maps and diagrams for all her subjects, studies first thing in the morning as the sun rises, always gets a full night of sleep.


likes dressing up even for the most basic of social work study sessions, never without a full pencil case and oversized mug of darjeeling tea, lives on her own away from her step-relatives and loves being able to study in peace, doesn’t do study groups but organises collaborative Google docs and always helps others who don’t get the material (she gets the nickname ‘fairy godmother’ as a result), can’t wait to become a social worker.


sleeps in late but is ready to go almost immediately, never without a full mug of vanilla coffee, everything is coordinated pink and blue, loves studying out in nature with her notes, listens to lo-fi music and romantic songs from the 1950s to help her relax, has the prettiest studyblr out there for a english literature student, audits fashion classes in her spare time, sketches out dresses when listening to her lectures.


mulls over what she needs to revise and study in the shower every morning, dreams of life after college, even though she loves her marine biology course, spends time at the marina any chance she gets, sneaks on her father’s yacht to study with the smell and spray of the sea around her, breaks up chunks of studying with swimming in the college pool, has a part time job at the pool to help support her studies.


always overruns her study sessions with exploring new concepts and materials that aren’t on the syllabus but fascinate her anyway, studies with pastries from the local bakery and brings them to study groups, loves studying in coffee shops and cafes, practically lives in the library, never without her glasses, always about the extra credit, is planning on her masters and doctorate in mechanical engineering.


needs google calendar to keep on track on everything, has the fanciest stationery, immaculate handwriting, studies with her cat on her feet, drinks only sweet turkish coffee, uses pomodoro technique but with keeping up with the kardashians, takes extra semester courses alongside her business management course.


super motivated environmental sciences student, spends a lot of time studying with the geography and geology students too, uses her studies as a way to advocate for environmental change, herbal tea all the way, covers entire tables in the library with her maps and research, leads live study sessions on facebook live, uses recycled paper notebooks only.


listens to lectures on her phone while she works out, uses her morning run to work out difficult concepts in her head, drinks only green tea when she studies, but chugs red bull when it hits midnight, uses the library late at night with noise cancelling headphones, listens to power ballads and motivational jams.


the hardest working student you’ll ever meet, balances work and school really well, takes breaks on her waitressing and barista jobs, dark roast coffee and beignets as study rewards, can survive on three hours sleep, listens to ambient beats and nineties pop to focus, starts internship applications two months early, takes time off when exams are over to just sleep and watch netflix, dreams up ideas for restaurant dishes when she should be rewriting her notes, queen of time management.


notes tend to be speckled with paint, sketches as she listens to psychology lectures, motivating as all heck, listens to guitar music when she studies, likes lemonade to drink alongside her study, hoards books about subjects she’d like to study, her bullet journals feature prominently on her instagram, has highlighters for everything, documents her entire studying process on snapchat.


listens to heavy metal and rock music, never without her massive headphones, uses archery as an analogy for everything in her classes, studies for sports science on her rooftop when things get too loud at home, happier when she’s out in the woods studying, red bull and coffee as study aids, hates studying but does really well in exams.


has no formal organisation method for her notes, super colourful highlighters everywhere, always hits snooze, hot chocolate with cinnamon all year round, amazing at energising people in study groups, queen of the study whatsapp group for their theatre and performance class, has nothing but broadway musicals on her study playlist.


doesn’t do study groups, but will occasionally study with anna if she needs it, likes her cold press coffee and frozen lattes, uses pastel highlighters exclusively, reads the textbooks from cover to cover and not just the assigned readings, leads the curve for her history and environmental chemistry course, has debussy and saint-saens as her soundtrack for studying.


studies in the early morning, copies everything from her international history and politics classes, loves to revisit her notes in the sunshine or at the beach whenever possible, doesn’t do caffeine but drinks a lot of orange juice and water, volunteers for opportunities with the aged and children any chance she gets, has aims to be a community organisor.

Her music, I love it when an artist comes back with an album and no one understands it for the first week, and then after the first week, everyone’s like ahhh I kinda get it. I love that, like even when she brought “Shake It Off” out last time for the first week I didn’t quite get it cause I was use to Red Taylor or Speak Now Taylor, yeah but then you understand it and like I think all artists have to evolve you know and for when I listened to it. I actually got it faster than I thought id get it cause I was like “aw sick like she’s obviously trying something new” and it worked.
—  Ed Sheeran on Taylor’s new music - RadioNow1009 [x]
I used to find you in the dictionary under the word rowdy. You were all scraped knees and chapped lips. You were ever-evolving; a complete whirlwind. Your middle name was Chaos.
I miss your giddy screeches of delight and the way the breeze flirted with your hair those smoke stained evenings. Can you remember the dusks once full of too loud music and barely audible whispers? The air tasted of you and falling leaves and I could swear even the crickets stopped to listen to your humming.
Which is why I can’t wrap my head around why- or how, you let her tame you. It’s almost as if you willingly went into the cage she led you to. Now you don’t even care to break free and you no longer hum melodies and I avoid going out at night now because I’m afraid of the quiet. I ache for the peace your violence once brought me. Everything is too still.
I still have the dictionary, except now I rifle through the pages wondering where you take homage. I hope we find each other again.
—  Autumn Geçer/ roseysun

FO4 companions + doddleoddle songs

requested by @syd11d7

Yeah, when my daughter was in college she took me with all of her girlfriends, and it was a fantastic show. [Swift’s] audience experiences her songwriting very, very personally, and I think she’s speaking to a large part of them very personally. As far as craft, [her songs are] really, really well-built and well-made; they’re very, very sturdy, and the records are too. I admire the modern record-making craft and modern songwriting. It’s not necessarily something I’m driving around listening to in my car 24-7 — I’m too old, I tend to listen to older music
—  Bruce Springsteen about Taylor Swift as a songwriter - Variety (October 4th 2017)

(This picture was taken right after I shaved my hair since I was losing it from chemo. It’s actually my favorite picture of myself.) On March 9th 2017 (after a long year and a half of extreme pain, being passed from doctor to doctor, and two surgeries) I was diagnosed with stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma which had traveled to my bones and lungs. a week after I had a third surgery to place a port in my chest so that I could receive chemo without damaging my veins. Chemo started almost immediately. It was hard for me because my whole life had just changed in an instant. I wasn’t even allowed to work with the kids that I hade been nannying for three years which was heartbreaking. Every other Monday for 5 months (my last treatment was September 5th) I was in a Chemo room at the hospital for 3-5 hours and you best believe that Taylor Swift was the one who kept me entertained! From listening to her music to watching the live tour specials she always kept me strong and happy. I was at my treatment when she posted the first video hint about reputation! All of my nurses were laughing because I was freaking out about new music the whole time. Taylor and her music have gotten me through so much and this is just another thing I can add to that list. She means the absolute world to me. Taylor taught me to be fearless and that is how I survived this. In about a year I can have my port taken out and from the moment I had the surgery I knew I wanted to get ‘Fearless’ tattooed above my scar. I don’t just want a normal tattoo though… I want it to be in Taylor’s writing. I know that it is a long shot but maybe this will reach Taylor and she will see how much she means to me. Thank you so much for reading -Jess @taylorswift @taylornation

Reminder that even if Taylor Swift is doing different music now, her old songs are still there. You can still listen to enchanted when you are about to fall in love. You can still listen to all too well when you are heartbroken. She is just putting more songs for different moods, emotions and experiences to her discography. Sometimes in life you need RED, sometimes you need reputation.

taylor swift’s playlist is truly so eclectic, yet it’s underpinned by such ethereal, soothing sounds and hauntingly slow tempos. it’s fitting to listen to whilst sitting by ocean shores under endless pastel skies, for afternoons spent amidst rolling countrysides and for crisp autumn nights spent peacefully alone by candlelight. this list evokes an unparalleled sense of comfort, uplifting bliss and warmth. to reveal the music we love can be soul baring, and it’s so special that taylor keeps sharing intimate, thoughtful things like this with us that uniquely strengthen our connection. we genuinely have an unbreakable, powerful bond with her.

calling taylor out and disagreeing with her actions doesn’t make you a fake fan, a bad fan, etc. it makes you someone who wants the person that you look up to do the right/smart thing. threatening someone with lawyers doesn’t help her at all. if she doesn’t want to be associated with that, then she should say so. i can honestly 100% bet that if taylor were to have wrote an open letter HERSELF just like she did to apple music instead of sending her lawyers, people would listen and it would have 10x the impact.

don’t let any poptartswiftie13 tell you otherwise

my thoughts on every rep song

ready for it: still tied for my favourite with one other. i just love it idk why. i was literally so shocked when it came out i just… IDK I GRAVITATED TO IT.

end game: catchy! not something i would really listen to if it wasn’t taylor, you know? but it’s still a bop. she’s also a lyrical genius, like they’re all so well written. ‘and i bury hatchets, but i keep maps of where i put ‘em’. so fucking good.

i did something bad: hands down my favourite alongside ready for it. it’s my type of music, if that makes sense? this is my ‘haunted’, ‘ikywt’ and ‘i know places’ of the album. it’s my favourite 100%.

don’t blame me: adore it. definitely a ‘overdose on drugs’ song (lmfao that’s what my sister calls what my music taste is like) and yep i love it. so good and sultry and catchy and darker and she is taking no one’s shit.

delicate: really good. i love her lyrics. i love the beat. i wanted a lil somethin more, feels very… one tone? idk i don’t know music verbiage but it’s still very good and def gonna be a good driving song.

look what you made me do: a banger. ‘nuff said.

so it goes…: ‘you know i’m not a bad girl, but i do bad things with you’ ripriprip i really love this song too. i honestly adore the direction her music is going in. whenever i say ‘ya i’m a taylor fan’ people will be confused cause she’s normally not what i listen to but this is definitely going in my typical direction and i LOVE her exploring it.

gorgeous: it grows on me every time i listen to it. i wasn’t feeling it the first time i listened, but when it comes on now i’m like OH WORM??????? again, her lyrics are other worldly but we all knew that. not to mention that cat lyric was literally written for me.

getaway car: the robot noise at the beginning is… inch resting. but this song feels very… 1989 taylor for sure. it’s a good thing. it’s a banger. i’m going to be screaming it in the shower. but it’s not my favourite. still catchy tho.

king of my heart: this one feels very forgettable when it starts but then that…hook…chorus…drop… (seriously i don’t know music terms) hits and you’re like OH ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGHT? i can’t wait to dance to this at the concert. but the talking-singing part is a little ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ to me but that’s okay cause it just gets me more pumped for the DROP!

dancing with our hands tied: a banger. this one intrigued me the most by the title alone, and i wasn’t disappointed. wasn’t my FAVOURITE but i have a feeling all these songs are going to grow more and more on me over time till they’re all my favourites so. but i do love it? not much else to say.

dress: so i want to do the do to this song. it’s sexy. it’s so different. i absolutely love that she’s exploring new things and new lyrics and just!!!! so proud!!!!

this is why we can’t have nice things: lorde vibes??? anyone????? 22/new romantics vibes during the chorus, not sure why. i think this one will have to grow on me? 

call it what you want: so soft. so pure. so good. i want to drive down the coast with my lover’s hand on my thigh to this song.

new year’s day: lyrics! lyrics! lyrics! i wish i loved it more but i think that will come in due time. i’m just hyped and it’s lower tempo so i think this is going to be a song i need to listen to when i am crying. i’ll update you once i’m in that mood lmao.

in conclusion:

taylor swift murdered me!!!

you know who is really slept on as a creator and musician? lindsey stirling. like she’s been on youtube for a while now, and as of this post is enough of a star to be on DANCING WITH THE STARS (and she’s KILLING IT) and she’s been featured on at least one song I’ve heard on the radio this year, but I feel like people don’t talk about her that much?? she’s craAZY good at the violin and (idk if she composes all of them) has some amazing compositions of already existing songs and also her own style of like violin dance music? like you could straight up rAVE to some of her music here are some of my personal favorites of her music

yeah so her music is bomb as hECK so go listen to it

So Much More

Synopsis: You are a new and upcoming superstar and during an interview, you get asked questions about the one and only Harry Styles. 

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