and leeds

Word Count: 2102

“I’m picking you up after school. Have your suit.”

Peter pulls his phone away from his ear, mouth opening and closing around lost words as he blinks, almost as if in a daze, at Ned. He drags a glossy gaze toward the phone with “Mr. Stark On Call” blinking on the touch screen.


Ned snaps a finger in front of Peter’s face, and Peter jerks back into reality, after being lost within the memories of when he last fought alongside Iron Man, and presses his phone back to his ear. “Sorry!” He chirps out with a crack of the voice. “I’m here! I can meet you; I have my suit!”

“Don’t sound so excited.”

Peter sucks in a deep breath, chest swelling largely, then slowly exhales to calm the excitement burning hot across his veins. “Sorry,” he says, hoping his voice sounds as cool and casual as he thinks it does.

“Okay, I’m hanging up now.”

The familiar chime of a dropped call rings in Peter’s ear, and he slowly pulls his phone away from his ear and stares with blown pupils at Ned. “He’s picking me up after school. He told me to bring my suit…” His voice trails off into a pit of awe that burns his toes and spikes hot across his limbs. “I’m going to be hanging out with Iron Man today,” he whispers loudly as he falls back against his locker with a wide small pushing at his lips.

“Do you think that’s such a good idea?”

Peter’s too far gone, lost in the waves of excitement, and he barely registers Ned’s hushed question. “Huh?”

“You’re still sick.”

It feels as if a pile of bricks drops onto Peter’s head, forcing him off of cloud nine and back into the harsh reality that is his poor immune system not even remotely affected by his hero abilities. “I’m okay,” he tells Ned, but the wavering tone of his voice negates his words so much that Ned is leaning forward to press the back of his hand to Peter’s flushed cheek.

“I mean if ‘okay’ is burning up, then you’re fantastic.”

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