and like they are each other's safe place

Can we take a moment

To talk about the fact that when Isak went to Even’s place in episode 2, they were both on their way home from school. So it’s probably safe to say it was around 3/3:30pm when they met up on the tram/train/magic carpet. 

and then they lost track of time and were still together at 7:50pm when Sonja and friends came over. 

Guys, Guys, they barely knew each other, yet they spent like 5 hours, just talking and falling in love with each other all afternoon. 

My emotions aren’t coping well this final week. 

together we will create a home with no loud anger, no explosive rage, no slamming doors or breaking glass, no holes punched into the walls so hard that the foundation rocks and cracks. our home will be gentle, it will be warm. i will keep you safe and you will keep me still. no fear, no hurt, no worry. we come from broken and twisted places but together we will build something whole and safe. we will curl around each other like a pair of quotation marks at night, warm and comforted. in the mornings, you’ll sing in the shower again. we will heal, and we will raise a family that doesn’t need to heal.

we began to fail at the smaller things.
like the time we went ice skating and realized that the imbalances in our lives weren’t just metaphorical.
you weren’t happy.
and I had given up hope in trying to be your safe place.
so we argued a lot.
mostly about stupid things.
then the importance of the wars we fought against each other only grew more significant in time.
you started lying, unintentionally perhaps, because you didn’t want to hurt me so you never told me about the day you ran into your ex girlfriend and decided to run around the city.
it wouldn’t have meant anything if you had told me.
and you didn’t.
eventually i found out.
and in my attempt to feel less hurt, i fell in love with someone else.
and i am sorry for how long it took for me to say that.
i am sorry for the both of us and how much we failed to realize.
the truth is, we should have known.
because there came a time where you stopped calling and i wouldn’t hold your hand.
we overlooked these smaller things because even in the moments we were bad to each other, you wanted it to work as much as i did.
after all, it was you i shared dreams with.
we talked about marrying each other and never waking up beside other people.
eventually we did.
in time we ran out of dreams and the hope we harvested was left out in the rain for too long.
i am sorry that we weren’t kind to each other.
we should have been.
if i could go back in time, i would tell you this:
i may not love you anymore but there was a day where i did. thank you for trying as best as you could to love me in a way i was able to recognize. thank you for loving me in all my crookedness. thank you for being the one to share this with me.
—  @thewordsyouneverunderstood , things I would have said to you
Autistic Hogwarts students
  • Autistic students who are best friends with their pets, owls, cats and frogs.
  • Autistic students who spend all their free time in the library.
  • Autistic students who know spells that can muffle the sounds around them. This could be really useful in the great hall and other crowded places.
  • Autistic students who made a deal with the elves in the kitchen that they get their favourite and sensory safe food and drinks every day.
  • Autistic students who know secret passages and the least popular stairs in Hogwarts to avoid crowds.
  • Autistic students who like to wear the school uniform because they always wear the same and they won’t have to decide what sensory friendly clothing they want to wear each morning.
  • Autistic students who like to communicate with the merpeople by sign language. The merpeople come to the big windows on the far side of the Slytherin common room if they are curious or want to talk.
  • Autistic students who stim by flying on a broom or play quidditch in the heavy equipment.
  • Autistic students who buy their stim toys in a magical fidget shop: Potions which smell like everything you want them to. Blankets that adjust their weight to the needs of the owner. Stim toys which change textures and other things like self-rotating glitter jars, endless bubble wrap, moving pictures for visual stimming. Everything you’d ever imagine.
  • Autistic students who create their own ‘personal space’ inside their wardrobe with an extension charm to relax, recover and be alone.
  •  Autistic students who use the time-turner to visit their favorite classes, again and again.
  • Autistic students who are befriended with the ghosts and portraits because they need no physical contact and have hundreds of years of knowledge to share.
  • Autistic students who have a self-writing quill which makes notes in class.
  • Autistic students who have a magical bracelet or pin which displays the mood and show if they want to communicate or be left alone.
  • Autistic students who have a collection of magical stim toys which can fly, hover, change colours or textures or make sounds.
  • Autistic students who sneak out of their common room at night because they like to wander the empty and quiet halls.
  • Autistic students who invented a light that only shine for them if they want to read and learn all night without waking everyone.
  • Autistic students who made howler which can only be heard by the receiver because they are bothered by the sudden noise every time someone received one.
  • Autistic students who are allowed to visit the greenhouse, potion class, astronomy tower, stables for magical creatures or the quidditch fields if they want to experiment or learn about their special interest.
  • Autistic students who meet other autistics in the room of requirements to train or analyse social situations, talk about their special interests, stimming together, etc.
  • Autistic students who have self-organizing and magically expanding shelves.
  • Autistic students who have an arrangement with the house elves in the kitchen that always food and drinks appear near them when it’s time to eat and they forgot about it.
  • Autistic students who have blankets which can adjust their weight if they want their blankets to be heavier or lighter.
  • Autistic students who go nonverbal have magical cards which can display and verbalise their thoughts if they have to say something.
  • Autistic students who have a special interest in muggle things and interrogate all new muggle-born and half-blood students about it.
  • Autistic students who ‘lock’ their wands, so they can stim with it without setting of spells.
  • Autistic students who learn to cast their spells wandless because they don’t like the feeling of holding a wand or like to flap their hands.
  • Autistic students who are allowed to miss class if they (are about to ) have a meltdown, shutdown or a sensory overload.
  • Autistic students who have enchanted chairs and tables in every classroom which can adjust the brightness of the light, the speech volume of the teacher and other students and the room temperature to make the perfect environment for each student.
  •  Autistic students who have a magical compass which shows them the fastest way to their common room or safe place from every location in Hogwarts if they are going to have a meltdown, shutdown or sensory overload.
  • Autistic students who stay over Christmas in Hogwarts because it’s quieter and less stressful there than at their home.
  • Autistic students who are visited by their families and friends on visiting day at Hogwarts once a month. On every train station and in Kings Cross on platform 9 ¾  a wizard is positioned who cast a temporary spell on the visitors and lead them through the barrier. They will arrive at Hogsmeade where the students can meet them. In special cases, they can stay in Hogsmeade for a few days. After that, the Hogwarts Express will bring them back to the muggle world.
  • Autistic students who manipulate stinkbombs from Zonko’s Joke Shop or Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes that they smell like their favourite stimmy smell.
  • Autistic students who have a huge collection of chocolate frog cards or rare magical plants.
  • Autistic students who always have a sneakoscope on them, which make an alarming sound when it’s in range of an untrustworthy person, like a poltergeist or bullies. 
  • Autistic students who like to spend their time in the shrieking shack, when everything is too much and they need alone-time. It’s a lonely place because no others students dare to go there.To get there, they use the secret passage under the whomping willow.
  • Autistic students who like to spend their time at the boathouse because it’s quieter there than on the lakeshore.
  • Autistic students who row out onto the great lake to play with the merpeople and the giant squid and feed the squid toast from breakfast.
  • Autistic students who can’t travel in the crowded and noisy Hogwarts Express. Instead, they’re allowed to use brooms, portkeys, floo powder, apparition spells or flying cars or carpets.
  • Autistic students who can’t live in the common room could rent a room in Hogsmeade or stay home. They have to travel every day to Hogwarts and back home.
  • Autistic students who are allowed to travel with floo powder through the fireplaces from one classroom the next to avoid the crowds in the hallways.
  • Autistic students who like to flap and rock while reading about their special interests use flying books or let them fly.
  • Autistic students who like rules, order and organisation  want to be praefect of their house.
  • Autistic students who like the sound of the water in the Slytherin dungeon or the howling wind in the Gryffindor/Ravenclaw tower.
  • Autistic students who have a bad sense of orientation and take a copy of the marauders’s map from the Hogwarts merch shop with them to find the way to their classrooms.
  • Autistic students who visite besides muggle studies the social norm class for muggle and wizard worlds, in which muggle-born, half-bloods and pure-bloods learn about the social life and the daily life with or without magic in the other world.
  • Autistic students who have problems with personal hygiene. Instead of teeth brushing they can chew on a bubble gum made out of the juice of a rare magical plant. And instead of showering they can use potions or charms to stay clean.
  •  Autistic students who got stimming attachments from Olivander’s. They can modify their wands with chewing bits or little attached fidget toys or transparent parts with shiny liquid in it, like a glitter jar.
  • Autistic students who have magical contact lenses which can adjust the light level of every environment after the users needs.
  • Autistic students who teach themselves Parseltongue because they see it as a new challenge and a special way to make friends with animals
  • Send me your Ideas!
  • to be continued
People "accuse" us of "dividing" our selves

Like on a post I made about how Trump has divided America because of how many of my friends have blocked one another or stopped talking to each other, people commented:

“You’re the ones dividing each other not Trump!”

Like first off all, nice departure from logic, saying that someone who’s causing all these fucking arguments in the first place isn’t responsible even though you should be able to figure out that if he wasn’t around, we wouldn’t have to have them.

Second, are you serious?

Trump has literally brought the worst people out of the woods.

He’s made racists feel safe and validated.

He’s made Anti-Semites and Islamophobes feel comfortable walking around the streets spewing their bullshit and calling themselves true patriots AGAIN.

He’s forced good people to stand up against these people and show them who THEY are.

I mean seriously.

You think we can take Nazis lying down?

You think we can accept the coming of our New Fuhrer with good conscience?

Trump did this.

He’s brought us to this, and you think liberals are overreacting, no.

Trump is an extremist and the people he’s inciting are also extremists.

Extreme measures have to be taken.

He’s hyper charged politics to the breaking point.

Don’t blame liberals for “dividing” America.

Did you really think we were going to let you have your way and be perfectly “reintegrated” with Trump’s minions?

Fuck that and fuck him.

He’s divisive because not all Americans are UTTER GARBAGE.

If I’m ever proud of my country, it’s when Americans stand up to protest the ban on Syrian refugees.

It’s when Americans stand up and tear down that ridiculous wall Trump wants to build.

It’s when Americans protest in record numbers for feminism and women’s rights.

It’s when…

A man punches a fucking Nazi in the face.

Your perfect little system is broken.

Your politics are no longer political but moral.

How could you expect any human being with a shred of decency to ignore them and “make peace?”

He’s disrupted the peace in politics and the disconnect between political matters and personal matters.

He’s made politics deeply personal and I’m astounded that you would think we would let people bearing the name and spirit of Nazi, the worst people in the world, responsible for some of the absolute worst crimes against humanity in history, walk around uncontested simply because “that’s how it’s always been! free speech!”

We will not.

Not as long as we are alive.

Not as long as we’re good people.

You understand, I hope.

The one thing I keep coming back to after this week’s episode is how Alec and Magnus are slowly becoming each other’s safe place. And I am so here for this. Let’s start with Alec, because I feel like he’s further down this path than Magnus is at this point. 

Other than Jace and Izzy, Alec has never really had anyone that he could feel “safe” around (thanks Lightwood parenting!). Safe enough to be himself, to show the uglier side of his personality, or the more vulnerable side, without fearing that the other person would run. But we see Alec do both of these things with Magnus in season one, first in the punching bag scene, where he opens wide to Magnus with zero prompting about his feelings regarding his parents being members of the Circle.

He snarks with Lydia about it, in the next episode he snaps at his siblings about it, but with Magnus he is honest and open and vulnerable in a way we almost never see him. He feels safe enough to do that, with him, and that is pretty astounding when you think about it.

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so if you romanced anders hawke mentions in inquisition that they don’t like to leave anders behind, but they have him hidden in a “safe place”

and if carver’s a grey warden hawke mentions that they had aveline hide him

imagine carver and anders being reluctant roommates

carver and anders holed up in some tiny cottage in the anderfels, trying desperately not to kill each other

That Todd (Damian Wayne Imagine)

Requested: No
Request: No
Summary: Damian’s beloved gets hurt in battle
Word Count: 493
Warning(s): Injury; fluff

When Damian saw you go down, he felt like his whole world stopped.

We had been fighting side by side, protecting each other’s backs, when suddenly my world went black, my body heavily plummeting to the ground. A mixture of adrenalin and shock coursing through his veins, a lethal combination. He fought off the remaining enemies, the urgency of needing to get you to a safe place resting on his shoulders. 

When the last man hit the ground, Damian wasted no time, making the situation known over the intercom to the others whom were currently on patrol. “Don’t worry beloved, I’ll do everything in my power to make you better,” he whispered in to my hair, carrying my unconscious body toward the freshly arrived batmobile.

My head was buzzing, a steady beeping awakening me. I’m completely unable to open my eyes, they feel like they’re superglued shut. A hand is holding mine, a soft whimper reaching my ears, barely audible. I slowly squeeze the hand, weakly, but still felt by the recipient. “Beloved…Beloved, a-are you awake, please wake up y/n,” my sweet boyfriends voice, so broken, so vulnerable, so out of character. He softly kisses my cheek, brushing strands of hair out of my face with his free hand.

I do my best to force my eyes to open, to force my mouth to speak, but I’m too weak. But finally, after only a few minutes of struggle, my eyelids heavily start sliding open, the light in the room causing my face to crinkle, eyes hurting. I recognize the room as one of the rooms in Wayne manor. “D-d- damian.” My voice is wavering. He quickly stood up, helping me to prop myself up just slightly, handing me a glass of water. “Beloved, I was so scared, I thought I lost you, never to feel your love again.” He spoke lowly. My eyes widen, a stray tear falling down Damians angelic face. I weakly lift my hand, wiping the tear away with my thumb, my fingers slightly lingering on his skin.  

How long was I out ?” I ask, guessing it probably was a while. He sighed “Just under two weeks, the whole family was very concerned, even that Todd brought you flowers TT” He said, slightly rolling his eyes, causing a weak giggle to erupt from my lungs. “I’m so sorry Dami, I don’t know what happened, one moment I was fighting, the next I was knocked out cold.” Tears prickling at the corners of my eyes. “Don’t concern yourself with it sweety, all that matters is that you’re here now.” He kisses my lips, the sensation sending sparks through my body. “Also, That Todd doesn’t seem like such a bad guy after all.” A wide smile flowing over my features. “TT, i think that’s the medication talking, I need to talk to Alfred about lessening the dosage.” He says jokingly, a smile as bright as the sun on his tired face.

Hope you like it, I needed more Damian fluff in my life. Requests are open! Maybe i should do some prompts or something, i dont know :P


With love,

Welcome Home

PAIRING- reader x steve rogers


WARNING: Smut (obvs) UNPROTECTED SEX (keep it safe in real life kids seriously, don’t be a fool wrap your tool) ORAL SEX and swearing! 

Request from Anon- Since I love your Imagines, I thought I could request something to you :) Maybe some Steve smut where you’ve been dating for a while and Steve just came home after a two-month Long Mission and you both have missed each other like crazy. So as soon as he enters your shared Apartment wearing his uniform, you both practically devour each other and have passionate sex in Different places, like the shower and finally end up in the bed where you then spend the rest of the night cuddling? :) I LOVE UU

Oh boy was this fun!!! I hope you guys enjoy ! x

GIF NOT MINE (but this is the suit I imagined, bby looks damn fine! )

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“He’ll be home soon (Y/N) don’t worry about it” You tried not to glare at the archer sitting across from you.

“It was supposed to be an quick mission Clint, simple gather information then leave. It’s been two months” You complained, Clint gave you a look. You didn’t mean to act like a whiny needy girlfriend. But you missed Steve and you weren’t going to apologies for missing someone you loved and cared about.

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Unlikely Duos

This was requested here.

Aries and Capricorn:

A beautiful rebellion forged by the rules and the ones who break them coming together. They create a middle ground of doing your work, and rebelling against it. They allow each other to find a new “them”.

Taurus and Sagittarius:

The realist, and the dreamer. They encourage reachable dreams within each other. They give each other a safe place to relax. Sagittarius teaches Taurus of the world, and Taurus teaches Sagittarius of the heart.

Gemini and Scorpio:

They both act like they don’t care, but care a lot inside. Some of the kindest and biggest hearts in the zodiac, they create peace and harmony. Deep conversations come to conclusions and solutions with these two.

Cancer and Aquarius:

People say they are the enemies of the zodiac, but really they are great for each other. They both know how to be light-hearted, but harsh when needed. They have long conversations and shy PDA.

Leo and Pisces:

They are the old couple who bicker and fight, but know it’s all just fun. They both offer big love, and generosity, which makes them perfect as reciprocation comes naturally to these lovers.

Virgo and Libra:

Here is the duo of private romance, strong support, and everlasting emotions. They are helpful and hate to fight each other, and even through all the little silly arguments know their love is true.

Here’s something you might have missed. In this clip we see that Aqua is level 56 at five hours into the game. The very next scene seems to take place in Dwarf Woodlands, near the Magic Mirror, and she’s shown in the same outfit. The world icon is unhelpful, but since Aqua is wearing the same outfit in the next scene, it looks like we can safely assume that the two scenes were probably recorded relatively close to each other.

Basically what I’m saying is that the game is probably more than five hours.

- Mod M.

I’ve seen a lot of people stressed in the fandom today due to trolls sending rumours and opinions about actor’s lives to ask boxes. That sucks. This should be a safe place to celebrate SKAM, the characters, the actors and each other. Remember you can always hit the delete button and walk away. One of my friends says “sometimes you have to choose between being free and being right”. Walking away can be a powerful and freeing choice in situations like this. And then just go reblog the episode 5 bed scene 20 more times because that always cures any stress. ;)

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Scared (Requested)

Request: Can you do an imagine where the reader is a friend of Liam and it turns out she´s a banshee but she can´t control it yet and thinks she´s useless. and she also has a crush on stiles but doesn´t do anything about it because she thinks he wouldn´t want anything from her but he does like her and when the whole benefactor thing begins he stays at her place to keep her safe and accidentally walks in on her changing ( she has a belly buttton piercing and stiles is surprised because she is so sweet and innocent) and later that night they kiss and fluff?

Warnings: precious baby angel cupcake stiles, fluff

“Just try to get a clear head. Try to listen to the voices around you.”, Lydia said calmly as we stood next to each other with linked hands. I tried, I really did, but it seemed impossible to tell which voices had useful information and which just muttered about nonsense. Lydia was just so much better at this.

3 weeks ago I did not only find out that one of my best friends was a werewolf, but also that I was a banshee and that kind of freaked me out. Even though the whole pack made sure I was okay and taught me everything they knew, everything still felt so wrong. Wrong wasn’t the right word, it seemed like some kind of dream, a nightmare, one you couldn’t ever escape.

“I can’t hear anything that makes sense Lydia. I’m sorry.”, I sighed. She opened her eyes and smiled down at me reassuringly.

“Don’t worry. I took me more than 2 years to figure it out and I still have problems most of the time.”

“See! Lydia, you’re the strongest people I’ve ever met and if you can’t even fully control it how the hell am I suppose to do it? I'm…”

Nothing. That was what I thought but I didn’t speak it out loud. The pack had enough problems, they didn’t need my teenager phases.

“You’re still learning! And I couldn’t think of a better banshee than you!”, she responded and rubbed my shoulders. I actually felt a bit better but that quickly faded away once I sat in the library. This whole supernatural thing wasn’t my only problem, I was probably gonna fail chemistry. I always did my best in school but I just never got the hang of it. Lydia offered to tutor me, but I refused, like I said there was a lot going on in Beacon Hills right now, I was the least important problem of all.

I let my head fall on the table, hard. I groaned loudly and regretted coming here in the first way, it’s not like I was magically enlightened by now. It was dark, my dad was off working in London and I just noticed that I had no one to drive me.

“Go home.”

I lifted my head to see a slightly smiling Stiles leaning against one of the shelves.

“How did you know I was here?”

“It was either the library or Lydia´s place so…”

“I don´t have anyone to drive me.”

“For someone so smart, you do have your dumb moments.”, he grinned and held up the keys to his jeep.

“Stiles, if you´d get a dollar for every time you drive me around you could buy two new jeeps by now!”, I sighed and he started to laugh. I couldn´t help but grin up at the older boy. Okay, maybe I had a tiny crush on him that wasn´t all that tiny. Look he´s just damn cute okay?

“Y/N if I wouldn´t want to drive you around I wouldn´t ask you. Also, I decided to tutor you.”, he explained. I shook my head at him but began shoving my stuff back into my handbag anyway.

“You´ll regret that soon. You always complain when Liam´s around, though.”, I countered. He put his arms around my shoulder and guided me in the direction of his jeep.

“That, my dear, sweet Y/N is because he´s an annoying little runt.”

I giggled at his words, even if I shouldn´t, I was one to talk. I was, at least, a few inches shorter than Liam but no one ever bothered to talk about it while they teased Liam. I didn´t even quite reach Stiles’ shoulder but to be fair; he was two years older than me and I wasn´t wearing any heels. And since when did every person on earth have to be over 5′2?

“You don´t have to be so rude.”, I complained still giggling in the car and slapped his chest lightly.

“Hey, it´s my super power!”, he defended himself and I had to bend over in order to contain my laughter.

“You´re horrible!”, I exclaimed in between my giggles but I only felt my affection for him getting stronger, even though it would break my neck one day.

“Not everyone can be as flawless as you.”, he shot back and I was 100 % sure he was joking.

“Yeah, because it´s so cool to fail chemistry class while being the most useless pack member who´s constantly in the way.”, I quipped while undoing my seat belt as we stopped in front of my house.

“You don´t really think that, do you?”, Stiles asked with a frown. I had no good reply, so I decided to ignore it.

“Goodbye Stiles.”, I sighed and kissed his cheek. He held me on my wrist before I could get out.

“Stiles, what is it?”

“Why is your house all dark and empty?”

“Because my dad´s not here for a few weeks?”, I replied using the same tone as him. I watched him undoing his seat belt as well before getting out.

“What are you doing?”, I asked as I got out as well. He didn´t reply until he locked the jeep.

“I will not let you sleep alone at home while you´re on a death list. Why don´t you just scream ‘Murder me please!’ because it seems to be just as safe if you ask me.”

“Stiles, I can look after mys-”

“Nope.”, he cut me off and grabbed my hand on the way to my door.

“You can´t just sleep at my place to keep me safe, are you planning on doing that every night or what?”, I asked jokingly.

“How long is your dad gonna be away?”, he asked as I unlocked the front door. I shrugged even though I knew the answer, and he knew that I knew.


“2 months-ish?”

“When were you planning on telling any of us?”

I opened my mouth and closed it again because the respond ‘Never’ seemed unwise.

“You don´t have any clothes for the night.”, I stated instead as I kicked off my ballerinas. He scratched the back of his neck before his eyes lit up. He told me that he still had a bag with some clothes in his car because he actually planned on having a sleepover at Scott’s. He ignored my attempts to make him leave again and rushed out quickly while telling me not to die in the next few minutes. I sighed and began to make dinner. Well, I only put some chicken and fries in the oven but you know what I mean.

I frowned at the door. Stiles hadn´t parked to far away, what took him so long? I hoped he was okay, I don´t think I could bear it if anything would happen to him. I peeked out of the window and saw him talking on his phone. I shrugged and went upstairs to go and change. I didn´t hear Stiles coming back in, or calling my name. I did hear him gasp when he saw me standing there in underwear.

“Stiles!”, I scolded him. He stumbled back as he tried to cover his eyes without actually hiding them, I could see them scanning my underwear.

“I´m so-”, he stumbled against the door, “sorry! I, uh…”, he trailed off again when his eyes focused on my belly button piercing. Of course, he was shocked, who would expect someone like me ‘the sweetest of all’ as Scott kept calling me would get a piercing? What shall I say? I liked it.

I sighed and put on an oversized shirt, luckily he didn´t see me changing my panties, at least, I hoped he didn´t. That was not really how you expected your crush to see you like that for the first time.

“Usually, people leave when they see their friend changing.”, I let him know with a little smirk. He nodded furiously and mumbled more apologies as he rushed down the stairs with an extremely red face. I smiled at his dorkiness but felt self-conscious at the same time. Was he that embarrassed because he walked in on me changing or because he was horrified at the sight? I licked my lips and walked down the stairs, just in time to see Stiles looking for a good DVD.

“Are you serious?”, he asked as he held ‘Mean Girls’ up. I folded my arms and grabbed the DVD.

“This, was my childhood okay? Talking about it I feel like watching that movie tonight. You can put it in while I get the food okay?”, I smiled sweetly and he scoffed while muttering about me being, in fact, a mean girl.

I hummed while putting the food onto plates and walking back into the living room. Stiles sat on the couch with a big smile and the remote in his hand.

“Why are you smiling like that?”, I asked warily while setting down the plates and grabbing a blanket.

“I decided we should watch another movie.”, he grinned.

Which movie?”

“One of mine.”, he grinned evilly and took away my blanket.

“Hey! There´s only one, why do you need one you´re huge anyway!”, I complained and he raised his eyebrows at me.

“Because, because the body heat increases when…”, I stammered and cleared my throat as it was my turn to blush. He simply pulled me against him so the blanket covered both of us while we were eating.


“I hate you!”, I shrieked as I hid my face in his chest and refused to let him go as he laughed at my reaction. Stiles thought it would be fun to watch the horror film ‘Mama’. I wasn´t too keen to see it.

Since I was busy with freaking out I didn´t notice Stiles’ affectionate stare and the way he wrapped his arms around me whenever it was too much to bear. The only thing I noticed was that I was not a fan of horror movies and that I wouldn´t need any other proof.

“Stiles?”, I whispered when there was a scene that wasn´t too horrible.


“Thank you.”

“I don´t mind.”, he smiled and pulled me closer.



“I´d like to get something in return.”, he grinned. Before I could ask what he had in mind I felt his lips on mine, letting out a noise that was a mixture of surprise and approval. When he pulled back I looked up at him with wide eyes and bit my lip.

“I´ve liked you since we first met, I know you probably don´t want to be my girlfriend because we´re not even in the same year or because I´m a general annoying person but I needed to do this at least once.”, he sputtered. I smiled up at him and pulled him back in for another kiss. This one was a little more intense and more heated, but still sweet. I couldn´t even begin to describe how happy I felt.

“I´ve had a crush on you since I´m a part of the pack.”, I admitted sheepishly. I lost count of how often we kissed after this, but I didn´t mind.

“Now where this is solved, you better fucking cuddle with me tonight because I am scared as hell!”, I exclaimed.

“C’mon Y/N it´s not that ba- HOLY SHIT!”, he yelled when an especially bloody scene came on screen. I let out a groan and hid under the blanket while Stiles pulled me into his lap. This evening turned out better than expected.


no but like…magnus seeing alec with his eyes closed on the balcony…do you know how sad that is? because alec just wanted to feel safe, but maybe felt like too much of a bother to actually go through the front door of the apartment. alec maybe wanted to give magnus time to mourn camille, and he might have said to himself, let me just stand here, and feel safe, just being close is enough, being in a safe place is enough. but i cant imagine the relief in alecs heart when magnus does go outside, and the relief in magnus heart when alec says he doesnt care about magnus past with camille, what matters is hes okay. theyre both there for each other, and alecs hand is hurting, but maybe he will let magnus fix it now 

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Don’t stress yourself!!! We’ve all gotta look out for each other now, do what you can, that’s all. Stay safe, stay sane, and stay hopeful ❤️

Thanks <3 You all do the same. LGBT+ people have been through moments like this before. We need to stick together. 

To any of my younger followers… I’m not going to pretend that it isn’t scary, or that everything is going to be okay. It is scary, and it probably won’t all be okay.

But the LGBT+ community is used to pain and used to trauma. The community is here to embrace you, to give you a place to cry and feel at ease in. We’ve endured for so long and that’s only been accomplished by solidarity. It’s our duty to look out for each other and we are here to look out for you. You deserved a better world–oh, did you deserve a better world–but we can survive this. We will endure. We are stronger than the venomous majority of this world filled with hatred. WE ARE STRONGER. In the long term, no matter what happens, we WILL NOT die out–we REFUSE to. 

But for now…come here. Our most important duty right now is, really, showing our love. Our love is what unites so many of us in the first place–it’s our most powerful tool. Let’s put it to good use and give each other solace. 

Read Me--Imagine #11

angelrayna: Hi! I was wondering if you could do an imagine that takes place in a library or bookstore. Im a total bookworm so i love that kind of stuff .///. Thanks ^^

A/N: Loved this idea and I’m sorry it took so long for me to write it. Thank you so much for being patient. I hope it was all you wanted!! <3 I feel like it’s kind of messy but hopefully it sounds better to you. Keep dreaming!~Logan

My fingers ran along countless spines of books, and I savored the feel of each of them. I was calmed by the low hum of the small bookshop sounds. My local bookstore was my safe haven. It was peaceful and small, and felt more like home than any other place. 

“Is there anything I can help you with, ma’am?” A voice said behind me.

I whipped around from looking at the fantasy book I was holding in my hand.

The young man who stood in front of me was the guy I’d been pining over for awhile now. I knew he worked here, but we had never talked except for the couple times he had rang up my books. His name tag read, c/n.

“Ah, it’s you!” He exclaimed, his face brightening.

“Yup. I’m back,” I grinned, awkwardly shifting my weight from one foot to the other. I was surprised he recognized me.

“Considering how often you’re here, you must have a library in your house,” he smiled at me, his kind e/c eyes twinkling at me.

I pulled at the hair on the nape of my neck. “Heh, yeah, I’ve kind of run out of space in my house for all the bookshelves I keep filling up.”

We stared at each other for a bit, his eyes sweeping over my face and lingering slightly on my lips. 

“So!” he started, seeming to snap out of a daze. “Can I help you find anything?”

“Oh, well, if you have any recommendations I’m open to any,” I smiled.

“Pssh, do I ever!” He winked at me, strolling through the rows of shelves.

I followed him, a slight warmth settling in my cheeks. We walked for a bit, and I studied his strong back and the way he confidently walked, humming to himself a bit. The sound was soothing. 

“Mah lady,” he said, stopping in front of one of the rows, and gesturing for me to pass him with a flourish of his arm.

“Such a gentleman,” I smiled. God, I really didn’t know how to flirt. 

The slight tinge of pink on his cheeks, told me otherwise though. 

“I’m really into dramas and mysteries, so this isle is great for that,” c/n smiled, a sort of dreamy look taking over his face. 

He told me about a few of his favorite books and I picked up one of the ones he mentioned. 

“Oh, yeah, umm,” he suddenly became very flushed and nervous, “that one is a romantic drama. But it’s really good. There’s a lot more to the story than just the romance.”

“I think I’ll start this one here and see if I wanna buy it,” I smoothed my hand over the cover. 

“Yeah, for sure! I guess I’ll just go back to minding my business,” he chuckled, getting antsy.

“Or you could, maybe, read it with me? I mean, if you don’t want to that totally makes sense, I mean I’m just–”

“I would love to–” he stopped himself. “What’s your name? You’d think I would have asked by now, considering how often I see you in here.”

I blushed before outstretching my hands. “I’m y/n.”

“Well, I would love to read with you, y/n,” he chuckled, his warm and slightly calloused palm rubbing against mine as we shook hands. 

His thumb stroked over my knuckles for a brief moment before he dropped his hand.

“Follow me,” he turned, leading me through the rows to a door. “Technically, I’m not supposed to do this, but hey, you’re one of our best customers. Might as well get a little bit of VIP treatment,” he smirked as he punched a passcode into a pad on the door.

He took my hand leading me inside before I could say another word. 

“Welcome to the bookworm’s paradise,” he laughed. 

My eyes widened at the glorious little room. It was comfy and dimly lit by little lantern lights hung on a long wire that ran along all the walls. Bean bags and plush couches sat on the carpeted floor. Books were strewn over the floor and filled the bookshelves. My eyes settled on a machine that c/n was toying with. 

“Hot chocolate?” he asked, holding out a cup of the steaming liquid. 

“Wow, thanks,” I smiled. 

“Anything for a devoted bookworm like me,” he wiped the hair that had fallen into his eyes, before taking a sip. “Oh, shit! That’s hot,” he said, choking.

I patted him on the back, putting both of our hot chocolates near the bean bags that were next to us. His coughing subsided after awhile. 

“You alright?” I asked gently, rubbing my hands up and down his back.

“Yeah, thanks. Sorry about that,” he looked up finally his eyes watering from coughing, his whole face bright red. 

I hesitantly took my hand away, wishing it could remain there.

“Shall we?” He asked, bring my eyes back up to his as he gestured to the love-seat we were standing in front of. 

“We shall,” I gave him a shy smile. 

He sat down first and patted the cushion next to him. When I sat down next to him, I tried placing myself as far from him as possible so as not to make him uncomfortable. But the seat had other plans. The cushion tilted to the middle, sliding my body into him, my whole side–thigh and arm–pressed against his. He looked at me, a gaze I wouldn’t be able to get out of my head for days. It made my stomach churn as he let his eyes slide down to gaze at the places we were touching. He cleared his throat. Opening the book, he held it in his hand, resting his hand on his thigh. I put my hand on his thigh to support my weight as I shifted to curl my legs under me. 

“Comfy?” He chuckled, looking at the way I was seated. 

I slid my hand slowly up his thigh, back to my own. His Adam’s apple bobbed, his smile faltering for a moment. “Mmm, very,” I smirked. 

Clearing his throat again very loudly, he shifted a couple times, seeming to try to get his legs in a comfortable position and pulling his top down. Finally he settled. His voice came out thick and measured as he started the story. I don’t know how long we were in there as his voice lulled me into a sort of hypnotized state. It was so soothing and yet sensual at the same time. The way the words fell from his lips was like a beautifully composed piece of orchestral music. And the way his tongue curled to form each word was an art form in and of itself. I laid my head on his shoulder and felt the hum of his voice in my own body. Sometimes, in the dramatic parts, when a character was over-reacting, he would switch to this hilariously high pitched voice. I doubled over from laughing so hard. Watering eyes and flushed cheeks, I didn’t realize I had fallen in such an awkward position. When my eyes focused and I brushed away the joyful tears, I realized my head was on his lap, and I was staring up at him. He looked down at me, his hand that held the book resting on the arm of the loveseat to get a full view of me. 

“You enjoying my humor?” he asked, pink tinting his cheeks. 

I giggled. “Very. You should really get a job reading for audiobooks.”

“And why would that be? I think I do a terrible job of reading,” he inquired.

My eyes widened. “You think you do a terrible job of reading? I was just in trance from listening to your voice,” I sat up. “In fact,” I looked down at my lap, “I think that’s all I really focused on. So, maybe your voice wouldn’t be good for audiobooks. No one would be listening to the story. They’d be too focused on your voice.”

He tipped my chin, making me look him in the eyes. Something about the way I was looking at him must’ve triggered something in him. I heard the book drop as I licked my lips, letting my bottom lip graze against my teeth. 

“I kind of want to know what it would be like to feel your lips read me,” I said, stroking his cheek, my face on fire as well as the rest of my body. 

He got the hint, his eyes seeming to be set on fire, closed the distance, and our lips met in a slow, sensual introduction. His lips closed around my bottom lip, getting familiar with it, and he sucked gently. So tender. He was so tender with me. His hand that was once holding a book as poetic as the way he was kissing and touching me now, blazed a fiery trail down my arm to my leg. He gripped in a soft, but firm way and pulled it over his thighs. I was now straddling him. His warm, large hand that I had only been shaking in introduction earlier, traced circles on my thigh. It seemed he was flipping through my pages, inhaling my scent as he would with a book, savoring the taste the smell brought with it. He was reading me with his fingertips, like I was braille and he was blind. His tongue wrote a new chapter in my book on my tongue, one where I lost all inhibitions and went after what I wanted: Him. I leaned further into the kiss, moving my whole body with his movements and that voice, that damned voice, released a thick, guttural groan. The passion with which he was kissing me was what convinced me he really was trying to read me. The way his hands stroked my body, trying to observe my movements so as to be able to predict them in the future. He was a reader and I was the story he was trying to memorize.

Guardian (Miss Peregrine x reader friendship[?])

Anonymous said: movie!Alma Peregrine x fem!reader, maybe teenager, please? It would be great <3

I did a more mother-daughter, “look after you” kind of feeling to it. I hope you enjoy it! x

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i figured some people might benefit from a network like this, so … here goes!

the safe voltron fan network is a network dedicated to creating a safe space for vld fans to interact without fear of coming into contact with any Bad Things or people!


  • apply to the group here!
  • no shaladin ships or shippers allowed (no abusive ships, period)
  • no support of any racist/fatphobic/etc bloggers/fanartists/so on
  • please respect one another and try to keep drama within the group to a minimum if possible!
  • reblog or like this post if you apply (preferably the former, but no worries if you can’t!)
  • please treat each other kindly if you can!


  • a place to discuss voltron (or other topics as well!) without some of the Bad Things the fandom is typically associated with
  • a place to vent about voltron fandom issues without receiving hate for said venting
  • new friends who also love voltron and dont support gross things within the fandom!
  • we can all yell into the void together in skype (if you’d like!)
  • above all, a safe space where you should not have to worry about being unwelcome or feeling unsafe! (if ever something makes you uncomfortable, please please feel free to talk to me about it, and i will do my best to resolve the issue!)