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Detective Duo: First Meeting

Wesley Weston had way too much to worry about already, without adding in exchange students who barely spoke English. Unfortunately, Ishiyama and some guy named Damocles decided that every one of the exchange students would be assigned a “buddy” corresponding with their year level.

He just so happened to be picked for the job.

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a little less sixteen candles, a little more “touch me” // fall out boy

Imagine your OTP going out shopping: Person A is a total punk while person B is more or less a hipster who loves aesthetic shit like aliens and glitter. Both of them argues loudly in public about where to go first (“HOT TOPIC!” “I WANNA GO TO LUSH!”). In the end, person A just grabs B’s hand and drags them in a corner to kiss them hard. And that’s how B ends up sulking in Hot Topic.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm an ENFP female and I was wondering what are differences between an INFP male and ENFP male (I'm trying to correctly type my brother lol) Thank you so much <3 Love your blog! :3

My own personal observations have been the following:
INFP males are commonly “hipsters” or have a unique style of dress. They’re quiet, shy, and tend to stay very loyal and dedicated to those they love. They tend to feel very misunderstood as children, as the rest of the boys are into sports/wrestling each other/boy scouts and stuff while they have no inclination to do such things. They’re funny, but will only tell jokes to those they feel comfortable around. Have an awkward tone of voice when talking to strangers. Also into memes. Quality memes. Will not scream in public if dared.

ENFP males dress less like “hipsters,” but still have a unique style to the way they like to dress. They’re into music, film, the arts, and enjoy communications (radio, tv, film, journalism, etc). They’re funny to nearly everyone and will fight with you about their introversion levels (“the test said I’m INFP but I’m extroverted I swear!1!1!l”). May be into lower quality memes (like shitposts) and likes pranks. More openly emotional/will cry out “NOOOOooo” when something goes wrong in public. Will scream in public if dared.