and let me kiss you

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Maximum victory first kiss prompt

Alright, I originally wrote something before Episode 2 came out, but after playing through it the other day, I decided to go with something different. It’s a lot more angsty and it occurs right after the events of Episode 2. Just a warning, there are some spoilers for the episode as well as alcohol use. If you’re not okay with that, please don’t read.

Anyways, I hope you guys like this!

- Cal

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“Did you like kissing me?” he asks.

“Sometimes,” I admit. “You know people are watching us now?”

“I know. What about Gale?” he continues.

My anger’s returning. I don’t care about his recovery- this isn’t the business of the people behind the glass. “He’s not a bad kisser either,” I say shortly. 

“And it was okay with both of us? You kissing the other?” he asks.

“No. It wasn’t okay with either of you. But I wasn’t asking your permission,” I tell him.

Peeta laughs again, coldly, dismissively. “Well, you’re a piece of work, aren’t you?”

some of y’all crack me up when you talk about wanting to kiss someone for the first time because let me tell you, as a well seasoned grandmaster hoe, that maybe, maybe one in ten people you kiss will actually be good kissers and the rest will make you regret ever touchin lips with them in the first place. that’s what you have to look forward to 

All it would have taken to showed you cared was a phone call that night. It never came, I guess you never cared.
—  R.R.