and limited 3g

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Hey, I just saw your post about your holiday in Greece! I hope you have fun and enjoy your stay in Zante. Since I'm from Greece I just wanted to let you know that if you need help with anything, I'll be glad to help! Also a heads up. There's been a fire in Zante the last couple of days. So you might want to avoid the inflicted areas. Anyways bye have fun. Hope I didn't bother you too much.

OKAY SO I’M BACK IN THE SHIRE OF YORK NOW BUT THIS IS SO SWEET AND I TRULY APPRECIATE IT THANK YOU DARLING! I had a really lovely time and I managed to avoid the affected areas, but I definitely definitely felt the heat! You absolutely didn’t bother me - feel free to message me any time! 💖💖


Hello!!  Its Haley. I am the mun of many blogs, but most of you know me from @wilfordswarfstache @oftheatrics @meowgamed && @prctip since those are my most active ones!! I am going on a little vacation this week! The place I am going to has zero wifi and limited 3G coverage. So like I legit cannot roleplay at all. I may have tiny bits of signal and in that I will check in or post pictures of the vacation but there ain’t gonna be any activity except for maybe the 20th while I’m driving up there, but even then it’ll be mobile. I’m sure when I return I will be more than ready to keep writing! But I just thought you should all know that I am not dead and that I will be back!

أقصر قصص حزينه.

١- الواي فاي مايوصل للغرفه.
٢-الفيش بعيد عن سريرك.
٣-تصحى من النوم شحن جوالك ١%
٤- daily post limit.
٥- ال 3G فصل اول ماطلعت من البيت.
٦-تنجرح من طرف ورقه.
٧- خلص الويكيند.
٨-بكرا دوامات..