and like put his hands on my shoulders and was like you can do it!

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Hiii ! Can i ask for some headcanons for Masato ? Before a relationship, what he would do to show his love, where he could bring his crush to a date. Sorry for my english, arg, I don't find the right word, I hope you understand me >< Androgynous anon~

I decided to do both romantic and regular headcanons since you didn’t specify, and don’t worry about your english, I understand you!


How he would show his love pre-dating: He’d try to make physical contact sometimes. Of course that wouldn’t be very much, mostly touching their hand or shoulder sometimes. He’d also try to do little things like write them a piece of poetry subtly describing his love for them. Overall he’d be very sweet and keep Ren away from them.

Once actually dating, Masato would do small things in front of others, like put his hand on their back if they were standing next to each other. In private he’d enjoy holding them or being held by them. He’d ask Haruka for a piece of music (it doesn’t have to be anything too lengthy.) when she had time and he’d write a very sweet love song for his s/o.

Masato would bring his crush on a dinner date since if he was so in love with his crush that he was willing to steel himself to ask them on a date, he’d want them to know he was serious. He would ask around and find out what kind of food they like and invite them somewhere nice that serves that kind of food (Even if their favorite food was pizza he’d bring them to a ~nice~ pizza place).

He would wait a very long time before first kissing his lover/crush, they may even have to initiate it if they want it to happen sooner. It isn’t that he doesn’t want to kiss them, he just doesn’t want to overwhelm them or move too fast. However once they had gotten past the first kiss he wouldn’t mind kissing them as long as they were alone.

He only cuddles when it’s just him and his lover/crush. He likes when he sits on a couch/bed with his legs up on it with his lover/crush sitting between his legs, resting their back on his chest. He’ll put one arm around their waist and play with their hair with the other hand.

He gets really embarrassed by PDA. The most he would do is hold hands if he was feeling extra daring that day.

He likes seeing his s/o in a kimono (doesn’t matter if it’s male or female, just a kimono). He finds it alluring.

If he needs a wingman he goes to Ren or Tokiya depending on who’s available/makes more sense.


Masato almost always answers the door at his dorm unless Ranmaru or Ren are expecting someone.

He isn’t exactly either a cat or dog person, he doesn’t mind either animal as long as they’re on the quiet side and don’t cause too much trouble.

Even though he’s not athletic like Syo and Otoya, he does try to exercise regularly so he can keep up with dance routines or any other physically difficult challenges he may encounter being an idol.

He likes tea and coffee but he tends to drink tea more.

He’s the kind of person that can use super glue without getting it on his fingers. Truly a miracle.

He enjoys art but art museums aren’t really his thing since there tends to be a lot of nudity which he finds embarrassing. He would consider going by himself though.

If he’s stressed he’ll find a piano that’s mostly secluded and lose himself in playing it, just focusing on the music.

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he would totally do little dorky dances in your room with you like you would put Nirvana on and he’d just grab your hands you guys would just dance. You guys would also read together

“hey, can you read to me?” he would ask shyly and you’d be like sure cause no one has asked you to do that before but once you start you can’t stop and he would just rest his head on your shoulder or lap and then you guys would just totally cuddle and then fall asleep 

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