and like idk how i found pictures of both of them with their hands on their hips like how did that happen

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hey love, i had a request i've been thinking about forever. you're an artist who struggles with creating, or loving your work, constantly frustrated despite your art being good . one day when you're out harry finds your portfolio and a few days later surprises you with a tattoo of your most recent painting. it's inked on his body in soft colors, he's so proud of you and amazed by your talent. (idk i just love this concept and as an artist myself this is all i could ever want)

Oh my God, I love this!


You dipped your brush into the water before gently running it down the paper. You put the brush aside, your eyes wandering around the paper. You stood up, hands on your hips as you looked at it.
You groaned, covering your face with your hands.

“Y/N? I got pizza!” You heard Harry’s voice, making you quickly open your drawer and place the paper inside, closing it quickly, just in time for Harry to open your bedroom door with a grin. “Thought you weren’t here. Was worried.”

You smiled, walking closer to him. “I was just a bit busy.” Harry nodded, wrapping his arms around you and leaning down to place his lips on yours in a greeting kiss before looking at the desk behind you. “You were painting, weren’t you?”

You chuckled, hiding your face in his chest. “It didn’t turn out good enough for me to show you.”

“We’ve been together for two years, not once have I seen your paintings except for that one time we went to your parents’ house and your mum showed me one and it was incredible.” Harry tried to reason with you.

You played with his shirt’s collar, avoiding eye contact. “One day, yeah?”

Harry smiled, leaning down to kiss you again.

“Can I still use your car to Sandra’s tomorrow?” You asked as you both sat on the couch, eating pizza.

Harry nodded, “Yeah, baby, I remember.”

You smiled and nodded. Harry chuckled before leaning forward, wiping your temple with his clean fingers. “What?”

“Red paint.” He replied. You blushed sheepishly, letting him wipe away the paint before he pressed a kiss to your temple. “Whenever you’re ready.”

The next morning, you were rushing around as you got ready. “How do I look?” You asked Harry who sat on your vanity chair, just staring at you in his black t-shirt and red pants.

“You look beautiful, baby.” He replied.

“Thanks,” You smiled, leaning down to capture his lips in a quick peck. “I’m ready.” Harry gave you his car keys, following you down the stairs and watching you put on your shoes.

“Be careful, yeah? Call me if you need anything.” He said. You nodded, turning around to kiss him goodbye, Harry humming during the kiss before you pulled away with a kissy noise.

“See you later, Haz.” You grinned before opening the door and walking out, Harry watching you get into the car from the door.

He waved at you, sending you a flying kiss which you pretended to put on your lips before driving off. He closed the door and walked upstairs again, intending on taking a nap.

He held his phone in his hand as he plopped on the bed, clicking the home button, furrowing his eyebrows when his phone’s screen remained black. “Oh, battery. Right.” He said to himself, looking beside him at the socket, not finding his charger plugged in it. He groaned before standing up and opening the drawer beside him, searching through the contents. He then moved to the other drawer, his hand stopping midair as he looked at the sheets of paper.

He didn’t knew whether that was invading your privacy but nevertheless, he took out the stack of papers in his hands before sitting on the bed and looking through them. He stared at your watercolored pieces in awe, ring clad fingers running on the papers gently as if to feel the colors. He didn’t realize he had his mouth opened until he came upon a certain painting.
It was a Yin Yang painting, the right half was a beautiful purple sunset with the shadows of pine trees while on the other half was a sky full of stars with the same shadows of the trees; written in your cursive handwriting on the top curve of the symbol was:

‘this is the sign of the times’

He was in awe. The colors reflected on his eyes and the fact that you used a reference to him made him feel loved and happy in all sorts of way. He took a picture of it with his phone, wanting to always remember it and remember how happy he felt when he saw it. He gently put the papers back in the drawer and closed it before walking towards the body length mirror and taking off his t-shirt. He inspected his tattooed half, turning and analyzing before his fingers found where his heart was, looking at his reflection in the mirror as his eyes glanced from his bird tattoo to the empty space under it. With an excited grin, Harry put on his t-shirt and grabbed his other car keys before opening the drawer and grabbing that piece of paper, rushing down the stairs and out of the door to his car, not caring about his phone at the moment.

Hours later, Harry was looking at his new tattoo with a proud smile. “Thank you so much, mate. It looks exactly the same.” He said as he looked from his tattoo to the paper in his hand.

“Glad you like it, man. It’s a pretty good drawing.” The tattoo artist said, nodding towards the paper in Harry’s hand. Harry only smiled proudly and nodded.

Later that night and after Harry had came back home, you were laying in bed as you filled him up on what happened with your day.

“And we ate sushi together, it was so good, baby. It’s a new place we’ve never been to, we should go sometime.” You said as you had your head on his chest while he stroked your hair subconsciously.

“Was it?” He smiled and you hummed, “We can go on Saturday.”

You nodded, yawning. “Did you do anything fun?”

Harry debated whether he should tell you or not. Your reaction was unpredictable to him but he liked to lean more to the idea of you getting happy with his new addition. However, he debated against it and figured he should let you find his new tattoo on your own. “Nope. Just waited for you to come back.”

The next morning, you woke up to an empty bed but the room full of a delicious smell, smiling when you heard Harry’s soft singing from downstairs. After brushing your teeth and hair, you walked downstairs, Harry smiling when he heard your footsteps.

You hummed, pressing a kiss to his bare back as he stood by the stove. “Good morning, baby.”

“Good morning. Give me just a minute and breakfast will be ready.”

“You’re energetic today.” You smiled, hopping on the counter and kicking your feet gently back and forth.

Harry only shrugged before turning off the stove and looking at you, your eyes immediately traveling to the color that had grabbed your attention that wasn’t Harry’s skin color. Your eyes widened. You recognized that drawing, that handwriting.

Harry smiled sheepishly, looking down at his tattoo before back at you. “Surprise!”

He stepped between your legs as your hand was instantly on his skin, tracing the tattoo gently. “I,” You began, your eyes welling with tears as you shook your head in disbelief, “I don’t know what to say.”

Harry’s hand was placed on your cheek, his thumb stroking it softly. “It looks good, doesn’t it?”

“How-How did you even see it?” You asked quietly, looking from the tattoo to his eyes that watched you lovingly.

“I was searching for my charger and I opened the drawer where you kept your drawings by accident. I don’t know really, I felt like a child. But baby, these are all wonderful! So good! You have this way with colors,” Harry licked his lips, “It’s like you make music with colors.”

You bit your lip before tilting your head to the side, “You really think so?”

“I think the world needs to see your work. It’s a shame it misses out on pieces this beautiful, baby.” Harry smiled, rubbing your back and leaning up.

You smiled, placing your lips on his as you both exchanged a passionate kiss, you wrapping your arms around his neck. “Thank you.” You said quietly, your lips brushing against his.

He shook his head before giving you another peck and guiding your hand to his tattoo, making you feel his heartbeat which was racing. “Feel that?”

“Your heartbeat?” You asked, “Oh my God, you got it where your heart is.” Your eyes welled up with tears again as you wrapped your legs around him tightly, making Harry carry you off the counter with you attached to him as he held your thighs.

“So when it beats, it beats to its purpose.”


So!!! much!! fluff!!! but oh my, you have a beautiful mind! x

college hobi

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  • hello it’s yours truly
  • ready to die because tonight i’ll be out in the twenty degree weather freezing to death
  • dying
  • anyway!! this should be renamed ally when she gets to college!! but it won’t be
  • hoseok doesn’t know about college tbh i see hoseok being like i wanna work and not drown in debt!!
  • and he has the opportunity because he has this part time job that his boss said he could work full time if he doesn’t wanna go to college
  • hoseok is like rad!! because his only passion is dance and everyone tells him he won’t find a job as a dance major so he’s like why waste the money?
  • he loves his job and it gives him time to do other things because it’s like a 11-10 shift?? so in the morning he has time still and all!! time to dance i mean
  • and he’s always guaranteed one day off and one half day so it’s okay right?
  • but his boss
  • oh while his boss was like yes you can work here!! that’s okay we love you!! his boss was always like you’re such an intelligent kid hoseok you should really do something in college… don’t waste that intelligence here
  • and hoseok gets all teary eyed because he loves his boss and his coworkers they’re like a family too him?? and he doesn’t wanna leave them!!
  • but his boss is so insistent like please child you could do so much more than this…
  • and hoseok is like but i don’t wanna do anything else but stay at the restaurant!!
  • boom light bulb
  • because your girl just googled majors for college
  • and hospitality management is one of those majors
  • like in this au hoseok practically grew up in the restaurant and loved them all and loved the dynamics of restaurant life from the decor to the menu to the waiters?
  • so he’s like wow maybe i should do something with restaurant management!!
  • in high school, hoseok never went out to parties or the sports games or that kind of thing
  • every weekend (plus more) he could be found at the restaurant, serving tables and making hard money
  • so he has a lot of his own money to pay for college!!
  • and plus his parents, who wanted him to go to college from the get go, are so willing to pay for his college career too, well the best they can
  • he’s like i’m gonna stay close to home and go to college here so i can still work part time!!
  • but he applied internationally too just for the heck of it because a lot of his friends went overseas for school and they really loved it!!
  • and guess what
  • an american college sees his profile and they’re like wow gotta have him!!
  • and they’re willing to pay for his entire tuition, he has to pay for room and board though
  • because while hoseok didn’t a lot of time at work, he got really good grades and was involved in school clubs so he looked well rounded and active in school
  • plus he had a lot of work and volunteer hours so he looked like the perfect student!!
  • he decides to go to that school despite wanting to stay close to home, because he wants to challenge himself and adventure and face new challenges and experiences!!
  • so yes he goes over to the grand old usa where tuition is like fifty thousand dollars
  • a lot of the college au series isn’t intertwined and i gave people different roommates throughout and this one i think it’d be rad af if hoseok and my son jeongguk were roommates??
  • so yikes it’s happening
  • so hoseok gets there and he’s saying hi to everyone he meets while looking for his dorm
  • and he walks on in ahd guess who’s there it’s a small bunny child
  • tbh jeongguk probably found out how to hack the wifi and is like illegally streaming movies through his computer
  • and he kinda looks up at hoseok and is all ??
  • and hoseok just stares at him then kinda “i packed some popcorn, you want some?”
  • hoseok and jeongguk are good roommates, they get along really well except when jeongguk throws his clothes everywhere and like,,, hoseok has to clean up after him???
  • but they do dance team together so that’s rad because they’re usually home at the same times!!
  • hoseok does a lot of other clubs, he’s probably in more clubs than he is classes  
  • he’s on the dance team obviously but he would also probably go out for like god knows what
  • like gymnastics and also gardening club tbh he would love gardening club it would be his fave
  • he would go to karaoke club too and then he would force everyone to sing black pink
  • if there was a club that really couldn’t generate a lot of attention or didn’t have a lot of members he would feel bad and join that club because he has such a big heart and that’s how he gets stuck in tea party club
  • i bet seokjin would start tea party club and yoongi joins later and they get some other people to join?? (like crossover, minghao from seventeen ? kihyun from monsta x?)
  • and they sit there and trash talk people?? like sit there with porcelain tea cups and trash talk people for hours??
  • and also how he gets stuck in philosophy club but he meets namjoon there and that’s rad!!
  • and him and namjoon become really close friends especially because same age friends??
  • he meets yoongi for the first time at photography club except hoseok just takes pictures of yoongi the entire time tbh and yoongi nearly kicks him out
  • hoseok brings jeongguk to photography and they BOTH start only taking pictures of yoongi and then they both actually get suspended from club activities because yoongi has done had it with them
  • hoseok and jeongguk have some wild adventures right
  • one being the laundry night adventure of *insert year here*
  • okay so really hoseok is the one involved in the adventure but guess who else is oh wait you are surprise
  • it’s late one night aka early one morning
  • like two in the morning?
  • and hoseok bolts up in bed and remembers that jeongguk did not do the laundry!! even though it was his turn to do such!! and hoseok realizes that not only has jeongguk neglected the laundry, he’s neglected it for like a week so they have no clean clothes
  • and hoseok has a lab early in the morning and he’s like well yikes??
  • so he grabs his phone and rubs his eyes and puts the laundry basket on his hip like i’m ready to be a responsible adult™
  • so he goes down to the uni laundromat idk if those actually exist but guess what they do in this au
  • hoseok doesn’t think it’ll be an issue because like two in the morning? who’s gonna be there lmao
  • oh wait surprise someone is
  • and that someone is crying??
  • hoseok races over and he spills all his laundry in the process because i have this feeling that even though he’s a fluid dancer, boy probably overexcites or like gets so into his emotions that he cannot control hhs body yikes
  • probably trips on his way over to you honestly
  • and you scream because who is this??
  • and he screams because you’re screaming but when you both calm down he kinda
  • “man are you doing okay??”
  • and you sniffle and wipe the tears from your eyes and you’re honest with him like it’s law, you’re tired, you’re worn out, there’s no need to lie
  • “i just got out of a break up?”
  • and hoseok !! “you’re literally gorgeous and i bet your personality is a million times more so, how?”
  • and you shrug “it’s a friend break up”
  • that’s right this is a call out post to all my shitty toxic ex friends this one goes out to you
  • thanks for ending it before the new year ;)
  • anyway hoseok just nods because he gets it, he’s been there, and he realizes losing a friend no matter what the circumstances are, friend breakups are so much more painful and mean a lot more than romantic break ups?
  • and he cannot bare to see you there, crying like this
  • like his heart is shattering and he doesn’t know you because nobody deserves to cry alone at two o'clock in the morning
  • so he offers you his hand and he’s like “don’t worry, jung hoseok, personal angel at your service!”
  • and you kinda smile and he smiles too because you’re smiling!!
  • tbh the clothes don’t get washed
  • but you help him pick his spilled ones up and you kinda “are those scooby doo pajama pants…”
  • and hoseok gets all excited like “why yes they are, don’t you love them”
  • and you both laugh and he gets all shy for a few and then he’s like “there’s a twenty four hour diner like down the street, i’ll buy you come cake and we can cry it out together?”
  • you get all red because omg nonono that’s okay that’s a okay you don’t have to do that to me you’re too sweet!!
  • except hoseok insists so soon you find yourself sneaking back yoongi the dorms with hoseok to put both your laundered clothes okay and then it’s off to the diner
  • it’s a super cute diner and it has cute cat clocks on the wall and there’s like four people there and they’re all employees and they don’t expect you and hoseok but they’re all super sweet and cute and welcoming!!
  • you and hoseok sit at a cute little booth together, across from each other
  • and he’s like “okay lay it on me, i got all night to listen”
  • which is a lie because early lab if you remember but he’s not about to let you know that
  • like he cannot leave you there knowing that you are upset or hurt or crying like that, like that’s not his nature
  • and so you two order tea and some pie because they have some left over from that previous day and you just sit there and you don’t know what possessed you but you completely spill evreything to hoseok and it just comes spilling out but he is so patient with you and he doesn’t interrupt you
  • and he doesn’t try to solve the issue for you like he actually just sits there and listens and instead of pointing out things you may have done to instigate the drama or saying “well maybe you can let them back in” he actually commends you for doing what’s best for yourself, and cutting people out of your life who didn’t appreciate you and only seemed to care about you when they needed something
  • tbh he would probably get a little too into your narrative and feel for you because he has such a big heart and he can’t help but feel right along with other people that he might start tearing up and would probably even grab your hand and give it a little squeeze
  • sometimes it’s so nice to just cry things out right and you feel so much better that someone actually sat there and heard you out and it was such a positive experience and wow is hoseok even real??
  • you don’t even think so at this point, maybe you’re dreaming
  • but okay once you’re calmed you guys finish your snacks and hoseok pays and everything and tips more than the meal too, that’s also the kind of guy he is
  • side note isn’t there an anime where a character constantly makes reference to that’s just the kind of man i am i think maybe fma?
  • maybe not i always get fruits basket or ouran or something idk anyway
  • after the spill fest, you two just talk about yourselves because wow you actually really enjoy each other’s company and you don’t actually want the night to end??
  • and the entire staff has nothing better to do and they think you’re all really cute and wonder if you’re in love
  • boy howdy aren’t they gonna be spot on
  • that night hoseok gives you his number, well you exchange numbers i guess?? and after that you guys become so close like it was a natural attraction not even romantic but just as friends
  • and like you guys start doing everything together and he introduces you to the rest of the boys immediately but when you go to the bathroom he’s like um by the way we’ll be married one day so please don’t interfere!!
  • hoseok is so sweet though like he invites you to all his clubs and by far tea club is your favorite because you think yoongi would have the most to say right, ahaha, wrong, it’s seokjin
  • hoseok talks about how cute you are the entire time though and seokjin is like that is not the point of this club hoseok jeez
  • and hoseok gets all sassy like i will make it about this topic
  • as you’re blushing and internally screaming
  • hoseok claims he’s gonna name his restaurant after you and stick your picture all over the walls and you’re like omg
  • but also
  • consider you and jeongguk hitting it off really well right??
  • and you’ll come over to hang and play harvest moon with jeongguk (i just got my proposal for tott like ten minutes ago tbh)
  • and make smoothies or whatever
  • and every single time hoseok will walk in and start to whine and sulk because why are you hanging out with jeongguk when you could be hanging out with him what the heck is this??
  • in true hoseok fashion, he would probably flop on the floor and refuse to get up until someone (aka you) ran over and doted on him
  • and jeongguk would roll his eyes and like gag but deep down he thinks it’s really super cute??
  • also this is official
  • every dance competition the boys have you end up going to and you make giant posters for hoseok and put his name in glitter or something and add a bunch of stickers and whenever he sees them he gets the biggest heart eyes in the entire world!!
  • probably afterwards when he’s all sweaty he runs over and hugs you and by hugs i mean suffocates you like no matter if they win or lose, he’s hugging the life out of you
  • and wow you are so in love with hoseok like how could you not be he is an angel
  • like all the teachers think so too like there are professors he doesn’t even have that know him by name and take the time to say hi and ask how his day is going
  • and he always comes over and tidies your room because you couldn’t say no when he asked for a key
  • “for best buddy purposes”
  • and jimin coughed “he loves you”
  • and jeongguk tried to cough and speak too but then he ended up choking and that is a whole different story
  • and he always helps you study tbh he would make you flashcards and draw cute little pictures on every single one to help your understanding
  • i can imagine a lot of late night walks with hoseok because yes sunshine boy but he is so much deeper than that and you two will walk around town and discuss your hopes and fears for the future
  • like hoseok is very real about his emotions but he also thinks people expect him to be a certain way, like always smiling and loud and happy and wild?
  • so you really cherish the nights where he’s actually hoseok, no masks, no pretenses, no walls or anything
  • and he’ll tell you about how he’ll open his restaurant and invite his family and old coworkers to the grand unveiling
  • and that all the recipes will be traditional and handed down from his family, and maybe he’ll ask the boys if they have any they’ll want to share
  • he’ll go on about how one day, his future kids can work in the restaurant and it’ll be a big, happy family thing
  • he also tells you about how he misses home though and how he can’t keep up with his parents and friends as much as he wants because everyone is so busy and time differences are so hard to deal with
  • you cherish this time so so much and these are the moments you find yourself falling more and more in love with him
  • even when things aren’t that deep walking around town is super fun because you always go window shopping and one time hoseok tried to stick a  dog up his shirt and take it home and when asked he panicked and said he was pregnant
  • he would totally wear snapbacks always when out and like tight jeans with lots of holes and lots of baggy tees too he probably stole them from jeongguk but like whatever that’s okay
  • he would be the person right
  • so like you get bubble tea and you’re sipping it and then he whines and says he wants some even though he was so against buying his own drink
  • and then he chokes on whatever the heck those things are and makes a huge scene and probably says he’s dying??
  • and then you guys get kicked out??
  • like that’s how you and hoseok operate
  • okay okay okay but like obviously you are both in love
  • but like nobody will confess?? because nobody wants it to come crashing down and like i see hoseok as a more impulsive person but in a situation like this i see him being a scaredy cat almost?
  • because he would start to doubt himself and all??
  • but lucky for you
  • he does confess!!
  • now here’s the story…
  • yoongi
  • our dear yoongi
  • his photography portfolio gets viewed by some super renowned business that’s super rich and powerful??
  • and they’re like hey we get you aren’t an advertising person but maybe you could help us, we’re about real people and your photography captures real life and we want to pay you to take some shots for us and if all goes according to plan, we can maybe give you a internship? and if you’re up to it we can also help you learn some advertising techniques too??
  • all the boys are like !!! omg yoongi !!
  • especially jeongguk, he’s like half the money should go to me anyhow because i’m always the model for your pics (and then he flips his hair best he can)
  • but they throw a party and they invite you to come but you have to politely decline because you have a huge art history test the next morning and to gotta study because what are Sanxingdui masks??
  • but you wanna go because it seems like a lot of fun??
  • you’re doing whatever, studying, low key not
  • and like at around eleven you get a text and it’s from jeongguk and he’s like “please watch this video”
  • so you do what any normal person would do in this situation and you open it
  • and oh boy there’s hoseok with a lampshade on his head
  • it’s already too wild
  • jeongguk adds “the sad thing is that he’s not even drunk, your boy ate seven of seokjin’s cupcakes and all hell has broken loose”
  • you giggle despite yourself and watch the video
  • and it’s hoseok standing on the bed with a hairbrush in hand and taehyung is up on the bed with him holding a grape soda can
  • and hoseok shouts “THIS ONE GOES OUT TO LOVE OF MY LIFE”
  • and namjoon can’t help but be like “and who’s that?”
  • hoseok gives this awful wink and you think he might fall off the bed and then he mouths your name
  • and then the music starts playing from yoongi’s phone and you’re a little confused because it’s nineties bubblegum pop?
  • okay and then at the top of his lungs he starts singing/screaming romeo and juliet by s.o.a.p and except that instead of singing romeo and juliet like the actual names he put your guys’ names in instead
  • you watch the video at least seven hundred more times because it’s pure comedy gold??
  • also hoseok just low key confessed his undying love for you
  • tbh he keeps going because like thirty minutes later, seokjin sends you a video of hoseok singing neverending dream by cascada for you
  • tbh yoongi and jeongguk have enough and kick him off the bed to sing paper planes by m.i.a
  • but like at midnight thirty they all text you a picture of hoseok totally crashed out on the floor and they’re like “please love our innocent angel”
  • the next day you text him “wanna get breakfast at the diner?”
  • because boy you have some videos to pull out
  • tbh you knew sugar highs were real but last time you experienced one, you were like 11??
  • not an adult but whatever
  • but hoseok agrees and so you two meet up at the diner and they all know you guys by name because you go there all the time??
  • anyway you get sit at your favorite table and hoseok is all excited because usually he’s the one to ask you out for breakfast?
  • he wiggles his eyebrows “what’s the special occasion?”
  • you’re having this mental debate with yourself because wow you have liked hoseok for too long it is time to be open and honest
  • “look hoseok, i really like you, and from the videos everyone sent me last night, i guess you like me too, so let’s just date okay?” and you’re winded because what is taking a breath?
  • hoseok gets a little excited and he kisses you and it’s short and sweet but you can feel him smiling through it and wow you’re officially in love??
  • even though you knew that a while ago
  • hoseok takes your hand and you link fingers and like wow how cheesy and gross
  • but then he gets all serious “what videos”
  • and so you show him and he’s so red and he looks ready to bury himself in the ground and LEAVE
  • you assure him they’re super cute though!! and that you will treasure them forever!
  • tbh cutest couple ever
  • like he walks you to all your classes always no matter what
  • honestly his professors like him enough that if he’s a little late well that’s okay because it’s hoseok
  • jeongguk eventually decides to move into namjoon and yoongi’s dorm because you are always over and he is tired of you and hoseok fawning over each other
  • the people at the diner are like plz invite us to your wedding and they always make whipped cream hearts on your pancakes
  • he always lets you wear his snapbacks tbh he actually probably puts his snapbacks on your head and then takes a million pictures for his story
  • he is now five hundred percent more guaranteed to name the restaurant after you and he asks if you wanna help him out when it’s built and all
  • wink wink
  • like serious relationship
  • implied living together
  • tea club becomes dote on your relationship and even jin doesn’t mind at this point because you two are so cute!!
  • he always grows you flowers from his gardening club honestly and then makes you flower crowns and bouquets and decorates your room with them
  • and if you’re allergic well he will buy you claritin with his hard earned cash money
  • honestly if this isn’t me in college i’m dropping out thanks
Booty Man

Hello, this may be crazy. Could you do a scenario about Chanyeol’s reaction when he discovers that his girlfriend is feeding him a lot because she wants him to grow a butt? He was suspicious cause she was always checking his butt and when they were intimating she always grab it like measuring it lol I thinks this is too crazy. I love your blog and scenarios.

Anon let me tell you, this whole thing was so hard to write. As a Chanyeol stan who wants him to have an ass this was close to my heart lol. I hope you like and I hope you giggle at it at least once.

EDIT 3/06/16: The line about sustainable life came from a comment on a reblogged vine by @c92. I’m gonna post a link because I completely put that in here even though I didn’t say it originally and I feel so bad! The link to the post is here

Title: Booty Man

Warning(s): idk man casual cursing in the narration. Some couple making out. Vague implications of someone being perceived to be eating ass. It’s strange kids

Word Count: ~2250

You bit your lip as Chanyeol walked over to you, his hips hugged by tight jeans, his turtleneck outlining the line of his torso, hair swept over his forehead. He was too handsome and you hated and loved it. He was damn near perfect in the looks department and you were just about to whip out your phone and take a picture but he turned, ruining the shot. You glanced down and sighed.

“Still flat as a board,” you shook your head and Sehun glanced over at you with a snicker.

“Are you still hoping he’ll have a butt? Give it up, he’s not gonna get one.” Sehun tapped on his phone. You pouted and looked back at Chanyeol who was talking to Joonmyeon about something, probably stuff that you wouldn’t understand.

“Listen I’ve recently decided to help him get a little junk in the trunk. I mean, some squats and some cornbread, rice, cabbage. It’ll happen.” you said. At that moment Chanyeol suddenly appeared.

“Sorry you had to wait for so long. You weren’t too bored right?”

“No, Sehun was keeping me company.” you said. Chanyeol plopped down on the sofa next to you and wrapped an arm around your waist, tugging you so close that you were nearly in his lap.

“Ready for a rematch?” he asked Sehun, who rolled his eyes.

“You’re gonna lose if she’s hanging off of you like a sloth,” he snapped. Chanyeol smirked and you looked at Sehun with a bored face.

“You’re just mad because we’re both better than you at this game.”

Sehun started up the game and it became a bloodbath as they both tried to beat the other’s character into submission. You egged them both on, laughing when Chanyeol beat Sehun.

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