and lets out a weird whimper

So what if the alien life we encounter evolves in a non-aqueous manner/environment?

“Human Steve, Human Steve!” The alien wailed, “the sky is falling, the end is nigh!”
Steve sighed and buried his hands in his coat.

“For the LAST time Gary, it’s just rain.”

“Alas, toxic dihydrogen monoxide”
“-comes crashing down from above poisoning the faithful ground of the planet known to those who live there as Soil.”
“Woe unto those who once cherished the lands that bore them only to have it so tragically torn away in an unforgiving chemical storm…”
“Human Steve, you have my most sincere condolences. Our people extend the hand of friendship in these hard times and offer you our hospitality until-”
“It’s fine. Water’s a part of our planet. We’re used to it- we even drink it, in fact we need to- I’m about sixty percent water, it keeps us running. Seventy percent of the Earth’s surface is covered by water, it’s in the air on the mountains- all that blue stuff you were asking about? Yeah, that was water too. You know what we should have probably called the place ‘Water’ it would have made more sense.”
Gary stopped, the slightest of quivers visible as he stared at the Human.
“You drink… water?”
“Yeah, all the time.”
“It does not harm you?”
“Not unless you go trying to breathe it. Then you drown.”
Gary let out a whimper.
“Human Steve,”
“Yes Gary?”
“I would very much like to go back to my ship now.”
“Of course. Here, I’ll lend you my umbrella.”
“Hey, just because we’re ‘immune’ to water, it doesn’t mean we like getting wet.”

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Okay angsty Lams situation

oohh my favorite, headcanon time

-After Alex’s wedding, Laurens gets super drunk


-He raises a glass to Alex and makes snarky remarks about how he’ll never see freedom again with Eliza and Alex just sits there laughing awkwardly and wondering what in the hell is up with his best friend

-Alex shoos him away so he can talk in private with Burr, so Laf and Herc pull him away and John immediately starts crying to them and they have to calm him down quick so he doesn’t make a big scene on Alex’s big day

-a few hours later John finds Alex again and pulls him away from Eliza and to the corner of the room where they can talk alone

-Alex is still weirded out by his friends behavior and is like “Hey, Jacky, maybe you should head home, you’re pretty out of it” and John just starts crying. 

-”Don’t you dare call me Jacky right now,” John mutters, “not now.”

-Alex is so confused. He’s a bit tipsy himself and high off of love for his new wife and he’s like, “John, you’re acting weird; let me find you a ride home.” 

-”I saved every letter you wrote me,” John whimpers pathetically and Alex’s heart stops. All at once he realizes why John is so upset and why he’s gotten so drunk he’s stumbling. His face goes pale and he grabs both of Johns arms.”No. John, no.”

-”From the moment I read them I knew you were mine,” he sobs and Alex’s heart breaks into a thousand shards. “Shh, hey, Jacky, shhh,” he tries to calm John down but John just sobs out a quiet “you said you were mine,” in response, hitting Alex’s chest with two open hands before collapsing into his arms and mumbling “I thought you were mine..”

was this too angsty I don’t know i’m tired

hickey / taehyung

warnings: hickey, kissing, making out…

note: sorry for mistakes

‘‘but please taehyung, it’s nothing like that it’s just a stupid hickey’‘ you whined to your best friend of 5 years, pulling at his sleeve, as he scrambled through your fridge hoping to find something to cool himself off in this hot weather.

‘‘no i won’t do it it’s weird y/n…’‘ he stammered back, grabbing a bottle of cola and an extra one for you. he closes the fridge and shoves the cola in your hands but you grab it and set it down on the counter, walking towards him and pulling his waist closer to yours.

‘‘gosh tae c’mon pretty please! i’ll return the favor i promise!’‘ he stops in his tracks turns around and you look him up with your doggy eyes.

‘‘not with those eyes pleaseeeeee…’‘ he huffed before grabbing your forearm and leading you to the couch in the living room. he sat you down and throws the cola on the coffee table, before hovering his legs over your waist.

‘‘w-what are you doing?’‘ you suddenly ask but he rolls his eyes as his hands travel to your neck. with one hand he moved your hair away, while the other one rested comfortably on your shoulder. 

‘‘j-just stretch out your neck a bit’‘ he commands and you do as he says

within seconds you felt taehyung’s hot breath on your skin and moments later his lips finally met your skin. he first pressed a couple of them on the same spot before moving on the other side.


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Big Mistake

Based off of this prompt from phanfic:

Summary: Phil gets Viagra for his birthday as a joke but accidentally takes it as vitamins.

Genre: major smut, little fluff

Warnings: swearing, blow jobs, daddy!kink, dirty talk, rimming (only a little), size!kink, toys, dom!dan in a way

A/N: I can not believe I just wrote this.

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I Feel Ready With You - Cole Smut

Request:  Losing virginity smut to Cole??? If that’s cool with you obviously!

Warnings: Mild language, smut

Notes: lmao, it’s just straight into it, so good luck 😉  and yes, the shirtless guy is Cole 😜


“Are you sure? Because I’m not going to do anything if you’re not okay with it”, Cole says, holding my hand. 

“I want to. We’ve been together for a while and I feel ready with you”, I reassure him. He smiles and kisses me passionately on the lips. He laid me down on the bed, hovering over me. Cole peppered me with kisses all over my neck and collar bones. Chills run up my spine at the touch of his fingers on my waist and thighs. My heart raced, as nerves kicked in. He lifted up my shirt and kissed all the way up to my bra, sliding an arm under me, skillfully unclasping my bra. He took my shirt off and bra off, dropping it on the floor, down the side of the bed. I grew self-conscience and Cole noticed, as he unfolded my arms, which were covering my boobs. 

“You’re so beautiful. There’s no need to hide it”, Cole whispered. I smile slightly and gently place my arms away from my body. Cole leaned down and kissed my right boob, squeezing the other in his hand. I gasped at the new pleasurable sensation, arching my back slowly. Cole then moved and kisses between the valley of my boobs, kissing down to the hem of my leggings.

“May I?”, he asks. I nod, being okay with him pulling my leggings down, knowing he’s obviously seen my legs before. He pulls them off and again, drops it on the floor. Cole kissed my inner-thigh, causing me to moan quietly.  He smiles slightly against my thigh. 
 He looks at me again and I nod, knowing he was going to ask if it was okay to pull my panties down. He nods then hooks fingers under the hem, and pulls them down slowly, then spread my legs a little wider. My heart beats faster and I bit my lip in anticipation and nervousness. I placed my hands on my stomach, playing with my shaking fingers. Cole noticed my breathing fasten and my hands, and he grabs my them, intertwining his fingers through mine.   

Cole licks a stripe of my clit. 

“Cole”, I gasp, closing my eyes. He kitten-licks slowly, before sucking. I moan loudly, slightly embarrassed  about the sound, as I bit my lip, trying to hide them

“No need to hide them, baby. They’re just as beautiful as you are”, Cole says against my clit, sending vibrations against them. The sound of his voice plus the vibrations of it against my clit almost made me come undone right then and there. I couldn’t help but let out a moan. Cole lets go of one of my hands and slides in a finger and pumped it. It felt a little weird but, the finger itself was fine was it was just slightly bigger than a tampon; so it didn’t hurt. Cole noticed that I got used to the feeling and slid another finger in. 

“Fuck, Cole, Stop”, I whimper in pain. He immediately pulls his fingers out and hushes me.

“Shh, it’s okay, baby. You’re completely safe, okay? We don’t have to continue if you don’t want to”, Cole reassures me. 

Originally posted by a-khaleen

“N-no it’s okay. I want this”

“Are you sure?”, he asks. I nod and tell him to continue. He nods and gives a small smile. He pumps in a finger, getting me used to the feeling again. I moaned and prepared myself for the second finger. Shortly after, he pumped in another finger. I winced and bit my lip. Cole kissed my thigh as he pumped his fingers, then kissed my clit and went back to sucking it. I moaned loudly, finally used to the feeling of his two fingers pumping in me. My free hand went to his hair, tangling it in my hair, pulling it gently. Cole grunted at that, again, sending vibrations onto my clit.

“Shit, Cole.. Fuck”, I moan loudly, pulling his hair a little harder - but not too hard. “I-I’m close”, I whimper. 

“I know, baby. I know”, he says against my clit. 

“Shit, shit, shit. Fuck, Cole. Oh!”, I moan out, realising all over his fingers. He continued to ride out my high. Cole pulled his fingers out and hovered over me again, kissing me passionately. 

“Was that okay?”, he asks. 

“It was perfect”, I smile at him.

“Do you want to continue, or leave it here?”

“Can we… Continue?”, I asked, biting my lip as I waited for his answer. Cole smiled and nodded, then kissed my forehead. Cole straddles me, taking off his shirt. 

“Holy shit”, I whispered as I stared at his slightly toned abs. 

He laughs and unties the string on his sweatpants, getting off me to pull them off, along with his boxers. Cole hovered over me again and kissed me. We spent a minute or so, just kissing and enjoying the moment, before he pulled away, asking for reassurance again, then pulled out a condom from the bedside table draw. I gulped when I saw the sizing label. Shit. Cole slid it on him, then teased my clit with his, now hard, cock. I gasped quietly. Cole grabbed my hands again, as he saw the scared expression in my eyes. 

He slowly slid in, squeezing my hands, while doing so. I squeezed my eyes tightly shut, feeling a burning pain in my lower region. Once Cole was fully in, he stayed there for a while, allowing me to adjust to his -big- size. 

“You alright?”

“Y-yeah, I’m okay. The pain is slowly easing away. You can m-move now”, I replied honestly. He nodded and slowly - yet very carefully - rocked his hips into me. I bit my lip and eased up a little. Cole whispered sweet nothings into my ear, helping me to feel better. He continued to rock his hip back and forth into me. 

“Cole, holy s-shit”, I moan out, finally feeling the pain turn into pleasure. “F-faster”. Cole obeys and thrusts a little bit faster, still keeping a steady pace. 

After a few moments, I felt the knot in my stomach spike up again. My moaning got louder, and so did Cole’s small grunts - indicating that he was close too. 

“Y/n”, he moaned into my neck, before biting it softly. I moan his name again and clench around him. 

“O-oh fuck. Do that again, baby”, Cole moans. I clench again, causing him to moan louder. 

“Oh, Cole! Right there!”, I moan loudly as I came for the second time that night. Cole came shortly after, then pulled out shortly after. He got up and disposed the condom, laying down next to me afterwards, pulling me into him. 

“You’re gonna be soar tomorrow, so I’ll call in your work and say that you’re unwell”, Cole whispered, kissing my forehead. I nodded and continued to pant slightly. “Oh, and I’ll also make you breakfast-in-bed”. 

Day 4: Torture - Shiro

Shiro is burning. From the inside out, he is burning.

But in the same breath, he is freezing.

This…sensation, it is icy hot. He can feel the chill deep in his bones, and with it, it brings an uncomfortable ache.

This, he thinks, is wrong. Everything is wrong, nothing feels right, and he isn’t sure how or why this is happening. His panic is fuzzy around the edges, something is dulling his senses. Something he can’t quite pin down. All he knows is that his brain is hazy and something is weighing his body down.

His stomach rolls, and he thinks that someone must be doing this to him.

He has to get up, he has to fight through whatever it is they’re doing to him.

It reminds him of his time with the Galra.

And then it clicks.

The Galra. Somehow they’ve managed to capture him. Again.

When he tries to get up, he feels something stop him. He’s strapped down.

No. No, no, no, no. Not again. Why does this always happen to him?

Lance, Keith and Hunk watch as Shiro struggles.

His fever is up over 105, and there’s no sign that it’s going to come down.

“I hate that we had to tie him down,” Keith says, clenching his jaw.

Lance sighs, staring down at the older man, who was stripped down to just his boxers, “he was getting punchy, we had no choice.”

“I don’t like it either,” Hunk says, his mouth is pressed into a firm line, “but it’s better than him hurting himself or someone else.”

“Okay I’m up,” Lance sighs, reaching into the basin of water. He scoops out a washcloth, wrings it out, and walks towards Shiro. They’re taking turns tending to him, and it’s Lance’s turn. 

He lays it on the sick man’s clammy forehead, and Shiro looks at him. His eyes are wild and unfocused, and it’s clear to Lance that Shiro doesn’t know where he is or what’s happening.

“Shiro, it’s Lance. Relax, you’re okay. You caught some weird alien virus, but Pidge is on her way back with the antidote.”

“Don’t…you…no…stop…let me go, please,” Shiro whimpers.


“-I don’t know what you want. I can’t give you answers. Let me go. Please let me go. Please,” Shiro pleads. His voice cracks, and he sounds so desperate, their hearts all collectively break.

“You’re safe, I promise,” Lance soothes. “Nobody is hurting you.”

It had come on so quickly, and honestly, they still weren’t sure what happened.

They came back from a mission, went through the decontamination and Shiro was okay for all of five minutes after before he collapsed.

His temperature is initially at 104, but as the hour progresses, it rises and is now sitting at 105.6.  

Frankly, they’re all worried his brain will fry.

Allura runs test after test before coming to the conclusion that he picked up some obscure alien virus that nobody can pronounce. It caused a fever that kept climbing until the victim suffered hallucinations and death if it isn’t treated in time.

And of course, the healing pods don’t work on this.

They’re all just hoping Pidge makes it back on time.

“I have to get back to my friends. Please? Please let me go…my t-team needs me,” he sobs, and if possible, their hearts break further.

“We gotta get him to an ice bath,” Lance says, shaking his head.

“Do you really think that’s a good idea?” Hunk asks warily. Shiro’s already swung at them - Keith and Lance are sporting matching black eyes, and Hunk’s cheek is stinging where Shiro’s fist made contact.  

“No, I think it’s a terrible idea…but we have no other choice…not until Pidge gets back, at least.”

Somehow they manage to get him to an ice bath with minimal injuries.  As soon as Shiro hits the icy water, he’s thrashing around.  

“Stop! Stop! Stop it, let me go!” He yells, “Stop! Let me go! I don’t know anything!”

“Shiro, relax!” Hunk cries, “you’re going to hurt yourself.  Relax.”

They’re interrupted by the sound of the door opening, and someone breathing heavily.  

“I’ve got it.  Get him out, I’ve got it,” Pidge breathes, “he’s going to be okay.”


Almost immediately after giving him the antidote, his face, which is previously pinched in discomfort and alarm, goes slack.  He’s no longer thrashing around, his body is completely still, and they all breathe a sigh of relief.

Coran warns that along with healing him, it’ll put him into a coma of sorts. He needs it - the hallucinations took a mental toll on him, and he needs to rest.  The team is still worried though, and they all wish that he would just wake up.

“Coran, how long is he going to be out?” Keith asks - it’s been twelve hours.  

“Could be soon…could be longer.  I’m not sure.”

“That’s…not helpful,” Pidge frowns, shifting in her chair.

Coran casts a glance towards the couch at Shiro’s motionless form. “The longer he rests, the better he’ll feel when he wakes.”

At that moment, Shiro stirs, and the moment he’s awake, he lets out a low groan of pain.

Everything is aching, he hurts all over, and he desperately wants to go back to sleep. He feels sick, as if he’s nursing a particularly bad hangover, but he can’t remember drinking.

“Shiro?” Keith asks anxiously.

Shiro squeezes his eyes shut, head throbbing,  “what…um…what happened?”

“You’re sick.  You were running a really high fever, but you’re okay now,” Hunk says, patting Shiro’s arm.  

“Go back to sleep,” Pidge says softly, “rest.”

And he does.

NDRV3 Boys With an S/O That Caught the Despair Disease

I tried to make each boy suffer with an S/O that had a different Despair Disease, so hopefully it’s not toooo confusing. Had to take a few liberties with the diseases, especially Momota’s, but I hope it’s good nonetheless! Done by Mod Iruma.


  • He figures out extremely quickly that his S/O is infected; but that doesn’t deter him from spending time with you at all.
  • You’re very grateful when he brings in some homemade tomato soup while you’re stuck in the hospital.
  • Doesn’t stop your heart from breaking when the despair disease forces you to say that you don’t want the soup.
  • At first, Saihara is crestfallen, but seems to scrape together some confidence as he asks again, pushing the soup towards you.
  • The despair disease forces you to sneer that you never thought his homemade soup was good anyway, but you gratefully lap it up despite your words.
  • Saihara’s caught on. He’s not the Ultimate Detective for nothing. If anything, he almost seems… flattered at your words. 
  • You’re glad he knows you’re just Ouma Kokichi-ing for a while now, and you give him a great big smile as you tell him his soup was the absolute worst soup you’ve ever had the displeasure of tasting.
  • He shifts his hat over his face to shadow his blush.

AMAMI RANTAROU (Pain/Pleasure Swap Disease)

  • You have to appreciate your boyfriend’s sense of humor, despite the situation. He’s been walking with you around the hospital the whole day, almost babying you.
  • “S/O, you okay? You need anything? Hey, don’t go banging into the wall, c’mon. We’ll be late for lunch—”
  • He figures out what your disease does when he lovingly gives you a headpat and you wince in pain.
  • The second the whimper leaves your mouth he jerks his hand back and starts to sheepishly apologize.
  • You shake your head and say that it wasn’t his fault, he shouldn’t be sorry, you should be the one sorry…
  • But then he crosses his arms and says he should’ve been more observant, he’s a bad boyfriend…
  • The incredibly weird argument continues until Amami accidentally steps on your foot, and you let out a sigh of complete bliss.
  • There’s a pause, and the two of you stare at one another.
  • The argument over who should be apologizing continues anew (even if the two of you come to an agreement to keep touching to a minimum until the disease is cured).

OUMA KOKICHI (Gullible Disease)

  • When you’re forced into the hospital for catching the disease, Ouma’s already in your hospital room before you are.
  • He bombards you with questions about your condition, sneaking a few unrelated questions in there, until you’re tired enough you stop responding.
  • “Ugh, with that personality, you’ve gotta be the Ultimate Emo Teenager.”
  • “I see, Ouma-kun! I didn’t even know that about myself!”
  • He blinks, but then explodes in laughter after he realizes what your disease is.
  • Even though the disease is clouding your mind, you’re already filled with such utter despair when you realize what’s going to happen next.
  • After an hour passes, you’re 1000% confident that you were born on Mars and came to this planet to serve Ouma Kokichi by making him breakfast every morning and also giving Momota a wedgie whenever he walked by, and also, whenever Ouma snaps his fingers you drop down onto the floor and do the worm because you were descended from them.
  • Even after the despair disease passes, some of what Ouma made you believe still exists in remnants. You shiver every time Ouma’s fingers look like they’re about to snap.

MOMOTA KAITO (Supervillain Disease)

  • He’s very confused when he barges into your room, intending to ask where his jacket is, and he finds it immediately.
  • Because you’re using it as a flag for your evil fort that you made.
  • “Nishishishi! I’m the evil supervillain, Poison Ghost!”
  • At first, he starts screaming for Ouma to show himself. But when you poke your head out, face all flushed from the despair disease, he… sort of understands.
  • You think he does, at least. Because he starts screaming that a ghost possessed you and made you a supervillain.
  • You wave a stick at him and tell him to begone, lest you destroy him using your dastardly supervillain powers!
  • He meekly nods and tip-toes over to the flag, but your stick hits him in time.
  • “Fool…! That’s the flag for the Ghost Gorge, my evil fort! Don’t take it!”
  • He splutters something about how unfair you’re being, and you want to agree and get out of this fort. Unfortunately, the despair disease is the boss of you right now.
  • …disease-you and normal-you seem to come to some sort of agreement, and say that Momota can have his jacket back if he joins the ranks of the Poison Ghost’s evil army!
  • Now, Momota can deal with many things. He can deal with bullies. He can deal with punching bags. He can evil deal with you.
  • But he can’t deal with ghosts, so he shrieks out a yes and tumbles into the fort. You’re pleased.
  • He doesn’t seem to be too pleased after he notices that Saihara and Iruma are both tied up in the back of the fort, duct tape over their mouths.

HOSHI RYOMA (Oblivious Disease)

  • He figured you had the despair disease after he caught you when you accidentally walked off a roof.
  • When he was giving you a lecture on why you have to be careful because you got the Oblivious Disease, you almost got impaled on a ceremonial sword before Hoshi jerked you away.
  • He let out a discontented sigh, but resigned himself to sticking with you so you don’t “go and kill yourself out of stupidity”.
  • You don’t mind him being your personal bodyguard; he’s saved you from certain death about 30 times now
  • Even when the two of you rest in the hospital bed for the night, you can still tell he’s awake, ready to prevent you from trying to die in your sleep
  • -”Hoshi-kun… why are you so determined to protect me?”
  • He chuckles and pats your back.
  • “You’ve already saved my life by giving it meaning, kiddo. I’m just returning the favor.”


  • Shinguuji figured something was amiss when you complained the temperature was wayyy too hot.
  • He furrowed his brow and looked at the thermometer. It’s below freezing outside.
  • Despite your clear delusionalness, Shinguuji sighs and grabs a fan from the other room.
  • A paper fan.
  • Unfortunately, Shinguuji’s impressive paper fan skills do nothing to cool you down.
  • “Hey, Shinguuji-kun… could you turn on the air conditioner?”
  • His eyes practically bulge out
  • “No, no. I’m positive… you’ll cool down with this fan…”
  • You try to tell him that maybe a mechanical fan would be better, but he doesn’t care.
  • You spend the entire day dying of heat, pouring freezing water all over yourself, as Korekiyo lazily fans you and tells you stories about arctic voyages.
  • …You still wish he turned on the air conditioning, though.

GOKUHARA GONTA (Horny Disease)

  • “S/O…? Are you okay? Gonta’s worried.”
  • You nodded as you continued to sit in Gonta’s lap and play with his shirt, tugging at it.
  • Gonta giggled and took it and his vest off, but before you could pounce (as the disease wanted you to), he put them on you.
  • You looked at Gonta with a deadpan expression. He was just happy that you liked his shirt enough that the two of you could share!
  • Whatever. You just leaned into his chest, purring at the muscles. He happily laughed and patted you on the back.
  • “I think that shirt looks very good on you! It’s a little big, though…”
  • An idea comes to mind. You smirk.
  • “Hey, Gonta-kun… y’know… I think your pants would look even BETTER on me!”
  • Gonta actually flushes at that., and does his best to deter you by saying it would be very ungentlemanly for his pants to be off! He loves you, but he can’t just take it OFF!
  • You pout, and resign yourself to rubbing against Gonta’s legs and chest. He doesn’t notice.


  • Kiibo learns about your despair disease when you suddenly start shrieking from the other room about the gloriousness of despair.
  • He runs into the room to find the room half destroyed, the window smashed, and his S/O laughing hysterically on the unmade bed.
  • Kiibo screams in horror and jumps on you, using his “strong-old-man” strength to pin you onto the bed. You’re still raving mad.
  • “S/O, this is clearly not you…! Please, snap out of it!”
  • The despair disease forces you to scream out a negative and begin ranting about how you’re going to kill everyone.
  • Kiibo tries to stop you, but the despair disease pushes your strength beyond a strong old man and you begin to make a dash towards the door, knife in hand.
  • “W-W-W-WAIT…!! Instead of killing anyone, um, how about you just… talk bad about me for a few hours…?”
  • You pause and look back at him. He’s trembling. You smile.
  • Akamatsu finds you two five hours later, you slinging pretty awful insults at him about being a robot the entire time
  • (You can’t apologize to Kiibo enough after. He’s just happy that you didn’t go out and murder anyone.)

yanderehetaliadrabbles  asked:

Hey! I hope you are doing well! ^~^ I was wondering if I could see 2P Axis and Allies to their female s/o denying their love confession and saying that they only see them as a "Big brother."

2p America:

“I’m sorry Allen I see you as an older brother”, (s/o) smiled nervously as Allen stood there.Not knowing what to say, “I hope you can understand.”She left him there standing in shock and sadness. “Ah ok doll…….”, he whispered as he held his bat tightly.No, he wouldn’t take it like that, he would not let it slide.Allen followed her behind, he stood quiet, try to act cool.Not drawing no attention as he pays attention to see (s/o) leaving with her friends.He knew the walkway they walk to, this was too easy for him. “Isn’t that your friend?”, one of (s/o) pointed him out, already spotted but it didn’t matter. (S/o) stood surprised, “Allen what’s wrong?”Allen stood there standing still, he didn’t speak but looked at her friends. He slowly walked up to them. “Allen?”, (s/o) became nervous as everything happened too fast.He lifted his bat up and slammed it against one of her friend’s head.A bloody murder scream was heard from (s/o)’s other friend as (s/o) stood there in shock, not moving.Allen watches the body fall to the ground as the body twitch and bleed out to death. Allen made a fast swift move as he hit the other friend in the head, making the other gag for air as they fell to their knees as he kicks their chest making them fall to the ground and bleed to death. (S/o) trembled as she felt like she couldn’t everything was falling apart for her, she looked at her friend’s bodies.She finally got her courage as she made a run for it, catching Allen’s attention as he ran behind her. “HELP ME PLEASE!”, (s/o) yelled as her bad luck, there was no one around the streets.She made her move as she thought it turned for another street but when she turned she saw it was a dark alley.(S/o) trembled as she tears ran down her cheeks, she heard footsteps behind her as she turn around to see Allen.He grins seductively as he walked towards, he tapped the bat to the ground each time he took a step.
“(s/o), dollface, let’s talk about this~”, he threw her against the wall as she yelp in pain.He slammed one of his hands against the wall, almost close to her face. He snickered as he slowly breathe against her neck making her shiver by the touch of his lips on her skin. “I love you (s/o).I love you so much, I don’t want to be looked like a brother”,he said the last word disgustingly. “I want to be more for you, I can do so much for you doll”, he brushed her hair aside. (S/o) breathe shakily as she nodded, she was scared to death of what he can do to her. “But we can get to know each other more, that’s all that we need. Don’t worry doll, I’m doing this for us.~”The last thing (s/o) was the handle of the bat hit her head after she passed out.

2p England: “Pardon your word poppet”, Oliver cleared his throat as he looked up from the counter as (s/o) sat on one of his tables close by.They were in his cupcake shop, he invited her there so he could have confess his feelings for her but it didn’t went the way he wanted it to go. “I’m sorry Oliver, I just see you like a big brother to me”, (s/o) smiled sweetly not knowing how bad she had broken the British man’s heart. “Ah, a b-brother?”, Oliver murmured as (s/o) nodded. Oliver was quiet for a while, this made (s/o) nervous and worry for her friend. “Oliver what’s wrong?Oliver?”, (s/o) stood up to walk towards to touch his shoulder but when she touched his shoulder he flinched and looked up with a smile. “Oh well then, that’s ok my dear poppet.At least I’m ‘your big brother’”, he said with displeasure but (s/o) didn’t acknowledge it. “How about we enjoy some cupcakes, I had this special one just for you”, Oliver chirped cheerfully as (s/o) smiled and nodded. “I will gladly accept it”, (s/o) giggled as Oliver went back to his kitchen where he made his ‘special’ cupcakes, bringing out a purple sprinkled cupcake. “Oh I hope you love it”, he placed the cupcake in a tray with a cup of tea aside. (S/o) thanked him as she took a sip of the tea, Oliver watch with a warm smile as nodded. (S/o) placed down her cup of tea down as she  grabbed the cupcake.She inspect it as she smiled and took a bite out of it, her eyes lit up brightly. “Mmmmmmh~!Oliver this is so good~!”, (s/o) took another bite as she took another and another, after finishing it all. “That was so good! What was in it Oliver?!”,(s/o) took a sip of her tea. Oliver serve himself some tea as he had his back to her, “some sugar and secret ingredients.” “Like?”, (s/o) put her tea down as she waited for his answer. “I use this cupcake for special occasions, like poison, paralyzing, or just making people go on conscious “, Oliver chirped as he turned around slowly with a grin on his face as he took a sip of his tea.(S/o) froze and shook her head and laugh, “How funny Oliver.”She became nervous as she felt her body start getting heavy. “What’s wrong dear, losing yourself?”, Oliver place his cup down the counter as he went around to slowly walk towards her. (S/o) grew panicked as she try to balance herself in  the counter making her cup fall to the floor. “Oh (s/o) don’t get all scared, I didn’t poison you, you’re just going to go on conscious.”(S/o) gag for air as she felt her body go limp a bit, her legs trembled as she fell to her knees.Oliver bend down to her level and cup her face with a grin, he roughly kissed her lips.She whimpered as she felt his hands wrap around her waist as she her eyes slowly closed. “Now my dear rest, we will have a long day to get to fix our mistakes.~”The last this she heard as she passed out.

2p France:

“Oh Francis, I see you as a older brother that’s all”, (s/o) rubbed the back of her head as she smiled.Francis stood quiet not believing of her response. “Mon amour, what…….did I do something bad?”, Francis grew a bit tense as he grabbed her hand he gently massage it with his thumb. (S/o) shook her head, “No Francis it’s that I just don’t see you more than a big brother, I’m sorry.” Francis shook his head as he pulled (s/o) close to his chest making her yelp in surprise. “Non, I love you (s/o), I want to be something more for you Mon amour!”, Francis held her tight as (s/o) grew nervous by his shaken voice.She smelled his shirt, cigarette and alcohol she grew a bit scared. “Francis please let me go.I’m sorry I just don’t see you that way”, (s/o) tried pushing away but he didn’t budge. “Do you know how much I have done for you, I have gotten people of my way, so many obstacles and now you throw me away!”,Francis breathe roughly as (s/o) stood there frighten. “W-what?”,(s/o) was shocked by his words, ‘gotten people of my way’, she remember her close best friends haven’t come to school lately. “Fran-nci-is what did y-you d-do?”,(s/o) looked up at him pleading for answers.Francois stare at her and didn’t answer, “FRANCIS?!ANSWER ME?!”, (s/o) had tears in her eyes, she could think of the things he could’ve  done to them. She flinch as she felt his palm caressed her cheek. “I took care of them that’s all you need to know (s/o)”, he whispered in her ear as she whimpered and shook her head. “No no no no FRANCOIS! WHERE ARE THEY?! WHAT DID YOU DO?!”, she violently push him as she was thrown against to a car.She look up to see it was his car, she tried to balance herself to get up but she felt his hands grab her shoulder roughly. “LET ME GO!LET ME GO THIS INSTANCE!”, (s/o) cried out as her eyes grew wide.She felt his hands under her dress she wore, he slowly massaged her thighs.She turns red and felt tears running down her cheeks as she kicked her legs up in his chest. “FRANCIS!”, (s/o) felt a cloth with a weird smell get pressed against her nose as she whimpered. “Sssssssh it will be ok mon amour, we will just look at what went wrong”, Francis grabbed her waist as she felt herself get dizzy.Her eyes grew heavy as she felt a seatbelt click as Francis kissed her forehead gently as he smile. The last thing she heard was the start of a car engine after her world turn dark.

2p  Canada: “Matt you’re like a big brother to me silly”, (s/o) giggled as she looked around as she looked at the trees.Matt had taken her to the woods to tell her something important and so she agree to go. Matt was hit hard by her answer as he mumbled words. (S/o) wrapped her arms around her shoulder as she shivered, “It’s getting late Matt can you take me back home?” Matt slowly look up to her, “no.”(S/o) looked confused and asked him again, “w-what?Matt what did you say?” Matt tilted his head , “I said no (s/o).Why go back home if we can get along here”, Matt grab her wrist as he lean her against a tree. (S/o) yelped as she looked at Matt as she blushed when she felt his hands go around her waist gently and warmly. “Matt stop.Matt!”,(s/o) whimpered as he peck her lips.He got close to her ear as he whispered, “Do you think I’m just letting you ?”Matt bit her ear as she whimpered, he slowly kissed her neck, sucking her skin roughly. He started leaving hickeys behind .(S/o) felt her heart pounding fast , she needed to get away. She struggle as she try pushing him of, she lifted her knee up and kicked him in the stomach, making him grunt. She ran through the trees as she yelled for help. “HELP ME!PLEASE!”, she panted as she hear a loud whistle.She look behind confused of what that was for as she saw a huge polar bear chasing her. Her eyes grew wide in fright as she panted harder, panicking of what that thing was.It was bigger than a normal polar bear.It was her bad luck or something because she tripped over a branch, she yelp as she landed flat on her face.She whimpered as she felt leaves on her face and when she was about to get up she felt a hard breathing against her neck.She hiccuped as tears came out as she turn around slowly to see the huge polar bear staring at her.Its jaws were huge, big enough to finish her there. “Good boy Kuma”, Matt patted the bear’s side as the polar bear backed away, leaving (s/o) frighten in fear.Matt pulled her up to her feet but she trembled that she couldn’t stand up still. “Now (s/o) we could have just done this easy and simple but you made it harder”, Matt said as he smile.Matt lifted her up to his shoulder as he carried her.(S/o) tried to scream but the polar bear looked at her, she kept her mouth shut as she was drag more into the woods, never again coming back home.

2p Russia:

“I see you like a big brother Viktor~!”, (s/o) dance around the full grown fields of the sunflowers.Viktor felt his heart stop for a moment, he felt like those words burn him inside. He had his hands behind his back as he stood tall and still. “Sunflower….”Viktor spoke as (s/o) gaze at some scarecrows and look at their clothes. “Yes Viktor”, she turn around as she waited for his response.He smile, not usual for him to do but he glance at the scarecrows, “do you like my scarecrows, sunflower?”(S/o) looked back at the scarecrows and nodded with a smile, “they look nice.”Viktor nodded as he came close to the two scarecrows, “how about you take a look at them .” (S/o) gladly accepted the request as she walked up to the scarecrows but she felt a shiver as when she was close to them a drop of blood fell on her cheek.She looked up at the scarecrow, it had a cloth bag hiding it’s face.She looked to the top of the scarecrow to the bottom noticing one of the scarecrow showed real human skin, one had a tattoo.A tattoo one of her friends had, she shook her head as she felt like she was going to vomit.She covered her mouth with one of her hand as she backed away.She felt a strong arm wrap its hands around her waist, she wince and try to turn around but another hand held her face as her eyes went wide. “Do you like the ‘bodies’ I use to make them sunflower.~”Viktor kissed her neck sweetly as he hummed, (s/o) began to cry as she trembled in fear. Viktor wiped the drop of blood on her cheek as he kiss her cheek gently. “You know I wanted this to be nice but you  left me no choice”, Viktor pulled out a needle he had in his coat pocket. “It could have gone any way so I came prepare, I promise you it won’t hurt sunflower~”,Viktor extended her arm. (S/o) started struggling and kick around her leg, losing the grip of his arm close to her face. “STOOOOOOOOPPPPPP!SOMEONE!GAH!AAAAAAAHHH!”, she felt a sharp pain in her arm as he pressed the needle’s liquid to her veins.She whimper as her body became limp and slowly she closed her eyes. “You and me we just need to know each other more, sunflower.~”

2p China:

“Zao you’re just a big bro for me”, (s/o) took a drink of her beverage.Zao has taken her out to drink to his house. “A brother?”, Zao  looked at his drink as he gulped his drink harshly. (S/o) nodded and took another sip of her drink as she felt Zao’s drink fall, pouring the liquid to the floor. “AH!ZAO!YOUR DRINK!”,(s/o) stood up as she was about to pick up his drink when she felt a hand grab her wrist. “Zao?”(s/o) looked up at him as he stared sad and stressed. “I don’t want to be a brother…..”,Zao’s grip became tight as (s/o) wince and yelp. “Z-zao stop my wrist hurts…”, (s/o) try pulling away but he pull closer. “I want to be more for you, I want to be your lover”,Zao gently kiss her cheek, causing (s/o) to jump in action.She push him as she blushed redly, “w-what are you doing z-zao?!”,(s/o) brushed her hair aside as she was nervous by his action. “I love you (s/o)……I love you so much”,Zao lean towards her as she bump to the table.(S/o) tried to protest but she felt her body be push down to the table. (S/o) yelp in surprise and fright as she struggle in his grip, “Z-zao!”He didn’t stop as he lean and kiss her lip, biting her her lip in the process. “You see me just like a brother?!I do everything, everything!For you, just you!”, Zao attacked her neck as she scream in fright.One of his hand travel down to her waist, giving it a squeeze. (S/o) whimper as she drool a bit, she was a mess, Zao was leaving marks around her neck as he will surprise her a kiss in the lips roughly. “Zao stop!I don’t love you!”, (s/o) yell with tears as Zao stop his actions.He stood quiet when he grin at her, “then who else will dear?~”Zao chuckled and laughed out, as he looked at her, “I took care of your friends, do you want me to go to your family next?”(S/o) stood shocked and shook her head as she felt warm breath against her ear. “Then let’s redo this stupid action, yes?~”,Zao brushed her cheek as (s/o) cried knowing it will be the last time her loved ones will see her.

2p Italy:

“Luciano,you’re like a brother to me, more like a big brother”, (s/o) smiled as she poke at her food. Luciano was drinking his wine, as he had taken (s/o) to a restaurant to talk about things and enjoy themselves.He choked on his drink as some spill out of his mouth (s/o) jumped a bit as she reaches a napkin to help him. “Ah, Luciano you spill some”,(s/o) wipe some of the wine as he blushed but looked away. “It’s ok bella”,Luciano felt her hand brush against his lips as he couldn’t resist but grab her hand.It was soft and cold, so sweet. “Luciano?”,(s/o) tilted her head as she watch him rub his thumb against her hand. “You know how ,much I love you”, Luciano kissed her palm, causing her to blush but pull away her hand. “Luciano!”,she blush by the attention she got from other people but she look down as she stayed quiet. “Luciano, I’m sorry I don’t see you that way,I’m sorry”, (s/o) looked at the ground as she slowly look up to see his face.He was smiling, with a big grin, “but we can be more (s/o), just tell me what to do.I can give you everything you ever wanted, just tell me what it is and I’ll get it.I can love you like no one else can.”(S/o) felt uncomfortable of how he was acting, this wasn’t the Luciano she knew. “Luciano you’re scaring me”,(s/o) finally said as it got him of guard. “Scaring you?”,Luciano giggled as he grabbed both of her hands making her jump a bit. “My bella, you don’t even know what might scare you”,Luciano giggled more as (s/o) was feeling like it was time to leave. “I think I should leave”, (s/o) was trying to pull away but Luciano wouldn’t let go. “But (s/o) we have so much to do~”,Luciano grin. “Luciano stop please, you’re making me uncomfortable”,(s/o) looked away. He lean close to her as he spoke, “I think it’s better for you to stay here with me (s/o), wouldn’t want you to hear about the mess I made~”,Luciano smirked as (s/o) stood confused.She felt her brain screaming at her to get away but she wouldn’t budge. “M-mess?”,(s/o) asked as Luciano nodded and quietly respond. “You know it is bella, friends and family can take up of your time.Time of me and you~”,Luciano nodded as (s/o) shook her head.She didn’t want to believe those word, she wanted to run away. “But let’s not do something stupid bella, or others may get hurt~”,Luciano kissed her cheek as she knew what he can do to the others she have left. “Now let’s make this all better as to restart again and learn how to love one another.~”

2p Germany:

“You’re the best big brother I had Lutz!”,(s/o) watched Lutz put the weights down he was using.He had invited her to his waiting room he had to talk and chill but it didn’t went like he wanted it to go. “B-brother?”,Lutz scratch his chin as he didn’t like the sound of that. “Brother wasn’t what I expected”,Lutz cross his hands as he looked at (s/o).She shyly looked away as she blushed but shook it of, “I’m sorry Lutz, it can’t work out.”Lutz shook his head as he brushed his hair. “I don’t want that (s/o)…..I love you”, Lutz looked at her with sadness but he tried to be happy and cheerful. (S/o) shook her head, “Lutz I’m sorry, it just can’t.”Lutz grabbed her hand making her jump in fright as she saw him on his knees. “I love you (s/o), with all my heart”,Lutz kissed her palm as she was getting nervous and uncomfortable. “Lutz stop please.Don’t please”, she try to pull away as he tighten his grip. “Luts!”,(s/o) was now struggling as she tried to push him of.He didn’t nudge, he kept holding on her tight, he didn’t want to lose her.Watch her walk of without him, without him been in her life. “I’ve done so much (s/o).I’m not just gonna watch and let it be thrown away~”,Lutz cupped her face as he kissed her in the lip. (S/o) froze as she blushed and felt like this was not right.She whimpered as Lutz pulled her closer as he wrapped his arms around her waist. “I love you (s/o), I really do~”,Lutz panted as he slowly kissed her jaw line going lower to her neck.(S/o) wasn’t liking none of it as she struggled more before shouting out, “LET ME GO THIS INSTANCE!LUTZ!I DON’T LOVE YOU!I NEVER WILL!”,(s/o) didn’t thought about it as she slapped him across the face.She stood still as she realized what she had done. She looked up at him.Worried and scared of what his reaction will be.Lutz looked at the ground as he felt a sting in his cheek, he slowly touched it as he winced and slowly turn to (s/o). “(s/o)….”,Lutz stared at her as she grew scared as tears were coming out of her eyes. “I didn’t mean to”, those words took it, it was the last thing it took.He quickly dash towards and threw her to the wall. “So many things you don’t mean to do (s/o)”, Lutz brushed her hair as she cried out more. He smiled as  he spoke, “but we can fix that, let’s start over,yes?~”

2p Japan:

“A brother is a better term I see you as Kuro”, (s/o) said as she set down the gift he had brought her, he wanted her to come to his home to surprise her with something lovely.Kuro froze his tracks as he was going to get her some tea but some plans were ruined. “Brother.”,Kuro cleared his throat by the sound of that word made him unease. “Yes”, (s/o) nodded as Kuro shook his head in disbelief. “(S/o) you must be doing something at me, joking around ,you know how people are these days”, Kuro smiled warmly hoping for that. (S/o) shook her head as she frowned, “I’m sorry Kuro but you’re just a brother, nothing else.I can’t see you as a lover either”, (s/o) felt a bit uncomfortable with how this talk was getting.SLAM.(S/o) jump out of fright a Kuro’s hands trembled on the table, he was breathing a bit hard as he stared at the table. “Kuro?”,(s/o) stood up to help him thinking he was having problems with breathing.A chuckle, that was the only that was heard.It stopped (s/o) in her tracks as carefully stood still.Kuro looked at (s/o) with a smirk, “You know I’ve done everything to make everything easier for you (s/o).”Kuro smiled as (s/o) stood confused but listened carefully. “Take care of those who bother you, who push you down”, Kuro walk close to her as he caressed her face. “Is it time to take care of those who distract you, who take you away from me?~”, Kuro gently placed a hand on her thigh as he gazes at her with his eyes half lid.She blushed madly but those words had her on alert. “Ku-u-uro p-please”,(s/o) plead as she moan a bit feeling him press himself against her.He slowly rock himself on her as he whispered in her ear. “Mercy?Aren’t we being pushy no?~”,Kuro giggled as he cupped her chin roughly making her look at him in the eyes. “How about you stay for a long while, to fix our mistakes or make the outcome even more better.~”

About Daisies and Sunflowers - Chapter Six (Part One)

A/N: I had a vote and almost everyone voted for smut lmao so I’m going to post this in two parts! If you don’t feel comfortable with smut, then just know that it happened, and the next part of chapter six will be out soon hopefully. This was uploaded and written mostly on mobile, so I’m super sorry for any spelling and/or formatting mistakes! Anyone who isn’t on the taglist, but wants to be can send me an ask or a message and I’ll tag you in the next part!

Pairing: prince!Evan Hansen x fem!reader

Warning(s): SMUT!!!, awkwardness, small bit of cursing, run on sentences, probs poorly written bc I haven’t written smut since my 5sos stan days *shudders*

Word count: 2,284

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“Marry me?”

You stared up at Evan, blinking in surprise. Your silence made him anxious and he moved away from you, sitting up on his knees. You followed him, sitting in the same position. “I-I’m sorry, I kind of just a-assumed-” He began to stutter out. “Yes,” you interrupted. He shut up immediately and stared at you.”W-What?”

“I said, yes.”


“Yes, I’ll marry you!” Evan’s heart almost burst. He leaned forward and pressed a kiss to your lips. “I love you so much,” he mumbled. You grinned and grabbed his hand, standing the both you up. “Then show me.” He looked at you confused. “What- what, um, do you mean? By show you?” You giggled softly and whispered what you meant into his ear. His face turned red and he sputtered out a mess of incoherent words. You quickly backtracked. “If you don’t want to, it’s fine, it was just a suggestion!” Evan didn’t answer you. He stared down at your clasped hands, looking as if he was contemplating something.

Then, suddenly he was pulling you. You followed him as he gently led you into the palace and through the grand hallways. “Ev, where are we going?” You asked him quietly, trying not to wake up the other people in the palace. His heart fluttered at the nickname you gave him, but he didn’t say anything.

The two of you walked for a bit longer until you finally stopped in front of a door. Evan opened the door and pulled you in, shutting it quietly behind you. You glanced around the room and saw that it was a bedroom; Evan’s bedroom, judging from the pictures and little plants around the room. “Evan, what are we doing here?” You asked, a little clueless.

“Well, y-you said you w-wanted to-”


“If you don’t want to anymore it’s fine!”

“No, I do! I do.”

“Oh. Good.”

The two of you stood there awkwardly, not really sure what to do next. Both of you were obvious virgins, and while that fact comforted you slightly, it also made you more nervous, because neither of you knew what you were doing. “So, uh… what do we- what do we do next?” You asked him your face flushing bright red. Evan cleared his throat and took his crown off, messing up his hair a bit. He set it on his desk and moved closer to you. He looked at you hesitantly as if for permission, before resting his hands on your waist at your nod.

You leaned forward, pressing a soft kiss on his lips and wrapping you arms around his neck. The sense of innocence within the kiss almost made you smile at the irony, considering what all of your actions were going to lead to.

His hands slowly travelled south, resting now on your hips. You could feel them shaking through the fabric of your dress and you rested your hands on them in an attempt to comfort him. You broke the kiss and started to leave a trail of kisses down his jawline and neck. He whimpered softly once you reached the space behind his jaw and under his ear. You smiled softly against his skin and focused on that spot. The prince was practically putty in your hands. You bit down experimentally and he let out a low moan, making your stomach fill with heat.

Evan worked up the courage you bunch your dress up in his hands, pulling it high enough to slip his hands under it. The moment his hands touched your thighs, goosebumps spread across your skin like they had in the garden. He moved his hands higher and higher, until he could feel the fabric of your underwear under his trembling fingers. You let out a soft gasp, not used to the feeling of someone else’s hands touching you in such an intimate way. Evan pulled one of his hands away and moved it back to the zipper. “Is this,” he cleared his throat in an attempt to speak through his arousal, “is this okay?” You nodded, almost desperately and he dragged the zipper down.

Once your dress hit the floor, Evan stepped back to admire you. His breath caught in his throat, and the small strain in his pants became even more noticeable. “You are so beautiful,” Evan whispered. He brought you close to him once more and kissed along your collarbones, his hands itching to roam all over your newly exposed body. You pulled away from him, making him whine. You giggled softly. “Help me take your clothes off?” You said, looking up at him through your eyelashes. He gulped and nodded, his hands moving to remove his sash. Once that was removed, you began working on unbuttoning his shirt.

You removed his shirt and were surprised at the amount of chest hair the prince had. You must have been staring, because Evan suddenly covered himself with his arms. “I-I’m sorry if I-I’m not well-built or anything…” He said quietly. You quickly shook your head, pulling his arms away from himself. “No, you’re perfect, Ev. I just never really imagined you would have chest hair. It’s okay though, it’s actually extremely attractive…” You rambled, leaving kisses along his chest. He blushed and leaned down to capture your lips in his once more.

He nipped and nibbled at your lips with more skill than the first time the two had kissed, and it made it slightly difficult to focus on unbuttoning his pants. He took your shaky hands away from the button and quickly undid it himself, pulling pants down and kicking them away. You pulled away, admiring his red, swollen lips, before letting your gaze trail down his body. You blushed at the size of his bulge through his underwear and tried to recall any and all information from the romance books you stole from your mother once or twice. You hesitantly reached your hand forward and cupped him, rubbing your hand against his bulge gently. Evan’s eyes squeezed shut and he whimpered loudly. He moved your hand away and picked you up, wrapping your legs around him. He carried you by your thighs over to his bed and laid you down. He hovered over you and stared down at you, struck by your beauty.

He lowered his head to trail kisses down your chest and in between the valley of your breasts. He hoped he was doing everything right as he reached behind you and unclipped your bra. He slowly pulled the straps down your arms and bit his bottom lip harshly when you were fully exposed. “Holy shit…” he mumbled, staring at you. You blushed deeply, certain that the redness on your cheeks was going to last for days after that night. After pulling the last of your underwear off, he kneeled on the bed, in between your legs, just staring at your naked body below him. Just the sight of you lying below him in such an intimate way almost pushed him over the edge.

“Evan… please touch me…” you whined, impatient. Evan gently brushed his thumb over one of your nipples and the small moan that left your lips was music to his ears and he wanted to hear more. He leaned down, his hands resting on either side of your head. He hesitantly left a gentle kiss on the same nipple, noting how to arched into his touch, before moving to the other one. He had no idea what he was doing, but you seemed to like it, so he continued to leave soft kisses and bites against you. You contemplated whether or not to ask him to touch you on your clit, a spot that you had read was supposed to be extremely pleasurable. Before you could ask, however, Evan’s hesitant hand brushed against the small nub. Your body jolted involuntary and he pulled away to look at you with wide eyes. “Do that again, Ev…” you breathed out, your eyes shut tight from pleasure.

His fingers brushed against the small nub again, more deliberately this time. You let out a moan and Evan gulped. You looked so beautiful, moaning below him, he almost couldn’t take it. He began to rub your clit in a different motions, trying to figure out which way would feel the best. All of the ways elicited a quiet whimper, but it wasn’t until he moved his fingers in a circle that you truly moaned. “Shit… like that…” you moaned, gripping onto the sheets you were laying on. He began to move his fingers in a repetitive motion, until you were a sweating, panting mess. He leaned down once more to kiss and bite at the skin on your breasts.

Eventually, the teasing was too much to handle. Your hand gripped onto his hair and he looked up at you from your love-bite covered chest. The look in his eyes made you heart stop and you bit your lip. “E-Ev… I want you to make love to me,” you whispered. His eyes widened and he rushed upwards to kiss you. He moved his hands to cup your cheeks, deepening the kiss so that his tongue was playing with yours. You reached your hand down to his underwear and played with the waistband for moment before slipping your hand in. Evan whimpered loudly into your mouth as soon as you wrapped your hand around his length. Once you began to stroke it experimentally, he let out a strangled moan and pulled your hand out of his underwear. “I’m gonna… y’know… take the rest of my clothes o-off now,” he said, wincing at how weird he sounded. You giggled and bit your lip. “Take your time, I’m ready whenever you are, Ev.”

The poor boy was so flustered that in his rush to remove his underwear he fell off the bed. You let out a soft laugh and sat up, leaning over the edge to look at him. He looked utterly embarrassed and almost as if he was about to cry. “I-I’m sorry, I ruined the moment, didn’t I? I-” he began to ramble. You gently reached down and grabbed his hand, guiding him back onto the bed. You made him lay down, your body hovering over him. You slowly removed his underwear for him and threw them down beside the bed. They two of you stayed there in silence. “S-So, uh, do you want me to, like, be on top or…” You asked. He shook his head, sitting up. “N-No, um, here just-just lay down and I’ll… you know….”

You did as he asked and he moved to where you had been sitting. He gulped nervously, and he wondered if now was a bad time to worry about whether or not his hands were sweaty. He leaned over top of you and kissed you softly, trying to distract the both of you from what was about to occur. “Are-are you still sure that you want this?” Evan asked you, mumbling softly into the kiss. You nodded and braced yourself.

You knew enough about sex to know that it wasn’t necessarily going to feel good at first. You were pleasantly surprised, however, when there was only the slightest amount of pain discomfort. Evan slowly slid himself into you, pausing when you winced. “Did I do something wrong? Are you okay?” He asked quickly, pulling back out of you. “No, no, it’s okay, Ev!” You told him, “Please, put it back in.” Evan blushed at the bluntness of your words but followed your request.

After a few minutes of trying to find a rhythm and Evan whispering apologies under his breath every time you flinched, you finally realized why people enjoyed sex so much. Pleasure tingled through you and you let out a small moan as he hit a particular spot inside you. “God, Evan…” you whimpered. Evan grew even more excited, if possible, at the sound of you moaning his name. He buried his face in your neck and let out soft grunts, speeding up his thrusts ever so slightly.

Both of you were trembling, whimpering messes. Every moan and pant Evan would let out sent a shiver down your spine. He was desperately clutching at your hips and waist, trying to find a way to keep himself grounding in all the pleasure he was feeling. He began to leave soft kisses along your collarbone as his thrusts got faster. Your toes began to curl and uncurl, a warm feeling building up in your stomach like a balloon about to burst. You moaned and dug your nails into his shoulders as your high crashed over you like a wave. Evan’s hips began to stutter as the feeling of you tightening around him became almost too much. He shook with his orgasm, moaning your name over and over into your ear.

Neither of you lasted very long, considering it was your first time, but it didn’t matter. For you two, it wasn’t about the pleasure, though that was definitely a benefit, it was about the emotional connection and declaration of love that came from such an act. That night, the two of you gave each other all of yourselves. Each pant and moan was a love letter to the other, the sweat on your skin a show of your adoration for each other.

Evan let out one last moan before falling beside you. You immediately cuddled into him, smiling sleepily. “I love you,” he whispered huskily. He pressed a small trail of kisses down your face, starting at your forehead, pausing at your nose, and coming to an end at your lips. You giggled softly, mumbling, “I love you too.”

Jerome request-

anonymous asked: Hi, i dont know if you take requests, but if you do; can you write a jerome x reader in which the reader gets really seriously hurt and jerome is scared?

“When will she be out?” Jerome sighed not looking at the man in front of him. Dr. Berry was nervous afraid Jerome was going to slit his throat, the only reason he hadn’t was because he was necessary in fixing  her. “We.. We don’t know right now” Jerome chuckled finally bringing his red rimmed eyes up. The Dr. Stared deep into them being hypnotized buy how green they had become. Y/N had been in a car accident in an effort to kill the both of them. Jerome came out fine but both the Doc and J knew Y/N may not be walking out of the hospital. Jerome tensed up not wanting to ask. “What…” He clenched up his fists “Condition is she in doc?” He smiled. The doctor backed up “She’s lost a lot of blood and remains in critical condition. I’m sorry” Jerome jumped up happily in the empty hospital. “No worries Doc” he slapped his shoulder winking. “There’s plenty more where that came from” The Doctor watched as Jerome left the hospital as if nothing had happened, completely flabbergasted. Ever since Jerome had his face reattached Y/N had been in every head line standing with her arm around Jerome, showing off her 1 million dollar smile. They were in every robbery, every performance act. Everything. It didn’t make sense for him to leave like that…. then again he was Jerome.. a murderous dickhead.

The doctor made his way to the hospital bed Y/N was laying in. She was attached to a bunch of I.v.’s, breathing shallowly. He gently dragged his fingers along her forehead. She was a very beautiful girl, pale, cool honey colored hair. He imagined she was what the angels his parents always told him about looked like. She was no angel; she had killed innocent people with out batting her cute green eyes then walked into the arms of someone she thought she loved, someone she thought loved her. He shook his head and walked out of the room,  it was silly for him to get caught up on her life she was going to be in the asylum as soon as she was able to walk then she wouldn’t be his problem. 

Jerome’s point of view

It felt wrong leaving without her pussy cat laugh going off as she clung to my side. I thought maybe if I left her there she would fade.. fade far away from my thoughts.. She didn’t though, she never does. I stepped outside of the hospital still wearing the dapper suit that had been trashed by our little car “accident” I chuckled pledging to seriously mane then kill  the pleasant young men who did this. I didn’t even know who the bastards were yet or what their grand motive was. All I really knew was Y/n was writhing, dying in pain her perfect mouth screaming until her last breathe was taken and I was here.. alone.. no accomplish, no one. Police sirens screamed in the distance most likely coming for me. It was quiet in Gotham the city of sin. How drab. Like the dull feeling that was pulling so hard in my chest. 

I didn’t look at her after the crash in.. fear?.. worry?.. me being a pussy? She was the most beautiful, breathtaking girl I had ever seen. We had grown up together- two flowers in a garden of weeds. Her having joined the circus at thirteen, abandoned by her parents she showed up by the ring leaders tent shivering, tattooed and bleeding. I popped my little innocent head out of my trailer hearing the authority of a police man’s voice and there she was. Long honey blonde hair dripping wet sticking to her neck and shoulder’s. I was in awe of her, just at thirteen she had managed to become the most perfect and interesting crouching in this world. My 13 year old legs pushed me to jump out of my trailer to get a closer look at her- so I did. My feet landed with a squish, splattering the muddy ground below. It was 11pm so I was able to creep around everyone’s trailers until I reached the lion tamers which was right in front of the ring leaders. 

Curiously I listened in on their conversation, keeping this new mysterious girls breathing and every sound she made first to be heard. “We found her in the water just off of the west shore floating and half dead. She told us her parents threw her in there.” The police man seemed to look down on her like she was a creature to be pitied, something she would grow out of quickly. Our ring leader Dwayne was not impressed keeping his arms tightly crossed around his fat body. “Why haven’t you taken her to the orphanage?” I remember feeling a horrible panicky feeling rising in my chest, the feeling now makes me laugh. Through my young head I was screaming “no” and “What if they take her?  they can’t! She’s my destiny!” silly things but serious at the time. 

The police man spoke softy stepping closer to Dwayne “They all keep rejecting her because of well… Show the nice man sweety” The police man spoke gently to the girl. As if rehearsed she held up her little arms showing the black ink mapping out designs of naked girls and vicious animals all around her arms and up onto her neck. Something in Dwayne changed. He stepped closer carefully grabbing her arms looking them over, she was a strong girl and didn’t flinch at his undeserving touch. Dwayne slowly nodded his head looking up at the cloudy dark skies, the only dark place left in the city. “She can stay. I understand” The cop smiled shaking his hand and talked over some of the legal troubles but I didn’t care it was my time to make an entrance. Clumsily I stomped out from the shadows sticking out my hand, a smile wide on my face. “Hey-ya I’m Jerome who are you?” 

“Jerome, not n-” Dwayne was interrupted by her soft voice. “I’m Y/N” Then before I knew it her soft hand was in mine.  

Having come out of my little day-dream my unconscious mind had lead my back into the hospital, standing at the door that led to where she was being treated.I put my hand on the door knob not knowing exactly what to do in this situation. “Can I go in or what!?” I yelled looking at the nurse behind me. Scared she nodded quickly. I opened the door but yelled out before totally disappearing. “Oh and don’t call the cops or I will eat your family alive” the nurse made a weird whimpering sound before I shut the door, locking it behind me.

 I took my dear time before letting myself look at her. My feet led me to the large windows where I looked over the trash-pit of Gotham. Lights screamed out from every direction like the sounds from the traffic below. Getting bored I walked over to some machinery hearing my shoes squeak on the ground. I began turning knobs. Suddenly a loud beeping sound came from the machine and I jumped back a little startled accidentally looking at her. Her arms were covered in long rashes completely ridding of some of the designs that were permanently on her. Which maybe she would be happy about. It was like erasing the horrible moments of abuse that led up the her father inking her- maybe she would be able to move on from it. I grunted shaking m head violently getting those mushy thoughts out of my head laughing at how oft I had become. “I don’t even like you bitch!” I yelled at her laughing loudly in her face. “So die! So I can finally rid of your whole entire existence! Oh how sweet that would be!” I smiled twirling to the other side of her bed “Die! Die! Die!” I chanted in her ear. I was pretty set on her being dead until the familiar smell of her hair caught my nose.

 I froze thinking of every night being tangled up with her, long strands of hair coming down and brushing up against my chest and face. Then she would lay completely on me and I would suffocate on that sweet, sweet smell. I shivered coming out of my head a straight beeping sound coming from the machine. I looked at it to see it was flashing a completely straight green line. She was dead, gone like I had pleaded with her to be a few moments prior. “Ah shit” I mumbled to myself taking out my gun. I kicked open the door putting on my usual smile and happy demeanor when honestly I was becoming a boiling pot of hot rage and regret wanting to cap every person my eyes could see. “Alright which one of you fine doctors will be fixing my lovely wife? Don’t say there no hope cause look at me” I made a circle around my face with the gun. “I came back from the dead. So get on it! or everyone in this very room will be blasted along with their wife and kids. Except for you..” I pointed at the same nurse as before “Your offer still remains the same” She shrunk a little gathering papers. 

Dr. Berry’s point of view

In three hours we had the girl back breathing. We shocked her and suddenly her body sprang up with a gasp. Her green eyes freakishly taking in the world around her but shorty feel back to healthy sleep. The rest of the nurses and doctors looked at Jerome who had the face of relief at the sight of her breathing body. His beady green eyes took in every part of her body seeming to relish in the fact she was breathing and alive once again. I thought to myself doubting my former judgement of him. Was it love? I chuckle a little at the thought, love? no infatuation? probably. “What’s so funny doc?” Jerome spoke coldly to me. Nervously I thought of something to say in hopes he would shoot me. “She’s alive” Jerome’s face seemed to soften, it was hardly noticeable but there all the same. “Yes she is” he drug his fingers a crossed her forehead the sensation waking her from her needed rest. “Where am I J?” She croaked. In an instant he was down by her side. “Don’t worry baby I’m going to get us out of here” he said while frenziedly petting her hair. She nodded slowly dozing off before conjuring up an answer. Jerome grabbed her face worried “Okay? you need to stay with me” Y/n nuzzled into his shoulder whispering “okay” putting the light back into Jerome’s eyes. “Don’t do that here” he stood up dusting off his tattered maroon suit. “I have a reputation to uphold.” The room seemed to grow darker and the little light the hospital lamps gave off seemed to diminish under his glare. 

“So which one you fine doctors will help Sleeping beauty and I out of here before they lock us away.”  All of my colleagues seemed to shrink back afraid to accept the consequences if they help them out of here. I stepped forward speaking calmly. “There’s a black nova in the staff parking lot that belonged to a deceased gentleman, the keys are in a brown paper bag in the center council. I will help you carry her out. Karen?” I turned to look at her. “Get me the stretcher from the other room” Nervously she skipped out of the room to retrieve it. When I turned around Jerome had stuck his gun in my face chuckling. “What kind of rouse it this? huh?” he began to make a choking sound amoungst his chuckling. I put my hands up wanting to slap the hunk of metal away from my face.“No tricks. We wouldn’t want to keep her waiting.”  motioned towards Y/n watching his face soften “No we wouldn’t want that” his voice was gruff lowering his gun he stepped closer to her lowering his gun with his steps. Karen walked gently into the room handing me the stretcher. 


I watched Jerome drive wildly away in the car, police sirens coming in the other direction. After we had gotten Y/n in the car he shook my hand informing me that if I ever, ever had the need to have someone killed he would do it for free, one time only. I nodded graciously thanking him. Months later I saw the two of them on the news, they had both been brought to Arkham for slaughtering a group of old people outside of a retirement home. The news showed the two of them being arrested. Y/n looked as beautiful as ever but had new tattoos made up of intricate flowers and guns as well as the Disney princess snow white for a reason that escaped me. Jerome looked stronger the stitching around his face healing but creating a clear line. They were being handcuffed and transported in different cop cars. Jerome looked angry looking frantically to Y/n then spitting at the cop that had his arms. Y/n screamed tears coming down her face. The news camera flashed back to Jerome from the damsel in distress who had both a his feet on the cop car door to stop the cops from throwing him in the car. This was shortly subdued when he was stabbed in the stomach by a black haired policeman knocking Jerome unconscious . This was followed by Y/n’s high pitched scream causing all the cameras to be shut off and the viewers attention was brought onto the charity ball going on that evening. 

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Thanks for reading all. Jared Joker story called “white demon” will be out. Until next time Same bat-time Same bat-channel!

anonymous asked:

this is a little nsfw so you dont have to do the nsfw part if youd like but!!! but. but what if MC was like extremely flustered. You compliment their hair? flustered, blushing, a mess. You hold their hand? they need to stop themselves from covering their cheeks because theyre blushing so much. (NSFW) you eating them out? well damn man their hands are on their mouth to stop them from saying anything. Could you write SFW and NSFW headcanons for this? thank you so much!!!!

Heya anon! Thanks for the request :) It’s my first NSFW request so far and im excited to get to it  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) . This contains NSFW content (duh) so you can skip over the NSFW hc’s if you want!

♥ Yoosung would be super nervous to ever try to hold your hand or kiss you without permission. He’s a bit insecure as he’s never really done any of this before.
♥ When he finally tries to hold your hand and you wince and start blushing, he pulls back immediately. He’s wondering if he did something wrong.
♥ Absolutely relieved that he didn’t do anything to provoke you. He gets really flustered too so you both just compliment each other to see how adorable and flustered you both look.
♥ When you hold hands for the first time, you look in the other direction blushing. He turns your chin with his hand really softly and kisses you. YOU’RE DYING BUT YOU KNOW HE IS TOO SO YOU GO FOR IT.
“You’re adorable, I just want to hold your hand and kiss your soft lips forever ~ o-oh hehe, was that too much?? >////<”

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How would Ong Seongwoo fantasize about you (his crush):

  • now this boy right here… oh this boy… 
  • if he sees you wearing a dress that’s a bit too tight 
  • or maybe your cleavage is showing a little without you even noticing
  • or you are benting down to get a bottle of water from the fridge 
  • if any of those happened and he wouldn’t be shy about staring at you 
  • he would bite his lips as his eyes will be fixed on the spot 
  • and if you said anything about it, he would laugh awkwardly and be very smooth 
  • “it’s not my fault, you look so damn good” 
  • he wouldn’t be shy at all about thinking about you in a not so appropiate manner 
  • he would probably imagine you lying on his bed as he is tying your wrists to the headboard 
  • your eyes will be blindfolded as well 
  • and he would probably takes his time to admire your beautiful body 
  • I somehow also feel he would imagine you wearing some sexy black lace lingerie with a pretty choker 
  • which he will remove softly because: 
  • “you can use my hand, why have the choker on? my hand looks better wrapped around your neck, princess”
  • “should we take this off now, darling?” 
  • he would cup your breasts and kiss your neck softly 
  • “aren’t these clothes feeling uncomfortable?” 
  • you would whimper in response and he would bite your earlobe 
  • the thoughts about you would keep flowing and he won’t be one bit flustered 
  • he would probably start touching himself as your image is still vivid in his mind 
  • after he would have removed your bra in his imagination, he would left wet marks down to your abdomen 
  • he would get in between your thighs and will place his lips on the fabric of your panties 
  • smirking to himself when he sees how wet you already are 
  • “oh, I’m delighted you want me that much, beautiful”
  • he would love playing with your senses, so I feel like he would imagine bringing up something like ice 
  • and then just moving around once cube on your skin 
  • you would whimper and he would bite his lips both in reality and in his fantasy 
  • as the drips of water would fal slowly on the bed, his desire would grow bigger and bigger 
  • he won’t be able to stand it any longer; he will kiss your inner thighs and remove your panties with his teeth
  • biting you gently in between the kisses
  • his tongue would swirl around your sensitive area as you begin moaning out his name followed by a couple of swear words 
  • he lets out a chuckle, the vibration making you let out another whimper 
  • he will take the blindfold off as he is positioning himself in front of you 
  • “I want you to see this and I want to look at you as you are screaming my name”
  • he would probably giggle a little in reality as he imagines your surprised face 
  • turning back to his fantasy, he won’t say anything else and just get straight to the point with it 
  • Seongwoo would free your hands as well at some point because he enjoys diversity in bed 
  • he will have you up in all sorts of positions (some weird, some uncomfortable)
  • I feel like his favorite would be: you on all fours as he thrusts into you from behind 
  • he would admire your body and his hands would either roam all over it or would be dugging into your hips 
  • Seongwoo would be rough, no doubt; he loves being in control, he loves towering over you and he loves seeing you tremble because of his touch 
  • as the scene plays out in his head, I think that he would probably moan your name and his climax will come soon after 
Mystic Messenger Au

Soooo… How about a MM Au…

… Where MC is actually Rika’s little half-sister?

(;;;*_*)MC never left the house. She’s a disgrace to the family, the product of infidelity.

(;;;*_*)Rika hated her, and tried multiple times to get rid of her. Suddenly, she stops. MC is confused.

(;;;*_*)Rika comes to MC with the idea of a new world. MC is scared, she doesn’t want it.

(;;;*_*)Rika convinces MC to come with her, says she’s sorry and she’ll be happy to actually be a sister to MC, and she only wanted a better world to her, her fiancé (who had no idea MC existed) and her little sister.

(;;;*_*)MC was the first victm of the brainwash. The first Minteye member… Well, she was going to be the first, but it didn’t work correctly. For some reason, MC resisted the brainwash at some point.

(;;;*_*)(;;;*_*)Because of that, one of her eyes is mint green, much more intense than Saeran. That’s why she never shows her eyes.

(;;;*_*)(;;;*_*)Also, the “experiment” made her have a twisted personality. She’s sweet and caring, but if she doesn’t like someone… Her revenge will be worse than the Devil’s punishment to sinners. Nothing really phisical, the mind is more interesting for her.

(;;;*_*)Rika goes back to hating MC, calling her a failure. She goes to the extreme of leaving an unconscious MC in a road, in the middle of nowhere.

(;;;*_*)MC is found by a gentle old lady and her daughters. They help her and accept her in the family. MC is happy, but there’s this small voice yelling to her how she should make Rika pay.

(;;;*_*)MC changes her surname and leaves her loving family to seek revenge.

(;;;*_*)(;;;*_*)The first thing she does is look for a job to send money to the old lady. Then she looks for a home.

(;;;*_*)One day, she finds the cellphone, and blá, blá, blá… She learns the apartment is Rika’s. Perfect. RFA? Even more perfect. Time to act.

(;;;*_*)(;;;*_*)The world doesn’t know MC before she changed her name, the documents lost in time, maybe never existed. So everything 707 knows about MC is from her new life.

(;;;*_*)The story follows Seven’s route, except they don’t fall in love, they’re really good friends (well, maybe Seven has a crush on MC).

(;;;*_*)In the end, no one dies. Rika goes to a madhouse. Saeran is finally home. V lets Jumin pay for the eyes surgery.

(;;;*_*)They all go visit Rika one day, who is not as crazy as before. She’s almost weird, which is good. C'mon, I don’t think she could ever be normal.

(;;;*_*)Then someone using the same robe Rika was using while “playing God” enters the room. The hood

(;;;*_*)(;;;*_*)“What kind of sick joke is that?!”, one of them yells.

(;;;*_*)The person walks slowly towards Rika, then… “Hello, sister. I hope you haven’t forget me after all these years.” Rika freaks out, crying, whimpering “Not you!"s and "Go away!"s. The hood falls.

(;;;*_*)MC smirks to her sister, mint eye (and one golden eye) glowing with wicked satisfaction.

The Fire In Their Veins

Day 3, “fire” - enjoy!

Warning: A bit of swearing and smut. Pairing: Unidentified Flying Ship (Danny Fenton/Wes Weston)

He felt fire in his veins.
It was even worse than that one time when he was trapped inside a circle made of Blood Blossoms. Only this time, he wasn’t inside the poison, the poison was inside him.
During their battle Skulker shoot him with some sort of dart. He didn’t notice it soon enough, but fortunately for him the effects kicked in only when he already defeated the hunter, but he didn’t manage to get home.
He was writhing on the ground in some alley with a suspicion Vlad was the one behind that. He usually was the creator of the most lethal weapons.
It hurt. He barely could think about anything. It hurt, and he had no way of informing anyone. Skulker oh-so-conveniently destroyed his phone during the battle.
The only hope was that no one would attack him, he was practically defenseless, the most vulnerable he was in years.
He managed to hide under some cartoons, but he couldn’t use any of his powers, and it really sucked.  
Footsteps. He heard footsteps over the blood pulsing in his ears, and he prayed to any deity existing that it would be Sam or Tucker, or even Jazz. Anything’s better than his parents or another ghost or-
“Fenton. You do realize there is like a bazillion of GiW out there?”
-or worst case scenario. Only he wasn’t sure anymore if he meant Guys in White or Wes Weston.
“Gggryhuhfg” he so eloquently managed to spill.
“Huh.” The read head huffed and bend down. “I don’t suppose you’re in the position to care right now.”

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We Are Truly One

So with this first time smut fic I tried to make it as sweet, innocent and romantic as possible. Kyungsoo was my first bias in EXO so writing this made me kinda fangirl like trash >~< lol I hope this isn’t too long and y’all enjoy it. To the one who sent this request I hope you like it and if you could tell me what you think cause constructive feedback is always good :) ~Takara-yeolie~ 

Originally posted by sekaisoosgirl

“…I love you…a lot…I know I don’t say it as much as I want to but…I do love you.” Kyungsoo couldn’t look at you and was fidgeting with his hands. He texted you earlier in the afternoon to be ready for a fancy date by six o’clock with no other details. When six rolled around he sent you another text saying come outside. You were met with him in a casual yet sexy suit in front of a sleek black car. During the car ride, he didn’t say a word and only held your hand rubbing it lovingly. No matter when you looked at him his gaze was out the window and you could sense he was nervous despite being together for two years. When you finally reached your destination you were in shock seeing it was Namsan Tower one of the most famous couple spots in Korea. Now here you were side by side in a loving yet awkward silence with Kyungsoo the love of your life.

“Kyungsoo, I know you love me. You might not always say it but you always show it.” He looked up at you with the sweetest surprised expression as you cutely smiled back. He placed his hand on your cheek and felt your face with his thumb. You gently placed your hand on top of his and leaned into his hand slightly closing your eyes. You loved how warm and comforting his hands were and could feel tears welling up in your eyes.

“Wae? Why are you crying Y/N?” He gently placed his other hand on your other cheek worriedly gazing into your eyes. You snapped out of it and dried your eyes hurriedly.

“Oh! No, it’s nothing I promise. I was just so touched I started crying without realizing it.” Kyungsoo chuckled with a puff of air from his nose then tenderly kissed your forehead.

“Cutie…crying so easily. I have to protect you.” You gazed at each other for what felt like an eternity until Kyungsoo spoke again. “That’s why…” He stood up and got down on one knee and you couldn’t help but squeal. “I want you by my side until the end. I will protect you with all I have and give you all of my love matter what. I wanted to spend the rest of my life by your side. I love you Y/N. Will you marry me?” He pulled a black velvet box from his pocket and presented to you a white gold ring with your birthstone and diamonds surrounding it. You felt choked up and couldn’t utter a word. Tears started pouring from your eyes as you nodded your head with a beaming smile. “I want to hear you say it.” He smiled at you and quietly laughed as people started to crowd around.

“YES! Of course, I’ll marry you Kyungsoo oppa!” You laughed as he sprang up to hug you. He placed the ring on your finger then you kissed passionately tears pouring from your eyes. The crowd clapped and cheered a little at the joyous and tender moment. The crowd dissipated eventually but the emotions still filled the air. You laid your head on Kyungsoo’s shoulder gazing down at your ring. “I can’t believe you. Is that why you were so nervous today?” You lightly ask with a chuckle. He smiled and silently nodded still looking at your ring.

“Do you like it? The members kind of helped me pick it.”

“Of course I love it….you gave it to me.” Kyungsoo turned to you with a tender smile then slowly leaned in to kiss you. As his lips met yours you could feel your body temperature rise like never before. In two years of dating you two have kissed many times but now it felt very different. When his lips finally departed from yours, your starry eyes opened and you sheepishly asked: “Want to eat ramyeon and watch a movie at my place?” Kyungsoo’s eyes widened in surprise but after seeing the slight embarrassment on your face he snapped out of it.

“Sure.” You quickly raised your head with a surprised face then shyly smiled.


As soon as you got home you looked into each other’s eyes and instantly felt your heart beat quicken. He tightly grabbed your waist making you let out a soft moan as you felt his tongue enter your mouth. You both stumbled to the bedroom and closed the door softly moaning. He sat down on the bed with you straddling him as he kissed your neck you felt a tingle run down your spine. He took off his shirt and started feeling your breasts making you whimper a little.

“Are you okay? Was I too sudden?” You paused for second and opened your eyes to see him looking up at you with genuine concern.

“O-oh…no I’m fine. I guess I make weird noises.” You awkwardly chuckled as his face remained serious.

“No, you don’t….you’re cute…” He tenderly kissed your cheek making tears well up in your eyes. He stood up carrying you bridal style then gently laid you down placing himself on top. You looked into each other’s eyes and started removing your clothes breathing heavily. You noticed Kyungsoo’s kisses started to go lower on your bare skin making you twitch at each nip until he was between your legs. You let out a strong yelp as he kissed your sensitive clit. He looked up with surprised eyes before softly speaking in his deep sensual voice.

“Does it…..feel good?” You nodded avoiding his strong gaze out of sheer embarrassment. He smiled and chuckled a little as he returned his attention to your clit making you fidget and squirm in the bed. You let out a shockingly loud groan and grabbed Kyungsoo’s silky short hair as his licking and sucking become more vigorous. As you climaxed you felt as if your soul had left your body, you could only hear your own heart beat and saw stars. “Are you okay jagiya?” You had practically melted into the sheets and had to catch your breath. You felt so drained you could barely nod. He smiled at you stroking your tired face. You tenderly smiled at the comforting warmth of his hands. You reached for his face with one hand and began to stroke his hardness with the other. As you stroked Kyungsoo’s throbbing member he grabbed your hand to stop you. “Hajima (stop).” He whispered pleadingly. “I can’t take it. May I…become one with my wife to be?” He was nervous as hell and you knew it but it seemed love and passion overpowered him. You nodded and opened your legs for him to get on top and position himself. Kyungsoo’s throbbing member rubbed against your already aroused clit then suddenly you felt him enter you. You bit your lip from the sudden sensation and was surprised he was so thick. “Are you okay? Did I hurt you? Should I stop?” He was genuinely worried and you couldn’t help but laugh at his adorable face.

“I’m fine don’t worry so much love. If I’m in any real pain I’ll let you know I promise. You’re kind of…big is all.” Kyungsoo blushed as you chuckled and stroked his face. He kissed you again before grinding his member in you to help you adjust. Slowly he began thrusting into you making the sound of your bodies coming together echo through the room. You couldn’t hold back your voice no matter how hard you tried. He was hitting your spot just right and you wanted him to know it. His moaning and groaning were manly and turning you on making you wrap your arms around his strong back. Suddenly Kyungsoo was pounding into as he lifted himself off of you exposing his strong body glistening with sweat. The bed was quaking, squeaking, and creaking so loud you feared the neighbors would hear. Your passion had reached its boiling point and over flowed as you both let out a loud and short moan of pure ecstasy in unison. Kyungsoo’s final thrusts were so strong you felt it tingle through your entire body. You could feel him cumming inside of you, filling you up. He fell on top of you breathing heavily in your ear. You gently held him stroking his hair making him embrace you. You were both exhausted and covered in sweat but never felt better or more in love. You had given each other your virginities and both truly felt as two souls that had intertwined and became one.    

Why are you naked in my bed? (Alec x Female!Reader)

Warning: I know Alec is a gay character. But he is just that, a character. Keep that in mind. Please, also note that english is not my first language. I am sorry if there are any mistakes, please feel free to point them out to me I won’t be offended. All credit goes to the creators.

“Why are you naked in my bed?” Alec asks, brow raised.

“I came home late last night, you weren’t here so I made myself at home” Y/N explains, stretching her arms causing the sheets to get down her body, reveling more of her chest. “How was your mission, are you alright?” she’s adds with concern.

“I’m alright baby, move” he mentions for her to scoot over, taking place next to her on the bed. “I’m so tired.”

“Go to sleep, I’ll wake you up if you’re needed.”

She tenderly strokes his hair until his eyes close and his breath steadies. She hops off the bed, heading for the shower, not even bothering to close the bathroom’s door. Once ready, she grabs Alec’s shirt on her way out, putting it on before carefully closing the door behind her.

“Is Alec in there?” asks a girl whose name Y/N can’t recall.

“Yes, but he’s sleeping. Don’t wake him up.”

“I need to talk to him” the girl urges, her hand on the door knob.

“Do. Not. Wake. Him. Up. And if it’s a matter of life or death, go to Aldertree. Now get away from this door” Y/N speaks harshly.

The girl turns on her heels and heads off the other side. Y/N spots Jace leaning against the wall, a cocky smile splattered on his face “Fierce” he mouths, amused. Y/N rolls her eyes and turns around, heading back into the bedroom and crawling on the bed next to her sleepy bestfriend.

“Do they need me?” Alec’s eyes flutter open, but instead of getting up he scoots closer to her.

“No they don’t. Sleep baby.”

“I want a kiss” he pouts. “Not this kiss, the other one” he complains when she kisses his nose. “No, the other one” he repeats when she kisses his cheek. “I like this one, but I want the other one” he speaks again, when she kisses his neck.

“The love one?” Y/N asks.

“Yes, with the tongue.”

Y/N laughs quietly and puts her lips on his. He kisses her back, licking her lips demanding permission to deepen the kiss. She parts her lips, kissing him tenderly while caressing his face.

“Hum, this is my favorite one” he whispers. “You’re my girlfriend.”

“I’m your bestfriend” she points out, her nose against his.

“No, girlfriend” he insists.


“You kiss me, you sleep naked in my bed. My girlfriend.”

Y/N sighs, locking her eyes with his. Alec had been her bestfriend since forever. She’s been crashing in his bed for years, she was his first kiss and the only girl he’s ever seen fully naked in real life. Feelings were settling in and it scared the shit out of her.

“I’m not leaving” Alec states. “I know you’re scared. But I am not leaving. You’re perfect to me.”

“Alec, I’m gonna mess this up” she whispers with fear. “You know I always do.”

“Do you love me?”

“I always loved you.”

“Are you in love with me?” he corrects himself.

“Since forever.”

“I’m not leaving. You are my girlfriend. We are gonna kiss, have sex in weird places, get married and have babies. We are forever.”

“How do you know we’ll be good at sex?” she sweetly mocks him.

“I just know. We’re good at everything when we’re together. But there’s just one way to find out.”

“You want to have sex? Like, right now?” Y/N raises a brow.

“Yes. I’m gonna take this shirt off, caress your breast, kiss your neck and lick your pussy.”

“Baby” Y/N whimpers.

“Open your legs for me baby. Let me show you how much I love you. Let me go home.”

With that she spreads her legs a little, allowing him to run his fingers down her folds, his lips on her neck, causing her to close her eyes under his spell. She lets him explore her body, his hands roaming her skin, her hands griping the sheets.

“We are good at sex” Y/N states, their body tangled and her head on his chest.

“And this was me losing my virginity. Wait until I get practice” Alec winks.

iheartbethers  asked:

Could you do a continuation of Cheeky Bird or a kind of saucy imagine with Fionn? (Boy gets me goin 👅🔥) sorry if this was confusing!

Cheeky Bird pt. II: waiting games
••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••Word count: 2655
You could feel it, his gaze on you, You could feel it slowly trailing down your body, over your skin, leaving a trail of heat and goose bumps in its wake. You could feel his eyes slowly undressing you, but there was something about them, something dominate, cocky. He’d been doing it ever since Harry had arrived with the Brussel sprouts, just staring but with that look that you’d never seen on him before.

“Hey love, ya wanna go ahead and start getting ready, between me and Harry we can finish in here”.
He was acting completely innocent in front of Harry, like he wasn’t no more than 5 seconds ago staring you down with a hunger in his eyes.

“Between you and Harry you’ll have eaten all the food and burned down the kitchen”.

Harry had a look of hurt on his face as Fionn laughed.

“Y/N darling I would never ruin all your hard work, you can trust me”. Harry playfully winked at you while Fionn laughed.

You headed to your room to take a shower, get dressed, and do your makeup. You had already picked out a dress for the dinner tonight, a lovely, classy little red piece. But when reaching into your closet for the dress another catches your eye, it’s a navy blue, short little thing that hugged you in all the right places. What made it even better was that it was Fionns favorite, it drove him insane and it usually ended up on the floor by the end of the night, or at least until Fionn couldnt contain himself any longer. After pondering for a bit you decide to wear the navy dress, you didn’t want the game to be over yet, you wanted to continue to tease him until there was a winner, seeing as how Fionn must think he won after telling you you were to be punished. You walked into the kitchen, Harry and Fionn both doing a wonderful job at cleaning up and getting everything ready.

“Y/N!! W-what are you wearing love? I-I mean that’s not the dress that you said you were wearing”.

Fionn was flustered and you could tell your plan was working.

“Mmmm I know but I thought I would wear your favorite for you big night”.
You dipped your finger in a bowl of left over icing that you had for the cake, sticking your finger in your mouth and sucking it off while making perfect eye contact with Fionn, removing your finger from your mouth with an evil little grin on your lips.

“Eh mate I can see why it’s your favorite”.
Fionn lightly elbowed Harry for his comment.

“Ok well I suppose I’ll go ahead and start getting ready. Harry, make yourself at home, Y/N, I need your opinion on something so meet me in the bedroom”.

You said a small excuse me to Harry and headed to the bedroom. As soon as you walked into the bedroom Fionn immediately closed the door behind you and pushed you against the wall. With one hand rested by your head and the other lightly wrapped around your throat, he gives you an intense kiss, his tongue lightly running over your bottom lip and entering your mouth. Fionn breaks the kiss leaving you both breathless.

“Did you think that was cute back there? Wearing this dress that you know drives me crazy and teasing me? Huh?”

“Fionn, I don’t know what your talking about”.

“Really? With the sticking your finger in your mouth and sucking the icing off, just like you did to me earlier with the dough”.
You can tell you got to Fionn by the look on his face and his heavy breathing.

“So listen here, your gonna be a good girl and help me with this problem you caused and Harry’s in the next room so we have to be quiet”.

“Problem? What problem?”
Fionn pointed down with the hand that was by your head seconds ago, looking down you could see a huge bulge in his pants. Laughing uncontrollably you look at the pained boy in front of you,

“Wow Fionn we have guests arriving, Harry’s in the house try to control yourself”.
“Look I really need your help please Y/N”.

Fionns lips start inching closer to your neck, he’s now leaving hot wet kisses down it while mumbling out a “please it hurts”.

Breathlessly getting lost in the attention that Fionn is giving your neck you ask, “ why don’t you just take care of it yourself?”

“No, I tried already I need you, has to be you, you’re the only one who can make it better” Fionn whined as he moved his lips down to your exposed collar bone.

“Fine, Fionn but you hav'ta tell me what you want, do you want my mouth, my hand, just for me to grind you, what do you want?”

“I don’t bloody care just something”.
You drop to your knees, unbuttoning the boys tight pants and pulling them down, looking up at Fionn with innocent eyes you tease his hard length through his boxers with your hot mouth".

“Eh no teasin love please, I don’t think I can take it”.

You do as Fionn asks and pull his length from his boxers, spitting on the head and spreading it down his shaft stroking it a few times before you put just the head in your mouth. You continued to stroke him at a slow teasing pace while you lightly sucked on his tip while flicking your tongue over the slit. Fionns head was thrown back, eyes closed, and brows furrowed.

“Please baby girl, don’t tease me, please just put all of me in your mouth, please”.

You slide your mouth all the way down his length, slowly bobbing your head up and down while holding him at his base. You slide your mouth all the way down him, burying your nose in his dark pubes and choking. You know it seemed weird but you loved his pubes, dark they are but with Little specks of gold in them, you always told him and he always got shy about it.
“Shit baby girl, that feels so good, you make me feel so good”. Fionn was breathless and on the edge of cumming, little whimpers, grunts, and moans leaving his lips, teeth biting down on his bottom lip.

“Ay, Fionn mate Cillian, Tom, Tom, Barry, and Nolan just arrived hurry up”.

The two of you could hear Harry through the door, Fionn let out a disappointed whimper.
“Fuck! Baby you’ve got to hurry, I can’t go out there this hard, this sensitive”.
You worked you mouth at a quick pace, sucking him, flicking your tongue over his tip. You took your free hand and started playing with his balls lightly squeezing and pulling.
“Your mouth, it’s so warm, so wet, you’re gonna make me cum baby girl, s-shit you’re gonna make me cum”.

You could feel his cock twitch as he spurt his hot ropes of cum in your mouth. You loved the way he tasted and you Always let him know, you loved how sweet he was but also tangy with the bit of salty that was always left on your tongue. You pop your mouth off of him showing him that you swallowed every bit of cum he left in your mouth. You stand up “You wanna taste yourself baby?” Fionns breathless and still sensitive, still whimpering. “Uh huh”. You place your lips on Fionns letting his tongue explore the flavor of him in your mouth. Breaking the kiss there is a string of spit connecting you two, “You’re so good you always make me feel so good baby girl”. You smile at Fionn “Go get ready pretty boy”. Fionn runs off to get dressed while you clean the smudged lipstick off of your face and reapplying it.

“Ready baby girl?”
“Yes Mr. Whitehead I believe I am”. You both head out to the party to meet your guests.
“Y/N darling don’t you look exquisite”.

“Yes she does…”

You give Cillian a hug and can feel Tom GC eyeing you.
“Thank you dear you look quite handsome yourself”.

“Ay mate quit eyeing my girl”.
Fionn lightly elbows Tom while they both laugh.

After everyone’s arrived you all head into the dining room for dinner.
“Now Fionn, Y/N I know this is your home but would the two of my mind if I did a toast?”
Fionn gave Mr. Nolan the go ahead, but you couldn’t pay attention because his hand was slowly moving up your thigh and under your dress. His hand immediately makes its way to your center, moving to your clit making circles on it with his skilled fingers. Your instantly hit with the amazing pleasure he’s giving you while also trying to keep composed and not moan out during Nolans toast. You grab Fionns hand making him stop,
“Fionn, what. Are. You. Doing?”
“You’ve been teasing me all day love, just thought I’d return the favor, and mmmm you’re not wearing any panties”.

“Fionn j-just stop not here not now, just stop and I’ll let you do anything you want once everyone’s gone”.
“Anything? Promise?”
Fionn pulls hand from your now wet center, makes like he slipped his hand in his food, and sticks his finger in his mouth, sucking your juices from them, savoring the taste, he lets out a small moan around his fingers removing them from his mouth.

After saying your last good byes to everyone and thanking them for coming Fionn shuts the door to your apartment.

“Bed. Now”.
You do as you’re told and immediately head to your room, Fionn right behind you.
Fionn grabs you by your head, kissing you passionately, teeth smashing together, and his tongue winning dominance over yours. Fionn unzips your dress letting it fall to the ground while you work on undoing his pants. Fionn pulls his shirt over his head leaving him in only his boxers and you in nothing. Placing his lips on yours again, Fionn crawls on top of your body, hovering over you on the bed, making his way down your body with his wet kisses leaving a trail, his tongue flicking over your nipples while suckling on each of them.
“Spread you legs love, I want a real taste of what I had earlier”.
You spread you legs for him as he kisses and nips at your inner thighs. You can feel his breath on your already wet center as he inhales your scent.
“Mmm baby girl you smell so good, bet you taste even better”.

Fionn inches closer to your wet folds, you can feel his nose nudge your clit and you slightly jump from the sensation. The teasing boy places his wet warm mouth on you clit lightly suckling and flicking his tongue over it. You grab Fionn by his hair and start to moan from the pleasure he’s giving you, you can already feel yourself about to cum.
“Fionn, you gonna make me cum”.
Your breathing is now starting to get heavy and you’re whimpering from the pleasure of his warm tongue on you. He looks up at you with his beautiful eyes and releases your clit from his lips.
“W-what why’d you stop? I was so close”.
“Well you teased me so much earlier so I thought I’d repay the favor”.
Fionn immediately attacks your folds again, this time you being more sensitive from the almost orgasm that he denied you. Sucking harder, faster this time.
“Mmmm baby girl you taste so good so sweet, I could eat you out all night long”.
Fionn mumbles as he inserts one finger into your entrance, pumping in and out of you at a quick pace.
“F-fuck Fionn please don’t stop I wanna cum ,you’re gonna make me cum so hard”.
Your head is now thrown back, eyes closed, and legs shaking around Fionns head. Your vision is filled with white spots as Fionn licks you to the best orgasm you’ve ever had. Your body is overcome with the intense pleasure as your orgasm courses through you. You’re now moaning out Fionns name with a string of curse word as you come down from your high. Fionn looks up at you with his beautiful eyes, you’re now a whimpering mess from how sensitive you are. You can see that Fionns chin is glistening in your juices as he crawls up to you, lips almost touching yours.
“Wanna taste yourself baby girl?”

You whimper out a yes and shake your head as Fionn captures your lips with his and you can taste yourself on his tongue, similar to his taste but sweeter.
“Love, please I need to be in you”.
You can see the pained look on Fionns face and you look down, the poor boy is hard as rock as you try to pull his boxers down, the hard length making it difficult. Once his cock is free from its restraint Fionn reaches over to the bedside table to get a condom from the drawer. You reach over and stop him,
“No baby, I want you bare tonight, please?”
Fionn looks at you for a good long second.
“Are you sure love?”
Fionn doesn’t waste anytime, he starts to disappear in between your legs, slowly pushing himself inside you, hissing at the new sensation of being bare mixed with how much warmer and wetter you feel this way. He gives you both a moment to adjust before he starts moving his hips at a slow pace.
“Shit Fionn you feel so good like this, it’s like I can feel every inch of you, every ridge”. Fionn starts pushing deeper, harder into you,

“F-fuck baby girl you’re so tight, god I can feel how wet you are, you feel warmer”.

He’s now grunting in your ear, you moaning uncontrollably as he moves at a faster harder pace.

Fionns now a mumbling mess, whimpering, moaning, grunting, the occasional growl leaving his throat as he thrusts into you.
“You feel so good, too good, nothing should feel this good, it’s like you’re a drug, like your heroin but better, there’s no way that feels better than this, nothing can.

You’re now on the edge of your orgasm and you can tell Fionn is too by the way he’s mumbling.
“Cum for me baby girl please, I’m so close but I need you to cum, I can feel you hugging me so tight”.

Your orgasm hits you as your vision is filled with white spots again, legs shaking around Fionn and moaning out curse words. You can feel Fionn Cumming as he growls your name in your ear, hot, thick, ropes of his cum shooting inside of you. Your now both whimpering messes as you come down from your highs. Fionn places a gentle kiss to your lips.
“God baby girl that was the best orgasm I’ve ever had , you make me feel so good”.
Fionn pulls himself from your entrance.
“Fuck baby that’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen”.
You both watch as your mixed cum spills out of you. Fionn bends down and swipes his tongue over your entrance as you jerk away.

Fionn runs his fingers through your cum, holding his hand up to your mouth.
“Wanna see how amazing we taste?”
You take his fingers into your mouth and suck the sweet but tangy juices from them. You close your eyes and let out a little moan.
“Mmm Fionn we taste so good”. Fionn smiled at you as he laid down, you resting your head on his bare chest.
“You’re beautiful and I love you, you know that?”
“You’re beautiful too Fionn,and I love you as well”.
Fionn places a kiss on the top of your head as you both fall asleep, exhausted from the best, most intimate sex you’ve ever had.

Only Us (Part Eleven)

Pairing: Peter Parker (Tom Holland) x Reader

Summary:  What happens when the reader saves Spiderman…while he’s saving you? (things have changed but fuck it I’m still using this summary cuz idk)

Word Count: 1952

Warning(s): Swearing

Additional Notes: If you would like to be tagged for every part of this series let me know by commenting or something else idk. Also I write a couple chapters ahead…and the next chapter could have a kinda steamy make-out scene. I know some people don’t like reading smut (it’s not really smut but its more than not). So please let me know if you want me to include that or not. I’ll take the general consensus. PLEASE LET ME KNOW BECAUSE I DON’T KNOW

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10 

“He just cut his hand off!” I sat up from the couch. “How is he going to become a jedi?” Peter chuckled.

“Just watch Y/N.” I leaned back Peter’s arm around my waist.

“This is a good movie.” I murmured leaning against him. He chuckled again pulling up the two blanket that lay over us.

“I told you.” He said.

“I never doubted you.” I shrugged. Our legs tangled with each other while we lay back, my head on his shoulder and upper chest. We continued to watch the movie our fingers playing lightly with each other. “Hey.” I turned to him.

“Hi.” He looked down at me a smile on his face. I leaned up kissing him sweetly. I pulled away on a smile on my face.

“You should wear your glasses more.” He murmured.

“I look like a librarian.” I snorted.

“What’s bad about that?” he asked. I shrugged.

“Didn’t know you were attracted to librarians Parker”

“I’m not.” He said. “I’m just attracted to you.” I blushed as our fingers laced together dropping my gaze to our hands. He leaned forward kissing my forehead before he looked back at the movie that played on the screen.

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He's a tease

Characters: Changkyun/I.M x Reader
Genre: SMUT, fluff, one shot

Summary: you just saw a dog in the alley, that’s all you know.

A/n: this is my debut smut a.k.a first ever smut, so please do bear with me.

You were always been a cat person, every time that you see a cat on your way it like a need to pet their heads. You are always been fond of them you see yourself to them moody, always sleeping, eating and always cleaning. 

Basically cats are your spirit animal.

Stopping by an alley you saw a white tabby cat and went to it to hi! Stroke it on it’s ears. It was so fluffy you swear that this cat doesn’t belong here.

You were about to take it when the cat runs towards the other side,  you weren’t able catch the cat because of the groceries on your hands. You just prayed that the cat can be safe.

Walking to your apartment it began to pour hard all of the sudden, running to look for a place that can keep you dry.

You know you were alone but you heard rustling sounds behind, slowly you walk out of it but stopping in mid step when you heard a whimper.  Your head snapped behind you and there you saw a dog almost drenched like you. 

“should I take him home??? What if he has an owner??? But I cant leave it here like wey, it might die. But… the pound his waaaay far and my apartment is just there…." 

You were on your train of thoughts when you felt paws on your leg and when you looked down the dog was already there. 

Squatting down you open one of you spare shopping bag and let him  jump in, standing up you held him with the groceries and dashing off the wet streets under the crying dark sky. 

Arriving at the towering apartment,  you shake your wet body and entered the warm lush lobby and walk towards the elevator. Waiting for the doors to open you were shivering from the coldness you felt that the bag shift and the dog’s head popped out.

The doors open and you entered the elevator you waited for people to come in but there wasn’t so you punched in your floor level and the doors closed. 

Humming, you thightly holds the bag with the dog and carries the already giving up paperbags of groceries in one. 

"What should I do?” You asked yourself on time as you heard a ding, you went out and walk towards your apartment’s door. “Stay there. Ok?” You told the dog as you put him down the floor along side with the groceries. 

After punching in the pass codes you took the bag and the groceries, but as soon as you grab the paper bags all of the contents went falling. Sighing, you put the dog inside first and lazily picks everything putting them insida one by one.

After you were done you went to the kitchen to arrange everything, after that was done you went to your bathroom and wash. 

The feeling of the warm water makes your cold body to relax, closing your eyes as you sigh submerge under the water and staying still. You let your thoughts to be wash.

You were relaxed not until a certain bag passed your mind, jolting up from the tub. You immediately wrapped yourself with a towel and sprinting out of the bathroom to your door. There you saw him, the dog patiently waiting fir you to pick him up.

“You’re a good boy” you smiled at him as you finally picked him and headed back to your bathroom. There you told him to stay for a while so that you can finish your bath and give him one.

For a stray dog he seemed to be well taught and that he is groomed 'he is really a beauty' you thought as the dried mud and dirts had been washed off of him. There you can perfectly see his gorgeous silky fur, his eyes were shining black and weirdly you liked looking at them.

After a couple of minutes of washing him, you set him on the counter and blow dried his fur. You were humming to the tune of the elevator song, you put him on the floor and he walked cautiously. 

You went to your cabinet and took your favorite pajama and slip on it. “Here boy! Come here” you called him and he came running and you picked him up and went to the kitchen. 

“Its still so cold, even if I had changed the heater’s setting” taking a bowl and pouring yourself some cereal whilst adding milk. You took a spoon full and briging it to you mouth, humming in satisfaction. 

He was there watching your every move,  looking down you saw him and offer some of the cereal thinking he would eat, but he did not.

Rummaging through your cupboards you tried to look for something that he can use to eat and drink water, you even search the fridge for something he can eat.

“Here you go buddy, eat well and dont forget to drink water ok?” You said while patting his head you sat down beside him and ate your cereal, you look at him and smiled “go on and eat that is yours" 

After finishing your cereal you stood up and placed your empty bowl in the sink, you drank your vitamins and headed to bed after you set a basket for him to sleep at.

"Goodnight buddy! Tomorrow we will look for your owner ok?” You told him one last time and turned off the lights as you went to your room to sleep.

You look at your hand why did you felt something weird?  You like cats but this dog is something, his eyes sparkle and its beautiful. But he has an owner who loves him, so you have to bring him back.

Closing your eye, you let the darkness swallow you to its abyss to dreamland.

The next day was hard, you can’t seem to find the energy to stand up, but you heard whimpers outside your door accompanied by some scratching noise. Standing up you saw him staring at you and licked your leg.

“Hey I will just go and get a shower then we’ll go out to find your owner” you kissed him as you embraced, You put him down and quickly dashed to the bathroom. 

After s good few, and a warm bath you were ready for the day. You dressed up comfy with a knee high floral dress shirt topped with a leather jacket and just your trusty kicks. Applying a little amount of make up and lip tint you dashed out of your room to the kitchen to feed the dog.

“Buddy? Why didn’t you eat?” You ask him while changing the water.

“Its because I dont eat those yanno?”

Shocked you immediately looked behind you and see a naked man standing behind you. 

“what the fuck??? Who is he?!?!?!?! Is he the owner? Fuck he looks hot. Wait now is not the time for this! How did he even manage to enter my house!!!”

Your train of thoughts when you felt a hand on your waist and another on on your shoulder. He was leaning closer and to your defense you tried to stop him by putting your hands in his chest "its firm. Fuck! Not now. Now is not the time!

“Also… Im Changkyun, I like buddy but you’ll be needing to know my name”

“Yes! I need to know your name so I can call the  police!” Screaming as you went to your side and took the water bowl for defense, you kept on backing away from him but he went walking towards you in a slow pace.

“Oh really? But yoy brought me here, also it would be polite if you’ll scream my name on th-”


“Wow! I never knew hearing my name from your mouth woukd be that sexy” he said as he sat down on the kitchen counter “I should tell you that there was this "witch” that turned me into a dog until I find someone suitable for me" he said

“Like princess and the frog? That is that your a dog” you look at his face down “OH GODDAMMINT CHANGKYUN HIDE YOUR LITTLE YOU!” you screamed again whilst closing your eyes.

“The little me wants to hide on you” he smirked, jumping from the kitchen counter  and walks to you again “so for now on until the day I die you’ll be my master and you can do anything you want me to”

“Im not your master! Get your hands off of me!” You said as you tried to pry his hands from you, but he grips a little more and pulled you to him

“But to top it all” he leaned in to you ear and whispered “im very good at pleasuring” he licked and bit your ear and earning himself a moan coming from you.

Pushing him that made him stumble a bit you turned around because of the sight of a naked man gives you shivers. You know he is already behind you, bringing you fingers to your nose bridge and pinching it to ease your stress.

“Chance back into a what you were last night, we are going to look for your owner” you heave an expharated sigh as you turned to face him again, but this time he had this angry sad face.

“But you ARE my master, then it means that your MY owner. Cased closed"he said as a matter of fact. You dont even know if he is mad or happy, but one thing is for sure he likes to tease.

"You see Changkyun this is n-”

“This is the besy idea! Me, you living under the roof! If I have my tail you see them swaying!” He turned around waving in butt in front of you with a smirk.

“Stop that you asshole!” You shouted at him, but instead he went up to you and slowly wrapping his hands to your waist turning you to look at the reflection in the mirror

“I can feel you want me from the beginning, also we look cute like this right?” He said as he brought his head to the crook of your neck smiling to himself as he nips the skin on your neck. “You know what? I can make you change your mind” he took your flesh to his mouth and slowly sucking at biting once in a while

“N- ah… stop tha- fuck you Cha- Changkyun!” You yelled ar him while closing your mouth. 

“I like that language of yours” smirking, he carried you bridal style walking to your room, kicking the door to open. “And I would love to have you now” as he placed you on the bed carefully. 

Crawling aways from him was a bad idea because he just went to you while he brings his fingers to ghostly touch your skin, leaving your skin with goosebumps. 

Your mind went blank when he started to play with the the hem of your dress shirt because his hand was just over your core. Trying to swat his hand but it was no use, the once hand that plays with your dress is now on your thigh.

He went too slow that your mind was being fogged by lust but you still fought, his hands slipped onto you without knowing. Gasping when you felt his fingers pressed on your womanhood.

“Sto-s no! Stop this Changkyun!" 

"You want this as much as I want” he pressed a soft kiss on your lips as he went down you neck slightly grazing your skin "worry master I will be a good boy" you can literally feel him smirk on your skin.

He went on kissing your lips as he lifts your dress shirt but your hands founf their way to stop him “come on master, I will be very gentle with you" looking at your eyes as he tries to lift them again and this time succeeding. 

He pried your legs open as he slid himself in between you his lips still on yours, his kisses were sweet and you felt safe. With that said you responed his kiss with the same passion, his hands roams around your body. You both parted as you catch each other’s breathes, looking at his eyes you were completely lost. Those black eyes that you can see the galaxies in them, you initiated the kiss this time and you were completely intoxicated by him.

His hands tried to undo your bra and tried to hold on a laugh because you can see his face in pure confusion, because he cant undo the fuckin bra. You heard him growl faced etched with annoyance, you tried to help him but he just swated your hands telling you that he can do it alone. Once he undid it he smiled at you with truimp, he eyed you like a predator.

Kissing you once again as he cups your breast and softly kneeding it, he wasn’t satisfied for your lack of response so he went on pinching and twisting your left nipple. With that he got a response of a meal.

"So master likes it when I twisting it like this?” He said with his deep voice and you responded with a loud gasp of pleasure “master, we haven’t even started yet your this…Wet"he teasingly slid his finger into your panties.

"God dammit Changkyun! I thought you’re a good boy!” You snapped as you pushed him to his back and straddle his hips “you’re not being a good boy Changkyun!” You said as you look at him whilst slapping his right right, a Yelp was heard from the boy underneath.

“Someone is being impatient” he gave you a smug smirk and pushing you back on the bed “now, I will take these off of you completely” with one !I’ve you were now completely naked underhim. “Now master we will begin” he smiled as he attacked your lips in a kiss.

That kiss escalated into a fiery fight for dominance, you being inexperience easily gave up to Changkyun as he takes the lead. He darted his tongue out asking for permission and easily gave way once again, his tongue and yours danced in sync like they already knew each other.

His lips travelled down from your lips to your jaw to your neck, stoping there to leave several marks on your neck, he went further to the valley of your breast. He took one of your nipple as he suck on it whilst playing on the other, the pleasure are slowly building up on, you grabbed a fist full of his black hair and pushed his head deeper on you. Him happily obeyed.

Hi used his tongue and lips very good and sometimes teething you to gain more responses on you. His mouth alone drove you crazy and you can feel an unfamiliar feeling building up on you. Craving for something more  you tried to slip a finger in you but your hands were pinned by Changkyu, retracting his mouth from your breast he looked at you dead in the eye as he told you not to touch yourself.

Afraid that he won’t continue you obeyed him. He slowly went to your stomach, down to your navel and stopping just inches to your core.

“what do you want me to do master?” He asked you as he lazily plays with your folds not answering him, he completely inserted a finger on you as his thumb pressed on your clit. Humming you buck your hips to meet his finger that doest move.

“please, sto- dont tease!” Still trying to move your hips. Lower but Chankyun held you down firmly on the bed.

“why so rude master? You should ask politely” he smiled at you while he plays on your clit. Slowly pulling his fingers out “I can play this game forever” his deep voice was laced with tease and hunger. 

“you said im your master! Do it now!”

“such an impolite master I have” he heaved a sad sigh, as he sat up right completely retracting his fingers on you “how do you even think I will always be a good boy if you, yourself doesnt even know how to be polite. Just say please and well move on” he told you as he makes small circles on the insides of your thighs.

after a minute or two of grugelling silence, Changkyun just gave you a disappointed look as he stood up from the bed ready to go out of the room.

“hey! Stay here I order you to finish this!” You shouted at him and he only gave you another sigh. “Please?" 

"see was that hard?” He smiled at you as his feet waltz back to the bed and once again settle himself in between your legs and ahoved his fingers right into you.

He went on a normal speed hitting a bundle of nerves that sent you screaming his name, he went on ramming his fingers and adding another in the process.

You kept on moaning and screamingnhis name like a mantra, he went on slow to fast thrusting hus fingers in you. With enough thrusts you came in to his fingers.

Whinning as soon as his fingers left your womanhood, he brings his coated fingers into his mouth and and sucks on your juices with a a very quiet hums of approval. Releasing his fingers with a pop he then attacked your lips letting you taste yourself.

While he plays with your nipple, he grabs your hips and lets you feel how hard he is for you. Felling him twitch under you, grinding your hips to ease the building tension in between the two of you, hearing him groan in pleasure you kept on gridding on him to return the little favor.

Swatting his hands, you push him on his back as you touch his aching member feeling it throb with anticipation. Running your fingers on the popping veins hearing him groan with just you fingers makes you feel more excited than ever.

You held on it with force as you pump on it hard and fast, completely opposite of what Changkyun had did to you. You’re just returning the favor but your not a tease like him oh nonono, you are not.

A few pumps later he is already leaking adding more pressure as you squeeze him and slowly moving your hands down, the room is now filled with deep voiced graons and moans you feel powerful. This is what a master should always do, dominating. 

You slowly brought your head down as you lick the precum on the tip of his cock. Putting him on your mouth, his width made your mouth to stretch even more you bobbed your head up and down. His length was nothing like what you thought that he would be.

You tried your best to take him whole and you succeeded, you look up to see your Changkyun melting under you. Running your tongue in his underside to the head, kissing his length you take him whole again. 

Bobbing your head deep throating Changkyun and once in a while teething him. Running your fingers on his legs digging your nails in the process.

You tried to make him go crazy and your plans worked, his hands found their way to your head and grabbing a fist full of hair helping you. He went on a string of curses as he moans your name, you felt him twitch indicting his near.

Taking the initiative to leadnthis restless blowjob, he pulled himself out and stood up and you went to your knees and made you eat him again. We went on thrusting in your mouth fast and hard. A few more thrust he came in you, slowly pulling out you watch him look at you as you swallowed his load.

Pulling him down you kissed him just repeating what he did to you last time as you gently lay him and top him.

Settling yourself as you straddle his hips, slowly grinding yourselves. Getting impatient Changkyun holds your hips as he switch positions that he is on top now.

Even him being so impatient he still waits for your approval before he makes a move, nodding your head he swings your right leg over his shoulders and teasingly let the head to lightly rubs on you.

Inch by inch he slids on you , knowing that it will hurt he leaned in to kiss just to distract you from the pain that you’ll soon feel. 

Bitting on his lips as he suddenly thrust into you hard and fast, you tatsted metal and you broke from the kiss to check on him , there you saw that you bit his lips so hard.

But instead of you looking at a mad Changkyun he only smiled at you whilst patting you in the head

“Tell me if it’s hurt” he kissed your forehead as he slowly thrust in you holding your frame as if you’ll break if he will go too fast. Why? A dick and fingers are different.

A few slow thrust you had adjusted to his size, he took hint when he noticed the sudden change in your facial reactions. His thrusts now became fast and hard, with every thrust he makes sends you to oblivion.

One certain thrust made you arch your back and moaned loudly, meaning Changkyun found the spot that will make you scream his name. His thrusts quicken as he plays with your clit to add more pleasure,  you grabbed his head you tilt it to the side and nips the skin there marking him as yours. Every thrust that he makes felt needier than the last, this was unusual he wasnt even teasing you but instead he was very sensual, passionate if thats the word.You felt him throb inside and you cant stop clenching on him, he looked at you in the eyes and he lean kiss.

“I- fuck im near and you?” He bites his lips

“Me too” closing your eywa as you hold onto hia shoulders as he pounds on you like there was no tomorrow, after a few more hard thurst he came inside and you followed suit. He collapse on your side, eyes closed as he triea to even out his breathing. You just looked at him and you were just in awe on how beautiful he really is,  hair sticking everywhere, body covered with sweats. 

“Did I changed you mind master, you wont let me go?” He asked as he opened an eye to look at you.

“Change?” You huffed a laugh and achangkyuns face turned into a sour one and you noticed it “you didnt change my blown it” you tweaked his left nipple and laughed at his pained expression.

“So… are you ready round two?” He asked you as he wiggled his eye brows at you.

“Can we eat breakfast first?” Slapping his thigh you stood up, but beimg pulled back by a pair of hands.

“Baby im your breakfast in bed” he winked at you.

With that said lets just sat you two went on for another couple of rounds.