and lip gloss

mama-smokey  asked:

Hi Mango! I just saw your first video on your new channel and absolutely loved it! I noticed on your comment here you said you were open to video suggestions, what do you think of an everyday get ready with me video? I've always wondered what you wear on a day-to-day basis (especially the lipsticks you use in your videos) and I'm sure there are others that feel the same way. Don't feel pressured to do it, I just wanted to throw that idea out there

Absolutely! I don’t actually wear makeup most days unless I’m streaming, and even then it’s just eye makeup and some lip gloss, not even foundation xD For filming I go a bit more extravagant because the video is higher-quality! But I could definitely see about doing a casual GRWM for my everyday makeup, yeah~!

hands, wrung through
your hair
climbing through your scalp
sliding into your mind
i want you to think about me
in the morning
and not just the ones
where i’m there
i want your hair to smell like my lips
coconut gloss
the kind that you can’t help
but to grow trees from

fingers, twined in yours
slipping promises into your wrists
tying your veins into bows
telling you that i like your nails
worn to nubs
because you are nothing like her
never sharp
always soft

legs, encased in yours
smooth silk
against sandpaper skin
i hope
that when your hands run over me
straighten my shirt
tighten my tie
you can’t help but to yearn
not to be tied around me
but for us to be tied

mouth, pressed against your neck
whispering promises of the night
always broken in the morning light
sweet melodies in one ear
and out the other
always kissed
always spoken
but never sung in full
never screamed out your bedroom window
like my lips itch to

back, yours to me
lightening streaks running down your pale skin
a storm you carry around on your shoulders
i’ve always loved the rain
i think they’re beautiful
i tell you you’re beautiful
you never believe me
always using clouds as your cover
you think they destroy you
i think they are you

arms, circling my waist
bird like and thin
slender branches that could break in an instant
you like me because i make you feel safe
i’m strong
what you don’t realise
is i think about your laugh all the time
when i was only supposed to love your body
but you keep sturdy
the tree you are
tell me now,
who is the strong one?

chest, steady and calm
i wonder if you can hear my heart beat
half way across town
or maybe you think it’s a siren
always the pessimist
how can i tell you i need that ambulance
my heart, it’s tearing
undone; apart
i need you to show me some chaos
for once, show me your heart
i need to know if your love belongs to me
or if infatuation is all I’ll be

- Infatuation. 20th March ‘17 (ear splitting smile and a splitting sky