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i’m working on something. Qrow doesn’t need a face when you have fUCKING GRIMM MASKS LIKE YOUR COOL-ASS SISTER YO

  • me:"is it okay if i text you?"
  • friend:"yeah"
  • my internal monologue:oh shit one word answer are they annoyed does this mean they dont want me to text?? do I ask too often are they fed up of me asking??? do I text them too often??? do I ask too many questions am I annoying them do they hate me now??? if I ask if im annoying them will that annoy them more and make me even more annoying??? this is the end
  • me:"cool!"

jokes based around camo being invisible are some of my favorite jokes on earth.

I’m scrolling my dash, looking at all of the Carmilla tears, and just remembering how for the first few episodes I watched, there were so few people in the fandom.

We were thirsty for fic and had no ao3 tag.

About 4 people made fanart.

We cried just as much about Danny Lawrence.

We didn’t even have a name yet.

Now there are thousands of creampuffs.

And it’s beautiful.

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Whats your favorite book in the Narnia series ?

Voyage of the Dawn Treader. I can’t think of many books as strange and bright and elegiac and frightening, and I read it to rags when I was little. There are moments in it, images, that are among Lewis’s most stunning and immediate: Eustace clawing scales from his dragon arm, trying to escape the jeweled cuff digging into his flesh; the ugly fight at the edge of the golden pool, and the dawning horror as Caspian and Edmund realize the fate of the statue at the bottom; the three ancient sleepers at the table of the fallen star, their hair grown grey and tangled together.

It’s a book of dreams and signs and wonders at the edge of the world. It’s about the mystery of the divine, and the neverending urge to chase it until our souls are flensed by overpowering light. It’s got a fucking sea serpent

My top pick since I was four, son.  

So.. Why exactly are you here..? Better yet.. How did you find out I was here?

i had a dream that fall out boy kidnapped all of our parents and tortured them so we would all say we loved the new album and go out and buy it in stores and on itunes and then when we fought back they blew up the country

i feel sad and tired when people (mainly americans and brits, in my experience) complain about their countries’ language education system from the point of view of “we should start younger so then we can get fluent quicker”

like the age at which you start has totally nothing to do with it for us

it’s a deeply flawed and undervalued system viewed as being difficult and pointless and people becoming AWARE of that almost turns it into a self fulfilling prophecy, like they can just use the language educational system as a perfect excuse for any and all shortcomings in their language learning skills

i got into a kinda disagreement with a couple of people from my course last year when the UK was trying to go on about reintroducing language education in primary school - they were of the opinion that “the younger you start the better you’ll be” and honestly that’s so simplistic and naive. We already don’t have enough language teachers to properly cope with the, what, three to five compulsory years of language lessons in secondary school? And not just the quantity of teachers but also the quality - from what I’ve seen, many of them are underqualified and are trying to teach languages they don’t properly speak themselves (at a very low level so they ‘get away’ with it) - if kids start learning earlier and get to secondary school already with some language knowledge down, in many places they’ll find the standard of the teaching can’t keep up as they progress through the school system

but again it all falls down to attitude and just tacking on a few extra years won’t fix that. you have to WANT language learning, even with a ton of classes it won’t just happen automatically. Here in France they have somewhere in the vicinity of seven compulsory years of English classes (+ a second language for a few years too), which is better than the UK and pretty reasonable, yet the general standard of English isn’t really great. Those who do speak it well are the ones who have wanted to and who have gone out and learnt more and more themselves outside of class.

Anglophone privilege and arrogance and air of superiority and ardent monolingualism is a pretty important issue and people reducing it to “if we started learning languages in school a couple of years earlier it’d be fine” makes me pretty uncomfortable tbh because it just misses and distracts from the point

Also while I am at it what kind of art teacher tells her students they are awful? And that they won’t pass because their art sucks? Like who are you to talk down to your students like that, everyone in this class is so amazing and talented, and you have no right to tell them they are terrible!

She says this crap to me and two other students in here all the damn time and I am getting so sick of it