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Having Tyler as a brother must be awesome

list of things Marvel is doing/going to do to improve (and I think we should acknowledge it):

  • Agent Carter - Female lead
  • AKA Jessica Jones – Female lead
  • Marvel’s Most Wanted – Female lead
  • Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD – Biracial female lead (Skye) + several supportive female and poc characters 
  • Luke Cage – 4/5 of the main cast are black actors/characters
  • Daredevil – disabled main character 
  • Black Panther – Main black male lead
  • Captain Marvel – Female lead in a movie
    • hopefully leading to Kamala Khan––first Muslim superhero 
  • Ant-Man – Hope Van Dyne becoming one of the next superheroes, Janet Van Dyne most likely to return
  • + The new avengers team – 2 of the avengers are black males, 2 are females

i-it’s okay smol byakugan princess it…gets shinier the more you brush… DO YOU KILL PEOPLE WITH YOUR HAIR UNCLE NEJI….??

meanwhile smol jinchuriki prince is like. why. why do you have so much hair uncle neji i don’t understand doesnt it get tangled in battle and stuff and oh youre that good??? i- im gonna have long hair when i grow up just you wait

Imagine this for a second: you have a husband, and you love him very much. He’s handsome, and charming, and attentive, and funny, and everything you’ve ever wanted, and he loves you just as much as you love him.

He works as an actor, together with other actors and actresses, and sometimes he hangs out with them on set and goofs around. There’s an actress with whom he’s good friends. Maybe they play love interests. Maybe not. Either way, they get along, and they’re friends. And you’re friends with said actress, too.

And now imagine that people talk online about your husband and his co-worker, speculating that they’re together, maybe telling your husband he should leave you for his co-worker or condemning him/them for something they’d never do or saying they’re a cute couple. Or sharing edits of their characters in, shall we say, mature situations, and tagging them in it so they show up in their newsfeeds, or when you or your family or friends google them. Not their characters, but them.

Imagine how you’d feel.

Or imagine how you’d feel if you were the husband, or the co-worker, being accused of something you’d never do. Being accused of doing, or encouraged to do, something that would hurt someone you love very much.

Imagine how you’d feel.

And maybe take that into account before you speak/tweet/etc.

petition for exo to make vlogs/video diaries