and levi responds 'yes.'

Levi is restless 

Levi wasn’t fond of communication. He didn’t communicate at all, really. He made faces and passing gestures, pursed his lips without further commentary. Erwin felt the need to become a mindreader, because Levi offered him no help in regards to his personal thoughts. It was something to work on now that Levi was captain. The problem could only get worse.

Erwin’s horse blew hard and shook her head, mane flapping along her thick neck. Levi’s horse always mocked his; the black mare wasted no time blowing back and playfully digging forward with her front leg. Levi sat stony atop her back, sights focused on the sleeping mountains in the distance. The sunset painted them in shades of purple and scarlet. Rivers of sunlight breathed through the trees overhead.

“It’s beautiful,” Erwin remarked, glancing toward the other man. “Isn’t it?”

Levi was quiet before responding with a deep, “Yes.” Erwin nodded in agreement. The silence between them, though heavy at times, did not feel too terrible presently. Erwin took the chance to respectively admire the area.

Levi’s horse gave a loud snort before making her way toward his white mare, Levi yanking on her reins and clicking his tongue. It was useless. Erwin grinned somewhat as he watched the other fumble.

“She’s still young. Be gentle,” he offered. The glower Levi sent took Erwin by surprise, and his blue eyes softened in concern.

“She needs to learn to obey commands,” Levi barely made out between his tight lips. He pulled hard at his reins, the mare’s head snapping back with a loud noise of surprise. Erwin reacted instinctively; his hand moved to grip Levi’s wrist without thought.

“Be gentle.”

Those sharp eyes were on him then, Levi stubbornly fighting his authority. He was still new to his position as captain, Erwin reminded himself. There was still much for him to learn.

Taking his hand back, Erwin repeated himself once more. Levi fidgeted uncomfortably beneath his scrutiny, hands picking at his leather reins. Not a moment later was he tugging his horse back toward camp and urging her into a canter. Erwin allowed him to leave.

Levi could run away all he wanted so long as he promised to return.