and lick him all over

Six of Crows + Pets

Alright so I dunno if anyone else has already done something like this but I was watching National Geographic and here is what occurred as a result

  • Kaz is secretly going through some Feelings because his darling Inej just left for her first voyage at sea and although he is proud he is also lonely
  • And one day he’s strolling back from the Van Eck house (it was a negotiation not a visit obviously) and this stray dog comes at him from an alley
  • Kaz’s first instinct is to bat it in the face with his cane but he realizes the shaggy mass of matted black fur is not trying to bite him, only lick his face
  • But it is also getting mud all over his suit so he calmly shoves it off and keeps on walking with mild annoyance
  • The dog does not stay behind. It follows him all the way back to the Slat. It also tries to go inside the Slat, and there is no way Kaz will let dirty paws all over the newly shined hardwood floor
  • Kaz grudgingly leads it around to the alleyway, throws it a few bones from the kitchens, and then leaves
  • He feeds it again in the morning, and again that evening, and so on for the next few days until Jesper swings by and insists that he clean the poor thing up
  • A few hours later there are mounds of black fur all over the alleyway and Kaz is completely sodden from giving it a bath, but he actually doesn’t mind
  • The other Dregs are absolutely in love with the giant dog, which looks like something you could ride into battle but also insists on climbing into your lap for kisses and petting
  • “Aren’t you going to name it something?” “I can just call it Dog” “Kaz that is the stupidest thing you’ve ever said” “Fine, you name it” “Okay, it’s going to be called Hound” “Never mind I’ll name it go away Jesper”
  • Kaz calls him Contra because he feels like being clever
  • Contra does not leave Kaz’s side, and although Kaz acts like he barely tolerates the dog, more than once he is caught talking to him about his day and several other things
  • And even though Contra seems like a big fluff ball, he is quite capable of doubling as a guard dog, also
  • Meanwhile after a few months at sea, Inej discovers a cat had crawled aboard in one of the latest port cities, and she falls in love with the gorgeous tabby right away
  • Inej calls her Topaz, because of her lovely golden eyes, and Topaz takes to climbing the rigging or napping in coils of rope
  • One day a really bad storm hits, and while Inej is running around in the rain shouting orders, she suddenly can’t find Topaz
  • In addition to her current stress worry over the animal she’d formed a sentimental bond with rises up and as soon as the ship is steady she’s searching every nook and cranny
  • Some of the sailors are afraid she’d washed overboard, and when morning comes Inej decides that she’ll just have to let her go
  • Then she wakes up from an exhausted nap and there Topaz is, sitting on the edge of her bed, soaked and trembling pitifully
  • They never really find out what happened to her, but the crew is just happy to have their beloved cat back
  • In Ravka, however, Nina and Matthias are happily engaged and living busy but productive lives (Matthias is very alive, very in love, everything is okay, because I assure you NO HARM CAME TO HIM AT ALL IN CK)
  • During breakfast Matthias vaguely mentions he misses his wolf from Fjerda and Nina takes this to heart on their next diplomatic journey
  • They’re conversing with some officials when Nina whispers something to a man beside them, but Matthias takes no notice
  • The next day he wakes up to find three different wolf cubs waiting for him outside, and Nina says he can pick one
  • Matthias has never kissed her that enthusiastically before
  • They return to Ravka with a fierce female cub that Matthias names Lumi, meaning snow in Fjerdan
  • Lumi has a habit of biting things, whether it be fingers, table legs, or shoes, but Matthias is methodic and patient in dealing with her
  • In time Lumi becomes a very obedient, very loyal companion to both Nina and Matthias, and she grows to be a magnificent creature that impresses everyone they meet
  • Back in Ketterdam, Jesper begins leaving food out for stray cats, and eventually there are ten to fifteen creeping through every day
  • Wylan really doesn’t mind, until he walks downstairs after meeting with some merchers and finds Jesper laying on the floor, covered in kittens and laughing with childish delight
  • “We cannot raise nine kittens!” “Not with that attitude we can’t”
  • At first the Van Eck servants are horrified as to how much work this is going to be, so Wylan forbids them from doing anything and insists he and Jesper will do all the work
  • Even though stray, fully grown cats are constantly circling through, the kittens never show any attachment, choosing Wylan and Jesper instead as their parents
  • Jesper coddles them, frying fish and serving cream in glass dishes, whereas Wylan does his best to keep them from peeing everywhere
  • It isn’t exactly unpleasant, but they do tend to drape themselves over new sheet music or the piano
  • Jesper names them all the most ridiculous things, but they never respond to anything Wylan calls them, so they are stuck with stuff like “Pufflewhiskers” and “Stripe Legs”
  • Anyways it’s really great when the gang has a little reunion in a year or so to find that all of them have acquired animals of some kind


What a rotten little faker. He is no good at pretending to be asleep. He can never help the little, sneaky smile. There are so many ways to get him to stop pretending, though. You’ve picked up Candy before and set her on top of him so that she licks all over his face. You’ve done the, “since Taozi’s asleep, that means I get to eat all his pancakes!” And poked him in the side with his wushu stick when he needed to take the garbage out.
But your favorite way to make him stop faking is to crawl back onto the bed and into the circle of his arms, nuzzling against his still warm frame and kissing over his face until he simply has to open his eyes to catch your lips with his, arms tightening around you and trapping you in his embrace for a little longer. “You’re not fair.” His nose brushing against yours sweetly and the curling of his lips means he’s really not disappointed you figured out his ruse yet again.

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Imagine This...

Imagine Tom bringing home a puppy and you come in to find him holding the puppy and it licking all over his face. Tom then sits it down and wants to come kiss you. He laughs as you back away and try to hide but Tom grabs ahold of you and tease you by getting so close your face. Meanwhile the puppy is on Tom’s leg barking trying to get up to save you.

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AU where hinata dogsits for neighbors and all the dogs love him and one day kageyama comes over and the dogs are all curious and it takes a while for them to warm up to him (esp since kags is so awkward jeez) but there’s this one little puppy that’s super soft and it really likes him and kageyama ends up spending so much time just watching this puppy climb all over him and lick him and love him and his eyes are all lit up with happiness and hinata’s watching and he just has this “fuck i’m gay” moment but then the other dogs get jealous and start hounding kageyama for love too and he just gets swamped by all these fluff balls and hinata’s laughing his ass off

It’s been a year since Tiedoll named his apprentice ‘Kanda’, and he hasn’t heard the boy speak even once. It’s common enough in abused children, so Tiedoll doesn’t press it. But he’d like to hear his little son talk. Doesn’t any parent?

On June 6th he carries a big box to a sleeping Kanda and gently shakes him awake. Kanda opens his eyes blearily and tries to glare while yawning.

Tiedoll opens the box and takes out a squirming beagle puppy. He places it in Kanda’s lap, somewhat apprehensive of the way Kanda might treat it. Kanda stiffens as the puppy clambers all over him and tries to lick his hands. He looks absolutely flummoxed; Tiedoll knows that Kanda has never held an animal before. Then, miraculously, a big grin spreads over Kanda’s face, and he cuddles the puppy to his chest and sighs happily.

It’s a weight off Tiedoll’s chest, and he releases a breath. He made Kanda happy. He made Kanda happy. Tiedoll can’t remember the last time he felt so proud. Now, if he could get Marie in here, they could make this an occasion.

Just as he’s about to ask Kanda what he wants to name the puppy, Kanda’s face crumples. Tiedoll is shocked, and, against his own will, a little hurt. He wonders what he did wrong.

“Alma,” says Kanda. His eyes are bright with unshed tears. Tiedoll almost drops to his knees, because Kanda just spoke. Then Kanda curls in on himself and begins to weep softly. “He’d have loved it,” he whispers, so quietly that Tiedoll isn’t sure that’s what he really heard.

Fluffy Mckirk au: Jim and Bones are living together, and Jim desperately wants a dog. He begs and pleads with the doctor, but Bones sternly says, “No, Jim, we’re both just out of school and can barely take care of ourselves,” and Jim pouts and whines but can see the logic.

Despite this, he still ends up going to the shelter and seeing a sad-eyed fluff monster that’s an indeterminable mutt, big and drooly and absolutely perfect, and Jim’s signing papers before he can give it a second thought. Despite being so big, the poor thing is shy and wary, though he does let Jim pick him up (which requires a good bit of effort) and heft him up lovingly into his car into a giant dog bed and a mountain of ridiculous toys. The dog gives him a shy lick and Jim just falls in love all over again and drives home extra carefully.

When he gets home, he’s trying to be as quiet and sneaky as possible coming in, the giant dog walking timidly behind him. But Bones has a sixth sense for when Jim is up to something, and is quickly at the door, his eyes going wide at Jim before glaring, and then settling in on the dog.

And then hazel turns soft as cotton with a voice as sweet as sugar as Bones says, “Well, who is this little sweetheart?” and there’s no way that huge hound is at all little bit his ears perk up anyway and he practically gallops over to the brunet, tail wagging crazily and giving a happy whine as Bones crouches down to pet and nuzzle him.

The dog is absolutely in love with Bones in the first instant, covering him with sloppy kisses and flipping over to show his belly, as Bones laughs and scratches his tummy and behind his ears, saying gently “Yes darlin’, you’re a good boy! Sweet as honey, you are!”

And Jim just stands there gaping, flustered and indignant, “What?! Why does he like you more?!” But the anger fades quickly as he watches his boyfriend and his dog being just too absolutely adorable with each other, and he sighs, grumbling, “I should have known he’d fall victim to your damn southern charms.”

He finally walks over to join them, petting the happy dog’s belly and giving a kiss to Bones’ cheek, saying with a half grin, “You always did have a way with strays.”

Bones smiles softly before glaring, but there’s no fire in it, “And you always knew my weak spots, you bastard.”

Jim’s eyes light up, “So we’re keeping him?!”

“Yes, Jim, we’re keeping Honey.”

“Honey? What if I’d already named him?!”

Bones looks to the dog’s blissful face, eyes closed and tongue lolling out, and coos gently “Honeeeeey,” and the canine looks to him immediately, ears perked and tail wagging. Bones laughs and scratches under his chin, hazel eyes gleaming as he says, “You’ve been overruled.”

“Alright,” Jim pouts, before his eyes light up with a grin, “I’ll call my dog ‘Honey’…” he gives Leonard a quick kiss, “… and my boyfriend ‘Bones’.

Bones blinks for a moment before raising an eyebrow, “…Oh. Well, that seems like our usual amount of normal.” He kisses Jim back before standing, “I might as well go fix that gate in the backyard if we don’t want him running off.” As he leaves for the tool box, Honey follows right behind him, trotting happily as he stares up in adoration.

Jim watches and laughs, murmuring to himself, “Oh Bones, like us strays could ever leave you.” He figures that his other surprise, kept in a small box in his back pocket, could wait a little longer for now.

He still only ends up waiting until just after Bones has washed all the grease and rust from his hands, on one knee in the kitchen as Honey tries to lick his face and Bones’ eyes start to grow wet.

When they’re curled up on the couch afterwards, Bones laying back into Jim with Honey piled on top Bones, Jim just keeps petting at the ring on the brunet’s hand, murmuring contently, “A husband named ‘Bones’ sounds even better,“ he lifts his hand to lay a kiss, "but I’ll take a fiancé for now.”

John proposing by attaching the ring to Gladstone’s collar and sending him into the bedroom to wake Sherlock up one morning.

He stands there, leaning against the frame of the door, watching as Gladstone licks Sherlock’s face all over, Sherlock swatting at him sleepily, grunting and trying to push him away until his finger brushes the cool metal of the ring, and he freezes.  His hand curls gently around Gladstone’s collar to keep him still, and he cracks one eye open and sees the ring dangling there right in front of his face, and then his gaze slowly shifts to focus on John at the door.  Sherlock slowly pushes up into a sitting position, his hand still gripping Gladstone’s collar as the dog bounces up and down trying to get at his face, and John tilts his head, nodding to the ring.  “So what do you think?” he asks, and Sherlock swallows hard, his chest so tight it feels like his heart might burst out of it, and he says, “I think you need to kiss me this instant.”  And John grins and pushes away from the door, crawling onto the bed, his hands cupping Sherlock’s face, his thumbs stroking those ridiculous cheekbones as he leans in and kisses his detective so sweetly that when he pulls away Sherlock’s eyes are brighter than usual, and his smile is just a little bit wobbly.


Since day one of shooting, you found yourself having fantasies about your co-star with the wicked smirk, so at odds with his sweet and youthful countenance. While the director is reviewing the scene you just shot, you look at each other from across the set, his dark eyes make your throat feel hot and your lower abdomen twist in knots as you breathe in sharply, mind already speeding through him pulling your shirt off and teasingly licking and nipping all over your torso once the cameras are turned off for the day. You didn’t even notice as he moved right in front of you, tapping on your forehead to bring you back to earth, small smirk curving his lips as if he knows exactly what you were thinking. “Where on earth is that mind of yours? We’re about to do another take.”

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With her eyes alone she could give this response, this absolutely erotic response, as if febrile waves were trembling there, pools of madness… something devouring that could lick a man all over like a flame, annihilate him.
—  Anais Nin
the signs as the 1975′s puppy party

this is what happens when @lou-need go on a random tangent on a rainy day. thanks for the puppy party, @coupdemain.

aries: george making matty eat a dog treat

taurus: ross refusing the dog treat

gemini: george almost eating a dog treat

cancer: matty eating the dog treat

leo: george & matty making the puppy dance

virgo: george winning the puppy party and not letting the other guys join

libra: matty with a puppy alone in the corner

scorpio: matty, ross and adam going to the puppy party even tho george said no

sagittarius: the wild puppy that keeps smacking matty in the face

capricorn: mary-lou, the shy puppy that adam woos

aquarius: “these aren’t puppies, these are gentlemen”

pisces: matty letting the puppy lick him all over the face