and likes babies

-YJH and DK are roommates

-They wore couple sweater to airport today 

-YJH has stickers of dk on his phone

-Dk has selfie of him and YJH as a wallpaper on his phone

-DK said that “they are dating” on caratland concert…………..

i bet they are dating.

The Nilo/Nouiam masterpost we all deserve

Because I have a lot of feels about Nilo and I cannot believe not everyone screams about this OT3???

The rest under the cut because I got carried away with these menaces.

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Because this week’s episode fucked it up so badly with the entire Camlann Iris Gem event, I took the liberty of recording it from my save.  First up, the party seeing the contents of the Iris Gem, courtesy of Mayvin (yes, I actually put everyone back into their classic costumes except for the dolls, lol):

Yes, the anime flashback scene skipped it, but both Sorey and Mikleo are survivors of the Camlann massacre, and that they didn’t think Sorey was going to live for more than a few months because he was born so prematurely and yet look at him, all grown up and getting ready to save the world.  And Muse’s farewell to baby Mikleo makes me cry every time.  The manga version is even sadder as one of the last panels we see of that sequence is Muse hugging baby (now Seraph) Mikleo for the last time as she tells him goodbye with her circlet wrapped around his blankets.  And before anyone tries to tell me that baby can’t be Mikleo, he still looks like Muse in the anime, Michael still has purple eyes, and the circlet Michael takes off of Muse’s forehead is the exact same one we see Mikleo wearing when he’s underwater at the Galahad Ruins way back when in Season 1.

And then, of course, Sorey’s answer:

No, Mayvin normally doesn’t show up at level 112 with over 45k HP, that’s just what happens when you have the game cranked up to Chaos.

As for when this happens in the game … well, for one thing, there’s no good corresponding moment in the anime.  As for what’s happened in the game, this is after Glaivend Basin, after Sorey loses (and regains) his resonance, after he’s gone through the 4 trial shrines for the mystic artes in each armatus, after facing off against Heldalf and Symonne a second time, and Zaveid basically reminding them all that Maotelus has been MIA ever since the Age of Chaos began, and hinting to Sorey, Mikleo, and Rose that Maotelus has been using the continent as a vessel, and this is Lailah’s way of getting the truth of what happened in the past to Sorey and Mikleo so Sorey can come to his answer as the current Shepherd.

It’s worth noting that this is where game-Sorey realizes what needs to be done, and the full implications of it, and what the risks would be, and note how even though Mikleo has undoubtedly come to the same conclusion, he’s still right there supporting Sorey and while he’s not the first to speak, he is the last (and most important) and when the chips came down, it’s Mikleo that Sorey armatizes with and it’s Mikleo that Sorey was going to “use” for the “bullet” for Mayvin.

anonymous asked:

Would you agree that Mikasa is a Mary Sue?

In short: hell to the fucking no

It’s a shame that there’s no proper official definiton of the term, thus this’ll be a bit vague.

It’s true that Mikasa’s physical power doesn’t come exclusively from herself,  her relation to the Ackerman clan plays a big part in that, and it probably would be more believable if Isa had already explored this part of the story, but oh well.  However, Mikasa’s strength doesn’t just come from that. Like the others, she went through years of training, mastering abilities and techniques, and growing even stronger, through hard work, something that came from herself.

And even if her strength wasn’t her own, it still wouldn’t make her a Mary Sue, after all, Mikasa has found herself unable to achieve victory many times. She was unable to rescue Eren from Annie in the forest and would’ve likely been killed if it wasn’t for humanities strongest showing up. During the armored titan fight she wasn’t able to make a difference, and when the SC attempted to rescue Eren from RB in the fields, her physical strength was useless against Reiner, and she even ended up heavily injured and unable to fight even against the mindless smiling titan, spelling her doom if it wasn’t for Eren and Hannes. She was almost shot in the raid on the Reeves company, Bertholdt was able to hold his ground against her in human form in Shiganshina, and her thunderspears were useless against CT. And Hange bested her on the rooftop. Does that sound like a Mary Sue to you? 

Although Mikasa has often relied on her superior physical strength, it has proven to simply be lacking too often. And thats the thing about Attack on Titan: simply being the strongest guy around simply doesn’t cut it. As Eren put it in ch 72, they had to combine their forces in order to truly bring about change.

So please, no one ever call my daughter a Mary Sue again^^ 

wurwolf  asked:

We're getting a Wegman's out here in Lancaster in late 2018 and it's like the whole city has lost its goddamn mind


It’s a supermarket, but also a FUCKIN FOOD COURT, 


Like…it was like culture shock when I finally set foot in one which was like last year. In all my years I’ve never been to one before, never heard of them. And then my coworkers just say, “Yeah let’s go to Wegman’s for lunch.” And I’m just…it’s a supermarket how you doin that??

I guess Gov. Wolf approves too.


The best ending movie for all eternity.