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The Cygate sparkling ask gave me an idea! What if the LL found a bunch of beans in stasis, took them aboard, and they imprinted on their human friend! The beans follow them around like ducklings,beeping for attention, and at recharge time they all pile in the human's bed for a cuddles! To their credit the human is amazing at raising them and becomes the guardian of the beans. Of course the bots have to help out (each bean having a favourite "sire") but they all love their "carrier" the most.


EDIT: This is the Cygate and sparklings ask that’s being discussed about! I am forgetting a lot of things I do today when I fill a request, eeep. Sorry for that. )

✦ The Lost Light crew originally were planning to make a stop back at Cybertron to have the sparklings raised there but realised the pack had imprinted on their human liaison. Because they’re small? Because they’re soft? Because they give the best cuddles in the whole wide universe? It’s a mystery but no one has the heart to remove them from the liaison since they begin to beep nervously and wiggle in fear should they be approached with that intent in mind. It’s like the babies know. Ultra Magnus and Megatron try, uncomfortable as they are at how those little optics look at them imploringly, and it’s Whirl actually steps in and threatens to beat them up to a pulp if they separate the sparklings from the liaison. He gets sent to the brig for threatening the officers and thinks worth it when he learns the babies are going to stay on the ship for the time being.

✦ One of the unused habsuites is set up as a baby centre for the sparklings with Ratchet and Velocity designated as the ‘caretakers’ of the place when it opens. At first the team selected to help build and furnish the rooms was small: Perceptor, Velocity, Rung, and First Aid with Megatron to oversee the construction. Then Rodimus wanted in on it because he’s co-captain why is Megatron allowed and he isn’t?? Then Brainstorm forces himself on the team, claiming his inventions will keep the babies safe. (NO STORMY YOU CAN’T PUT ELECTRIFIED BABY GATES UP. NO-) Then Swerve, Nautica, Rewind (with Chromdome tagging along), and Tailgate snuck themselves on and aren’t really helping either. They’re just there to cuddle and coo at the babies whenever the liaison drops by to see how progress is going. (Slowly. The progress is going slowly since Rodimus is arguing for pink for the walls and Whirl(???) is wondering why he wants to paint it in the colour of their blood? Rodimus why.) It takes far, far longer than it should have but the daycare is built and is a perfect place for the beans to stay and play and learn and everything else they’ll need. Except when it comes to naptime or sleeping time. The baby pack like to sleep with their carrier in their habsuite and become an actual pile of cuddles and purrs.

✦ It’s not hard to tell when the liaison is making their rounds now. They’re followed by the noisiest beepers in the world who are declaring their love for their carrier and how they’re the best carrier in the world. It’s an amusing and cute sight: The liaison attempting to look serious and stoic, going over the documents they had to read that day, while a bunch of bouncy balls chase after them. Brainstorm ends up making hover baby carrier so the beans stay in one place and don’t wander off in these rounds since a few have gotten into some awful adventures this way. (How did one of them get in the vents?? A mystery.) Perceptor, at the request of the human, checks to see if he installed weapons in there and the ‘bot is pleasantly surprised by Brainstorm’s restraint. He only put three in it. Three.

✦ If their carrier doesn’t like someone or the baby pack picks up their carrier’s distaste for a particular ‘bot, they will attempt to gang up on this poor individual. Many a time Rodimus or Megatron has entered hallway to see Getaway frozen in place, doing the Cybertronian equivalent of sweating since he’s surrounded by the angriest beepers in the world and he doesn’t have the the spark in him to scare or move them away. He’s been standing there for hours. He’s about to enter stasis shock since his systems are mistaking his locked joints as paralysis. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP HE JUST WANTED TO GO TO THE WASHING RACKS.

✦ Sooner or later the beans will begin to attach themselves towards certain ‘bots, having chosen them as their sires. They can’t stick with their carrier forever and their coding instructs them to find another source of support and comfort in case their main source is not reasonably available. Be it personality or looks or who the bean thinks will be the most fun to spend time with, they will fan out and pick a favourite they deem as their ‘sire’ more or less. The sires are: Nautica, Velocity, Rodimus, Dirft and Ratchet, Megatron, Chromedome and Rewind, Ravage, First Aid, Rung, Ultra Magnus, Whirl, Brainstorm and Perceptor, Cyclonus and Tailgate, and Swerve. The liaison’s busy schedule is even busier than ever now that they have to fill in +10 playdates somehow.

✦ The little bitlets are angels with their carrier and are so cute and cuddly and soft. If the liaison sits down somewhere, you can bet they’ll quickly find themselves having bunch of wiggly beans and balls and squares crawling up their lap to get cuddles. If the carrier ask them to behave or to stay quiet, the tiny one will listen to the request and immediately hush up and not make a peep. If the carrier drops a datapad or is asking aloud where they put something, the beans will scatter and bring back the item with so much pride in their optics. Lots of kissies and compliments are showered on the beans by the liaison with how patient and good and perfect they are.

✦ But when left with their sitters or their sires whenever the liaison is too busy to spend time with them? Oh boy that’s when absolute chaos erupts. It’s almost like they’ll behave for their carrier and their carrier only. Something their sires learn painfully on the first day they have to watch the beepers alone since the officers’ call they need to take with their superiors was confidential. (That and the superiors back at home had no idea their office on the ship became the equivalent of a robot parent shhhhhh.) The moment the liaison is out of sight and can no longer be heard by the beans, they immediately get into trouble to the shock of the others present because?? What’s going on??? Why is this happening no baby don’t do that-

✦ Nautica is trying to stop her bitlet from drinking her high grade energon she’s been saving that!! Velocity’s sparkling won’t stop crying and she can’t figure out what’s wrong with them so she’s about to cry herself. Ratchet is too old and tired to chase after his nyoom’ing sparkling and can only watch (in amusement) as Drift attempts to snatch them up. Rung’s bean accidentally found his subspace full of candy is trying to vibrate through the wall to his guilt and worry. Those are considered the mild cases as well.

✦ Brainstorm keeps trying to give his and Perceptor’s charge a gun - It’s not a real gun, it only shoots stun shots! Yes, the sparkling can use it! I made sure this can be activated by the slightest of nudge! - and Perceptor is trying to prevent that and help Rewind and Chromedome get their baby out of the vents. Both parties are yelling at Stormy for making things worse when Stormy and Percy’s bean bumps against the gun by accident, it shoots a charge at the open vent which causes the little boxy baby to hop away in fear. Rewind is yelling for Skids to get in there now plEASE. Chromedome is worried his Conjunx is going to break his vocaliser at the rate he’s yelling.

✦ Cyclonus and Tailgate are scrambling to save their bean from jumping off a beam, wondering where the heck the bouncy ball got the idea to jump from dangerous spot to dangerous spot like that. Rodimus is trying to teach his bean how to parkour and Ultra Magnus is trying to stop him from that since his bean and Megatron’s bean is trying to imitate them too. Off in some corner of the room, Whirl is trying to delicately pick his bean out from the inside of a titty gun of his. All the while he is praising his baby for being such a little shit.

✦ The only beans that are kind of behaving are Ravage’s, Swerve’s, and First Aid’s. That’s only because the beans somehow locked themselves in the little dollhouse that was built for them and can’t go anywhere. A lot of ruckus is happening inside, however, and all three are scrambling to get them out. The liaison won’t be back for another three hours. It’s only been thirty minutes since they left. Everyone (except Whirl) is suffering.

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Hello mister, I was wondering, what are your thoughts on wax play? Especially since I don't have experience with it, nor does my daddy, do you have any pointers and helpful tips, if we want to try it for the first time. Please and thank you ✨👑

Wax play… such a great form of intimacy and pleasure.

A page from Misters diary:

“I told her to have everything ready to go for when I arrived. The package had arrived in the mail just a few days prior and she had sent me images. It was perfect, and her questions revealed a deep anxiety but also a great amount of anticipation. I immediately began practicing the scene in my mind just as a pro wrestler might envision his matchup, or a pitcher visualizing the next pitch being a strike to end the game.

Then when I showed up it was all ready as I had instructed. The warmer had been going for an hour. The wax was now a nice liquid. And she was freshly showered in nothing but her robe.

I walked in and went straight to the fridge as usual. My favorite root beer was there to greet me. I looked around not saying a word and she automatically stood ‘in position’ as I had taught her to do. I stared… longingly into her eyes. This caused her a great amount of fidgeting and I could see the wheels turning. She was ready. She knew what was coming and I did my best to make her crack as I grinned. She then smiled and started giggling. A good sign.

Grabbing her by the wrist I led her into the bathroom, snapped my fingers and pointed down. She immediately dropped to her knees and looked up with that longing gaze. Her blue eyes like oceans drawing me from the shore of the office I had left behind. I undid her robe and whisked it away from her arms… unclasping her hands that naturally sat at the base of her bottom behind her back.

Her full breasts were soft as I caressed them.. her shoulders.. her face. Easing her into a lull of comfort. 

“Are you ready?” I asked with a smirk.

“yes Sir”

I took the warmer and set it on the bathroom sink instructing her to relax. Whether or not my audible word did that action is unknown. She just stared up with that anticipatory gaze as I grabbed her hands and scooped them both under her breasts. She cupped them… held them up for me.. and then I reached back for the melted wax which awaited my command.

That first stream hit her flesh and she winced. Her bottom slightly raising as she tried to bring her body to meet the warmer, but soon relaxing as the warmth and the pleasure of the pain engulfed her. with each pour she would moan and breathe heavily and soon I had coated her entire front side in a thick shield of wax.

I bent down and kissed her lips as my palms rested across the warm wax shell, and then asked how it felt. If she was ok. To tell me how it was and so on. I was always verbal… always making sure that safety was at the forefront. About ten minutes must have passed before I began peeling the layers. She let out sighs of contentment and pleasure as they came away from her flesh.

“that sensation is amazing” she uttered… when I asked what she meant, she told me the feeling of the letdown after the wax was peeled away gave her full body shivers and feelings she had never experienced”

Wax play can be extremely fulfilling if done right.

 People have been using wax for forever for things like skin therapy, scultping, candle making, canning and more. But how do we go about using it safely in the bedroom?

Step 1. Get the proper kind.

Not all wax is safe to use for this sort of play. Most generic candles sold in stores use a wax that burns at temperatures that will leave serious burns and damage on your skin. In order to play safely, use paraffin wax.

paraffin is a clean wax that begins softening and melting at temps well below the bodies own temperature, and a paraffin wax warmer will bring it to just the right amount of heat that so when it hits your skin it doesnt make you scream for the wrong reasons.  its used in everything from wax paper to crayons and more, and doesnt leave behind any residues or discoloring and such. 

Commonly found in grocery stores, walmart and so on… gulf wax is probably the most easily accessible and cost effective kind you can get. It will be in the canning aisle with the mason jars.

2. Get a proper warmer

You will want to get one thats specifically for paraffin treatments. they make everything from foot baths to hand soakers, so get the one that seems right. I personally prefer the ones with spouts that are handheld.

3. Proper safety

You got your wax, you got your warmer… the wax is heated up and your naked and ready to go. now what?

a few safety tips. Never ever ever ever ever pour the wax into any cracks or crevices. 

Paraffin wax cools and hardens a lot faster across a broad surface (like breasts or the chest or a bottom.).. never ever pour it into her princess parts, the crack of her bottom, or any other place where its going to have nowhere to go or will be able to pool up. the thicker the puddle, the longer its going to sit and be hot and burn.

Always do this from a safe distance. holding the warmer above her head and pouring it will cause splash and a mess. It could get in her eyes, it could get all over you, and so on. I recommend a distance of 6 to 8 inches away from the target. as it hits the skin there will be less splash, and it will do so a velocity that still allows for pleasure while spreading itself to cool down. 

Pour over top of previously poured wax. Layering is enjoyable. Not only is the hardened previous layer still warm, but adding another is like piling on another blanket fresh from the dryer. Plus the slight constriction it causes over and over will add to the sensation. Once you have your initial area covered and hardened, add more layers.

and of course… beginners should do small amounts at first.

it will leave some red marks after, like when you take too hot of shower… but they are only temporary as the skin readjusts. so if you need to go out after, do it where clothes will cover.

Take breaks. check in. communicate. always be talking, asking, and making sure that things are both pleasurable and safe. 

Once you have run out of wax. let it sit for a while and allow her to really absorb the effects of the feelings and sensations. Place your hands on the area. Get close to her. Wax can be incredibly meditative, intimate and enjoyable.

4. Environment

I always preferred to do wax on hard surfaces like tile, concrete or wood. It just makes for easy cleanup and is most practical. If you only have carpet, get a tarp. its not so sexy, but have you ever tried getting a wad of bubblegum out of your tangled hair? 

wax dried into carpet is no different.  

following these steps.. practicing… and being practical about it all, will lead you to a long life of happy wax play and a heightened amount of pleasure behind closed doors.

[Mark] Racing Hearts (Chapter 8)

I speed out of the garage, and now my main goal is to reach the highest speed this Bugatti can reach. I just want to go fast, fast enough that I won’t have time to think, or hear what Tuna has to say about me. So fast I won’t even be able to see in front of me. I use my handbrake in the first corner. It’s what I do best. I go as fast as I can and I know how to drift in order to loose less velocity as possible. I have this in my blood, it’s basically all I know how to do.

Right before the second corner, a voice rings inside my car.

“You’re drunk!” Tuna says through the speakers. I almost mess up my drift, but a quick turn of the wheel to the right saves me from hitting the railing. I still hear him. I’m not going fast enough.

“Sivan, stop the car!” He orders. I reach out to turn the speakers off, but a third corner comes up and I have to keep my hand on the handbrake.

“You’re going to kill yourself, what are you doing?!“ He asks. I don’t know what I am doing! All I know is that my heart is about to burst and it hurts and I’m angry, at him, at myself. And I miss my fiancé and I went on a date without even knowing it. And I’m realizing that after ten years I haven’t moved on at all, because I can’t race anymore. It’s not the same without him and I’ve been pretending all this time.

“It’s useless.” I say to him. “Without him, it’s useless to even try.”

“You want to join him, is that what you want?” Tuna asks me. Tears blur my vision, but I can see enough to distinguish the road.

“That’s what you call moving on?” He challenges.

“Shut the fuck up!” I yell. “Maybe I do’t want to move on!”

“And I knew it!” He snaps. Fuck you!

“You go around punching me and acting like you’re the toughest person on earth, but you can’t even get your life together after ten fucking years!” He spits. I need to turn that fucking thing off, but I can barely see the road, and can’t bother looking for the button. I can’t let him get inside my head anymore.

“Maybe if I didn’t have you on my back all day telling me how much of fucking loser I am-”

“So you want to make me think you’re going to commit suicide because of me?” He asks. Because of him?! Like he is that important?!

Zane is worth dying. My fiancé is worth it. I would die for Zane. Not for this pretentious asshole.

“No!” I shout.

“Then stop the fucking car!”

I hit the brakes with both of my feet and push as hard as I can, without realizing I was already at a turning point. I swing the steering wheel to the left then to the right, and my car wobbles for a moment before coming to a halt with a loud tire screeching noise.

I wipe my eyes, clearing my vision. I’m still alive. But I can’t feel my legs. I’m out of breath. What was I thinking?

If I hadn’t hit the brakes I wouldn’t have had time to realize I needed to turn. I almost died. Again.

Why did I do that?

I unbuckle my belt, feeling a weight on my chest, as if I was suffocating, as if the air in the car was too thick. I stumble out of the car, my legs wobbly. I fall to my knees, hyperventilating to compensate for the feeling of suffocation.


I lift my head and see Tuna running to me. I get up on my feet, a wave of heat washing over my entire body. When he reaches my level, I swing at him with my right hook. He sees me coming and doges my punch, so I kick him with all of my strength and he falls over.

“Argh!” He shouts as he falls onto his back. I take the opportunity to straddle him and shower him with with punches.

“You son of a bitch!” I yell at him. He groans and shield his face with his arms. But I don’t stop though.

“Why?!” I scream. “Why?!”

When I realize I won’t be able to bruise him, I stop. So I can get an answer from him.

“Why do you fucking do everything you fucking can to hurt me?!” I shout. He looks up at me, letting his arms fall down to his sides, and I thought I’d see something in his eyes. Fear, regret, remorse?

Nothing. He’s still as unfazed as he is with me. I burst into tears, my body drained from all the strength it could have. I let my head fall between my hands and sob, until everything else gives up as well and I collapse on top of him.

I think I feel his hand on the back of my head but I’m not sure and all I can do is cry. I’m so pathetic.

When I realize what I’m doing, that I’m straddling this guy and crying in his arms, I move away, getting off of him and landing on my knees on the ground. I hear him shift.

“I’m trying to help you.” He says. I look over my shoulder and see him on his feet, dusting himself off calmly.

“I don’t even know why I did that. Since most of the times we interact you end up punching me.” He mutters so casually, so nonchalantly. He looks at me eventually.

“It’s really not worth it.” He says. I sniffle, too exhausted to react. I don’t want to fight him anymore.

“Come on.” He murmurs, reaches down and grabs my upper arm, pulling me up.

“Let me go.” I grind out, yanking my arm out of his hold. “Let me-“ I stumble back, almost falling on my ass but he catches me in time.

“You idiot.” He mutters, before dragging me away. He takes me back inside the school, to the locker room.

“Go ahead and freshen up while I put your car back inside.” He orders once we’re inside, and he leaves before I can insult him.

I do just that. Not because he told me to but because it’s what I need.

I splash cold water onto my face, hoping it’ll wake me up a little bit. But it doesn’t work. It does make my skin tight and dry but other than that, I still feel like shit.

I sit on a bench and sigh. What has gotten into me?

I hear footsteps, and then Tuna walks in. He opens his locker and unzips his racing suit.

"I’m taking you home.” He declares, taking it off. I look away from him, not feeling like saying no. I don’t want him to give me a ride, but I can’t drive.

When he’s done I grab my bag in my locker and follow him outside to his Mercedes. Without a word, I get in and he drives off. The ride is silent for the most part.

“You googled me.” I declare, not bothering to look at him.

“I didn’t.” He retorts. There’s a long pause. I don’t believe him but I’m not going to start bickering with him, my head is starting to pound really hard.

“I heard you talking to that guy the other day. Figured you had lost someone.” He adds after a moment. He saw me talking with Nathan? At the back of the bar where no one goes? He followed me.

“Then I noticed the engagement ring.” He says. How come no one notices it? It is small, yes. It’s not a ring with a huge rock, or anything to fancy, just a silver band with four diamonds encrusted in it. Not that my fiancé was poor, but it was his grandma’s and it was way more meaningful to me. It’s small but It’s here. Instinctively, I fidget with it, twisting it between my fingers.

“I know nothing more.” He says. Well, good for him. I still don’t know a thing about him, and I don’t care.
We pass in front of a familiar mall, and suddenly I realize something.

“How do you know where to go?” I ask, finally turning my head to look at him, my eyebrows scrunched together. Tuna’s eyes widen a bit, and then he frowns? I didn’t even give him my address, he just drove away and it’s the route I take to go home every day.

“I-I don’t.” He says, he I can’t believe he’s even trying that.

“So you’ve been driving around aimlessly for ten minutes, surprisingly taking the same route I use every day?” I challenge, arching a brow. His hand squeezes the steering wheel, but he says nothing.

“How do you know my address?” I repeat, starting to get really pissed off. I could get scared right now, open the door at the first red light and run away, but he hasn’t been giving off that kind of obsessive stalker vide. It doesn’t make this less strange though.

“You’ve been stalking me?” I gasp. That’s what makes him react.

“Stalking you?! I fucking hate you!” He utters, offended.

“Then why do you where I live?!” I shout back.

“Because I took you home yesterday!” He cries. The fuck?!

“What?” I breathe. “No, Lewis took me home.”

“No, I did. When you assumed it was him, he jumped on the occasion.” He sighs, running a tired hand across his face. He jumped on the occasion? Why? Why did he pretend that? And why did Tuna take me home?

“But why?” I ask him.

“Because he likes you.” He mutters. Oh yeah, right. Fuck.

“Why did you take me home? I don’t remember even talking to you.” I say.

“We did talk when I tried to separate you. He left to grab drinks and you passed out.” He explains. Oh, I bet we just insulted each other until I passed out. “He took forever to come back so I took your purse, ordered an Uber for your friend and took you home.”

I can’t believe he did that for me. I mean, I’m sure he didn’t have a choice because no decent person would leave a drunk woman like that, especially a celebrity. But now that I think about it, he could have called an Uber for the both of us. Why did he take me home? And that still doesn’t answer my questions.

“How did you find my address?” I ask him for the hundredth time.

“Went through your bag.” He grumbles. Well, that’s rude, and it doesn’t surprise me at all. I decide not to continue the conversation, mostly because I can’t believe my freaking ears and I’m speechless. This is insane. This guy that I hate with my guts has been more present in my life than Nathan.

What the fuck?

I have to make sure this never happens again. I really want the ground to suck me in and never have to face myself again, or remember everything that happened tonight.

I’m so anxious at the idea of dealing with that tomorrow. I’m so embarrassed, so depressed, so angry and so hurt. I think I should take a day off.

Xav will never let me. What reason will I give anyway? That I got drunk and threw a fit and Tuna rescued me and confessed it wasn’t the first time? Hell no.

What’s sure is that I am never ever speaking to him again. At this point, I don’t even want revenge anymore, I just want to forget about tonight, and I don’t want him to invite himself in my private life.

Oh and Lewis Hamilton, triple world champion, likes me. And he’s here for a few weeks. Hell, how am I supposed to face him as well? Ugh. I think I should go back to Telaviv. My life is a fucking mess. My head hurts. I want to die.


I open my heavy eyes, finding myself in Tuna’s unmoving car, in front of my house. I turn my head to look at him, and he’s look straight ahead of him, hands on the steering wheel, eyes hard and impassive.

“Get out.” He orders. If I wasn’t that drunk and worn out, I would assault hm, again. Rolling my eyes, I collect my bag and get ready to get out when he speaks again.

“Sivan.” He calls, and I look over my shoulder in his direction.

“Last time I have to do this for you.” He declares. For me?! I didn’t ask for anything! And he doesn’t even help me whatsoever. Everything that happened was because of him.


I wake up two hours late with a headache and shame hanging on my shoulders. I debate for several minutes in my bed to know if I should go to the track. I come to the conclusion that yes, I should, because I have to practice, but the real question is can I? Do I have the strength to do that?

I give myself the illusion that I can. I mean, Tuna will probably ignore me and I’ll do the same.

So I take a taxi there, and on my way to the school, I decide that today I have to figure my life out. I’ll talk to Kam and I’ll figure it out. I’ll prove him wrong. I’ll move on. My own way.

When I get to the school, I go straight up to Kameron’s office.

“Hey, Kam I need-“ I say, barging in. Inside, I find Kam, Xav and Tuan in the middle of a conversation. Kam is behind his desk and Xav and Tuna were giving me their backs until I walked in.

“Okaaaay.” I say slowly. This is the kind of scene in movies where they’ve been talking about me and even after seeing their guilty faces as I interrupt them I still have no idea what they’re saying.

“That looks really awkward.” I observe, closing the door behind me. They all glance at each other.

“We were talking about you.” Kameron says to me. No shit.

“Yeah, I guessed that.” I snap back. They look at each other again, as if they were debating between them to know who was going to speak first. When Tuna crosses his arms over his chest and then reaches back to scratch the back of his neck, Xav sighs.

“I won’t coach you anymore.” He says to me.

“What?” I frown.

“And I won’t let you race here again.” Kameron adds. The fuck? My jaw drops. Where is this coming from? Are they serious?

“You’re still welcome here, but no one will pull out your car for you. I’m keeping the keys.” He says, waving the golden keyring briefly. My mouth stays open, and my eyes narrow a bit. If this is a joke, I would be so happy, but I would probably kill them as well.

“Is this serious?” I ask them, suspicious. Xav briefly glances at Tuna.

“Mark told us what happened yesterday.” He explains. That’s when I understand. That’s when I know they’re really serious. My whole face falls, and I move my gaze from Xav to Tuan, dumbfounded.

“You are not ready to race again.” Xav says, but my eyes are still fixated on the other racer. He looks at me and holds my gaze, scratching his chin and propping his elbow on his arm. He’s expressionless.

“I should have seen it. I was reluctant to let you race but I had missed you and I wanted you to come back.” Xav continues. I look back and forth between all of them. Do they have a single idea what they are doing to me?

“You’re aware that racing is the only thing that I have in my life, right?” I ask them, needing to be sure they’re actually knowingly breaking my heart.

“Sivan-“ Kameron says, pleading.

“I’m just asking!” I cut him off. I’m not going to convince them that I can race because when alcohol is involved, it would be like talking to a wall. I shouldn’t even have to convince them. Then know me and they know I was born to race and they know that outside that I can’t do anything.

“Do you realize that I have no other job, no friends, no boyfriend, no parents, no family, no hobby, no plan B?” I say, my voice cracking halfway through. That’s when they all lower their eyes, except for Tuan. He has no remorse whatsoever, watching me when I have tears in my eyes.

“Do you realize that you’re taking away the only thing that gave my life a little bit of sense?” I go on. And I’m crying but my tone is even. No one replies. Xav and Kam are still not looking at me.

“Yes or no?” I urge.

“It’s not-“

“Yes or no?!” I repeat. Xav looks up at me, almost shameful.

“Do you know that or not?” I ask him directly.

“Yes.” He whispers. “And that’s why it’s not easy for us either.”

“You can always come back when you’re really ready.” Kameron says quietly.

“When I’m ready?!” I utter. “You guys seem to be the ones who decide wether I’m ready or not.” There is no way I can convince them I’m ready because no one believes I’ll ever move on!

They lower their eyes again. They disgust me. I trusted them, I thought they’d know me better. But no. Another guy comes in and they turn their backs on me. He manipulated them, he-

“That was what you wanted.” I breathe, realization hitting me. I look back at Tuna who’s staring at me, unfazed and impassive. How did I not see that coming from him?

“You wanted the school back, you wanted the spotlight.” I murmur, my voice surprisingly calm. When he saw me yesterday, he thought it was the right occasion. He knew what he was doing. He pushed me until I fucked up and told Xav and Kam about it.

“You wanted Reno, you didn’t want competition. Because you’re scared of me.” I breathe. And I realize that he’s a much, much worse person than I thought. He’s not mean, or just arrogant, he’s evil. He’s manipulative. He’s ready to ruin people’s life to make his easier.

“That’s why you pushed me yesterday. You knew what you were doing.” I grind out. How can one have such a dark soul? How can anyone be so willingly evil?

“That was what you wanted since the beginning. And you got it.” I say. He won.

I’ve tried so many times to get back at him and it never worked, because he’s way more evil than I am. I didn’t have a chance with him. He took everything from me in less that two weeks.

All I can do now is dye my hair back to black and go back to Telaviv.


Finally decided to get my own gun for defense/fun at the range. I’ve always been fond of the M1911 style so I went with the nicest one I could find at the shop, which happens to be more uncommon. Stainless steel chrome finish Springfield 1911 with adjustable target sights and converted to 9mm (instead of .45ACP). The conversion means it’ll have a little less stopping power, but more velocity and less recoil, plus the ammo is half the price.

I’ve been shooting a handful of times but I’ve learned a lot more about guns by going through the whole selection/buying process myself; and I know I’ll research a buuunch more of things too for care. I think it’ll be a fun and interesting little hobby to start up :) My apologies if you don’t like guns and I showed this on your dash, just felt like writing my feelings 😅

Soviet Unobtanium - The AS Val and VSS Vintorez

More of a meme than an actual firearm at this point, the AS/VSS lineage has become positively famous for their sleek looks, impressive media appearances, and the fact that NOBODY owns one and 9x39mm itself is just as hard to get.

The famous rifles have existed since the late 1980s, and have since rocketed into fame with their inclusion in cult classic games like S.T.A.L.K.E.R., plus the general reputation that comes with being fielded as a Spetsnaz-only rifle.

However, to understand these rifles, it’s key to understand the design philosophy of the unobtainable 9x39mm round. Based on 7.62x39mm with an expanded neck, the cartridge was designed ground-up as a suppressed round for special forces, optimized for armor penetration within their effective range (roughly 300 meters), to fill a yet unexplored role between suppressed handguns and suppressed traditional rifles. To compensate for low muzzle velocity and thus, theoretically, less kinetic energy, the bullet weighs roughly twice as much as the traditional 9x19mm round, and it has about twice as much muzzle energy as 9x19mm. 9x39mm also weighs over twice as much as its parent case, the venerable 7.62x39mm round. Some cartridges, like the SP-5, are even designed to yaw on impact, further bolstering the rifle’s on-paper lackluster power, a claim which has been demolished by clever use, bullet development, and metallurgical work.

The VSS and AS rifles were produced at roughly the same time, and for the record, are essentially the same rifle. They share 70% of their parts, have the same effective range, and the same barrel length. Essentially, the AS Val is a more rugged VSS with a larger magazine capacity, while the VSS squeezes out roughly 100m over its steel counterpart with optimization for scoped use in the hands of a trained marksman. Though Russia is known for being… optimistic in the claims of their weapons’ performance, the paired silent rifles (and yes, they are actually EXTREMELY quiet, sounding more like a ruler hitting a mattress than a true gunshot) have absolutely stood the test of Russia’s Cold War era military career, seeing service from Afghanistan to Chechnya, and in recent times, in Donbass.

However, to neglect this rifle’s media legacy is to neglect half of its reason to be. Making its first major appearance in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series, the VSS/AS were handled as incredible endgame rifles, showing up only in the hands of the most skilled soldiers. In-game, the rifle was effective in its niche, interesting, irregular, and highly expensive, indicative of 9x39mm’s extreme rarity, even in countries neighboring Russia.

The silent snipers have appeared in a myriad of other games, from Survarium to several Ghost Recon games to ArmA II, several Battlefield games, and even Metal Gear Solid.

The rifles have featured in an inexplicably low amount of films and TV shows, however, with IMFDB indicating two TV appearances and eight film appearances between the two. Anime has also neglected the rifles, with only two appearances for both rifles, one of which was in the gun-heavy show Black Lagoon.

Poorly scaled, for sure, but undeniably a VSS Vintorez.

As for being made of pure unobtanium, the Vintorez and Val have, to anybody’s knowledge, hit markets that aren’t military, and the same goes for the 9x39mm round. Several projects have started up produce US-made clones, and some homebrew projects have emerged with attempts to produce 9x39mm from widened 7.62x39mm casings, but to my knowledge, nobody has been remotely successful in anything but cloning the exterior appearance of the AS Val.

From the real world to media to airsoft, the AS Val and VSS Vintorez have been immortalized due to their smooth looks, hard-hitting ammunition, several monumental media appearances, and inaccessibility.

So, if you’re looking for one, it’s as they say, good hunting, Stalker.

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headcannons for that post you made a while ago about lena being a cheerleader and kara being a space nerd?

okay, so this ended up slightly darker than intended lmao. disclaimer i’ve never been to an american high school, my understanding is based off tv. it got kinda long, too

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I know its probably an old post by now but what on earth does a "female transformer" look like and how can they have body diversity.. i only know michael bay + some cartoon ones and they all looked like the same built

Well, alright, this is gonna take a bit of typing but I’m gonna try to keep it brief. 

Transformers is, historically, a “boy’s toy” series, meaning that the cast of the original 1984 show was largely male-dominated. The show was, after all, all about robots, cars, trucks, jetplanes, guns, and construction vehicles. In a marketer’s eyes, this is the PERFECT boy’s toy. Series writers wanted to include a few female characters, but the idea was shot down by the higher-ups because Transformers are “boys toys.” 

The franchise went on for another two years before the first female transformer was introduced: Arcee.

Arcee was described by her designer, Floro Dery, as as being “a giant naked robot princess Leia.” She was relegated to “eye candy,” “love interest,” and “mother figure to the human characters.” Not exactly a good start for all female transformers. 

Oh, also? Arcee never got a toy in the original toyline. Her first toy didn’t come until 2001, and it was just a recolored version of an already existing toy of a later female transformer. 

Later female transformers were relegated to similar roles. Blackarachnia in Beast Wars was the show’s sexy femme fatale, with her character model actually based off of a stripper the animators at Mainframe saw while they were out partying. Minerva from Japan’s Headmasters cartoon was a sort of moe schoolgirl type robot. T-AI from Robots in Disguise 2001 was straight up just a hologram of an anime girl. Thunderblast from the Cybertron anime was really horny for Megatron and had fully modeled anime tiddies hidden under mechanical chest detail that would sneak out sometimes. 

In short, it wasn’t great for a while. A long while. 

I’d say the worst part was when IDW Comics hired Transformers writing veteran Simon Furman to write for the modern-day Transformers comic reboot. 

Furman, who often threw in-comic tantrums when he was forced to include female characters in the past (including a comic where Arcee was built to appease an angry mob of psycho feminist humans), decided that in this reboot, Transformers were all male. Well, no, he decided that they were “gender neutral,” but all looked and sounded masculine and referred to each other with male pronouns.

Until very recently, like “within the last five years” recently, was just accepted to be the case. Transformers were all male except for Arcee, who was forcibly converted to be female by a mad scientist “just to see what would happen,” in Furman’s words. Some writers and artists protested this by drawing female transformers in to crowd scenes, but Furman’s seniority ruled. 

Fast forward to when Transformers: More than Meets the Eye started. James Roberts, the writer for the miniseries, was less than pleased with the restrictions Furman put on the universe, and decided to turn them on their head. If all Transformers were male, and they were eternally living sentient beings, then it stands to reason that they’d fall in love, right? So, basically, James Roberts spat in Furman’s face by making his Perfect Male Race all gay. 

MTMTE went on to become IDW Comics most successful comic, winning several awards and drawing in tons of new readers that would have never considered reading anything about Transformers otherwise. This included a lot of female readers who began to wonder why the comics had no female characters in them.

IDW responded by launching a campaign to clean up Furman’s mess by introducing a bunch of new female characters through long-lost “colony worlds.” Basically, transformers all went off of their home planet and populated new ones entirely separate from the main war between the Autobots and the Decepticons, and on those worlds female transformers just kinda happened. An intentionally vague explanation meant to spit in Simon Furman’s sexist stupid face and to introduce a bunch of new female cast members that could also act as audience surrogates so that new readers could have their questions answered in the comics. 

Alex Milne, lead artist and character designer for MTMTE, wanted to design the female cast as subtly as possible, making the only REAL indication that these transformers were female being the pronouns used to refer to them. IDW shot that down, sadly, because they wanted female characters to be easily recognized by new readers. Transformers had a wide variety of female characters, but they all looked like naked, skinny supermodels with lipstick and makeup on. Two steps forward, one step back depending on your perspective. 

Milne later went on to design a bunch of female characters with greater body diversity. A really hulky, buff robot called Roadmaster, a very gender-neutrally designed boxy robot named Proxima, a more alien one named Javelin, and so on. Unfortunately the only one that got to join the main cast was Velocity, whose body was a bit less supermodely but was still the most “recognizably female” to a man in a suit with a fat wad of cash. 

It’s been getting slightly better recently, though. Nickel, a short, broad-shouldered robot joined MTMTE’s “B-Cast” of Decepticons. A new all-female team of combining robots called the Torchbearers all have pretty non-supermodely designs and are featuring prominently in the non-mtmte transformers comics, and recently in the 2015 Robots in Disguise cartoon we got Strongarm, a buff autobot cop, and a whole smattering of animalistic female decepticons. Most of the female decepticons didn’t get toys, unfortunately, but one did! Her name is Scatterspike and she’s a weird, squat dragon lady with a rough-and-tumble cowboy type personality. Her design is modified from a previously used male decepticon, but the design is different enough to look unique on its own! Unfortunately nobody seems to have noticed that she got a toy or even showed up in the cartoon at all, which sucks. Toys of female decepticons are already rare enough because Hasbro is afraid of releasing toys of evil girls for some reason, but Scatterspike is an evil girl that also doesn’t look like a robot supermodel! I’m really disappointed that everyone slept on the toy’s release! 

In short, body diversity in female transformers is pretty important. For three decades, “female transformer” meant “naked robot supermodel that was a male robot’s love interest.” Only within the last five years did it start to mean something else. Hasbro is probably testing the waters for female decepticons with Scatterspike’s toy release, which is why I’m really disappointed to see nobody really paying any mind to it. Everyone’s too damn busy drawing Windblade and Chromia making out. 

‘Essence of an  Animated Drawing’- 

Life is elusive.  It is both predictable and unpredictable.  Since animation is to reflect life, its workflow has to stay in respect to both certainty and uncertainty.

The animating process is mysterious and difficult to explain even to the experts.  I think the problem is we human like to be certain and in full control at all time, (sometimes unaware that a sense of spontaneity is lost).  

In essence, each animated drawing has to reflect its exact location in space and complementary to its exact velocity in time (fragmented to 24 still images per second).  If every drawing inherits both of these qualities harmoniously within a sequence of unfolding movement then the animator have reached success.

But to obtain both positioning and velocity correctly, the extreme drawings cannot be dictated into their places but do so by feeling their way in through motion, behaving much like a waveform in particle physics, (leaving only the inbetweens to be in need of dictation).

A while back, I came across a passage in a book entitled ‘The Universe in a Nutshell’ by Stephen Hawkins and found that it is quite exciting to relate toward animation-

“The success of Newton’s laws and other physical theories led to the idea of scientific determinism, which was first expressed at the beginning of the nineteenth century by the French scientist the Marquis de Laplace. Laplace suggested that if we knew the positions and velocities of all the particles in the universe at one time, the law of physics would allow us to predict what the state of the universe would be at any other time in the past or in the future.

…Of course, in practice, even something as simple as Newton’s theory of gravity produces equations that we can‘t solve exactly for more than two particles. Furthermore, the equations often have a property known as chaos, so that a small change in position or velocity at one time can lead to completely different behavior at later times

…At first sight, determinism would also seem to be threatened by the uncertainty principle, which says that we cannot measure accurately both the position and the velocity of a particle at the same time. The more accurately we measure the position, the less accurately we can measure the velocity, and vice versa.

It’s interesting to think that how we each balance certainty and uncertainty, favoring more or less toward one end or the other is reflected in the basis of our animating workflow, in turn, generating a distinct movement textures that would define personal senses of style.


I really like First Aid, Velocity, and Pharma; not sure about Ambulon and Ratchet, but I feel like they’re strong starts. I just need to study their actual designs a bit more and tweak ‘em so they look more clearly like themselves. Pharma could use a little tweaking in the horns as well, but less than Ambles and Ratch


Contra-Rotating Propellers Overview

Contra-rotating propellers are a pair of propellers mounted inline that rotate in opposite directions from each other.

ALERT: Do not confuse with counter-rotating propellers

The first contra-rotating prop design was prototyped in 1931 in Fort Worth, TX.

The inventors, M. M. Egan and D. W. Evans saw that this design increased speed and eliminated torque.

Operational Advantages

When a single prop engine spins, a significant amount of tangential or rotational airflow is created, especially at low airspeed. The energy used to create this tangential flow is entirely wasted as the flow does not contribute to thrust. Additionally, at low airspeed, this flow can wash over control surfaces and cause serious stability issues.

When contra-rotating props are installed, the rear prop turns this tangential flow into increased thrust while at the same time mitigating it so that prop wash is more linear. This gives increased thrust and eliminates potential instability.

Another operational advantage is the elimination of torque and P-factor.


The torque of an engine spinning can and does cause an equal and opposite twisting action on the body of an aircraft.

This torque is compensated for in a wide variety of ways including asymetrical wings.

Contra-rotating props compensate for this torque by producing two equal torque forces in opposite directions which compensate perfectly for each other at any airspeed. This is advantageous as many torque control mechanisms are only optimized at a single airspeed.

Torpedoes commonly use contra-rotating propellers to counteract torque that would otherwise cause the torpedo to spin. 


P-factor is a complex aerodynamic phenomenon wherein differential airflow over prop blades causes a sidelong shift of the center of thrust of a prop.

I am going to try to explain P-factor because I believe I have that obligation but it is complicated and if you need a better explanation then scope this jawn.

In order to imagine P-factor, imagine an aircraft pointed straight in the air moving northward at 100 m/s. Said aircraft has a simple two blade prop that is spinning with an angular velocity of 200 m/s at the tips of the blades. Take a sec to imagine this situation.

Now focus in on the prop which is the only thing that matters. In fact, you can literally forget the rest of the aircraft and just imagine a prop spinning parallel to the deck, moving northward. Now at any one point, one of the two blades will be spinning northward and the other southward. Imagine the prop superimposed upon a compass. At all times one blade is moving angularly from the S mark to the N mark and the other blade is moving from the N to the S. Given all of this we can see that while the entire prop including both blades is moving northward at 100 m/s the blade that is at any moment spinning northward is imparted with an additional forward velocity while the blade momentarily spinning southward has a little less velocity (assuming clockwise rotation). In other words, while the hub of the prop is moving at precisely 100 m/s in the North direction at any given moment, the tips of the prop blades are moving at dramatically different velocities at any given time ranging from +300 m/s North to -100 m/s North.

Now what does that even mean??? 

It means that because the prop blades are airfoils and because airfoils produce more lift at higher airspeed, the prop blade that is moving with a higher airspeed, that is the prop blade moving into the wind, will generate more lift or thrust. This means that that side of the prop will produce more thrust and the center of thrust will be shifted from the hub of the propeller to towards that side, ever so slightly.  

Bear in mind that in the demonstration we were imagining the prop spinning straight up. P-factor is most severe when the prop is parallel to airflow and is absent when the prop is perpendicular. In other words, as angle of attack increases, P-factor increases, maximizing at 90 degrees.

Now that you know the mechanism behind p-factor, I’m gonna explain how it affects an aircraft. P-factor shifts the center of thrust away from the center of the prop towards the right in the case of clockwise prop rotation which causes a leftward yaw opposite for counter-clockwise. Its gonna look like this.

Now p-factor isn’t always a problem, in level flight, for example, p-factor is negligible to non-existent, but at low airspeed and high angles of attack, conditions found during takeoff and landing, p-factor can cause problems.

Contra-rotating props minimize p-factor as a result of their geometry since there are prop blades are mounted opposite the p-factor forces are cancelled out.


Contra-rotating props are louder than single prop layouts. This is seen with the Tuplolev Tu-95 “Bear” which has extremely loud engines.

The second and most serious disadvantage of contra-rotating props is that of mechanical complexity. Added mechanical complexity can marginalize gains in efficiency.

i asked my physics prof why a certain punching technique worked today, and let me tell you, that was a hella weird experience.

i’m talking to this ridiculously stereotypical physics professor, hair always ruffled up bc of running his hands through it, scratchy voice with slightly new york accent, makes at least one physics joke per interaction, and i’m like, “can i ask you a question about the mechanics of punching?”

and at first he pretended to laugh nervously and took a step away from me but then i explained my question and he got way more into it than i was. i mean i was just asking about why it’s more effective to have your waist rotate back as your fist connects with a punching bag (answer: vectors didn’t work against each other as much as i thought; it’s all in the time it takes to impart the blow. backwards rotation -> same velocity over less time -> greater acceleration -> greater force -> greater work done on your target). but then he started thinking out loud, “i wonder how much force it takes to actually split skin? the energy from the shear force imparted by your punch would have to be greater than the energy of the chemical bonds holding layers of your skin together…” like okay great thank you professor you can stop now because apparently i’m turning you into a mad scientist/supervillain and also you don’t even know chemistry because you’re a theoretical astrophysicist.


The Soviet PPSh-41 Submachine Gun,

Before World War II, Soviet production and use of submachine guns was at a minimum.  The Soviet Army had some mediocre designs such as the PPD 34/38, which were rarely issued as Soviet doctrine emphasized massed infantry attacks with soldiers armed with bolt action rifles.  Then in 1939 after invading Poland, the Soviet Union made the mistake of invading Finland in what would become known as “The Winter War”.  The Soviets suffered hundreds of thousands of casualties due to the poor equipment, incompetent officers, fierce weather, and the stalwart defense offered by the Finnish.  One advantage the Finns had was an excellent submachine gun design called the Suomi KP/-31.  Armed with the Suomi, the Finns wrought terror among the Soviets as they ambushed Soviet columns in dense winter forests.

After the Winter War, the Soviets altered their war doctrine to make more use of submachine guns.  In 1940 the gun designer Georgy Shpagin came out with the PPD-40, which was heavily influenced by the Suomi design.  Then a year later, he introduced the PPSh-41, a simplified version of the PPD-40 which made use of stamped metal rather than milled steel, making the weapon lighter and cheaper to produced.  His invention, the PPSh-41 would become perhaps the most important submachine gun design of World War II, becoming the bread and butter submachine gun of Soviet forces throughout the war.  Indeed no World War II movie featuring the Eastern Front would be complete without a band of Soviet infantryman sporting the now iconic weapon.

Simple and rugged, the PPSh-41 fired from an open bolt and utilized a blowback action.  It was chambered for the 7.65x25mm Tokarev pistol round, a caliber smaller than its contemporaries such as the 9mm Para and the .45 ACP.  However the 7.65 Tokarev sported very high muzzle velocities and allowed for less recoil.  This was especially important when it came to controlling the weapon’s high rate of fire, a whopping 900 rounds a minute, nearly twice as much as other submachine guns of the day.  Its light recoil, high velocity ammunition, and high rate of fire made the PPSh-41 into a deadly buzzsaw that cut down all before it.  To make up for it’s rate of fire, they were commonly issued with a large 71 round magazine, ensuring that Soviet infantrymen could pour out a ton of firepower without having to reload too often.  The PPSh-41 was also light and compact.  It’s total length was around 33 inches, and its weight was around 9.5 lbs loaded.  That’s only 1 lb heavy than its nemesis, the German MP-40, which only had a magazine capacity of 32 rounds.  This combination of firepower in a compact package made the PPSh-41 an ideal weapon for close quarter combat in urban areas such as Leningrad, Stalingrad, Warsaw, and Berlin.  The PPSh-41 was even loved by it’s enemy, the Germans, who often used captured PPSh’s in favor of MP-40’s, using 7.63X25mm Mauser ammunition which was similar enough to the 7.62 Tokarev.  Others captured by the Wehrmacht were converted to 9mm.

Perhaps the PPSh’s biggest advantage was its affinity for mass production.  A simple weapon using stamped metal parts, and fewer parts than other submachine guns, the PPSh could easily be manufactured by Russian peasants with simple tools.  To ease production further, PPSh barrels were produced by cutting down the barrels from surplus Mosin Nagant rifles, which were also 7.62 caliber (7.62X54R).  As a result, two PPSh barrels were produced from one Mosin Nagant barrel.  What resulted was a submachine gun that took little work to produced, only around 5.6 hours of machining per gun.   This allowed the Soviet Union to be the number one submachine gun producer of the war.  During World War II, the Soviets produced over 6 million PPSh submachine guns, and well as millions of other designs to supplement it.  Unlike during the Winter War, issuance of submachine guns was widespread.  The Soviets even sometimes equipped whole regiments and battalions with PPSh-41’s.

The only drawback of the PPSh were reliability problems due to the large drum magazine.  It’s 71 round capacity often weakened it’s large spring, which caused malfunctions.  It also had a tendency to warp, which also caused malfunctions.  In 1944 a smaller 35 round magazine was introduced, but most Soviet soldiers still preferred the 71 round magazine.  Later an improved and more reliable drum magazine was also introduced.

After World War II the PPSh-41 continued to see use with the Soviet Army.  It is still often used by reserve units in Russia and the former Soviet nations, as well as rebels, revolutionaries, freedom fighters, and terrorists.  Millions were also sold to other Communist nations during the Cold War, such as the Eastern European nations, China, North Korea, and Vietnam.  Some nations even manufactured their own variants and copies.  As a result they were commonly used in Cold War conflicts such as Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Cambodia.


LIGO’s black holes probably did not come from one star

“The best thing I can say about this idea is that it falls into the category of “not automatically impossible.” The tough thing about it is that even for the most rapid rotators, the stars themselves are still highly non-relativistic, meaning they spin at velocities well below (significantly less than 10%) the speed of light, while the inspiraling black holes were moving at speeds very close to (about 60%) the speed of light.”

Ever since LIGO first announced the direct detection of gravitational waves from two merging black holes, the physics and astronomy community has been struggling to understand an unexpected phenomenon that appears to have come along with it: a short-period gamma ray burst. Arriving just 0.4 seconds after the gravitational waves did, the Fermi satellite’s detection doesn’t line up with models of black hole mergers. It’s thought that short-period GRBs originate from neutron star-neutron star mergers, and so seeing this has led to speculation of new physics, including from Avi Loeb at Harvard that perhaps LIGO’s twin black holes came from inside the same star. However, this explanation is exceedingly unlikely, and there are a number of astrophysical explanations that don’t require new physics like Loeb’s explanation would. Go get the whole — mostly critical — story of why LIGO’s black holes probably didn’t come from the same star!

Force to Velocity-

Force converts into velocity of movements, and when animating, the more extreme the velocity, the more distorted and abstracted the graphic form would become.  When in extreme distortion, the drawings must be exposed on 1′s.  They are meant to be felt, behaving as visual pops and not to be seen.

Interestingly, if the speed of the animation is correct through spacing and timing, but form does not react aerodynamically to the velocity, the final animation will feel less fluid and strobe as it moves about.

One noted consequence from animating force is that while the movement feels fluid in motion, the single drawings often come across unappealing and odd-looking.  While distortion is a strength for motion, it can be a hinder in still-frame, as the natural tendency is to look for the beauty aesthetics in the single drawing while animating, (perhaps the reason why more animators favor form over force).

Above a short scene I animated for Brad Bird’s ‘Iron Giant’, (from 1st pass to the less successful 1st tie-down attempt to the final tie-down and clean-up with camera move)  …And on another aspect of cause and effect to high velocity, in physics and nature, the faster the velocity, the more heat is generated.  ‘Heat’ certainly didn’t cross my mind while animating the many action scenes in ‘Iron Giant’.  I wondered if this ‘heat’ consequence was also being considered, then perhaps the story of the movement is even more compelling with this additional info.


The Modele 1935A Pistol,

A design created by Charles Gabriel Petter, the Mle 1935A was the most popular French semi-automatic pistol during World War II and during the post war period.  The design was based off of the popular Colt 1911, however Petter wanted a pistol that was lighter and fired a smaller cartridge (much like the TT-30 Tokarev design).  It was very similar in many respects to the 1911, utilizing a short recoil action.  However the Mle 1935A was a much lighter than the 1911.  More importantly the Mle 1935A was chambered for a radically different cartridge, the 7.65x20mm Longue.  Originally developed at the end of World War I, the 7.65 Longue was a much smaller caliber than the .45acp and less powerful, but still sported muzzle velocities over 1,100 feet per second.  Due to the smaller cartridge, the Mle 1935A had an eight round magazine rather than a seven round magazine.

The Mle 1935A was adopted by the French Army in 1937, however production did not begin in earnest until 1939.  By the time France was invaded by Germany during World War II, only 10,700 were produced and issued.  For the most part, the French Army had to rely upon older revolvers.  The fall of France saw the German occupation of French industry, and during the occupation 23,850 were produced for the Germany.  A number were issued to the Milice, a military force organized by Vichy France, which was a puppet government controlled by Germany.

When German occupation ended in 1944, French production of the Mle 1935A resumed.  Many were used to arm the French contingent of the Allied Forces as the advanced upon Germany in late 1944 and early 1945.  After World War II production continued and the pistol saw service with Colonial French forces fighting in Indochina (Vietnam) and Algeria.  Production finally ended in 1956 with 85,950 pistol being produced altogether.

Planning a Place of Birth

This is all according to one resource, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence. If anyone (especially midwives) have any other information and good resources on home births and birthing facilities please let me know. I’ll post what the website has as well as what I’ve seen on other resources.

Everyone should be offered the choice of planning birth at home, in a midwife-led unit or in an obstetric unit. Everyone should be informed:

  • That giving birth is generally very safe for both the pregnant person and their baby. (650 people die from pregnancy related issues every year, about half of those giving birth each year have some sort of complication)
  • That the available information on planning place of birth is not of good quality, but suggests that among those who plan to give birth at home or in a midwife-led unit there is a higher likelihood of a natural birth, with less intervention. We do not have enough information about the possible risks relating to planned place of birth.
  • That the obstetric unit provides direct access to obstetricians, anaesthetists, neonatologists and other specialist care including epidural analgesia.
  • Depending on locally available services, the likelihood of being transferred into the obstetric unit and the time this may take. Take this into consideration.
  • That if something does go unexpectedly seriously wrong during labour at home or in a midwife-led unit, the outcome for could be worse than if they were in the obstetric unit with access to specialised care.
  • That if they have a pre-existing medical condition or has had a previous complicated birth that makes them at higher risk of developing complications during their next birth, they should be advised to give birth in an obstetric unit.

I know that a lot of birthing centers do make sure that you are as safe as possible and that if things do go wrong you are transferred to emergency care quickly.

Factors to consider when planning the place of birth

1. Medical conditions that may indicate a need for obstetric care.

These conditions include:

  • Confirmed cardiac disease
  • Hypertensive disorders 
  • Asthma requiring an increase in treatment or hospital treatment
  • Cystic fibrosis
  • Haemoglobinopathies – sickle-cell disease, beta-thalassaemia major
  • History of thromboembolic disorders
  • Immune thrombocytopenia purpura or other platelet disorder or platelet count below 100,000
  • Von Willebrand’s disease
  • Bleeding disorder in the adult or unborn baby
  • Atypical antibodies which carry a risk of haemolytic disease of the newborn
  • Risk factors associated with group B streptococcus whereby antibiotics in labour would be recommended
  • Hepatitis B/C with abnormal liver function tests
  • Carrier of/infected with HIV
  • Toxoplasmosis – receiving treatment
  • Current active infection of chicken pox/rubella/genital herpes in the adult or baby
  • Tuberculosis under treatment
  • Systemic lupus erythematosus
  • Scleroderma
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Diabetes
  • Abnormal renal function
  • Renal disease requiring supervision by a renal specialist
  • Epilepsy
  • Myasthenia gravis
  • Previous cerebrovascular accident
  • Liver disease associated with current abnormal liver function tests
  • Psychiatric disorder requiring current inpatient care

2. Other factors that may suggest needing obstetric care

Situations where there is an increased risk for parent or child:

  • Unexplained stillbirth/neonatal death or previous death related to intrapartum difficulty
  • Previous baby with neonatal encephalopathy
  • Pre-eclampsia requiring preterm birth
  • Placental abruption with adverse outcome
  • Eclampsia
  • Uterine rupture
  • Primary postpartum haemorrhage requiring additional treatment or blood transfusion
  • Retained placenta requiring manual removal in theatre
  • Caesarean section 
  • Shoulder dystocia
  • Multiple birth 
  • Placenta praevia
  • Pre-eclampsia or pregnancy-induced hypertension
  • Preterm labour or preterm prelabour rupture of membranes 
  • Placental abruption
  • Anaemia –- haemoglobin less than 8.5 g/dl at onset of labour
  • Confirmed intrauterine death
  • Induction of labour 
  • Substance misuse
  • Alcohol dependency requiring assessment or treatment
  • Onset of gestational diabetes 
  • Malpresentation – breech or transverse lie
  • Body mass index at booking of greater than 35 kg/m2
  • Recurrent antepartum haemorrhage
  • Small for gestational age in this pregnancy (less than fifth centile or reduced growth velocity on ultrasound)
  • Abnormal fetal heart rate (FHR)/Doppler studies
  • Ultrasound diagnosis of oligo-/polyhydramnios
  • Myomectomy
  • Hysterotomy

Now many health organizations, like the World Health Organization, say not to focus too much on high risk pregnancies as this causes many supposed “low risk” pregnancies to not get the level of care they need and also limits choices for “high risk” pregnancies that may be totally fine and not need obstetric care.

3. Medical Conditions that aren’t necessarily reasons to have obstetric care but may indicate further consideration

  • Cardiac disease without intrapartum implications
  • Atypical antibodies not putting the baby at risk of haemolytic disease
  • Sickle-cell trait
  • Thalassaemia trait
  • Anaemia – haemoglobin 8.5–10.5 g/dl at onset of labour
  • Hepatitis B/C with normal liver function tests
  • Non-specific connective tissue disorders
  • Unstable hypothyroidism such that a change in treatment is required
  • Spinal abnormalities
  • Previous fractured pelvis
  • Neurological deficits
  • Liver disease without current abnormal liver function
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Ulcerative colitis

4. Other factors that aren’t necessarily reasons to have obstetric care but may indicate further consideration

  • Stillbirth/neonatal death with a known non-recurrent cause
  • Pre-eclampsia developing at term
  • Placental abruption with good outcome
  • History of previous baby more than 4.5 kg
  • Extensive vaginal, cervical, or third- or fourth-degree perineal trauma
  • Previous term baby with jaundice requiring exchange transfusion
  • Antepartum bleeding of unknown origin (single episode after 24 weeks of gestation)
  • Body mass index at booking of 30–34 kg/m2
  • Blood pressure of 140 mmHg systolic or 90 mmHg diastolic on two occasions
  • Clinical or ultrasound suspicion of macrosomia
  • Para 6 or more
  • Recreational drug use
  • Under current outpatient psychiatric care
  • Age over 40 at booking
  • Fetal abnormality
  • Major gynaecological surgery
  • Cone biopsy or large loop excision of the transformation zone (LLETZ)
  • Fibroids

For more information on planning your place of birth, visit this post!

Time dilation

Time is a relative thing–
It could go fast or it could be slow. 
In your own frame of reference
Time changes and you never know. 
I get it; I understand
You think it’s time you leave. 
We weren’t on the same pace; 
I realize I’ve been naive. 
Because when we were together
My heart beat faster than yours. 
At that velocity
You wanted less; I wanted more. 
What was also happening
Was the pull of our attraction. 
I was deep into you,
But your interest was just a fraction. 
So time was slow to me–
And I didn’t want it to end
While swiftly your time passed;
Now you ask to be my friend. 
See, spacetime is tricky,
Both speed and gravity at play. 
I wish we’d synchronized
And you could love me all the way.