and life doesnt stop

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When will he be done with this?? When will he get something good in his public life?? For real, when is it gonna stop??? He doesnt deserve any of this. God, his face 😞 his body language with her 😞 the difference to when he was with his friends 😞 he doesnt deserve any of this

I just really really don’t understand while they’re still making him do this and haven’t ended other things. What is this accomplishing right now? Placing him LA is enough. Why does he have to do this? And why has he had to for so long? Especially when things on other fronts seem to be so different. I don’t get it.

Look if CS is “vanilla” because its a healthy, balanced relationship with kisses and cuddles instead of fights and its based on mutual respect rather than being “messy” and based on manipulation, both parties are happy and don’t reduce each other to moral compasses, then lather me in chocolate sauce, roll me in sprinkles and pop me on a cone because I’m the most vanilla bitch in town

This is really more of an incohesive thought dump more than anything else (mostly bc it’s late and I’m tired and‘ll probs go to sleep right after.

Answering these together since its kinda the same topic. Short answer: I don’t know. Once again I need to reaffirm that my attachment to her isn’t quite based in the realm of rationale and logic, but there definitely are things I can think of. 

She’s strong. She has a ton of physical strength and she’s a badass–but she’s also so much more than that. She’s an incredibly human character; hurt by her past, haunted by what might be the future, and she tries and tries to defy fate with all the strength she can muster even if its useless sometimes. In that regard she very much fits into the overall theme of the story about never stopping to struggle-very much like Eren.

She’s may be cold and cool on the outside, but truthfully she’s still so emotional inside, in some ways she’s a strong and grown woman, but in some ways still a young and frail child. And I love, love, LOVE emotional characters. I love it when more “distant” characters open up and let their emotions flow through, especially people like Mikasa, who I find to be so relatable, so easy to put yourself into their shoes, so easy to feel with. I love emotional characters, and I love having an emotional connection with them–I think that’s the best way to explain my excessive, un-defyable  love for especially Eren and Mikasa. 

This was in my feed today as an advert. Anyone who knows more about tumblr algorithms and these ads on mobile, what do you think this could be? I clicked it and it’s some article about Netflix streaming… this confuses me so much because the image isn’t linked to the actual advert or article in any way and, well, my tumblr feed it mostly filled with Sherlock stuff. I’ve never stumbled across an ad that’s had anything to do with my actual tumblr preferences or interests before though, so why this now???

EDIT: I’ve now seen that others have already addressed this, but how weird is it??? Especially since it doesn’t even seem like it’s randomly generated in any way… if someone’s fucking with us again they sure are putting a HELL of a lot of time and effort into it.

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Ladies, listen up.

The competitions need to stop. We need to come together and support each other, not tear each other down. Stop putting down women who don’t have kids. Stop putting down women who do have kids.

Don’t say that you know about exhaustion more than a woman who isn’t pregnant/doesn’t have kids.

Don’t tell a woman that she won’t live a fulfilled life because now she has a child and can’t do whatever whenever.

And don’t tell a woman that she won’t live a fulfilled life because she DOESNT have a child.

Just stop it. There’s no reason for this. Don’t tear anyone else down.

I know what it’s like to be on both sides. Four years of unexplained infertility and coming to terms with never having children taught me that women can be very cruel when it came to talking about what I knew about life just because I didn’t have children.

And now, 17 weeks into this pregnancy, I see how cruel women who choose/can’t have kids can be to women who are pregnant/have children.

But if I’m honest? The hate seems to be coming strongly from the women with children. Why? Why is this happening? When I see women bashing other women, it disgusts me and disheartens me. This. Needs. To. Stop.

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ur right hayley! my mom is very ill & i know she'll pass soon. it SUCKS big time. what some ppl don't understand is- you cant judge someone for the way they deal w/ those circumstances. unfortunately, time doesnt stop when these things happen, life doesn't stand still, you dont have a choice but to be strong & find solace & comfort any way you can. releasing music, tweeting fans, staying quiet, spending months away - none of it is wrong & NO one shld judge how a person chooses to cope

i’m so sorry about your mum, i’m sending love and prayers your way. and yeah, people throwing themselves right back into their work is actually a common way of dealing with grief, so i don’t get why it’s seen as controversial. let them be, let them process in their own ways.

I graduated college yesterday which is pretty stellar. I gotta find a job tho quick so i can pay rent this summer lmao 

life just doesnt stop moving, but i’m very excited about this next chapter in my life! only good things ahead of me now


Matt Bomer & Cindy Crawford Are Too Beautiful To Interview (x)


D: “Hey ;)”
K: “Hey??”
D: “what s uup”
K: “Hanging with Bo, You??”
D: “horny AF hah a a”
K: “….”
D: “ ypu know what my  fav sport is? volleyball. sex is a close secon d tho u down?”
K: “I’m dropping Bokuto off rn where are you??”