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au where jeongguk is a model who spends his spare time watching animal videos. his favourite channel is lifewithlatte as it revolves around the cutest shiba inu jeongguk has seen in his life. after one too many unfruitful attempts at trying to persuade his manager into letting him adopt a puppy of his own, jeongguk sad tweets about it. to his surprise, latte’s owner stumbles upon his tweet and responds with a video of latte. there is still good in this world, jeongguk thinks as he watches the three second clip over and over again because the clip was filmed for me!! me!! three months later when jeongguk finally meets latte in person, he realises that somewhere along the way he has stopped thinking that the cutest thing about the account is latte and has started thinking that it’s her owner, jimin.

jeonjeongguk97: hi
jeonjeongguk97: so. it’s being sad over not having a dog hours.
lifewithlatte: is this a hint for me to send more latte clips??
jeonjeongguk97: ding ding ding! we’ve got a winner!
jeonjeongguk97: …
jeonjeongguk97: pls

Imagine for the young!Coco AU, when the adventure is over...

(I apologize in advance if I get any Spanish or any day of the dead details wrong.)

Imagine for the young!Coco AU, when the adventure is over…

The next Day of the Dead, Coco is singing and dancing and her father’s guitar has been rightfully returned to her family. She can feel a warm, loving presence close by and she can imagine that it’s her papa dancing and singing alongside her as he plays upon his guitar. She can feel it in her heart–her papa is right there with her on that day.

When she stops dancing, she whispers “I love you, papa.”

“I love you, mi hija.”

She swears she hears these words as clear as day.

Coco feels her father close by every day of the dead, alongside her mother, watching over her. He’s there when she is married to her husband and she feels his approval. She feels an excitement when she has children of her own and as the family grows as the years go by.

When her husband dies, she feels a different, yet loving presence on that year’s day of the dead. Her father wants her to be able to feel her husband so that she knows he’s still there with her–he’s willing to sacrifice a big part of a day he’d normally spend with her so that his son-in-law can spend time with her. She can imagine that the two are getting along and that her father has already long seen him as his own son and is thankful that he made his daughter’s life even more joyful and loving.

Years later, when Miguel is growing up–a boy who deeply admires his great-great grandfather and aspires to be like him–Coco can tell that her father would give the child his blessing whenever he comes by for day of the dead. She can practically hear her papa playing guitar and singing alongside Miguel for once a year. The two would get along so wonderfully (but hopefully there will not be a repeat of what happened to her, she hopes).

And then, after so many years, she is finally able to return into her father’s arms once again in the afterlife. There is so much to share between the two and there is no sorrow in her death–she has lived a full life like he wanted her to.

Are we there yet? (Part I)

For @the-triumvirate-week, even though it’s purely platonic and doesn’t fit any of the themes.
The first part of a road trip story I will hopefully finish soon on AO3.
Thanks again, @milynya for beta reading this!

Combeferre had been up for almost two hours and it was still far too early for his liking. The sun having decided to properly show up between the trees on the right side of the road might have been a nice touch, but didn’t really help since the bright light was dazzling and causing him to squint his eyes more often than he preferred, especially driving down a motorway with 120 kilometres per hour.

It had been around five, when he had finally managed to crawl out of his bed like the devil out of hell and stumbled into the kitchen to brew his first cup of coffee. After that he had still cursed the early hour and his determination to leave as soon as possible to avoid driving on overly crammed streets. At least he had minimised the possibility to fall back into bed, forget about his damned prudence and just sleep on for another five hours.

After having gathered the last few things he needed for his journey, verifying one final time that he definitely packed everything and filling both of his thermal flasks with coffee, he had loaded his car – not that he had that much baggage to begin with – and hit the road. That he completely forgot to have some breakfast struck him only half an hour later, when he had just gotten used to being driving.

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Collage has me in this uncomfortable situation where it shows that i Do have a higher skill level and peers around me recognize it, putting me in an awkward situation when it comes to showing my work because they are fucking art students for godsake, none of them are confident in their art own art, will often deprecate themselves, and sometimes i might even feel their jealousy, which in turn makes me feel bad and guilty

There’s also the feeling that despite my skill level, there’s no “”proof”” that i am in fact a good artist, my resume is still mostly empty and i feel like i gotta earn an achievement or something for it to be “valid”. 

On top of that, i feel like i gotta impress my professors, because even if the students or people in general say my art is good, it doesn’t start to feel real or like a valid opinion unless its someone that Really knows about it

So I might be getting hired for another choreographing gig this week

Me: Hey do you know that Earth, Wind and Fire song September? Do you ever think they made a song called December, like it’s the same thing but instead of saying September they say December instead?

My brother: That would be really funny if there was.

My dad: There is look it up.


lmao people seriously think homestuck is over?  like?  there’s a new hs meme every week and we’re at the point where the canon of the comic is starting to bleed into our reality and manifest in the physical plane, but yeah, keep pretending you can escape this mess