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I Suggest You Stop Talking Now (c.h.)

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(A/n: this was requested and it took me forever because I’m a flop so I’m sorry. Here’s jealous!calum :) )

“Calum, I didn’t even want to go tonight,” I say as Calum pushes me up against the door to our apartment.

“I didn’t ask, babygirl,” Calum growls, leaning his head down to my neck, biting and nipping at every piece of exposed skin.

“Calum, please, we have to at least get inside the apartment,” I moan, not meaning a single word. I don’t care where this happens as long as it’s soon.

Calum rips his head from its comfortable place on my neck. “I suggest you stop talking now, y/n, before we go back to fighting and neither of us gets what we really want tonight.”

Calum bursts through the front door, running to our room and past me without a word.

“Um… Cal?” I ask, following him to the room hurriedly. I only slow down my steps when I hear the toilet flush.

I reach the door and find Calum sighing, falling back onto our king-sized bed. “You nearly gave me a heart attack,” I giggle, falling onto Calum.

He chuckles, hands finding the sides of my hips. He sits me up to straddle him. “And how is that?”

“You almost ran me over out there without so much as a hello.”

“I really had to go, baby,” Calum laughs his chin-raising, eyes-crinkling laugh.

“Yeah I get it… Next time just give me a hint or something?”

“I’ll try… I’ll try,” he agrees, both of us still laughing.

“See now don’t you want to just stay like this all night instead of going to that stupid party?” I ask making Calum’s laughter die down.

“Babe… I already told you I have to go tonight. I won’t be able to make it if you aren’t there with me,” Calum sighs.

Tonight his management is throwing a party with a bunch of potential vendors and “important people” in a club that they bought off half of just for tonight. I know Calum is obligated to go but can’t he just like I don’t know… Call in sick or something?

“Fine… Only because it’s you.” I sarcastically smile and move off of Cal’s lap.

“Thank you, y/n… Will you wear that dress I love?” He smirks.

Ah the infamous red, thigh-length dress that never fails to have Calum and I in bed for at least three hours at a time

“Why of course,” I wink. I walk over to the closet as I hear Calum close the bathroom door, most likely taking a shower before tonight.

Three hours later we’re walking into the club with Luke, Ashton, Mikey, and Bryana (yes… I did that).

The music instantly reaches my veins as we step into the club. Though I wish it were my boyfriend’s band’s music, the heavy bass in this club music surely gets me more into the “clubbing mood.”

We all walk over to the VIP section reserved for tonight with Calum’s arm wrapped around my waist. I notice him glare down any guy that even looks my way whether they were looking at me or not.

I stand on my toes and tell him to calm it down.

When we get to the poorly-lit section, Calum introduces me to the men sitting in the round booth. They’re all dressed in suits with faces and looks like they come here to cheat on their wives. And I wouldn’t think that if they all didn’t smirk as soon as they saw Bryana and I.

Calum’s grip tightens on me as we sit down in the same booth as these men.

An hour later Calum and the boys have had at least three drinks while I’ve had none, trying to make sure at least one of us are in control of our minds tonight.

They’ve been talking business since we’ve gotten here despite the club setting. I yawn for what seems to be the thirtieth time when Calum tells me I can go dance with Bryana if I wanted to.

I didn’t need his permission but I didn’t want to leave him here alone. His releasing me is the best thing to happen all night.

We walk over to the open part of the club only to be hit with the musk of horny people grinding on each other. I ignore the sexual tension in the room as I begin to let the music move through me.

My hands ascend into the air as my hips begin to sway. I close my eyes and let my body do all the work. I don’t know where Bryana is at the moment and I don’t care, I just want to dance like I’m drunk despite being perfectly sober.

I hear Bryana’s laugh somewhere in the distance so when a pair of hands grips my hips the way only Calum does, I assume the boys were released to have fun. I lean back into my boyfriend, my arms reaching behind me and around his neck as his hands roam up and down my body.

Abruptly I feel his hands leave my body and I turn around swiftly to find Calum throwing someone on the floor. “Calum, what the fuck are you doing?” I scream trying to pry him off of the poor guy.

Calum doesn’t let up as Ashton runs over and successfully pulls Calum off the guy on the floor. I stand there in shock as Calum stands, panting in Ashton’s arms. “Y/n, go to the car. Now!” He screams and out of pure fear, I oblige.

When I reach the car, the driver opens the back door and asks me if I’m okay.

I guess I look as frazzled as I feel.

I tell him I’m fine and thank him as I try to slow down my breathing and wait for Calum.

In about three minutes, the boys minus Ashton and his girlfriend come into the backseat and the driver begins taking us to our designated places.

Calum doesn’t say anything to me but I feel his staggered breathing next to me.

“Calum.. What happened in there?” I whisper.

“You were dancing with some asshole. His hands were all fucking over you and you didn’t give a shit what it made me feel like. That’s what happened in there.”

“Cal, I–”

“I don’t want to fucking talk right now, y/n,” Calum dismisses me.

We step out of the car and I mutter a thank you to the driver before rushing after Calum.

Before we even reach the inside of the apartment building my anger has risen.

I stop Calum in his tracks before he rolls his eyes at me and asks me what I want.

“I want you to stop being a dick and listen to me,” I start off harsh but my voice loses it’s edge by the end of my words at seeing the look in Calum’s eyes.

“What did you just say?”

I gulp, “I said stop being a dick. When we were in there I thought that ‘asshole’ was you. Why in the hell would I want to dance with anyone but you?”

“I don’t know but it seems like you were enjoying yourself. Like you loved getting all that attention from a stranger,” Calum accuses.

“What are you trying to say, Calum?”

“I’m saying it looked like you loved looking like a little sl–”

My hand is reaching up to slap him before he can finish his sentence. He catches my wrist though before grabbing my other wrist into the same hand.

“Aw, babygirl, what do you think you’re doing?” He coos and I forget why I’m even mad. Anger is replaced instantly with lust.

Calum smirks at my reaction before telling me to go inside. I feel his eyes on me as I walk up the stairs to our apartment. I purposely sway my hips in front of him.

When we reach our apartment door I reach for the doorknob right as Calum grabs my wrists again and gather them above my head.

“You went and wore this dress tonight just so you could get everyone’s attention, didn’t you?” Calum accuses, staring me in the eyes.

Calum’s lips ferociously find mine, forcing his tongue into my mouth, finding every corner. His hand drops my wrists and my hands immediately find his hair, my nails scraping over his scalp.

Note to yell at him again for cutting his hair because damn those roots are needed for me to tug on.

His fingers find my already hardened nipples under my dress. He begins tugging and squeezing, evoking pornstar-like moans from me.

Calum detaches his lips from mine, his hands still moving as he orders for me to jump and wrap my legs around him. I do what he says and am rewarded with a slap on my ass.

We hear someone twisting a doorknob and jump away from each other. Calum opens the door to the apartment rushing both of us in.

Not a second passes between us entering and my dress being thrown across the room. The way the dress is made requires that I wear a strapless bra and with all mine being in the wash, Calum has full access without going through the hassle of taking off a bra.

He bites his lip at the sight of me before pushing me down onto the couch. He hovers over me before bringing his lips down to my chest, peppering kisses all over before attaching his lips to a nub.

Wasting no time he moves one hand down, rubbing me over my lace underwear. He rips the fabric and plunges two fingers into my heat, causing me to scream out.

“Fuck, baby, tell the neighbors who’s making you feel this good,” he orders.

“Ugh, Calum!” I moan out and he seductively chuckles.

He moves his body down and his head rests between my thighs. He licks a line on my left leg from my knee to right before the area that needs his attention.

“Calum, please… No teasing,” I say.

“You know bad girls don’t get to make demands, babygirl,” he smirks. “I know you can come just by my mouth on your wet, dripping, cunt but today I’m just gonna fuck you senseless so you know how angry you made me. You were dancing with that guy, getting him hard when you should’ve been getting me off under the table while we sat in front of all those people.”

I moan in response.

Calum’s finger gently collects moisture from my middle, he brings hit to my lips and makes me suck on his finger. “Is that something you would want, babygirl? For me to fuck you senseless?”

“Yes, Calum. Please,” I whimper.

He kicks off his jeans and pulls down his boxers, his hard on slapping his stomach.

He wastes no time before slamming into me, causing me once again to scream out his name. He brings my legs up and wraps them around his neck, getting deeper access.

He pounds into me deeply, bringing his hand down to my clit, smacking it.

“You’re such a dirty girl… But so good at the same time,” he groans, moving in and out of me at an uncontrollable speed.

“Cal, I’m gonna cum,” I moan.

“Come on, baby, cum around my cock,” he demands as I clench and release around him. As I ride out my high I feel him pull out as warmth shoots onto me without warning.

I hear Calum moan my name as he falls beside me on the couch. We both take some time before saying anything.

“I wish I could leave you like that… Covered in my cum,” Calum chuckles darkly.

I say nothing as I mockingly glare at him before getting up to grab a towel. I try to walk but am immediately greeted with an unwelcomed pain between my thighs. I fall back onto the couch.

“Guess you won’t be dancing with anyone for a while, huh?” He smirks and I laugh as I realize his true intention while fucking me.

“Fuck you, Hood,” I giggle.

“Oh you will, baby… That was only round one,” he grins.