and like our best player atm

I’m heartbroken about our CL’s dreams being over this season but I just wanted to list a couple things I think are important to take from the loss today:

  • This team won a treble last season (quintuple) something most teams can only dream of achieving and yet despite all the glory/success the team didn’t lose focus this season, all players have been committed and up until today (1 month  before the end) a treble was still possible.
  • Putting things into perspective: Barca has played 7 more games than ATM & 12 more than RM this season  ( Barca: 54,Atletico: 47 & RM: 42) exhaustion and fatigue have definitely taken a role in our overall form these past 2 weeks
  • a season is extremely long so it’s only natural that a team has it’s highs & lows, unfortunately for us our high came a bit too early and our low point at the worse moment possible 
  • last season we had players like Xavi & Pedro that were able to make a difference in a complicated match, this season our bench has offered few options for revolutionizing a game (*cough board, we need more quality players *cough !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  • I put 0% of the blame on the players, they did as best they could and really should be appreciated for everything they’ve won (I still think we have the best starting Xl in the world, unfortunately we don’t have the best squad (bench) in the world and that’s what’s made a difference
  • Atletico is one hell of a team (the toughest to win against in the CL imo) and we were unlucky to face them at their best (and us at our worse this season)
  • just like last week, ref talk is irrelevant, (sore loser talk tbh)
  • international break was our breaking point this season
  •  international break- clasico- ATM-anoeta-ATM x2… yikes
  • positives to take out of this: league & copa are still in our hands and with our two direct rivals in la liga focusing on the CL’s the title race can become a bit easier for us (also full week breaks to prepare for each game will be nice for the players)
  • I love these players so much & have nothing to reproach from them after today. Lucho & co deserve all the trust & support in the world right now. 
  • seeing how hard non cules celebrated our loss today shows how much of threat Barca is (& has been) to any team aspiring to win a competition (for a lot of them, this might be the only thing they could celebrate this season ..)
  • but UEFALONA tho…