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Strip tease. For the writing prompts

64. Strip tease (i’ve always wanted to write this oops)

Levi hadn’t meant to drink so much champagne. He hadn’t meant to run his mouth at the fundraiser either, but somehow it had worked out in their favor, as they’d secured enough money for the next expedition and thus, for the moment, Erwin’s mood was relaxed and pleasant by the time they made it to their private room at the inn.

“Hey.” Levi said after they’d set their things down, nearly forgetting about everything else except for how much he’d wanted to kiss him since the night had begun. “Come here.”

“Yes?” Erwin responded teasingly, offering Levi a small, fond smile that made his cheeks warm even as he tugged at Erwin’s jacket.

He pulled him down while he stood up onto his tiptoes to press their lips together, his arms sliding around Erwin’s neck when he took his waist so he could tangle a hand in his hair. His movements were a bit rough and uncoordinated, of course, because of the alcohol, but he barely noticed, and the way he’d made a chunk of Erwin’s blonde locks stand up straight on top of his head just charmed him all the more.

“You did good tonight.” Levi told him, the warm buzz from the champagne making him feel uncharacteristically giddy and venturesome. “Maybe we should celebrate.”

“Celebrate?” Erwin asked, raising an eyebrow while he gazed down into Levi’s face.

“Yeah. Because you got the money. You deserve a reward.”

“You helped, though.”

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The Phone Call With the Mother

The buzzing of his phone on the nightstand wasn’t an uncommon way for Erwin to wake up. But it was the first time an unknown number appeared for the caller ID.

He groaned, his eyes squinted. He shied away from the cracked blinds that sunlight streamed through the cracked blinds. He grabbed his phone and answered it before lying back down in bed.


A muffled whisper conversation was heard on the other line. “Ask him who he is!”

“Why don’t you do it?”

“Just ask the man!”

He cleared my throat. It was too early in the morning for this. “Hello?”

A clearer voice responded. A woman’s. “Y-yes, hello. My name is Angela Arlert. I’m calling about my son.”

Erwin’s brow furrowed before rolling onto his side. Arlert? Armin Arlert? The small blond kid that buys pot from me but can barely take a puff without coughing up a lung? It was kind of endearing though. And cute.

“Armin? What about him, Mrs Arlert?”

Erwin figured that the kid’s parents didn’t know about his little… hobby. He had sold drugs to a lot of teenagers, yet not once has he gotten a ‘concerned parent phone call’ before.

The phone shifted and a man spoke this time. “We’re very worried about our son and your number was the only one in his phone that we didn’t recognise. In fact, it wasn’t even under a name. It was under a flame emoji.”

I chuckled under my breath. A flame emoji? The kid wasn’t subtle, was he?

“So, uh, what’s your name?”

Erwin sat back up, sitting on the edge of his bed. “Erwin, sir. Erwin Smith. Look, you should really talk-”

The phone rustled again and his mother came back on the phone. “Who are you? My little Armin has never kept secrets from his mother. So why has he hidden you?”

Because I deal him drugs. “I can explain, ma’am… But I think it’s better if you ask your son.”

“It’s not like he’d tell me. If he’s hidden you this long, he will keep you a secret from me.”

She made it sound like it was my fault that her son was lying to her. Fuck, Arlert, you are in so much shit when this call is over.

“Who are you?” she demanded. “Tell me.”


“Tell me.”

“You need to-”

“Tell me.”

“I think that-”

“Tell me!”

Fuck this woman was relentless.

“Talk to your son-”

“You tell me now!”

“I’m having sex with him!”


“What?” her voiced cracked a bit.

Shit. Shit. Why did he say that? It wasn’t true. He wasn’t even sure if the kid was gay. Oh shit. Armin was going to kill him.

Erwin stood up and began pacing. “I-I mean, I shouldn’t have told you that. H-He’s not ready, to tell you, I mean.”

“You’re his lover?” his father asked.

“Uh, y-yeah. I am, but-”

“Son, how old are you?”

“25, sir,” Erwin said, masking the panic from his voice completely.

I opened the door and stormed out and into Levi’s room.

“25? You are aware that Armin is just a boy? Only sixteen.”

Erwin covered up the receiver on the phone. “Shit, Levi, you have to help me.”

Levi was straddling his boyfriend, Eren. “What the fuck, eyebrows?”

Erwin sat on the edge of the bed. “Good, Eren, you can help.”

Eren, being the curious person he is, shoved Levi off of him, despite his throbbing boner and sat next to Erwin. “What happened?”

“I’m on the phone with a client’s parents and I just told them I was his lover because I didn’t want to tell them that he was doing drugs.”

Eren nodded, gesturing to the phone. Erwin nodded and put the phone on speaker as Levi groaned, horny and mad.


Erwin responded quickly. “Hello, yes, I’m sorry, I’m just…”

He glanced up at Eren who shrugged. Erwin bit back the urge to groan. Nosey ass isn’t even going to help.

“I’m just worried that Armin will be mad that I told you this. I…”

Erwin paused again, glancing at his two friends, who, once again, had nothing to contribute.

“I don’t want him to get angry at me. And I know he will… c-can you promise me that you won’t tell him that I told you? H-he would be so mad with me and…”

Erwin felt his cheeks flush slightly at saying these sappy things. Levi was sniggering, covering his mouth the restrict the sound.

“I don’t want to lose him,” Erwin finished.

The other side of the line was silent for a few moments, before Armin’s mother spoke. “Oh, I’m so sorry… We won’t tell him, I was just worried about my son. Thank you for putting my mind at ease.”

“I’m glad too, Mrs Arlert.”

Armin’s father laughed before saying:

“Goodbye, Erwin. And I’m sorry for this formality. We just had to make sure our son wasn’t doing drugs or anything.”

The hang up tone played at the three sat in silence. Before Eren burst out laughing.

“Hahaha, oh my God, that’s fantastic!”

Levi shifted himself onto Eren’s lap, “That was pretty entertaining, Erwin. Good luck with the fall out of that by the way. Now get the fuck out.”

Levi pushed Eren backwards onto the bed and kissed him hard. Eren laughed into the kiss before pulling back. “Bye, Erwin. Have fun, who knows? Maybe he’ll sleep with you to protect his little secret.”

Erwin rolled his eyes and stood up, leaving the room.

He closed the door behind him and selecting Armin’s name in his contacts list. He held the phone to his ear as he entered the kitchen.

“Hey, Erwin. It’s rare for you to call me.”

Erwin leaned up against the bench, taking a breath in. “Yeah, so, Arlert. I’m about to tell you something that you may get mad at. Can you keep calm?”

He was quiet for a second. “Wait, what’s happening?”

“So, you’re mom called me.”

He was quiet for almost ten seconds before:


Erwin winced at his piercing voice.

“What do they know? They know I’m doing drugs? Oh God. Oh my God.”

“Armin, Armin, calm down. They don’t know you’re doing drugs.”

Armin breathed a sigh of relief, “Oh you really scared me-”

“They think we’re having sex.”

Armin took a short gasp of air in. “Fuck you. We’re meeting tonight. I’m going to give you a piece of my mind.”

Then he hung up.

Erwin groaned. Fuck, why me?


Erwin sat patiently at the edge of the meadow, looking over the fields of flowers that hit the horizon. They weren’t as pretty at night, but it wouldn’t do to be dealing drugs in broad daylight.

Erwin tapped the grass, running his fingers through it, thinking about what was about to happen. Would he be mad? Of course he would be mad. Fuck, I really needed this kid’s money.

Erwin felt a force hit the back of his head.

“Ow,” Erwin said, looking up at a very angry Armin, rubbing the sore part of the back of his head.

“I’m so pissed with you right now,” Armin seethed.

Erwin wouldn’t have even believed that the small sweet blond could get this mad. “I know, but what was I supposed to say? You’re doing drugs?”

Armin laughed bitterly, “Anything else except that you’re my fucking sugar daddy.”

Erwin stood up and faced Armin, “I’m sorry. I panicked.”

Armin stepped closer, his face way only an inch from mine. “You panicked? You panicked so much that you told my parents that I was gay? You had no right!”

Erwin stepped back from him, slightly bewildered. “Wait, you’re actually gay?”

Armin seemed to get angrier. “And what would have happened if I wasn’t? Huh? What you have done then?”

“I… I don’t know…”

Armin shoved Erwin back, hard. Enough to make the grown man trip and fall over.

“Hey!” he said. “What the hell?”

Armin straddled his chest and started batting him with open palms.

“I can’t believe you! You had no right! They had no idea until you came along! I’m so mad at you!”

“Armin, stop that,” Erwin said gently, grabbing the boy’s wrists.

It was then the boy started crying. Through heavy sobs he let out the words: “They were never supposed to know.”

Erwin gently pulled Armin down, to lie on his chest. Armin cried, his sobs muffled by Erwin’s chest. Armin beat his fists against his chest, but the blows were too weak to do any damage.

“I’m sorry, Armin. I’m really sorry.”

And he was. He had never meant to force the kid to come out to his parents. Erwin sat up, still keeping Armin against his chest. He held the boy, one arm around his waist, and the other hand stroking his blond hair.

He just held him, while he cried. For about ten minutes, they sat in the meadow, the only noise was the wind carrying away Armin’s quiet sobs.

“Armin?” he asked, gently pulling his back from his chest, but Armin held onto his shirt in a tight fist.  

“Do you know why I kept it a secret from them?” he asked.

Erwin made a questioning sound in the back of his throat.

“When I was a child, I lived with my grandfather. My parents worked overseas a lot. They wanted me to have a stable childhood. So I lived with him. One day, when I was eleven, I came home from school. I told him that I had a crush on someone in my class.”

Armin laughed bitterly, gripping Erwin’s shirt harder. “He asked me who it was, with a smile on his face. I told him, that his name was Jean. And that smile dropped straight off his face.”

Armin took in another shaky breath.

“In an instant, he was across the room and slapped me across the face. He told me that what I felt was wrong and that if I stopped it now, he wouldn’t tell my parents.”

He began to cry again. “H-he said that they-they would b-be disappointed… Hic, I-I didn’t want them to be ashamed of me! And now they know!”

Erwin wasn’t an empathic man. But something in the boy’s crying voice struck something in him that made him grip the boy tighter.


The boy angled his face away from Erwin’s chest and up to his face.

His eyes were puffy and red, his face streaked with tears, his lips shaking as he tried to breath normally.

“Listen to me, Armin. He was wrong. Your parents aren’t ashamed of you, they love you.”

Erwin spoke in soft tones, wiping the boy’s tears away. “They weren’t mad when I said it. They were relieved. They thought that you were in trouble.”

Armin let out a sob cross a laugh. “Like drugs?”

Erwin smiled at him. “Yeah, like drugs.”

Armin looked up at Erwin through wet eyelashes, his hands sliding up to rest on Erwin’s shoulders. “They really weren’t disappointed?”

Erwin moved his face closer to Armin’s and whispered, “No. They love you.”

Armin smiled through tears at him. “Thank you, Erwin.”

Erwin just smiled back at him, after a few seconds Armin’s smile dropped. Their faces were less an inch from each other, their noses touching.

“You know, I think that I’m off drugs now,” Armin whispered.

Erwin chuckled softly, “Oh really?”

Armin lips came closer to his as he whispered, “I think I have a new addiction.”

Erwin felt warm lips on his; they were soft, yet unexperienced. Erwin’s tongue ran along the boy’s bottom lip, the soft taste of salt filled his senses. Armin didn’t fight, he simply allowed entrance. Armin had never kissed someone like this before, he had kissed a few guys before, but had never been able to really let go like this.

Erwin was different than horny teenage boys, the kind that just shove their tongue down your throat. Erwin was skilled, soft and gentle yet applied pressure in all the right places. He knew how to make him feel good.

Armin’s hand slid down off his shoulders and down his chest, down to the edge of his shirt. His small hands ran along under the shirt, pressed on warm bare skin. His hands were shaking slightly from nerves and Erwin found that extremely endearing.

He broke the kiss off, leaving Armin with his face flushed red, his lips parted and his blue eyes dulled by a mist of lust. Erwin pulled his shirt up over his head before kissing him again.

Armin took the liberty to feel every inch of bare skin that Erwin had exposed of himself as he enjoyed the sensations Erwin inflicted upon him.

Erwin pulled back from the kiss and turned his head to the east, on the other side of the field, when the rays of dawn licked the horizon.

Armin placed his head back onto Erwin’s chest, watching the sunrise.

“I always love how this field looks at sunrise. It’s when it’s most beautiful,” Erwin said, pressing his lips again Armin’s head.

Armin smiled. “It is really beautiful. But this field is always beautiful, but people like you can only appreciate beauty when the light shines upon it.”

“People like me?” Erwin asked.

Armin hummed. “Yeah, people who see the world in black and white.”

Armin looked up at Erwin again. “But sometimes you need to see the world in colour to appreciate real beauty.”

And as Erwin studied Armin’s face, with the dawn’s light illuminating half his face, and the other half in shadow, Erwin realised that Armin was right. Because both halves were just as beautiful.

Title: Take me to a Better Place.
Warnings: Canon-verse, Hurt/Comfort, Panic Attacks, Night Terrors, Queerplatonic Relationship
Summary: What is a soldier when there isn’t a war to fight anymore? A broken man.
A/N: This was supposed to be a tiny little drabble meant to make me feel better because of some stuff that happened irl and it somehow grew into this. Let me know what you think.   

“Has anyone seen Jaeger?”

The hall went silent as Levi’s words echoed in the wake of his steps, frown deepening as he anxiously continued his search. He’d been looking all around town, knocking on doors and asking if they’d seen Eren anywhere and was met by head shakes and shrugs. The military base was his last resort and even that proved to be a dead end.

He could feel himself losing grip; jaw clenched tight and hands balled into fists as he struggled to regulate his breathing when he heard footsteps racing behind him in the hall.

“Captain Levi!” Jean called out of breath as he tried to catch up to him. “I saw him a couple of hours ago, sir, said he was gonna head home for the day.”

Levi’s shoulders sagged a little bit and he managed to nod tersely dismissing Jean. The weight on his lungs lessened for the time being but the urgent need he felt to find Eren only increased as his mind started to panic no matter how much he tried to calm himself down.

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Kiss Me You Fool! (Prompt: Lipstick)

Fandom: Fairy Tail
Ship Title: Gajevy/Gale
Rating: T
A.N.: I wrote this fanfiction specifically for Gajevy week. The prompt was Lipstick. The title of this came from Rimmel’s new lipstick Provocalips, with Levy wearing the red lipstick titled Kiss Me You Fool and Lucy wearing the pink lipstick titled Dare to Pink. Came across the title of the lipstick, and this fanfiction popped in to my head. Levy’s outfit idea can be found here: and Lucy’s outfit idea can be found here: . It’s mainly Gajevy, but there is going to be some Nalu in here. Hope you like and reviews are always welcome!
Disclaimer: I do not own Fairy Tail or it’s characters, Hiro Mashima does.

Read on here:

“You should get this one Lev!” Lucy said as she pulled out a lipstick in a bright shade of red.

Levy and Lucy were out shopping for make-up. Well, it was more like Lucy dragged Levy away from her books to get make-up. Levy didn’t wear make-up usually. Maybe a little bit of eyeliner or mascara here and there, but never lipstick. If she ever did, it was always something more natural. The Rainbow Sakura Festival was this week, and Lucy was determined to go this year because she was sick last year. Honestly, Levy went, and always enjoyed it, but she never cared to dress up for it. Lucy was changing that!

Levy looked at the lipstick Lucy had picked out. It really was a bright red. “I don’t know Luce… It’s too bright for me. I don’t think it will look good on me,” eyeing the lipstick.

“Nonsense! I have a keen eye for makeup, and I know for a fact it will look great on you! Plus, it says Kiss Me You Fool as the title of the lipstick. I think it’s pretty apt for what you are wanting,” Lucy said as she winked at Levy.

“Luce! T-that’s n-n-not..” Levy responded, her face turning the same color as the lipstick.

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The Argument That Pisses Me Off The Most:

Levi abused Eren. He beat the shit out of him in court, and even knocked one of his teeth out. It’s an abusive relationship. He doesn’t care about him even half as much as Mikasa does.

How long will it take to get it through that thick skull of yours to make you realize that Levi HAD to do it? Levi did it for his own good. Ask yourself this:
Would you rather have had Eren get beat up so he could keep on living and join the Survey Corps as he has always dreamed, or get dissected? Because THAT’S WHAT WOULD HAVE FUCKING HAPPENED.
Eren was perfectly aware that Levi had to do what he did. I can quote it: “No. I understand it was necessary.” Don’t believe me? Go watch the damn scene for yourself.

And lastly. Levi doesn’t care? No, Levi does care. He even asked Eren if he hated him. He needed to make sure Eren knew it was necessary so he didn’t hate him. Not good enough? Ok, I’ll quote again for you: “Say Eren. Do you hate me?” [Eren responds no.] “Glad to hear.” So yes. Levi does care. You can’t say he doesn’t. A completely invalid argument.

And one big thing: If Levi really didn’t care about Eren, why did he bother to get him into the Corps in the first place? Why did he bother to ask Eren if he knew it had to be done? Why did he bother to ask Eren how he felt about him? Why did he bother to do this?

 The opposite of love is indifference. And Levi surely isn’t indifferent to Eren.
I rest my case.

Bad Day (Luke)

Today had just been awful and it wasn’t even noon yet. I had worn a pink plaid shirt with shorts and flip flops and not one girl had failed to say that I looked like a “lumberjack” and that I looked ugly and fat today. I had heard it at least twenty times and I was just irritated with the whole thing. On top of that, I walked into third period and this boy had pointed out a spot on my face, asking me if I needed ProActive. That one had hurt the most, I think. So I sat in fourth period just thinking of my boyfriend, Luke. He was on tour with his band and here I was, stuck in school. I raised my hand and asked to go to the bathroom. I slipped my phone into my back pocket and headed towards the door.
“You’re literally so ugly, do you even wash your face?” I heard a different boy whisper as I walked by. My bottom lip trembled as tears filled my eyes. I ended up in the nurse’s office instead of the bathroom. She left me alone, asking every once in awhile if I was okay. I sniffed and pulled my phone out of my back pocket. The nurse smiled at me as I dialed Luke’s number and she left me alone in the room, closing the door after her. I was glad she gave me some privacy.
“Babe!” Luke exclaimed as he answered his phone. I sniffed again and wiped the tears off my face. Knowing he was having a good time made me feel even worse.
“Luke,” I took a deep breath before continuing in a shaky voice. “Do you think I’m ugly?” I heard him sigh on the other end.
“Of course not baby what’s the matter?” He asked and I could hear the concern in his voice.
“I’m just having a really bad day and I needed to hear your voice. When are you coming home?” I questioned, pulling my knees up so my chin rested on them.
“I’m not sure babe. Can I do anything to make it better?” I sighed and shook my head as if he could see me.
“No.” I whispered. I felt so defeated. My boyfriend didn’t know when he was coming home, every single girl here hated me and every single guy thought I was ugly. I just wanted to go home and see Luke. That’s it, that’s all I wanted.
“I feel so bad,” he said and I could picture him running his hands through his hair. “I wanna be there for you and it’s just so fucking hard. Just listen okay, you’re the most beautiful girl out there okay? If anyone has something to say about you, then tell them they can talk to me because you’re perfect, alright babe? Perfect.” I smiled a little and looked up as the nurse walked back in.
“Okay… I have to go…. I love you, Luke.” I said and got up, heading back to class.
“I love you too, baby. Just hold on, I’ll be there before you know it.” I sighed and hung up. Talking to him made me feel a little better, but that didn’t change the fact that I really didn’t want to be here. I texted my mom, asking if she would pick me up. She told me that I’d be home before I knew it and that I just had to make it through the day. That made me feel even worse and I walked back into the classroom. We only had five minutes left so everyone was packed up and ready to head to lunch.
After lunch, I had four more class periods. I thought about ditching, but figured that might piss my mom off. We were only ten minutes into class when the secretary came over the intercom, “Ms. Levi? Do you have Y/N in there?”
“Yes..?” Ms. Levi responded, eyeing me.
“Can you send her down with her things to the office please?” Ms. Levi looked shocked but responded with a yes. I gathered my things and left the classroom full of students “oohing” at the fact that I was going to the office. I hadn’t done anything wrong… that I was aware of anyway. I walked with my head down into the office and made my way to the secretary’s desk.
“I was called up here?” I asked, looking at her. She smiled and pointed behind me. I turned around, half expecting the principal or something… but it wasn’t him at all. It was Luke. I ran to him jumping and wrapping my legs around his waist.
“When did you get home? Oh my God, LUKE!” I squealed, hugging him tight. He hugged me back tighter, if that was possible.
“I was already home when you called me and I felt so heartbroken when I heard you were having a bad day… so I called your mom and asked her if I could come get you and she said yes so here we are.” He smiled, pulling away so he could lean his forehead on mine. I kissed him for the first time in two months. We pulled away and he set me down.
“Wanna go get some ice cream?” He asked, intertwining our hands.
“I’d like that.” I responded as we walked out the front doors. Having Luke home was the best ending to a bad day.

ereri week drabble... (mank)

sorry i did’t get to more text meme / otp drabbles yet.. here have a scene from one of my ereri week stories…. okay???? also i learned about the word mank…

“You almost got my ass kicked tonight.”

“I did?”  Eren wasn’t exactly smiling, but there was a brightness to his eyes that Levi wanted to see more of.  

“Like you didn’t know that was your boyfriend I was talking about earlier,” Levi accused, rolling his eyes.  “We made awkward eye contact while I was talking about him, for fuck’s sake.”

“Wait a minute,” Eren said. “He’s—”

“You just let me stand there, talking shit,” Levi continued, cutting him off, “and then, when he followed me out…”

“He came after you?”

“He poked me in the chest and called me a mank,” Levi said.

Eren furrowed his eyebrows. “A mank?”

“A male skank, yes,” Levi responded.  “You lit a match and didn’t bother to watch the explosion.”

Levi is restless 

Levi wasn’t fond of communication. He didn’t communicate at all, really. He made faces and passing gestures, pursed his lips without further commentary. Erwin felt the need to become a mindreader, because Levi offered him no help in regards to his personal thoughts. It was something to work on now that Levi was captain. The problem could only get worse.

Erwin’s horse blew hard and shook her head, mane flapping along her thick neck. Levi’s horse always mocked his; the black mare wasted no time blowing back and playfully digging forward with her front leg. Levi sat stony atop her back, sights focused on the sleeping mountains in the distance. The sunset painted them in shades of purple and scarlet. Rivers of sunlight breathed through the trees overhead.

“It’s beautiful,” Erwin remarked, glancing toward the other man. “Isn’t it?”

Levi was quiet before responding with a deep, “Yes.” Erwin nodded in agreement. The silence between them, though heavy at times, did not feel too terrible presently. Erwin took the chance to respectively admire the area.

Levi’s horse gave a loud snort before making her way toward his white mare, Levi yanking on her reins and clicking his tongue. It was useless. Erwin grinned somewhat as he watched the other fumble.

“She’s still young. Be gentle,” he offered. The glower Levi sent took Erwin by surprise, and his blue eyes softened in concern.

“She needs to learn to obey commands,” Levi barely made out between his tight lips. He pulled hard at his reins, the mare’s head snapping back with a loud noise of surprise. Erwin reacted instinctively; his hand moved to grip Levi’s wrist without thought.

“Be gentle.”

Those sharp eyes were on him then, Levi stubbornly fighting his authority. He was still new to his position as captain, Erwin reminded himself. There was still much for him to learn.

Taking his hand back, Erwin repeated himself once more. Levi fidgeted uncomfortably beneath his scrutiny, hands picking at his leather reins. Not a moment later was he tugging his horse back toward camp and urging her into a canter. Erwin allowed him to leave.

Levi could run away all he wanted so long as he promised to return.

Roommate AU

Part 1 | Part 2

   Lucy excitedly tidied up her already clean apartment.  Her emotions balanced on excitement and nervousness because her whole home life was about to change.  She couldn’t believe that she had just accepted a boy she’d never met before to live with her!

   “You know, Lu, everything is already clean.” Lucy’s friend Levy commented from the couch she was seated on.

   “Yeah, don’t get your panties in a bunch.” Cana snickered from beside her and Lucy scowled at them.

   “Hey, I just want to be sure everything is well, you know, perfect!  I don’t want him to think I’m some slob or something.” Lucy reasoned as the oven timer gave its ding! and she slid out the tray of cookies she prepared.

   “Lucy, you made him cookies?” Levy commented in exasperation.

    “What, are you trying to get in his pants or something?” Cana mused, a devilish look on her face.

   “Wha- no!  I am being nice!  And they’re not just for him, they’re for everyone coming.  After all, it is a housewarming party.” Lucy huffed, placing the cookies on the counter to cool.

   “Tch, what’s his name by the way?  Maybe I know him.” Gajeel scoffed from besides Levy.  Gajeel was Levy’s boyfriend of about two years now; though he was pretty gruff, Lucy thought he was a good match for her friend.

   “His name is Natsu.” Lucy answered simply as she hummed around the kitchen fixing things up.

   “What!?” Gajeel roared causing everyone, including Plue, to jump in fright.

   “Wh-what?” Lucy gasped, unsure why Gajeel had such a reaction.

   “Does this guy have pink hair?  Is his last name freaking Dragneel?!” Gajeel fired out questions.

   “Well, from what I remember, it was just Dragneel not ‘freaking Dragneel’.  And yes, he does have pink hair, it’s a little odd.  Why, do you know him?” Lucy answered curiously.

   “God damn, that’s my cousin, the bastard…” Gajeel muttered.

   “Oh!  What a coincidence.  I didn’t put two and two together when you said his name was Natsu.” Levy giggled and Gajeel look distraught.

   “What, do you hate him or something?” Cana inquired Gajeel who was anxiously looking at the door.

   “Well, I don’t hate him, he just makes me want to punch him in the face.” Gajeel answered them bluntly and the girls rolled their eyes.

   “At least someone knows him here so he won’t feel so put out, right?  I wonder what his friends are like.  Oh, wait until you guys meet Erza, she’s kind of intimidating but she’s really nice!  She’s bringing her fiance.” Lucy gushed, eager for the night’s festivities.  “It also makes me a little more comfortable that you do know him Gajeel, at least he’s not a total stranger.”

   “Yeah, whatever…  Wait until you actually live with him, you’ll see why his friend kicked him out.  I knew he was crashin’ with someone a while back, haven’t seen him in a while though…” Gajeel muttered out loud.

    “I’m sure he’s fine.  He seemed great in the interview.  He’s bringing some of his friends too, I’m pretty excited to see who they are, we can all hangout together!” Lucy exclaimed, her mind racing.

   “He seems to have had some kind of effect on you Lucy.” Cana winked and Lucy busied herself in the kitchen.

   “I hope they all like this food…” Lucy worried slightly, setting out some chips in a bowl and a few other appetizers.

   “I’m sure they will, and besides, you’re ordering pizza, I think it’s safe to say a majority of people like pizza.  I think you’re worrying yourself too much.” Levy pointed out and Lucy sighed.

   “Yeah, you’re right.  Speaking of which, I need to order that now, it’s five forty five!  They’ll be here in fifteen minutes!” Lucy cried and raced to the phone.  Lucy hastily dialed the number and secured their dinner.

   “Juvia!” Lucy’s voice rang out as she called her other blue haired friend that was coming over after she got out of work, “Hi, on your way home-oh you’ll be home soon?  Great, can you pick up our pizza order?  Thanks so much!” Lucy smiled and ended the call happily.

   “Bunny girl is all worked up over nothin’ tch, it’s just Natsu…” Gajeel smirked.

    “Gajeel, that was one time for Halloween!” Lucy snapped at the brawny man who was now giggling.  “Anyways, I’m excited I think this is a really good thing!”

    “Oh my god, this is a really bad thing!  What if he thinks I’m weird, what if his cat doesn’t like Plue?” Lucy yelled out shrilly while her friend rolled their eyes.

   “Pu-un?” Plue cooed out, looking up at her in concern.

    The clock on the oven displayed the time of five fifty eight and, to Lucy, they were mocking her in neon yellow numbers.  It was safe to say that Lucy was more than a little worried about living with Natsu but, she was trying to weigh the options.  He was Gajeel’s cousin so, at least he wasn’t some stranger anymore.  It could have been worse, a lot worse- she could have been interviewing some perverted old man or something and would have been forced to accept him as a tenant because she needed rent money!  The thought made Lucy’s skin crawl so, she was glad it was Natsu.  It did help that Natsu was quite attractive and very well built, he could totally protect her from pervert old men…

   “Hey, Lucy.  You look like you’re having some good thoughts, care to share?” Cana poked with a devious smile making Lucy’s cheeks burn.

   “Uh n-no!  Just thinking is all!” Lucy scowled and then quickly raced to the door as she heard Juvia calling her name from outside the door.

  “Lucy!  J-juvia is struggling with the door…” Juvia’s strained voice came through.

   “Oh geez,” Lucy exclaimed as she opened the door, quickly scooping up the pizzas out of Juvia’s hands, “I’m sorry for all the trouble!  Thank you so much, Juvia.”

   “It’s okay.” Juvia smiled and stretched her arms as she set her things down on the floor of the living room.

   “How was the aquarium?” Levy queried about Juvia’s job she had just come from.

   “It was great!  We got to care for baby sea otters today.” Juvia’s smile grew larger at the thought of the baby animals.  Juvia was a marine biologist by degree and got a job at the Lamia Scale Aquarium not too far from where they all lived.

   “That’s adorable!” Levy responded, clutching Gajeel’s arm.

   “Yes, they were.  When is your new roommate coming, Lucy?” Juvia asked.

   “Anytime now.  It actually turns out that he is Gajeel’s cousin.” Lucy informed her and Juvia’s eyebrows raised in surprise.

   “Really?  How curious.” Juvia stated and sat down in one of the chairs.  Just then, there was a tentative knock at the door and Lucy jumped slightly, then getting up and looking through the peek hole in the door.

   “It’s them!” Lucy whispered to the rest in the living room and eagerly opened the door.  “Hi!”  Lucy was met with Natsu, of course, along with Erza and a blue haired man with a peculiar red tattoo on his face next to her, and a dark haired man standing next to Natsu who’s face was stony but his eyes were kind and he broke into a smile as Lucy greeted them.

   “Hey, what’s up?” Natsu smiled.

   “I’m so happy you guys are here, oh!” Lucy gasped lightly as she say all of the baggage by their feet. “Please, come in!  Bring your stuff in, Natsu, your room is just across there…” Lucy gestured to the room across the living room.  The small group shuffled into the apartment, a slight awkwardness falling on all of them.

   “I’m being rude,” Erza stated apologetically, “This is Jellal, my fiance,” She pointed to the blue haired man and Lucy nodded her head and shook his hand.  “And this is Gray.”

   “Nice to meet you.” Gray smiled, offering his hand.  Lucy suddenly heard Juvia gasp from behind her and looked at her in confusion as she looked as if she were choking.

   “Er, well here are some of my friends.  That’s Cana, Levy, and Juvia…  And, Natsu, Gajeel says you two already know each other because you’re cousins.” Lucy gestured to each one of them and Natsu’s eyes narrowed as they landed on Levy’s black haired boyfriend.

   “Tch, who knew your ugly mug would show up here?” Gajeel snickered and Natsu smirked.

    “Long time no see, metal head.” Natsu laughed, poking fun at Gajeel’s many piercings earning him a glare.

    “Yep, Gajeel and Levy are dating.” Lucy added.

    “Wow, who knew you could get a girl?” Natsu taunted.

   “At least I have a girl.” Gajeel smirked and Levy gave him a patronizing look.  Lucy hastily helped heave Natsu’s things into his room making several trips back and forth to Erza and Natsu’s car.  Lastly, Natsu carried up a pet carrier that held his cat that he said that he had.

   “Last but not least, this is Happy.  Welcome to your new home, buddy!” Natsu announced, opening the cage and a little blue cat strode out proudly, meowing loudly.

   “He doesn’t look nervous at all.” Lucy chuckled, stroking the cat behind the ears as he purred.

   “Nah, s’long as you have fish, he’s a happy cat.  That’s why I gave him the name Happy.” Natsu smiled down at them.

   “Tch, Lily is so much cuter.” Gajeel growled to Levy.

   “Oh my god, Gajeel…” Levy sighed out in exasperation and Lucy gave them an amused look.

   “I’m glad that he seems to be comfortable here.” Lucy commented and watched as Plue went over and curiously sniffed at Happy.  Happy wound himself around Plue, his whiskers twitching as he took in the sight of the new animal.  Then, Happy butted his head on Plue’s, mewing happily as Plue wagged his tail and rolled onto his back.

   “That was certainly easy, it seems as though they are already great friends.” Erza smiled.

   “Oh!  By the way, there’s food and stuff in the kitchen.  Some appetizers, fruit, and pizza…  I hope you all like it.” Lucy motioned to the dining room table that displayed some of the food.

   “Wow, you didn’t need to do all that, it’s just Natsu moving in after all.” Gray joked and Lucy laughed.

   “Juvia got the pizza!” Juvia suddenly appeared next to Gray, her face serious and Lucy gave her a questioning glance.

   “Er… Thanks then!” Gray awkwardly chuckled and Juvia gazed at him in adoration.  Lucy was pleased to see everyone mingling together as they gathered food on their plates.  She set up some music in the background so the atmosphere wouldn’t feel as awkward and everyone seemed to settle down comfortably in the living room.

   “So, Heatfilia…  I swear I’ve heard that name before?” Erza mused and Lucy drew in a sharp breath; she really didn’t want them to know about her father’s success.  She didn’t want them to think she was complaining about money when her family was so rich but, what people didn’t understand is, she had none of her family’s funds, especially now that both her parents were deceased.

   “Um, maybe?” Lucy answered timidly but relaxed as the red head didn’t pursue it further.

   “So, how long have you and Jellal been together?” Levy asked curiously to Erza and she smiled at the blue haired man next to her.

   “We’ve been together for around six years.” Jellal answered Levy with a soft smile.

   “Wow, that’s a while…  When did you guys start dating?” Levy’s eyes lit up making Lucy suppress a giggle, she loved hearing about other people, it interested Levy.

   “We started dating when we were about seventeen.  We kind of grew up together.” Erza answered, her eyes looking faraway.

   “That’s so cute!” Levy squealed slightly and Gajeel rolled his eyes affectionately.

   “So, Lucy, what do you do for a living?” Gray suddenly asked taking Lucy off guard slightly.

   “Oh, I’m a journalist.” Lucy informed them.

    “That must be interesting work.” Erza commented.

   “Yeah,I guess so.  But sometimes the reporters I work with really only care about the shallow things like, who’s dating who.  I’d really like to delve deeper into things that interest me but…  Work is work!” Lucy sighed and smiled.  She loved working for Sorcerer Weekly so, she couldn’t complain much.  Plus, Jason was a pretty great boss.

   “I could see how that could get frustrating.” Erza nodded her head in understanding.

   “What do you do, Gray?” Cana pried out of curiosity.

   “I’m a hockey player.” Gray answered simply.

   “Don’t be so modest, Gray.  He’s on a professional team.” Erza added proudly and Gray looked at his feet as if he were embarrassed.

   “Huh, no shit.  What team?” Gajeel asked, sounding impressed.

   “Uh, I don’t know if you guys have heard of em but I play for the Demon Slayers.” Gray rubbed the back of his neck.

   “Oh damn, no way!  What’s your last name?” Gajeel’s enthusiasm picked up.

   “Fullbuster, I’m number seven.”

   “Oh, damn.  I don’t watch a ton of hockey but I’m definitely a fan.” Gajeel grinned and Gray seemed to relax a bit.

   “Thanks man.”

   “How exciting, a hockey player!” Juvia chimed in, her eyes wide as they looked at Gray.

   “Er, yeah.  What do you do…  Your name’s Juvia right?” Gray stammered slightly.

   “Gray knows my name…” Juvia whispered to herself and Lucy elbowed her.

   “Gray asked you what you do!” Lucy murmured quietly to her friend.

   “Oh, I am a marine biologist.” Juvia quickly answered.

   “That’s sweet!” Natsu piped in, “I bet you get to see a lot of cool animals!”

   “Y-yes…” Juvia stammered out, suddenly finding the ground rather interesting.  A slightly uncomfortable silence fell upon the gathering of and Lucy found herself wringing her hands together feeling on edge slightly.

   “Hey, loosen up Luce!  I think we’re going to have a good time together.” Natsu smiled broadly over at her and Lucy giggled slightly letting herself relax at the sight of Natsu.

   “Yeah, I think so too.”