and like put his hands on my shoulders and was like you can do it!


“You keep staring at her like that you’re going to scare her off,” Peter told Kurt, as he continued to stare at you while you talked to your friends. Ever since the first day Kurt had arrived at the mansion, he had been preposterously attracted to you. It could have been how accepting you were of his mutation, or maybe how smart you were, or how beautiful you were. To him, you were completely and utterly perfect.

“She’s flawless, she’s my angel Peter,” Kurt sighed, continuing to stare at you, more specifically your angel wings. It probably didn’t help that his crush looked like an angel straight out of the bible. You glanced over and saw him staring, a small blush adorning your cheeks as you grinned at him, waving to him. He smiled dreamily back, smiling slowly. Peter just shook his head, smiling at his friend.

“Good luck winning her over then, you can do it!” Peter grinned, putting his hand on Kurt’s shoulder in a reassuring manner. He walked off, leaving Kurt to continue staring at you. You suddenly waved goodbye to your friends as you walked over to Kurt and sat down next to him.

“Hey, do you mind if I sit here with you? It’s such a nice day and you have the loveliest reading voice. I’ve been feeling down lately, I was wondering if you could read something to me please?” You asked sweetly, showing him a genuine smile. Kurt looked taken aback before ‘bamfing’ away quickly, only to return with your favourite book. He opened it quickly and started reading to you.

Gross - Draco Malfoy Imagine

warnings : probably fluff
request: no
y/h : your house


“Do we really have to do this?” Draco asked as I dragged him out of the slytherin common room. I looked back at him and smirked at his annoyed face.

“Yes, we do.” I replied. It was currently after curfew at hogwarts. I wanted to sneak out, and go to the astrology tower. Draco seemed like he needed something like that, he just didn’t know it. He’s been really stressed lately, I just can’t put my finger on it.

5th year has been terrible so far, especially with professor Umbridge. If that’s the reason Draco is so stressed, I can relate.

Once we’ve made it to our destination with a whiney Draco, I set down his hand and looked at the view. He came behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist and rested his head on my shoulder.

“Why’d you bring me out here?” He asked quietly, confused as ever. I turned around, a small smile forming on my face as I examined his own.

“You seemed pretty stressed, and I know this isn’t much but I just thought the view and is being alone can help you clear your mind. I was gonna do something else, and I still am, but you really need something right now, I can sense it.” I told him truthfully. Draco smiled widely and cupped both of my cheeks with his hands.

“Y/n, you really didn’t have to do this.”

“I know,” I paused and kissed his nose, “but I wanted to.”

With that he planted his lips on mine, my head tilted a bit and our mouths moved in sync. The kiss was extremely passionate or lust filled. It was innocent.

He pulled apart and turned me around, and we resumed to our position.

“I know I haven’t told you this before, but I love you.” I said. I could feel Draco tense, and I began to worry.

I slowly turned around again.

“Draco? I’m sorry if you don’t fe-” Draco cut me off with his lips on mine again.

“I love you too. I just didn’t think you’d ever love me back.” He said truthfully.

“Honestly, we’re getting a little too gross.” I said and giggled at his annoyed reaction.

“I don’t care if it’s gross or if we’re too lovey dovey.” He confirmed. I arched an eyebrow at him.

“You sure?”


“I love you.”

“Stop this is gross, but don’t stop please. I love you too.”

lol :,-(


“I am full of curiosity. I should much prefer to hear now.”

“You’ll come with me to-night?”

“When you like and where you like.”

“This is, indeed, like the old days.”

The place was pitch dark…Holmes’s cold, thin fingers closed round my wrist and led me forward down a long hall… My companion put his hand upon my shoulder and his lips close to my ear. “Do you know where we are?” he whispered.

…An instant later he pulled me back into the blackest corner of the room, and I felt his warning hand upon my lips. The fingers which clutched me were quivering. Never had I known my friend more moved…

Arthur Conan Doyle
The Adventure Of The Empty House


Requested by @tearsoflovedones

Request: Can you make an imagine where the reader is super shy and likes Barry and Cisco and Oliver keep flirting with her making Barry jealous

Word Count: 1,061

Warning: Jealous Barry is very jealous

This request reminded me of ‘Jealous’ by Nick Jonas


I don’t like the way he’s looking at you
I’m starting to think you want him too

I stood by the bar with Oliver and Cisco, waiting for (Y/N) to arrive at the party. To me, their conversations were nothing but mindless chatter. I’m certain it had something to do with Cisco wanting to give Oliver a better superhero name. Oliver put his hand on my shoulder, knocking me out of my trance. “Dude, calm down. (Y/N) will be here. She’s just a little- woah!” Cisco’s eyes averted to the other side of the room. I look in the same direction as Cisco. My jaw drops at the sight of (Y/N). She’s wearing a tight red dress and black heels. (Y/N) makes her way over to us and greets us. She hugged Cisco and I. Oliver leaned in and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

“You looking stunning, (Y/N),” Oliver said, “I mean, are you sure you don’t have boyfriend? Any guy would be idiotic to not want to have you.” Oliver looked at me as he said that. Cisco and Oliver both are aware of my feelings for (Y/N). A blush rose to (Y/N)’s cheeks from Oliver’s compliment. “Oliver’s right,” Cisco said, “you are smokin’.” (Y/N) rolled her eyes but let out a small giggle. I stiffened up as Cisco and Oliver continued to eye (Y/N) up and down. Others guys at the party were staring as well. Lots of them licking their lips, others mouthing damn or fuck.

“You-you look wonderful, (Y/N).” My cheeks were starting to hurt from how much I was smiling, but I couldn’t help it- she was just so beautiful. “Thank you Barry,” (Y/N) replied smiling at the ground. Cisco engaged in conversation with someone else at the bar, but Oliver was still eying (Y/N) like a piece of meat. My fists started to clench by my side.

Oliver reached for (Y/N)’s hand and led her out to the dance floor. He was falling back into his playboy flirting habits and it needed to be stopped.

I turn my chin music up and I’m puffing my chest
I’m getting red in the face
You can call me obsessed

The music continued to blast throughout the room as the night went on. I couldn’t seem to focus because I was watching (Y/N) on the dance floor. At first, it was just Oliver dancing with her, but soon guys started to crowd around her, trying to get the next dance. It wasn’t long until I saw Cisco approach her. My jaw clenched as he put his arm around (Y/N)’s waist. I watched as Cisco and (Y/N) danced in the center of the dance floor. The redness in my cheeks only intensified when I saw a drunk man take (Y/N) from Cisco’s arms and starts kissing her neck.

Cisco walks over to me at the bar, slightly chuckling. “Man, I have never seen (Y/N) have this much fun in her life. I think she’s really enjoying all of the attention she’s getting. Barry, you should go out and dance with her.”

My fist clenched along with my jaw and I hit Cisco on the back of his head. Oliver walked over and I punched him in the jaw. “Dude. You and Oliver are supposed to be my wing men. That doesn’t mean take my potential girlfriend away from me.” Oliver and Cisco laughed in unison. “Barry, don’t be so obsessed over (Y/N). Maybe if you would have asked her out sooner or she wouldn’t have wasted guys grinding on her right now.

‘Cause you’re too sexy, beautiful
And everybody wants to taste
That’s why (that’s why)
I still get jealous

The drinks continued to flow as the night got longer. Even though I couldn’t get drunk, I still tried. Drunk girls came up to me and tried to flirt and pull me out to the dance floor, I politely declined every girl because the only one I cared about was (Y/N). She continued to dance with men throughout the night, the men getting more touchy and drunk. (Y/N) was starting to think of the male attention as unwanted. As each man came, my jealousy grew stronger and (Y/N)’s discomfort grew. I snapped when some creep made his way over to (Y/N) and tried sliding her dress off while kissing her forcefully. I’m not sure if I ran to her at normal speed or at Flash speed but before I knew it I was at (Y/N)’s side slamming my fist into the creep’s nose. Her small hand pulled mine away from the creep who now held his nose. I could feel the blood pumping in my ears, my eyes turned to her as i saw her face with worry and fright.

“Don’t fucking touch MY girlfriend!”

Oliver pulled (Y/N) and I away before I could make anymore hasty decisions. “Barry, can we talk?” I heard (Y/N)’s tiny voice say from behind me. I nodded my head and (Y/N) grabbed my hand and pulled me outside. (Y/N) wrapped her arms around herself and shivered. I took my jacket off and wrapped it around her. (Y/N) smiled at me before sighing.

“Barry, what did you mean when you said "my girlfriend”? Do-do you have feelings for me?“ I sucked in air and a blush rose to my cheeks. "I-I mean you’re wonderful and intelligent and-”

(Y/N) cut my rambling off with a kiss. My jaw dropped as we pulled away. “That was fantastic. But what was it for?”

“Barry, I’ve always had feelings for you but I wanted to make sure it felt right while I’m still on this confidence high. It had to happen before I return to my shy, awkward self tomorrow,” (Y/N) said, “I also don’t think a guy who didn’t have feelings for me would break a creep’s nose.”

“I can’t help that you’re so beautiful. I think it was my right to get jealous.”

(Y/N) stood on her toes and kissed me. I smiled into the kiss; I was grateful that this was finally happening.

“You know Mr. Allen, jealousy isn’t a good look on you.”

anonymous asked:

Why is keeping a large parrot on your shoulder bad ?

Parrots like to feel in control, and to do this, they try to take the higher ground. If their head is above yours when they’re on your shoulder, then it’s likely they feel like the dominant in the situation.

By keeping a parrot on your arm or lap instead of on your shoulder, you can control what they do and better monitor their body language. Let’s say something spooks my cockatoo while he’s in my lap. I have no problem watching his reaction, and if he bites, he’ll bite my hand or arm. If he were in my shoulder, he could lash out at my face or ear without me having any way of predicting the action.

These are wild animals we live with, and they have the temperament of a wild animal. I trust my birds with everything in me, but I’m not going to put them in a position where they could accidentally injure me if they got scared. It’s safer for everyone to keep them off the shoulder and where you can watch them.

anonymous asked:

What I would do to have a Star Wars movie where Vader is alone somewhere private and lets his guard down and does some typical Anakin things, like burying his hands in his cape or making himself smaller.


c’mon Filioni, how about you do this with your Vader?? Instead of showing him being Skywalker Extra™ all standing on a TIE fighter in the dark with mist surrounding him and being PUMPED TO BE A SITH LORD, SO PUMPED, HOLD MY BEER PUMPED. 

Oh man, tho, can you imagine the first few years when he was put into the suit and he can’t even do something like slump in it? he can’t even make himself smaller anymore, the suit of nightmares does not allow for his shoulders to slump or his artificial spine to curl. There’s also no silencing that breathing apparatus so he can’t even fade into the background like he used to be able to. Like, the closest we see to that Vader is, ironically, in Rogue One when he turns off his suit for a hot five seconds before it kicks back on and he starts slaughtering those rebels. 

And that cape doesn’t even have enough length on it it do anything like bury his hands in it, it’s there purely for the aesthetic. 

Palpatine’s a dick.

Hello, baby. Part 10.

I just sit on the couch letting my heart fall into pieces as J walks away from me. I know I said I can’t expect what I put in, I know I said that I can handle his mood swings, I know what I fucking said. This is, different. This isn’t a mood swing. This isn’t him not giving back. It feels like him giving up. Giving up on, me? Or us? Another tear falls down my cheek and I’m quick to wipe it with my left hand.
The pain in my shoulder feels minimal compared to the pressure I feel on my chest, this could be from the pain medication.
‘What can I do? I’m weak. I’m broken. I’m useless. Hey dad, look im everything you always said I would be! Aren’t you fucking proud. I turned out just like mom. Maybe a little worse since you weren’t the clown fucking prince, but I’m sure you are looking up at me from hell with a grin on your face.’
More tears. I repress the memories like I normally do and wipe my face again. The medication has my body feeling heavy, I feel like I can barely lift my arms. Just a few seconds pass and I have to lay back down. My shoulder feels numb, but so does the rest of me. I fall asleep.
I wake up and I’m in our bed. Alone. I turn my head to look at the clock, I wince at the pain, it’s 4am. There is a pill and another glass of water by the bed, the moon shines just enough light so I can see my surroundings. Lucas is in the room, sleeping in a chair against the door. I make a slight grunting noise trying to get up and Lucas jumps up.

“No Kat, don’t do that. Let me help you.” He lets me push off him with my left hand and he picks me up a little so I can sit up. 

My mind feels foggy and my emotions are drained. I take another pill.

“How are you feeling?” He is sitting on Js side of the bed. 

I don’t answer. I’m just staring at the sheets where he used to be. My hand reaches over to them, they are cold and unbothered.
It feels as if someone is taking and ice pick to my chest. The pressure I feel runs through my ribs making it hard to breathe, my throat feels like it’s closing in, my head feels like a thousand nails have been hammered through my skull. I can’t speak, if I do I’ll lose the little bit of composer I have left. I lay back down on my left side facing away from his side of the bed. I close my eyes and a few tears escape my grip.
I feel Lucas leave the bed and hear him take his seat by the door again. I know his eyes are fixed on me.
I wake up and it’s almost 1 in the afternoon. I turn on my back and just stare at the ceiling. I want this to all be a dream. A really bad dream. I groan trying to get up and Lucas is still in the room, he rushes to my side again and sits me up.

“Are you hungry? Do you need anything?” He’s trying to make eye contact.

“A shower.” I manage to get out as I lean my head back against the headboard and close my eyes.

“Just, give me one minute Kat.” He goes to the door and moves his chair, he opens it up very little and calls for Jackie. I hear her footsteps come up the stairs.
I still have my head back and eyes closed. I don’t even acknowledge her.

“Yes, Lucas, is everything ok?” She sounds tired.

“She wants a shower. I know boss wouldn’t want me to handle that.” He leaves the room.

“Ok honey, I’m just going to help you up and out of those clothes and take the bandage off, I’ll sit on the other side of the door if you need me ok?”

I lift my head and open my eyes and give her a nod with a weak smile that fades quickly.
She comes over and puts her shoulder under my left arm and helps me swing my legs over the edge. I’m able to get up, we head into the bathroom and she undresses me like a child, I feel helpless. She take the bandage off and it hurts a lot less than I was expecting.

“I’ll be right outside the door dear, let me know if you need anything.” She heads out and I hear her get comfortable on the other side.
I’m able to turn the water on. I get in and let the hot water run over me. I sit under the hot water, I want to cry but nothing comes out. My chest aches to the core of my body, I don’t want to move, I don’t think I can move. Jackie knocks and opens the door a little and check on me. I’m sitting on the floor of the shower with my left arm resting on my knees that are pulled to my chest.

Originally posted by allie-rva

“No, no, no sweetie. Don’t, it’s ok. It will be ok. Honey. Please.” Her voice sounds like it’s breaking. She gets in the shower fully clothed and picks me up with my left arm, she gets me out of the shower and wraps a towel around me. She sits me down on a chair in the bathroom as she gets some clothes for me. She comes back in with a short sleeve shirt and some sweat pants. ‘I know these aren’t from this closet.’ she helps me change and helps me back into bed. She wraps a towel around herself and heads toward the door.
“I’ll bring you something to eat in a few, do you need anything else dear?” She gives me a smile. I shake me head softly. She walks out and Lucas is right there to take his place again.
I’m starting at the sheets again, still cold. I wonder how long it’s been since he has even seen me. I don’t even know where he is. Where has he been sleeping. My mind goes back to what the guard says about the stripper, fucking knives in my chest. He is the Joker, I shouldn’t expect anything less. I do though, well i did.
Lucas breaks my train of thought, “How did you sleep? Feel better after the shower?” He still sitting in his chair.

“I’m, ok.” The words feel like razor blades as they escape my mouth.

“How’s the shoulder feel? Has the pain died down any?” I can’t tell if he’s actually wanting to know or trying to make small talk.

I rest my head back against the headboard and close my eyes again, “It’s better.” I let out a sigh.
Jackie comes in, her hair is still wet but she’s in dry clothes, and has some soup and a roll with a large glass of water. “Could you leave us alone for a quick minute Lucas?” She rest her hand on his shoulder. He nods and leaves.

“Kat, what’s, I need you to talk to me. I’m not giving you anymore pain pills till you do. I don’t want these to be an emotional crutch for you and you’re tough, so I’m not worried about the pain in your shoulder.” She sets the food next to me and sits on the bed.

“I, I don’t know. J, he hasn’t been here. Or I don’t know if he has.” My voice trails off, my throat gets tight again.

“Sweetie, I’m going to just be honest with what I do know because you deserve it ok. Mr. J hasn’t been here. Not since that night. He’s been at his club. I have no clue what he does there all day and night.” She pauses and gives the last piece of information, her voice is shaking when she speaks, “He asked that you be taken back to your place tomorrow. Honey, I know things were just going right, I’m so so sorry.” She wipes away her few tears.
I look at the sheets next to me, “Ok. Thanks. Can, can I just be alone. Just for a few minutes.” My voice is trembling.

“Absolutely sweetie.” She gives me a hug that i don’t return. She wipes a tear from my face, “You are so strong Kat, please don’t let him do this to you.” She leaves.

I’m left alone with the most tragic news I’ve ever received. I want so badly to go back in time, I want to go back to that morning. My eyes can’t hold back the tears anymore, I let them just continue to fall. My chest feels tight and the pain I feel is straight through to my bones. I start sobbing. My back starts to hurt and in return it shoots pain to my shoulder. I curl up on my right shoulder, the pain last for a second, there are much deeper things being felt. I reach my hand across to his side of the bed and grip the sheets.
Remembering us. Remembering him.
I scream at the pain from my chest. Lucas rushed in and stops, he closes the door quietly and sits in his chair. He doesn’t say anything. He lets me cry and I appreciate it.
I’m trying to find a full breath of air, the tears have stopped but it feels like they haven’t. I sit up and grab the glass of water with my left hand and throw it at the wall, the aim is off but it hits the wall and breaks. “Take me home now.” My voice is hoarse.

“Uh, I can’t.” He comes over to me and rubs my back, it feels good.

I rest my head on his shoulder, “Why?”

“It’s not, he said tomorrow.” His voice is low.

I know he doesn’t want to say his name, “Just let me out of this fucking place, please Lucas.”

He nods. “I’ll get you home.” He gets up and grabs a small bag but stuffs as much clothes as he can in it. Including some of the nice jewelry and dresses. He gets another bag and throws all the makeup in it. 

“That stuff was bought with my money!” I try to smile at him

He smiles back “Sorry!” He has both bags in one hand, he helps me up and he opens the door.
I take in everything from the house. The reflection off the floor, the extravagant decor, the rooms I still haven’t seen and never will. I walk out and walk down the stairs. Jackie is in the kitchen and runs over when she sees me.

“What is going on? Are you ok dear?”

“I’m doing him one last favor.” I go in and hug her with my left arm, “I’m going to miss you Jackie. So much!” I let her go.

“Kat, but you can’t, not, tomorrow. Wait!” She pauses again. She gives me a sad look and grabs my hand, “I told you, you are so strong. I’m going to miss you as well dear.” She gives me another hug and Lucas walks me out of the house. He sets my stuff in the back of the car and opens the door for me and puts the seatbelt on me as well. He gets in and we are off. I don’t look back. 

We pull up to my old place. Such a different lifestyle. Lucas opens my door and undoes the seatbelt, he helps me out of the Car, then grabs the bags. “You ok?” He stands next to me.

“Never been better.” I give him a small smile and start walking towards the door. He follows.
We get up to my room and I open the door, it’s not even locked. I walk in and everything is cleaned. The last time I came here everything had been thrown everywhere, “Who, what happened?”
“Some people came down and cleaned your place for you.” He says in a ‘you’re welcome’ tone.

“You didn’t, this? Why?” I laugh a little bit.

“It was a few of us guys, we know you wouldn’t be able to do it once you got back here. He’s a fucked up guy, but that doesn’t mean we all are.” He gives me a hug. “I’m, im sorry Kat. This isn’t, it’s not right.” He sighs, “Also, a physical therapist will be here tomorrow for your shoulder.”

“Can’t wait.” I sigh and give him a hug. “Thanks Lucas.” I let go and he walks out the door giving me one last look saying please be ok. I lock the door behind him.
I sit on my old bed with the scratchy sheets. I let out a sigh. I lay down on my back, I’m empty. I have nothing left in me, I can feel the pain set in again. This time all over my body.
‘Why J, why are you doing this to me. Why did I believe you, why did I fucking believe you, why am i surprised! Fucking pussy can’t even give me an explantation. I trusted you. Wanted you. Needed you. I fucking loved you. I just want an explanation.’
I turn on my left side. I can’t count how many times I’ve cried already and I know this won’t be my last. I know people can die from a broken heart and I feel that’s my fate. I don’t want to live, at least not right now.

it feels like months have gone by but it has only been a week. One week of absolute torture. My heart aches everyday; like someone just twisted it over and over again, I can’t even force myself to eat anymore; all my clothes are baggy, I thought I was stronger, I thought I would survive this. My shoulder feels better, the therapist comes everyday. She tries to make me laugh but I can’t. I don’t take the pain medication because feeling the pain lets me know I’m still alive. I’m not sure I want to be, but I am. 

I haven’t talked to anyone. I haven’t gone outside or even turned on the TV. The outside world doesn’t seem real. I feel like everything has stopped spinning.

A knock on my door pulls me out of it. I get out of bed, sluggishly. I walk to the front door and open it. It’s Lucas.

“Kat.” He looks me up and down and he’s looks sad once he realizes the state im in.

“Hi.” I leave the door open and walk back into my room and lay on the bed again. I can’t feel anything right now.

“Uh, I just wanted to check on you. Just to see, you should eat something.” He can’t even ask how i am doing. 

“Im not hungry, i’m fine.” Im curled up in my bed with my back facing him.

“Kat, be honest with me, please.” he is sitting next to the bed.

I turn over facing him, “I want to die. Is that what you want to hear? I can’t eat, I can’t fucking function. My heart is in pieces. I can’t do this anymore Lucas. I can’t live without him.” I can feel the tears running down my face.

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He wipes my face, “Have you watched the news?”

Im confused, what kind of question is that after I just spilled my heart out. “No.” I turn back around.

“He can’t, or at least he won’t survive without you either.” he sighs, “He is more reckless, he doesn’t even try to fight, he puts himself in the way of danger, I don’t think he wants to live. He hasn’t left the ouse for 3 days now. I don’t think you understand what is going on. I think you should come back to the house.”

“Why are you here?” My emotions are wrecked right now.

“Kat, just come with me. I’ll bring you home later, ok?”

I turn around and nod. I don’t know how healthy this decision can be. I’m not even over him and I’m going back to him. I can’t say no though. I need to see him. I want to see him. I don’t know what emotion is taking over right now, but i get up and pull my hair in a bun and change into a t-shirt and jeans. We leave.

The drive is silent. I keep trying to play scenarios in my head, they all end with me killing him. I feel like I am going to vomit when I see the house. 

“Take me home please Lucas, i can’t do this. i can’t. I don’t think I can survive it.” He has the car door open for me to get out.

“Kat, I promise you, you will be fine.” He reaches his hand out. I accept.

My heart is racing, what ifs are running through my head. Lucas opens the door and we walk in. Its quiet. My eyes well up with the sights, remembering everything. Lucas places his hand on my back, “You got this Kat.”

I nod. I look for Jackie but shes not in the kitchen. I walk over to the counter and open a drawer, I pull out a knife and carry it with me to the couch.

“Kat, really?” Lucas looks at me with his eyebrows raised.

“You don’t know what I have been through.” Is all I say as I sit. 

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I wait a few minutes.
 My heart sinks into my stomach as J flashes around the corner. 

His hair is perfectly done, his skin bright white. He looks upset. More upset than before. He is dressed like he is ready to go out. I think I am going to lose it and I want to run out the door.
I take the knife out and hold it next to me. I just wait for him to make eye contact. 
‘He doesn’t have to know that he killed me.’

Originally posted by kane52630

He hasn’t noticed me sitting on the couch, “Hello, baby.” I hope my voice sounds convincing. 

His glare is sharp, I can’t read him in the slightest, but he stops and stares.
I want to run at him and tell him i missed him and then stab him in the heart and scream fuck you.
I don’t.

“Cat got your tongue J?” I stand up, knife by my side. I am not trying to hide that he hurt me, or that I want to hurt him. Im trying to hide that he killed me.

Still nothing, i go for it.

“Too much of a pussy to give me a reason J? Just couldn’t man the fuck up and tell me why you didn’t want me? Just had everyone else deal with your trash? Just let everyone else deal with the fucked up things you do?” I start walking towards him. He isn’t saying anything and I feel powerful after saying what has been on my mind. “Come on J, don’t you miss playing with me?” I run the knifes blade against my jeans. Still nothing from him. 
I walk up to him, my face close to his and my eyes are locked on his. 
I put the tip of the knife at his chest, “Did it fucking kill you like it killed me J? Did your heart fucking break to its core? Did you lose sleep? Could you eat? Did you have a gun shot wound that would remind you every second of every damn day that you were alone? Did you fucking miss me J?” I press the tip in the knife in his skin, “Say something.”

“Yes.” His voice is low and gives me chills. I don’t let it phase me. I press the tip in more, a drop of blood runs down his chest. Im angry, so angry with him because i want to forgive him already.

“Yes what, asshole?” I’m not letting his go that easy, I can’t.

“It killed me.” He sounds like he is in pain. “What, what are you even doing here?”

“I had to see if it killed you as well, you look fine though. Perfectly fine. Must be nice.” I take the knife out of his skin. I go to walk away and he grabs my arm, i turn around and put the blade to his throat, “Don’t fucking touch me.” he lets go and lifts his hands.

“Go out with me tonight?” He still sounds like he is in pain, but I cant read him. “Please, Kat.” He moves closer to me and I hold out the knife, “I understand, let me explain. Please, just one night and I will never bother you again.“

I lower the knife.
I don’t know what kind of spell he has over me but I nod, “One night.”  

HunHan ~ Jealousy

I have a peculiar thing for jealous HunHan. Like, for real, I just find it painfully adorable.

^^Very subtle LuHan 

」( ̄▽ ̄」)

^^ I cry XD

^^ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

^^(Also known as the “someone-gon-die” face)

^^Sehun be pissed as fuck *tut tut*

^^ Lets out frustration with water bottle XD there, there, Sehun. Everyone knows that LuHan will forever belong to you ;)

^^I can never get over this gif (ノ⊙曲ఠ)ノ彡┻━┻

Sehun’s full-on bitch face when he caught Jongin and Luhan sharing an awkward moment like (┛ಠДಠ)┛

^^ Literally, I’ve used this gifset so much, and I do not care, it’s so fucking amazing (Ō̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ ԑ Ō̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ ૢ)

Oh my god, Sehun, could you be anymore obvious ;w; and LuHan’s all cute and clueless like 。゚(TヮT)゚。I can’t. I really can’t.

Sehun didn’t like that LuHan’s hand was on Tao’s shoulder, so he put his hand on his to compensate (੭ु ‾᷄ᗣ‾᷅ )੭ु⁾⁾

HAH!!^^ ahhh, good times

^^ Not related to jealousy…I just wanted to put it up there as a reminder that, regardless of the constant emotional possessiveness these two seem to have over one another (ᗒᗜᗕ) nothing shall ever come between them. At the end of the day, their affection towards each other remains unchanged (no matter how far apart they may be) 

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child ficlet

500 words, G rated

I hate reading coming out stories, but I really like writing them. I think I find it therapeutic. And I just couldn’t get this out of my head, so here is a thing a scribbled down last night in about half an hour. Albus telling his mum he’s in love with Scorpius. 

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jyncassians  asked:

YES tag me in them!!!

Gonna do some for you now.

  • None of them are like truly ‘sweet’, they have a war in front of them but they still manage to find it in themselves to be their own kind of sweet to the other. There are always stolen kisses, soft touches and little smiles across the room.
  • In time, they become one of those couples that hold hands while out or put an arm around each other’s waist. She can seem a little possessive, always with her hand over his shoulders or around his waist, but the intimacy of being near the other is what makes it so good for both of them.
  • He makes her laugh a lot, which for Jyn is something amazing because she grow up with a father who was more like a fanatic of the Empire and time make her almost hostile. She knows the way people look at her, she knows she is agressive, but she loves to laugh and Cassian always gets her giggles out. And her laugh is UGLY, like too loud and if it’s too much, she will start making piggy noises and showing too much teeth. But he thinks and feels it is the most beautiful thing in the galaxy, both the sound and the image of her trying to calm down.
  • Cassian gets full body blushes and she makes fun of that, he also is very ticklish so it will be normal to see her walking around and getting her finger out just to pinch on his sides and he will shake his entire body and get a hell of a blush. Everyone laughs at that.
  • DRUNK CASSIAN GETTING SERENATAS TO JYN, who doesn’t understand a shit of what his songs say but she loves it anyway and she laughs some more.
  • Both exchanging traditions of their families and planets, she trying her best to learn some space spanish and eat some of the space mexican food he does. He isn’t a great cook, but it’s not bad. She is terrible, that’s for sure.
  • Cuddling is so important. Especially in rough nights after a mission for one or both of them, they talk a lot too. So one of them would lay over the other’s chest and they will share memories and plans for when the war is over, maybe gossip a little, tell a joke, invent a story.
Teacher’s Pet

This is just a little vignette for the comic Maplevogel posted yesterday because she likes to put ideas into my head.  I might post more as she adds further details.

Teacher’s Pet

Matthew huffed and scrubbed his face with his left hand.  He was exhausted and his coffee was bitter and cold but the classroom was still a mess and he had promised himself he would clean it before heading home.

“Alright.  Alright.  I can do this,” he said, squaring his shoulders.  The sooner he started, the sooner he would finish, and the sooner he could catch up on his soap operas.  

And drink an entire bottle of wine.

He washed down the countertops and organized the cabinets and scraped the gum off the undersides of the desks.  He left the more interesting graffiti sprawled across the top and cleaned the rest of them.  He filled out his lesson plan for tomorrow.

The sun was setting behind him when he reached for the skull sitting on his desk and dusted it off.

“It’s just you and me again tonight,” he told the skull, smoothing his hands over the cracks.  He had inherited the skull when he took over the classroom in September and he found himself talking to it in between classes.  It was a bit pathetic but he liked the company.  “I’m sure you’re not surprised.”

He traced the maxilla and mandible with his fingers.

“It usually is.”

He lingered over the teeth.

“But thank you for sticking around.”

He raised the skull to his lips and pressed a sentimental kiss to the well worn teeth.  The skull was cold and unyielding against his lips until, suddenly, it was not.  It was warm and wet and his fingers slipped backwards through hair that had not existed a minute ago.

And when he opened his eyes, he was kissing a man.  A very pale, very handsome man.  A very heavy man.

Matthew collapsed under his weight.

“Oh my fucking…  Shit!  Fuck!  Who the hell are you?”

The man just blinked at him before sweeping his gaze across the classroom and looking down at his bare chest.

“Why are you naked?!”  Matthew shrieked.  He tried to push him off but he was running his hands over his chest, stomach, and lower.  He examined his fingernails with a strange mixture of horror and wonderment.  

“I’m alive,” he croaked, and it sounded like he had not used his voice in years. His hands fluttered to his throat.  “I can talk.  Oh my god, I can talk.”

“Who are you?  Who are you?  What are you?”  Matthew repeated over and over until his attention snapped back to him.  He grinned at Matthew and started touching him instead.

“You kissed me!”

“I did not!”

“You did!”

“I definitely did not!”

“You did!  You said ‘thank you’ and you kissed me!”

The pieces started falling into place but it did not make any sense.  He must have been dreaming.  It could not… He would have…  His mind reeled with possibilities.  

“You were a skull,” Matthew said slowly, trying the words on for size.  “My skull.”


“And now you’re not.”


This was a dream.  

This had to be a dream.

But the man felt real enough in his lap.  He was heavy and warm and his knees were digging into his sides.  It was getting harder and harder to breathe.

“I don’t understand…  You can’t…”

Matthew fainted.

Our First

Trigger warning: None

Paring: Dan and y/n

Genre: smut

-um it was like my birthday yesterday so I thought I would do a treat and give you guys a smut. Sorry this is my first time writing in the genre. Requests are open!

You pulled up your dark blur dress and reached  round to do up the thin black zip on the back. You struggled for a couple of seconds before someone’s warm large hands does it up for you. He put them at your waist, moving your hair to your other shoulder to whisper in your ear. “How can you expect me to control myself with you looking like that?” He kissed your neck and you could hear him breathing in your perfume. You giggle lightly and pretend to fix your earring to make things less awkward. Dan had asked you to be his girlfriend around 7 months ago, he did it in the most adorable. Not only was he funny, smart, childish and adorable he was also cute, hot and sexually frustrating. He spun you round and pushed your hair behind your ear. “If I can’t keep my hands off you it’s not my fault.” He smiled. Phil interrupted your moment by remind you that you guys needed to go if you wanted to meet up with your friends on time. You took your phone of charge and went downstairs where Dan and Phil were putting their coats on. You got yours and left the apartment, making sure to make Phil lock up unlike what happened last time. Dan took your hand and you all walked to the station where you got on a train to the club that Carrie had decided on.

Clubs weren’t really your thing and after an hour you want to go home. But telling Carrie that you wanted to go home when celebrating her birthday was a bit rude. You sat in a booth next to Phil and Bryany whilst Carrie and the rest of her friends were dancing. Other than Louise and Dan they don’t really dance, much like you. Phil had tried his hardest to make conversation, but that doesn’t compare with sitting on the sofa with a fluffy white blanket and netflix. Dan and Louise came back holding several drinks for each of your friends.

He sat down rest and arm over the back of the couch. You talked to him for a while hoping that he would enlighten you, so you didn’t feel so bad about wanting to go home. You played with the little fabric bracelet that was on his left hand, pulling the threads out carelessly and tangling the loose end around your finger. By twenty minuets your chatting was finished and when you looked at Dan you noticed he wasn’t looking at your friends or your eyes, but instead your chest. “Well done Dan for being subtle.” You leaned over the table to get your phone which PJ had been using but that only gave Dan a better view.

“I’m really sorry Carrie, but I just remembered I had to upload a video tonight, and me and Y/n need to get up early.” Before you could say anything Dan pulled you out the club and on a train back to your home. He pinned you against the hallway and began kissing you neck. “That low cut top looks really fucking sexy you were basically flaunting yourself in front of me.” He said between kisses. You felt him run a hand down your thigh and fiddle with them hem of your dress. “let’s take this to the bedroom.” You tried not to moan out his name as he carried you into his bed filled with nerdy ornaments and his fluffy bedsheets. You dropped you next to the bed, pushing you both down so that he was onto of you. You carried on making out until Dan wanted to go further.

“Wait!” You stopped him.

“What’s wrong do you want me to stop?” He seemed understanding, how were you supposed to tell him something that you hadn’t even told your best friends. You can trust him, this is Dan.

“No don’t stop, just… I need to tell you something I should have told you earlier.”

“Are you a vampire?”

“What? No, I’m a, I’m a virgin.” You kept your head down in embarrassment but it only made it worse as you were looking at Dan’s crotch.

“Okay we can stop, don’t worry about it.” He said kissing your cheek and sitting up slightly before you pulled him down again by his top.

“No I want to carry on.” He searched your eyes for any signs for lying.

“Really, you want your first time with me? Are you sure?” You smiled and nodded before he connected his lips back to yours. “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you. We can go slow.” He was wearing a plain white shirt which had the buttons undone already and some black skinny jeans. You took his shirt off a threw it over to wear you both had taken your shoes off earlier. He pulled the zip on the back of your dress down and you slipped off the shoulder straps leaving it only covering your stomach. Thank god you were wearing your black bra and not the pokemon one which you had worn yesterday. He kept on starring at your chest and began to put kisses around your neck and cleavage.

“Stop that tickles.” You giggled and he looked up through his long brown lashes smiling. He unclasped your bra and you both took every piece of clothing off of each other. He went I slowly, not wanting you to feel uncomfortable on your first time. “Dan, I’ll bleed over your sheets.” He stopped and looked at you, telling you that e didn’t mind and carried on. You tried to hold back tears as Dan stretched you.

“Tell me if you want to stop.” He kissed your cheek and asked if he could move, which you granted. He pulled out slightly before slamming back into you. After a couple of thrusts, the pain became less painful and more pleasurable. Dan was beginning to sweat and his fringe had stuck to his forehead, a layer of sweat over his golden chest. “God, I love you.” He said between breaths. After a few minuets he was out of breath, all his light moans had made his throat go sore. “Want to stop?” You nodded and pulled out, lying next to you under the covers.

“Is it me or is it really hot in here.”

“It’s ‘cause I’m around and I radiate hotness.” He answered.

“You’re so adorable.” You smiled squinting your eyes.”

“But you love me.” He said rolling onto his back.

#7-Kol Mikaelson

(”I didn’t fall in love with you, you tripped me!)

A/N: Sorry this is so short!

Warnings: Fluff! 

You and your boyfriend Kol had just gotten back to the Mikaelson Manor after your Valentine’s Day date. “So, Kol Mikaelson likes Valentine’s Day? I gotta say, I’m a little surprised.” You tease. He smiles and puts his hands on your waist. “Well, I only like it because of you, I love you Darling, and you’ve fallen hopelessly in love with me obviously.” He teases. You wrap your arms around his neck.

“I didn’t fall in love with you, you tripped me!” You reply. He rolls his eyes. “If you say so.” You playfully punch him in the shoulder. “You can be so self absorbed, you know that?” You reply with a smile. He shrugs “Of course I do darling! But it’s one of the many, many, things you love about me.” He replies with a smirk. You roll your eyes and smile. 

You open the door to you and Kol’s room. “Now come on, Valentine’s Day isn’t over yet.” You say with a wink. He smirks and follows you. “Happy Valentine’s Day Darling.”

An old man sat down beside her. “Well, aren’t you a pretty little peach?” His breath smelled near as foul as the dead men in the cages, and his little pig eyes were crawling up and down her. “Does my sweet peach have a name?”

For half a heartbeat she forgot who she was supposed to be. She wasn’t any peach, but she couldn’t be Arya Stark either, not here with some smelly drunk she did not know. “I’m …”

“She’s my sister.” Gendry put a heavy hand on the old man’s shoulder, and squeezed. “Leave her be.”

i was looking for a different quote this past weekend for a gifset and i stumbled on this one and sorry i’m suffering bc this is like one of those moments where i’m like “look at all the identity shit with arya” where she’s had to “be” so many people that she can’t remember what her current persona is (and the fact of this happening in a brothel where women frequently have to “be” what they’re expected to “be” in order to please the frequenters of said brothel so wow that’s a whole other kettle of whatever’s going on in my brain as i read this) and she knows isn’t a peach, and knows it’s not safe to be arya, and is stumbling to figure it out and

gendry’s got her fucking back.

that’s all bye

Kuro’s magical coat

Hey there everyone! Here’s another translation for a comic which was provided by the lovely @kairei-chan​.
You can find the scan of the comic HERE. Hope you like it :)

Mahiru: They are not moving….
Kuro: The bath is free now…What are you doing?
Mahiru: Ah, Kuro! Say, the coat tails on this can move, don’t they?
How do you make them move?
Kuro:  What are you saying there, huh? There’s no way they can move, y’know…
It’s not like those are actual tails.
Mahiru: …?!
*small text near Kuro*: Ice cream…

Did you guys see that when Kuro put his hand on Mahiru’s shoulder, the coat tails reacted?
They seem to respond to him. Maybe the coat is imbued with Kuro’s energy or something.
Quite interesting :D
If you someone sees mistakes in the translation, please tell me. My Japanese is average, so my translations might not be great.


The Braid Train

The Braid Train
Bucky x Reader
Warning: None

A/N:I thought about this when I saw a fan art of the team doing each other’s hair.I decided to write a drabble of it.I hope you like it!This is I think my very first drabble.So let me know if you like it or not!Btw this is my first time with this whole “fanfic writer” thing and I’m in mobile so sorry if the format is horrible! I’ll try to fix it.Enjoy the story!Let me know if you like it or not.Thanks!

You sat down on the couch next to Bucky.“Your hair is so pretty,“you say while petting Bucky’s head.Bucky looks at you and laughs,“Thanks."You smile and say,"Can I braid it?"Bucky’s face turned serious and said,"No."Your smile fell and you jumped on Bucky’s lap and put your hands on his shoulders shaking him."PLEAAAAAAAASSSEEEE!!!!!!” You begged.Bucky grabbed your hand and pushed them away and held you down to keep you from moving.“no.” He said slowly.A pout formed on your lips as you stood up.“Fine then.I’ll just braid Thor’s hair.It’s way prettier than yours anyways.” You stuck your tongue out at Bucky while Bucky gasps and put his hand on his chest.

Thor was in the kitchen eating some pop tarts.“Thor!"you said and Thor looks at you and smiled with crumbs around his lips."HELLO LADY (Y/N),"he says."Can I please please please PLEEAAAASSSEE braid your hair pleaaaaasseeee?"you begged.
He looked at you and laughed."WELL OF COURSE YOU CAN LADY (Y/N),"he says."YAY!!!!"you screamed."Meet me in my room after your done eating,"you said and ran off to your room.

"Woah! Why are you running so fast (y/n)?” Natasha said as you ran past her.Your hands were on your knees and you were breathing heavy.
“I’m….going …to…br-…aid…..Thor’s ….hair,” you said in between breaths.Natasha laughed at you and said,“that’s sounds fun.Can I join?"You stood up and smiled."YES!” You said and grabbed her hand and ran to your room dragging the assassin in with you.

Thor came in your room a few minutes later.“THOR! you’re here!” You yelled.“Come on” you said pulling the giant man to your bed.You ran around your room grabbing some hair ties and brushes and threw them on the bed.You and Nat ended up sitting on the bed and Thor on the floor.You were watching Tangled while Nat was braiding your hair and you were braiding Thor’s.A few moments later you heard a knock on your door.“Come in!” You yelled.Bucky walked in and saw the braid train going on.Bucky burst into laughter.You started putting fake flowers in Thor’s hair so it looked kinda like the one in the movie just like Rapunzel’s.“Nice hair Thor,”
Bucky said in between laughter.
“So…..what are you doing here,"you told Bucky,one of your eyebrows arched.Bucky looked down and scratched the back of his neck."Um.. I kind of felt bad rejecting you earlier,"he said."Why what’d you ask him?” Nat said.You narrowed your eyes at Bucky.“He wouldn’t let me braid his hair,"you said.You then took a picture of Thor’s beautiful braid and sent it to your best friend Steve."So…I was wondering if you… Still want to braid my hair?"Bucky said.You smiled and pulled him down to sit on the floor next to Thor.You started braiding his hair and when you finished Bucky turned around and looked at you saying,
"Does Thor really have prettier hair than me?”

I walked up and all three of them were just staring at me, and oh my god it was so intense. Having all three of them just there, like whoa. I had a picture of me and Nikki doing the NBP from wrestlemania and I walked up and was showing them. Jensen just looks at me like 👀 and said “what am I doing?”
“You’re putting your hand on your shoulder and being sassy.”
He’s like “OH OKAY I CAN DO that.” with that little smirk.
And then I was like “misha can you come over here?” And pointed next to me and Jared starts poking my Phone and starts to grab it from me and goes “oh like this?” And grips his shirt collar and pulls it down. I pulled a Sam Winchester bitch face, like it was so involuntary and it just happened, I was like “no on the shoulder” and I looked at jensen & said “ok I’m gonna "critique” you" and he’s like “ok ok” and he put on that face like “yeah that’s right I got this” and posed. I put my hand on his shoulder and all the sudden leah turns so fast to face Jensen and goes “wrong side!” and me and Jensen just look at her like 👀 and then we took it
And then we were leaving and misha goes “do you know what that was?” And Jensen is like “I don’t know what that is.” It was amazing I died laughing walking out

Request: Lone Wolf

Request: Can you do a bamf reader x Castiel where the readers at a bar after a straining hunt and some guy tries to hit on her and she rejects him but he won’t let up and then he like puts his hand on her leg and before she can defend herself cas is there telling the guy off and she gets annoyed because she doesn’t need anyone to “save” her and she leaves and some time later she’s on a hunt and tfw is there and she’s like this is my hunt and blah blah and she eventually warms up to Cas <3 your writing

Request: hi! its thursday here in Australia! could i request an imagine where the reader is a bamf, who has a samaurai (or a bow and arrow, doesnt matter which!) and she gets shot in the shoulder but she carries on fighting? Thank you&lt;3 I love your imagines!

Word Count: 1,209

I combined these ‘cause I thought they worked pretty well together. Thank you so much, have an amazing day!<33

You sigh, sore muscles protesting as you crow one leg over the other and down the last of your drink. You signal to the barman to pour you another, resting your head on a grazed-up hand.

“Been in the wars?” He inquires, refilling your glass with whiskey. You shrug noncommittally, offering a half-shake of the head.

“Something like that.”

He leaves you alone then, sensing that you just need to relax a little. It’s been a long day, to say the least – you woke up tied to a chair with a knife to your throat and ended the fight not an hour ago – long after the sun had fallen beneath the horizon, taking the summer warmth with it.

You vaguely become aware of someone sat in the stool behind you – and he’s staring right at you.

“Can I help you?” You look up, squinting at him. You don’t recognise him and you’re pretty sure he’s not a demon… no. Just a guy.

“I was just wondering what brings a girl like you to a place like this.”

“A car.” You mutter, turning back to your drink. You’d think that would be enough to ward the moron off, but apparently not.

“You’re funny. I’m Aaron, nice to meet you.” He says, leaning in further. You could just about lick hi without moving right about now.

“Nice to meet you too, but I’m really not interested. Thanks, but no thanks.”

“Aw, come on sweetheart.” He whines, reaching out and planting a hand on your thigh, making no attempt at subtlety as he moves it upwards, “I’ll make it worth your while.”

“The lady said no,” A voice hisses from your other side, “I recommend you letting go of her right now, if you want to leave with both hands attached to your arms.”

Aaron quickly removes his hand from your person and vacates the seat, leaving you alone – well, apart from that other guy.

“I didn’t need your help.” You say snappily, “I had it under control.”

“I was just trying to make your life easier,” The guys says softly, watching as you look up at him, “That’s all.”

His eyes are so, so, so blue that you almost forgive him, but the bad mood comes back to you as quickly as it came and you stand up irritably, downing the last of your drink and throwing some notes on the bar, “I’m out.”


Two Months Later

Your hand tightens on your bow and you draw back an arrow just enough to keep the string taut. Slipping through the shadows and around the corner, you’re met with the most horrible sight imaginable.

Other hunters.

On your hunt.

You work alone. Period. No other people means no mess. If you die, no-one grieves and in return, you don’t grieve for anyone else. No responsibility or reliance from either party. It makes life easier, faster, and cleaner. In your mind, the benefits outweigh the risks tenfold.

“Oh, no.” You sigh, looking at the tip of the arrow – dead man’s blood. The vamps are everywhere in this poor little town, and you’ve come well-equipped. You catch the attention of one of the three men in the clearing and he turns, his eyes widening at the sight of you. He prods his friend, who in turn, looks to you.

My hunt. You mouth at them, glaring daggers into their eyes. The shorter of the two shakes his head, touching his other friend’s shoulder to make him aware of the situation. You narrow your eyes, gesturing to the bow in your hand – and, in turn, two of them hold up guns. The machete strapped to your thigh seems a little heavy suddenly, but you’re not deterred. No… that’s not your style.

Then, there’s a sudden flurry of movement. A vampire darts out of the shadows while she thinks you’re distracted, only to get an arrow loaded with dead man’s blood straight to the heart. She’s stopped in her tracks long enough for one of the guys to lop off her head easily.

By the looks of things, you’re working together whether you like it or not.

You hurtle over to where she was stood, just as a group of guys leap out of the shadows – more vamps. You get an arrow into four of the six, while the other two are dead too quickly for you to bother. It takes a mere moment for the next four to hit the floor. You pass, snagging your arrows back.

“A bow?” One of the guys remarks, and you grin.

“Old-fashioned, but quiet. And I’m damn good at it.” Not that I have to explain myself to you.

You’re surprised only for a moment when one of the vampires disarms the taller of the guys, taking his gun. He fires three shots – one at the ceiling, one straight past you, and one that causes a sudden heat to crackle through your shoulder – your shooting shoulder.

You swear under your breath, the adrenaline pumping you on. One, two, three, the vampires go down easily. You pick them off like fish in a barrel, pumping them full of dead man’s blood so the men can get their heads rolling. Simple as. You barely even notice the fact that you have a bullet in your shoulder for the best part of five minutes – not until all of the vampires are dead. The blood has soaked through your shirt and it covers your arm, which you must have wiped over your face at some point, as you have an impressively red streak over your cheek and eye.

“Who the hell are – oh.” The shorter one – middle height, really. You can’t make out his features in the darkness; only a silhouette.  He’s seen that you’re injured just in time for you to drop the bow clattering to the floor, quickly following it yourself.


“Y/N?” Someone’s speaking in your ear. You’re up like a shot, barely aware of the lack of pain in your shoulder.

“Who are you?”

“My name is Castiel.” He says placidly, “I’m… I’m an angel.”

“And I’m the Queen of Sheba.”

“Y/N…” He shakes his head, “I healed you.”

“You… healed me…” You look at him – and see his eyes, “That bar, a couple months ago!”

“That was indeed me.” He nods, “I didn’t know if you’d remember.”

“I’m good at remembering faces.” You remark, “So… you saved me?”

You’d known that angels existed, of course. It’s more that you’d never met one… until now.

“Sam and Dean saved you. I just removed the bullet and healed the wound. You’re good as new.” He smiles slightly, “Your muscles and tendons are undamaged. Your marksmanship won’t suffer.”

You smile – you’d been worried about that – “Thank you.”

“Are you going to leave?” He asks suddenly. Although you’re definitely a lone wolf, there’s something about Castiel that makes you not want to be alone.

“I don’t want to overstay my welcome.”

“You’re not. I was just discussing with Sam and Dean,” He explains, “We want you on the team. You saw out teamwork back there, Y/N, we’re good together.”

You pause, before shrugging noncommittally.

“Maybe just for a couple of days.” You smile back at him, and his oceanic eyes light up.

Gruvia Week Day One: Hair

“Daddy! You doing it wrong!” Gray Fullbuster looked down at his three year old daughter Mika, who was currently pouting with hands on her hips, trying to look like her mother when she yelled at him. He had to admit she looked adorable do so.

Looking at her hair Gray could see why his daughter would say such hurtful words. His failed attempt at pigtails ended up with Mika’s azure hair with one side to high and loose, and the other to low and tight. Overall it was a disaster.

“I’m sorry snowflake, you know daddy can’t do your hair like mommy, but I’m trying my best m’kay?” Gray told his little girl, before grabbing her shoulders and turning her around to again attempt to put her hair into, something.

After taking out the hair ties and blushing out the locks Gray decided to do something simple. If only I had paid more attention when Juvia was teaching me these things, Gray though to himself as he pulled Mika’s hair together into, what he thought, was a decent ponytail. He tied it off and turned little Mika around again. He looked at her thoughtfully and dropped his head in shame. Gray just couldn’t get it right. It looked like Natsu did her hair.

Mika walked to the mirror and looked at her reflection. Gray watched with interests as she ran off into the house and then came back with one of the hats Juvia had bought her, but was forgotten because she had to much fun doing Mika’s hair.  ”Can Mika wear a hat daddy?”

Gray smiled. He pulled out the hair tie and brushed out her hair, for the fourth time, before putting on the hat on her head. Mika giggled before looking into the mirror.

“Look daddy! Mika looks just like momma!”

Smirking he looked at his little girl, with her big doe eyes like her mother, but with his coloring, and long hair the same shade as Juvia’s. She couldn’t have been more right, she did look just like her.

“Yeah you do Mika, now let’s go! Mommy and Silver are waiting for us at the guild!”

Mika nodded and ran off to grab her shoes. After the shoes were on her feet the two Fullbusters walked  out of their home. Gray locked the door and he and Mika were off hand in hand to the guild.

The home he and Juvia built was right on the lake, and not to far away from the guild. When they built the house Juvia was very insistent on a big house. At the time Gray didn’t get why the two of them needed so much space, but when he asked, Juvia would just pat his chest and say “You let Juvia worry about it, you just build.” Gray, not being able to say no build the house exactly how Juvia said, and now that they had a growing family Gray finally understood.

It was a beautiful day, the warm summer breeze and sunny sky warmed their faces as they walked mostly in silence. The only real noise came from Mika humming a song while she skipped next to Gray while he watched, the smile on his face never leaving.

Gray heard the guild before he saw it. Fairy Tail was always loud it came as no surprise, especially now that all the members had their own children. When they did finally get inside Mika ran off to play with Layla, Natsu and Lucy youngest child, while Gray looked around the guild for his wife. He spotted her sitting at their usual table.

Making his way over he plopped down next to her and kissed her lightly on the cheek.

“Oh, Gray! Juvia didn’t see you come in! Where’s Mika?” Juvia asked as she passed him the plate that was in front of her. Like usual it was piled with food, which she never had any intention of eating but instead got for him knowing he would eat it.

“She’s off with Layla. By the way, next time you want a shopping buddy take Mika, I need some father-and-son bonding time with my boy,” he told her as he ate his food, “by the way where is he?” Gray scanned the guild hall for his five year old son.

Unlike his younger sister, who was a spitting image of her mother, Silver took after his father. And just like his father he was off fighting with Igneel “Iggy” Dragneel, and Gale Redfox.

That was until Erza’s daughter Ruby, whom is younger then all the boys, when up to them and yelled for all of them to stop or else.

All three boys stopped instantly. Just like her mother, you did not want to mess with a mad Ruby Fernandes. Ruby’s personality was mostly like Jellal’s, though she did have Erza’s temper, and fiery scarlet hair.

Chuckling to himself at the scene before him he turned his attention back to Juvia who was giving him a sly smile, “Gray, you couldn’t do Mika’s hair again? Or is Juvia wrong?” Juvia said and leaned on her elbow.

Gray rolled his eyes before answering, “You know I can’t do hair! With Silver all I have to do is make sure he brushes it! Thankfully Mika found one of her hats instead.”

Juvia laughed, “Well, you will have to learn sooner or later! What if these baby twins are both girls? Then what?” Juvia asked, placing her hand on her swollen stomach.

“Well by then Mika will want to do their hair, so I’ll be okay,” I grumbled back and placed my hand over hers.

“Okay, whatever you say.”

He groaned and ran his fingers through Juvia’s hair. Liking the way it felt as he did so.

“Have I ever told you how much I love your hair?”

“Yes,” Juvia told him and smiled, “but Juvia wouldn’t mind hearing it again.”

“I love your hair,” Gray whispered in her ear before kissing her.

A high pitched “eww” was heared behind them, followed by a giggle they both knew well. Pulling away from each other Juvia and Gray looked down to see Mika giggling with her hands over her eyes, though there was a noticeable gap where she was looking though.

“Momma! Look! Mika is wearing a hat just like momma!” She gave her parents a little spin, making her blue dress with white daisy print flair out as she did so, “Does momma like it?”

Gray picked up their daughter and set her on the table top.

Juvia put her hands over her mouth, “Oh Mika baby, you look beautiful!” Mika just giggled and kissed both her parents on the cheek before hopping off the table and running off into the loud, rowdy guild in search of  her aunties Lucy, Levy, and Erza, to get their opinions. There was no doubt in either of her parents minds that their daughter would go to every single one of the guild members and ask for their opinions.

“See, I don’t have to learn, she’s going to want to wear hats now,” Gray’s voice was full of satisfaction.

“Nice try Gray, Juvia is still teaching you again.”

Gray grumbled. It wasn’t his fault he just couldn’t get the hair right, but he supposed if he did learn it would be just one more thing he did better then Natsu and Gajeel.