and let's not forget spinning


The majestic order Cephalopoda:

Octopus: Give them a jar of peanut butter, and they will open it faster than you can. And you’ve been opening peanut butter jars for twenty years.

Squid: Can be small and adorable, but also large enough to take out a sperm whale. A SPERM WHALE. 

Cuttlefish: User of the most complex language of communication in the animal kingdom, besides humans.


Let us not forget we are all spinning together, one group on this Tilt-a-Whirl in the eternity of space. We are here together, and what happens to one of us happens to all of us. We are one face with one set of eyes, staring into the darkness together, searching for and chasing the light. We are one set of lungs, breathing the same air, hoping it is fresh. Let us link arms and hold hands and feel the lightning strike connection that unites us. Let us zoom out on our viewpoints, see ourselves from planets, from moons, and see how we reduce from billions, to one. This is our home, this is our family, let us love.

You guys do not understand what I would give for a book on Kevin’s life with the Ravens up until he goes to get Neil to join the Foxes. 

I want basically all of it. I want to know what it was like when he was a kid. I want to know if Riko was ever soft. I want to know if they were really close. I want to know if Riko did love him (in whatever capacity) and I want to know if Kevin loved him back. I want to know if Kevin spent years hero worshiping Riko to the point that he never, EVER thought Riko would hurt him the way he did. 

I want to know what he remembers about That Day when Neil’s father took them to that room. I want to know if Kevin ever thought of Neil repeatedly for no reason, the way Neil had with him. I want to know if he ever thought he could leave, if the fear and reality of the situation he was in, of the family he had joined ever was enough to get him to run. Did he want to run? Did he ever even consider it? 

I want to know how much harder he worked than the others. I want to know how driver he was, how stressed he became. I want to know if he ever hated Exy. I NEED to know if he ever did. If there was ever a time when he was exhausted by the training, and the harsh words, and the bruises, and the all around mental, emotional, sometimes psychical abuse he went through because he was good at hitting a stupid ball with a stupid stick. 

I want to know when Jean joined the team and how he felt when Riko made him his 3. Was he jealous? Because it had only been the two of them for so long? Was it relief? Was it fear for Jean? How did they become close? DID they get close? That relationship is complicated but why. Did Kevin learn French JUST to communicate with Jean privately?

How did he fall in love with History? Who tutored him? Was he allowed to like things, normal things like music and tv and stuff like that. Did he go through a rebellious phase? Did he ever push back? Was he really lonely? How did he find the letters? Did he read them every night before bed, so that he could feel close to his parents? Did he ever dream about a life with them, away from that horrible underground nightmare. 

Thea! How did that happen?? How did they start? Was it secret love notes? Please tell me it was. I want to see this Kevin. This softer Kevin that she gets to see. (not too soft mind you, shes quite the firecraker) Is she his first everything? Did he ever get to explore that? Love and sexy times and attraction in general. Who was before her? I need to know. 

I need to know how he felt that day. The day everything changed. Was he betrayed? Did that hurt more than everything else? He thought of Wymack before anyone else. Was he thinking ‘my dad will help’ or ‘he’s the only decent person here’. what was he thinking that day? WHAT DID HE AND ANDREW TALK ABOUT. HOW DID THAT CONVERSATION GO?? Why Andrew? Why did he trust Andrew? Why did he NEED Andrew to protect him? (just give me 10 chapters on this relationship)

Had he always planned on staying with the Foxes? With Exy? Did he ever consider starting over? Making a new life? He could be a history professor or a historian or he could travel. He could live a peaceful life. Away from the media. He could have. Did he even entertain the thought?

He chose Andrew. And Wymack. And the Foxes. Was it necessity? convenience? A last resort? curiosity? Was it hope?

I just really need a book about Kevin Day. 

A Little Girl? ~ Taeyang

This is for Anon! Thank you so much for the request <3 I tried to make it a little different, but I hope that it still meets your expectations Thank you so much for being patient while I am busy with work. Saranghae Heartbeats <3

Request: Here

A soft beeping cut through the calm air as the subtle light of the sunrise began to illuminate through the room, a strong pair of arms started to slowly retract from around your stomach before his warm body slowly inched away from yours. Feeling the bed shift from his weight, you hummed quietly as he flipped the annoying alarm off. More shifting of his body moved the bed as you opened your eyes just slightly to see your husband, Taeyang, stand beside the bed while the light from his phone illuminated against his smooth skin and sleepy yet messy hair. Humming softly, you closed your eyes trying to fall back asleep from yet another sleepless night.

Taeyang’s eyes gently lifted from his phone as he gazed upon you, a smile slid onto his lips slowly before placing his phone back on the bedside table then pulling the sheets of the bed over your shoulder. Pushing some hair out of your eyes with his fingertips, he took a long moment to allow his eyes to linger on you and your sleeping figure.

Soft shuffles followed the gentle touch of his warm fingers against your chilled skin, listening to the groaning of the door hinges while they closed just slightly. Water droplets pounded against the floor of the shower as you listened to Taeyang step into the shower then start to sing softly to wake himself up.

His beautiful voice lulled you to a light sleep as he finished his shower and turned off the water. Wrapping a towel around his waist, he moved into the closet as he dressed for the day in some darker ripped jeans and a light grey graphic tee. Heading back into the bathroom, he styled his hair and finished his morning routine before turning off the bathroom light and folding the towel as he placed it on the rack to dry.

Turning his chocolate eyes towards you, he watched you for a moment as you restlessly moved under the white covers. Tilting his head slightly in confusion, he padded over to the side of your bed. Pressing one of his hands into the bed on the other side of you, his brown eyes slowly moved around your face trying to read what was wrong.

Lifting his other hand up to your cheek, he felt your warm, pale skin, worry began to fill his mind as he eased himself down on the edge of the bed.

“Babe, do you feel okay?” He questioned lovingly, pushing your hair away from your warm skin.

“Not really:” You hummed softly, fighting to open your eyes, you lazily turned your head and peered up at your loving husband

“Can I do anything to help you?” He pet your hair slowly, knowing how you loved it when he did that.

“I’ll be okay, have a good day at work” You lifted your hand to his arm, letting your skin touch his allowing yourself to forget about the room spinning for a minute or two.

“You sure?” He questioned once more, not being fully convinced. With a nod of your head, he leaned down and pressed his soft, pink lips against your forehead.

Closing your eyes slowly, you hummed at his soft kiss before he pulled away and pet your hair just long enough to lull you to sleep once more. Hearing your soft even breaths, he quietly and slowly stood up from the bed and headed towards the bedroom door.

Pushing the door open slowly, he slipped out quietly then closed the door behind him. Soft noises and sounds were heard coming from the living room as Taeyang walked in that direction to go to the kitchen for some breakfast.

Pulling some cereal out of the pantry, he pulled a clean bowl from the cabinet and grabbed a spoon as the clinking captured the attention of the two boys on the couch.

“What are you making Daddy?” Your five year old, Keom, asked while leaning over the back of the couch

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