and like the ending was good although frustrating

Break Time Activities

Word Count: 1800ish

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Skinny dipping, public nudity (only Dean and Reader see each other naked), unprotected sex, oral sex (female receiving), a shitty attempt at writing smut

Summary: The reader needs a break from a long night of researching, and Dean helps her unwind.

A/N: I dedicate this to my lovely friends @like-a-bag-of-potatoes and @melonshino…. I took a break from my Sam crisis to write this just for you guys ;-)


“Hey Sammy, you find anything yet?” Dean asked tiredly through the speaker of his phone. “Y/N and I are starting to exhaust our options over here.”

“I’m still at the library… it seems like I’m not going to be leaving anytime soon,” Sam answered tiredly. You could almost picture him rubbing his forehead as he talked. “You’d be surprised at how big the lore section of this library is. I’ve never been to a library that is open all night.”

Both of the boys sounded drained, as did you. The three of you had been researching for a case for nearly three hours now - Sam left for the library while you and Dean stayed behind to look online for information. So far you had come up with squat.

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About that ending - 6x12 meta

Needless to say the sensation of deja vu that I had last night when an episode we were so looking forward to ended up with a bitter sad taste (remember 3x17? Remember 4x04?)

But while it was shocking and sad, and also frustrating and made us really angry to see once more A&E increasing the levelness of Hook’s viciousness in the past in an unnecessary way, I also see something good coming out of it.

When the season started and we learned in episode 6x02 that David father’s death was different than what he thought, a strong theory was that indeed Hook killed him. And back then although it was an upsetting theory (which sadly ended up being true), it did make sense to me that they would do something like that, but not only to “spice things up” “plotly” speaking, but also because this could be an important step for Hook’s redemption arc and the evolution of CS as true love.

Let me explain what I mean here. 

Well, the way I see it, it is much much much easier to forgive someone for things he did to others. Emma knows what Hook was, she said she will always choose to see the best in him. And while it is one thing to say it about things he did to Ursula, or things he did while being controlled by the DO’s darkness, it’s an entire different story to follow these words when it comes to hurting first hand someone who she loves very deeply.

Hook eventually was the reason David grew up without a father. True, if he wasn’t there he would have died anyway, but he had a chance to save his life back there, to bring little David back his father. And he didn’t because darkness was eating him from the inside at that moment. It was actually the first crime we saw Hook makes that wasn’t out of passion but pure cruelness…

But as always with these things, the past is coming to slap him in the face 50 years later. Hook is learning again and again that no matter what he does, how he redeems himself, his past actions will always have consequences. And now it’s a big test for him. On one hand, no one knows! He can take it with him to the grave! David found peace, he gave him his blessing to marry Emma, things are better than ever with David, and stably perfect with Emma. But as we saw in the promo, Hook can’t just hold something like that back. He is a completely changed person and he has never since the beginning of his redemption disowned his own past actions and he always took responsibility over them. And as many times before, he came back to the place where he feels unworthy of her.  

That horrible familiar place for him that he finally was able to overcome, sneaking up on him again. 

This point where Hook is at now, is maybe the most challenging part of his on going redemption arc. Because unlike all the other times that he owned his past actions, this time doing the right thing might get him to lose the person he loves most, rather than to get her closer to him. I think the only time Hook was in that same place, where telling the truth may lead to Emma pulling back from him was in 3x05/3x06 when he decided to let the gang know that Neal was alive. He just kissed Emma and had the possibility of starting something with her when he learned her “big love” was still alive. Back then he chose to tell the truth at the cost of losing the opportunity to be her new love maybe, and it ended up causing the exact opposite because she admired his actions back then, and eventually the love she felt for Neal wasn’t as strong as he thought and she ended up repeatedly choosing him instead.

Now it’s even harder, because while back then Emma was a “potential love” here she’s already his completely, in a sacrifice my own heart for you kind of way. He can lose it all if he would choose to do the right thing here, or live with the guilt and the familiar sensation of being unworthy of her for the rest of his life. This is maybe the most significant point in his redemption arc than, and by the things we saw in the promo, seems like once more, our beloved pirate will indeed choose to do the right thing, which is another big incredible step in his redemption because it’s one thing to do the right thing when you know people will admire you for it, and a complete different thing to do it, while you know it may cause people to never look at you the same again, or even leave you.

As for Emma, I think this is also a big test for her love for him. Again, it is one thing to forgive over things he did to others than things he did to someone she loves. But as always, I’m sure she would once more surprise him here. It may not happen during one conversation, like when he tells her what’s wrong and she end up forgiving him during it, she may need to take some time, maybe having her own session with Archie about it (which btw, it’s amazing and good that he went to him with it!), but she will forgive eventually. Charming will forgive him eventually, too! But this would be the biggest test of accepting Hook as a changed man.

One thing for sure, I don’t doubt that this horrible thing will end up making their relationship even stronger.  

anonymous asked:

If someone was really overwhelmed by animating, what would be your advice to them? I was an animation major and finished school, so I technically know everything - but I get so overwhelmed and frustrated before I even begin to animate. What do?

animating can be very frustrating, especially when you are trying to make things with no clear end-goal (like a thesis film or an assignment). There are times when I try to doodle something for an animation and it just comes out awful, and that’s the worst feeling, because you’ve basically wasted however long making a bunch of sketches that don’t look good together. it’s much easier for me to animate something with a pre-designed character (making working on shows and in the pipeline easier) rather than designing something new just for an animation, although you might find the opposite is true for you!

Here’s some tips I have:
1. Get a feel for your character before you animate. Draw some sketches of them doing lots of different stuff.
2. Animate with TOTAL SILENCE!! I in-between and polish stuff with music, but it’s great to animate without sound, so you can really focus on tracking the different aspects of the animation (there’s so many to track! primary and secondary animation, drag, weight, consistent masses, and inertia)
3. If you’re animating digitally, that may be part of the problem. Programs like Flash allow for instant playback of your animations, which is great, but also means that you can get stuck in the small details of things. Make sure you keep it RUFF when you start out, zoom far out if you need to, or even animate on paper (you don’t need a pegboard/lightbox for this! Draw on post-its or a piece of paper and take pics to make an animation!)
4. After you’ve broken your animation into different key poses, focus only on one portion at a time. Turn all the unimportant layers off and focus on just animating the legs first, or just the body, arms, hands, fingers, etc. Use different colors to make sure you don’t get confused!
5. If you’re frustrated with a certain part of the animation, don’t be afraid to put it down and come back to it tomorrow. Work on a different portion or some other part instead. Like with any art, putting distance between you and the problem piece can reveal what’s wonky about it.
6. Don’t be afraid to erase!! Lots of animators get precious with certain frames because they look good by themselves, or are a main focus of the animation, or took a long time to make, when in reality, they just don’t work with the whole movement. They’ll make it worse by adding frames between the problem frames, and it just gets messy. Don’t be afraid to turn off layers or scrap and re-time certain things. You can even duplicate your file if you’re afraid of making something worse.
7. Get inspired!! Watch something that makes you really want to animate, whether that’s old kung-fu fight scenes, puppies rolling around, or a favorite obscure animated film.

If you’re really stuck, you can even try animating a friend’s character or asking someone what they’d like to see animated, just to warm up your muscles and take the effort out of getting inspired. Animation exercises are always a good challenge for this! Don’t give up! I hope this helps!!

EXO reaction #1- Encountering Your Ex at a Party (ot9)


 It was a new years party and you and your boyfriend Minseok were invited.  It was both of you guys’ understanding that it was going to be a small gathering with some close friends and that was it.  So you can imagine your shock when you received a tap on the shoulder and you turned around to be met with your ex.  

 “Hey, (Y/n)!  Long time no see.”

 “Uh…yeah….”  You answered awkwardly.  You and your ex weren’t exactly on good terms.  You two were just way too different.  And there was still some things about your past relationship that rubbed you the wrong way when it came to him.

 “So, I gotta ask, what is it like to be with a rich Kpop idol?  I’m sure your living the life, huh?”  Your ex asked with a undertone of fakeness as they smiled with that overly-cheesy grin on their face.

 “Um…E-excuse m-”

 “It’s great actually!  Thanks for asking!”  A sweet voice suddenly sounded beside you as a comforting arm wrapped around your shoulder.  

“Yah, don’t let them ruin this party for you jagi.”

Originally posted by secrethideoutme


  You were feeling good.  You looked great, your favorite man in the word was standing right next to you and all your friends surrounded you at this amazing party.  Nothing can get you down, right?  Wrong.  As you were heading to get you and your man a refill on your drinks, you suddenly bumped into someone who was all too familiar to you.  “Is that you (Y/n)?”  You chuckled awkwardly as you looked up at you ex who your relationship ended less than perfectly with.    “Yeah, um…How’s it going?”  you asked politely even though you didn’t really like the idea of having a full-blown conversation with them.  “Well, it’s been pretty okay I suppose.  Kinda lonely.  You look good though, really good.” They finished as their eyes looked up and down your figure while biting their lips.  Ugh, they were checking you out.“Hey jagi, what’s been taking so long?”

 Suho appeared beside you with a kind yet charming smile upon his face.  He then viewed you ex up and down and was able to realize the awkward atmosphere.  “And who might you be?”  Your boyfriend asked with a forceful nice tone.

 Intimidated, you ex just mumbled something about being an old friend before bowing and leaving the party all together.   

 “Aish, I can’t believe you dated such a weirdo.”  

Originally posted by kyungsuhos


  It was just a small gathering in a form of a bonfire.  You had told Lay that it was okay if he wanted to stay home and just rest (you always thought he worked himself too hard anyway.) but your sweet boyfriend just insisted that he wanted to hang out with you and your friends.  So that was the story of how you ended up sitting around a fire, with your very own boyfriend neglecting you as he excitedly chatted to a guy about some sport you could care less about.

  Now you didn’t like being called clingy, but you also didn’t like your boyfriend ignoring you for about half an hour now when he just got back from China. 

  You sighed to yourself as you continued to roast your marshmellow.

  “Oh my god, I knew you looked familiar.  How you doing, (y/n)?”  A excited voice called out to you.  

  You looked up and saw your ex from three years ago.  Although you romantic relationship didn’t end up successful, you both agreed to remain good friends who could always trust each other.

  Soon a long conversation began and you soon forgot all about Lay and your earlier frustrations.  

  “Love, I’ve been looking for you for almost fifteen minutes now.  Where have you been?”  Lay asked as he approached you and your ex.

  “Sorry babe, I just saw my ex and we moved over here to catch up.”  You answered sweetly.

  Lay’s head tilted.

  “Ex?”  he asked.  You bursted out laughing as you explained how you two remained good friends since childhood.  To this, he seemingly calmed down but still made a point to pull you closer and kiss your cheek in front of your ex every two minutes or so.

“I really can’t let you out of my sight, huh?”

Originally posted by myeoneandonly


  SM was putting together a party for their employees.  Being Baekhyun’s partner for a while now, your puppy-like boyfriend had no problem bringing you along as a date.  However what you didn’t know was that your ex was recently employed at the company as a manager of sorts and was actually attending the same party as you.  

  “Hey, do you mind if I step out for minute?”  You asked your boyfriend.  There was just so many people and you wanted to get some fresh air.

  “Yeah, sure.  You okay?”  Baekhyun asked.  You nodded and quickly excused yourself.  

  You were out, enjoying the fresh but chill air of Spring when you heard a voice sound behind you.

  “So that’s who you left me for:?  A kpop idol?”  A chill rang down you spine as you recongized the voice as you ex.

  To your displeasure, he continued to talk.

  “I thought you had more self-respect than some girly lip syncer who wears more makeup than you do.”  The harsh words caused the hurt that was intended.  

  “Or, maybe she just wanted a boyfriend who didn’t cheat on her?”  an angel’s voice joined in.  You finally turned around and met the sight of both your ex and current boyfriend.  

  “I never cheated!”  You ex exclaimed.  

  “Yeah, it must have been your evil twin who she walked in on with another woman.”  you boyfriend replied sassily while joining your side.  

  Fed up, your ex left the party and left you and your boyfriend alone on the balcony.

“The nerve of that guy.  Does he know how many times I had to comfort you after you guys broke up?”  


Being a social person, you usually loved parties.  That was until you saw your ex across the room.  

You gasped slightly and dropped to the floor in a army crawl to reach you boyfriend without having to be detected by the enemy.

  Chen was talking to an old friend of his when he suddenly felt a tug on his ankle.  He looked down and saw you on the floor desperately trying to get his attention.  

  “I’m going to skip ‘what?’ and just go straight to ‘why’?”  Chen told you.

  “Listen, drop down to a crawl right now.  Our position’s been compromised.”  You whisper yellled, ignoring the weird looks from fellow party goers.  

  “What the hell does that even mean?”  Chen asked while trying to kick you off his leg.

  “Oppa, my ex is here.”   And with that he stopped.

  “Your ex?  Which one?”


Chen’s eyes got all wide.  

  “The annoying one?”  he asked.  You nodded.  It wasn’t that your ex was mean or anything.  But every time he saw you, he would approach you with a long conversation about literally the most boring things ever.  Chen has once witnessed this at the grocery store and has too been extra careful to avoid the overly- friendly person.

  You and Chen both left the party in a over dramatic army crawl.  

  “Yah, we’re gonna be known as the weird couple among our friends.  How do we explain why we are crawling out of the party?”

Originally posted by everybodyloveschen


  You trusted Chanyeol with every thing, and that included your past.  He knew about your ex and your guys’ less than perfect relationship.  He knew that your ex used to hit you and comforted you many times about it.  Because of this, Chanyeol was always sure to treat you as if you were made of glass, because he didn’t want to cause any further damage to such a gorgeous person.  

  Chanyeol was getting you a refill on your drink when he suddenly picked up on a conversation that was happening just a few feet from him.    

  “Hey, when will (Y/E/N) be here?”

   “They said they were on their way.”

  His blood ran cold.  He knew that name.  And not for good reasons either.  

  Forgetting the drink, Chanyeol searched you out and made an excuse about a family emergency to get you to leave with him.  He didn’t really want to tell you what he heard, he just wanted to get you out.  

  You two were in the car when you suddenly opened the door and made an attempt to get out.

  “Where you going?”  Chanyeol asked.

  “I forgot my phone up there.”  You replied, not seeing what the big deal was about going up and getting it real quick.

  “I’ll get it.”  Chanyeol said before pushing you back in and going back upstairs to the party.  

  He just found your phone on the coffee table and was about to leave when he was interupted.  

  “Hey, you (y/ns)’s boyfriend?”  

  “Yes, and who are you?”  

  “(Y/e/n).  I must say I didn’t think they would ever fall for some girly kpop idol.”

“I’m twice the man you will ever be.  A man doesn’t beat the one’s they love.  A man doesn’t treat their partner as if they’re anything other than perfect.  A real man puts food on the table and loves their partner unconditionally.”

The other exo member’s reactions will be posted shortly.


I HAVE HOPED FOREVER TO SEE THIS SCENE ANIMATED, AND IT FINALLY HAPPENED! They did a good job on it too! (His eyes, such a pretty blue, like Rin’s). Although, then I remember the long, frustrating subplot this kicks off… *sighs* Fair warning to anime viewers…this isn’t going to be resolved by the end of this arc. It’s still not even close to being resolved in the manga. Kato likes keeping us in suspense (and torturing Yukio…poor kid).

Au Pair / Minho

Originally posted by manohminho

Word Count: 4300

Request: Can you do of any of the SHINee members listed that they’re a single dad and you’re hired as a nanny and after some time you guys end up together? Thanks!

wow this is the longest scenario I’ve ever written for Tumblr I think…


You would be lying if you said that you didn’t feel even slightly uncomfortable. You were sitting in the living room of a strange man’s house while he looked through your resume. Although you had spoken on the phone prior to this meeting you were still feeling nervous. You needed this job.

But it turned out he also needed you to take the job.

“Mr. Choi,” You began, your hands clasped together on your lap, “I was wondering when you would like me to start?”

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anonymous asked:

I feel so weird about shakespeare's histories bc they're so much fun and richard iii is such a great villain but they also come off as such blatant tudor propaganda that i feel weird how much we've bought into them (especially richard iii lol...) as fact. do you have a way that you reconcile it?

There are a few points that spring to mind as a I read this. First, Shakespeare wrote for a company called The Queen’s Men - and later, The King’s Men, so it was in his best interest to keep his royal patrons happy and appeal to their sensibilities. Depicting history as it truly happened would be dumb as hell for his own personal safety as well as from a dramaturgical point of view, since history doesn’t tend to conform neatly to an exciting five act structure without some modification here and there.

The other thing to note is that Shakespeare’s not the only guy who wrote history plays at this time. Different companies would tell the histories in different ways - some specialised in fight scenes, and would stage big, bloody, exciting battles. Others might focus more on courtly love scenes, like King Henry V’s wooing of Catherine. If someone had already written a successful play about Henry IV, then you might try to cash in on that success by writing your own version, which tells it from a new perspective. Shakespeare’s plays are the only ones that are widely remembered today, but he certainly wasn’t the only one writing history like this; he just happened to be the best at it, or so posterity seems to say. It was standard practice.

On the subject of history plays, my students sometimes ask me whether audiences in Shakespeare’s time believed what they saw, or whether they knew they were getting the Tudor/Stuart censored version. Here’s what some contemporaries say:

Heywood’s essay, Apology for Actors, 1612, pleads the case that “Plays have taught the unlearned the knowledge of many famous histories, instructed such as cannot read in the discovery of our English Chronicles: and what man have you now of that weake capacity that being possest of their true use, cannot discourse of any notable thing recorded even from William the Conqueror, until this day?”

Ben Jonson, in his play The Devil is an Ass, has this exchange:

Fitz-Dottrell: I know not that, Sir. But Thomas of Woodstocke,

I’m sure, was Duke, and he was made away,

At Calice; as Duke Humphrey was at Bury:

And Richard the third, you know what end he came too.

Mere-craft: By m’faith you are cunning i’ the Chronicle, Sir.

Fitz-Dottrell: No, I confess I ha’t from the Play-bookes,

And think they’re more authentic.

Obviously this is a joke at the foolish Fitz-Dottrell’s expense. It appears from these sources that the common folk, having no access to history books, generally accepted history plays as true representations of history. Now, using theatre for propagandistic purposes - especially convincing the people to accept a ruler’s sovereignty - is as old as the theatre itself, so it should not surprise us to hear that these doctored versions of history, which showed the Tudors and Stuarts in a good light, were so commonly presented and accepted as fact.

And a further note, it wasn’t just Shakespeare’s history plays that contained propaganda. The story of Macbeth was taken from Holinshed’s Chronicles, which describe Scotland’s history and the enigmatic figure of Macbeth. In this “true” version, you might be surprised to find Banquo is just as evil as Macbeth, and complicit in the king’s murder. Whereas in Shakespeare, Banquo is Macbeth’s opposite - good, faithful, loyal to Duncan. Why this change, I wonder? Could it be because the reigning monarch at the time this play was written was King James, who liked to trace his ancestry back to the historical Banquo? It would certainly explain why the witches make a point to prophesy that Banquo’s descendants will be kings, wouldn’t it?

To sum up, the way I reconcile the falsification of history in the history plays is simply to accept that this was standard practice at the time. Changing history also frees a playwright to write a more compelling five act arc, with more compelling characters and heightened emotional scenes. All I can do is recommend that you read the history plays as separate from history, and enjoy them for the stories they are; or alternatively, you can read them alongside history and try to work out why Shakespeare cut, edited or changed events and characters, whether it was to please the queen or simply to create a tighter story or character arc.

It is a shame that people accept the representations of characters like Richard III as fact (historical Richard really does not deserve that), but honestly it’s no different to people today getting their history of Scotland from Braveheart, their history of Egypt from The Mummy, or their history of Rome from Gladiator. Not everyone is going to read history books and although it can be frustrating to see these films form the basis of most people’s understanding of the past, at the end of the day it’s just entertainment, and if it makes a good story then why not?

Yoongi Scenario: All to Himself.

Request: Hi!!! Can I please get a fun fluffy Yoongi scenario where you play around with the maknae line a lot cause you’re about their age and Yoongi doesn’t seem to care but is actually low-key jealous and you kind of tease him about it? Thank you and I love your blog~~

Genre: Fluff / Comedy.

You arrived at the dorm early in the afternoon, Yoongi had told you he was free for the rest of the day after midday so you didn’t waste time and went there as early as you could. For today you had planned to make something different and being that you would be alone with him and the maknae line you thought you could include them as well, so for today you were going to make pizza from scratch, you knew how much the boys loved pizza but how sometimes they weren’t allowed to indulge on the tasty food. So today you were going to treat them and make a healthy but delicious pizza. Not that you were a professional cook or anything, but for Yoongi you would try your best.

Yoongi was waiting for you at the elevator, he had a sleepy face, like he had just woken up and you were sure he had just taken a nap, he was wearing black jeans and a big dark green hoodie. You smiled at him and he offered you a tiny smile as well.

-Babe- you said greeting him, going in for a hug as soon as the elevator’s doors closed. He hugged you back, taking in your scent.

-How are you? Sorry about the mess you’re about to see, I live with kids after all-

You giggled. -I’m the same age as some of them, that makes me a kid?- you asked teasingly.

Yoongi saw your playful eyes and smirked. -No, but you sure are a mischievous little girl- he said in a rather low tone that made you blush.

He stole you a kiss, quick and sudden but the touch made you want to steal one back; he then opened the door, three faces appearing immediately before you.

-Y/N!- they chanted. Jimin and Taehyung more enthusiastically than Jungkook, but they were all smiling brightly so you returned the gesture.

-Hello boys!- 

-Oh, Y/N you’re blushing, was our hyung disrespecting you?- Taehyung asked earning a smack from Yoongi and laughs from the other two, you just blushed more.

-Yah, watch it-

-Come Y/N- Jimin said grabbing your arm to start walking towards the kitchen.

Taehyung nodded grabbing your other arm -Yoongi hyung told us we are making pizza today and we want to help-

You turned your head to give Yoongi a small smile, but he shook his head like saying everything was fine, but you knew that sweet boyfriend of yours, how his lips tightened a little and how he let out the most subtle sigh. He always tried to look cool and smooth, but you knew better.

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Pros and cons of dating Tate?


- he would often doubt your feelings for him, saying no one could love a monster like him, no matter how many times you reassured him that you were head over heels for him. 

Originally posted by evanpetersisbaeeee

- his temper. Ever since you’d met him, he had started trying to be more relaxed and not get as mad about things, especially around you, but whenever he would get really pissed, his temper would come out. And although you didn’t like it, you knew he would never lay a finger on you.

- him getting frustrated very easily. he would get upset that he couldn’t be a “normal” boyfriend to you, since the two of you could only go on an actual date once a year. But, on that one day you would spend the entire day (literally- the entire 24 hours), doing everything you’d planned the rest of the year.

Originally posted by couplenotes

- him getting sad a lot, thinking he wasn’t good enough for you, which would usually end in the two of you cuddling in your bed, and you telling him how much you loved him.

Originally posted by nata-lunia


- you knew for a fact he loved you and only you. When Tate was in love, he was devoted to that person and would do anything to make them happy.

- he would always make you feel better when you were upset, whether it was by talking to you, holding you while you cried, giving you advice, or even just cuddling you when you were sad, he would do it all.

- the sex. let’s be honest, we all know Tate would be amazing in bed; in my opinion he would be very rough and dominant, but make sure you also felt comfortable and loved throughout the whole thing, and after every time, he’d always check and make sure you were okay.

- the way he kissed you, it could be anything from a tiny peck on your forehead to making out while you were on his lap, with his arms around your waist, but when he kissed you, it always gave you butterflies

I suck at collecting on bets

My daughter is in an award winning HS band. She plays the “saxamaphone” (Homer Simpson reference). The band is playing at the TB Rays (vs Baltimore) game on Saturday. When ticket purchase was being discussed STBX quickly excused himself, stating work. I reminded him of his end time and although the game started At 1610, he would make it in plenty of time. He responded with her performance time was prior to it and that there was no reason to go since he would miss that.
I knew that his arrival at all, albeit late, would have made her happy. But I let it go. I mentioned it to some girlfriends in frustration at the time and bet them that he would make it happen like he always did. I bought him a ticket on that good faith. They bet me $10 each that he had plans and that was the real reason. They’d scour his social media outlets and tap Mutuals to prove themselves right.
Well? Lo and behold, he made it happen. He’s getting off at 1400 which will be plenty of time to watch her and even stay for the game. I won’t bother him. It’s for her, not for me. So- I won the bet right?
They claim that he’ll either leave early, or his plans were cancelled. They would still find out.
The bet remains.
I agree, he’ll leave early. I’m sure he has plans or a date. It’s aok. At least he’ll be there for a little bit and that’s all that matters. My daughter will be beaming with pride because we both made it.
I’ll just have to keep my other daughter fed and cool with refreshments. She gets hangry easily and it’ll be sweltering. I don’t want to hear her complain. So I’ll be buying a metric fuck ton of snacks and cold drinks at stadium prices. I’ll need to win that bet which could be $50 (5 friends are betting against him).

I Think I Love You || Calum Hood

you anons must be the same ppl oml

I M A G I N E 

“Luke, open your damn door!” You holler as you pound the 5SOS houses door. You were Luke’s cousin and often visited him when he came home to Australia. So, you hung out at their pad very often. To see the boys, yes, but you also wanted to see one boy in particular. 

“Christ, Y/N, calm your tatas,” Luke yells from behind the door before he opens in and lets you in. “Sup, girlie,” Luke says as he grabs you into a light embrace. You enter and go to the living room, hoping that Calum wasn’t here this time. When you saw it was clear, you smiled. 

“Just tired really,” you say with a small yawn. “Where are the other boys? The place seems more quiet than usual.”

“Yeah, Ash and Mike went to a record store like hipsters,” Luke said, causing you to giggle. “And Calum is out with some girl.” Your heart broke a bit. 

“A girl?” You asked, chewing the skin off your bottom lip as you sat on the couch. Luke joined you and nodded. 

“Yeah, some girl,” Luke said with a shrug. “The 5th girl this week, actually. She seemed nice.” You mentally sighed and felt your heart breaking just a bit more. You knew Calum was always leading on girls for his personal amusement, but never got with them. He was an asshole like that, and you were hopelessly in love with him. It was a cruel reality you suffered, but the feelings you had for him were unshakable. Even with that knowledge, your feelings refuse to alter. 

“Does she look good for him?” You asked quietly. “Like, does she seem like a good person for him?”

“Y/N, Calum is gonna break that girls heart by the end of the day,” Luke said, finishing with a frustrated sigh. “You should have more worry and sympathy for the girl than that idiot.” 

“What if he ends up actually falling for her and loving her like I love him?” You cry. Luke knew that you were hopelessly in love with Calum, his best friend. It made him frustrated because although he is good friends with Calum, he hates how he leads on girls and certainly doesn’t want him breaking your heart. But it was too late.

He was breaking it right now. 

“Y/N, Calum doesn’t fall in love,” Luke said bluntly. Tears were building in your eyes as Luke looked at you with a stern face. “I’ve told you this before. All he does is take interest or like but that immediately gets dropped within hours. He’s no good for you, Y/N, and if I were you, I’d take my advice and drop him.”

“But I love him!” You cried, looking down at your lap sadly. You and Calum were very close. The two of you texted all the time, talking about life and things you couldn’t talk about to many people. He trusted you with everything, and you him. It was a different world the two of you created, as you took in the words he’d never shed to a soul. That’s why you couldn’t drop him; he made you feel like you were the only one. 

Luke sighed, having his phone suddenly ring right after. Fishing it from his pocket, he looks down and scoffs. You wanted to know who, but you didn’t like being intrusive and just stared at him. Luke stood up and sighed again. 

“Stay here, okay? I’ve got to take this,” Luke says as he leaves you alone in the living. He walks far enough to ensure that you couldn’t hear him. You didn’t know, but Luke was receiving a call from Calum, hence why Luke seemed upset, almost mad. “Yes, Cal?” Luke says when he picks up the phone. 

“Luke, fuck!” Calum said angrily in the phone. His voice seemed also frantic, having a bit of panting be heard after his words. “Luke, I’ve had the most overwhelming realization and it’s eating me out slowly.”

“You alright, mate?” Luke asked, fairly worried over his best friends sudden ‘epiphany.’

“No, actually,” Calum said simply. “I think I’ve fallen in love, Luke. Like, first it was liking her. Now I think I love her.”

“Oh have you now?” Luke said in a sarcastic tone. This was going to break your heart and Luke knew it. He didn’t want you to have to sit around and watch the boy you love have those feelings for another. “Is it the girl you’re with? What’s her name? Shelly?” 

“It’s Olivia, and no, not her,” Calum said darkly. “It’s someone else.” 

“Mind enlightening me?” Luke said. “And hurry up please? I have a guest over.”

“Arz?” Calum asked with a scoff. 

“No, you fucking ass,” Luke said with an annoyed voice. “Y/N is here.” 

“Oh fuck, really?” Calum said, his heart practically jumping from hearing your name. “How is she? What’s she wearing?” 

“That sounds super fucking stalkerish, Calum,” Luke said, shaking his head. But then Luke connected the dots in his head and froze. His eyes widen with his mouth just open by the slightest. “Oh fuck, you’re in love with my cousin, Calum?”

“I am…” Calum said slowly. Luke wanted to explode right then and there. He wanted oh so much to scold Calum and make you drop your infatuation with him. But he knew it wasn’t easy and that frustrated Luke deeply. 

“Don’t you fucking dare tell her,” Luke barked, feeling disgusted all around. “Do not say that to her and then just find yourself not loving her and leaving her.”

“Woah, woah!” Calum exclaimed, making Luke’s chest heave up and down in anger. “You’re acting as if she likes me back.”

“I…” Luke started, feeling somewhat idiotic. For months, Luke ensured that Calum hadn’t told you his feelings for you. Because Calum did like you, for sure. But he was so doubtful and continued his leading game. Since Luke knew this, he made sure that you didn’t confess either. He cared about you too much to see your heartbroken by someone who doesn’t deserve you. 

“Wait, mate, she likes me?” Calum says in anticipation. “Luke, please tell me. Please tell me Y/N likes me back. Please, please!”

“This doesn’t change anything!” Luke yells into the phone. He felt his blood boiling in his veins. Partly from Calum telling him this news and partly over the fact that Luke confessed to Calum when he was keeping you from doing so. He felt like a complete and utter idiot. “Do not tell her shit!” 

“Or what?” Calum asked, feeling just a bit confident and daring. “Are you gonna kick me out the band or beat my ass?” Luke remained silent. “That’s not gonna change how I feel about her. I fucking love her, Luke.”

“No, you asshole, you think you love her,” Luke said , completely agitated over the situation. “Just fucking don’t, mate.”

“Yikes, too late,” Calum says as the thing Luke heard right after was the ringing of a bell. It was the flats door. Luke froze, knowing that you were in the living room. Luke then hears you open the door and greet Calum. “Thanks, Y/N, you’re the best.”

“Oh fuck you!” Luke cursed as he hung up and ran to the living room. He looks at you and Calum frantically as you stayed at Calum’s side. His arm was around you, giving you a side hug. “Y/N, get the fuck away from him!” Luke points at Luke, seeing as he was practically seething. You move away from Calum, having him frown at you before turning to Luke with a glare. 

“Luke, what the fuck?” Calum shouts. “I thought we were best friends!”

“We are best friends, but that’s my little cousin, Calum!” Luke yells. 

“Then why don’t you trust me?” Calum pleads angrily. “You should trust me with her, Luke!”

“I do trust you, but after the bullshit you’ve done, it’s debatable!” Luke scoffs. 

“Sounds like you’re just jealous, Lukey,” Calum says with a snort.

“Jealous? The fuck?” Luke asks. Calum raises his eyebrows and smirks a bit, making Luke disgusted and rolling his eyes. “That’s my little cousin! I’m not jealous– I do this because she is my family and I love her! That’s a fucked up thought, Calum.”

“Oh right, because you’re with Arcraylea anyways,” Calum says with an eye roll. “I think she’s influencing you, Luke. You’re picking her attitude.”

“What? That’s fucking absurd, mate!” Luke barked. You watched as your cousin and your crush argue over something you don’t even know or understand. Being oblivious is something you hated, and you needed answers. Now. 

“Guys!” You roared, having the two men close their mouths and stare at you. “What the hell is going on?” Calum looks over at Luke, having Luke scoff at him. 

“Luke, please,” Calum says quietly, having Luke chew on his bottom lip in frustration. A few moments later, he lets out and long sigh and puts his hands on his face. Covering it, he nods. Then Calum turns to you and softens his gaze. 

You gasped, hearing the words you thought you’d never hear in your entire life.

OOOOO CLIFFHANGERRRRRRR. debating whether i should make a part two or not. yikes lmao

Star Crossed Myth Headcanon - How the Gods React to MC Having a Nightmare

It’s been so long since I’ve posted writing or art or anything - sorry! Life is super busy but I still think about SCM on a daily basis sooo - enjoy! :)


You woke with a start, beads of sweat clinging to your face like the little remnants of your nightmare lingering in your mind. Whether they were sweat, though, he wasn’t sure. If you had been crying…well, that’s just a burden. He couldn’t just watch his one ticket to redemption get weakened by a nightmare of all things. How could you face anything else with a brave face?

He appeared on the threshold of your balcony and bedroom, a golden aura in a dimly-lit room, and you knew who it was immediately. You looked up at him with the eyes of a deer – it was like the innocence in that very gaze stirred some desire in the lion’s stomach. This wasn’t his intention upon entering your bedroom, but his specialty was evoking physical pleasure. Perhaps that would take your mind off the nightmare.


You were calling his name, but you weren’t exactly aware of it. In your dazed state of awakening from a nightmare, you clung to the safety of his name, as if to remind yourself there were powerful beings that had no choice but to protect you. It was precisely that to Scorpio at least, who would have little room for argument in saving this former goddess with the key to his destiny.

You only had a nightmare in this case, so Scorpio could simply have ignored your cries, dismissing them as a nuisance while he attended to more important matters. You should learn to steel yourself, after all.  But still, for another hour, you continued to toss and turn in your bed. Bitterly, he found himself on your balcony, watching, waiting for you to sleep. If you hadn’t fallen asleep shortly after he’d gotten there, he would have left it alone—at least that’s what he told himself, accompanying other thoughts like, “Why am I even here?” and “What a waste of time.”

You never knew he was there.


You called for him frantically as if the nightmare had personified into a living thing, and Teorus appeared almost instantly, with a face full of a fear he saw mirrored on your own expression. He worried about what he might find—another man, perhaps?—and that was unbearable. When he discovered that hadn’t been the case, though, his relief was far greater than his frustration.

In fact, you were so cute, how scared you were of a little dream. When Teorus hugged you, you simply shook your head, said it was just a dream, that everything was okay and that a hug wasn’t necessary. “There’s no way I’m leaving you when you look like that,” he said. You insisted again that you were okay, and Teorus almost snickered at your misunderstanding. Although the ending of his statement was hanging, he’d intended to finish it with a, “when you look so vulnerable.” But you trusted him so openly, and that felt pretty good, too.


Dui was very determined to make you feel as comfortable as possible. After all, he knew how overwhelming nightmares could be, and how tired he felt as a result. Even if he didn’t necessarily dream at night, his thoughts were practically immortal, never leaving an inch of room for much else.

While you slept, he continued to watch you with the utmost concern. He didn’t want you to feel what he felt. He didn’t want you to be tormented by your subconscious. But he noticed a change in your restlessness, at least after he’d appeared and promised you’d be okay. You actually smiled in your sleep, and it was one of the sweetest sights he’d ever seen.

He lifted his thumb and forefinger to rest on his lips pensively, as if the very image he witnessed had left him more conflicted than ever.


The fact that you had called for Huedhaut after what was surely just a silly nightmare was amusing to him, and how could it not be? It seemed to reinforce your innocence and, well, human sensibilities. He’d figured it would be impossible not to laugh upon appearing by your bedside, but your eyes shone at him in the darkness, glazed over with voiceless fright. And the moment his eyes met yours, he felt absolute and fierce protectiveness.

He wouldn’t show it, though. So instead he accomplished what he’d initially intended by laughing at you. “Calling a strange man in the middle of the night? What could you be thinking?” He voiced his mocking disapproval quite well, but he might have disapproved more should you have called another god’s name.


When he arrived at your balcony, he was rather tentative to let his feet take him towards the door. What would be waiting on the other side? You were an infamous target of Ichthys’s pranks, namely because of your cute reactions, but they’d always be followed by a vow to get revenge. Naturally, Ichthys felt his jokes could in no way be topped, least of all by a young human girl, but…still, it was the middle of the night, and you rarely asked for the company of the gods.

He cracked open the door, ready to avoid a falling bucket of water attached to a trick string, but—nothing greeted him but the sight of you, curled up in your bed, your hands clutching the blankets and your cheeks lightly glazed with sweat. He immediately voiced his concern, but you reassured him rather shakily that everything was fine. Sighing, he sat next to you and ruffled your hair with his hand playfully, which seemed to make you relax—even if slightly. Is this the revenge? he idly wondered, almost running his fingers through the length of your hair. Because it’s so cruel.

gaygalaxyguy  asked:

6, 7, 8?

6. How did writing change you?

Writing has helped me become a calmer person, someone who’s more in control and aware of her emotions and thoughts. I’ve never really thought about it until now, but my writing usually ends up being an expression of my emotions and what’s going on in my life even if I’m writing some epic fantasy au. I remember being very frustrated in high school. Like any teenager, I had my highs and lows (although based on how high I soared and how low I crashed, I’m starting to wonder if there may have been some undiagnosed depression that I was just really good at hiding. From myself?) but writing was one of the things that helped me stay centered.

It also helped (and continues to help) me keep up my self-esteem. Even if I’m the only one who likes what I write, getting those stories down makes me feel like I’m made of magic. To put it in perspective, there was a long stretch of time when I thought (poetically) “I am not the hero of my own story.” In my head, I had a fantasy land and everyone had their place. My friends and family all had important jobs in the town. My best friend was the princess of the land, but I was her handmaiden. Unknown, unimportant, and unwanted. 

Now I’m a motherfucking dragon queen. Bitch.

7. Early influences on your writing.

Naruto, Ouran High School Host Club,  general anime, Warrior Cats. 

So, I watched a lot of anime as a kid. I never had an author that I idolized, though I loved the Warrior Cats series. These things really shaped my writing early on to be as epic as possible. From the get-go, even though I fantasized about romance and love and characters getting together, when I actually wrote stories, I always tried to make more action and drama oriented. 

My very first piece of original fiction shows this. I was in sixth grade and wrote something that was basically an Ouran rip off with a dash of poorly written fantasy horror? You can read it here if you want. Or on AO3.

My other big influences were other fic writers. I was amazed when I started reading fanfiction because here were these people writing incredible stories in exchange for compliments. To this day, I still go back to sometimes and look up the old Naruto fics I used to love. But only when I’m feeling particularly nostalgic ;D

8. What time are you most productive?

Evenings and late at night. I think it’s because the world around me feels more calm and quiet. It’s easier to focus, but the trade-off is that it can be hard to stay awake.

(L.V.)BTS React To Little Sister Being Heart Broken For The First Time (Done by possible new admin)

Overall I think that most of the boys would all act the same, cheering her up and agreeing with her on everything so that she feels like they have their back.


I will list the boys in order from who would be angrier about the situation and who wouldn’t want to mention it so that she can feel better. (My weird brain has led me to believe that this little sister is around 10-5 years younger than all of them, early teen maybe) Also that I feel that the boys are extremely family oriented


Rap Monster








This was written by possible new Admin Sa. The top was also written by her and it is different because she wrote two versions. One is a short version and one is a long version, so I posted both and linked them. Please let me know what you think in the messages. Your opinion seriously matters. <3

-Admin Kat

Short Version

Rap Monster – I think that if Rap Monster were to have a little sister he’d be extremely overprotective of her, especially when it came to boys. So keeping that in mind and the fact that Rap Monster is slightly perceptive (when he’s not staring off into space) I think that if one day his sister came home with a frown on her face he’d immediately try to get her to answer him with what’s bugging her. As soon as he found out he’d probably start raging about how that boy was “no-good” from the start and using complicated words to describe him. He’d probably take it upon himself to find him and “kill” him before actually paying attention to her and helping her get over it. After “beating” him up, he’d probably take her out to eat her favorite food and just try his best to make her feel better by cracking lame jokes and making funny faces. He seems like a guy that gets along well with younger people (i.e. BTS) so I think he’d be one of the closest to his sister

Originally posted by bbomb

Suga - Suga would be similar to Rap Monster (in the perceptiveness as well) but he wouldn’t find this guy and give him a piece of his mind. Instead I think he’d probably sit around (or pace around) and fume over how this little kid dared to hurt his precious dongsaeng. Instead of Suga calming her down I think she’d have to calm him down first so that he wouldn’t explode from frustration. Just like Rap Mon, after he was calm he’d probably take her out and indulge her completely, not really minding since it is kind of his job as an older brother. I think Suga might be a bit distant from his sister, if he had one, but at the end of the day, he’d probably do anything for her since he’s so sweet to almost anyone when he’s in a good mood.

Originally posted by yoonkooks

Jimin Although Jimin is seen to be a “tough” guy I think he’s the border between being a sweetie about it and being an overprotective brother. I think that just like Suga and Rap Mon, he’d be pretty frustrated at the fact that a guy broke his little sister’s heart, so I guess he’d fume over it for a few minutes before actually calming down and giving her his full attention. After finally calming down I just imagine him giving her his trademark eye-smile and being all “Do you want to go out for ice cream?” or something along those lines because he’s a cutie (´・ω・`) (he isn’t even my bias but he makes me smile constantly so I think that might be the case with his little sister) I envision him being the closest with his sister because of this reason since he’s so childish. He’d definitely attempt aegyo just to make her smile and probably do a funny dance in hopes of cheering her up.

Originally posted by jinkooks

Jin – I’ve always been led to believe that Jin is really protective of his dongsaengs and I think this trait might carry over to a little sister if he had one. He would probably indulge her by making her favorite food and maybe doing things they wouldn’t normally do just for the sake of it (making her happy seems pretty important). He wouldn’t think of refusing her what she wanted in her time of need and he wouldn’t dare mention the guy.

Originally posted by mxknae

Jungkook – Jungkook is pretty scatter-brained in my opinion so I don’t think he’d be as perceptive as Rap Monster when it came to noticing how down she was and how her mood might be cloudy. I think his younger sister would have to tell him outright for him to actually know what was going on. He probably wouldn’t want to mention the situation as often as he could, just to avoid making his sister uncomfortable around him. He’d also indulge her as much as he could and would try anything to cheer her up like the rest of them would. He wouldn’t want to confront the guy head-on either but he would joke about beating him up if he ever saw him in the street and the like after the situation had calmed down a bit.

Originally posted by btaes

V – V would be similar to Jungkook but more playful with his sister. He would try to steer the conversation away from the guy and the situation in general. Just like the rest, he’d indulge her (probably feeding her more than anything, just like Jin) and playing games to get her mind off it. He’d be his most cheerful and childish while facing the subject so that she wouldn’t feel uncomfortable.

Originally posted by hugtae

J-Hope – Our hopeful rapper hyung wouldn’t be able to sit still and watch as his little sister cried over some guy, so he would do all he could to make her smile, probably telling bad jokes or making funny faces at her to see her smile again and he wouldn’t rest until she completely forgot about her heart break.

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Swan Queen Week - Day 3

Title: The Infinite Loop of Love
Fandom: Once Upon A Time
Pairing: Swan Queen
Rating: Teen & Up
Warnings: Mild swearing.
Prompt: Time Travel for Swan Queen Week
Word Count: 1963
Summary: During an accidental trip to the future Emma sees something she really shouldn’t have, and back in the present she’s having a hard time unseeing it…



Regina hurried after the flash of blonde hair and red leather in front of her as the Sherriff disappeared round the corner. She was sure that Emma had heard her, so she had no idea why the blonde was essentially running away from her.

As she rounded the corner Regina scanned the street but could see no sign of Emma.

She sighed.

It wasn’t that important anyway, she would just text Emma later.

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So Elena being asleep for 60 years is still bullshit but good God her last scenes with Stefan and Bonnie killed me.  *continues to weep like a child*

It frustrates me to no end, however, that even when half the ship won’t be in the next season, Delena somehow manages to be a thing. WHY? I JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY!?

Also, that dancing in the road was super cringe and Steroline, although kinda cute I guess, just don’t have the magic Stelena did so I’m bored of them already.

But worst of all, I guess this means WE WON’T GET BAMON NOW… :(:(:(:(