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BTS_twt Twitter Update 171121
Mic Drop (Remix) is coming 🔥🔥 @steveaoki @LifeOfDesiigner


It’s hard being a Bill Skarsgard fan. Especially when you realize you’re making it through yet another damn day, without updates, new interviews, photo releases, etc. 

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Bish.. We just got a new photo / tiny interview release last week, but anyway… Let’s continue lol.

But when we finally get one – the whole damn fandom will be coming through on Tumblr like…

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is it……… it the only reason you can think of…… it rly

Saturn in the 12th is so great? ⚫️

Zayn is like such a honest representation of someone who has Saturn in the 12th and mars in the 5th.

He isolated himself and it seems like the older he gets he detaches more and more from the “crowd” from the idea of having others in space and being cluttered. He’s still and enigma and still has his micheavius and raw energy that comes from him mars in the 5th but it’s almost like his Saturn in the 12th elevated his mars in the 5th to its highest qualities! He’s extremely devoted to Gigi and places a heavy value into his music being his escape and pleasure! He’s not overly frivolous but he’s also enticing as magnetic. He’s harmony yet he’s taboo. Like honestly I think he’s an amazing person and just seeing how he’s grown to handle energy like that in two opposite ends of the spectrum like he has? From one direction to taking a leap of being a solo artist? From cheating scandals and arrogance to genuinely seeing the error of his ways? And look at him now? He’s sooo humble and loool in true Saturn in the 12th house fashion he lives on a farm away from the city? He’s private yet passionately driven towards his own “desires”

This is random but I just wow. The love of my life has this placement and I’m so proud of his growth and the person he’s become and just seeing how powerful Saturn in the 12th can be to an overall chart? Just how much depth and integrity it gives someone? It’s incredible.


Gwen Stefani’s performances on Today Show from this morning have been uploaded on her official VEVO channel–be sure to stream, as this helps towards the charts!

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#why are you people here i do not understand ARE YOU CRAZY, YOU'RE LIKE SUPER FUNNY AND AMAZING AND YOUR GIFS GURL OH FUCK ME UP. Which was how I found you, and also your conversations with Meg lmao bringing people together. And when I got to meet you you are so awesome and YOU LOVE SNAPE LIKE ME LIKE THAT'S SO UNSUAL AOIFJSDFJ I'm so glad we talked to each other <3 <3 AND THAT YOU DON'T JUDGE ME BASED ON MY TAGS LOL


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Aaaaaaand WTF I literally score 11/10 on the weirdo scale, how could I judge anyone based on anything? Also have you read my tags? I mean…um…all very normal…NOT bahaha

Pleeeeeeease tell me how you found my blog, why you followed and what made you stay (anon or not)