and lietpol look at that

Hetalia ships in 10 words or less
  • Dennor: Hey Nor look- owww
  • SuFin: IKEA x Heavy Metal
  • HongIce: But first, like lemme take a selfie
  • IceFride: Fridge-senpai
  • UsUk: I swear if you do that again... dammit
  • FrUk: They love each other, sexually
  • Franada: It's time I taught you the art of- FRANCIS NO
  • PruCan: Pancakes are awesome, YOU ARE AWESOME keskeskese
  • PruHun: Tangled
  • AusHun: (ʘ‿ʘ)ノ✿ Hold my flower Roddy
  • Ameripan: America-san pris no
  • Giripan: At least your cats love you
  • HRExChibitalia: If only there was someone who loved you
  • Spamano: I hate you- wait are those tomatoes?
  • LietPol: You look Fabulous Liet
  • Gerita: Our Lord and Saviour Doitsu
  • Itacest: It is not too late to repent for your sins.

♥ Alles Gute zum Geburtstag. @kyuhu ! ♥

I’m terribly sorry for the delay, but I hope you like this! ♥
I didn’t know exactly what to draw, but since I’ve always drawn you LietPol, I thought I should change subject for once :D
Sadly it looks like I just can’t help but draw in a somewhat Hetalia style when it comes to aph characters </3 I didn’t want to experiment too much I feared it wouldn’t end up good enough x_x;
Well, I hope you like it and that you had a great day <33


Certain wacky hijinks later on tend to uh overshadow in the memory the start of this little episode…  But okay, I have really strong feelings about it, and how it’s totally adorable and touching and inspirational to me…

Without over-analysing or diagnosing anything, what is abundantly clear is that Poland DOES NOT WANT TO meet these new people right now.  Possibly this whole idea has just been sprung on him and yeah he is so far from okay with it.  And it is upsetting him HUGELY.  And then there’s a (well-meaning) guy yelling at him to stop crying, and of course that makes you feel a whole lot better about yourself doesn’t it…!?  Then, out of time, they’re here – the other guy calms down enough to present some lowered expectations: “at least try to greet them properly."  And then?  Somehow, he makes himself go sit down in front of everyone, to all outward appearances as cool as a cucumber.

THAT IS IMPRESSIVE.  That is mad inspirational. 

I wouldn’t say, by the way, that he actually is relaxed and calm at this point - he’s arranged himself in a casual pose but that face is intense concentration.  But he’s acting it with all his might and he pulls it off.

But but also! look! Lithuania does a similar thing.  He’s all… "aHHhhhh, this is scary and new and I’m REALLY NOT SURE but okay I’ll do as I’m told…” and then – he just… closes his eyes, takes a deep breath and starts again, calm and somewhat fierce and very determined: “I am known as Lithuania…”

…and Poland totally respects that, heh.

Merry Christmas, @aph-sasstria. I’m your APH Rarepair Secret Santa! While I think LietPol isn’t a “Rarepair”, I couldn’t help drawing these two with the prompt “Some fall thing”! I did this mainly traditionally with some digital editing to make it look nice.

(Honestly, I drew BelaLiech and EstLat too, and I will totally get around to finishing them as well. Life got in the way, and finishing three pieces by Christmas wasn’t going to happen. Look out for those, too!)

j-ellyfish  asked:

I love your new icon, he's basically the first LietPol shipper xD <3

Haha, thanks <3 I was looking for a new icon and it was the first thing I kinda tripped over.

this gem on tvtropes!! (Bureaucratically Arranged Marriage)