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I need this, kakashi/sakura

“Oh, my god.”

Ino eyeballs the small cardboard display of roll-on lipgloss in the civilian drug store with something akin to wonder even as her insides cringe at the memories the innocent dancing cherries evoke.  


Her fairy for a best friend hums distractedly as she scrutinizes the modest array of vitamins, heedless to the way Ino gingerly reaches for one of the childishly colored tubes. She didn’t even know they still made the stupid things! Rolling the translucent red vial between her long fingers, the blonde marvels at how the product hadn’t changed a bit from when the two were children. 

A soft smile curls her rose painted lips as she thinks of a time as children when Sakura had randomly given her a silly tube of clear lip gloss for “being the bestest friend ever, Ino-chan!” She had cherished it, loved it even, because her “bestest” friend had given it to her.

But, that was before Sasuke, and as everyone knows, Sasuke ruins everything

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I wna be in a pink mini skort and a pink cropped zip up hoodie with large hoops and purple eyeshadow and pink lip gloss and thin brows waiting for my man at the basketball court to finish playing in his xxxl shirt and xxxll ball shorts and a headband holding his dyed orange kinda spiky hair 

What to film a video on…

I have heaps of mac stuff and kind of want to do a full face of mac but will that come across to braggy and would you watch it?

Otherwise I was thinking how to highlight with lip gloss or something?

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Still trynna find a lip gloss that will withstand a bj :/

impossible girl! no lip gloss could ever withstand the caliber of sloppy dat sloppy toppy needs to be 

For some reason, I always thought legwarmers were a very girly thing. (Obviously legwarmers have no gender, but in my mind they were always something the really girly girls had.) I also always thought being a girly girl was a bad thing. Dudebros love to make fun of girls for being “high maintenance” or “basic bitches” or basically anything else we do. But as an adult, I’m starting to really, really enjoy being a girly girl. I’m talking cute nail polish, sparkly lip gloss, Starbucks, bath bombs, pop music, the color pink, and legwarmers. All those things I shunned as a teen because I didn’t want to be seen as a stereotypical girly girl. They’re fun and I love them. Life is better once you embrace things you once avoided because someone told you you’re not supposed to like them.