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[I see what youdid there Ohtaka. Look closely and compare (shadow or overly dark) Alibaba to then cut to actual Alibaba and tell me it doesn’t look like one page he’s giving Arba the middle finger and next looks like he played off cool by switch to pointy finger instead.]

Downtown chillin’

Fave trio tbh.

Victor painting Yuri’s lips so he can kiss that gold

more cute boys in makeup 2k17 @therealpigfarts23

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I know everyone is freaking out over Trump’s tax returns being leaked but let’s make something clear. The journalist who was leaked these documents said himself that he believes Trump himself is possibly behind this. Trump has leaked shit to the media his whole life and these documents are literally nothing. 

They only leaked 2 pages of what’s likely a large amount of information, they’re over 10 years old, they show that he paid a high percentage of his income, they don’t show business dealings or how he made his money, like it shows nothing. These two pages being leaked was very intentional and the media is going to eat this non-story up for days/weeks. 

Next page! In which little bunny Lixi decides she likes the human and rawrs at them.

Bonnie finds this too cute to stand. Well, Bon, we’re even.

[Flowey doesn’t like it when you steal his catchphrase!]

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Here's What We Know About The Suspect In The Quebec Mosque Attack
Alexandre Bissonnette, 27, is suspected of killing six people and injuring eight others inside a Quebec City mosque.
By Mike Hayes

Before Facebook deactivated Bissonnette’s page, screenshots of his “likes” were also circulated on social media. Among them were the far-right French nationalist and presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, US President Donald Trump, and atheist and critic of Islam Richard Dawkins.


My gorgeous poet son

-Despite Neil’s slow start into the world of technology, once he discovers the wonders of online trolling, he has a very active social media presence.

-Usually he’s just commenting on fan pages and responding to his fans and the like.

-But it’s his birthday and fans have been leaving nice comments on his pages all day and it’s a little overwhelming but eventually by like midnight he’s gathered himself enough to be able to respond.

-And since it would take forever to respond to every comment individually and he’s tired, he decides to just post a video on his page saying thank you.

-Neil doesn’t intend for Andrew to also be in the video, but 1) it’s midnight and they’re already in bed and moving sounds hard

-2) It’s not like they’re purposefully hiding or not hiding their relationship, they’re just living their lives and

-3) Neil is still completely oblivious to things like public image

-So he thinks nothing of turning his laptop on and waving at the camera (like a nerd) and saying thank you and how much he appreciates his fans.

-He goes on for a while until Andrew rolls over into the frame, wearing his glasses and looking sleep rumpled and says “It’s 12:15 am and some of us want to sleep sometime this year. Say goodnight Neil.”

-And Neil just smiles and says goodnight, but doesn’t turn the camera off in time for it (and the fans) to miss him kissing Andrew’s cheek sleepily before rolling over.

-The jury’s still out on whether that was obliviousness or Neil being a shit starter.

-But anyway the internet explodes.

-Fan comments on the video are through the roof.

-Nicky makes no less than 12 separate fan accounts just to comment on how adorable it is.

-Andrew wants to kill Neil

-But what else is new?

-And if Andrew retaliates by posting a picture of Neil sleeping in one of Andrew’s hoodies on his Snapchat, who’s to say?

It’s almost as if she just wants to go to the gym


Part 5. (Part 1 HERE, Part 2 HERE, Part 3 HERE, and Part 4 HERE.)

Ah yes Dean you disoriented dork, it took you like 4 pages to realize that Cas gave you hiS COAT!!!!!! (Said I, the author.) Holy god it makes me emotional thinking about it.

Also if Sam rushing Dean to the nearest hospital seems a tad ooc–don’t worry!! That’s actually going to be addressed in a later update! (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑ (It’s all p hush hush for now)

The next few updates are going to get to the heart of the issues that have been established and I can’t wait to work on those!!

Also oh my goodness a lot of people wanted to sign up to be tagged last update I am super surprised and eternally grateful!! ;w; So if you want to be tagged few the next updates, send me a message/reply/tag and I’ll add you below the cut~!

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Last update this weekend!

It looks like an old family photo….

I feel like it’s unfair if only Frisk and Flowey get to see it, so…. here you go, guys c:

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Okay does anyone remember the password journal from the late 90s?

For those who don’t the basic idea is it was a journal that would only open when you said a word and it was sensitive to your voice Ie only you could open it.

So what does this have to do with anything. Well I have this headcanon that Zexion uses his illusions to make this

Unreadable by anyone except himself. If you try to read it without his permission the pages look like this

(House of Leaves) and any words you can make out are either utter gibberish or nonsensical in their arrangement. 

My point being: I headcanon that the Lexicon is a pumped up password journal. 

Bonus: Imagine Zexion having to speak a word to undo the protective illusions on the book and it’s something really pretentious. 

Double Bonus: He sometimes writes in it and some of the comments are Mean Girls Burn Book worthy. 

“What a small world.”


I am proud to say that after all that chaos and fighting, and with a little insider help, I am proud to say that the user Nick Slick Wilde, a user from YouTube who has been taking Zootopia artists work without permission and posting videos to make money from them has been officially taken down.

Above is the result from going to his YT page.

I would like to everyone who spread the word and the artists who pitched in to make sure that he never would never do this again. This shows that not just the Zootopia community, but the artists community as well shows that we do not take likely to art thieves, especially those who harass and threaten people when they realize they’ve been caught. So again to everyone involved, thank you.

Dear Product Department for Rogue One,


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