and like half way through it i hated it

the most important adult life-hack i can possibly share with you guys: roasting vegetables

so when i was a kid i hated vegetables because my parents used to boil them and boiled vegetables are disgusting but i recently discovered that roasting vegetables is the fuckin BOMB and i have a certain recipe that makes them even MORE bomb and it’s as follows

  1. get yer vegetables (i like to use brussles sprouts, broccoli, sweet potato, squash, beets, and lots and lots of KALE but you can use whatever tf you want, like carrots, bell peppers, cauliflower, etc)
  2. cut them into decently small pieces (like half an inch any which way at most. this will help them cook all the way through and become crispy af). also make sure you cut the broccoli or cauliflower (if you’re using it) into small florets. 
  3. spread them out on a baking sheet (which you should spread aluminum foil onto for easy clean-up) 
  4. make a mixture (depending on how many veggies you’re roasting) of coconut oil, smoked paprika, pepper, salt, and garlic powder. if you happen to have chipotle powder laying around, toss that in too. basically you want to stick it in the microwave and melt the coconut oil. you should have enough to lightly coat every single veggie. 
  5. now you’re gonna put your veggies in the oven on a rack decently close to the top at 375 for about 40 minutes. after this time, your veggies should be cooked, but you want them crispy, so you’re going to turn it up to about 450 for 15 more minutes. by this time you’ll have BEAUTIFUL CRISPY DELICIOUS ROASTED VEGGIES
  6. do not substitute the coconut oil. it’s the most important ingredient. unless you hate coconut then i guess you can. but trust me, it’s just… so fucking good. 
there’s this girl

Title: there’s this girl
Fandom: miraculous ladybug
Rating: K+
Characters: Ladybug (Marinette), Queen Bee (Chloe)
Summary: Queen Bee has a secret. It’s not what Ladybug thinks.

“So there’s this girl.”

Ladybug cocked her head and stared at her friend with wide eyes, mouth falling open to say something, but the look on Queen Bee’s face stopped her in her tracks. Bottom lip caught between her teeth, gaze heavy on her hands clasped tightly in her lips, she looked hesitant and unsure, lacking the confidence and charisma that usually oozed from every pore. Ladybug didn’t know how to respond. It wasn’t every day that Queen Bee chose to open up to her or any of the other heroes of Paris; she held her secrets and identity tighter than any of them did.

“For my father,” she’d say when asked why and rarely said more. Ladybug wasn’t arguing—she did the same thing—but it was different to have someone so similar working beside her. While she enjoyed Volpina’s presence, and Chat Noir was her partner, Queen Bee was something entirely new and unexpected, but not unwanted. Ladybug had spent so long explaining why secret identities were important, and while everyone had accepted that long ago, Queen Bee was the only person who seemed to understood why.

“So there’s this girl,” Queen Bee had said, completely out-of-the-blue and sending Ladybug’s thoughts into a whirlwind, unprompted on an early Saturday after an akuma battle under the silver sunrise of the Paris morning. “And I don’t know what to do.”

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anonymous asked:

You amaze me. A kid called me out for reading fan fiction in class and I showed them ur work and now I have a new freind. 1, 3, 85, or 100 wolfstar for the Drabble challenge please?thank you for existing. Sincerely, me and the kid. (Ps. Our anatomy teacher kinda hates you for making us cry in class really sorry she just doesn't understand yet)

First of all, this is probably one of the best complements and asks I’ve ever gotten so thank you for this. I know it was a while ago but still, this means everything. Yay to new friends and fanfic :) <3 Thank you so much!

Remus has alternated between worrying in the common room, practically driving James mad with his pacing, and hovering in the doorway of the dormitory, from which Sirius had yet to emerge from all day. He hadn’t even touched the food plates Remus had brought up for him.

“Moony, c’mon, please.” James removed his glasses, rubbing at his homework-tired eyes, “Either talk to him or don’t but just stop with the fucking-“

“I know, I know.” Remus sighed, falling down onto the couch next to Lily who took his hand sympathetically.

“Has he, y’know, said anything?” Lily asked gently.

“No. Fuck, no, he hasn’t.” Remus ran a hand over his face, “Whatever was in that fucking letter though… God, he won’t even talk to me he’s just sitting on that window ledge fucking staring into space. God, I don’t know if someone died or-“

“I can’t think of someone in that house who could die and he’d react this way about- fuck, ow! Lils, what-“

Lily tossed her book back down, James rubbing his shoulder, “They’re still his family, James! Psycho or not…” She added quietly, quill starting to scratch at her essay again.

James shrugged helplessly at him, and Remus sighed for what felt like the thousandth time.

“I’m going to try again.”

He took the stairs two at a time, only to breathlessly halt in the doorway again. As suspected, Sirius had yet to move. His knees were brought to his chest, arms wrapped tightly around himself. The evening light haloed his profile as he stared out the window over looking the lake and mountains.

Remus bit his lip, finally stepping in and shutting the door softly behind him, never taking his eyes from Sirius. His steps were careful and slow as he approached him.

“Pads?” He cleared his throat, voice coming out too soft.

Sirius didn’t move, didn’t even look up. Remus’ throat tightened. He sighed and gave up on the ‘giving him space’ tactic completely, sitting down on the edge of the window seat, one hand coming up to rest over one of Sirius’ atop his knee. Still, he received no response.

Remus’ brows knit, “Love, please. Please look at me… I want- I need to help you. Merlin, I can’t fucking stand seeing just sitting there all day. I can’t stand seeing you like…” Remus shook his head, holding Sirius’ hand tighter, waiting.

Sirius let out a breath that puffed out his cheeks a bit, and tilted his head back to lean against the stone wall. His eyes moved slowly from the window to Remus’. They were red rimmed and puffy. Remus’ heart broke a little. He doesn’t remember ever seeing Sirius cry before, ever. Not even when he broke his arm in second year.


Sirius shook his head, silencing Remus immediately. He sat up, scooting forward a little and looking again to Remus. Remus tilted his his head, confused.

“Can we-“ Sirius cleared his throat, voice rough, “Can you… Y’know, like when you’re reading…”

And Remus understood immediately, heart practically melting at the soft request, and scrambled up, sliding easily behind Sirius and pulling his back against his chest, resting Sirius’ body easily between his legs. Remus felt Sirius’ body relax into him at the familiar position, and he wound his arms around his waist, pressing soft kisses to his temple when Sirius let his head drop back against his shoulder.

“Good?” Remus murmured, pushing Sirius’ hair gently off his forehead.

“Mm..” Sirius hummed softly, pressing into Remus’ lips. Remus looked at his closed eyes and turned down mouth and wanted to kiss every sign of worry away.

Sirius let out another breath, fiddling with Remus’ fingers resting atop his stomach, and finally the truth came out.

“They disowned me.”

Remus’ eyes widened at that, “They- what?”

Sirius pressed against Remus, trying to soak up all the comfort and courage he could, “I’m not a Black anymore. At least not to them. I-“ Sirius cursed, hating the way his throat was tightening up, “Fuck, I hate them. I hate them I don’t know why I’m so- I don’t know what’s wrong with me-“

Remus shushed Sirius softly, noting the tears in his voice, and pulled him closer, fitting his hands to his hips to guide Sirius into flipping over and straddling his waist instead, “Pads-“

“And don’t tell me it’s normal to feel this way because I know that, I just don’t want-“ He cursed as tears fell down his cheeks and pressed the heels of his palms to his eyes, “I don’t want to feel like this. Remus, I don’t want to care-“

“I know..” Remus guided Sirius’ hands away from his eyes, taking them both into his own for a moment, kissing the knuckles, before cupping Sirius’ cheeks, thumbs swiping the tears away, “I know you don’t. Merlin, Pads, I…”

Remus didn’t know what to say. ‘Sorry’ didn’t work, because he knew Sirius wouldn’t want to hear that. He had a family who wasn’t like him, whom he hated, but that didn’t make losing that family any easier…

“You have us.” Remus mouth said it before his brain could catch up.

“You have us.” He pushed a hand through Sirius’ hair, “You lost one family but- but one is right here waiting for you, okay? Alright? And we really, really love you. Prongs, Pete, Lils… me.” Remus’ cheeks warmed at the way Sirius was looking at him, “Fuck, Pads, I love you so much, okay? As in I don’t know what to do with this much… emotion half the time-“

Remus let out a relieved smile when Sirius snorted at that, wiping at his eyes with one hand and pressing the other to Remus’ neck, thumb brushing over his pulse point. Remus bit his lip, “But it’s true, really.”

Sirius nodded, pressing his face back into Remus’ neck, letting a few more tears escape but, this time, out of relief and out of love for this boy holding him so tightly.

“You’re everything, Re…” Sirius pressed his lips to Remus’ jaw, “You’re fucking everything.”

Remus just held him tighter, maybe blushing a little, and never wanting to go a whole day without hold Sirius like this again.

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for soft prompts, what r ur thoughts about nurseydex's first kiss happening up in the reading room after 2am?? i hope u feel better!! <3

i love this idea so much?? thank you!!

Dex was pretty sure that Nursey was asleep. His eyes had been closed for the past 10 minutes and his chest was rising slow and even and he wasn’t fidgeting with his phone case or his bracelet or the edge of his shirt. He was still, and it felt like the world was still around them.

They were lying on their backs, side by side, and the Haus was quiet underneath them and the kegster that they’d crawled onto the roof to escape had clearly died down and the sky was dark and vast above them, but Dex wasn’t focusing on any of that. Dex was focusing on Nursey, and the freckly by his ear and the stubble on his chin and the faint bags under his eyes, and the small smile growing on his face that told Dex that maybe Nursey wasn’t sleeping after all.

“I can feel you staring at me, William,” Nursey said, not opening his eyes, as Dex felt his cheeks turn bright red.

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More bachelor au pls

okay, so phichit is a producer on the bachelor and also good friends with katsuki yuuri, one of the top world male figure skaters, right?  and he knows that yuuri struggled a lot last season and is considering retirement, and he has this Grand Idea, which is to get yuuri to be The Bachelor for the show’s 867th season.  “being on a reality show will get your mind off of skating during the off season,” phichit promises. “there’ll be challenges, romance, it’ll be harmless fun.”

“i don’t know about romance,” yuuri says, but he says sure, and when he looks at the contract, he asks phichit, “so The Bachelor is like… twenty bachelors just living in a house together?”

“sure!” phichit says, because he really has yuuri’s best interests at heart, okay. 

yuuri doesn’t realize what he’s got himself into until he’s standing on the steps of this mansion in a tuxedo that the wardrobe department provided, and these guys keep stepping out of limos and introducing themselves to him with these double entendres, and half of them are dental hygienists and another quarter of them work in the stock market, and they are all very, very handsome.  “excuse me,” he hisses at executive producer victor nikiforov, “what is going on?” and then, “what do you mean they’re here for me, why would– oh my god, oh my god, this is the worst thing i’ve ever done,” and it takes victor nikiforov’s soothing hands and nice smelling broad chest against his face and strong arms around him and encouraging words to get back on those stairs because at the end of the day, yuuri signed a contract.

after meeting all of the “guests” (”suitors!” yuuri hisses at phichit upstairs in an empty bedroom used for the production staff, “you didn’t tell me all the other bachelors would be SUITORS. SUITING ME”), yuuri proceeds to go downstairs, wind his way through a series of men that he’s supposed to give a welcome speech to, and finds the bar in back and manages to get endearingly annihilated. even the men who wanted to get on the show for exposure and not to find true love are like, holy shit.  he’s not a ten.  he’s an eleven. he doesn’t register on any scale.  everyone is smitten, even executive producer victor nikiforov, who hasn’t been excited with being on The Bachelor project for the past half decade.  

Association Ch-1

Originally posted by why-jaehyun

Rated: Smut

Pairing: YutaxReader

Summary: She really hated the guy, his stupid smirk, and flirty attitude was an annoyance at work. Outside of work though, matters were different.

(A/N): I don’t think I like this very much. But I was getting so tired of studying that I just sat down and wrote this in go. I’m also going on vacation tomorrow so I’ll try to post but might not. Let me what you think I guess.

Chapter 1| Chapter 2Chapter 3| Chapter 4

“Where is she going?” The new employee walked up to the two men sitting in their cubicle.

“Lunch.” One of them said dismissively, busy working on their desktop. She shifted the coffee cup in her hand to the other to look at her watch in confusion.

“It’s 4 pm.” She said sounding so confused both of them looked up with a sigh.

“Yuta and her are almost always working during lunch, they either have meetings or are busy in some case. When that happens they usually go for lunch at this time, it’s very efficient if you think about it, they stay till so late that eating now means they won’t get hungry soon.” One of them nodded in approval. She frowned.

“That can’t be healthy.” Both of them laughed at the new girl’s naivety.

“You’ve chosen the wrong job if you care about things like that.” She frowned deeper but didn’t delve into it.

“Do they go for lunch together?” She inquired further, eager to know about her new immediate superiors. One of the two scoffed loudly.

“The only thing they do together is earning money, you have so much to learn.” He got up and leaned against his own cubicle, successfully distracted, “They don’t get along, you’ll see it soon enough. Don’t be fooled by the Bonny and Clyde vibe they had on for the client today. They agree on nothing and have too many creative differences.” He said this like it was something he was used to.

“How do they work like that?” She asked, suddenly very curious.

“They’re very professional.” He said.

“And extremely competitive.” The one still sitting added and he pointed at him in acknowledgment.

“We weren’t here then, but apparently when they started as interns, the boss used to make them do the hardest cases because they were both incredible, but only one intern would be hired in the end and they fought hard.”

“What happened?” She asked intensely.

“They were both hired obviously.” The one still sitting said with a scoff.

“They were already making them work together on things, it made work faster. And you’ll see when you start work, they both have very different ways of approaching things, so it made the clients very happy. By the end, they had to keep them both if they wanted to keep their clients.” She noticed the admiration on his face.

“You seem to know a lot about them.” She said.

“I worked for them on a case, just like you are. So did my girlfriend.” He said with a dazed smile, “I was their third couple.” She choked on her coffee at the strange comment.

“What?” The guy at the back laughed.

“It’s their thing. The tension between them is seriously no joke, almost anyone who worked with them get influenced by it and end up together. It’s a running joke now. That’s you and me now.” He winked and she scoffed.

“So are they, you know?” She said with a small whisper.

“What? Fucking?” Her eyes went wide at the crude words, “She’s a prude. You’ll see him with a new girl every week. So I highly doubt it.” He shrugged.

“Still, they’re always together.” She pondered over it.

“Like I said, they hate each other.” He said with finality.

She walked out of her office to see the new girl talking to two of the associates she forgot the names of, she had half the mind to tell them to get back to work but she was in a hurry. She smiled at the receptionist as she got on the elevator and made her way down, her heart pounding loudly like every other time. She entered the car park and walked through the empty lot reaching the car she was in search for. She opened the back seat door and got in, turning to see Yuta smirking at her with his same stupid smirk.

“We don’t have time.” She said, sensing his mood.

“You look lovely today.” She sighed very audibly, he was so annoying.

“Yuta.” She warned.

“Darling?” He said with his smooth voice which was heavy at the moment.

“Don’t call me that.” She snapped, “You know what, I can’t deal with you today. Forget this, I’m going to go get some actual lunch.” He chuckled lightly and she felt offended that he didn’t take her threat seriously. She turned to open the door but when she did his chest met her back.

“I love seeing you annoyed, your cheeks get red like when I’m fucking you.” She bit her lip with a mixture of desire and satisfaction that she made him give in. He traced his hand down her arm and locked the door.

“Everything you say is obnoxious you know that?” She said and turned around and he pulled her into a kiss, she dragged her nails on the back of his neck to make him groan. He pulled her on top of him and she straddled his lap as he sat back and pulled her closer. She ground on him and smirked into the kiss when she very prominently felt his desire, doing it again, and then again.

“Fuck, sweetheart if you keep that up I’m going to cum just like that.” He pulled away from the kiss and groaned. She chuckled lightly and left wet kisses on his jaw as he strained to breathe, working on his buttons so she could touch nibble on his bare chest. He grabbed her hair and pulled her back to his face.

“No more teasing.” He warned and she pouted mockingly.

“Why? I thought you liked that?” She tilted her head to the side. He tightened his jaw and moved his thigh up, holding her hip and grinding her down on it, making her moan.

“We could go at this all day darling, but we have a briefing at five.” He ground her hip against her thigh again just to add to his point and she nodded.

He pulled her into another kiss and she worked on getting his pants open to free him from his frustrating constraints.

She finally grabbed his member and he bit down on her bottom lip to suppress his groan. She sat up and he whined shamelessly when she let go of him. She smiled satisfied and pulled back to take her panties off and he sat back and stared at her, breathing heavily, his hair a mess and his shirt open. She went a little slow to enjoy the view in front of her. When she finally took it off she dropped her panties on his chest and he laughed, picking it up and throwing it aside.

“Those are mine now.” He said decisively. She laughed and sat back on his lap.

“Pervert.” She whispered and he brought his hand down to trace down her slit, making her head fall back.

“I could say the same for you.” He pulled her closer and traced kisses on her neck, leaving a tingling feeling of pleasure wherever he touched his lips. She put her palm flat on his chest and pushed him back.

“Protection.” She raised her hand to him and he picked up a foil packet on the seat and handed it to her. She traced her hand over his member and he laid his head back groaning. After enjoying the effect this had on him for a moment she finally tore open the packet with her teeth and covered him.

Without wasting any more time she slowly pushed down, letting him fill her completely as both of them breathed shallowly and urgently. He grabbed her hip and pushed her down completely and she bit down on her own lip to stop a scream to leave her throat. She put a hand on his shoulder and the other on the headrest behind him and started rolling her hips.

“Christ, I wonder how many people know what a good slut you are.” He breathed out desperately, “You hide it so well under your stuck up act, even I fell for it.” She ground down a little harder in retort and he laughed, the sound reaching her core. She increased the pace, rocking against his hips so hard the car was probably rocking too, but neither of them could really bother to care.

“You never take your fucking clothes off.” He groaned, shoving the silk top she was wearing over her head. He roughly pushed her bra down and put a hand on her back, bringing her closer and putting his lips around her exposed breast, licking and sucking her nipple so well she could cum just like that.

“Fuck, I’m going to cum.” She breathed out and he only hummed against her chest. She pushed her fingers into his hair as he pushed her up and down roughly. She pulled his hair back and looked down at his face, he strained a smirk that still looked incredible and she brought her lips down to his.

He brought a hand down to trace rough circles on her clit and she bit down on his shoulder to suppress another scream.

Once she was shuddering, he finally let go. Both of them riding their highs down together, the air a mix of moans and curses.

She rested her head on his forehead and closed her eyes to find her ground again, while he stared at her to do the same.

“This is my favourite version of you,” She opened her eyes and stared at him curiously,


 She smacked his chest and he laughed again. She winced and slowly pulled away from him, sitting back on the backseat. She adjusted her bra and got up to open the glove compartment in the front seat. He smacked her on the ass playfully and she jumped with a yelp making him grin. She turned to glare at him and sat back, handing him one of the two protein bars in her hand.

“These were the last two Yuta, I told you to get some more.” She complained and he only hummed, not having the energy to say much else.

“What flavour is yours?” She asked turning her head to him, he lifted the packet to read it.

“Blueberry.” He said distracted, her eyes lit up a little.

“Can I have a bite? You can have some of mine, it’s raspberry.” He chuckled but passed his over to her.

“Have the whole thing, I’m not hungry.” He lied.

“Have you eaten anything all day?” She asked suspiciously and he only shrugged making her sigh.

 “I’ll get the take-out today.” She said with finality.

 “I’m not staying late tonight.” He said, “I have a date.” He glanced slightly at her direction to assess her reaction.

 “Have fun, I’ll go home early then.” She said without any emotion and pulled on her top, straining a smile. When she reached for her underwear he hummed in disapproval.

 “I told you those are mine now.” She let out an exasperated sigh.

 “You want me to stay without any underwear for the rest of the day?” She asked in disbelief, and he just smirked again.

 “It will definitely make the meeting more fun.” She sighed in defeat, adjusting her skirt and getting out of the car.

a Study in Red

Find this chapter here on Ao3.
Unbeknownst to Tim, Jason falls unexpectedly hard for a college kid that lives off brie.
The slow-build Stolen Kisses prompt wherein Jason needs a tutor and Tim miraculously finds the time to pencil him in. 
Author’s note: You know, my entry for the Feb JayTimWeek that turned into 25K+ words (and still going??). 
The biggest hug to @tanekore​ who is the most patient and supportive being on this planet, who did an art for this and has been holding onto it for an eternity. I still have a few chapters left to write, but in terms of posting…it was time.

Chapter 1:

“What’s the what?” Tim asked, propping his phone between his shoulder and chin. The class was packed and he struggled squeezing behind other students to get to an empty seat.

“If I’m on a building that’s thirty feet tall and the width of the street below is twenty feet wide–”

“What?” Tim interrupted again, just before bumping into a girl by accident. The hall was pure chaos, and Tim barely had a chance to offer her an apologetic smile before scrambling to claim an empty chair a few feet away. “Where are you?” he asked against the cool screen of his smartphone. “I mean – thirty feet tall? In Gotham?”

“Tim, ix-nay on the erd-nay – it’s a simple question. If the building is thirty feet tall–”

“Uh,” Tim interrupted, rifling through his pack in an effort to find his pencil bag. “I hate to break it to you, but no building in Gotham is thirty feet tall,” he countered, his voice nearly lost to the dull roar of the lecture hall – the place was a boisterous haze of mid-semester dread. “It’s an architectural thing. Each floor does have, like, a ten foot standard but you’ve got to calculate the interstitial space, and—”

“Tim,” Jason said, half-serious. “Timbo-yo-himbo. Timbo-Slice . You’re making this way too complicated.”

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(So I completely adore you and your blog) I was wondering what's the badge shot? And why use it special? You light up my life by the way

if you’re referring to “THAT SHIT WITH THE BADGE” mentioned in this post then buckle up friend, because the only thing I love more than the badge shot is talking about the badge shot!

The Badge Shot happens around half way through the Dean/Aaron pub scene (in 8.13 “Everybody Hates Hitler” just in case you’re not completely obsessed with this scene like I am) and it looks like this: 

that’s the entirety of the badge shot. the whole thing. but this scene is unbelievable and this shot is the crowning fucking glory.

how many times do you think Dean Winchester has flashed an FBI badge? hundreds of times? THOUSANDS??? and it’s never a Thing. sometimes we see it close up when he shoves it all up in someone’s face, but usually it’s just bish bash bosh badge, put it away, move on. but then there’s THIS, a shot which turns up in the middle of a scene in which Dean is hit on by a dude and DOES NOT SHOOT HIM DOWN.

so Aaron is being cute as shit and telling Dean he thought they had a little eye magic, shared a moment – and Dean realises what’s happening, sloooowly reaches out, pulls the badge towards himself, and closes it. and this stuck out to me from the minute I saw this episode at arse o’clock in the morning on a shitty jumpy livestream. I was WAITING for a gif of him closing his badge to show up. because it’s not just Dean closing a fake FBI badge. that fake FBI badge is Dean’s hunting persona. that fake FBI badge is hunting, full stop. it’s monsters and death and fucking Nazi necromancers but, most importantly, it’s LYING. it’s symbolic of Dean lying, putting on a front, being someone he’s not.

Dean closing that badge in the slowest, most deliberate way anyone has ever closed a badge is Dean consciously choosing to approach this as DEAN, not Agent Bolan (and don’t even get me started on that name choice). this is Dean realising he’s being hit on by a guy and choosing to be HONEST, choosing to be HIMSELF, and to not put on the hypermasculine alpha male hunter front that he usually falls back on.

if he’d just put the badge away — no muss, no fuss, no drawing attention to it — then it wouldn’t mean anything. without this shot, FBI Dean could have said “yeah okay, but no, no moment, this is a federal investigation”, shot Aaron down, left the pub and it would have been 100% believable. but we got this shot. we got Dean Winchester stuttering and blushing and fidgeting with his badge all the way through ”yeah okay, but no, no moment, this is a federal investigation” and the subsequent flirting, fluster, minor panicking, “oh my god what am I doing???”, foot-in-mouthing and bumping into tables is ALL DEAN.

and there’s nothing special about Dean being himself (he’s himself 90% of the time) except for the fact he could have been DONE with this conversation in 1/3 of the time if he’d just stuck to the script, but he CHOOSES NOT TO. it’s ALL ABOUT THE CHOOSING. it’s about Dean DECIDING TO STICK AROUND AND LET A DUDE FLIRT WITH HIM JUST TO SEE WHERE IT GOES. (and, arguably, if closing the badge so deliberately symbolises Dean being honest, but he keeps up the FBI cover then… I wonder… what he could be being honest about…)

if Aaron hadn’t back-pedalled after Dean’s reaction to “is that supposed to make you less interesting?” then you can fucking BET they would have ended up getting cute awkward drinks later and probably having a cute awkward makeout sesh in the car. I mean, if Aaron wasn’t actually tailing Dean and didn’t have a huge golem, but whatever.

(HONESTLY THOUGH, Dean’s reaction to “is that supposed to make you less interesting?” is surprise and poorly concealed interest, so of course Aaron is thinking “oh shit this wasn’t supposed to WORK” and aborts mission pronto and, seriously, Dean’s facial expressions are INCREDIBLE. you can literally SEE him thinking “oh god, what am I DOING, I actually almost WENT FOR THAT, get outta here, Winchester” and it’s superb. he even does one of those calming hand movement things. I can’t believe this scene is real.) 

and, I mean, everything is open to interpretation, but how you can read this as anything other than “Dean gets hit on by a cute guy and is really flattered and flustered and into it and decides to test the water re: burgeoning sexuality in a safe controlled environment and then gets cold feet” and still have it make sense is beyond me.

Keep The Monsters Away

Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader
Words:  1242
Requested by Anonymous:  Could you possible write a one-shot with Chris Evans x reader and the cast of civil war spending time together watching a horror movie in one of the cast members hotel room. The reader is best friends with Anthony Mackie so he likes messing with her and scaring her. Reader had a crush on Chris and Sebastian and Anthony (and whoever) plot to get them together by making Chris and reader sit next to each other or something like that. Thanks love!! 

A/N: Please do not post any of my writing on any other site.

          “This is a terrible idea,” you grumbled when you walked into Anthony’s hotel room, “How did I let you talk me into this, Mackey?”

           “Because you love me,” Anthony said.

           You rolled your eyes, “What’s gonna happen if I have nightmares?” you asked, “What are you going to do then?” Anthony had invited all of the “Avengers” to his hotel room to watch horror movies since you had a night off from filming and everything.

           “They aren’t so bad,” Anthony said, “You’ll be fine.”

           You grumbled again, going to the bed to sit against the headboard, “Fine, but I get the good seat.”

           Anthony smirked, “Have at it.”

           You sat and waited for the others to show up. When Sebastian got there, you saw him and Anthony whispering about something. You had no idea what they were up to, but you had a feeling it was something.

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So the bathroom siren video was almost 2 years ago (i think idk havent checked) and it still gets reblogged so often everyday and i read all the comments and shit because hell I’m curious what y'all have to say
But i hate comments like “ah i could’ve done this so much better” “what is they hype about this” bla bla
Let me just say: my mom was cleaning the bathroom in a house we built and she asked me to take pictures of it before someone would move in. My mom was obsessed with this song for weeks now and i just started to sing while filming. This was just out of fun and i just forgot the song half way through.
I never expected this video to get so much recognition. I would’ve never dreamed of it having almost 700k notes. N e v e r
So if you dont like it dont reblog it and put a irrelevant comment about you doing it better

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Prompt:: arin confesses and Dan rejects him, but slowly realizes that warm butterfly feeling inside of him whenever he was with arin wasn't just a coincidence and theres a good ol gay happy ending :)

ahahahaha. so this turned out to be an angst fest, but i refuse to apologize.

is there a happy ending? i guess you’ll have to figure it out for yourself.

let me go get some tissues

also holy crap this is long it’s over 3000 words

dedicated to @rubberbangin bc i teased a few spoilers

warning: sexuality crisis and small panic attack!


There was a happy sound ringing throughout the Gru//mp room.

One of Danny’s favorite sounds was Arin’s laugh. He wasn’t completely sure why, but he figured it had something to do with the fact that Arin’s laugh was extremely infectious and made a warm, bubbly feeling rise in Danny’s chest.

He always felt comfortable when he heard Arin’s laugh. It felt like an old friend greeting you with a genuine hug.

Not that he’d thought about it, of course.

In fact, lately Danny had been doing his utmost to not think about his best friend and fellow Gru//mp. He didn’t like some of the thoughts that had been running through his mind recently, so he did what he always did: he stamped it out.

But tonight wasn’t about whispered self-doubts and inner struggles; it was about Arin sitting beside him laughing while Mario jumped yet again and sank helplessly in the water level they were stuck on.

“Dude, the fuckin’ fish is giving me the side-eye,” Arin howled, clapping his knee with mirth. “D’you see that shit? I love Mario!”

Danny’s face hurt from laughing so much. “I know, man.” He adopted a high-pitched, gurgly voice for the fish: “Dammit, Arin, you fucked it up!”

Arin laughed as Mario died and the game over screen flashed at them. “Priceless. Alright. I think it’s about time for next time on Game Gru//mps.” He yawned.

“Yeah, we’re both sleepy. Take care, all you beautiful people,” Danny chirped into the mic.

 As he reached forward to start putting stuff away, Arin mumbled sleepily, “You’re a beautiful person.”

Danny smiled and “aw”-ed, switching off the recording as Arin jotted down the time. His heart had perked up at Arin’s compliment, but Arin always said things like that. Arin had a heart of gold and would take every opportunity to praise him.

“I mean it. Like, you’re gorgeous,” Arin rambled, rubbing his eyes as he gazed at the screen blearily. “Fuckin’…like…I love the way you look. I love your smile, and…your sense of humor, and, like…your fuckin’ eyes…”

Danny was fighting to control his panicking brain, reminding himself Arin was sleepy and confused. “C’mon, dude, you don’t have to flatter me to get in my pants,” he teased, hoping the banter would liven Arin again.

But to his confusion, Arin just turned and gazed at him. “But you are pretty, Danny,” he murmured. “It’s one of the reasons I love you so much.”

Danny’s chest dropped, and an unfamiliar feeling filled the room. Danny felt his fingers squeeze the side of the couch, and he forced a laugh. “Knock it off, Ar. Let’s go, it’s late.”

Arin frowned. “You’re not listening to me.”

Danny stood. “You’re windin’ me up. I’m going home.”


Danny found himself standing against the wall, Arin standing in front of him. Arin no longer looked sleepy or confused. His eyes, those familiar brown eyes that often twinkled when he laughed, were serious and looking directly at him. He looked somber, but his eyes still held warmth. He stood a couple feet away.

“I need to talk to you, Dan.”

Danny straightened, telling himself to stop freaking out and listen. Arin might need help, he scolded himself. You’re his best friend. Listen to him.

“Yeah, Arin? What’s up?”

“I need to tell you something important.” Arin’s gaze shifted slightly, and he rubbed the back of his neck—a nervous habit, Danny knew. “Um. I’ve been meaning to tell you for some time, but…it’s kinda hard.”

Danny waited.

“I…fuck, man, I’m in love with you.”

Silence stretched between them, and Arin took a few beats before speaking again, his words coming out jumbled and rushed:

“I know it’s weird, of course I know that, but I can’t help it. I understand if it’s strange, but I felt like you had a right to know, and—”

Danny cut him off. “Stop it.”

Arin paused, a confused look passing across his face. “Huh?”

“Stop teasing me, dude.” Danny’s face looked dark as he turned away. “It isn’t funny. Stop it.”

Arin’s face crumpled. “Dan, you think…you think I’m joking?”

It’s Arin’s ruined expression that really sent the message home, and Danny wasn’t quite sure what he felt. Emotions churned within him, demanding to be released, but he pushed them down again.

He didn’t want Arin to see his face. He turned away.

“Even if…even if you’re not kidding, you can’t expect…” he trailed off. A lump had lodged itself in his throat. He couldn’t even believe he was having this conversation. “You can’t expect me to feel the same way.”

After a small silence, Danny risked a look back at Arin. He wasn’t crying or looking angry or anything. In fact, he just looked blank.

“Right.” Danny hated the way Arin sounded more than anything in the world. “I—I know. I know you don’t feel the same, uh, I just thought you should know. Don’t worry, this won’t change anything.” It took him a moment, but Arin mustered up a genuine, if small, smile. “I’ll see you in a few days, okay?”

Danny felt like his heart was frozen as Arin walked out the door.


Danny was going crazy.

He paced his room, discarded half-assed lyrics scattered across the floor. He could still hear Arin’s voice echoing through his head:

I…fuck, man, I’m in love with you.

He flopped onto his bed, panic beginning to edge in. He was terrified and he wasn’t even sure why. Where had all that honesty come from? Where were all these feelings coming from? Why had Arin said that so suddenly?

And why had it…excited him?

Danny knew he needed to sort out his emotions, but that scared him even more than seeing Arin’s upset face. He felt like he wasn’t strong enough or ready to tackle all these weird and new feelings.

But then Arin had thrust him right in the middle of it, forcing him to come to terms with the storm in his heart.

Frustrated tears pricked his eyes. He needed to talk.

So, he rolled over and pressed the speed dial to someone who wouldn’t judge and would listen.


 Danny opened the door to welcome Brian. “Hey, man. Thanks for coming over.”

“Well, you did say it was an ‘emergency,’” Brian replied, stepping inside. “So, what’s going on? And why haven’t you texted me back in two days?”

Brian followed Danny to the living room. Danny was jittery. This was the first time he’d confront these emotions and let his secret slip to someone else. But it needed to be done. For Arin, he reminded himself.

Danny sat, motioning for Brian to do the same. “It’s…about Arin.”

Brian quirked an eyebrow. “What about him?”

Danny took a deep breath. “Something happened a couple days ago.”

After Danny had completed his story, Brian got up, walked over and stared Danny dead in the eyes. “Let me get this straight. Arin told you he was in love with you, and you told him to stop kidding around?”

Danny winced. “Well—”

“Dan.” Brian sounded exasperated. “I know I don’t have to tell you, but you’re a fucking idiot. He didn’t even get a full response!”

“I know!” Danny cut him off before he could get into a full-blown lecture. “I feel really shitty about it, okay? But I wasn’t sure what to do! I was too scared!”

Brian’s face melted into confusion as he sat back down. “Scared?”

Danny chewed on his lip. “Look, it’s just…lately, I’ve been feeling…different, and it scares me, okay? I’m not even sure who I am anymore.”

Brian softened. “What is it, Dan?”

“It’s my feelings!” Danny burst out. “I’ve never had feelings for a guy, Brian! We make jokes and rib each other, but none of us have…y’know…confessed! Or dated a dude! And then, of all people, I start…l-liking a guy? It fucking scared the shit out of me.” He went silent, staring at his shoes. “And then I think, is there something wrong with me? Why only this one guy? I’ve only ever liked girls before. And then the feelings are so fucking strong, and it makes me reevaluate everything I thought I knew about myself.” Tears leaked out, and Danny wiped his face. “It’s terrifying to not know who you are, Brian.”

“So, then you were forced to confront these new ideals when Arin confessed,” Brian said gently. “You were trying to repress them, weren’t you?”

“I know it wasn’t right, but I didn’t know what else to do,” Danny said quietly. “It freaked me out. The person I usually told about these sorts of things was the one person that couldn’t know, Brian.”

There was a short silence, and something clicked for Brian. “Wait. You love him?”

Danny jerkily moved. “I don’t know. I don’t fucking know.”

Brian leaned forward, narrowing his eyes. “Dan. Listen to me. There’s nothing wrong with you. It’s perfectly normal to suddenly get feelings you don’t expect. And yeah, it’s terrifying to have to figure yourself out all over again when you’re almost forty. But we as humans are always changing, Dan. It’s a part of life. And as far as labeling yourself or deciding the type of person you like…who cares? Just let yourself be you. I know all your friends would support you.” Brian smiled. “Arin would support you.”

Danny smiled, his eyes watery. “Yeah. He always does.”

Brian moved to sling an arm over Danny’s shoulders. “You okay, Danny? I know this must’ve been scary to think about.”

“It was only scary because it was all so new and I didn’t know who to talk to about it,” Danny said softly, reaching for a tissue. “I guess I panicked a little with Arin, huh?”

“You can take time to sort yourself out,” Brian suggested. “Take as long as you need to be comfortable and then talk about it with Arin and whoever else you want to tell.”

But Danny shook his head. “It’s not fair to Arin. He didn’t even get an actual response from me, Brian. Besides, I want him to help me sort this out. I don’t want to do this without him.”

Brian smiled. “Just don’t feel like you owe Arin anything. He would hate that. He’d much rather your reply be genuine and thought out than rash and just because you’re confused, you know.”

“Yeah. I know. But you know the funny thing, Brian? I did have a response for Arin. I think my answer is why I freaked out in the first place.”

Brian quirked an eyebrow. “Really?”

           Danny felt a blush creep over his cheeks, and he stared at his shoe. “So maybe my feelings for Arin haven’t been strictly platonic. And maybe that’s why I started having these new thoughts in the first place.”

Brian didn’t look surprised. “How long?”

“Just a few weeks.”

Brian sighed and leaned back on the couch. “When are you gonna tell him? Because I’m assuming you’re not just gonna never tell him.”

“I’m not! I’ll tell him after our next session. It’s not exactly easy to bring up, Brian.”

The two men looked at each other, and Brian flashed a mischievous grin. “Just don’t have sex on the couch, okay? I’d rather the Space remains clean.”

Danny turned red and shoved him. “Shut the fuck up!”


Danny tentatively entered the Space, but if he expected anything to be different, he was mistaken. Arin greeted him with his usual grin and big hug. And yeah, maybe Arin’s cheerful tone was carefully even, and maybe Danny’s heart beat a mile a minute when he saw him, but everything was normal.

Okay, so maybe not completely normal.

If Brian was expectant, he didn’t show it. He greeted Danny with a middle finger and a hello as Suzy and Ross ambled in to say hi. Danny chatted with Vernon for a few minutes, keeping an eye on Arin, who was laughing with Ross about something. Eventually Arin wandered into the office area to do something, and Danny was close on his heels.

He sat on a beanbag near Arin’s desk as Arin opened something on his computer. He watched him for a few moments before asking as normally as possible: “How was your and Suzy’s trip to Disney yesterday?”

Arin’s eyes lit up and a smile tugged on his mouth. Danny watched him with fascination as he told a story about how he’d nearly thrown up on Space Mountain and Suzy had almost demanded for the people to stop the ride.

Danny’s heart felt fuzzy and mushy. He wondered if everything would be okay. Would Arin even still want him? What would the others say? What about Suzy? What…what would dating Arin be like?

He mentally shook himself. Today wasn’t just about him. Arin and Suzy both had a part to play, too. He’d talk to Suzy later. Now, he needed to speak to Arin about all of this.

Opening his mouth, Danny was about to say something when Barry popped in, grinning. “Hey, Dan, didn’t see you come in. Arin, we need to talk about this next episode of Doodle Doods. Ryan’s editing it right now.”

“Sure,” Arin replied, looking away from the computer. “We don’t have to start recording for a little while. What’s up?”

Danny waited, somewhat impatiently, as Barry explained something about the style of the video and when it should be cut and so on. Arin thought for a moment before asking if he could see the video. To Danny’s disappointment, Arin followed Barry over to Matt and Ryan’s editing stations.

He supposed their talk would just have to wait.


Eight hours and three bags of Skittles later, Danny was sitting on the Gru//mp couch watching Arin finally complete a Mario level.

It was as if their awkward conversation a few days ago had never happened. Arin was as lively and goofy as ever, and Danny found it surprisingly easy to slip into his normal routine with Arin again. He kept having second doubts. Maybe he shouldn’t say anything. Maybe things were better like this. Maybe he shouldn’t risk their friendship for what they could be.

But he kept remembering Brian’s stern eyes and his own resolve to do this for Arin’s sake. It was that promise of what they could be that made him ready to talk.

And things weren’t totally normal. There was a conspicuous lack of playful flirting and sexual jokes. Dick jokes were abundant, but no flirty suggestions or kinky banter at all. Perhaps Arin thought Danny wouldn’t like it anymore.

It was the exact opposite. Danny missed it.

Finally, Arin’s hands dropped the controller as he said goodbye. “See you guys for…whatever the fuck we play next.”

Danny laughed and added his own farewells, reaching forward to flip off the recording. He took a deep, calming breath. He could do this.

He turned to look at Arin, who was scribbling on the paper in front of him. He was softly biting his lower lip, his eyes creased in concentration. Danny’s heart pounded in his chest.

Danny cleared his throat. “Um. Hey, Arin.”

Arin turned to him, expectant. “What’s up?”

He fidgeted. “Uh. I, um. About what happened the other day…”

A shutter closed over Arin’s eyes, his smile turning into a carefully neutral expression. “Dan, look, like I said, just forget—”

“I was wrong,” Danny blurted, cutting him off. He stumbled on. “I-I was wrong about…about what I said.” He ran his fingers through his hair, feeling the panic starting to swell in his chest. “I didn’t mean what I said. I mean, I meant it at the time because I was scared, but it isn’t like I hated what you were saying. I just panicked, because this was all so unexpected and…”

Danny couldn’t breathe. He felt like his throat was being constricted, and he gulped for air. His shoulders were shaking, and he tried desperately to suppress the panic rising in his voice.

Before he knew what was happening, Arin was beside him, placing a hand on his back and holding the other one. “Breathe. C’mon, Dan, deep breaths. Watch me, okay? Breathe with me. That’s great, you’re doing great.”

Danny focused on Arin’s eyes, glinting with compassion and concern. Slowly, his breathing returned to normal and he stopped shaking.

Arin was rubbing his back and squeezing his hand. “There you go. You okay, buddy?”

“Yeah. Yeah, I’m okay.” Danny whispered, squeezing Arin’s hand back. As if just realizing they were holding hands, Arin quickly released Danny’s and looked at his lap.

“If it’s really that hard for you to talk about, why don’t you just forget it happened?” Arin asked in a tiny voice.

Danny steeled himself. “Because I don’t want to forget it happened, Arin. I mean, fuck…it was the best news I’ve gotten in a long time.”

Confusion marred Arin’s face as he looked back up. “What?”

Danny’s hands twisted in his lap. “I actually…I like you, Arin. It just took me awhile to realize it.”

Arin blinked at him slowly.

“I’ve been dealing with a lot of shit lately, and I’m sorry I took it out on you,” Danny continued, his voice soft. “I started having strange feelings about the same sex and it scared the hell out of me. I didn’t want to think about it.”

Arin’s face was a mask. “Dan.”

He looked at Arin’s face, expectant.

Arin softened slightly. “It’s not your fault. I should’ve realized.” He moved to pat Danny’s shoulder. “I’m here for you, okay, buddy? I know what it’s like to have to figure out your sexuality. It’s confusing.” Arin paused. “But you’re not alone. And hey, if you like dick, that just makes us more alike than we originally thought.”

Danny laughed, a little brokenly, not realizing how much he needed to hear those words from Arin until now.

“Let yourself figure it out.” Arin smiled. “I’m not going anywhere.”

Danny reached forward to close his fist around Arin’s sleeve. “I love you.”

It was a quiet but shattering phrase. Danny meant it with every ounce of his being. Whether it was meant romantically or platonically, he wasn’t completely sure yet. But he meant it.

And Arin knew he meant it.

Maybe they weren’t dating. Maybe they would never date. But there was something more there, something shimmering under the surface. Danny knew Arin loved him, and Arin knew Danny loved him.

Danny was confused and Arin knew that. There was a tangle of emotions between the two men. Love, hurt, confusion, affection, heartbreak, and more. It was left to stir with them. No one knew each other as well as they did. No matter what, they had each other. Their friendship was all they’d ever needed.

And maybe, Danny thought as Arin enveloped him in a hug, maybe that’s enough.

i have a dream that we are the last two people on earth. you watch tv and i do all the worrying. our canned food supplies are few and you burn through days like episodes of something you hate but need to see.

when i wake up, still half dreaming and stiff and uncomfortable with sleep, i look up on my phone ways to grow vegetables without soil until i hear voices of other people and realize the vegetables do not need growing.

i can worry about different things, for now:
how my ear needs re-piercing, how my arms need more muscle, how my hand carries lines across a page.

after i make breakfast i place the white part of a green onion, the part with the roots, in the water beside my avocado plant.

if the world ends, i would like to have a head start.

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I am SO BAD at writing avengers fic because like 90% of the time it's in new york, and i've never been to new york. The largest city i've been to is toronto, and i never left the airport so i don't think I count. I buckle down to get some shit done, and then like 15 minuites later i'm just screwing around in google maps because I will accually die if i get logistical stuff wrong. It is a serious problem. (tree anon)


Dream Walker

Summary: Soulmate AU in which you can speak to your soulmate in dreams and experience their dreams with them. You can feel physical and emotional feelings too, and if they die without warning, it is likely you will die as well..

When: End of Season 2 and skipping to the end of Season 3

Word Count: 2170

A/N: My first ever Dean Winchester fic. Hopefully there will be more! I literally cried while writing this and I hope you darling readers feel the same emotion behind it. 

Warnings: A shit ton of angst and I swear

Italics are reader POV or flashback, everything else is Dean

Enjoy and reblog my friends :)

“Hey there hot shot,” she smiles at me. She is bathed in a warm glow that I have come to associate with this place.

“Hey yourself gorgeous,” I reply with a small smile and a sigh.

Every night we start like this. And it’s the best night of my life every night that I see her shining face. The life Sam and I live, we don’t have time for dating or chicks besides one night stands. But now that I have Y/N, I don’t even do that anymore. Why would I need to hook up with random girls in bars when Y/N is waiting for me every night in my dreams?

I go to her, kiss her deeply and hold her tight to my chest. I haven’t slept in 2 days, I’ve missed her, and she can tell.

“You wanna talk about it Dean?”

I can barely hear her, her face is buried in my chest. That’s one of my favorite things about Y/N. She never pesters me about what happened or what’s wrong. She just knows that something is off and let’s me tell her about it on my terms. When dad died I was angry and guilty and she didn’t even ask about it. She just held me and told me she loved me.

I kiss the top of her head, and rest my cheek on it. “Not tonight darlin. It’s too much right now. Just let me look at you for a while ok?”

She leans back and tilts her head up to look at me. “Whatever you need D.” She’s shorter than me so she gets up on her toes to kiss me again.

She hums and starts stroking the short hairs on the back of my head. It’s one of her little quirks. I don’t mind though, that shit always soothes the hell out of me, like I’m being hypnotized or something.

She ceases her ministrations and pulls away. She grabs my hand and pulls me towards our tree.

Each pairing gets to meet in their own ideal place in the dream world. Ours is a small clearing a ways off an interstate. We can hear the occasional car pass by, and somehow I’ve parked Baby in just the right spot to shield us from the road.

The clearing is natural, with a couple of trees breaking up the flat expanse. The grasses come to just above my knee, soft and warm.

Our tree is the biggest one, towards the west end of the clearing. We sit there together and let the setting sun shine on our faces every night before we wake up.

She pulls me over and we sit down. Sometimes if she’s had a bad day, she’ll lay down with her head in my lap, or she’ll sit between my legs and lean back against my chest. She says those are the best positions for her to feel like she’s safe.

“Why would you want to sit between my legs Y/N I don’t get it. It just makes no damn sense to me.”

She huffs, pushing my knees apart to make room for herself, “Because Winchester, when I’m there I can lean on you. I know the kind of world I live in now, it’s a hell of a lot more dangerous than I used to think. I need to feel safe every now and then. And you said it yourself, the safest place for me to be is in your arms. Now spread em, or you can sit by yourself.”

I chuckle at the memory. That moment is one of those that keeps me goin on the bad days.

I’m yanked out of my reverie by her worried voice and fingers snapping in my face, “Dean? Dean come back to me. Good lord man, sit down.”

I do as she says and immediately spread my legs expecting her to nestle between them. “Not tonight baby,” she whispers as she sits next to me, “tonight you’re the one who needs to feel safe. Lay down here,” she pats her thighs. I shift over and lay my head down across them and she resumes stroking my hair.

I immediately feel my eyelids drop. I breathe deeply and take in our surroundings. Warm afternoon sun shining through the tree leaves, small breeze making the grass shake in its path. I can hear the birds singing. I never used to like that before, before I came here.

She starts humming. I can’t identify the song at first and eventually I give up trying. It’s a kind of lofty tune, sounds like something King Arthur would play in his castle.

She usually hums something I know and then she starts singing to me. Best way to spend time with her. If God is real, then despite all the other bullshit he’s put me through, I feel a little bit blessed because my soul mate soothes me with the sweet sound of Metallica. I mean as hellish as my life is, I could’ve been stuck with a chick who hated rock. But then I guess by definition she wouldn’t be my soul mate.

I start drifting off and I’m only half conscious when she stops humming and starts talking to me-

“I wish you would tell me what happened. I know something’s wrong. And I know it’s something big. I know you think not telling me is protecting me but Dean, we’re in a partnership now. Everything that happens to you affects me. I can feel your fear, your anger, and I felt your sadness. God I couldn’t even get up for work. And I know it was you. And now you won’t tell me. It had to have been Sam. Him and me, that’s every one you have love for now. I know he’s ok now because I felt the relief. But I also feel your guilt. What did you do Dean? What did you do to us?”

I can’t take it anymore. I can’t tell if she’s trying to guilt me or if she thought I was actually asleep but I can’t take it anymore. I sit up and put my head in my hands, elbows resting on my knees.

“Dean?” She puts a warm hand on my back. Amazing what one touch does to ease me.

“I’m sorry Y/N. I’m so so sorry.”

“What happened babe?” I can feel the fear in her voice. She’s expecting the worst and she’s going to get even worse than that.

“Sammy died-” she gasps, leaning towards me to try and wrap her soft arms around my torso, but my next words make her recoil, “- and I sold my soul to bring him back.”

“You…. you…. you what?” She starts to cry.

“I summoned a crossroads demon and sold my soul to hell to bring Sam back to life. It worked, he’s back. But the crooked bitch only gave me one year before she collects. The going-rate is 10 years Y/N, I got robbed. But I had to do it! It was Sam. I can’t live without Sam… Y/N?? Sweetheart where are you going?”

She’s gotten up and started marching out into the middle of the clearing. I catch up to her and grab her arm, “Y/N, babe, wait please I-” WHAM she swings around hard, her fist connecting with my jaw. I release her arm and take a step back.


“Y/N please, I thought it would be better that way-”


“Well when you say it like that it doesn’t seem like a very good idea…”


She’s right. I didn’t even think about the shock factor and how it would affect her. At least now she has enough time to try and mentally prepare herself to be alone until the universe gives her a new soulmate, if it ever does.

After Jess died, I almost lost Sam. She was his soulmate and for her to die, especially the way she did, was almost too much for Sammy. He’s still not fully recovered.

She sighs, deflated and defeated, “I’m not mad at you for bringing Sam back. I would do the same for my brother, I would do it for you too Dean if I had to. But you can’t just do that and not tell me. Everything you do affects me. And when you die, I’m gonna feel it.”

364 days later…

You know what’s happening tonight. He told you the plan. And you know damn well what day it is too. You’re laying in bed watching old SVU reruns trying to ignore your feelings. Or rather, Dean’s feelings. But they’re so strong…

It’s happening. I can hear the damn dog at the door. That bitch Lilith grins at me from Ruby’s meatsuit. I’ve never been a praying man. But in my last moments, I pray for Sammy, that he is able to heal from Jess and maybe the world gives him another person to love. I pray for Bobby, that he doesn’t drink himself to death like I would after watching this. I pray for Y/N. God that woman deserved so much more. So much better than me. I hope that she makes it through this. I know it’s gonna hurt and I told her that. I feel so guilty that she has to go through this too….

Fear, betrayal, sorrow, guilt, and-

Lilith opens the door, grinning at me. I look over at Sammy and then everything else is wiped from my mind. Everything except the mind-numbing pain of these damn dogs ripping me open. I can hear my shirt and jacket ripping, my flesh being sliced open, blood pouring out. God it hurts so bad….

I scream. I scream nothing. I scream Sam’s name, Y/N’s name, Bobby’s name. Nothing again. Somewhere in my head, I can feel Y/N, can hear her screaming my name and she experiences this with me. And then the pain is too much, the blood in my body too little, and I see Sam’s face looking over me, sobbing my name as I whisper his. For the last time…. 

Pain. You let out a bloodcurdling cry as your torso is ripped open by invisible claws. There are no marks, there is no blood, but you can feel Dean’s pain as if you were him. You can’t stop screaming, the pain is unbearable. You’re crying, crying, because it hurts and because Dean is hurting and you can feel everything and GOD just let it end, please let it go.

You’ve passed out from the pain. You open your eyes and you’re with Dean. But you’re not dream walking. The clearing you’ve come to love is gone. Replaced by darkness and storms. Thunder echoes around you, lightning flashes. You see a web of chains illuminated by the light. You hear screams…

The heat is suffocating. You have no body, you are merely an existence floating in the space of this strange place. You expand your gaze and you see your Dean. He has a hook through his shoulder, another through his lower back and kidney, chains round his ankles and wrists pulled taut. He can’t move. And neither than you. You are alive and you are seeing Hell. And you know this is the last time you will ever see him. And he can’t even see you. He doesn’t know you’re there…


You open your eyes to the blackness of your room. The echo of your soulmate’s screams loud in your head. You hear the final cry for help…

And your heart



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Paparazzi - Justin Bieber imagine

Request: ‘Can you do a imagine with Justin and y/n are out in public and the paparazzi say really mean stuff to her and he protects her’

Warnings: language and some references to drugs 


If there was one thing I would name about about what I hate about Justin being famous, it would be the endless amount of attention and following around he receives. We could never seem to be able to get away from it, no matter where we went. We could go to Antarctica and paparazzi would still find a way to get to us. The fans, I truly didn’t mind because they actually had manners unlike the paps. Insults would be hurled at me in a daily basis, either on social media or in person.

We were currently inside the Chanel store on Rodeo Drive and there was a whole crowd of people outside, waiting for Justin to come out. I looked at the bags on the wall for something that caught my attention. Justin was talking to his security so they could be ready for when we actually left. I couldn’t actually hear what he was saying to them because there was so much screaming and hollering coming from outside. Justin came over to my side to join in on helping me look for something.

I glanced over at him and noticed his attire. “Justin, please do me a favor and pull up your pants.” He gave me a confused look and looked down at his clothes.

“Babe, it’s called style. There isn’t anything wrong with me sagging my pants.” He replied. “You should try sagging your pants.”

“Absolutely not. Justin, set an example.” I said, rolling my eyes.

“You’re not my mom. Just get a move on so we can leave before they break the windows,” He was referring to the people standing outside the store. I looked over the things once more before I finally came down to a decision. I went to the check out and Justin quickly paid for it. He took my bag and his security told him to get ready. 

“Stand behind me and don’t let go of my hand. Got it?” He asked, looking back at me in a serious manner. I nodded my head quickly and held onto his hand as tight as I could. I hated going out into crowds like this. It was the worst thing possible. The fact that I was claustrophobic didn’t make things any better for me. It wasn’t as bad as when I was young but, it’s still a scary experience. His security opened the door and the screaming from the fans immediately hit me.

I think I might have gone deaf in both of my ears. Justin’s security pushed the crowd back only so much, it barely made a difference. Justin guided me through the endless maze of people and almost half way to the car, something was thrown at me. I didn’t bother to look at it but, an insult soon followed.

“Justin, what are you doing with a druggie? You forget that she’s an addict?”

I ignored what was said at first but, everything got worse from there.

“Why don’t you just overdose already? It’ll make the world a better place, especially for Justin!”

Justin stopped in his place and he turned around in the direction the last insult came from. “What did you say?” He questioned. His anger was very noticeable in his tone. “Who said that? Come on, speak up!”

“I said it,” someone spoke up. “What are you going to do about it when it’s true?” I saw the paparazzi’s face and it was awfully familiar, even the voice was. He was the pap that followed us around everywhere we went.

“You care to repeat that, you piece of shit?” Justin continued. He let go of my hand and walked over to the guy. I followed behind him and told him to stop before it could get any worse. Justin continued bantering the guy until he gave in, which was a huge mistake. Without thinking twice, Justin drew his arm back and threw a punch or two. Before Justin could cause serious damage, his security pulled him away. 

I was sort of shocked yet happy that Justin did that. I wasn’t expecting it at all. He was always so humble and it was so foreign to me to see him like that. I caught up to Justin and his security and we got into the car, leaving the crowd of people behind. There was an awkard silence between us so, I took the time to break it myself.

“Thanks for standing up from me Justin. No one has really done that for me before.” I said. I smiled at him to show I was being sincere and he sent me a small smile back.

“Anytime. No one deserves to be disrespected, especially my girlfriend.”

Be Used (Jason Mccann) (Mature)

The slamming door was an usual, afternoon sound that came around whenever Jason Mccann felt angry, annoyed, aggravated or all of the above combined in one.  

The days were getting too stressful; especially with cops sniffing around, making it extremely hard to work for him and the boys. All the unfinished deals, unwanted people being killed, drugs and guns multiplied - this got to the stage, where it was simply too much to carry on an individual’s shoulders.

Y/N knew. She knew very well how emotionally drained her boyfriend was. All the signs of indisposition, both physically and mentally. He looked tired, exhausted. The bags under his eyes, messy hair, obsessed look as he constantly checked up on any news that the gang could bring in. Still, mostly it was the lack of interest he gave her.

Now, it wasn’t about what she wanted, what she needed, even though she was missing himself more than any words could ever describe. Not mentioning sex, what she craved the most was her boyfriend by her side, laughing, talking. The cuddles, the little ‘I love you’s & more. She ached for feeling him being a different Jason, a Jason that was carefree only with her.

Nevertheless, the sex part was what worried her the most. It was normal by now that Mccann was using her body as a getaway whenever he felt like he needs to. And for Y/N it was not a big deal, mainly because she was too disturbed by the fact that the love of her life could just go out and kill someone as an income of outrageous rage.

The shadow of his body has become now visible, as Jason took himself straight to kitchen, not even once looking around. His girlfriend, of good amount of time now, bit on her bottom lip, only imagining the frightening thoughts that were going through his head. The idea of all the demons he was forced to hold back inside made her really upset. And this was everytime she would see him in such condition. Once again, Y/N mentally cursed herself for overthinking the situation and finding her as a victim of it as well.

A deep, shaky sigh has left the plumpy lips of hers. She stood up, fixing her hair and clothes, just like she would be going to some formal meeting that was suppose to bring a crucial earnings. Her toes made their way to the kitchen as silently as it was physically possible, just in case. A muscular, male posture was turned back to her, focused on something below so badly that no recognition was given to an individual that just appeared.

“Jase? Can we talk?” Y/N asked silently, slightly afraid of the reaction she might receive.

This was a reminder of the days when the two were strangers to each other, when Y/N would be too embarrassed to even look at Jason, which only made him smirk and pay attention to the girl who he never thought would play a role in his future life.  

Good couple of seconds has passed, since the silence was broken down by little, non-understandable whimpers.

“Yeah, what is it?” He answered, looking back at her. There was no specific emotion hidden behind the look he was emitting, just like the two ball-shaped things inside of him lost the purpose utterly.

“Um, I-” She started, looking puzzled, just like her mind. Jason raised his eyebrows in confusion, looking at the body of his girlfriend carelessly. This never happened. Usually, he was being so nice, he was always being nice to her, unless they had a misunderstanding. But, even then. So bloody nice.
“I know how you feel. I cannot actually relate, but I understand completely. I know you hate talking about the emotions, that’s exactly why you are having cocaine on our counter, I’m not mad, like I said - I get it.” The sentence finally left her mouth, as Jason slid to the right, covering the illegal image that his girlfriend spotted. “I get it so bad, I am not here to make you talk or cry or complain or whatever. Just, um, let me help you, we both know what will help you, we can do it.” Her head nod, as the speech she gave had a more confident sound half way through.

“No, no way, I told we won’t fuck when I’m this angry.” He said almost instantly, shaking his head. “I’m all good, this baby will make me feel better and we can lay down later and watch you favourite, sappy shit, just give me time, I need that.” He mumbled, ignoring her presence by turning back around, guess it was just easier this way.

“Yes, we will, because you want it and I want it.” She said aggressively, getting annoyed with yet again - no interest she was given. Next thing she knew was her hand grabbing Jason’s one harshly, pulling it, to make him look at her and for once, be serious when it came to the stuff that came out of her mouth.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing, huh? Fucking get off my dick!” Jason screamed out in frustration, not because of what Y/N did, but because he was just about to bend over and let the magic powder do its wizardry thing.

“You are so fucking irritating. Don’t you get it? You always fuck me when you feel angry, just because you feel extra angry doesn’t mean I can’t take it. Jason, I’m being for real, this is getting out of hand. I can’t have you slamming the door, breaking things, pretending I’m not here, I can’t do it anymore. I feel like fucking shit, you are all I care about and yet, I cannot help you. If you won’t let me be your therapist, just let me be your fucking slut.” The words came out with such great meaning behind them, showing how the struggle of one person can easily affect his closet ones.

“I don’t wanna use you.” Jason whispered, as soon as Y/N’s hands started to touch him up, scrolling through his chest, down to his pants, as she undid the belt.

The only reason he did not stop her was because of what she said, she made him feel as she is soon about to leave if the things won’t change, and that was not in his control at all. Yes, he was aware of the fact his girlfriend that he loved so dearly didn’t even come across to the thought of hurting him and it was his own, messed up thinking that made him believe in that.

“I want to be used.” She whispered back, as her shaking hands slipped down around his tight. Her chin moved up, looking at the face of the boy she loved, looking for answers. She was just too good to simply start with more without getting the permission, just like he would when he wanted to.

He looked at her with such an empty expression. Was it a yes, was it a
no? Y/N slowly, very slowly, stared going down on him, which made Jason furrow his eyebrows in such shock. As soon as he came into realisation, he grabbed her arm, pulling her little body up.

“If you wanna help me, jack me off. I didn’t have a time to do it myself.” He said firmly, sticking up to a plan he created in his mind. Mentally, he punched himself so hard, as he had a girl he adored trying to suck him off and he just declined.

“But, I-”

“No. You want to be my slut? Fucking be one. Shut the fuck up and do what I tell you to do. I don’t want your fucking cunt or you mouth or whatever, jack me off. Make me cum and then fuck off.” He spat, looking at her with no further feeling, which in some weird way had her turned on. She quickly just nodded, hating herself for the fact she enjoyed it. It was a first mini sexual interactions they had in so long, it felt like forever.

Y/N slipped both her hands slowly inside his boxers, massaging his length that was quick to become harder and harder, out of the total lack of touch he has been receiving recently. She looked down, licking her lips, as the tips of her fingers were making rounded moves on the tip of an impressive member, while the other hand landed on a pair of balls, caressing them intensively.

“Fuck, I’m actually close.” Whimpers hit Y/N’s sight, surprising the both of the two, as Jason was never the one to be at his pick point quickly.

“You’re so fucking big.” The moans came out, which made her boyfriend raise the corners of his lips, forming the smirk that was not welcomed on the handsome face since the start of all of his issues.

“Hurry the fuck up.” He muttered, feeling himself getting hot, as he moved his eyes onto a set of hands, satisfying him.

He regretted not fucking her now. What he would do to her. It’s probably what he wouldn’t do to her - that was a real good question. “Oh my-…Faster, harder, I want you to feel me, I want to feel my sperm landing right on your beautiful, tiny hand. Fuck, and you know what you will do later? Lick it all of so nicely, you will get what every slut is waiting for, is daddy fucking right?” He moaned out, restlessly moving his hips to signalise he needs and demands more.

She did as she was told, stroking his dick, up and down as her fingers pressed more force onto his balls, tugging them. The characteristic sound of moans fulfilled the kitchen, as the hands slipping on Jason’s dick made him ready to release and make himself feel better. He was so in the moment, so vulnerable in such state.

“Daddy, I want all of your cum, I’m so ready. I want you to see me tasting you. P-please.” She sobbed, letting out a moan in desperation, as her panties got soaked more and more with every minute.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” A loud, deep groan hit all the corners of their house as the Jason’s hands tightened on the counter behind him. his head threw back and his body became tremulous, when all the juices left his body, accompanied by his moans. Y/N bit the inside of her cheek, feeling the sticky substance on her fingers, slowly taking herself out of dark blue jeans. She waited a minute for Jason to recover and look back. Gently, the tongue was pressed onto fresh skin licking and sucking of all the white cum.

“So fucking hot.” He howled, pressing his thumb on Y/N’s chin, taking the little drop of his sperm left over, as he pressed it against her soft, warm lips. He sighted quietly, annoyed with the fact that he had so much love for this girl. That he loved her and he was tied up to her. That much, that he would happily just let her in. Because, there was a trust the boy had in her.

“You deserve my attention, I will tell you all that bothers me.” He said finally, smiling gently. He now felt bad for the insults and the attitude that somehow covered up the love he was having.

The girl didn’t need apologies to read it from his face. She quickly wrapped her hands around his neck, feeling the sudden relief that both of them really needed at the end. And even through, nothing was going to be easy in any way, she could sleep calmly from now on, knowing she was being a shoulder to cry on.

But You’re the Bad Guy (part 2) - Theo Raeken

Part 1 - Part 3 - Part 4


*Two weeks since make out sesh*

Theo and I have been sneaking around town lately, no one knew of our secret rendezvous but us and we wanted to keep it that way for as long as possible.

“so you never did answer my question in the car” Theo stated as I laid with my head on his chest “hmm?” I hummed “are you mine?” Theo asked looking down at me,I thought about everything i was putting on the line by answering this question I sat up from my place and Theo joined me “Theo i like you, like really like you but you’re the bad guy” I frowned Theo studied my facial features with furrowed brows “then why are you with me?” he finally spoke he sounded fragile like i broke his heart “i don’t know” I looked down avoiding his stare “screw it, i’m doing this for myself no one else” I kissed him with need Theo broke away “what does that mean?” completely taken back “it means i’m yours” I smiled “wait what?” I rolled my eyes “idiot” “hey i’m many thing but that’s not one of them” Theo pouted “yes you’re my idiot” I pecked his lips and laid back next to him looking up at the stars forgetting about everyone and just living in this moment with Theo.

“hey y/n we missed you this weekend” Stiles started “yeah where were you?” Scott wondered “oh i had a thing with my mom” I lied “oh what?” Stiles asked “It was a stargazing night at a friend’s country club” I replied “hm” Scott made me nervous “why didn’t you invite us?” Scott pressed “it was a plus one thing” I recounted “oh” they both smiled “we’re just pulling your leg” Stiles spoke and they started laughing. Man i really thought they found out “anyways i gotta get going” I waved them goodbye and left, I had to meet Theo in the janitor’s closet. We’ve been meeting there for private chats ever since we kissed in his truck,I hurried before my chemistry class practically running to the room.

I knocked twice on the door Theo opened it and let me in immediately kissing me and grabbing a hold of my waist. Moments like these made everything worth while even before we became ‘official’ Theo and I hung out like friends,movie nights and long chats over everything and anything. 

“Theo i hate to cut this short but i have class” I said breaking away from him “don’t go” he begged “sorry babes” I pecked his cheek and left making sure no one saw me then made my way to class.

I arrived a few moments before the bell getting to my seat then my phone buzzed I opened my messages descretly 

<3 Idiot <3: can we meet after class?

Me: sure, where?

<3 Idiot <3: under the bleachers?

Me: kks x

“Ms.Y/l/n am I distracting you?” Mrs.Yenings asked “no ma’am i’m sorry” I was sincere but she didn’t believe me “you know the rules Y/n” she stated grabbing some papers and making her way to me “next time it’ll be doubled” she sassed more chemistry homework what am i going to do?! 

After class i ran into Stiles and Malia “whoa slow down speedy” Stiles joked holding me “what’s the matter?” Malia frowned but holding a serious glare “ugh I have 6 pages of chemistry homework all thanks to texti-” I stopped myself “texting who?” Malia narrowed her eyes at me “my mom” I deceived “i’ll help you with your work” Stiles smiled “really? that’d be great thank you” I hugged him then said bye and was off to see Theo.

I made it to him out of breath “sorry” “i’m” “late” I say tired Theo laughs and holds me “that’s okay love” he smiled “so I was wondering if you wanted to go out of town and watch a movie?” I tried to regain my breath when I was ready I replied “cant i have a ton of homework Stiles is gonna help me with” “oh” Theo frowned even only for a second “that’s ok how ‘bout tomorrow?” he perked up “yeah sure” I smiled up at him; the bell rang signalling our next class “you go first this time” I told Theo he kissed me and was on his way.

“Theo what are doing you here?” I froze it was Scott “isn’t it obvious i’m walking” Theo spat what a smartass “get lost” Stiles told him “whoa Stilinski who died and made you Alpha” no no no was all that went through my mind “don’t worry I’m leaving” Theo raised his hands in defence.

I waited for Scott and Stiles to be away from where I was, once the coast was clear I walked out now being 10 minutes late for class “Y/n what aren’t you in class?” Liam asked “i needed some air i wasn’t feeling too good” I was technically not lying “oh why? what’s wrong?” Liam came closer “Mrs.Yenings gave me extra homework for answering my mom’s text message” I sulked “yeah she’s a tough one” Liam was telling the truth she’s so hard on everyone “Liam!” Scott called “well thats my cue,see ya” he waved and ran over to Scott.

Now i was fifteen minutes late for class so i didn’t bother going i walked around to find Malia seated on the bleacher “Y/n decided to watch practice?” she smiled “actually yeah” I smiled back Stiles noticed me and ran over. He was sweaty from running laps and out of breath “hey” “y/n” he struggled for air falling over.

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“man i hate running” Stiles expressed getting back up, he hasn’t been much of an athlete even from childhood Scott always forced him into lacrosse and finally he took it up and loves it but hates the work he has to put into it. “how does 6:30 tonight your house,sound? i’ll order us some pizza” he smiled having fully regained his breath “sounds great” I smiled “Stilinski! Stop talking to the girls and get over here” Coach called

After school Theo took him me home I decided against bringing up the whole Scott,Stiles thing so we just chatted about movies to watch tomorrow we decided on a rom-com. Theo was such a sweetheart with me but a complete jerk with everyone else it fascinated me truly.

Stiles arrived on time I opened the door to him holding his notebook under his arm and a medium pizza that smelt delicious “yummy” I moved to let him through “mom’s on a business trip so we’re good for interruptions” i smiled remembering the last time Stiles came over a month ago we were watching Star  Wars again and my mom kept asking us to explain what was happening even though she was in the other room and wasn’t watching it;Stiles and I filled up on pizza before we got into working.

 “I hate chemistry” I admitted half way through our study session “then why’d you take it?” he was curious “my mom thought it was best” I shrugged “let’s take a break and go to the coffee shop” he offered “yeah i need some coffee and a break” I smiled getting up.

The car ride to the coffee shop was eventful we sang along to the radio like old times and got there in a great mood. Stiles parked the jeep close to the entrance,we got out and made our way inside. We chose the table near the window the waitress came over fairly quick “hi i’m Jessica what can i get you two?” she asked politely “um i’ll have a ice cappuccino” I smiled “me too” Stiles added Jessica wrote it in her notepad then left. 

Soon Jessica gave us our drinks “if you need anything let me know” she smiled and walked away “Stiles i cant thank you enough on helping me with chem” I sincerely told him he just grinned “I guess it’s payback for grade 4 math” “true” I agreed.

Netflix will trip you up everytime

The other day I was talking with Ang. She asked me about drabble requests and I thought ‘I don’t know if I can do that’. So she flooded my inbox with some gif’s. If I have done OK with these then that may be what I do when I hit 1.5K followers (which I am not to terribly away from hitting!)

So with that being said, I worked on 3 of them last night… hope I did all the gif’s justice Angelina… enjoy!

This is the first of 3 drabbles…. as always if you want off or on the tag list just let me know… And leave me some feedback, let me know how I am doing as far as these GIF drabbles things go.

(I’m not totally sure if these actually count as drabbles considering their length… maybe they are more like snipets???)

Mama’s Master List

Another Thursday and the brothers were still gone. This hunt was taking just a tad longer than they had hoped. Well longer than Dean had hoped anyways. Thankfully, I wasn’t much of a wanderer. With him gone, I was perfectly content to hang out in the bunker just doing my thing.

Coming back from the kitchen with my tenth Hot Pocket today, I jumped into the bed and got bundled up under the covers. I grabbed the remote and hit play. I really did hate it when Dean was gone but I have to admit, it did give me time to do my binge watching. S2 e11 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. started playing. I was seriously not liking the new Simmons and her new attitude!

Half way through the episode, my phone rang. I paused the show and snatched the phone up. That better be Dean, I thought to myself.

“Hello.” I said into the speaker.

“Hey sweetheart. Whatcha doing?” Dean replied.

“Oh nothing. Just sitting here. How are y’all doing?”

“Everything went good. The job is finished.”

“So are you heading home now?”

“Yep. I should be there this evening.”

“Thank goodness. I have missed you!”

“I’m sure you have. What have you eaten today?”

“I’ve had a couple of Hot Pockets. Why?”

“Step away from the Netflix, baby.”

I started laughing. I could picture the look on his face at that moment, one total exasperation.

“It’s not funny. I bet you have been binge watching the entire time I’ve been gone, huh? And you have probably gone through two boxes of those nasty things.”

“Not true,” I said, still laughing. “I did stop watching for a bit and washed a load of clothes.”

Dean started laughing too. I even heard Sam chuckle in the background.

“Ok, so you haven’t  been watching Netflix every single minute I have been gone. I gotcha.”

“Baby, don’t hate on Netflix. It keeps me from missing you too much when you are gone.”

“Really? How much do you really miss me then?”

“Oh baby. You have no idea. I miss your kisses. I miss the way those hands…”

“Hey, hey… take it off speakerphone Dean. That’s a little more than I need to know.” I heard Sam say in the background. I couldn’t help but bust out laughing.

“Well Sammy isn’t quite in the mood for us to share with him tonight. So I tell you what, get off Netflix and be prepared to show me exactly how much you miss me when I get there, ok?”

“Baby you know that is NOT a problem!”

“Ok, love you and I will see you in about two hours.”

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i know i already have a thousand and two reasons to hate katy perry but morbid curiosity got the better of me and i have to say her new video has to? legitimately be the nastiest thing i’ve ever seen? there’s visuals of her skin being kneaded like dough then she gets BOILED i haven’t been this horrified and uncomfortable since i saw that naked skin thing from pan’s labyrinth in 5th grade i’m only half way through and i’ve had to pause it 3 times


Pages 35, 36, 37 and 37

I made this in color to celebrated the End

THIS IS THE END!!! END OF CHAPTER 1!  Will I continue? IDK :D

boi, This took me forever,like a year and a few months O.O. Guess cuz I lost motivation half way through because I used to color it and I hate coloring comics