and like a true stark it killed her

potential spoilers ahead

so in this pic we see of s7 arya from the EW photoshoot in her full costume she holds a dagger.

now this is interesting because we have seen this dagger before.

see the pointed tip and the jewel? very distinctive features. and this dagger has a history. this is a valyrian steel dagger with a dragonbone hilt and won by robert baratheon from petyr baelish in a tournament before joffery baratheon takes it and gives it to a catspaw for an assisination attempt on bran stark after he’s been paralysed. you’ll remember summer, bran’s direwolf, saved both bran and catelyn. after that catelyn took it to kings landing and gave it to ned stark to continue his investigation only to be taken back by petyr baelish while betraying him very dramatically 

this dagger was last seen still in possession of littlefinger in s4. he really wouldn’t give up a valyrian steel dagger and we can presume by the start of s7 he still has it.  SO WHY DOES ARYA HAVE IT NOW??? and  h o w. what can we assume from this knowledge. 

  1. arya at least meets littlefinger. (we know she’s heading north)
  2. arya most likely reaches winterfell where littlefinger is and wants to stay and try and influence events there.
  3. so littleinfger is with sansa all of s7. i don’t see him going elsewhere.
  5. arya could have been involved in the imminent death of littlefinger to have gotten the dagger.
  6. in terms of storytelling sansa is most likely to kill littlefinger so perhaps it’s a tag team effort of the stark sisters. or sansa gives the dagger to arya later like her version of needle. 
  7. all my dreams come true and happiness is achieved
Dinner time

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Pairing: Clint Barton x reader

Request: Could you do an imagine where the reader is Tony’s twin sister and her and Clint are secretly dating and Tony finds out but he’s kinda okay with it. Please and thank you💖

Author’s note: This is so short, but I kinda like it in this way :) 


You and Clint were dating for two months and you still didn’t tell it anyone. Well, you were sure, Nat already knows it, because she is.. Nat and closest friend of both of you. But the rest of team and your brother Tony don’t have a clue. And it was kinda comfortable.

Today, whole team had collective dinner in Stark tower. Everything was fine, food was delicious and you really enjoyed it.

“Clint, can you please hand me that glass??” you asked.

“Sure, love!” Clint responded with a smile.

‘Oh no’ you thought.

You turned back and found your friends staring at you in disbelieve.

“So, you two are actually a thing, huh?” Tony said in neutral tone.
You blushed and nodded slowly.

“Oh, I knew it!” Wanda squeaked excitedly. Natasha gave you thumbs up and Steve smiled widely.

“Are you gonna kill me?” Clint asked your brother carefully.

“Actually,not. You know, you are huge dork, but you are good guy after all. Besides that, Y/N would break your neck if you hurt her.” Tony said with a smirk.

“Wow, when did you become so commonsensible, big bro?” You grinned.
He just rolled his eyes and turned to your boyfriend again.

“I have one advice for you. Don’t you dare steal her ice cream. I did it once, she almost killed me.”

“That’s not true! Well.. maybe, but you must understand. It was my last Cookie dough!” you defended yourself.

“Yep, there it is. Good luck with this girl, man!”

Hope you like it!! Please, leave me some feedback. Love you <3

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Part One: Echoes

A Jon/Sansa ficlet in the aftermath of the Battle of the Bastards. A truth is revealed.



Her home is filled with ghosts.

At night, Sansa stares for hours into the darkness of her room as demons stalk the edges of her sleep-deprived mind before she eventually rises in search of the only person who can understand. She wanders the darkened, frozen halls alone, her feet bare despite the chill, and listens to the echoes of her childhood.

He’s rarely in the same place twice, but they always manage to find each other, drawn together like two halves of the same coin.

Tonight she finds him atop the tower, staring north and painted silver by moonlight. Jon glances at her as she comes to his side and immediately takes off his cloak –the one she’d made for him—and drapes it about her. Sometimes his goodness infuriates her. Makes her wish to hurt him, to tarnish him in some way. It seems so unfair that he should remain so good after everything he’s seen, everything he’s been through when a darkness grows in her heart. The scent of him —leather, horse, polishing oil, and something deeper, something forbidden—warms her, however, and the darkness recedes. Just a little.

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I Know Your True Name

a trope as old as time and one of my personal favorites. the power of names has long been a staple in folklore. the idea is that “true names” are sacred and magical in a variety of ways. this theme appears in asoiaf and most often with arya stark since her identity arc is unparalleled. 

“You play at being a servant, but in your heart you are a lord’s daughter. You have taken other names, but you wore them as lightly as you might wear a gown. Under them was always Arya.” (AFFC)

arya has had more identities than anyone over the course of her journey so the power surrounding names is vital to her arc. names can serve many purposes. arya’s own isn’t the only one that plays a role in her story. she also recites the names of those she wants dead. names can be used for protection and as a source of strength but can become a vulnerability too. for arya the name “arya of house stark” is the root of her personal identity. that title is more than words. it’s arya’s family, home, and history. 

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The Siren and the Insomniac

Title: The Siren and the Insomniac

Chapter No./One Shot: Chapter 19

Original Imagine:
Imagine you’re part siren and you live in the Stark Tower. Your bedroom is next door to Loki’s, and you become annoyed with him because he stays up all hours. So after many futile arguments with the god, you use your power through the walls to put him to sleep. When the time comes for you to move out, Loki begs you to stay, claiming he can no longer sleep without you.

Author: Starrynight35

Rating: M

Notes/Warnings: None

Chapter 19

Raidne was slightly shocked that Loki would risk his current living situation in order to follow her. She knew he had been sent to the tower after his release from Asgard’s dungeon. This place had to be better than that.

“Loki, what if we were caught? Wouldn’t you get sent back to that prison?”

He shrugged, seemingly without much consideration.

“Possibly, but it wouldn’t matter much now.”

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for the clintasha prompt thing: sweet clintasha car moment after CATWS battle

“So looks like I missed the memo on the friendship necklaces.” Natasha smiled a little and glanced at Clint. Hawkeye, of course he’d noticed. He was smirking to himself, eyes set firmly on the long stretch of interstate. “I want one.”

“You want an arrow, too?” she asked, playing dumb because she wanted to hear him say it.

Please, I’m not Tony. Bet he’d get a replica of the Arc Reactor.”

“Bet it’d light up,” she added.

“Text him,” Clint suggested, and bit off half his candy bar. She did.

You’re buying a friendship necklace to symbolize you bff. What do you get?

“I need your Black Widow symbol. Or we could forget the jewelry and get tattoos. I’m thinkin’ big spider, right across one ass cheek. You can have an arrow heart with my name in it.”

“Does it have to be on my ass, too?”

“Nah. Tramp stamp.”

“Classy, Barton,” she said with an eye roll.

She passed him the 72oz Slurpee cup and tore open a bag of gummy worms from the last gas station haul.

She hadn’t asked where they were going. Clint had showed up two days ago, pressed a Starbucks into her hand, badgered her into taking half a Vicodin for her shoulder, and packed a bag for her. Turned out the senators on Capitol Hill wouldn’t know where to find her, after all.

They were going South, and that was enough. The day was warm enough to shed their jackets and ride with the windows down, and Natasha felt herself truly relaxing for the first time in weeks. She reclined the seat and kicked her feet up on the dash.

“Tash, come on!” Clint reached over and swatted her leg. “I just had her detailed. It’s okay baby, I won’t let her do it again,” he added in a soft tone, patting the steering wheel with one hand.

“Maybe you should get this car tattooed across your ass,” she suggested, but obligingly kicked her shoes off before returning her feet to the dash.

“How do you know I haven’t?” he retorted.

The traffic slowed by degrees until they were at a standstill, boxed in by SUVs and eighteen-wheelers. Natasha sat up and leaned out the window, nervous energy thrumming taut in her chest. Nothing but gridlock for at least a mile, but no emergency lights visible up ahead.

“Easy,” Clint muttered. She realized her hand was on the latch of the glove box, where she’d stashed her Glock that morning. “We’re okay. I’ll go check it out.”

He left the engine running and walked a few car lengths up the highway. She watched him wave to one of the truck drivers, marveling at his ability to turn on the Midwestern charm and make friends.

“Chickens,” he told her as he slid back into the driver side. It was such an odd thing to say, she forgot to be nervous as she arched an eyebrow. Probably why he’d chosen that as his opening statement.

“One of those guys flipped his trailer full of chickens,” Clint explained. “They’re trying to catch them all. We’re backed up for three miles.”

He shut the car off and fiddled with his phone until he pulled up a live feed from a news helicopter. Natasha reluctantly sank back into her seat and propped her feet up again.

They finished the snacks and flipped through the radio stations, watching the cars stack up behind them. Clint began to fidget, drumming his fingers on the steering wheel.

“You don’t have to get a matching one,” he said suddenly, and removed the leather cuff from his wrist. Up until now she had thought it was just a bizarre fashion statement, but she saw that underneath, on the underside of his wrist, was a tiny black hourglass symbol.

“That better be Sharpie,” she warned, anxiety twisting in her gut. Identifying marks were dangerous, moreso now, with Hydra openly gunning for them.

“You don’t like it?” he asked, feigning hurt feelings. “After all the pain I endured? You’re killin’ me, Tash.”


“Relax,” he chided. “The bracer covers it when I’m shooting. You can’t see it on missions. Besides, our entire history’s out there. Pretty sure Hydra knows we’re…whatever, by now.”

"That’s what we’re calling it? Whatever?”

“Didn’t think you liked labels,"he challenged, a sly little grin pulling his lips up at one corner.

Maybe it was time to give them a label. Whatever stung more than it should have, especially after months apart and finally giving in and buying the stupid necklace for comfort.

"We can be….”

She cast her mind around for an appropriate term. ‘Friends with benefits’ cheapened what was between them, and ‘soul mates’ was too cheesy. ‘Boyfriend’ and ‘girlfriend’ too juvenile.

“Together,” she said at last.

“We’re always together,” Clint pointed out. “Even when we’re not, apparently. We’ve got this weird ESP thing.”

He gave her necklace a tug and she caught his hand, tracing her finger over the familiar shape etched into his skin.

“Guess it fits,” he said, and leaned across the center console. “I can live with together.”

She should tell him that together was months - years - overdue. She should tell him that together would have made the pasts few weeks more painful but also somehow easier. She should explain the necklace beyond ‘It reminded me of you.’

Just together,” she stressed instead, because she’d never been good at relationships. “If any of the guys ask.”

He tangled his fingers in her hair and pulled her forward into a kiss, hard and deep, their first since his return. She could feel him smiling.

“Finally gotcha, Red,” he said softly as he pulled away, resting his forehead against hers. “Only took me eight years.”

She bit her lip, but couldn’t stop the stupid sappy grin at Clint’s declaration. Together wasn’t so bad.

Her phone bleeped a text.

Arc reactor. LEDs behind the diamonds. I’m the best person I know.

In true Tony fashion, he’d killed their moment.

“You know he isn’t serious,” she said, and passed Clint her phone. It was the expected Stark answer, meant to deflect any real discussion about feelings.

“Its Tony, he’ll never admit he likes us that much. We’ll get him a charm bracelet with everyone’s thing on it for Christmas.”

Apparently together meant joint Christmas gifts.

((It’s like 1000 words hope you like long prompts??))

Starks, vengeance, and Needle

This is partly a response to this post on asoiafuniversity, but it ended up being 80% tangent and not really reblog material. But the post hit on a lot of interesting topics about vengeance, violence, and Stark identity.

I disagree with the premise that this is a book-to-show adaptation problem, and especially not one of Benioff and Weiss missing the point. How does one watch that scene - Arya’s lip quivering in her young little face, the Stark theme (the actual saddest violins in the world) swelling over the lapping waves, ending with a cut to the weirwood face, the weeping eyes of the old gods looking down on her, the whole sequence sandwiched between scenes of her brother and her sister back in the North - and think that it was made without consideration of what it means for Arya to be a Stark? Admittedly I’m not generally big on authorial intent, but I find it bizarre to give more weight to one throw-off comment in an interview than to every single choice that went into the construction of such a memorable scene.

Still, to each their own. More substantively, though, I think it really undersells the complexity of both book and show to try and compartmentalize the bad (vengeance) from the good (sentiment). 

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frostyvampire  asked:

can you think of any ISTJ and INTP couples/ friendships? thank you

Jon Snow and Samwell Tarly from Game of Thrones.

No nonsense. Authoritative. Steps easily into command, but does not volunteer for it. Wrestles with his duty and his heart. That’s Jon Snow, an ISTJ just like his “dad” Ned Stark. Compassionate but firm, Jon’s heart is none of anyone else’s business. He can also put it aside to do what he must, even if that means killing someone to make a point. He’s a man of action, of firm decisions, without much ambition except to remain true to what he believes is right. Pure, healthy Fi. He does not like to take big chances, thanks to his inferior Ne. This means turning down Sam’s idea to save Gilly, because as bad as her situation is, the fall-out would be too great. So he says no.

Sam is much more of a dreamer, who enjoys talking with other people about … everything. Dreams, previous experiences, ideas about the future, friendship, and emotions. He confesses things about himself rather easily, in an attempt to connect to Jon in some way. He’s naive and idealistic, so much so that Jon has to keep him rooted in reality at times, both in how he interacts with other people (don’t show them any weakness) and with Gilly. Sam is much more easily influenced by other people’s feelings than Jon. He’s more outwardly emotional and reactive. It makes him warm and sweet, despite being somewhat detached when he talks about things. Being disliked bothers him.

The two have an interesting dynamic. Sam helps Jon be more optimistic (or at least, he tries …) and Jon helps Sam comprehend things like duty. Both are logical but in different ways; Jon wants to use facts to accomplish things, and Sam is more interested in getting to the heart of a matter. There is some friction but having similar functions helps, and both of them are better off for knowing each other.

On My Honour as a Tully, On My Honour as a Stark

Catelyn always greatly identifies with her own family and her own House’s words. She constantly refers to herself as a Tully and the words Family Duty Honour are all but engraved on her heart. She is very much Catelyn Tully, but, and this is a significant but, she is also very much Catelyn Stark.

Some people take issue with her always being referred to as Catelyn Stark, being identified by her married name, while people like Cersei are still called Lannister despite being a Baratheon by marriage. But it’s not a case of identifying Catelyn by her marriage, it’s identifying the fact that she loves her family, loves being a part of it; Catelyn is no longer just a Tully, and throughout the books, it’s something she herself realises. That even though she is not a Northerner by blood, she has Stark in her regardless. You could say carrying five Stark children (and possibly more) left it’s mark, but it’s much more than that.

While Catelyn values family, duty and honour, these three things seem to be very important to the Starks as well. They are known for being a very honourable family, Ned did his duty as she did hers, and they are extremely close, far closer than any other family in Westeros I would say, and much more affectionate. So, for one, the Tully ideals fit neatly into the Stark lifestyles. But as we’ve seen from her brother Edmure and her sister Lysa, Catelyn is the most grounded of her siblings, and the most steadfast. Lysa is prone to fits of madness, whilst Catelyn, even when her family is falling down around her, continues to fight. Edmure has such good intentions and care for his people and sometimes makes bad tactical decisions because of this whereas Catelyn, whilst she makes mistakes as well, is a better strategist, which even her Uncle Brynden remarks upon. When she says ‘a woman rule as well as a man’ Brynden replies 'Make no mistake, Lysa is not you, Catelyn’ implying he believes her capable of rule. This could all be said to make her a good match for the Starks, and was probably part of the reason why she and Ned’s marriage developed so well.

But, from things Edmure says, and from what Lysa has said to Sansa, we know that Catelyn was not always so austere. Lysa openly says she was more prone to fun, but that she adopted Ned’s attitudes and behaviour quickly. She essentially, for all intents and purposes, goes native. The Starks are honest, honourable, loving duty-fulfilling, respectable, and kind family. All things Catelyn values and shares herself. Her love for Ned, increases her love for the North, for she often thinks to herself how Ned seems to be a part of the North, and so how can she love him and not the land.

When she speaks to Cersei of thinking the place grim, she speaks in the past tense; these are no longer her thoughts of Winterfell. She sees the warmth and heart instead. While she loves Riverrun, Winterfell is home, and if not for the tragedy that followed she would have lived in Winterfell far longer than she ever lived in Riverrun. Her children also grew up there, so she has attachments because of that.

While Cersei Lannister remains Cersei Lannister because in no way shape or form does she adopt Baratheon ways (she wears Lannister colours, speaks the Lannister words and never the Baratheon ones, even her children are Lannisters) Catelyn has become intrinsic with the Starks. She wears the Stark colours, she is fully at home petting direwolves like they’re little puppies, and even the Stark words begin to fall off her tongue often once Ned is killed.

So many people see her as a wolf rather than a fish, even Tyrion thinks of her as 'this little she-wolf’. And through the war, because of being at Robb’s side, of needing to carry on, she actively becomes more Stark, she chooses to be 'You must be a Stark for true now’. It is not a sacrifice for her, she’s always been part Stark, but she makes it her predominant side when she has to be strong. They say 'you Starks are hard to kill’ and this is undoubtedly true. Everyone believes Sansa to be the only still alive, when in truth Robb and Ned are the only ones dead (and interestingly, the only ones decapitated) and even Catelyn is upholding to the saying, as despite having her throat cut, and the red priest saying that she shouldn’t have been able to waken after being three days dead, she rose, and for all intents and purposes, comes back to life.

Catelyn may be a Tully by a blood, but she is a Stark by nature. And it is this constant internal debate for her; she can’t help but feel a foreigner now wherever she goes. In the South, she feels a Northerner, in the North, a Southerner. Surrounded by Starks, she thinks of her Tully roots, but when surrounded by Tullys, she behaves more as Stark. The fact at the Red Wedding she says “on my honour as Tully, on my honour as Stark” shows how much she feels both are part of her. She doesn’t just swear upon one family’s name, but both. In her last truly living moments she names herself as Stark as well as a Tully, in some strange, bittersweet way, finally being at peace that she is both and not one or the other. 

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How is Jaime not going down the path of redemption? (Not trying to argue, this is genuine curiosity)

That’s cool, anon! I’m always happy to talk. This meta explains why I think that far better than  I could.

“But Jaime didn’t really change, our perceptions as readers on his actions did.

Jaime has always wanted to be deemed as honorable, he’s always hated being judged as the “Kingslayer”, he’s always wanted to be Ser Arthur Dayne and not the Smiling Knight. None of that changed, we just suddenly now know that his arrogance and smiles are feigned sometimes. We now know that he is bothered by things we didn’t realize he was bothered by.

None of that changed. He now thinks he has a chance at honor where he didn’t really before, but that’s not Jaime changing morals and becoming more redeemable, that’s him having some sort of hope for himself restored. I don’t think those two things are the same.“

It’s easy as a readers to think things happen in the order that we perceive them. Jaime was always a bit wistful about honor and glory and sensitive to victimhood with a misplaced idealism. Book 1!Jaime and Book 3!Jaime have gone through different experiences, but we see in Book 3 that the idealism has always been there? As the better writer has articulated in the link, he’s just seeing more opportunities to be like the ideal knight he always wanted, restoring that old part of himself, not rectifying his actions.

aside: I really want Sansa and Jaime parallels meta when I get the time. When I read Jaime’s POVs ASOS, I was shocked how much like a gruffer Book 1 Sansa he reads! I need to look up the page reference, but Jaime reference the same story of Jonquil that Sansa was fixated on in ACOK! He also has a very picturesque "the grownups will work the stuff out” view on politics. When Brienne has his hostage he hears tale of his incest is spread through Westeros. Jaime doesn’t fear for the lives of his kids but thinks:

“They had spread their tale of incest all over the Seven Kingdoms, so there was nothing to hide. Why shouldn’t I marry Cersei openly and share her bed every night? The dragons always married their sisters…It would play havoc on Joffrey’s claim to the crown sure, but in the end it had been swords that had won the Iron Throne for Robert, and swords could keep Joffrey there as well, regardless of whose seed he was. We could marry him to Myrcella, once we’ve sent Sansa Stark back to her mother. That would show the realm that the Lannisters are above their laws, like gods and Targaryens”. (Jaime, ASOS)

I highlighted the words “play havoc” because illustrates how Jaime is not grasping the gravity of what is happening to him and his family. A very true and dangerous fact that could get his family killed has been revealed. He also doesn’t grasp the complexity of how these wars work, like it’s just “swords” that keep people in place. And marriage and adherence to established precedent will work things out in the end.

Sansa got over this kind of thinking in Book 1 (thinking that if she just asks for mercy for her dad, things will all work out in the end, and she can even invite him back to court one day!), and she is 12. Jaime is a man in his thirties. It was kinda shocking to see he thought of the world like this.

I put this aside here to illustrate how ingrained in idealism Jaime actually is. His inability to cope with the misalignment between his ideals and reality is what kinda led to his inability to cope as an adult into the series. He’s not seeking to rectify the shitting things he did, but prove that, yes, he can regain some semblance of what he thought he could become back when the ideals of Arthur Dayne and other knights in the stories seem easier to grasp.

Rescue the lost wolves || Klaus & Sansa

Klaus had been hunting far to the north oblivious to the problems south of the wall. He was no wildling or by any means a white walker. Klaus was what was known as a child of the forest. Though he was not one of the original children, but he was one of the royals. If that even mattered anymore after so many had disappeared unable to live in the cold and getting themselves killed. To be honest it had been well almost two decades since he had dealt with anyone. The last time he was south of the wall in fact he had gone down for the memorial of a friend Lord Rickard Stark who was one of the last allies of his father. 

There was a understanding between him and the Night’s Watch. They left him alone and occasionally he would leave messages of where wildling’s were as well as their movements and the rangers would deal with them from there. Though when the day came when a ranger arrived with a letter Klaus was shocked to say the very least. Klaus read the letter in full several times and though most of the names were unfamiliar to him. Though apparently Eddard Stark was killed one of their sons crippled and the two daughters were being held captive in King’s Landing far to the south that he had heard up but never been there. There were also descriptions of the girls that the Maester had wrote down along with personalities in case they were in hiding. There was a message written to the girls so they would know to trust him and a final message barely legible that Winterfell had been taken. 

Klaus gathered his supplies as he had not been south in so long and reports from the ranger that the cold had started hitting the Riverlands. Klaus pulled on his cloak, weapons, and other items he would need before heading out to castle Black as he did not want to waste time climbing or finding the old passages through the Wall. Several days past before making it to the gateway and he had to wait half a day before they even opened the gate. It seemed as though most of the Night’s Watch had gone north and left only a handful behind. Klaus made his way in and ate having a hot meal and a nights sleep. He borrowed a horse and made his south towards Winterfell. He came across the two young Stark boys and told him who he was and told the wildling girl with him some safe places north of the wall he had lived and hunted. Now knowing that Winterfell was not worth a stop he continued south. 

By passing some war put him out of his way and it was three weeks before he made it to Kings Landing, and he could not have arrived at a worse time. Not only were the Stark girls both missing, but the King was dead and a week earlier The oldest Stark and his mother and wife were killed at the Twins. Constantly he was failing south of the wall. Perhaps it had been too many years since he had been out in the open though he still looked like a young man while being so old. It took him weeks to learn that Arya had been gone since her father’s death and Sansa only after the King’s. Though if what he heard was true the king deserved a far worse fate. After another week he heard rumors that Sansa had left the city heading north. There were many town between. Though after going to the records and looking at a Genealogy book he had two leads for Riverrun and the Eyrie. 

Klaus was gone the next day heading to Riverrun and quickly he learned that there was no Sansa there and he had to hope that she would be at the Eyrie with her aunt. Finally he heard rumors once he crossed over into the Vale of Arryn that there was a young woman apparently the bastard daughter of Lord Baelish that had arrived from her sick merchant mother. Well he heard many rumors and some said she had long beautiful red hair and others said it was short and dark. Either way the timing was too close to ignore, and if he an outsider noticed it may not be long before anyone else did. 

Klaus rode as hard as he could to the Eyrie and the tower was impressive. He dismounted and walked the long stone bridge to the entrance. He was very glad he had looked over the genealogy book and remembered some of the secondary family names in the north for his purposes. Not to mention the war had many dead and there was a great deal of confusion as to who ruled where. He was brought before Lord Baelish and Lysa arryn Steward of the Eyrie or something it was distracting with her son on her lap. 

Klaus took off his hood and did a bow. Something he had not done in years. He took a breath and prayed that his ruse would not be thwarted least of all by Sansa. At least not until they met in private. “My Lord and Lady my name Is Lord Klaus Manderly. I come to you this day and apologize for not sending word in advance I wished to arrive first. I am the second son of Lord Wendel Manderly Though as of recently I became heir to the White Harbor after they were killed. I was not raised to rule. I was the Captain of the Guard. Now I find myself running a great deal more than I was prepared for and I am searching for a wife. as well as alliances. As winter comes an alliance between the White Harbor and the Eyrie could be beneficial. I have heard of the beauty of your daughter Alayne Snow. Though she may be a bastard she is your only child and though I pray to the old gods and the new that you have more children even if there is a limited promise of support I would be glad to have it in this troubling time and would desire to meet Alayne.” Klaus bowed again and it had been a long time since he had spoken that much. He glanced around trying to see if he saw her watching along the edges.