and like really attractive people

pros and cons of being pansexual


-so many dating options 

-everyone is attractive

-so. many. hot. people.

-not worrying about having to change gender or pronouns in song lyrics

-being free to date who you like

-not being restricted by gender

- the sense of relief when you finally find a label you identify with

-being part of the lgbtq+ community

-sometimes when you come out you’re also educating people about it and idk it’s really nice to hear people saying ‘oh i didn’t know about that. wow that’s really cool’

-the pan flag is really aesthetically pleasing??


-everyone is attractive

- ‘so you like pans lol?’

- people not taking you seriously

-no one knowing what pansexual is

- ‘so you’re bisexual’

-being afraid to come out to some family members because the term is a relatively new thing and they could react badly

- ‘that’s not a thing’

- people assuming you want to date them ??

- being excluded by some parts of the lgbtq+ community because apparently you’re not queer enough??

- not being taken seriously

- some straight people will make fun of you, especially when you come out

-coming out

-the pan jokes

i’m really sick of bisexual being erased constantly like!!! leaf us alone!!!

i really hate those posts that go “its so creepy seeing 18-20 year old girls dating men in their 40s like why cant they get a girl their own age.” because these are adult women who are able to make their own decisions, if they want to date someone 20 years older, let them? have you ever thought that maybe these 20 year olds are attracted to people older than them? it just really makes me angry when people see a younger girl (thats at least 18) with someone much older than her and they automatically assume that the guy is some evil manipulative pedophile that’s only attracted to her because she’s young. its shocking, but some girls are actually interested in people older than them!! its almost like… maybe they…. are the ones that go after older men sometimes?? wow… crazy…. anyways let legal adults do what they want with each other as long as they both consent

Life Is Strange

so me and my boyfriend are playing Life Is Strange on his PS4 and I mentioned it being kind of popular lesbian stuff and he just looked at me all confused like: whaat what lesbian there are none… wait you mean Chloe and Max… they are friends..umm but they are cute…ummmmmm I don’t know Kate.

*3 hours later*

Chloe: If you’re hardcore then kiss me Max 
choice one: Kiss Chloe                      
choice two: don’t kiss Chloe

me: ooooh yeeesss finally
boyfriend looks at me grinning while I laugh and try to steal the controller from him: ooooooooookaaay you were right *he himself hits option one* 

both: awwwwwwwwwww 

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You know what there needs to be more of???

Virgin Junkrat.

Like, I understand Junkrat would of probably in canon done something in his life in the wasteland for something (food, water, ammo) but like, just for a moment, what if he didn’t? Like he got all of his things by stealing or paying with money or something else other than his body? Like, not many people found him attractive so they didn’t really see like a blow job or anal as a good enough payment.

But then here come Roadhog, half ton of a fucking truck. And of course our little rat fall head first in love with him. Big, muscles, soft, HARD CORE, HIS VOICE


Everything about him is like perfect and he’s just all over this sucker. And then the day comes where Roadhog returns his feelings and it’s like in a cheap motel or some abandoned barn and Roadhog decides to act on those feelings. Like, all they had done were little pecks and some short cuddle breaks and Rat was cool with all that. Because he was also nervous that he might not be enough for Roadie or that he might be too inexperience and turn him off.

So roadie is like trying to get into some good kisses and Junkrat is trying hard to follow along but he’s completely failing at it so roadie pulls away and just plays it as nerves or he’s just too excited.

So down to business he goes and tries to take off Jamie’s shorts and Jamie FREAKS! Like, accidentally smacking his peg leg against Mako freaks. And so tension falls and Jamie is all curled up and looking really scared and on the verge of tears and everything clicks in makos head.

“Have you been with anyone before?”

And Jamie is like

“W-wot, of course mate! Tons!”

But mako isn’t buying it so he just scoops up his scared little boyfriend and talks with him about it. Mako is so patient (sometimes at least; at least when it’s important)

Yeah so, Virgin Junkrat would be hella.

(Honestly, Virgin Roadhog wouldn’t be too bad of an idea either. Lonely pig farmer before explosion, merciless killer afterwards, teams up with post explosion 25 year old who’s done some shit just to stay alive. Yeah, not much there to really squeeze.)


As I was saying to @blouehjob and @1dsponsorships, in this form you can see the difference between the people that would like to gift and receive the song in many countries.

Most likely everyone has seen the posts about the sponsorship here on Tumblr, so we could try to step this up to Twitter.

All you have to do is tweet something with this link:

and tweet tweet tweet. If you can speak the language or you know any big account, please ask their support, the most important thing is for people to KNOW.

Plus, a really dark™ thing to do would be to point out that there are basically FREE COPIES for whoever doesn’t have the song and is probably just listening it on Spotify. The UK and US (that are the countries for which we are putting more effort on) have 100+ and 1k+ free copies available.

We don’t have much time to climb the charts for #1 so let’s do this!!!


Free copies.

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*free copies*

ETA: the content is all the same, just less petty and offensive. I’m sorry.

I find it a bit concerning that all these MEA fans who shit on the human love interests seem to find it strange that some fans are only attracted to humans.

Like, they should really know that being attracted to other people and not seven ft tall insects is normal.

i cant decide if Emerald City is good or not.

the leads are HELLA attractive, most of the characters (even the side ones) are compelling in some way, and im always a slut for retellings.

but then theres the awkward attitude towards trans people. and the sudden killing of a character that has been there since the beginning. and the questionable character motivations of the main character.

but ill be honest, you put another scene with Lucas all oiled up and shirtless again, and a SEPARATE scene of Lucas and the little girl, and you’ll have me till the end

tbh im so relieved when my friend doesnt think the same guys are hot as i do bc then i dont have competition but im also like really pissed off when they dont?? like i know i have good taste bitch u better get ur eyes checked

I’m gonna have a little rant in the tags.

im really cute so like when i tell people i think theyre attractive theyre flattered and then they actually get to know me and listen to me talk about how sexy megamind and the babadook are and they start to question what it means for me to be attracted to them

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Hello! I saw your post on DoS sexuality and I just wanted to chime in as a history major. The important thing to remember when dealing with old civilizations is that the idea of sexuality being a /biological/ imperative is new. Like, REALLY new. (1/?)

However, the idea that people would be attracted to the same sex or not interested in sex is NOT. It just wasn’t a labeled as Ace or Gay. It was “he loves that man more than his wife” or “she ran off and swore herself to a virgin goddess rather than marry.” Like descriptions of PTSD, it is there if you compare descriptors. It is a totally different view on sexuality. It is very person specific. It also means than attraction is less ~destined by the body~ and more ~wow, they are THAT hot~ (2/?)

Which brings me to marriages of nobility. I’m not completely familiar with the Japanese court but it should be noted that China (who they borrowed a lot from) had periods of official mistresses. That the Mughal Empire (India, 16th-19th cen) actually codified what western readers think of when they think of a harem. Again, not Japan but cultures overlap especially those of neighbors. If I’m wrong please correct me. I wonder if anyone suggested that Shikaku just keep Yoshino on the side. (3/3)

(in regards to this earlier post)

Thanks for the information!

-Silver Queen

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What sort of things attract you? What makes a certain person stand out or what is it that makes you like someone?

I am really attracted to individuality. Probably why I like the people that I do. I like mystery. I am drawn to it. A strong mind and will. Intelligence it also very key. The way they carry themselves. 

I like when someone is open and honest even if it is hard to do. I’d rather say you are not ready to share than to lie and backtrack later and tell me you lied cause you were not ready to share something. 

A pretty smile and a cute laugh are super important.