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Creepypasta #1092: The Superkitchen

Length: Short

In the ruins of Detroit, they built a factory. A patchwork of abandoned auto plants and office towers, connected with a spaghetti tangle of corridors to keep the weather out. The Superkitchen, they named it, and even now it remains the largest food factory in the world.

The idea was simple. Instead of kitchens in every home, restaurants lining every street, supermarkets serving every neighbourhood, and farms crowding every countryside, they would consolidate all aspects of food production into one automated megastructure. It was a self-contained ecosystem and fed 11 million people a day.

There were vertical farms for fruits and vegetables, and flat factory rows of corn and wheat. Farming robots tracked along on the ceiling, tilling and sowing and harvesting, while maintenance robots patched damage both inside and outside. And if anything broke down, printers could churn out replacement parts in minutes.

Harvested food was shipped through the corridors to prep buildings, where seventy thousand cooking machines processed billions of orders annually. Ingredients funnelled in one end, packaged meals rolled out the other, each unique to the diet and preference of its customers. Then drones, buzzing like flies through Detroit and neighbouring suburbs, delivered hot food to precise GPS coordinates in minutes.

But the true genius of the Superkitchen was in meat generation. Vast herds of animals were packed tightly into its depths under a simulated overcast sky. Cows, lamb, pigs, chickens, and more produced manure, laid eggs, and gave milk, guided by robotic attendants. Robots bred them. Robots medicated them. And when it was time, animals were shepherded into a separate building where robots slaughtered them. The cycle was continuous, with meat sent up to the cooking machines as needed, and anything that went unused was recycled as feed.

Some criticized the process as genocidal. Activists chanted rhymes and waved signs, demanding that the everyman retain some awareness of how their meat was produced, lest they take it for granted. But by the early 21st century, 99% of people knew livestock only as the perfectly-cooked meals that arrived at their mouths, ready to chew. There was no going back for them.

So the Superkitchen was built.

Its architects speculated that, barring a major earthquake or hurricane, it could function non-stop for perhaps five years without human intervention. But the monstrous factory far exceeded their expectations. They watched as it operated error-free for one month, then six months, then a year. Their government declared a national holiday at 5 years. 14 years marked the end of hunger as similar automated factories blanketed the world.

Then, at 22 years, a plague. Born inside an over-medicated cow, the antibiotic-resistant superbug jumped to patient zero via a blue-rare porterhouse steak, proceeding to eradicate the human race in about 7 months.

But not the Superkitchen. With its self-replicating army of robots, it continued operating for 50 years. Hundreds. Thousands.

Breeding. Feeding. Slaughtering. Recycling.

Breeding. Feeding. Slaughtering. Recycling.

Breeding. Feeding. Slaughtering. Recycling.

Credits to: PunchMeat


Irene Adler appreciation post. 

In other news, Adlock lives on.

EDIT: I mean, 321 notes?? Like?? The Adlockers are truly alive haha thank you all for liking/reblogging this 

Also, for all you anti’s, please get off my blog if you don’t like Adlock/Irene Adler. I don’t go snooping around yours to spread hate on your ship, so please do me the favor of staying approximately 91056583461829473 billion miles away from me and my fellow Adlockers. Good day.

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: okay i know I say this 24/7 but yoongi is literally so in love with hoseok? honestly, can you imagine the fashion icon Min Yoongi actually putting on a bright orange (specially customized!!) tracksuit for anyone else other than the literal sun, Jung Hoseok aka his best friend aka the love of his entire life? like i'm not trying to be dramatic or anything but why is yoongi so soft for hobi (hope-ah) aka "SeokSeok" aka "Hoseokie" aka you can't fight me on this- Min Yoongi- the person who doesn't do pet names has a billion for this guy and i'm wondering if he's learned the meaning of subtle? the dude literally pushed the ship name "sope/sobi" on hoseok and you could see the poor boy was surprised but yoongi looked so happy and so hoseok naturally got all happy and everyone was just so happy and i mean i'm not saying they like eachother or anything, but idk maybe.. possibly they love eachother??? probably?

30 Problems Only Canadian People Will Understand. #11 Is So Accurate It Hurts.

1. People asking you to say ‘aboot ‘ for them and waiting for ‘eh’.

2. Having roads in our potholes.

3. Accidentally setting your keyboard to French and not realizing for the longest time.

4. When I Travel Abroad, Locals Think I’m American.

5. When I Type ’?,’ It Comes Out As 'É’

6. Constantly getting duds when it’s roll up the rim season.

7. Uses Canadian Spelling… Gets Corrected By U.S. Spell-Checker.

8. Asks For A Double-Double… U.S. Cashier Doesn’t Understand.

9. Paid $1.98 Charge With A Toonie… Got No Change.

10. Shipping with the US: free. Shipping internationally: 3 BILLION DOLLARS.

11. Panicking at the scent of burnt toast.

12. Just Got Netflix… U.S. Selection Is WAY Better.

13. If you pronounce the second ’t’ in Toronto, you obviously don’t live in Toronto.

14. Tim Horton’s withdrawel while abroad.

15. Wearing heavy-duty winter boots to school and looking like a hoser all day.

16. 3 second milk ads that leave you wondering what just happened.

17. Being asked if you ski to work.

18. Your international friends and family visit the other side of Canada but still expect to see you.

19. Wildly overestimating the price with tax, just to be safe.

20. Travelling to England means that half of your luggage is filled with plug adapters.

21. Ooh, 15 cents. That’s really helpful Canadian Tire.

22. “I have a friend named ______ in Vancouver, do you know them?”

23. Salt stains on everything in the winter.

24. Fahrenheit is a confusing and impenetrable mystery.

25. Need to fake an American zip code because there isn’t a postal code box.

26. “And remember class, it must be by a Canadian.”

27. The air hurts my face. Why am I living where the air hurts my face.

28. Having to take your mitts off in the winter to text someone back.

29. “What’s your background?” I’m Canadian. “no, before that.”

30. The calories in poutine. Seriously, the stuff tastes like heaven.

Things that irks me, a taekook shipper

Okay listen, I am not a petty or ugly shipper. I am chill most of the times. I just get really happy when taekook happens but I don’t hate on other members when when other ships happens nor do I call other shippers names when they go batshit crazy with theories over their ship. But why are so many of yall so ugly to taekook and taekook shippers. For example:

1. “Eww Taekook are incest.”

WTF. HOW??? If we are speaking technically, then according to my sources they have different last name, different father, different mother, different grandparents, different siblings, different genes, different dogs, were born in different hospitals in different parts of South Korea. so explain how are they suddenly long lost siblings now?

If we are speaking in a non-technically manner, then how is your ship not incest but taekook is? Your ship literally grew up together just like Taekook.They all are hyung-dongsaeng. Please explain to me the differences here between Taekook and your ship cause I am not getting it.

2. “I don’t ship Taekook, they’re too comfortable with each other.”

LMAO WTF!!! I am sorry but what kind of toxic and abusive relationship are you into?? Since when is being comfortable with each other is bad for a relationship??? If you are talking about some kind of tension and chemistry, then Taekook have plenty of those moments where it’s plausible they might be attracted to each other but that doesn’t mean they’ll stay uncomfortable 24/7. They share a happy and healthy relationship (whatever kind of relationship it might be). And thank god for that. They make each other truly happy, a big reason why I ship them even more.

3. “Taekook are only fan-service.”

I am sorry but BITCH WHAT??? How dare you call Taekook only fan-service when 70% of their moments are from low quality fancams where we have to look past crowds, increase brightness, zoom in, put shit in slow motion to find that moment. Why are they going all that extra mile for fan-service? They can just appear together in Bangtan bombs or be paired together in mvs and shit. But oh wait .. maybe your “non-fanservice” otp does those shit but you don’t bat an eye [cough cough]. Also, the happiness in Taekook’s face in doing the smallest thing like Jungkook tying Tae’s hair or their handshake, how can you call that genuine happiness fan-service. You are blind and petty if you don’t see how much they enjoy each others company.

4. “I hate Taekook because Taekook shippers hates Jimin.”

First of all, stop generalizing Taekook shippers. NOT EVERYONE hates Jimin. How can anyone hate Jimin? He’s the sweetest little bean, the most kindest angel on this planet. Listen hoe, I would give up one of my limbs if it meant Jimin will be happy forever. And some people are ugly doesn’t mean everyone is, I know some people hate on Tae too because of their ships so there are bad in every fandom. Second of all, why would you hate on Taekook because of few ugly shippers. What kind of logic is that? I am not saying ship Taekook, ship whoever you please my darling but don’t hate on Taekook. They share a beautiful relationship. The least you can do is appreciate their friendship instead of being salty every time they share a moment.

5. “Taekook shippers are larries.”

Okay, yeah sometimes we might get too excited and write some deep ass theories about taekook making eye-contacts xD but bitch don’t pretend like yall don’t do the same shit. Yall be wilding over the simplest shit your otp does too but we get called larries for having theories over Taekook cuddling/kissing in bed. Bitch that’s a big ass moment, that’s one of the highlight of 2016 for me (I know I have no life of my own) so you bet your ass imma be coming up with theories to torture myself more than anyone else [I just like suffering]. Your ass would be doing the same shit if it was your otp, but you stay salty cause that ain’t your otp. MY POINT: If we are larries, so are you !!

6. People that comment under Taekook selca with crap like “Jimin and Hoseok doesn’t like” or stuff like “Jikook/Vhope etc is better” under Taekook fmv on youtube.

UMMM BITCH WHY YOUR UGLY ASS HERE THEN?? IF YOU CANT SAY ANYTHING NICE OR RELEVANT, DONT SAY ANYTHING AT ALL. I even saw some other shippers tweet stuff under Taekook selca like “you guys look cute, so I won’t be petty.” EXCUSE ME ?? Just cause you ship someone else, do you now want Tae and Kookie to stop taking selcas all together. You do realize they are still part of one group and share a house and live together and see each other 24/7 and will continue taking 10 billion selcas (even though they post once after 3 years). Like I am here sitting at home and praying for a Taekook selca cause it’s been decades and your ass says “ya cute so I wont be petty.” Oh you’re so kind bitch. I HOPE YOU CHOKE ON YOUR KINDNESS.

7. People that tweet me or tells me in to ship their ships. Like for example, I get stuff like ”ship vmin, vmin are real” all the time. Listen, I love me some Vmin. Their friendship gives me life. But if I don’t wanna ship them romantically, nothing you say can make me so just STOP. Does your annoying ass not see all the Taekook in my header, in my dp, in my bio, in my location, in my website link. I literally put Taekook every where so CAN YOU JUST STOP IRRITATING ME FOR FUCK SAKE. 

Anyways, that’s all on today’s episode of Annoying shipper 101. Again, I’m sorry if I sound annoying myself but its like every time Taekook have a lot of moments, uglies just spam my timeline with their ugliness. I just want to enjoy moments of my ship in peace. THANK YOU!!!!!!!

You know what I hate about Reylos?

They act like they’re totally innocent and like they don’t go into the anti tag. “I stay in my lane!” I guarantee you don’t. If you go into the anti tag and look at their posts, if you tag ship posts excessively so they show up in a billion other tags, or complain about something an anti said on a post that’s tagged appropriately, you’re not staying in your lane, cause you’re not minding your own damn business. Stop playing like you’re innocent. If you’re gonna start shit, lurk, or post ship related things in tags that aren’t your ships tag, own it. Don’t add being a fucking liar to the list of reasons why you’re trash.

They’re giant hypocrites. “Antis are taking screenshots of Reylo posts! How pathetic!” Bitch you and I both know you have a collection of screencaps of anti posts! Why the fuck you playing?! This shit loops back to the playing innocent shit, except the denial is hypocritical. And that’s not the only thing they’re hypocritical about. “I don’t condone pedophilia! Omg guys do you think Ben Solo fell in love with Rey when she was little?!” Like…the fuck? Y'all fucking serious? “Antis are assholes because they don’t consider that some shippers could be mentally ill. The anti movement is only a hate movement and all antis need to go die.” H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E-S!!!

They say they call people out in their fandom for disgusting behavior, but I have NEVER seen evidence of this. For example, this Reylo Incest week that’s being planned. I haven’t seen ANY Reylos calling that out as problematic! In fact, all of the Reylos I see have been DEFENDING it because, “Lol don’t like block!” Like y'all know xkit and shit don’t work on MOBILE right?? Some Reylo shippers who are incest survivors have even expressed to others within the fandom that they’re highly uncomfortable with this, and that they feel unsafe. And you know what they’re told? “Don’t like? Block it. Incest might be gross to you, but I’m not American soooo…Tough.” How much of an entilted prick do you have to be to put your gross ass kink before someone’s SAFETY?! OH and THEN I’ve seen Reylos, directly in reference to this, make fun of triggers! (And I have the receipts to prove it!)

Like Reylos like to act like antis hate them for no reason but like, look at how they act! They never take any blame, they never apologize, they alienate members of their own fandom, they make fun of mentally ill antis for being triggered by their content, they chastise antis for the exact same shit they do, and they absolutely cannot handle any amount of criticism! They’re probably the worst sub-fandom I’ve ever encountered in all of my years on tumblr, and I’ve been here since before the damn Mishapocolypse and lived through the Fandom Wars.

Seventeen As YouTubers

// bc i was super busy today and feel bad for not posting //

S.Coups: Posts videos once every two months; somehow still has thousands of subscribers??; everyone always drools all over his videos since it’s usually him playing basketball or wearing muscle tees

Jeonghan: Beauty guru; makeup tutorials + beauty hacks; hair tutorials; does the boyfriend tag with s.coups; does the my boyfriend does my makeup tag with joshua; still doesn’t get any hate on it??; vlogs at coachella

Joshua: Posts guitar covers and sings; probably teaches you some songs on the guitar; also probably teaches korean and english on his channel; is super shy but somehow still gets tons of subscribers because he’s pretty and kind

Jun: Vlogger; somehow looks sexy all the time??; and his life is so put together and interesting; vlogs at a lot of modeling shows; probably models in them too; promotes his snapchat instagram and twitter too much

Hoshi: A complete mess; posts dance covers; also does dance tutorials; there’s even gaming on his channel too; always super excited and upbeat; in every video there’s always at least one “rip headphone users” comment

Wonwoo: What even??; posts covers of him rapping + singing; which is super beautiful and what everyone subscribed for; but then he’s just talking to the camera about shit and everyone’s like??; are you high

Woozi: Hardly talks in his videos; covers for DAYS; sings; plays piano; plays guitar; dances; might post a tutorial on the chords or notes for a song if he’s feeling nice; never responds to anyone’s comments

DK: DIY YouTuber; also posts pranks; they’re all bad tbh; people just subscribe because they like the sound of his voice; his DIYs are usually tacky and he gets distracted halfway through the video; always gets caught with pranks

Mingyu: Posts cooking videos; always has to get an apple box whenever he collabs for the other person to stand on so he doesn’t have to adjust the camera; is giggling and messing up the entire time; still somehow succeeds

THE8: Pure dance covers; will sometimes do Q&As and it’s what everyone LIVES for; voice of a million gods; moves of a billion gods; has his own little fanclub; still shy when he goes to vidcon to meet subscribers

Seungkwan: Another beauty guru; tests out beauty hacks; does makeup and nail art tutorials; vlogs like a QUEEN; always looks on point; films outfit diaries; everyone LIVES for his sass in his videos; all of YouTube ships him with Vernon

Vernon: Gamer; sometimes manages to convince Seungkwan to collab with him; makes bad puns in all his videos; sometimes busts out in SICK raps midgaming; super awkward at vidcon and during Q&As; doesn’t mind Verkwan

Dino: Posts dance covers; and dance tutorials; and also gaming; sometimes collabs with Hoshi; also likes to collab with Vernon; everyone always asks him how old he is; cute cinnamon roll; all his subscribers are precious

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What even was the Onceler fandom???

i was in it from day one and i still dont frickin know but lemme try to explain

the lorax movie (the newer 3D animation one) came out in 2012

I was a huge fan of the lorax even before that, i loved the book when i was little and loved the old cartoon movie and it already meant a lot to me so i was very excited to see it

i had juuuuust joined tumblr around then so i was still in my [400 GIFS] DOCTOR WHO!!!!! DOOOOWWWEEEEOOOOOOOO [400 MORE GIFS] WHAT IS AIR????? phase at the time, but so was everyone else in 2012

at first a little fandom popped up that was pretty normal, just a bunch of fans all enjoying the lorax and drawing fanart together

i THINK the first major askblog was askonceler, thats the one pretty much everybody tends to remember if you ask around, he was just your standard onceler rp blog, very cute, very well done

but then it kept growing. biggering, if you will

more askblogs started popping up, more fans joined in until the fandom was (or at least it felt) HUGE, and we ended up with every goddamn onceler known to man

anything you can think of, there was a onceler of it 

swag onceler, gentleman onceler, cannibal onceler (oneler, he was called), pimp greedler, ghost oncelers, vampire oncelers, robot oncelers, nightmare oncelers, artist oncelers, hippie oncelers, cowboy oncelers

i once knew of a walmart cashier onceler im not kidding there was literally everything 

there were blogs for every other conceivable thing in the movie too we had like 60 variants of the lorax and every other character including the empty-os cereal box, there was an askblog called “ask unreleased lorax dvd”

but somehow. SOMEHOW. all of this made sense at the time and none of us questioned it and every askblog was shipped with every other one and there was shitloads of drama over it 

these billions of onceler clones and their love lives were extremely important to us during that year for some reason

and then AUs of AUs of AUs happened- we had “camp weehawken” one summer where all the blogs were in a summer camp au, and that became a highschool au, and that went on for so long the characters werent even oncelers anymore and became their own separate OCs that were oncelers in the past and then THOSE characters became part of MORE aus until none of us knew what the hell was going on anymore and eventually the whole thing collapsed in on itself and disappeared like nothing happened

i think deoncelerized thneedville high is still going on somewhere in the void somehow, theres a few askblogs still out there doin their thing and a few people who still care about the onceler but the majority of the fandom pretty much vanished and either the community doesn’t exist anymore or ive just fallen out of it so hard i dont even see it/hear about it anymore

the whole thing feels like one massive fever dream we all had together tbh was the onceler fandom real

My BFF and i have a relationship that is brimming with slow burn otp fic tropes. Tonight we joked about how we’d be the worst fic ever, like–we’ve showered together, looked at each other’s cervices, seen each other naked 4 billion times, shared a bed for 3 months, been fake girlfriends at a gay bar, watched porn together, bought sex toys together/for each other…like seriously. If this were a fic people would be like when the FUCK are they getting together?!

And the answer would be never, and it would make people so angry! Like you read for 100k and then we end up with other people. The slow burn was with me and the barista/her and someone from high school, whatever.

Like we’re really just BFFs and it’s ridiculous.

True Star Trek Fans

I think it makes it truer, speaks a million words, when a trek fan can stand up and say ‘I ship this’ and the other fan can say 'Oh I don’t ship that, I ship this.’ And they may not agree on the ship, but when you can still, at the end of the day say. “Friend, you are my friend, sure you have different aesthetics, we might even completely disagree on something. But I will respect you, and I won’t call you names, or belittle you for liking ____" 

To me, that, speaks a billion words.

There is no wrong way, to enjoy Star Trek.

But there is a wrong way of being a Trekkie.

When you stop believing in the core principles; infinite diversity in infinite combinations. The beauty of what /could/ be the future of Star Trek.

That is where you’re gravely mistaken. You’ve lost the meaning, its purpose despite the entertainment quality.

To me, carrying the term 'Trekkie’ is such a huge honor, and a privilege. Something to hold onto and say, 'I know what we’re capable of’ 'I haven’t given up on humanity because I /know/ we are capable of something like this.' 

THAT is beautiful, that, is what it means to be a Trekkie.

Once you start angrily blasting others for liking, doing what they love, especially if they aren’t hurting anyone? Calling names whether you think it to be 100% true or not? 

Harmful, shameful, please reevaluate your thought process. Please.

"We all have differences, may we all come together and become greater than the sum of all of us.”

Nicolex is important and beautiful .

The fact that Nicolas in every way has treated Alex is care and respect . The fact that we the viewers catch him staring at her for no reason . The fact that his care and affection are introverted that he has to ask worrick about her.


If you want to be in denial about Nicolas and his growing respect, care and affection for Alex than that’s your fucking problem, but don’t sit here lying to me cause he salty. Don’t sit here saying he has not feeling so for her when he’s done so many things to show he considers her a part of his life, his team and just genuinely cares.  Don’t say Alex doesn’t feel the slightest bit the same way, she literally ran down stares giving him puppy dog eyes begging him to stay even though she knows he couldn’t.  She thinks of him more than worrick and even tries her fucking hards to learn sign language just in order to speak with him properly and do things that will help him out.  They’ve both gone through so much shit. So much shit, so has worrick, but these two are so broken they have lost their hope, yet both look at each other and see hope. You can tell by the way they look at each other it’s as if to say “ This person get’s me, out of the millions and billions who don’t, you get me. Thank you.” 

THEY ARE DESTINY BADASS DAD AND GENTLE SWEET MAMMA FOR THE FUCKING WIN. If these two were to have children those children would have so much love given to them that they’d grow up being sweet amazing adults. Don’t fucking tell me these two, this ship isn’t important IT’S SO FUCKING IMPORTANT AND BEAUTIFUL. 

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13rw for the show thing

  • my favorite male character: clay, jeff, and tony honestly 
  • my favorite female character: hannah and i miss her sm 
  • my otp: hannahxclay :(
  • my notp: br*cexanyone
  • my other ships: bradxtony, jeffxlife, jeffxhappiness, clayxhappiness, alexxlife, bryycexjail
  • my least favorite character: bryce, whoever tf uriah played lol
  • my favorite season/episode: i don’t even know which ep is my fav bc i liked it all… but i’m gonna say ep 11 bc clay and hannah forever…..
  • who i would date off the show: tbh zach is literally my type of guy in terms of looks but he’s kinda a dick so…… probably clay lol or jeff!!!!!

send me a show and i’ll tell you 

Shipping the Boy Band!

Seriously though, sticking to one ship is like asking someone to eat one cookie. You can’t expect that to happen. It won’t happen. Because it can’t.

Let’s look at Promnis and Promptis really quick. The in-game interactions give both ships plenty of ammunition. Prompto’s background with Noctis makes Promptis even more obvious. Prompto dotes over Ignis, and them healing, loving and taking good care of each other works in so many ways. Both ships work for a billion reasons.

Although in my heart it is always VegetaxBulma Smut Month, is there a official one or can there be one?? I have seen some other ships having them and I enjoy them so much! Seeing everyone put their fics/comics/fan art out there with themes for each day! It would be glorious!

Examples of themes for each day:

Gravity Chamber Rumble (if ya know what I mean ;D - When the chamber is a rockin’ don’t come a knockin’)

Gloves Only/Lab Coat Only - OR SOMETHING like that, where I have had a billion images come to mind of Bulma reading in bed and Vegeta walking in the room wearing nothing but his white gloves that he is finishing putting on. Like he’d lean against the door frame, pulling on the second glove and giving her a sexy stare down….or for Lab coat only, Vegeta has just walked in from working out, he walks past Bulma’s home office and sees that the door is cracked open  and a low light is still on despite the late hour - He enters and she is leaning against the desk - at first in a more slumped pose cause she was waiting for him to come in, and then when she spots him she gets into a sexy pose against the desk “I’ve been waiting for you” and unbuttons the single button on her lab coat to reveal nothing underneath - needless to say Vegeta shuts and locks the door - boom chicka what whaaaat ensues.

Kiss the cook - You can choose which one of them would be cooking - imagine him leaning down to pick up a spoon he dropped or something, catching sight of her long legs crossed under the table and he can’t resist but to follow them up under her skirt ;D or she is cooking for him and toys with tasting it on her fingers in front of him (extra emphasis on the sucking), bending over to check the oven…..and the horizontal fusion would begin!

“The kids are in the next room!” - They have to try and be quiet cause the kiddo are in and they can’t help themselves! Covering each others mouths, Vegeta flying them to the roof

Hot springs - Why wouldn’t we want to see them putting the HOT in hot springs! Imagine them going away for the weekend- against Vegeta’s protests-he has been his normal ‘arms crossed/scowling’ self the whole time, and finally she gives up trying to get him involved in the activities going on at the inn (couples painting, cooking class together, couples yoga, ping pong) they are staying at for the hot springs. At night she is a bit cold but doesn’t want to show it, she is a bit somber over his attitude, so she goes to sleep facing away from him, trying to huddle under their blanket - he can sense she is cold - so he moves in to spoon behind her, feeling kind of like a jerk, she rubs an icy foot on his leg - TOO COLD! He picks her up and dumps her in the hot spring clothes and all - she emerges from the water about to yell at him when she sees his devious smile as he is stripping down, promising to warm her up!

ALSO another ideas is that they could be going to this small inn which has a nice hot spring and when they arrive, Chichi and Goku are arriving too- after Bulma was telling Chichi about it before they left, Chichi gets Goku to agree to go too - Vegeta isn’t too happy with his peace being broken, but Vegeta and Goku end up getting into competitive ping pong, who can eat more wasabi with their sushi, who can hold their breaths longer (it gets ridiculous so Chichi and Bulma go off to chit chat) and then at night, their rooms happen to be next to each other and while Bulma and Vegeta are getting busy they can hear thumping coming from Chichi and Gokus room - it becomes a competitive thump fest (actually it makes me think of that scene in that one movie with Russel Brand)…..but yeeeeah

you can have more serious themes too like -

Making love after he comes back to life…./ Making love after they thought they lost each other

After Battle of the Gods/or Fukkatsu no F

Jealous big bang attack

Role reversal - Bulma is the Saiyan - Vegeta is the Human

First Time

THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!!! A theme for each day as long as it turns out smuttacular!

What do you guys think??? Chime in your ideas or smut fantasies!

Vous êtes sur un vaisseau spatial, à des millions de kilomètres de la Terre, pis c’est même pas ça que vous vouliez faire dans la vie!?

S’cusez, j’ai juste comme eu une attaque de feels. Il aime pas être un scientifique, il aime pas l’espace plus que ça (première chose qu’il fait après le décollage, c’est être malade sur Valence. j’pense que voyager dans l’espace doit pas lui faire plaisir ben ben!), il passe toute la Mission entouré de gens qu’il aime pas et qui ne l’aiment pas non plus… J’veux dire, Brad est peut-être ben chiant pareil, mais tsé, j’pense que j’emmerderais le peuple aussi, au moins un ti peu. D:

bon, après, le fait que le reste de l’équipage l’aime pas est entièrement mérité, mais bon…


You’re on a spaceship, billions of kilometers away from Earth, and this isn’t even what you wanted to do with your life?!

Just had a sudden attack of the feels because of this silly show. Brad never wanted to be a scientist, he doesn’t even like space (i mean, the first thing he did when he got to the ship: he got sick and barfed on Valence…), and has to spend the entire mission surrounded by people he can’t stand. The same people who also hate his guts.

Don’t get me wrong: Brad is a huge jerk and the hate he gets from the other members of the crew is well deserved. But in his place i’d be miserable as fuck too. D:

Here's a fun new game: Don't tell other people what they're "allowed" to watch, like, or draw based on YOUR beliefs, ideals, or tastes.

“Don’t draw Disney characters with tattoos and piercings and black hair and stretchers!”

“Stop shipping this character/these characters!”

“Stop crossing over X with Y!”

“Stop drawing this character as [insert race/creed/gender identity/sexual orientation here]!”

I’ve got a better idea.  How about “Fuck you, you’re not the fandom police”?

Do you really think people are going to stop watching/drawing what they like just because YOU don’t like it?  Are you truly that conceited?  Has it STILL not dawned on you that you share this planet with over seven billion other human beings that all think differently than you do?

Grow up.

Learn to blacklist.

Learn to block.

Learn to ignore.

The very concept of fandom exists as an outlet for people to not only voice their appreciation for a series, but also to trade their own ideas regarding it.  That’s what makes these things FANON, rather than CANON.

It’s not your place to tell others how they’re “allowed” to express themselves.

It’s no one’s responsibility to change anything they like or do to suit your needs.

Your feelings and tastes are yours, and yours alone.  They are no one else’s problem.

There are going to be things in this world that you don’t like. 

There are going to be things in this world that you cannot change.

The sooner you learn this, the better.

MCU Ladies Week
Day Two: Unsung Hero

Sharon Carter/Agent 13

“With all due respect, if SHIELD is conducting a manhunt for Captain America, we deserve to know why.”

The lack of focus that Sharon Carter/Agent 13 received and the lack of screentime for Emily VanCamp was appalling. Upon watching Captain America: The Winter Soldier, I really liked the character of Steve’s-next-door-neighbour-slash-undercover-SHIELD-Agent and found myself wondering if the movie theatre had screwed up and only shown part of the film when she was only in like 3 scenes and played little to no role in the film. While I loved the focus that Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow received in the film, I was angry that Sharon seemed to get the shaft when it came to focus/storyline/screentime and was a bit angry that the MCU didn’t try to have the storyline shared by the two women.

I’ve also noticed that Sharon seems to be getting a bad rep from certain fans solely because Sharon/Steve ruins another ship. I absolutely detest when female characters are hated by the fandom solely because of a ship or because she gets in the way of their “perfect” ship, so that’s another reason why I think she’s an “unsung hero” because most of the time when she’s getting talked about, it’s about how she’s a horrible person for wanting to date the man that her great aunt used to date or about how she’s a waste of space getting in the way of shipping Steve with other characters.

Now, Sharon will be appearing in Captain America: Civil War and I already know that since there are like eleventy billion characters in that film, she probably won’t play as big of a role as I hoped she would.

I hope that if they ever decide to reboot the MCU, that she can play a main role or perhaps she can join the cast of Agents of SHIELD now that Emily VanCamp’s TV Show, Revenge is over. No matter what, I want Sharon Carter/Agent 13 to receive the attention/focus that she rightfully deserves.