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Wholesome classmate interactions :’)


the best ships are the ones where they’ve been shown to work great as a team. where the characters balance each other out without eclipsing the other person, but instead bring out the best in each other to get a job done or fix a problem.(insp.)

Hell hath no fury like a goddess scorned, and Anna counts her blessings that Elsa is omnipotent, not omniscient

And even then, the beautiful, blonde manifestation of Winter is just that: Winter taken form. The ice and snow act on her command, though Anna has no doubt Elsa knows some sort of loophole to extend the range and versatility of her divine powers. 

Anna mumbles a prayer under her breath as she scales the cliff, thanking all of the other powers that be that Elsa hasn’t tracked her down yet because of it. 

“I should’ve never listened to Kristoff,” she grumbles as her sore fingers grasp at the lip of a cave hewn into the cliff’s face–a combination of the weather and dwarven architects that had left their mark centuries before. “’There probably won’t be any consequences’, he says. ‘What’s the worst thing that can happen’, he says…” 

Anna hauls herself inside, upper body muscles working double to ensure she does not fall to her death in the process. Her arms are as sore as the rest of her from traveling–running–non-stop, and she collapses in a tired heap on the cave floor. 

She had only learned of this cave by chance at the last town she had passed through for provisions. According to the merchant, few dared to ever visit, due to the treacherous climb. Barring that, the dwarven ruins further beyond the cave entrance were said to host dangers long since lost to man. 

Why anyone would even build such a thing to begin with is anyone’s guess… 

But regardless, the cave serves its purpose in allowing her a few days to catch her breath and gather her wits for a more long-term plan. Elsa would never think to find her here. 

The thought is both relieving and saddening. For on one hand, Anna has fallen hard for the goddess of winter, and seeing her never fails to send her heart soaring to the heavens. But on the other… 

Anna musters just enough strength for her palm to meet her forehead in a dull ‘smack’, exhaling loudly. “’Mad’ probably doesn’t even begin to cover it…” 

“You’re right. It doesn’t,” a very familiar voice says, just as Anna feels a snowflake land on her nose. 


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Look at this amazing song @pgthemeerkat made for Telltale Frisk!

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My current (legitimate) FrameworkFitz theory is that he’s not explicitly evil, but he’s probably not got - or is ignoring - those core values we’re used to. I suspect he’s a weapons manufacturer or someone who sort of plays the “game” of inventing & exploiting those inventions.

Some of my reasons for believing this include:

  • they’re gonna have to work reaaaal hard to make me believe that Fitz is Hydra or something. the world is different sure but it still has to account for some of who Fitz is as a person
  • also, if he’s not all-out evil, they could do things such as lull us into a false sense of security, or they could have “fixed” his regret in a way that we might not be expecting eg what if his dad stuck around, but was still an ass, or what if he was raised by his father instead of rather than as well as his mother? If Aida doesn’t understand love or happiness she might not understand that these defeat the spirit of Fitz’s “regret”

  • (real) Fitz’s inventions probably wouldn’t be that successful in terms of a global military complex eg ICERS instead of guns, and many other benign inventions; in fact I think his only especially destructive one was initially made under pressure/by mistake
  • and they’ve literally JUST told us that (our) Fitz “makes things out of the genius of his brain and the kindness of his heart to help people”
  • but what if he didn’t

  • POTENTIALITY. In the Academy ep in S1, FitzSimmons were asked to give a presentation on “potentiality,” which started off along the lines of “this room is filled with brilliant minds, but other organisations have brilliant minds too - Hydra, AIM”. They basically handed ‘here is an alternate life path’ to us on a platter. plus Fitz has been thinking about the consequences of his actions etc so it could feed into that arc even if it’s not explicitly/directly related

emeraude talking about how the writers room handles different sexualities (x)



Yuuri K.: (sleepy gurgling)

Victor: “what the fuck, man”

Phichit: OHOHO !!!!