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*drinks water* (did someone posted about this before?)

I know some of you already saw the official manga art (top image) and noticed that Chuuya is the only one alongside with Fukuzawa and Mori that is on the upside down position but I noticed something else…

We can see the others with their masks EXCEPT Dazai who is facing his back and of course just as I said Chuuya is also on another different angle, the only one among the smaller “puppets”. Let me think that Fukuzawa and Mori are on the upside down because they’ve already fallen on Fyodor’s trap which is the truth as of now. They already fell so there is no need for the strings unlike the others. But Chuuya on the other hand is still on the process of “falling” and what’s worrisome is Dazai is facing his back.

My conclusion: Its like telling that Chuuya will “fall” (corruption) and Dazai isnt there (facing his back) to save him..thefore supporting the other theory of Fyodor making Chuuya to use corruption without Dazai..and we all know what will happen if ever-

Let us stop here

for everyone who says “it’s not queerbaiting!” i just want to let you know that i am not committed to TJLC and i spent a year in college analyzing and tearing apart every single moment of queerbaiting in BBC Sherlock and let me tell you right now that it is absolutely 100% queerbaiting whether u care about john and sherlock together or not

there are inconsistencies in the plot, pointless and endless lead-ons, etc.

if don’t see queerbaiting in sherlock, you are not looking hard enough, really don’t care enough to look, or have privilege regarding your sexuality

i was reading a fic today, and lance asked keith what kind of cologne he used and keith was like “i don’t know it’s something expensive shiro buys me but the bottle is shaped like a dude and i have to fondle glass dick every time i wear it” and i was immediately like “sounds like jean paul gaultier”

then the next sentence was lance saying “gaultier, huh?” and i fucking screamed how is this my life how do i recognise colognes from the general description in a FANFIC im quitting my job


so i found some pictures of Stefan Karl from when he played that french guard and prince Herbet in Spamalot at the icelandic national theater


NEW VIDEO: what did you dress up as for halloween?


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