and like yay kissing but also i like hand holding and cuddling and stuff

Marrying Jeon Jungkook

This gif is a tribute to Fetus!Jungkook. We miss you very much :)

SeriesPark Jimin | Jung Hoseok | Kim Namjoon | Min Yoongi | Kim Seokjin | Kim Taehyung

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  • It’s the big day
  • And everything’s under control
  • Okay, who are we kidding, it’s not even close
  • You’re pretty sure your dress was supposed to arrive yesterday, but when you wake up this morning, you’re met by your flustered friend
  • So the lot of you basically run around like hopeless puppies with no future
  • Until Jungkook walks in all sleepy-like and mutters ‘What’s happening?’
  • Like the true idiot he is
  • And you want to chuck something at him, and he’s lucky it was only a pillow
  • “Ow, what was that for?”
  • “What do you think?”
  • It takes a couple of beats, before his eyes just grow really wide like
  • Oh fuck
  • And then he’s nearly tripping over his feet to run to his room
  • “I can’t believe he forgot?” Your friend says and you just look at her, like:
  • “I can.”
  • Eventually the problem of the dress is resolved because of the Godsend that is Kim Seokjin
  • Don’t ask, he apparently has ‘contacts
  • So you’re getting dressed, being all happy like because yay, nothing could go wrong
  • Of course, you never learn
  • False positivity has never helped you
  • Your phone rings, and you pick up, intending to make it quick
  • And then there’s the sound of a panicked puppy on the phone and you holler ‘WHAT?!’ for nearly the entire house to hear
  • According to one Park Jimin, Jeon Jungkook has gone ‘mysteriously’ missing
  • And you knew he’d do something like this
  • Which is why you immediately text that idiot
  • Being like ‘WTF ARE U????’
  • There’s no answer, of course
  • Two seconds later, your phone bings with a new message from Jungkook:
  • ‘ive ben mysteriosuly kidnapodd save mE’
  • Of course, your first thought is something that isn’t exactly… meant for little kids
  • But you eventually learn that apparently one Kim Taehyung has deemed it appropriate to hijack Jungkook and give him death threats
  • So maybe your threat of using Tae against Jungkook is apparently useless
  • There’s literally two hours left for the wedding and you don’t have your groom nearby
  • You don’t even know where he is, in fact
  • So, you make a very angry phone call to Taehyung
  • He picks up the phone really nonchalantly, like ‘Lol bro, whazzup?’
  • Except you’re not in the mood, not this time
    • Yes, a B.A.L.H, it actually came to that
  • It’s a small argument, but you win by a landslide, mainly due to your arsenal of creative name-calling
  • So Jungkook is returned in one piece (‘Haha, One Piece, get it Y/N—OW?!’ ‘Shut up Tae.’) but you don’t get to talk to him much
  • Your friend tugs you into your room, cracks her knuckles and smiles evilly
    • Nervous Gulp
  • It’s a torturous hour that follows
  • And you feel incredibly lucky, somehow, to have survived that
  • Anyway, the point here is that you got dressed, got your hair and shit done, and were one happy bride-to-be
  • Your dad comes through the doorway, being like ‘yo kid are you gonna get married today or not?’
  • And you just sigh and make your way downstairs, with him carefully holding your hand
  • But you’re also super excited and nervous at the same time, with the whole ‘butterflies in the stomach’ feel going on
  • And, of course, you find that your backyard is fucking crowded because someone decided to invite half the fucking world
  • But you see the broad grin on Jungkook’s face and decide it’s totally worth it
  • You manage to get to the altar A-OK, and you can’t help the blush that overcomes you when Jungkook takes your hand because it’s so warm and so loving
  • The priest starts speaking, not that you notice, because Jungkook’s rubbing circles into your hand and can something kill you now before the feels do???
  • It’s time to officially wear your wedding rings, and you and Jungkook keep looking at each other because you can’t believe you have an eternity with this boi
  • Except you need to look away eventually because where the fuck are the rings??
  • And it turns out that they’re missing too
  • But it’s all good because Namjoon comes waving them wildly in the air
    • “They were on the washing machine!”
    • Jin also lowkey glares at poor Taehyung, but that’s a story for another time
  • So you slip the rings onto each other’s fingers and you really want to cry right now
  • But you need to say your vows first and, of course, Jungkook goes first:
    • “Y/N-ah, I prepared this really long speech for you, but I decided not to say all of it now, because then it’d never end. But, I want you to know that I loved you when we first met, I love you now, at this very moment, and I always will. I don’t think it’s possible to love you any more than I already do, but I will try, I promise.”
  • He says some other stuff too, but you don’t remember because you sort of sunk into the earth started crying
  • And then it’s your turn, and you blubber on about how you hated his guts when you first met him, but then realized how much of an idiot he truly was about things, and how sweet he could be at times even though he pretended not to.
    • “You’re the only one for me Jeon Jungkook, and I don’t think I’ll ever forget that throughout our entire lifetime together.”
  • The two of you kiss when you’re instructed to do so, and it feels as fucking brilliant as it did the first time
  • And you’ve got the celebration after to brave through, though it’s more Jungkook’s funeral than your own
  • Okay that’s a lie
  • While Seokjin completely embarrasses your boyfriend husband, you’ve got your best friend to fuck you up!
  • But that night, when everyone’s gone, you don’t dedicate much thought to that particular incident because you’re a hell of a lot more nervous about the whole wedding night thing
  • But after you’ve prepared yourself (cough), you come back to find Jungkook totally snuggling on the couch
  • And he looks at you with wide eyes, like ‘yo, you wanna cuddle?’
  • And you’re like ‘that’s it boi, ur ded to me’ but he grabs your wrist and pulls you onto the bed, trapping you underneath him
  • And your mouth goes dry when you see how his eyes are dilated, how desperate he is for you
  • And he says ‘Let’s get to work, shall we?’
  • Which is totally a dorky, Jungkook thing to say
  • But you don’t get to say anything because his lips are on yours and fuck it’s so hot…and everything sort of escalates from there
  • But, I assure you, that night was well worth the hiccups ;)
  • The next afternoon, you wake up to see Jungkook looking down at you with this incredibly fond look, and you realize he’s been hugging you ‘round the waist
  • And then he smiles at you like so lovingly and says ‘I can’t believe I’ll get to do this every day.”
  • And you just smile back at him, cheeks burning hot. You have forever to formulate your response, after all.

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SVT College AU  -  Wonwoo

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a/n: @ god & wonwoo thank you for giving this uk carat a reason to cry tonight your work was very much appreciated 



-tall emo child i love him a lot along with mingyu 

-can you tell that i love all of seventeen?


-the kid likes reading right?

-now wait

-think about this


-he loves reading so it wouldn’t be weird for him to take up english lit as a college degree

-yeah listen when i say this 






-when he gotta do work

-he do the work


-his favourite books that he studied had to be of mice and men and nineteen eighty-four

-they’re his favouritttttttttttteeeeeeeeeeeeeee

-he will read both books until he dies

-he really needs to come out with a list of books he reads wowowowowoow

-wonwoo reads late at night so uh

-in the morning he just wakes up

-gets ready

-and just goes to class

-room mates jun and minghao are a little worried that he doesn’t eat breakfast sometimes

-so they just place an apple and a breakfast bar in his bag just to keep him going through until lunch 

-they don’t want him getting ill or sick or anything :(((

-they care about hIM THAT SHIT IS SO CUTE

-other than him reading a lot he likes to hang out with friends a lot and it’s really cool and cute how his personality changes wherever he is

-with his friends he’s got this kind of cool and cute personality 

-and when he’s in class he’s kind of quiet and cool-looking

-he’s that one kid who has the cold stare when he zones out but he’s really a nice guy

-please befriend my tall emo child i beg youuuuuuuu

-and you do ! 

-you do literature too but you’re not in the same class as him

-so when your teacher decides to merge your two classes together

-you kind of just……..find yourself sitting next to wonwoo

-you’re so cute with your oversized jumper and denim skirts aww 

-like a mirror image of wonwoo…..but smaller and cute

-just like him

-i love me kiiiids


-you and wonwoo hit it off almost immediately 

-just because of a little debate you two had about two characters

-you found out that wonwoo likes to read a lot and so do you 

-and that you both like the colour blue and you’re both massive nerds for literature

-it’s really cute that you found a friend in wonwoo

-because you’ve seen him in the hallway a couple times before with the two boys from his dorm 

-and he always looks so cool!! 


-the plot thickens

-like his di-



-speaking of books

-one of the things you two do as friends is read in the library 

-it’s just relaxing for you two to read with each other

-you quietly discuss different books you’ve read before too

-sometimes you’ll sit on the floor with him and just read until it’s closing time

-”mr jeon miss y/n are you quite done it’s closing time…”

-”yeah…just a minute…..i’m nearly done with this chapter….”

-”would you like me to take it out for you…?”

-”…..yeah that’s a good idea”


-college is all about new experiences and you wholeheartedly welcome yourself to those new experiences

-staying up late

-going to parties

-trying different di-




-but wonwoo…..wasn’t the type to go to parties and stuff

-but it’s college! new experiences!

-you and your roommate were invited to a party that seungcheol’s friend was having

-so you and your friend obviously want to go  !!

-but wonwoo….of course jun minghao and wonwoo were invited

-but wonwoo wanted to stay in just in case you were free and weren’t going

-he didn’t think of you as the kind of party girl type

-boy was he wrong

-jun and minghao drag him along anyways

-god dammit 

-so he’s in there

-there’s alcohol….yay?


-@ me on saturday nights

-he wasn’t into it at all

-he then saw you

-he was suddenly into it


-i forgot to mention

-those times in the library brought you two closer and closer to the point where you……

-*drum roll*

-bOTH Like each other a lot

-but obviously you two can’t see it

-you will…….kind of

-he walked up to you and just tapped you on the shoulder

-”oh!! wonwoo….i didn’t know you were coming..”

-”i didn’t know you were here either…”

-”i thought you didn’t like these types of things…”

-”yeah jun and minghao dragged me here…..and they’re gone..”

-”yeah jun does that a lot…..”

-suddenly a man carrying a pillowcase came up to wonwoo asking him to take something out

-and wonwoo

-being wonwoo

-he said fuck it and decided to reach inside

-he got out a small bracelet…..weird

-because you wear the exact….same bracelet…..with the……exact same charms…….

-backstory as to why your bracelet is in a random pillowcase 

-people were playing seven minutes in heaven and you always play for shits and giggles so you just put your bracelet in there

-and conviniently wonwoo was standing where you were….

-next to the door

-he just looks to you with this look of pure and utter confusion

-he then grasps reality 

-he has to go into the closet with you 


-he could just feel his cheeks glow red

-he looks so cute 

-so you take his hand and you just drag him into the closet

-and the door closes behind you two 

-thing is….

-is that it’s really cramped

-as in you two are really close to each other

-not so close like you two are like mushed together

-but it’s kind of like you two are just a couple centimetres away from each other 

-so pretty close

-you’re still holding his hand for some reason

-”wait…..what do we do in here again….?”

-”well….i-i don’t know…sometimes people kiss in here….something like that….i didn’t plan that this would happen actually…”

-it was just the flow of things and how they were supposed to happen 

-he then kind of just……gripped your hand a little

-like a tiny squeeze 

-and you just look at him

-or at least try to….i mean it’s pretty dark in there 

-and you could swear you feel him closing in 


-”should we…kiss….i swear it won’t mean anything…”

-yeah it’s going to fuckin mean something to you

-and it’s definitely going to mean something to him 

-”s-sure….it’s worth a try…”

-you kind of just go with it because what the fuck have you got to lose?


-absolutely nothing

-you then felt…..his hands being placed at your sides…..


-you also felt him moving in a little closer

-you could feel the heat from his face being transferred to you


-then kabam

-you two kissed

-from the second your lips touched 

-you both knew this meant something

-something was definitely there 

-you kind of expected it to be a short quick kiss


-of course not

-nu uh

-a short quick one?

-you expected him to back up by now

-but no……..

-it’s like his lips were glued to yours

-your hands gripped his shirt slightly

-yep it was meaning something to the both of you 

-finally he backed up

-”….ok this might sound crazy but……that was nice……”

-”yeah……..that didn’t mean anything to you did it…?”

-”it….it did….”

-”oh so we’re in the same boat……because there was definitely something there….”

-a couple seconds of awkward silence…..check

-”wonwoo….do you like me-?”


-” the relationship way…?”



-”you like me back…?”


-you just…..

-closed the distance between you and wonwoo and kissed him again

-only difference being was that he was caught off guard and as soon as he melted into the kiss

-he kissed back and quite passionately

-someone outside called out to tell you two that the seven minutes were up

-and you two pulled back just in time

-you two got outside and braced the drunken world

-you could see minghao and jun pat wonwoo on the back while he was blushin and stuff

-and your friend walked over with those

-”i know what you did now spILLLLLLLL”

-but you didn’t tell her anything yet


-you just went up to him 


-”hey i know we just confessed to each other like 2.5 minutes ago and yeah i now know that we like each other a lot do you want to head back to my place?”


-and there you were

-under the covers

-close together

-investing in the new found relationship


-reading together while cuddling in bed

-fuckin nerds that i love so much 

-“hey y/n”


-”when the teacher made John Steinbeck’s books required reading….”

-”yeah–oh god no don’t”

-”……she made him an author…..”


-”…they couldn’t refuse !”

-”o h    m y    g o d    j e o n    w o n w o o    i ‘ m    g o i n g    t o    b r e a k      u p    w i t h    y o u

-”dont tear my heart into two pages of the same story”

-”w o n w o o”


-“that was a library boOK THAT YOU JUST TORE”

-”oh mY  G O D     N O O O O O O O O O O O O O”

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Hiiiiii saw request open just came across your blog also and I'm reading some of your stories ❤ could u do an happy lowman imagine were he has to take his daughter reader who's maybe 4 or 3 to work and I try helping him work and the others finds it cute.

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A/N: I didn’t know in which direction you wanted me to take it in, so I tried to still incorporate the ask in the story ❤️

Working Baby:

“Baby I can’t take her to work with me, there’s car, bikes and creeps there.” Happy said trying to reason with his old lady as she shook her head planting a kiss on her daughter’s forehead and shortly kissing his head after “Well you have to make it work baby, now don’t you.” She said blowing a kiss before she left him and their daughter sitting on the couch as he looked down at the cute little girl and groaned.

“Alright kid, looks likes you’re stuck with daddy today.” He said earning a cute little yay and clapping her hands as he picked her up to get her dressed. He brought her to her room looking for a cute comfortable outfit for her to wear, about twenty minutes of fussing because he couldn’t seem to get an outfit the little girl tugged on his pants catching his attention. “This one daddy.” She said handing him a Samcro onesie, Happy carefully to the onesie in his hands looking at it and nearly crying at the beauty as he placed in on his daughter “What else princess?” He asked squatting down to be at a face level with her.

She patted her little feet to her closet to pull out a little jacket, shorts and some slip on shoes. “This is good daddy.” She said handing him the complete outfit. As soon as she was finished and fully dressed Happy couldn’t help but take a quick picture of him and his daughter sending it to his old lad “Alright, it’s time to go to daddy’s job.” He said grabbing the little girl as he made his way to his bike freezing at the empty spot where his bike should’ve been, he turned over to see the car with a note attached to the window.

“Over my dead body will you be taking our 3 year on your fucking bike. Take the car, your bike is in good hands, keys are in the ignition. - Love You.”

He chuckled softly to himself as he opened the backseat of the car to sit his daughter down in his car seat buckling her safely inside leaning over to hand her Sir Happy Cuddles before closing the door and making his way to his drivers seat. He fixed his mirror before pulling out of the driveway and onto the road, the car ride was easy but when they arrived Teller-Morrow he began to feel panic arise inside of him. He noticed that the shop was busier today causing him to curse under his breath as he got his daughter out of the car “I help daddy!” She said holding her arms out wide as he picked her up “No baby, this is dangerous stuff.” She said setting her down on the couch where the customers would wait for their cars.

Only after fifteen minutes she had another idea, as she cautiously walked towards her father who was engrossed in the bike he was working on at the moment. She looked at where her father was placing his hands as she tried to grab the wrench but it was a bit to heavy for her “Daddy! I wanna help!” She said loudly causing him to snap out of his trance as he saw the tears forming in the little girl’s eyes. He picked her up placing her on his lap, he handed her a small paintbrush “Want to paint on uncle Jax’s bike?” He asked nodding toward Jax and the boys who were watching the cute scene unfold.

She nodded slowly smiling as she gripped the paintbrush as her father handed her a little paint bucket she dipped the brush happily inside before she started to draw on Jax’s bike, she was full of smiles and joyful noise “Daddy look! I’m helping!” She said as she pointed at the little flowers she had made on the side of the bike as Happy was fixing the tires of the bike “Yes, you always do help me baby.” He said smiling, he loved his daughter so much, her happiness had become his happiness.

“Gotta say, I wish Abel helped me like you little darlin’.” Jax said as he looked at the paintings on the side of his bike “Does anything warm ye wee heart than a lovely lass helpin’ her da.” Chibs said smiling as the rest of the guys were completely focused on the little girl who was cheering and clapping her hands “Daddy! I’m helpful!” She said tugging at his father jeans as he kissed her forehead “You always find a way to help out daddy.” He said “I can’t wait to tell mommy.” She said smiling covered in paint making everyone smile and laugh softly as she was the light of the room.

Dan x Reader - Fam's Reunited

Dan was coming back from his long travels today with the BBC. He had been in New York along with a quick trip to Chicago, then Europe and a meeting in Scotland back to and Amsterdam now he was finally coming back to London. It was one of the very few times Dan had such a long work business trip, but nonetheless we missed him a lot. He was gone for 2 and a half weeks, and the constant travel along with the jet lag and weather got to him. New York didn’t throw him off too much, but a little something in Chicago and then Scotland back, he was sick. Dan eventually visited a doctor in Amsterdam and was given medication and some cough syrup, but no final diagnosis. Well other than Dan’s sarcastic, “These medicines don’t do fu—”
“Dan! Maia’s in the room!” I warned him over the phone. Maia was Dan and I’s daughter, she was 3 years old listening to her father over the phone, giggling.
“Oh! Sorry love.” Dan backtracked instantly cutting himself off.
“Ugh.” I groaned disapprovingly while laughing. “Maia, are you ready for daddy to  Skype with you?” I asked to the giddy straight brunette hair and wide eyed toddler bouncing in her seat. Her lips and hairstyle were like mine but her rosy cheeks and deep eyes/eyebrows where just like Dan, heck she even he had his ears and her cute little teeth were beginning to look like his.
“Yeah!!!!” Maia shouted through the phone excitedly. I heard Dan chuckle roughly, his cold still seeping through, but it was still a genuinely humored laugh. Dan was just supposed to talk with me for a little bit until him and Maia video chatted later, but hey he offered right now. I set up the desktop up on Skype and Maia began wandering off on her thoughts while Dan responded and occasionally laughed. Looking in the video with the background of a hotel room, Dan seemed a bit tired with darker eyes and a redder face with his hair pushed back slightly. While my two favorite humans in the world spoke, I read and would hear little spurts of the adorable conversation. After the two of them talked about 20 minutes, or 15 because Dan’s voice was getting raspier, I told him to get some sleep and and get ready to see us tomorrow.
“Take of yourself.” I raised an eyebrow and winked, although I seriously meant it.
“Of course. Can’t wait to see you both.” His voice was now already quite gone and sick, so I hoped he wouldn’t get any worse considering he was heading to an airport.
We exchanged love yous and then the phone conversation was over, as I went back to watching over our child.

While waiting for Dan to arrive, I prepared some warm soup and a soothing cup of tea for Dan when got home, along with some strawberries and a chocolate truffle, because I know he loves chocolate. Maia, on the hand, was excitedly awaiting her father’s return in the living room. I let her watch something and she picked to put some anime on to enjoy and help pass the time, she was definitely mine and Dan’s child.
I looked checked the time and it was almost time his plane would land, so Dan’s almost gonna come home. Yay! The door began to open and the 6'3 footer finally walked through the door. He looked tired from his bagged eyes on his dry face and was poorly, but still he looked adorable. Dan’s hair was in a small state of waves and he put his stuff down. Giving me a tired but loving smile, he began walking toward me but not before Maia would run out.

She happily yelled and jumped straight into her father’s arms the second she heard and saw him, “DADDY!!!”
“Munchkin how are you? I’ve missed you so much, I’ve even gotten you some gifts.” Dan hugged her tightly in his arms, happy to see his little girl as he Ruffles her hair. Maia’s face lit up even more than before, “Yay! But mummy says you need to rest so you can get better.” Maia told Dan, she was only a couple years old but pretty smart. Dan looked at me slightly surprised, “Oh did you say that now?”
Maia nodded while slowly taking the bag of goodies, and I just smiled. I finally had Dan back. “Yeah, but I want you to come over here first.” I said opening my arms while Dan headed towards the sofa. He quickly threw off his thick jacket coat and laid right into my lap.
“I missed you so much.” Dan said voice slightly sore.
“I missed you too.” I said while we share a kiss, all curled up. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and he rests his nuzzling up to me. It felt so nice to hold and cuddle with him again. He was chilly and kind of cold still, so I began to get up.

“Where are you going?” Dan asked with the obvious tiredness now sinking in.
“To go take care of you silly.” I saw Dan look up at me smiling as I walked into the kitchen to grab him his food.
From the kitchen, I could hear his sleepily voice as he played with Maia and shows Maia her new gifts. I would tell him to rest and Maia to play with him later, but he wouldn’t have had it at all. The man would’ve spent time with his daughter even if it meant he fell asleep whilst doing it, selfless and I loved that about Dan.
“Here’s some soup and tea. There’s also some chocolate and strawberries in the another bowl.” I say placing the food down as he reaches over to eat the soup. Dan’s eyes lovingly look at mine and then brighten up once I mention the sweet.
“Thank for taking such good care of me y/n.”
I smile at him throwing my hands over the soft brown locks I missed so much, whispering into his ear, “Of course.”
“I love you.” Dan said happily to me, while whispering it also into a now distracted toddler’s ear, as she laughs from the tickle-ness.
“I love you too.” I say I’m song like tune.
Dan looked at Maia and gave a little nudge, but all he could get was a mumbled,
“I love you…” followed by a quick but sleepy “too, then a stretched out “daddy” and finally “and mummyy”. It was nearly 9 for Maia and I let her stay up to wait for Dan, so it It made sense she was quickly falling asleep. We looked longingly at our little baby girl but we’re both relieved, as we knew Dan needed to rest soon. Dan and I laughed as our adorable little daughter laid softly on our lap with her hair all over her face, and curled up like the fetal position. We didn’t need to at anything but shared a look that translated to she’s so freaking cute.
“I’m so glad I’m finally home with my perfect little family.” Dan said pulling me into his chest even more and showering me with kisses.
“Eeww, Dan! You’ll get me sick too!” I scream whispered, careful to disturb the little one. Dan laughed while sticking a tongue out at me, but I did still end up in his arms once again watching our daughter nearly falling asleep on the other side, quietly laughing to ourselves.
“Fam’s reunited.” I whisper into Dan’s ear, stroking his cheek.
“Finally.” I here Dan’s lips smack together as he showers kisses onto me and then finally kisses my lips.

No Slushies for Michael

Warnings: Swears
Word Count: 1882 (damn, this one is shorter ;-;)
It’s been a REALLY long time since I had my wisdom teeth removed so the loopiness may not be 100% on point and I apologize for that. I lowkey lost the loopiness i had planned for Mikey ;~;


You were laughing so hard. Michael had just gotten his wisdom teeth out and he was laying on the couch in his living room, just gone. He was so freaking loopy. “Babe,” he called in an adnormally happy voice, which was muffled by the cotton in his mouth.

Biting back a giggle, you answered, “Yes, Michael?”

“Can I have some chips?” he asked deliriously.

You looked at him and shook your head. “No, babe, you can’t have chips. You can’t have solid food for a few days to a week,” you answered him.

“Then how about a slushy?” he asked, “Babe, I need a slushy from Sev’ Elev’~! Gimme gimme!”

Shaking your head, you touched Michael’s cheek gently. “No. You can’t drink anything through a straw for a few weeks, too. Sorry, but no slushies for you.”

Michael’s mouth fell open and you could see the tears that started pooling at the corner of his eyes. Oh no, not crying, you couldn’t deal with that geek’s crying. “B-but, babe… I-I need a cherry slushy!!” he cried.

Covering your mouth, you bit back another giggle as you answered, “Well, you can’t have those right now, Michael. But you can have ice cream and soup! Want me to cook you some soup?”

Michael sat up on the couch, looked you dead in the eyes and said, “Kisss me!”

You blinked slowly and answered, “Excuse me?”

“I said kiss me! With slushy in mouth, come kiss me! I’ll drink the slushy like that,” he laughed like he had just had a genius idea. Michael placed his hands on each side of his waist and pushed his body off the couch.

“MICHAEL!” you exclaimed as you ran to catch him as he fell. “Boy, you are still too high to move around like that. Why the hell are you getting off the couch anyways?”

“I’m going with you,” he said with a muffled chuckle.

Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion and you asked, “To the kitchen?”

“Noooooooooo,” he whined, “To 7/11!”

“Oh my god, Michael, I’m not fucking going to 7/11.”

Michael wrapped an arm around your neck and smashed his swollen cheek against yours, too loopy to really care about the pain, and whined, “But (y/n)~ I need a slushy~! You can give me a drink from your lips~ I just need a slushy~!”

Rolling your (e/c) eyes, you genuinely thought about it. After all, you never really passed up the chance to kiss your boyfriend, and since he really could not have a slushy by any other means, you thought might as well. Sighing, you gave in, “Okay, fine. I will take you to 7/11 and get you a slushy. But after that, you come home and try to get some sleep in your room, got it?”

Nodding, Michael said, “Yeah, yeah, I promise!! Just, let’s go~~~!” He took out his car keys from his hoodie’s pocket and stumbled towards the front door.

“NO NO! MICHAEL!!” you yelled as you acted fast. Quickly, you sprinted to him, snatched the keys away from his hands and (because of your socks on the wood floor of his house) smashed your cheek into the front door. You groaned and pushed yourself off the door, and rubbing your cheek, you glared daggers at the door. “That fucking hurt, fucking doors…” you hissed. Your caramel-skinned boyfriend just looked at you for the longest few seconds before he laughed. “S-shut up and go get in the car, Michael…” you muttered in embarrassment.

Michael walked slowly up to you and wrapped his arms around you, causing you both to fall to the ground. “No~ I won’t leave you, (y/n/n)~” he cooed and kissed your cheek. “I’ve smashed my cheek up against that door too many times when I’m high~”

You rolled your eyes and said, “That’s actually really funny, but I’m not high and I smashed into the door.” You tried to get up, but Michael’s wieght kept you down. “Michael? Get off of me, or do you not want your slushy?” you asked, eyebrows furrowing in confusion.

He stopped and thought for a few moments: did he really want to get that slushy? Or could that wait until tomorrow? You were his gorgeous girlfriend, who was kind enough to take care of him when he got home from the dentist, he could let you off the hook for a slushy this one time for something better. Cuddles. Michael hummed, giving himself a little nod, and then said, “No. I don’t want my slushy right now. I have a better idea~”

“Oh, really, Mell? And what’s better than a slushy?” you asked with a giggle. With your boyfriend leaning in closer to your face, you felt a blush creep onto your face. “Well? No answer? Then you better get off so we can go.”

“No~” he mumbled, his warm breath hitting your face. “Better idea~” he chuckled and laid his head against your chest. “Cuddles~”

You smiled and stroked his hair. “If you want cuddles, then let’s go to your room, okay?” you suggested. He looked up from your chest and nodded, smiling like a little kid. “Then, get off me, Mikey. My back is also in an awkward arch leaning against this door.”

Not needing to be told twice, Michael got up wobbily. “Okay! Now I’m up, get up, (y/n),” he said with child-like excitement.

You nodded and stood up from your slouching postion against his front door. You walked up to him and took his hand, smiling childishly yourself. “Let’s go fucking cuddle, Michael.”

His face lit up with a smile, his puffy cheeky makes you laugh, he said, “TO ALL DA CUUUUDDDLESSSSS!!!”

“Yes, all da cuddles,” you echoed with a laugh. You led Michael to his room and when you made your way over to his bed, you screamed in surprise as Michael dragged you down as he flopped onto the bed. “MIIIICHAEL!”

Michael giggled like a school girl as he wrapped his arms around your body and pulled you close to him, his arms resting around your waist. “I love you, (y/n)~ you’re so fucking gorgeous~” he said as he kissed your forehead. He felt right at home snuggling close to your warm body. Even though he really wanted that damned slushy, he was perfectly content with cuddling you instead. You two could always go get slushies after he came down from the loopiness. “You’re so soft,” he cooed, rubbing his cheek against your face. He dragged one of his hands up your torso, to your face—resting on your cheek—and he continued, “Beautiful eyes~”

“You sure you’re still super loopy or are you coming down from said loopiness?” you asked as you looked into his eyes from behind his nerdy glasses.

He smiled widely, “I dunno~ I might be? Hey, can we get high and fuck? Then think about our lives later down the road~ maybe about our lavish geeky wedding and our three and a half kids~! Or a threesome with Jeremy we’ll definitely have at some point!”

You rolled your eyes and wiggled your hand out from bewteen your bodies, then ruffled his hair. “Nope, you’re still loopy. Just try and sleep,” you said. The hand on your cheek lifted your head up and Michael leaned down to steal a kiss. You sighed heavily but kissed him back to appease him, but after a few moments, you had to pull him away gently by his hair. “Sleep, Michael,” you said sternly.

His eyes fluttered closed as if on cue. “Mmmokay…” he slurred.

It dawned on you that you should probably replace the blood-soaked cotton in his mouth. Before he got too far, you stammered, “Wait, wait, wait!! Mell, we gotta change out the cotton in your mouth. It’s probably really blood-soaked!”

“Okay~” he said, opening his mouth. You looked at him weirdly and he said, “Take the cotton out, babe.” For the millionth time that day, you rolled your eyes as Michael opened his mouth again and you stuck your fingers into his mouth, pulling out the bloody cotton. You grimaced and threw the bloody cotton into Michael’s trashcan. You noticed that he didn’t need anymore cotton in his mouth and you smiled as you told him that. “That’s great, babe~ now~ come back and let us spoon~” he sang, grabbing at you.

You sighed and laid back down beside your boyfriend, you were facing away from him so you two could spoon. As per his request. “Sure, let us spoon, Mikey,” you said with a chuckle.

“Yay~” Michael said, snuggling close up behind you. Your bodies molded together and you smiled at the warmth. Michael’s face nestled itself in the crook of your neck and his arms wrapped your waist again. “Thanks, babe~” he cooed into your ear. You giggled and threaded your fingers through his hand as he slowly did drift to sleep.


A few hours later, you decided to get out of bed, after taking a nap while being spooned by your loopy geek. Yawing, you pushed yourself off his bed. “I should fix him some soup,” you said quietly. Looking back at your boyfriend, you smiled to yourself as he was sprawled across his bed. Without a second thought about making him soup, you walked out of his room and made your way to his family’s kitchen. Gathering some stuff to make soup, you begin your journey of cooking.


Michael woke up and turned to sling his arm around you, but found you were gone. “W-where’d my girl go?” he asked himself as he rubbed his eyes. He had lost most of his loopiness. “Ugh, I hope I didn’t scare her off with my weird loopiness…” he muttered. That was when someone knocked on his door, looking at the door, he answered, “Yeah? Who is it?”

“It’s me, Mikey,” you said through the door. “I got you something.”

He combed a hand through his hair and answered happily, “(Y/n), come in babe! What’d you get me?”

You opened the door and walked into his room. You were holding a bowl of soup (on a plate so has not to burn your hand) in one hand and you were holding a cherry slushy in the other. “I made some soup for you and also got you a slushy,” you said with a smile, “you’ll have to drink your slushy like you would drink water, though. No straws.”

Michael looked at you like you were an angel to him. “Of course, Miss (y/l/n)! I will do it, just because I want that fucking slushy!” You sat beside him on the bed and you handed him your soup and slushy. “Babe, have I ever told you how amazing you are to me?”

“You don’t really have to tell me, I know I am, Mikey,” you smiled, kissing one of his puffy cheeks. “Now, eat and drink your slushy, honey.” Michael nodded and started eating your soup. He almost died it was so good, he would have to make it to you somehow. Maybe whenever you got sick he could take care of you and do to you what you have done for him.

And I am geniunely outta ideas on how to end it any other way, and my fucking computer is being hella slow right now and I was trying to get this up today because it was a fun prompt and I couldn’t say no!

Flirting vs. Flirting (Jungkook, OC) Scenario

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OC- Choi Suji

Ow Tae! You’re stepping on my foot!”

Yah! Hyung! Get away from my girlfriend!”

“I would! But I don’t really have a choice do I?!” Taehyung argued as he gestured at their current situation. 

It was an early Saturday morning when Suji and seven dorks guys hit the road for a camping trip in the country side. The trip was meant for just the boys, suggested by Hoseok. He said it would be fun (considering he just watched Parent Trap) and that it was a chance for the them to “bond”. The idea was immediately shut down by the other members, reasoning that camping in Summer was hot, dirty, and involved a lot of bugs. Yoongi even retorted with a disgusted look, “We’re together very single day! What more bonding do you want?”

But after weeks of constant pleading from Hoseok, the boys finally budged. 

“Fine! We’ll do it! Just stop it with the whining and let me sleep!” Yoongi groaned as he covered his face with a pillow. 

The boys just came back from a schedule and they were all tired but Hoseok seemed to be all hyped up like he just took a power nap. He took advantage of this and started pestering everyone to go on that camping trip. After an hour or so, he was finally able to make everyone agree. Except one.

Jungkook was in the living room, cuddling on the couch with his girlfriend, Suji, while watching some cartoons. Taehyung also joined them, despite Jungkook’s protests. He hardly gets her alone, with him being busy all the time, but Suji convinced him that Taehyung would be too busy watching to even notice them cuddling. And as expected, Taehyung was seated cross-legged on the floor, his eyes glued to the television screen and Jungkook was able to cuddle up to his girlfriend all he wanted.

That is until Hoseok came.

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Scientists P3


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“Fucking unbelievable.”

“You’ve said that more than five times today, Baz,” Simon answered him, “It’s not that bad.”

Baz simply huffed and kept writing the orders. This was unbelievable, they were making them work even under the warning of a storm coming their way. What kind of monster do that? Who do they think they are?, “I should sue them. I will sue them.”

“And how exactly will you do that?” asked Simon while he poured milk into a cup.

“Did you already forget why am I in this shitty job?”

“Oh, right” Simon smiled, “You want to become a lawyer” he thought that Baz was going to be a great lawyer one day. Give a lot of juries severe headaches. “Everything will be fine, okay? We’re in this together.”

Baz felt his stomach jump at the last phrase. He looked out the window and saw the tree’s branches moving in the wind, people running around with umbrellas under the light but non-stopping rain. The storm wasn’t the problem, he liked rain, liked to stay in his house reading a book or watching a movie while the rain poured outside. What he didn´t like was having to stay in a coffee shop until late in the night because his boss said so.

Yeah, he’s definitely going to sue.

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• when you first saw him, you thought he looked REALLY fun and cool to be around YaY
• but in all honesty, the second he saw you he pretended to act like some cool as f guy who wore sunglasses inside and wore leather boots when it reality he started to have a little freak out bc omg u looked so nice he needed to make a good impression aw
• spent an entire week preparing food for u bc he needed to make an impact when it came to asking you out, and when it was all done he just rolled up to your house with an entire 3 boxes filled with food and was like we need to talk
• then he sat u down in ur living room and watched you open the food and inside were like really cheesy puns that was related to the food it was attached to
• “if you were a burger from McDonald’s you would be called a McGorgeous”
• “if you were vegetable you’d be a cutecumber”
• “you stole a pizza my heart~”
• and ur all like um what is this and he’s all like wAIT WAIT WAIT LOOK AT THE DATES
• and so u do and it says, “date me?”
• on your first date, Mingyu took you to a carnival but unfortunately, the members decided to tag along and promised not to be a burden and that they’ll stay well away from you and him, but like the two of you see them hiding behind a bush and like stalking
• and Mingyu is just like omG WHY DO YALLS HAVE TO DO THIS TO ME TODAY
• but you guys try to ignore them and get on with the date bc you’ve been anticipating this day ever since he announced it!!!!
• challenged you to a hot dog eating contest and you won
• “I don’t know if my pride should be hurt, or if I should be in awe. either way, I think I like you even more now.”
• saw this dude juggling on a unicycle and was like I CAN DO THT Y/N LOOK IM GOOD AT THIS TOO and he literally fell off after one second on the unicycle and he couldn’t catch any of E juggling balls aw my poor baby
• u just laughed bc he’s too cute
• after the whole date he decided to walk you home and the members literally followed you guys, but whenever the two of you turned around they’d gap it and hide behind a pole or some bushes until u two resume walking. then he stopped once you reached your doorstep and it was all cute bc he didn’t want this amazing day to end then you kissed his cheek and ran inside and the second u were out of sight the members jumped from their hiding spots and started praising Mingyu at his great boyfriend skills
• gives u food nicknames so often that it’s gross
• “cookie”
• “muffin”
• “cupcake”
• oH MAN UR FIRST KISS WAS SO CUTE I CANT EVEN. Ok so this one time you were eating a pepero and turned to face Mingyu with like half of it still in ur mouth but he thought u were telling him to take a bite and so he did but he went to far and ur lips touched and the two of u just stared at each other and nobody moved a muscle and u two just stood there with ur lips attached all flustered aw
• v into skinship, likes to hold your hand a lot ;;u;;
• has a habit of touching your hair a lot and muttering stuff about it under his breath. like say you get your hair all done and pretty he’ll tweak it and personalise it and keep touching it until he likes it bc he’s a professional guys he knows what he’s doing
• likes every kiss in the book especially those cliche ones in the movies
• also likes every single hug there is hE JUST LIKES TO HUG U AND THATS ALL THT SHOULD MATTER
• when he wants affection he gets v v v v pouty bc why hang out with ur friends when u can be on a couch cuddling with him?? amiright??
• likes food a lot, he even got voted as the member who eats the most and at first you thought with a body like his, he probably didn’t eat as much as everyone was saying he did… but oh how wrong u were the second u two were comfortable w each other he would roll up to ur house as often as he could and demand some food right after he’s said hello to u
• and ur just sitting there thinking ohhh I understand now lol
• dogs he also likes dogs, he bought a dog with u and at first u were like Mingyu……….. Idk if that’s a good idea. but when u guys got it he was sO HAPPY AND TOOK IT EVERYWHERE HE WENT UP UNTIL HE GOT IN TROUBLE FOR NOT PICKIN UP ITS POOP IN THE PLEDIS BUILDING
• let’s not forget wonwoo, he likes him hEAPS he’s like a v close number 2. he pretty much invites him to every single date the two of you have and it’s more of them two laughing their arses off and more u just sitting there sipping on water
• u kinda knew they were close from the beginning bc the second u and mingyu started dating Wonwoo would give u these evil looks like ur stealing him aw meanie yesss
• but dw he leaves early so then mingyu showers u w love
• “I love u more jagiya but don’t tell him that.”
• speaks english in every opportunity he gets like he pronounces all of the food in English as much as he can, especially pineapple bc it’s the most iconic thing ever
• dislikes it when ppl touch his hair like no ur not a professional like him so he does not trust u to touch his hair with ur hands no thanks goodbye
• secretly keeps ur fridge stocked and secretly packs ur lunch so u don’t get hungry at work/school and ur always left wondering who does this awww
• and when u ask him about it he’s like “idk who it is, but they seems like a very sweet person ;;;))”
• has an addiction to cleaning, seems like a really messy person but is actually the neatest person in the group. he literally feels like crying when he sees a tragic mess anywhere and he gets tiny tears in the corners of his eyes and will drop whatever he’s doing and clean it up even if it’s not his mess lolol
• is all for couple items o yesssssssss
• when he gets jealous ooo you’ll get the cold shoulder oh no ;;_;; like he won’t talk to u at all and ur pretty sure he’s gonna break up with u but like without him even knowing it he still does cute stuff for you like he’s pretty much indirectly loving you and u just smile bc no matter what he loves u deep deep down
• “I don’t like it when people flirt with you.”
• “I’m yours and yours only, you know that.”
• your phone background is a photo of u sleeping and Mingyu holding a pair of scissors looking like he was about to cut it and when you woke up and saw it as your lockscreen you nearly screamed and he’s like u bETTER NOT DELETE IT OR IM CUTTING IT FOR REAL
• one time Mingyu tried to make cookies with you and you put some batter on his face and then he put some flour on ur nose then u read it as a declaration of war and the two of u pretty much initiated a food fight right there in the dorms kitchen. u cracked eggs on each other heads, chucked chocolate chips at each other but then u suddenly slipped and then he slipped then u landed on top of each other and it was so cute bc he pointed at ur lip and was like “u have a little something there” anD HE WIPED IT OFF WITH HIS THUMB AND U STARTED BLUSHING AWAW
• makes u do acting scenes from famous movies and dramas bc he wants to try acting and one time the two of u acted romeo and juliet and it was pretty cute TBH
• being the visual of the group puts a lot of pressure on mingyu as he always constantly has to uphold that title by making sure he looks his best at all times, not to mention his job as a rapper who has to write his own lyrics and has to perform with energy. sometimes he thinks he can’t do it at all but u have to pull him away from the work and just shower him with love bc you know that’s what he needs at that moment - someone to comfort him and tell him that he’s worth it, that he’s good enough.
• “what would I do without you”
• strokes ur hair and hums on the top of ur head until u fall asleep in his arms
• wakes u up by blasting his rap music full volume and the Windows always nearly break and the bed literally shakes and he won’t turn it off unless u get up yourself and do it what a meanieeee
• ur first fight with Mingyu was about his very insecurity, he was hating himself bc he should look better than the way he looks and the two of you ended up yelling at each other bc he was perfect just the way he was ;;_;;
• you ended up getting hurt by some of his words and the second he saw the tear leave ur high he immediately felt guilty
• “im so sorry, y/n. you know whatever I just said wasn’t true, right? i promise, I love you so much. I won’t ever do that again.”
• Mingyu might like to joke around with you and everyone else a lot, but when it comes to ur feelings, your heart and your relationship with him, it’s nothing to joke about to him. You are so special, so important to him and he’s so glad to have you in his life. You of course, are so lucky to have him as your boyfriend and know that the two of you are meant to be together forever.
• “like the ocean…. I love you. Pineapple.” - mINGYUUUU~~~

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  • How did they they meet? Halloween party. Taehyung, one of Seokjin’s new model friends who is currently dressed as a zombie salary man, bet Yoongi, a vampire-bitten cheerleader, that if he could stuff sixteen marshmallows in his mouth, Yoongi would quit smoking. 
  • Who developed romantic feelings first? Yoongi was all heart eyes pretty damn quickly.
  • Who is their biggest “shipper?” Kim Taehyung. But like. Outside of them since they don’t count? Probably Jimin and Seokjin both. Each of them pushes from the side of their respective bff. (Their scheming to get them together may or may not have led to the two of them winding up smooching.)
  • When did they have their first kiss and under what circumstances? Christmas party. Seokjin really likes throwing parties. And Taehyung likes going to them, and Yoongi really couldn’t get a hold of him in between other than texting/phone calls/video calls. Tae’s a busy man.
  • Who confessed their feelings first? Well Yoongi totally planned on confessing, and then Tae just blurted it out, so then Yoongi forgot what the hell he was gonna say.
  • What was their first official date? New Year’s party. Tae thought it was fitting.
  • How do they feel about double dates/group dates? Yay great let’s just hang out with all the people.
  • What do they do in their down time? Anything and everything that involves pants being off. Sometimes Tae isn’t around much at all due to work so they make the most of it when he is. Tae likes to listen to Yoongi play piano. Yoongi likes being amused by Tae’s one-man stage plays. 
  • What was the first meeting of parents as an official couple like? They met each other’s parents at the same event–a show in which Tae was to walk the runway. (Seokjin also but.) Luckily for Yoongi there wasn’t a lot to say during the actual fashion show part, and their parents mostly chatted with each other to save him from having to say anything. But then they went to dinner afterwards and it just felt weird. Fortunately Tae is very very good at being charismatic and engaging. So it went pretty well.
  • What was their first fight over and how did they get past it? Just something really stupid and small that wound up blowing up into something big and ridiculous. Eventually Yoongi tried to make things better with jokes but Tae was still upset. It worked after a few tries. Then they actually talked like grownups.
  • Which one is more easily made jealous? Tae which Yoongi just finds funny. Not in a mocking way but it makes no sense to him that his model boyfriend is worried about someone coming along to steal Yoongi away.
  • What is their favourite thing to get to eat? *erases perverted answer* Tae likes burgers. Yoongi’s gotten ridiculously good at making a variety of burgers. He may or may not have taken a few ideas from a certain cartoon.
  • Who’s the cuddly one? What their favourite cuddling position? Tae likes cuddling only a fraction more than Yoongi. Most of the time he’s in koala mode, clinging to Yoongi from behind. Yoongi prefers big-spoon bed cuddling.
  • Are they hand holders? Very much so.
  • How long do they wait before sleeping together for the first time? What’s the circumstances? Not very long after the Christmas party. Yoongi wanted to talk about what happened. The talk sorta took a hard left. (Heh. Hard.)
  • What’s the worst fight they’ve ever gotten into? That time Tae brought up The Future and it freaked Yoongi out.
  • Who does the shopping and the cooking? Yoongi handles both primarily. Mostly because he’s home more often.
  • Which one is more organized and prone to tidiness? Tae has a certain order he has to have things. Yoongi does his best to abide.
  • Who proposes? Yoongi. With vanilla cake that has real strawberry jam inside. And strawberries on top. 
  • Do they have joint Bachelor/Bachelorette parties or separate? Yoongi didn’t want a party. Tae had one on his own.
  • Who is the best man/maid of honour? Any other groomsmen or bridesmaids? Jimin won rock paper scissors and got to be best man. So Seokjin was one of the seven other groomsmen. The rest of them: Yoongi’s childhood friend Namjoon, Seokjin’s little brother (and thus Yoongi’s unofficial little brother) Jeongguk, Tae’s cousin Baekhyun, Tae’s cousin Youngjae, and Tae’s other bff Amber as a groomslady because she reaaaally did not wanna wear a dress. Jinah was matron of honor, and the other ladies in the party were Joohyun, Hyejin, Seulgi, Byulyi, Hyojung, Sooyoung, and Jisoo.
  • Big Ceremony or Small? Pretty big. At the behest of Tae’s grandma and parents. And Yoongi’s mom. 
  • Do they have a honeymoon? If so, where?  It’s a two-stage honeymoon, really. They go to New York for ten days, and then there’s a week where they just…stay at Tae’s condo. Because he so rarely gets to have a full week of doing nothing at all other than Yoongi.
  • Do they have children? How many? Okay so the original compromise was three kids–Yoongi wanted two, Tae wanted six and he was dead serious about that. And then somehow they ultimately wound up with four. Yoongi claims not to know how it happened. Tae knows the truth.

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Zolu, for obvious reasons! XD


Who asks the other on dates: 

they both do? they’re really spontaneous with this they’re like “…wanna do a thing?” and then they’ll be like “SURE!!!!!” or “ye”. their dates are like spur of the moment “we landed on this island lets go walk around and hold hands” kind of thing.

Who is the bigger cuddler:

zoro. zoro loves cuddling. he loves it so much. he cuddles with luffy every night because he loves the huggy feeling but he will never tell anyone that he is actually a very smol clingy swordsman.

so zoro.

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Preference #1 You're ill and he takes care of you (Requested)

Ashton: You were laid on the couch with Ashton, you watching tv and he fiddling his phone, when you felt a sting in your head, like a two seconds pain and you cursed under your breath. "You okay babe?“ he asked and stroked your hair. "I’m fine, don’t worry” you said and smiled up at him. Ashton got up to go get his charger, and you went back to watching tv when you felt the pain again, sharper and for a longer time this time. You hissed and closed your eyes, rubbing your temples to try and ease the pain, but it wasn’t working. It just kept getting worse and soon you were close to tears because of it. "Hey, what’s wrong?” He mumbled as he crouched down next to you and rested one of his hands on your head, stroking you hair lovingly with his thumb. "Migraine, I haven’t had it in like 2 months, I thought this was over" you mumbled and curled up, rolling onto your side and bitt your bottom lip when a sharp sting of pain hit you again. "Come on, let’s get you to bed" He said and got up, carrying you upstairs and gently laid you down on the bed, before walking over to the window to shut the blinds. “I’ll get the aspirins” he said. "Thanks babe" You sighed and smiled softly at him when the darkness took over the room, letting your eyes relax. "Anything for you" he said as he left to get the pills. He thenreturned with them and a glass of water. “Here ya go” he said  before kissing your forehead softly. You took two aspirins hoping they will work or at least ease your pain.“Now get some rest, I’m not going anywhere” he whispered and smiled when you cuddled close to him and closed your eyes, your breath soon evening out. 

Calum: “Ugh” you groaned as you sneezed for what seemed like the hundredth time that day, making Calum laugh a little. "You okay babe?“ He asked. "No, this fucking cold is killing me!” you groaned as you flopped onto the couch "Ouch…" you mumbled as you hit something hard and when you sat up you saw that it was his phone. “Oops, sorry” you said. "Don’t worry about it, I should learn not to leave my stuff everywhere" He said and giggled.“Okay” you said, nodding. "You know what? I’ll go make you a cup of tea and get some snacks and you can choose a movie and we’ll have a movie marathon for as long as you want" he said and kissed you softly "Yay!“ You cheered and got up to go find your favorite. He laughed and went to the kitchen to get what he said and when he came back the two of you cuddled up under a blanket and started to watch Mean Girls. "Thank you for this Calum, it really cheered me up” You said and smiled at him after the third movie of the night. "No worries babe, I just want you to be happy" He said and you “aww’ed”, making him blush. "You’re too cute, love you so much” you cooed and ran your hand trough his hair before kissing him softly, smiling "Love you too babe" He whispered.

Luke: “Shit!” you cursed as you got up from your bed and ran to the bathroom, emptying your stomach for the fourth time that day. While there you felt Luke’s hand rubbing soothing circles on your back and you sighed as you sat back, exhausted. "You should go to the doctor babe…" He mumbled, eyeing you worriedly. "I’m fine, it’s probably just something I ate, you know I have a weak stomach" you said before giving him a smile to reassure what you just said. "I’m not going to force you to go, but you’re going straight back to bed” He stated. You smiled and he added “I’m also going to be taking care of you today” you laughed. "Fine, I’m just going to brush my teeth, okay?“ you said and stood up, still feeling a little weak so Luke helped you up. "Now, you okay?” he whispered and kissed your cheek. "I’m fine, just give me a sec and I’ll go to bed" you answered and started brushing your teeth and slowly made your way to bed, where he was waiting, playing with his phone. He looked up when you walked into the room and smiled, putting his phone down. "I just had told the boys I’m not coming today" he said softly. "No, babe… You should go, I’m not gonna be much fun anyway, I’ll probably just be sleeping and throwing up all day, you’ll get bored" you said and laughed half heartedly. "If you think I’m leaving you alone when you’re as ill as you are now you’re so wrong. And don’t worry, they understand" he reassured you. "But I don’t want you to get ill too…" you mumbled and laid down. "If I do it’s your turn to take care of me I guess, at least that way we’ll be even" he joked, making you laugh. "Fine. Stay, thank you though Luke, I love you" you whispered and closed your eyes as you felt him cuddling up close to you. "I love you too babe. Get some rest, I’ll be right here when you wake up" He whispered and kissed your forehead.“Okay” you yawned and rested your head on his chest, your breathing soon evening out as you fell into a much needed, deep sleep. 

Michael: You were home alone in your and Michael’s apartment, you’ve been lying in the couch for about half an hour, zapping trough the channels and yawning. You’ve been feeling weird and dizzy so you decided to take a short nap. This nap resulted in you sleeping for about 4 hours, wrapped in three thick blankets. When Michael came home at six you were still asleep and he frowned when he felt how hot your forehead was, yet you where shivering really bad. He decided it would be better if you rested in the bed so he picked you up and smiled lovingly when you stirred and looked up at him. "Go back to sleep love, I’m just taking you to bed" he whispered and kissed your forehead. "Thank you" you mumbled and closed your eyes, the fever bringing you down. He smiled and quietly went upstairs and laid you down in your shared bed, before laying down next to you and covering you with a blanket. You woke up several times during the night because of how hot you felt your body, you felt like it was on fire, but when you finally woke up in the morning you had a damp cloth on your forehead and Michael was sat next to you, watching tv and holding your hand. Next to you, on the bedside table, was your breakfast, it made you smile. "Morning love, how you feeling?“ Michael asked, smiling at you. "Better, thanks… And thank you for taking care of me tonight, I’m really sorry for waking you up” you said apologetically. "It’s fine, don’t worry about it. I’m here to take care of you" he said and leant down to kiss you.


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#86: Leather Jacket

Harry: "Harry, it’s cold out, take a jacket!“ you call out from the kitchen, looking over your shoulder. You see him pout and make his way to the coat closet, sighing as he pulls out a jacket. "What, do you want to get sick?” you joke, rolling your eyes as he makes his way towards you. “No, I just wish I had my other one,” he mumbles, wrapping his arms around your waist and dropping his chin to your shoulder. “The leather one?” you reply, peeling off the rubber gloves. “Yeah,” Harry sighs, pressing a kiss to your cheek. “How do you even lose a jacket?!” “You tell me, H,” you shrug, kissing him briefly. “See you later.” You peak out the window, watching his car drive down the road before you scramble upstairs to your closet, opening up the white box. “You’re in for a surprise, Styles,” you mutter, looking down at the new leather jacket you got for him.

Liam: "I- uh, I had a really great time,“ you state, wrapping your arms around yourself as you walk beside Liam. "But you didn’t have to walk me home.” “Of course I have to,” Liam replies defensively, shrugging off his leather jacket and draping it over your shoulders. “I also have to give you my jacket. I’m trying to be romantic, (Y/N), keep up.” You roll your eyes, holding the jacket closer to your body as the wind picks up. Your senses were overwhelmed by Liam; his smell, his warmth, and the mere thought of him was enough to make you dizzy. You stopped at your front door, both of you standing awkwardly on the porch as you stared at each other. “Well thanks for walking me-” you start to say, but you’re cut off by his lips on yours. You felt your heart race, your fingertips tingle; your whole body was awake and all you could focus on was the feel of Liam’s mouth on yours. “Good night,” he says, walking off. You step into your house, heaving out a sigh before you remember- his jacket! You open the door to call out, but he was already gone.

Louis: "Where do you think you’re going?“ Louis grumbles, hooking his arm around your waist and pulling you back into bed. "Lou, I need to get ready,” you whine, trying to shimmy out of his grip. “Five more minutes,” he bargains, molding his body to yours. “Just want to cuddle.” “Fine,” you huff out, threading your fingers through his hair. But five minutes turns ten which turns to fifteen. “Shit Lou, I’m going to be late!” you exclaim, jumping out of bed and running into the bathroom. “This is all your fault, I hate you!” He chuckles, swinging his legs on to the floor and making his way to the kitchen where he starts to make coffee. He fills up a travel mug with coffee, adding creme and sugar the way you like it, holding it up as you run in and grab it from him. You throw on a leather jacket you spotted on one of the kitchen chairs, taking a sip as you slip your shoes on. “Isn’t that mine?” Louis questions, watching you with amusement. “Don’t care, bye!” you call out, running out.

Niall: “It’s the middle of May, why is it cold?!” you exclaim as you walk through the crowded streets of New York, Niall laughing beside you. “You have a weather app, use it,” he retorts, throwing an arm around you. “I checked yesterday and it said that the high was supposed to be 78 degrees!” “You’re such a pain…” Niall mutters, taking off his leather jacket and holding it out to you. “Here.” “I love you,” you singsong, clutching it tightly around your body as you hug his side. “What would you do without me?” Niall questions, rubbing his hand up and down your back. “Be shivering on the streets of New York because I didn’t have Niall Horan’s leather jacket to keep me warm.” “That was a rhetorical question, but thanks. Glad to know that you only keep me around for my jacket.”

Zayn: His hold around your waist tightened as you walked into school, his eyes warily scanning the crowd as the two of you walked through the halls. “Stop being so paranoid, Z,” you reassure him, twirling the lock on your locker. “I can’t help it,” Zayn pouts, taking your hand in his and giving it a squeeze. “You’re wearing that god damn dress, I need to ward people off.” “Oh yeah, because before I started seeing you, boys were crowding around my house,” you retort, gathering your books and slamming the door shut. “Well that and the fact that you look damn good in my jacket so,” he smirks, his eyes roaming over your body with an appreciative look, his teeth biting into his lower lip. “Eyes up here, buddy,” you scold him, taking his chin in your hand and forcing Zayn to look up. With a chuckle, he leads you to your first class, the smell of smoke trailing behind you from Zayn’s jacket.

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How Rin Met Nitori's Family (PART II)

((Part I is here!:

I’ve decided I’d kill two birds with one stone, so I combined part II with a couple of requests I recieved because…I need to catch up so badly! Lol…I hope you don’t mind and…Enjoy! <3



‘’Please senpai, come in…’’

‘’Again…Why so formal?’’
Rin walked into Nitori’s room later that night and looked around. His room was…

‘’Oh my god, Ai…You’re so messy!’’

There were books, comic books, cd’s, dvd’s, and all kind of stuff all over the floor.

‘’What do you mean messy? I’ve cleaned everything before you came!’’

‘’You mean this is the clean version of your room?’’



‘’I…I suppose I do have a lot of things and I don’t have where to keep them all…So…’’

‘’…Anyway, can I sit?’’ Rin picked up some bags that were on the way on Nitori’s bed.

‘’Wah! Give me that!’’


‘’Your Christmas present is inside…’’

‘’Oh, I see.’’
The boy took the bags and hid them somewhere.

In the meantime, Rin sat on the bed and was staring at the walls. There were Spiderman and Game of Thrones posters everywhere.

‘’Senpai, I’ll look for some pajamas you can wear. I think I’ve got some oversize ones that you could use…’’ Nitori opened his closet.


‘’Oh! Here!’’ Nitori handed him a black sweater with the Batman symbol printed on the chest and some grey tracksuit bottoms.

‘’Batman…? Really?’’ But Rin started undressing.

‘’W-WAH! Senpai, you’re going to change here?’’ Nitori turned around.

‘’What’s wrong? You’ve seen me do that a million times…’’

‘’…Y-Yeah…But…You weren’t in my room and sitting on my bed…’’ Nitori thought.

Rin laughed. The boy was still giving him his back.

‘’Y-You’re done?’’ Nitori asked after a while.

But Nitori didn’t have time to turn around. Suddenly, a pair of strong arms wrapped him in a tight embrace.


‘’I’ve been waiting all night to do this…’’

‘’…Oh…Me…Me too…’’ Nitori finally turned around and hugged him back. ‘’I…I missed you’’

Rin kissed his head. They wouldn’t move in a while.

They would just…Hug in silence.

‘’Let’s sleep?’’ Rin whispered in his ear in the end.



Rin and Nitori were cuddling in the bed. It felt so peaceful…

It was weird. Nitori thought he’d want to tell Rin a million things when he saw him again to catch up. But…They weren’t speaking at all. It wasn’t necessary in a way.

It was like…Their own bodies missed each other and just that embrace was enough. They didn’t need words. They only needed each other.


‘’Mm? You awake still?’’

‘’Yes…I can’t sleep…’’

‘’Are you uncomfortable…?’’

‘’No!…I’m just…So happy I can’t sleep’’

‘’I see…’’ Rin smiled and started massaging the boy’s scalp.

‘’…Oh…’’ Nitori closed his eyes enjoying the attention. ‘’I just…Wanted to say that I…’’

Just then, somebody opened the door.

‘’Big brother! Matsuoka-kun! Look! It’s snowing!’’ Akiko entered the room and jumped on top of the bed.

‘’…Akiko! What are you doing awake at this hour?’’ Nitori was surprised.

‘’Just look, look!!!’’

Both Rin and Nitori looked out the window.

‘’WOW! So beautiful!’’ Nitori’s eyes sparkled.

‘’Please, big brother! Let’s go outside!’’

‘’N-No way! You may catch a cold and mom will kill me…’’

‘’Pleeeeeeeeeease? I’ll wear my coat!’’ Akiko begged.

‘’…B-But…’’ Nitori looked at Rin.

‘’Sounds like fun’’ Rin shrugged.

‘’O-Ok. But just a little! And don’t tell mom!’’ Nitori decided in the end.

‘’YAY! Should we wake up Eri too?’’

But they realized the little girl was waiting already under the bedroom door frame, and ready with her coat and gloves on.


 ‘’Be careful, Eri…You don’t wanna slip!’’ Nitori was walking carefully holding his little sister’s hand. ‘’We’ll look for a nice place to make a snow man!’’

‘’Yay! Snow man!’’ Eri cheered.

‘’I’m glad it stopped snowing already…It’ll be easier that way’’ The boy stared at the night sky.

Rin was holding Akiko’s hand and walking just behind those two.

‘’Everything is so white!!’’ Akiko was happy. ‘’Matsuoka-kun, let’s throw a snow ball at big brother!…’’ She whispered next.

‘’Whaat? You’re so mean!’’ Rin opened his mouth wide.

‘’Big brother won’t get angry at you anyway…Just try it.’’

That made Rin think. In fact, it was true. He had never seen Nitori get REALLY angry at him before.

He got curious.

‘’Ok. It’s on…’’ Rin made a snow ball and then threw it. It landed on Nitori’s neck.

‘’W-WAAAAAAAAAH! COLD!’’ Nitori jumped and turned around. Both Akiko and Eri started laughing. ‘’Senpai?! Why…?’’

Rin grinned.

‘’Because this is war. What are you gonna do, Ai?’’ Rin tried to provoke him.


‘’DON’T WORRY, BIG BROTHER! We’ll protect you!!!’’ Akiko ran towards Eri and both of them started making and throwing snow balls at Rin.

‘’YOU! You traitor! Which side are you on, anyway?!’’ Rin was shocked. But then he started laughing. It was easy to dodge the snow balls because they were little girls and they lacked strength.

Rin made another snow ball and aimed it at Nitori again.

‘’WAH, senpai!! NO!’’

‘’Come on! Come at me…!’’

’You…You really think I won’t?!’’ After that snow ball landed on his chest he decided enough was enough. He bent down and started collecting a massive amount of snow.

‘’H-Hey…!’’ Rin was alarmed immediately.

‘’Take this, and this!’’ Akiko tried to cover his brother now that he was busy collecting the snow.

‘’W-Wait…Not fair!’’

‘’You shouldn’t have started a war you couldn’t win, senpai.’’ Now Nitori sounded like a character in one of his fave movies. He carried a snowball bigger than his own head in his hands.

He was about to throw it when…He slipped.

Rin noticed, and he ran towards him so that he could catch him.

Rin managed to do it, but he also slipped and they both ended on the ground, holding each other really close.

Their lips were just inches away now and for a moment, they just stood still there, staring into their eyes.

They blushed.
And then, suddenly…
The giant snowball Nitori made, that was flying high above their heads until that moment, landed on top of them. Both suffered the cold explosion, but the impact was greater on Rin.

‘’…’’ Rin stopped breathing for a while. That felt like an ice bomb.

Akiko and Eri started cracking up.

‘’Awesome! I’ll call that the Suicide Snowball from now on’’ Nitori started laughing as well. He couldn’t resist it.

‘’You little…!’’

Rin got up.

‘’S-Senpai…? You’re mad?’’ Nitori stood up as well.

‘’…Mad?…Oh, no…My revenge will be soooo sweet…’’

The three siblings screamed when they saw Rin collecting snow again.

The battle continued for at least an hour.

It was so much fun when they got home again, their sides hurt of so much laughing.


The following day, Hana offered to drive Rin to the train station and already there, everybody said their goodbyes.

‘’Matsuoka-kun, please come over again soon!’’ Akiko asked.

‘’I will, little Traitor…’’ Rin kissed her on the cheek.

‘’…I wanna…Play with you and the snow…Again’’ Eri commented shyly. Rin kissed her cheek too.

‘’The snow?’’ Hana frowned.

‘’Oh, nothing, nothing. Senpai, see you on Christmas!’’ Nitori tried to change the subject.

Rin wanted to kiss Nitori too, but he thought it wasn’t a good idea with so many witnesses in front of him so he just smiled, waved and left.

‘’See you all real soon!’’