and let the hate begin

steve: single-handedly rescues the 107th

steve: brings down the red skull and hydra

steve: crashes a plane into water to protect citizens, ends up frozen 70 yrs

steve: helps to stop loki

steve: helps to stop ultron

steve: saves 20 million people from being assassinated

steve: chooses bucky and doesn’t tell tony about his parents

tony: you don’t deserve that shield

Adding to canon is not the same thing as destroying canon

At San Diego Comic Con, we learned that Sonequa Martin-Green’s character, Michael Burnham, is Sarek’s adoptive daughter. The second I heard the news, all I could think was, “Let the hate begin.” And boy, did it ever.

I understand the disappointment, particularly with fan fic writers who invested a lot of time and effort into crafting stories that fit neatly into canon. Amazing how one sound bite can bulldoze right through decades of widely accepted fanon, huh?

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What I got from the books and my simplistic conclusion:

James Potter: 

  • had perfect life, was rich and carefree
  • had loving parents
  • had good loyal friends (ok Wormtail doesn’t count in the school years)
  • popular and successful
  • was a bully who hit, embarassed and exposed kids (even sexually) just because he was bored
  • not discriminatory of muggle borns or werewolves, discriminatory of people with different personalities or aspirations
  • massive ego
  • forced his presence to Lily even though she made clear she didn’t like him, was annoying to her for years, pushy
  • grew up and became a better person and eventually charming to Lily
  • was a great friend
  • died for Lily and Harry, his son

Severus Snape:

  • all his life has been terrible
  • father in constant conflict with his mother, verbal abuse, implications of physical abuse to both Snape and his mother, his father was a Muggle, such experiences can easily distort the perception kids have about things, it was easy for Snape (or even a relief) to believe people like his father were inferior
  • no real friends except Lily who eventually left him too (for his biggest enemy)
  • bullied, abused, lonely, unpopular, nobody cared about him at school although he was a brilliant student
  • has not shown signs of being a bully at school, never attacked anyone physically first, most things he did were in defense aside from being snarky to those he disliked and inventing bad spells he didn’t really use (James Potter did though!), eventually made (fake) bad friends, supported Voldemort 
  • used a racistic slur against Lily during the most embarassing experience of his life, apologized for it a million times, started  hating the term and telling people off for using it (ie Malfoy)
  • never forced his presence to Lily after she explicitly stated his company was not wanted anymore, accepting and respectful of all her choices, kept loving her quietly forever
  • grew up to become a very unpleasant, lonely, miserable man who followed Voldemort in hopes of finding acceptance this way, he was punished for this mistake by becoming unknowingly responible for his only love’s death, fell in despair, he was lucky enough to be guided by Dumbledore to the right path and see his mistakes, promised to do everything, even risk his life every single day to fight Voldemort and protect Lily (and James’) son 
  • meanwhile was an unpleasant, very strict teacher especially to Gryffindor house (Harry’s friends and Harry), demeaning behaviour to quite a few students, sometimes plain horrible, a very demanding teacher but one of the most proficient and competent professors in Hogwarts (as Hermione said many times)
  • indeed risked his life every single day to fight Voldemort and save Harry as he promised, was loyal to Dumbledore to death (literally), even after he found out Dumbledore was not telling him all the truth
  • died for Lily and Harry, James’ son

Conclusion: It is stupid to constantly compare these two people and try to make the one look redeemed while the other is a monster. These people have different backgrounds, different upbringing, different experiences, were heavily flawed in different periods of their lives and the only thing they share is their genuine love for the same woman. Both did inexcusable mistakes but either they changed entirely (James) or that was not a true reflection of their soul (Snape). They are both dead and redeemed. 

James Potter died as a great friend, husband and father. Severus Snape died after a cursed life that offered him nothing but sadness and misery since the day he was born, he struggled but managed to make this whole life worth living for the victory of good over evil, of love over cruelty. Hating one of them as much as Voldemort or Umbridge or Bellatrix Lestrage is not understanding what J.K. Rowling was trying to say.

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>me:</b> (overshares)<p/><b>person i overshared to:</b> omg lol<p/><b>me:</b> that is it i am Never Oversharing Again i am officially Done. from now on i am going to be super quiet and let no one know anything about me<p/><b>me, inevitably, 2 minutes later:</b> anyway did i ever tell you about this one traumatic experience? no? well let me begin <p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

i know i need to let you go.

in fact i’m beginning to hate myself for not doing so.

i say nothing because your name is the only thing that slips off of my tongue and no one wants to hear me vocalize you running circles around my mind anymore.

i wonder how you interpret the songs that you showed me so long ago. do you think of me or does another girl belong to them?

i’m constantly checking your social media accounts because i still want to know what you’re thinking of even if i know it’s not me.

despite needing to let go of you

i don’t want to.


The vitality of Sansa’s role in the Stark’s repossession of Winterfell and why she WON’T betray Jon

How viewers are still questioning her character despite proving herself smarter than Jon for an entire season

Disclaimer before everyone sends me hate without reading the entire post: Jon Snow is one of my favorite characters, this is just meant as a little tough love in my part.

OKAY. Listen up. I’m so goddamn tired of reading and listening to people talk about the possibility of Sansa betraying Jon because people continue to compare her to her younger self when she knew NOTHING about real life and the throne and desired to be the queen, like she wasn’t allowed to be a normal young, naive teenage girl. And I’m tired of people saying she had little to do with the Starks taking back the north. I’m TIRED.

I know there’s a gazillion posts talking about this but it’s so goddamn simple, guys. Viewers and readers of the series neglect to see it because Jon is a fan favorite. The truth is Jon. Fucked. Up. Majorly. Okay? Point blank. Period. The end. It’s time to face the music. When we say the Starks won thanks to Sansa, it’s literal.

So what did Sansa actually do?

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Starco IS NOT Dead

After today’s episode, I’ve been noticing a lot of people saying “Starco is dead.” Or “Jarko is going to be endgame.” Trust me, Starco is far from being dead. We still have a whole other season to go. (Maybe even a 4th) If you haven’t noticed, Daron likes fooling us. Starco is still going strong. It may seem dead, but it’s not. Just wait until Marco finds out about Star’s crush on him. Besides, us Starco shippers aren’t going down without a fight. :)

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When They Try to Take Us Down

Summary: Phil doesn’t like when hate preachers come to campus. They make him nervous and uncomfortable. But this time, Dan is there to help him through it in an unexpected, yet pleasant way.
Word Count: 2,201
Warnings: homophobic slurs, hate speech, anxiety
Title creds: Let the Flames Begin - Paramore
A/N: Thank you to @snowbunnylester (as always) for prompting me this! I’ve been on a writing splurge lately and I honestly don’t know how I’m doing it. Lemme know it you like this!

Listen to the Podfic!
Read it on AO3


There is an angry aura surrounding campus in the form of ignorant slurs and angry responses. This only happens on the occasion, but it makes Phil nervous each time, a pit in his stomach and his throat closing up as he tries to walk as fast as possible past the angry crowd.

There was a man, dressed in preacher’s clothes and holding a sign with a list of the types of people who were going to “go to hell”. Phil didn’t have to look to know that homosexuals and masturbators and adulterers were on the list. He swallowed and ducked his head, trying to move as fast as he could. Dan was ahead of him, probably shaking his head and scoffing as he does every time they passed by a preacher like this. Sometimes Phil thinks he’s more upset about this kind of thing than Phil is, despite being the heterosexual one in their friendship, just by the way he wasn’t afraid to shout his opinions right back.

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Let's face it: Tony was a piece of shit during Civil War.

And no, I’m not talking about him fighting Steve and Bucky and then blowing off Bucky’s arm (which I’m sure had to be quite painful). No I’m not talking about that.

At this point @sexylibrarian1 is tired of me bitching about this, so I’m making a post.

I love Tony, I do. But he behaved like a piece of sit during Civil War.

Let’s start with the Accords. He doesn’t even try to listen to Steve’s doubts about signing a document they haven’t had the time to read. He just doesn’t. While his motives to want to sign the Accords are valid, they way he goes about it is not. Steve’s doubts were valid ones: Steve has been used by governments and institutions tied to them before, he wants to avoid that from ever happening again. That’s not that crazy, you know? And then Tony tries to bribe Steve into signing the Accords by dangling Bucky’s safety and wellbeing in front of Steve’s face.

Now, the airport fight: The more I watch the movie the more it looks to me like a huge temper tantrum from Tony’s part all because Steve had doubts about signing the Accords. And I say doubts because had he had time to read them and expose what and why he did not agree with, the outcome would have been very different.
Remember how either Tony nor Ross had any intention of actually investigating the Vienna bombing? Because they already had Bucky and why would they waste their precious time making sure everything was in order? How Ross laughed at Sam’s face when he asked about getting Bucky a lawyer? And remember how Tony didn’t even want to listen to Steve when he tried to explain what he believed was Zemo’s plan? Remember? Even after knowing that Zemo had triggered the Winter Soldier as a distraction to be able to get away from Berlin.

Now, lets go back to Age of Ultron. When Tony fucked up (because this one was entirely on Tony) by creating Ultron and then Ultron went on a genocidal rampage Steve did not have any responsibility or obligation in helping Tony clean up his mess, nor did any other Avenger since we’re at it, but Steve still went and helped Tony because it was the right thing to do. Because innocent people were dying. And then Tony couldn’t even listen to Steve when he tried to explain to him that Zemo was planing on waking up an entire Hydra team of Super Soldiers and how that is more urgent than signing the motherfucking Accords? (Up to that point they still believed Zemo wanted to wake up the Soldiers) I mean, y'all have to accept that was bullshit. Just as involving Peter in fight that had nothing to do with him was.

I know Steve has been involved in questionable shit, but those things were not his fault: New York was not his fault. The Hydra/Shield fallout was not his fault. Ultron was not his fault. He did have responsibility on the whole Lagos ordeal because he was the team leader there, and I do think Wanda shouldn’t have been there.

But Tony not even wanting to listen to what Steve had to say was straight bullshit. Tony should have listened and then if he was not convinced then yeah, fight them and try to take them in (if you can). Tony didn’t do that and he should have, for respect towards his fellow Avengers.

So yeah. Tony acted like a piece of shit in Civil War and his anxiety, PTSD and guilt are not an excuse for it.


Please watch this if you haven’t already! There are currently tears on my face I’m laughing so hard jesus christ 😂

Always Be the Same (Smut)


Request: Could you do one where y/n can’t sleep because shawn is going back on tour soon so you try and wake him up and he gets kinda frustrated but you too end up having very gentle/sweet sex?

Word count: 2,231

Always Be the Same (Smut)

I tossed and turned around the bed, still not being able to sleep. I gazed over at the clock, four hours ago, Shawn had kissed my forehead lovingly goodnight, before slowly fading into his sleep.

Looking beside me, Shawn were lying on his stomach, drooling a bit on the pillow. I still hadn’t been able to sleep, not even for just a minute.

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I’m honestly so fucking tired of people rn. Was Seb’s post okay? No. This post isn’t about me condoning his actions. But that doesn’t give people the right to just spam his account and say the things they’re saying rn, there’s a difference between educating/correcting peple and harrassment. Seb’s been clear about where he stands on this issue and where his heart lies. People fuck up, and it’s alright to tell them they did, that’s how people learn and grow. He saw the reactions and understood his wrong doing and gave a sincere respond.

Can you be disapointed in him? Yes, I totally understand why people want him to know that it wasn’t okay, there’s nothing wrong with that, but you don’t fucking go and harrass someone and say “go kill yourself”, that’s not okay

To Binge

{{ Alright, here is the long awaited short fan fiction I wanted to write for fuckyeah2doc . A sweet nonny came up with the idea! Murdoc and 2D, I hope you two enjoy this!!}}

With the slow paced breathing, the thin window pane began to cover itself with a growing thick mist. Tiny pits and pats proceeded after one another each second; various sized blobs of clear liquid raced each other down the outer pane of the misted glass.

It was a slow Monday morning. Everything was in slow motion. Life was taking it’s time.

A dark grey cloud that hung over the city had been lurking around for a few days already. The streets were deserted. The roads were abandoned.

A smile slowly spread across his lips. He guided his long bony finger over the misted pane, swirling it around to create an incomprehensible picture. Despite the loneliness and silence, he felt at peace with his mind and body.

As fast as the rain poured down was as fast as the sudden bang that disturbed all contentment in the room.  


The bluenette nearly fell over, forgetting that it wasn’t as quiet as he had imagined.

“Stop your bloody day dreamin’!” Murdoc’s rotting face was a sore sight for healthy eyes. Luckily 2D didn’t have healthy eyes.

The lanky body hauled himself away from his window to look at the older, shorter man.

“Wot? Did I do somefink?” He asked, scratching his cheek in a tired manner.

“I called you five times!” The bassist angrily walked towards the taller man, giving him a hard smack on the back of his head which made the other wince in pain.

“Tha’hurt!” 2D exclaimed, backing away from the other. “I’m sorry, I didn’hear ya!” He rubbed his head, trying to sooth the sting.

Murdoc rolled his eyes, pointing his finger at 2D. “We need to practice. Noodles is takin’care of ol’Russ and we’ve gotten nowhere with the new album!”

2D sighed. He was in no mood to sing. He was in no mood to practice, especially with Murdoc.

“I don’feel like doin tha…” 2D stated. “I have a headache.”

“Take a pill an’get over it.” Murdoc ordered. “Or must I force ya ta sing again?”

2D’s eyes narrowed quickly. He was still sore over the whole plastic beach scenario; emotionally and physically.

“Dere’s no whales here ta scare me.” 2D crossed his arms, turning his back to Murdoc.

Silence claimed the room for a few seconds before a muffled snort of laughter took over.

“Oh Stu, d’ya really think I’d use the ol’whale trick?” Murdoc waved his hand around. 2D shuddered and looked over his shoulder, eyeing the man who was now looking at him dead straight in the eyes.

“…wot does dat mean?” 2D asked hesitantly, raising his one eyebrow.

Murdoc groaned, losing his smile and turning it into a displeased frown. “Dullard I’m givin’ya a choice here. Either ya’sing, or I make ya’sing!”

2D felt his heart thump up into his throat. A part of him wanted to sing and get it over with, but the other half wanted to defy Murdoc; receive the punishment.

“Sorry, no can do!” 2D stuck up his nose like a stubborn child and looked away. He had to force himself not to smile, not to giggle or snicker when he heard the frustrated grunt escape Murdoc’s throat.


2D instantly put himself to a stop as he turned around. When Murdoc used that word alone, it caught his attention fully. It made his heart bubble, his nerves trembled, it reminded him of-

“Remember Plastic Beach?” Murdoc asked. His eyes were calm, his voice soothingly warm.

The bluenette felt his cheeks warm up. He glanced from side to side quickly.

“Muh’doc,I fought ya said dat, dat was like, all in da past…”

“I asked, if you remembered or not, Dullard.” Murdoc’s voice rose, causing 2D to cower down in obedience.

2D looked down to his bare feet. It was early afternoon and he was still in his underwear; he’d only woken up an hour ago.

“…yeh, I rememba.” The singer mumbled, avoiding eye contact with the bassist.

It didn’t take long for 2D to squeak in fright as he felt himself cornered in his room, looking down to Murdoc who had pinned him within seconds.

“Remember how we used ta get each other off?” Murdoc asked, his sharp nails running down 2D’s bare stomach. 2D whimpered, reacting positively to the well-known touch.

“Y-Yeh…” The singer gulped, shutting his eyes tightly. At first it was disgusting, but now just the thought of Murdoc fondling him could get him off in a few minutes. He didn’t really appreciate being Murdoc’s source of relief for sexual purposes on Plastic Beach, but after a few times he became accustom to it. He began to enjoy it. He even started asking for it at one stage.

“Well…” Murdoc hissed into the singer’s ear, making the other let out a soft gasp of pleasure. He hated himself for already beginning to get hard. He hated himself for being so weak.

“Well forget it.” Murdoc spat and pulled away. 2D blinked, frozen stiff as he felt his blood run cold.

The bassist held a deep glare. “Quit acting as if any of that shit meant anything to you!”

2D felt a part of his heart twist in pain. He slowly made eye contact again, beginning to frown.

“Yeh…it’didn’mean shit to me!”

It was Murdoc’s turn to be surprised. He quickly ignored the smidge of hurt deep down in his heart and smiled it off.

“Good. Now let’s practice.”



2D shook his head; pushing his legs together tightly to try hide his erection. “I said no.”

Murdoc’s eye twitched. “Dents, I’m givin’ya one last chance here.”

The singer stuck his tongue out. He was prepared to be hit, but when the blow didn’t come he only saw that Murdoc had left the room.

“…Muh’doc?” He blinked, standing up straight as he looked around. He frowned suspiciously, slowly making his way to his bed and sitting down.

When he realized that Murdoc wasn’t coming back, he took the opportunity to relax and try and forget about his erection. Thinking of a whale helped within a second.


How it had come to this, he had no clue. He had been sleeping and then all of a sudden he’d been awoken by an enraged Murdoc whose bare and hairy chest was glimmering with sweat. He couldn’t fully remember what Murdoc had said, but he recalled how fast things got out of hand.

“I said sing!” Murdoc snapped.

“No!” 2D whimpered, shutting his eyes tightly.


The singer hollered an inaudible set of words as he felt his insides tense up further from the deep vibrations.

This was beyond embarrassing for the taller one; sitting up in his bed, fully exposed to the Satanist as well as having his hands tied behind his back with broken cable. What took the top prize was the smooth black silicone vibrator, which had been thickly sleeked with lubricant, which was pushed up halfway into the younger one.

Murdoc had his nails digging into the singer’s legs, spreading them apart inch by inch.

“P-Please! M-Muh’doc!” The singer threw his head back on his pillow, his toes twitching.

“Sing for me then, sing a whole song, then I’ll take it out.” Murdoc grinned devilishly. The fact that he had 2D beneath him, squirming and pleading, aroused him.

“W-Wot s-song?” 2D squeaked, his erection itching to be touched.

“Any song.” Murdoc scoffed, becoming irritated by all the questions. He knew that deep inside he just wanted to know what type of song 2D would sing. Would it be something stupid or something meaningful? Murdoc hated himself for thinking that.

2D shifted upwards, cringing as he tightened himself further as the tip of the vibrator grazed against his inner walls. He took in a deep breath, quickly gathering his thoughts together.

“W-Waiting…by the mailbox, by the train-” He managed to gently whisper out.

“Louder.” Murdoc growled, making 2D flinch. The singer opened his one eye slowly.

“Passin by the h-hills til I hear the n-name.” He sung louder, his voice trembling with frustration and pleasure. Murdoc’s grin was a signal for 2D to continue.

“I-I’m lookin for a s-saw to cut these chains in h-half.” The singer opened his other eye, looking directly into Murdoc’s eyes which shocked the older man.

“And…all I want is someone to r-rely on as t-thunder comes rollin’ down.” Murdoc frowned, feeling his chest tighten. 2D was singing with meaning.

“S-Someone to rely on a-as lightning comes staring i-in again…”

Murdoc felt sweat roll down his cheeks, his heart thumping. He wrote this song, so why did 2D have to go and sing it like he was singing it to him?

The bassist let go of the singer’s legs to grab hold of the vibrator. 2D yelped with a sharp high pitched moan as Murdoc shoved the vibrator back into him, then out, then in.

“I-I’ll w-wait to be fo-AHgiven!” 2D’s voice twisted as he moaned, arching his back. His hips rocked back and forth, itching to get more. “M-Maybe I neveraaah w-will! Aangh!”

“You’re doin’great.” Murdoc licked his lips. Maybe he should do this more often.

“My-my star has, left m-me-me-Aah!” 2D cringed as he shuddered, trying to pry his hands out of their bind to stroke his throbbing erection. “T-Too take t-the bitter p-piilll!” He squeaked on the last note, digging his toes into bed sheets. “T-That shattered fe-eling … well t-the cause of itttt’s a lessooon lear-ned!”

“Sweet Satan Stu I can barely understand you.” Murdoc complained as he continued thrusting the vibrator into the younger one.

“J-Just don’t kno-ooww if I could r-roll into the sea-aaah again!”

Murdoc hissed. What if he actually never got to do this again? He let his one hand continue the thrusting while the other dug into his pants to pull out his cell-phone and search for the record button. He placed his phone down as it began to record.

“I’m c-caught again in t-the mysteryyy, y-you’re by my side, but a-are you still w-with me?” 2D squinted his eyes as he looked to Murdoc, whimpering.

The bassist cursed. He plunged forward to press his lips firmly against 2D’s neck, biting into it.

The singer flinched as he shuddered, taking in deep pleasurable breaths as he felt Murdoc’s tongue on his neck as his fingers caressing his boiling erection.

“The aa-answer’s somew-where deep iin i-it, I-I’m sorry thaa-at you’re feelin’ i-it…” He mumbled as he carried his voice gently across the room with a few low moans in between.

Murdoc pulled away to look into 2D’s eyes.

2D smiled with a bright, burning blush.

“B-But I j-juust have to t-tell that I l-loove you s-so much th-hese days.”

Murdoc’s eyes widened. It felt like he was going to have a heart attack. Those words now meant so much more to him than ever before.

“H-Have to tell you…t-thaaat I love y-you so much t-these days, i-i-it’s true.” He whined out softly, his mouth gaping open. Murdoc’s eyes burnt into his skin, his touch was irritably charming.

He quivered with a yelp as Murdoc leaned back down, roughly pumping at the singer’s erection.

“M-Muh’doc!” 2D whispered helplessly, groaning as familiar warmth of pleasure coiled along at the bottom of his stomach. He arched his back up further, nearly losing himself to the pleasure.

The vibrations mixed with the hand thrusts were enough to send the singer over the edge.

He let out loud and long melodically moans as his hips shivered. A sting of satisfaction flew through him as he hit his climax; pure bliss settled over him. He ignored his semen splattered sheet. He ignored the loud embarrassing pop sound that was made when Murdoc pulled out the vibrator.

The two stared at each other intensely.

Murdoc stood up. And he left.

2D’s smile faded.

He slowly covered his face with his shaking hands and whispered the last verse;

“My heart is in economy due to this autonomy. Rolling in and caught again…”

“Caught again.” Murdoc whispered in the depths of his own room.

{{I hope you enjoyed! Sorry if you saw mistakes… I haven't written in ages!}}