and lick him all over


Mike Ross ~ Hoodies and cockiness, look good on him.

BTS reaction to seeing you naked for the first time


Jin would blush when he saw you naked. He would be kinda embarrassed, but he’d just stare with his mouth open. He’d move a bit closer, give you a passionate kiss and whisper “You’re so beautiful….” in your ear as he ran his hands down your back.

Originally posted by strawberrie-kookie


He would bite his lip and look you over slowly. Yoongi would be surprised to come home to see you like that, but he most certainly wouldn’t mind. He’d give a small smirk and bite your neck. “I’ve been waiting to see your beautiful body like this…” he’d growl.

Originally posted by hidden--demons


He would smirk and get as close to you as he could. “Wow… you’re amazing…” he’d whisper. Hoseok would run his hands over every bit of skin he could then go trace over the trial his hands left with his tongue. “Let’s have some fun tonight, babe.” He’d grumble lowly in your ear.

Originally posted by 94seokk


He would go from being all smiley to daddy in a matter of seconds. Namjoon’s eyes would turn dark as he saw you laying before him naked. He’d bite his lip, then lick over them. “All this for me, baby girl? I’ve been waiting to see your smooth skin for a while now.”

Originally posted by https-km


This boy would have the biggest eyes when he saw you. Jimin would be extremely surprise to see you like this. He would come over to you, slowly stroke your cheek and smile. “Are you sure you’re comfortable with this, princess? That’s what matters to me.” He’d tell you. But you knew better. You saw how much he wanted you in his eyes, but he still put you before himself.

Originally posted by h-farah01


Tae would turn pretty red when he saw you, but quickly be right up on you. He’d have you pressed gently against the wall as he kissed all over your body. “You’re so soft… so delicate…. so gorgeous…” he’d say as he pressed you against his body, then leading you into the bedroom.

Originally posted by jimin-bts-trashs


He would also be pretty embarrassed to see you so venerable. Jungkook would be pretty sweet once he first saw you, but as you continued, he would get more comfortable. He’d get a bit more dominate. “How did I get so lucky to have such an amazing girl like you? ” he’d say as he kissed all over your chest, working his way down.

Originally posted by dream-bts

I Know Your Wife (She Wouldn’t Mind) - Part Thirty-Six

Summary: Things are tense after your secret is revealed but, by the time you get to NOLA, everything seems to be getting better. When Jared wakes up on your birthday, he realises that might not be the case.
Words: 4k
Jared x Reader x Gen, Jensen, Danneel, Gino, JJ, Dallas (OC)
Warnings: angst
Beta: birthday girl @blacksiren

Your name: submit What is this?

You and Dallas stayed in Vancouver while everyone else went back to Texas that weekend.

The original plan was for you to go down with them, putting Bailey in the kennels so you could all go to Austin City Limits, but you just weren’t in the mood.

You’d been sleeping on the couch for the last few days, despite Jared and Gen’s insistence that you should come to bed with them. You just couldn’t bring yourself to join them.

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Heal Me // Doctor!Shawn (A Soulmate AU) Part 7 The End

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five Part Six

(little bit of soft smut and a handful of fluff. it’s the end my friends. Thanks so much!)

Christmas Eve didn’t go as you hoped. You had planned to make a nice dinner and then snuggle and watch classic Christmas movies with Shawn until you fell asleep. That plan went south as soon as Shawn called from the hospital to tell you he was going into surgery and it was going to take a while and to go to bed without him. He had taken Matt’s ER rotation as favor for covering his shifts a few time that he wanted to stay home with you. You figured it must be serious if he was calling ahead of time. You go to bed in his room, no, your shared room, feels so empty when it’s just you laying in there. But his pillows and the comforter smell like his cologne and you snuggle up to his pillow and fall asleep.

The bed creaks under his weight and you wake up to see him sitting on his side of the bed, his back to you, wearing only his boxers. It’s perfect timing because you had just been dreaming about his hands all over you, mouth making you beg for mercy. You reach out and slide your hand up his back and he turns his head back to look at you. “Hey you,” you say sleepily and you can see him smile in the not quite dark bedroom.

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not a monster to me.

Originally posted by kingdomofeclipse

klaus mikaelson x reader

prompt: you see klaus kill for the first time and surprisingly it doesn’t scare you as much as it should…


i’m tired as shiiiit so, my editing wasn’t very thorough. 

the cold air nipped against the bare skin on your legs as you trekked through the woods. dressed in only klaus’ large tshirt, you let out a shuddering breath - klaus had spent the day with you then got an ‘important’ phone call and left. he’d been doing that a lot recently but never letting it slip what he’d been doing or where he was going. at first you assumed he’d been sneaking off to see another woman but soon shook that thought away, he’d never do that to you, would he?

your question was answered as you walked closer to a large clearing in the woods, klaus had his back to you and four large men were stood in front of him. you quickly hid yourself behind a tree and watched the scene unfold.

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Getting along with Tessa (Tom Holland HC)

Originally posted by tomhollandisdaddy

Summary: Tom’s favorite girls are you and Tessa, here are headcanons about how the two of you get along.

Author’s Note: This was a request I’ve had in there for like a week. BTW if you make requests I see them, I got you. I have other ones in the works. I just finally got inspiration for it so finally here is the final product. I hope you guys enjoy this. Feel free to give me any feedback (good, bad, whatever) and that’s about it.

Requested: “Toms s/o relationship with Tessa. Headcanons of course”


Word Count: 1042

Warnings: Fluff (FLUFF), swearing, people being mean to doggos

Taglist: @tbholland @stephie-senpai @cersei-lannister @i-love-superhero @chinalois @behxndthemask

  • Tom, as we all know, is a family man and Tessa is definitely a part of the family. 
  • She is the Holland princess so you were extremely worried about her “approval”.
  • Tom would never say this out loud but he honestly couldn’t date someone that didn’t get along with his angel.
  • You moving into Tom’s apartment was actually the first time you met Tessa.
  • You and Tom’s relationship was based mostly in the U.S., but he asked you to move in with him and you were head over heels so you followed him to London.
  • Understandably, you were nervous as his parents brought Tessa over to your new apartment for the first time.
    • They suppose they’ll let Tessa hang out at Tom’s place while he’s in town because he’s technically her human.
  • The grey lion bounded through the door like an excited puppy.
  • She pounced on Tom, and he caught her falling back on the couch and laughing.
    • “There’s my girl.”
  • Tessa licked Tom all over his face, making him laugh.
  • He looked up while rubbing her belly and smiled at you.
    • “Come on over babe.”
  • You gently sat on the couch next to the two and Tessa glanced over at you.
  • For a few moments, she just stared before she leaned over and began licking your hand, trying to figure you out.
  • “She’s nice Tess, go on love,” Tom said rubbing her belly.
  • Tessa laid down so that her head was on your lap while the rest of her body was on Tom’s lap. 
  • She nudged her head towards you which you delightfully rubbed.
  • The fur baby laid there in bliss as you and Tom spoiled her.
    • “I think you’ve pleased her highness.”
    • “Yes, I think I’ll be able to keep my head for another day.”
  • From then on Tessa became your fur baby.
  • She was spoiled before but now that you were able to be there with her along with Tom she was super spoiled.
  • You loved giving her little food treats
    • Homemade dog treats
    • Freshly cooked dog food or gourmet dog food
      • Seriously they make dog food tailored to certain occasions (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, etc.)
  • Tom got lowkey jealous of how well Tessa ate.
    • “Ah, babe we’re having steak.”
    • “No why would you think that?”
    • “Um because you’re cooking a steak.”
    • “It’s for Tess, she was such a good girl running errands with me today.”
    • “So what am I supposed to eat?”
    • “I don’t know, you’re a grown man.”
    • Then he’d get all sulky and order takeout for both of you while watching Tessa eat her superior meal.
  • The three of you would workout together.
    • Every morning (to keep up with Tom’s fitness routine) you would get up and walk to a local park.
    • Tessa would be the most energetic, tugging you two along to hurry up so she could play.
    • You couldn’t help but laugh at how thrilled she was to get to the park.
    • Tom would run some laps while you would play fetch with Tessa.
    • Tessa and Tom would also race
      • Tessa wins obviously
      • You would cheer her on and give her hugs.
        • “Yay Tess! You’re a winner!”
      • Tom would be salty
        • “Psh, she cheated.”
        • You kiss Tom’s cheek to make him feel better, even though he lost.
  • Tom normally didn’t like when you let Tessa lay all over the furniture (you couldn’t help it she was just so cute) but he did feel himself swoon as he watched the two of you napping on the couch together.
    • He had just got off a 13-hour flight and sleepily stumbled into the apartment.
    • He followed the dim lamplight from the living room and found the two of you sleeping on the couch.
    • You laid on your stomach and Tessa found a comfy position on your back, using your hair as a pillow.
    • Tom smiled at the sight, gently setting his bags down.
    • Tessa woke up, jumping off the couch and running excitedly over to Tom.
    • He let her give him kisses all across his face.
    • He would gently press his finger to his lips.
      • “Tess, darlin’ we have to be quiet for mommy can’t let her wake up.”
      • But her tail would be wagging so hard and she clumsily keeps trying to jump into his arms that you eventually wake you
        • “Tess, go back to bed.”
    • It takes you a minute to realize that Tom is there with you.
      • “Tommy!”
      • “I missed you guys. Tessa already gave me kisses, can I get some from you too?”
      • “Mmm, I suppose so.”
  • One day you decided to take Tessa to a dog park.
    • Tom was hesitant on the idea because of the reactions he’s gotten before.
    • You convinced him that everything was going to be fine.
    • At first, things were going fine. 
    • You and Tom were responsible dog owners so you kept Tessa on her leash and kept your eyes on her.
    • Things slowly went south though when a woman with a fluffy Pomeranian walked by and Tessa decided to be friendly and gently nudge the other dog.
    • The owner was not happy.
      • “Get your mutt away.”
      • And then she proceeded to kick Tessa.
    • Listen, fighting is wrong you’re all about peace, love and that other shit but in that moment you wanted to knock her ass out.
      • Especially when Tessa let out a pained whimper at the woman’s foot.
    • Tom saw what was about to go on and stepped in between the two of you.
      • “Don’t kick our dog,” He said calmly.
      • “YEAH DON’T KICK MY FUCKING DOG,” You said trying to get past his arm.
      • “That thing tried to attack my dog,” The woman defended, pulling her leash closer to her.
      • “Tessa is a saint unlike you, you stank ass-” You started to go off but Tom gently pushed you away so he could handle the situation on his own.
      • You growled but stomped off in a huff with Tessa.
      • She still whimpered some which made you soften up and hug her.
        • “You know you’re my girl, Tess. You little angel you.”

exile-wrath  asked:



His Imperial Highness Crown Prince Yuuri Katsuki of Japan is floating.

He’s not sure exactly what Minako had put into his tea. His housekeeper (minder, Yuuri thinks vaguely) had sworn it was a tonic for his nerves, but it tastes like alcohol and it burns through him like alcohol, and maybe he’d wrested an entire bottle of whiskey from her because there is a Jack Daniels bottle discarded at the foot of his bed. And at some point he’d given up on a teacup.

He wants out of this stuffy hotel room, wants to drink in the night lights of the city below. His Eastern European diplomatic tour had taken him from Moscow to Saint Petersburg, and from there he’d eventually go on to the Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, and a list of other countries and cities that he can’t be arsed to remember right now. It’d been nothing but meetings and greetings, hand-shaking and ribbon cutting and baby kissing until his lips felt chapped and his fingers ached. The only time he’s had to himself were the ten-minute respites driving from location A to location B, and these lonely nights in penthouse suites of fancy hotels in the heart of cities he was never meant to explore as an ordinary person.

His penthouse suite has access to the roof. Yuuri stumbles along, telling the bodyguards that he needs some air. He can hear them following at a distance, though, as he climbs the stairwell up to the roof of this grand hotel.

Out on the roof, Saint Petersburg spreads out below him, a brisk sea breeze blowing wildly as he breathes in the night air. His hair stirs in the wind; it’s getting a bit long, but he hasn’t had the heart to cut it in a while. Below him the bright glow of streetlights accentuate the cars speeding along the streets, accompanied by buses and trams. Yuuri longs to be one of those people on the streets, driving the cars, sitting on the trams. Ordinary, easily lost in a crowd.

Instead, he shivers in his t-shirt and sweats, his hands gripping at the railing of the roof as he looks out at the distant green-blue dome of a cathedral lit in the night, and all the surrounding elegant buildings that feel like bars in an elegant gilded cage. He needs just a day off. One day without people shepherding him into place and speeches about ‘peace and prosperity’ and ‘fostering good relations between Japan and Russia’. He has lunch with President Baranovskaya tomorrow, a tour of the new Mitsubishi plant on the outskirts of the city, a meet and greet with the press corps. And yet just the thought of each of these things makes him want to scream.

He sways slightly on his feet, and then he notices the staff stairwell on the other side of the roof, and he has an idea.

Viktor Nikiforov is late on his story for the History Maker gossip tabloid, and based on the near-emptiness of his bottle of vodka, he knows that fairly well.

The problem is, this is his only bottle and it’s not nearly enough. So he puts on a light coat, nearly tripping over the slumbering form of his poodle Makkachin on his way out his apartment.

Just down to the corner store for another bottle. Not even a big bottle. He just needs to be the right amount of buzzed for this article to get out of him. Never mind the fact that when he started out in journalism he hadn’t needed to drink to do his damn job.

(Never mind the fact that when he started out, he had been writing for publications of actual repute. But that’s neither here nor there.)

Once he reaches the bottom landing, however, just nipping down for a bottle and then returning to his apartment of solitude suddenly feels like a terrible idea. With the sudden urge to take a walk along the embankment of the Fontana burning brightly in his mind, he rushes back up to his flat to wake his poodle, clipping on Makkachin’s leash and leading him out the door.

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Golden Heart

Chapter Two

Previous Chapter

Pairing: Heimdall x Reader  |  Word Count: 2686
Warnings: Smexy (so so smexy! Lol)

Three weeks.

That’s how long you’d been waiting for Heimdall to make his damn move.

Three godforsaken weeks!

Since that day in the lounge when he’d kissed you, touched you in ways you never known were possible, the big lug had done nothing more than that. He would lift you up onto the nearest raised surface, kiss you breathless, saying things which left you hot, bothered, and more than raring to go, but it always ended at touches and kissing.

The man had the most amazing hands, but if he didn’t put those babies to work on something other than the outside of your clothes soon, you were liable to burst into flames.

Today, however, you had other pressing matters to attend to. You were a paper pusher for the Avengers, but as such you often got dragged into meetings with the brass as your memory, a nearly photographic one, had you recalling data with a precision rarely seen outside a computer.

Normally your work attire consisted of slacks, flats, and a fitted top beneath a light jacket, but, faced with all the higher ups, you’d dressed to impress. The pencil skirt was your favorite, a stunning deep red which made you feel powerful when paired with seamed stockings and tall black pumps. The height of the heels lifted your ass and gave a shape to your legs you adored, but the shoes often did in your feet when you had to be on them all day. Luckily, the meeting was set to be only a few hours, and you would be seated throughout most of it.

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Bts reaction: when their gf give them a blowjob during Vlive

BTS decided to do a Vlive to hang out with Armys and talk about their upcoming comeback when their gf decided to tease them by getting in their pants.


Originally posted by softlytaejin

would scream out of surprise as soon as his gf start licking the tip. He would then realize his Vlive is still on so he would play it cool and say

“Sorry……um…..uh……Just now a Jjangu bite me so I scream.”

Then you start to take a full mouth of him and he went quiet trying to fight the moan and he try to distract it with a cough.

I’m sorry, army. I think we will need to continue the Vlive next time. I….have….*cough* to finish some business…..bye!

( his gf know what daddy do when she misbehave )


Originally posted by forever-young-got7

This guy is daddy as fuck! He ain’t waste no time and would do you the honor of taking of his pant for you. Then he would pretend to pick something from under the table and whisper to her

Daddy need to say a quick goodbye from army so I want you do your job and daddy will reward you, babe girl.

Sorry army but we will have to continue this next time cuz rapmon seem to be really hungry. Need to feed him so bye bye~

( I don’t even have say what happen after that )


Originally posted by imonaworldtour

This calm fuck would play it cool. Pretend like nothing happen after he feel you licking his dick all over and sucking him real good. He would let you suck him while he continue doing live and talking to fan cuz I gotta admit, he does have that kinda vibe around him. But a cough would always come every 2-3 mins. 

( He would fuck you so hard after the Vlive, trust me. )


Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

He would start laughing it off as soon as he feel you in his pant trying to get him to moan. I think when it comes to pleasure or this kind of thing, Jhope is an impatient man but he couldn’t ditch his fan tho. So he pretend to drop sth and bend down to tell her to stop.

Seriously babe girl, you have to stop. I need to talk something important with my army so you’ll have to wait. Don’t worry, I promise I’ll give you the best all of it later after I finish so be a good girl, okay?

Then he gets up and start complaining about he have to find the thing he drop and pretend nothing happen. But after he finish, he make sure to give her the best pleasure she ever had.


Originally posted by sosjimin

Would be really flustered and the blush on his face would be really visible, small moan would come out while he’s talking that fan would comment and ask about it. So he have to play it off by saying the changing room is really hot and tell fan he need to go home to do the Vlive again then he said good bye to the fan. And guess what? Right after he finish saying goodbye, he drag her to a room and fuck her ROUGH.

Babe girl, you don’t know how you made me feel. Now I’m gonna fuck you so hard till you beg me to stop.” 

cuz yes, he is PISSED.


Originally posted by donewithjeon

The dorky Taehyung have just disappear and what the fan see through the screen is V and his gf know damn right what he will do to her when she awaken him. The pissed expression he’s making is visible to the fan.

Sorry, guys but I have to go now. I need to get some business done. Bye.

And that’s when shit about to get real.


Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

Oh no m8, you don’t mess with fucking jungkook and his gf know that but she always like to see that priceless reaction on jungkook face so she thought to herself why not? She love him fucking her roughly anyways so there is nothing to lose.

“Guys, I’m sorry but manager nim want to talk to me about something important so I promise you that my Vlive will be longer than this next time.”

And that is how his gf find his gf tied to the bed with blindfold later that night screaming his name loud and clear, begging him for more.

I hope you like it!

-Requested By Anon-


Pairing: Finn Balor x Reader

Request: “A Finn Balor where he wants to label their relationship and she wants to keep things the same. She isn’t dating anyone else but hates the pressure. a little angst-y turned sensual? loved the Seth Rollins - Relapse tone you did!”

A/N: Smut on a Sunday? I’d literally have it no other way. 

Warnings: Smut, Angst, Language

Word Count: 6,266

“Yes, and try to ignore all this blood on the floor. It’s just this heart on my sleeve that’s bleeding”

Cold as the winter morning were the tiny fingertips he felt trailing along the side of his neck. In the dry heat of the Houston sun, it was almost therapeutic to feel her press softly against the blossoming bruise she had left on the skin above his heart. 

He knew she loved doing this; waking up before him and tracing over all the little bites and licks she’d left across his pale skin from the night before. She was a painter and his skin was always her favorite canvas; at work and in the bedroom. 

The low hum that emits from his throat as her lips leave feather-light kisses down his stomach lets her know that he’s starting to wake. She pauses once she hears him, lips hovering over his smooth skin, and giggling quietly before continuing her venture. 

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The Phone Call

Series: Can’t Help Falling in Love with You

Relationship: Tom Holland x Reader

REQUEST : From @confusedascas -Can you write a Drabble about what happened in CHFILWY when jax interrupted toms phone call? Sorta what happened and who played a part. How jax reacted maybe?

Word Count: 1,500+

A/N: Hope you enjoy this imagine xx

I can’t have kids due to the chemo I received at a young age so that’s why I write so many Tom as a Dad Imagines because I think about having kids but know I can’t. I know it’d have to be a miracle for me to have one..

[Reader’s POV]

“Momma are you okay?” Jaxon asks looking up at you holding his Spider-Man plush toy. His hair has gotten so long but he likes it and won’t let me cut it.

“Yes my little star, I just have to take my medicine is all.. did you finish getting ready?”  Your eyes observe his appearance at what he chose. His suspenders were on backwards making you let out a little laugh.

“I’m done.. but this doesn’t feel right” He tugs at the straps that were tangled over his belly. Kneeling down you unhook them from his trousers.

“Don’t worry you almost have it.. you’ll be a pro in no time” you reassure giving him a kiss on his nose. The giggle he lets out fills the air of the kitchen. Fixing the straps and adjusting them correctly you stand back up.

“I’m going to find daddy, then we can go to the park!” Jay smiles taking off to find his dad. Tessa following right behind him like always. The two of them were inseparable.

“I think he’s in his office” you shout out to Jaxon. Hearing his feet padding against the floor as he changes direction. Tessa’s tags jingling from her running after Jaxon.

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anonymous asked:

rfa + v and saeran's reactions to mc being an animal foster parent ( someone who cares for animals until they get adopted ) and having at least five dogs and cats at any given time?


  • heaven
  • literal actual heaven
  • he loves going over to MC’s just to see the animals
  • and mc too but. the animals oh my god
  • he gets super attached to them and cries whenever one has to leave?
  • like every single time MC tells him not to do that but. they are animals what can he do
  • helps MC take care of them whenever he can


  • hhhhhhhhhh
  • hhhhhhhhhhhh
  • she can do this. she has been through worse
  • oh god the fur is everywhere
  • MC how do you live like this?
  • she always brings a lint roller to MC’s house and just cleans herself and MC often
  • ok she does. love the animals. somewhat. they grew on her
  • but she knows better than to get attached so remains a lil bit distant but still shows interest


  • he’ll do anything for love
  • but this is really on the border of no can do
  • like he loves the animals! they’re cute and MC loves them plus it’s their job
  • but damn
  • his allergies are going batshit
  • has to wear a medical mask to MC’s place because he would probably just drop dead right then and there otherwise
  • still he’s sure that somehow everything will work out in the future


  • he’s more than glad to accommodate his penthouse to MC’s job right away
  • he just requests to make sure of two things:
    • all cats neutered (for the sake of Ellizabeth 3rd) which is also something important so y'know
    • to make sure nothing will harm Ellizabeth 3rd
  • at first it seems like it will be difficult but for a house cat, Ellizabeth sure is social
  • all the animals adore her and she gets sad when they go?
  • Jumin is glad to see that both MC and Ellizabeth are happy so he’s glad too


  • he just walks into MC’s place like
  • this is it The Best Place on Earth
  • lowkey wants to drag Vanderwood into the place to see them have a heart attack or something
  • every single time he walks in all the animals tackle him and lick him all over the face
  • finds it super hard not to get attached but? He’s also a master at not getting attached to people so he manages not to cry when the animals get adopted


  • it’s nice. he really likes MC’s place
  • most animals really help him feel at ease
  • the animals seem to calm down with him around too?
  • also the whole thing helps him a bit with the idea of letting go of people
  • because he knows from a start that the animals will go one day so he sorta has to just enjoy the time he has y'know
  • it just helps him in general and it makes MC super happy


  • he thinks animals are neat but he’s not a super fan
  • so he just tends to chill around the house and pets whatever sits on his lap
  • at first he was super careful walking because what if he stepped on something he didn’t see?
  • but he noticed that for some reason the animals always clear a path for him
  • he likes it when small dogs come in because they fit perfectly in his lap and they make cute little puppy noises
The Things You Do

Anonymous asked: Can you make a best friend Chanyeol smut please? Where they basically act like a couple, and she starts doing things that end up turning him on? An example would be like bending down in front of him, eating a popsicle, moaning while he was giving her a massage, etc. Thanks!

A/N: Okay the first post, time to get the holy water and your bibles out ready. Okay without further or do lets get started. Warning before you read, this also has quite a bit of swearing in it, just a heads up!!

*This is smut, this has sexual content so please don’t read if you are not comfortable*

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Vikings Preference "How they react to you fucking them out of their sleep" (NSFW)

(Wooo more Vikings preference!! :3 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

Ragnar-As he’d feel pleasure run through his body in his sleep, he’d instantly smirk and grunt in his sleep. Knowing that you were riding him as hard as you could, he’d wake up and slowly start to open his eyes to grip your waist tightly. He’d thrust back at you and make you understand that he was the one in control of you.

Rollo-As he’d feel pleasure run through his body in his sleep, he’d let out some soft groans and slowly roll his hips to meet your rhythm. He’d feel like he was having a wet dream instead, only to hear you call him, making him realize it was all real. He’d instantly growl as he’d opened his eyes, before rising up to hold you and thrust back into you.

Floki-As he’d feel pleasure run through his body in his sleep, he’d have a playful grin on his face and mumble in his sleep about how dirty you are and such. He’d believe he was only having a wet dream and would let you have all the control. Although, he’d start to feel how real it was, he’d still let you pleasure yourself with him as much as you’d like.

Athelstan-As he’d feel pleasure run through his body in his sleep, he’d try to muffle his groans and slowly shake his head to deny the pleasure, believing he was having a wet dream. He’d feel guilty about feeling so good and although he’d come to his senses, he’d try to keep thinking it was dream and act as if he didn’t understand what was happening.

Bjorn-As he’d feel pleasure run through his body in his sleep, he’d believe he was having a wet dream and would start to groan and slowly thrust forward to meet up with yours as you’d ride him. Slowly, he’d feel like he was losing control and would just have to open his eyes to hold you as he asks you teasingly as to what your were thinking.

Ubbe-As he’d feel pleasure run through his body in his sleep, he’d be confused at first, only to slowly get into it and feel the need to take control of his pleasure. He’d talk dirty to you as his eyes are still closed, only to smirk as he starts to feel up your body before he suddenly grips you and turns you towards the bed.

Hvitserk-As he’d feel pleasure run through his body in his sleep, he’d get so turned on that he wouldn’t be able to keep his calm and his eyes closed for too long. He’d instantly open his eyes and smile up to see you bouncing on him, only to lick his lips and reach to tease you all over.

Sigurd-As he’d feel pleasure run through his body in his sleep, he’d smile and tell you in a whisper to keep going, thinking he was having a wet dream. He’d sleepily thrust into you and reach forward to grip you, only to end up letting you do whatever you wish you to him.

Ivar-As he’d feel pleasure run through his body in his sleep, he’d be amazed and would think he was dreaming, until he clearly hears your moans. He’d end up getting turned on to hear you and would have the urge to surprised you with his sudden grip on your wrists, only to slowly get up and tell you that you’ll be punish for being so bad.

Halfdan-As he’d feel pleasure run through his body in his sleep, he’d grunt and groan in satisfaction, enjoying the feeling of you bouncing on him. He’d end up talking so dirty to you that you wouldn’t be able to deny any of it, making him open his eyes to see you clearly before he suddenly grips your waist and pounds into you.

Harald-As he’d feel pleasure run through his body in his sleep, he’d instantly know it was you simply from the feeling and would be more than pleased. He’d try his best to let you do as much as you and pretend to be asleep, only to lose his calm and rise up to hold you and whisper in your ear dirty things before pounding away into you.

Aethelwulf-As he’d feel pleasure run through his body in his sleep, he’d grunt softly but try to deny he was feeling this good as he’d feel guilty about it. He’d beg you in a whisper to stop, only for it to suddenly turn into encouragements as you’d heed to his earlier request, making you give it to him the way he wants.

King Ecbert-As he’d feel pleasure run through his body in his sleep, he’d be smug about it and slowly wake up to look at you pleasuring yourself by using him. He’d smirk looking up at you and start to run his hands all over you, he’d whisper asking you teasingly what you were doing, only to grip and make you moan out in pleasure.

Arne-As he’d feel pleasure run through his body in his sleep, he’d get lost in it and wouldn’t understand as to what was happening until he’d hear his name coming from your mouth. He’d suddenly open his eyes to see you and be so overwhelmed by your action that he’d end up being at your mercy, enjoying the pleasure you’d give him.

Torstein-As he’d feel pleasure run through his body in his sleep, he’d grunt and groan in utter satisfaction before suddenly waking up and turning you over. He’d just get so turned on by you that he’d have to take control of you by surprising you with his grip on you and the way he’d flip you over.

Erlenlurd-As he’d feel pleasure run through his body in his sleep, he’d try to be in control of his emotion, only to end up opening his eyes and telling you what to do. He’d order you sternly before slowly losing himself and let grab you to thrust into you as much as he want.

Lagertha-As she’d feel pleasure run through her body in her sleep, she’d try to be in control of her moans, only to end up getting loud. She’d grip onto your hair and would let you keep going as much as you’d like, only to end up thanking you for waking her up this way.

Aslaug-As she’d feel pleasure run through her body in her sleep, she’d try to deny that she enjoyed it but would end up opening her eyes and tease you about it. She’d smirk to see you and would make you do whatever she wanted you to, only to push you back and pay you back.

Thorunn-As she’d feel pleasure run through her body in her sleep, she’d be nervous and would wonder as to what was happening until she’d realize it was you. She’d end up holding onto you and would beg you to not stop, making you smile.

So this has been sitting in my drafts for so long, that I forgot I even created the list, but here is a list of Makkachin headcanons I created!

(note: At the 2017 Anime Expo panel, Kubo said that Makkachin is most likely a girl, referring to her as so but then jokingly stating that it was “confidential.”) We’re going with this though despite all my times referring to Makka a boy.

  • Makkachin has been with Victor her whole life, ever since she was a pup.
  • Victor got her from a close friend, who he often visited that it was like he lived with them.
  • Makkachin was apart of a litter of three, she was the youngest, and Victor fell in love with her instantly upon her birth.
  • this post by autumnalexistence
  • Victor spoiled her rotten when he was finally allowed to take Makkachin away with him. He gave her large doggy beds, gave her a ton of treats that wouldn’t fit in her small mouth, and gave her so many dog toys.
  • Makkachin became very pampered, and Victor cannot bring himself to regret it because he loves Makkachin too much.
  • When Victor had to skate, he sometimes brought Makkachin, but it proved to be very troublesome as Makkachin was still young and had to learn not to run onto the ice after Victor. Luckily she never got hurt.
  • All the other skaters came to love Makkachin.
    • Mila loved to show off Makkachin to her friends, and she often took pictures of herself with her.
    • (This was all her Instagram pictures were for two weeks.)
  • Yurio won’t admit it, but he secretly has a ton of pictures of Makkachin as a puppy and says “if I think hard enough, they’re like an overly excited kitten”
  • Someone: *Swears in front of Makkachin*
    • Victor (and literally anyone else): *LOUD GASP, COVERING MAKKACHIN’S EARS AND LEADING HER AWAY*
    • Later.
    • Makkachin: *annoyed scoff as she lays her head down*
    • Victor (and literally anyone else): *LOUD GASP, ATTACKING “SOMEONE"*
  • Victor adored Makkachin; enough that he would have a full blown out photo shoot with his dog, and he does. He lets the world know that he loves his dog.
    • Christophe somehow involved himself in some of these shoots.
  • It broke his heart the first time Victor had to leave Makkachin alone for a competition away from home, not alone-alone, without him alone. Victor didn’t want to leave his dog.
  • The person who owned the mother of Makkachin took care of Makka whenever Victor is away. Makkachin is close with her mother, who had grown old during the 5 years Makka was taken by Victor.
  • Victor’s friend puts on the junior world championship for Makkachin, who gets excited at the mention of Victor, and jumps off the couch to look closely at the TV, paws on the table stand, barking in excitement.
  • Victor’s friend always takes videos of Makkachin watching the screen closely and posts them on Instagram for Victor to see.
  • Victor sees them and one time on an article, it mentions that Victor was seen crying at the end of a competition, and how people were surprised that he was crying over a video of his dog and not a lover who broke up with him.
  • The first time Makkachin and Victor were apart and got back together, it was like a cinematic movie scene where you see one character run towards the other and it’s just in slow motion and it’s all bright and cheery and perfect; except for the part where Victor got the wind knocked out of him because Makkachin jumped right at him and Victor was unprepared, falling back on impact with a happy dog jumping all over him, licking his face in pure joy at his return.
  • Victor’s friend also got a video of this and posted it on Instagram with the caption of ‘reunited with his true love’.
  • Christophe and Victor dated for a while, and it’s kinda dramatic. Not in a bad way, but in the end Victor broke up with him because he had the suspicion that Christophe only dated him for his dog.
    • Chris: Is Makkachin here?
    • Victor: Yeah, she’s laying on the couch right now.
    • Chris: Can I take her for a walk?
    • Victor: Sure, I’ll come along!
    • Chris: Are you sure? It’s cold out there, Victor. I mean, you live in Russia, but still cold, I’ll take her for you.
    • Victor: Chris, I feel like you love my dog more than you love me
    • Chris: What makes you say that? *Christophe starts leading Makkachin out the door*
    • Victor: Chris, don’t take my dog-
    • Chris: I’m only taking her for a walk!
    • Chris: MAKKACHIN, RUN!
  • Years continue to pass, Makkachin’s mother dies of old age, and Makkachin is saddened by it because she still goes to Victor old friend’s house whenever Victor is away. His friend who is now married to a woman.
    • There are more puppies there though! So there’s a lot of new friends for her to play with.
  • Victor comes home from Sochi and is beaming with joy from his encounter with Yuuri. Previously he was very quiet, not really talking about anybody to Makkachin asides from the friend that he would leave Makka with, but now their home has become loud with Victor’s happiness.
    • Of course, that doesn’t last long because a year passes and during that time, Victor grows quiet again.
  • Victor decides to take a year off, because of his wish to be with Makkachin during her old age.
    • That is until he watches Yuuri’s perfect replicate of his free skate, “Stay Close to Me”, and Victor gets loud again, telling Makkachin that he’s going to go there to coach him.
  • He takes Makkachin with him, going through the trouble to get Makkachin there as soon as possible.
  • When they do get there, it takes a while for Yuuri to notice them, but Makkachin sure does make him notice by jumping on him excitedly.
  • Victor starts training Yuuri, and Makkachin is left alone with Yuuri’s family. She gets along with Mari and Hiroko. Sometimes Toshiya, who compares her to Vicchan and gives her some pets
  • Hiroko doesn’t mind whenever Makkachin follows her, she just hopes that Makkachin doesn’t jump on the guests when she gets a little too excited
  • However, with Mari, Makkachin is an angel
    • (Makkachin is always an angel)
  • Steamed buns become Makka’s favorite treat, Mari sometimes gives her some whenever she’s been good but in small pieces.
  • Eventually, Yuuri and Victor leave for competitions away from Japan, and although Victor originally wanted a break to be with Makkachin, he trusts Yuuri’s family with his dog and knows that they’ll be kind to her.)
  • Victor’s friend jokingly calls him and asks if he’s been replaced in watching Makkachin, but there are no hard feelings.
  • Makkachin switches between sleeping in Victor’s room and Yuuri’s because she loves them both and it means more cuddles.
  • Mari takes a lot of pictures of Makkachin whenever she can and sends them to Victor and Yuuri.
  • Minako likes to take Makkachin on walks whenever she’s over and whenever Mari is too busy to do it herself.
  • Makkachin gets along with the triplets, although they like to use her for advertisements sometimes… On Victor’s permission.
  • The yearly annual meeting of Victor and Christophe
    • Victor: You uh.. ready to apologize for almost stealing my dog?
    • Christophe: No, and I would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for the doorman.
      • Victor (to himself): And he proceeds to be a true hero to this day…
  • On goes the events, Mari finally gives them that one call that makes Victor and Yuuri worry
  • Victor returns home on his own at the request of Yuuri, who is worried about Makkachin and not wanting for Victor to have the same experience as him with Vicchan
  • Makkachin turns out fine. Victor gets home and doesn’t leave Makkachin’s side for hours, filled with regret and worry for leaving his dog and not keeping his promise to spend the year off with her.
  • Yuuri returns home later on, and he also doesn’t leave Makkachin’s side for hours, both Yuuri and Victor are practically glued to her, but she doesn’t seem to mind because she’s getting a lot of attention and love from them.
  • Mari feels bad about it, but Victor has reassured her that it was okay and that he’s glad Makkachin survived.
  • Makkachin isn’t allowed a full steam bun in one go anymore. If she’s given one, it has to be cut into two pieces.
  • Victor goes about spoiling her again.
    • She doesn’t use the doggy pillows at night because she always sleeps with Victor and Yuuri anyways.
  • Victor follows a few Instagram accounts dedicated to Makkachin.
  • He also leaves comments when people say “I’d die for Makkachin to be immortal”
    • “Makkachin would want for you to live”
    • “Makkachin loves you too!”
    • “Makkachin believes in you!”
  • Victor also has an account dedicated to Makkachin, and he loves it.
    • Some videos also include Yuuri, who is mostly just relaxing and petting Makkachin
    • Victor’s favorite video has Yuuri laugh-crying on the floor, begging for Makkachin to come back and cuddle with him. Pan up to Makkachin’s form disappearing behind a doorway.

SPN AU where Sam’s demon powers start manifesting a lot earlier, when he’s a kid, right after he learns about the supernatural. And he freaks out at first, but then he decides that this can be good, he can use these powers to keep Dean and John safe when they go hunting. So he practices, and he gets better, he uses his visions, his telekinesis, all of it, to protect Dean and John, even if they don’t know it.

And then he starts getting vision of other people in trouble and he just has to do something to help them. And one of them is a desperate woman trying to cure her daughter’s cancer, about to make a deal with a crossroads demon. And the demon is old, and strong, but this is Sam fucking Winchester, and even at eleven years old, he’s Hell’s future king, and when the fight’s over there’s a dead demon, and Sam’s got a Hellhound, and a contract, and a woman’s very soul in his hands.

And first he tears up the contract (because he doesn’t know any better), but after the woman tearfully tells him that destroying the contract destroys the deal, he sits down right there and writes up a new contract as best he can. And he has to take her soul, because that’s how the contracts work, but he promises the woman that he’ll keep her soul safe until he’s allowed to give it back, promises her that she’ll have a full, happy life with her daughter.

Then he takes his new Hellhound and goes back to the hotel and he studies every legal textbook he can get his hands on. Contract law, especially, refining the contracts he writes for the people he saves, rewriting existing contracts held by crossroads demons that he kills.

He manages to keep his extracurricular activities secret from Dean and John for almost two years. (They’ve never shown an interest in his studies before, why would they start now?) And then they move to a new town for a hunt, and Sam wakes up in the middle of the night with a vision of a crossroad summons, and he doesn’t see Dean following him as he sneaks out of the hotel room.

He’s been summoned not by the usual method, but by a young girl’s sheer desperation. She’s crying as she sits on a swingset, a dark bruise on her cheek, more on her wrists, and Sam sits down on the swing next to her and whispers, “I can help you.”

“Can you kill him?” the girls asks.

“No,” Sam tells her, “but I can make sure he doesn’t hurt you, or anyone else, ever again.”

“What do I do?” the girl asks, and Sam holds out a contract.

“Give me your soul,” he says, “and in ten years, I’ll find you and give it back.”

It’s not even a question for the girl; she signs the contract with hands that shake from gripping the pen so hard. And Sam lets his Hellhound off her leash, watches her disappear in a puff of smoke as she goes after the girl’s father. When she returns a few minutes later, Sam scratches her behind the ears and tells the girl, “You’re safe, now. I promise.”

Then he runs back to the hotel, intent on getting back before Dean and John notice him missing. Only he’s too late, and they’re waiting for him on the other side of the door, and Sam is strong, but they’re his family and he can’t hurt them, can’t even fight them. (When John calls him a monster, he’s not even sure he wants to fight.)

He spends the next several hours tied to a chair while John uses every exorcism at his disposal. Sam begs, and pleads, and screams until his throat is raw and his voice is gone, but his father is resolute. Sam’s Hellhound fled as soon as she could, whimpering in pain from the exorcisms, and Sam hopes that wherever she is, she’s gone somewhere where she’ll be safe and loved. (He wishes he could do the same, but there’s no safe place for him anymore.)

But then John steps outside to take a break, takes Dean with him so Sam can’t corrupt him, and Sam’s alone in the hotel room. And then the sound of a window creaking open, and the girl from earlier slips out of the bathroom and creeps over to where he’s tied to the chair.

“Your dog came to get me,” she whispers, as she works at the knots. “She’s distracting those two so we can sneak out the window.”

“I don’t have anywhere to go,” Sam protests, and the girl gives him a small, sad smile.

“Neither do I,” she admits. “But anywhere’s gotta be better than here, right?”

When the ropes fall, Sam follows the girl out the bathroom window and across the parking lot to the woods on the far edge. They’re deep inside when the Hellhound joins them, jumping happily on Sam and licking him all over. Sam hugs her in relief.

“Thank you,” he tells the Hound, and then repeats it to the girl. “Thank you. I’m Sam Winchester, by the way.”

“Bela,” the girl tells him. “Bela Talbot.”

Weird Lookin’ Dingo

just a little fanfiction inspired by this piece by @coconutmilkyway! it’s two a.m and i haven’t proof read this so if there are any glaring errors i apologize in advance. here it is on ao3!

            Roadhog had several things come to mind when Junkrat sauntered into their hideout saying he had a surprise for him. A two-headed dingo was not one of them. He watched as the animal trotted in, both heads held high and nostrils flaring as they sniffed the unfamiliar area.

           “Look at ‘er! Ain’t they a beaut hoggie?”

           “Didn’t know you liked dingo meat.” Roadhog huffed and rolled his eyes under his mask when Junkrat responded with a horrified gasp.

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REQUEST: heyoooo okay so call me a freak but could you do one where Patrick gets a lil excited and burns you with his lighter and you’re like “wtf that hurt????” and hes like “i can make it better….” (((aka him burning you all over your body and then licking/sloppy kissing the burns and being kinda soft))))? your writings amazing btw thank you for supplying my lank boy addiction!!

AUTHORS NOTE: to make it a lil’ more realistic, you’re not all there in the head in this one, i mean c’mon look at who you’re dating 🤷🏻‍♀️

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a cure / jungkook (smut)

Originally posted by ky-ngsoo

summary: you were at a party thrown by your boss but you didn’t say anything to your husband jungkook (also this story is all over the place like it has angst and fluff and smut and all that jazz…)

genre: angst ( a bit ) , fluff , smut

warnings: smut

it was a pre-halloween party at your work. your boss told everyone including you, since you were all working so hard that she decided to give you a little ‘let lose’ party, right before halloween. you were working for the best magazine that’s currently out there on the market and you had so many articles to write. you were so happy once she announced that, plus the party was right after work so you didn’t have to go home and then come back again. she invited a couple of other people from different companies as well and the building was soon fully packed. 

however your beloved husband jeon jungkook had no idea you were still at work because you forgot to text him. the idea of drinking and dancing just erased that out of your mind, leaving him probably worried sick about you. you even left your phone in your office and locked the door behind it. you sure had a bunch of missed phone calls and texts, all asking where are you. but you were to busy chugging down drinks and shots, one by one.

‘‘here have some more!’‘ your co-worker yelled at you from the other side of the little bar your boss put up. you cheerfully walked up to her and basically snatched that shot out of her hand. the small glass was empty a second later. 

‘‘let’s go danceeeeeeee!’‘ you shouted at everyone and they all screamed back, agreeing with you. soon you were twirling and doing all kinds of crazy dances. people were joining you, singing songs together and drinking some more. 

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I Am An Alpha Ch 9: The Rest Of The Pack

“So who were those other wolves out there?” I wonder as I peek out behind Kris. The four wolves that had peeked out of the forest have now collected the alpha I fought with and returned to the forest, not before giving me a dirty look. At the same time my other mates appeared their alpha pheromone dominates the air, making me feel like I’m suffocating. The six of us are still standing inside, we had decided to at least go into the living room to let the others catch more of my scent. My hyungs are close by, I can smell them but they must have noticed the new wolves and decided to hang back.

“They are our brother pack,” Kris tells me.

“They must not be too happy that I attacked their pack member are they?”

Yixing growls, “I don’t give a fuck about how they feel, they’re just lucky we didn’t tear him to shreds for touching you.”

I cling to the back of Kris’s shirt when I begin sensing Yixing’s anger, “Hyung.”

“Sorry,” He takes a few deep breaths in a sad attempt to calm himself down.

I glance around, “Where is Baekhyun hyung?”

“He went out to talk to your pack, we were planning on having them here before the others returned but I guess that isn’t going to be happening,” Tao sighs.

Kris groans, running his hands through his hair he decides, “We should do this now, they are going to get mad.”

“Suho and Minseok hyung are already fuming,” Kai clucks his tongue.

“Someone go grab them some clothes, we don’t need them flashing her the first time they meet. Yixing, keep an eye on Chanyeol, I’m expecting him to be the most eager to get closer to her. I’ll keep an eye on Minseok hyung since he might be pretty bad too.”

Kai sets off in search of clothing.

Sehun scoffs, “Are you really going to try and get in between Minseok, Luhan, and Suho hyung and our mate? They are going to fight you hard on that one.”

“How do you think they are going to react to my past and my pack?” I wonder, feeling uneasy about these new mates.

“I didn’t even think about telling them about your past,” Yixing sighs in obvious frustration.

“Let us take this one step at a time, starting with walking out there,” Kris officially decides. “Open the door back up.”

Tao sighs but obeys, he slowly unlatches the door and pushes the massive wall of windows to the side, opening the room to the cold. Kris forces himself to step aside but keeps his arm around my shoulders. My eyes go wide at the sight of six beautiful wolves sitting in the snow. I don’t feel scared as bad as I did yesterday, but it’s still there gripping my heart, ready to send me into panic mode.

“They are so pretty,” I mumble softly, unconsciously reaching out my hand to run it through their fur but I notice and pull my hand back. “Sorry, most alphas probably don’t want to hear that.”

Kris chuckles, “So bashful again aren’t we?”

“Do you want me to start fighting again?” I tease.

“Please no, someone is going to loose it.”

“Can I go touch them?” I look to him for permission, which he gives me with a gentle nudge forward. I take a deep breath and step out onto the cold stone patio. A few more steps and I’m back in the snow, I should have asked for shoes but I’m this far, no going back. Unconsciously I approach one specific wolf, his scent draws me in, coffee. “You are the one who distracted me during the fight,” I note mostly to myself but they hear. The caramel colored wolf looks away from me to glare at the head alpha. “Don’t be mad at him,” I quickly defend, “I was just causing trouble. I tend to do that.” I’m trying my best to be playful but he just continues to glare, actually making Kris gulp. I cock my head, “You must be Minseok hyung.”

His head snaps back to me.

“So is that a yes?”

A nod.

“They actually haven’t told me much about any of you, or the fact that any of you existed but they mentioned a few names. Who is Luhan hyung?” I’m trying so hard to be warm, and I’m actually really impressed with how little my hands are shaking and that my heart hasn’t pounded out of my chest. Hesitantly a pretty auburn wolf comes forward, I give him a small smile and a bow. “And than I think it was Chanyeol hyung?” A silver wolf steps forward, this one with much more excitement, he makes me think of Baekhyun but Baekhyun has a much pinker tint compared to this new wolf. “Who was the scary one you mentioned? Soo hyung?” I nervously scan the three other wolves, none of them look particularly scary in fact one stands out to me. His big eyes lock with mine making my heart melts. “So cute!”

Jongin sees me take a few steps toward the wolf, “That is Kyungsoo hyung, or Soo hyung. He doesn’t like being petted.”

“Oh, thank you for letting me know,” I bring my hands to my chest to keep myself from touching them recklessly. But out of the corner of my eye I swear I see Kyungsoo giving Kai a death glare. “After that I think they mentioned Suho,” I watch the last two and see a tan wolf nod his head at me. I bow back before looking at the last one. With an encouraging nod of Kris I approach the last wolf who is a beautiful dark shade of brown, “I’m sorry they didn’t mention your name, you must be the well behaved one, from what I’ve heard in these brief ten minutes is that all the others are trouble.” The wolf laughs making me smile.

“I have clothes for them,” Kai mentions with a giant stack of clothing in his hands.

“Could I go talk to my pack so you can have a good talk with yours?” I ask Kris with a big smile. A chorus of growls erupt from the wolves sending me back on to the patio and into Yixing’s arms.

“They probably don’t like the idea of you leaving at the moment,” Yixing informs me.

“I think they are coming our way again anyway,” Kris sighs, “They must have felt your fear spike suddenly.”

“There they are,” Tao nods toward the forest where a black wolf appears. “Or at least one of them.”

Without a thought I book it pass my mates and right into the snow without a single thing on my mind other than for, “My pup!” I basically scream when Kookie and I get closer. I didn’t realize how much I missed him, I know it has only been a day but that is a long time for us. He tackles me to the ground and licks my face all over, making me a giggling mess beneath him. “Kookie!” I scold through my laughing.

“Hyung!” Jimin and Taehyung yell as they also bust out of the forest, behind them is the rest of my pack and Baekhyun who is just glaring at our touchy interactions.

He pushes through my pack to get to Jungkook and I, “Unless you want your throat ripped out, I suggest you remove yourself from her. We may know what is going on but our other pack members don’t and they are not in the best mood right now.”

Kookie growls.

Baekhyun’s sweet playful demeanor from yesterday seems completely different as he grabs Jungkook by the back of the neck and pulls him off me. “Come with me little wolf before the backyard becomes a battle field. You will be able to talk with your pack after we explain things,” He offers me a hand.

“Please go with him Insoo,” Namjoon quickly encourages me. “I would prefer not to fight with the black dragons.”

“I’m with Namjoon on this, please,” Yoongi almost begs, looking to the house with worried eyes. I follow his gaze back to the house to see eleven of my mates staring us down with angry blood red eyes. Jungkook whimpers with his head bowed to the obviously more powerful group, in fact looking to my pack I see that they are all backing down with their eyes to the ground. I gulp nervously but accept Baekhyun’s hand, he surprises me by just scooping me up.

“It’s freezing cold and you are out here dressed like this, what kind of mates let their mate out like this,” He mumbles mostly to himself as he carries me back across the field. “We should take this inside before she catches a cold.” He doesn’t even bother to wait for his brothers he just carries me inside like I’m a fragile little egg that is going to break. He sets me down on the cold couch before wrapping me up in the blanket that one of the others brought. Kris is kneeling in front of me peeling off the socks he had just put on me that are now soaking wet.

“No more going outside until we have proper clothes for you,” Kris declares. The wolves come in, two of them rush passed with their clothing in their teeth, Minseok and Suho, while the others stop by me. Chanyeol is the first to come right up to me, he sniffs my clothes, his nose wrinkles.

“Do I smell like my pack again?” I sniff my sleeves and only find Yixing’s sweet scent now mixing with another sweet smell, like fresh cakes.

“You reek of Yixing hyung since you slept in his room and his clothes,” Baekhyun explains as he fetches me a mug of tea. “Even thought he is also your mate, we don’t like any other alpha smell near our mate.”

“Sorry Hyung,” I reach other without a thought and stroke the silver blue wolf’s fur. He cocks his head in confusion, “Ah, the hyung thing, we will explain that when everyone is here.”

“So you need to go upstairs and get dressed,” Kris commands. I’m surprised when the big wolf just comes closer and nuzzles his snout into my stomach. “Chanyeol,” The head alpha tries again, making the younger whine.

“Don’t you want to be able to talk to me?” I tempt the wolf with a smile. He groans but quickly heads off towards the stairs, leaving the other three behind. They stare at me, Chen and Luhan are closer, within touching distance while Kyungsoo is far out of my reach. “Are you all going to transform? I actually kind of want to see you react to my past, I didn’t get to see yesterday because I passed out.”

All eyes go to Kris who already has his hands up, “It was an accident.”

“We were gone for a week and all hell breaks loose,” An unfamiliar voice snaps from the hall. Two men come in, they are about the same height but one looks much younger than the other. The last three wolves are off to transform so they can join the conversation as well. One with cat like eyes glares at Kris for a moment before looking down at me huddled on the couch and his face softens. “Hello little wolf.”

I sniff the air, “Coffee,” I hum. “You must be Minseok hyung.”

He smiles cutely, “I am, I’m very happy to meet you my lovely little wolf.”

“It’s nice to meet you too,” I try to stand to greet him properly but the second I try Kris’s hands are on my shoulders pushing me back into the couch.

“Your feet are freezing, how can you not notice?” The older scolds as his large hands gently massage my shoulders.

I look down at my feet, “I haven’t really noticed, I think they are numb.” I try to curl my toes with little to basically no response at my brain’s command, “Yep, they are completely numb.”

“Can you feel this?” Minseok is suddenly a lot closer, his hands are on my ankles, his touch sends a shot of electricity up my leg making me jump away. He holds his hands up, showing me that he means no harm but it’s not that I’m scared, my heart is just racing.

“I can feel that,” I whimper.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to frighten you,” He stands up and takes a few steps back.

“You didn’t frighten me, you shocked me,” I look down at my hands nervously.

“Do you want another bath?” Yixing offers, he joins me on the couch, sitting as close to me as possible. I see the way Minseok watches our physical interactions with irritated jealousy.

I pout, “Another one? I guess, just to warm me up, but only if you sit with me again.”

“Why him again?” Sehun pouts.

Tao joins in on the whining, “Why not one of us?”

“Because from what I’ve heard you guys can’t control yourselves around me, but lets say I give you the benefit of the doubt, do you think you can handle being locked in the same room as me while I’m completely naked and basically defenseless?” I cock a brow at them, “Kai saw me in just a towel and went complete alpha on me, do you think you can handle it?”

The two boys share an angry look but say nothing more. Baekhyun steps forward, “I can do it.”

“Okay, lets go Hyung,” I try to stand up but Yixing has his arm around my shoulders in and instance.

“She asked for me,” The older of the two snaps.

“Can both of you just come along? The more the merrier,” I suggest, hoping to defuse the situation.

“Where are we going? Can I come too?” A tall man bounces into the room, silver hair a ruffled mess, a massive smile on his handsome face. The scent of cake tickles my nose.

“Chanyeol hyung?” The other three come into the room, one with big round eyes catches my eye, “Soo hyung?” The man stops, his eyes seem to get bigger when he sees me. I can’t help but smile at him, something about this man makes me feel more warm at just the sight of him.

“Hello,” He bows his head, “I am Kyungsoo.” He makes me think of hot chocolate. From his dark brown hair to his chocolate colored eyes, heart shaped lips make me think he is a soft person but I remember Jongin’s words and curl back into myself.

“Of course, I’m sorry for speaking so informally,” I bow my head apologetically.

“Ignore him Love,” Yixing guides my gaze back to him with a soft caress of my cheek. “You look cold, lets get that water going.”

I’m about to agree when movement on the edge of the forest catches my eye, “What about my pack? Aren’t we going to explain everything?”

“What do you need to explain?” One steps forward, “Did something happen?”

I look to my six mates who already know, “Should I just say it?”

Kris sighs, “Might as well, Tao, can you go get her pack in here? Take them in the front go and down into the basement to hang out while we talk about this.”

“Why do I have to take them?” Tao pouts, earning himself a dirty look from me.

I narrow my eyes at him, “Do you have a problem with my pack?”

“Of course not!” He replies quickly followed by soft words that melt my heart, “I would just rather be up here with you.”

“How about if you are nice to my pack I’ll let you come in when I take a bath too?”

His eyes light up like fireworks, “Really?”

“Yes, but only if my pack gives you a good review so be nice.”

He nods eagerly before rushing outside. I chuckle as I watch him go to my waiting pack.

“Now what is the world is going on?” Minseok asks as he sits on my other side.

I look at Kris, “Any suggestions on where I should start off?”

“How about your name?”