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Keith is heartbroken and upset Shiro’s gone, and he can’t just move on. When the team says that they need a new leader, Keith keeps reminding them that Shiro is gone. It hurts him more that Shiro is gone rather than Voltron not being able to form. 

So when he says  “You wanted me to lead Voltron? This is how I do it”, he’s bitter and pissed that the team has made him become the leader even though he’s mentioned time and time again that he doesn’t want to lead the group to Shiro because Shiro is the leader and he never thought that he would actually pilot Black because he never thought he’d lose Shiro again.


so please don’t take my seunshine away

anyways can u guys have faith in keith leading please…………………….

Oh boy, I am panicking a little bit 😅
So not only did he book off his other job (since it wasn’t raining) to take me out again but he constantly complimented my laugh and called me adorable plus we went for a walk along the waterfront after dinner then sat there watching the sunset and talking with his arm around me and we get along so well but I don’t know I just don’t feel it ..

He’s 6'6 with a beard and a heart of gold like actually the nicest person ever but I don’t think he’s right for me like sure I like him a little but he’s also made it very clear that he really really likes me,
and I can always tell instantly if I feel a special connection with someone so the fact that I’m even questioning it is probably a bad sign

I think I know how I feel but just needed to get this anxious energy out to be able to ground myself a little better,
have I mentioned how grateful I am for all of you lovely beings? 🙈💞

I just watched AWE today again, and years ago I never really appreciated many nuances of this movie which had escaped me. Long ago I had been too overcome by my grief over the obviously vicious rending of the AWE script. Back then, all I noticed was the paring down of the Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swann love story that was building to a crescendo from potc2. Now, in AWE the movie was doing some serious back peddling; an extreme editing job was performed to make room for the Will and Elizabeth ‘happy ending’ to make sense. I say that with a good deal of resentment and sarcasm too, but that is not what I wanted to point out this time.

However, I saw AWE just now and I have got to say how brilliant and adorable Elizabeth Swann is when she is on her way to entering the bath house in Singapore. She goes there to meet Sao Fang with Barbossa. She is feisty as ever. When the Oriental pirate on guard outside of the bath house asks Barbossa if he is the one protecting this woman, Elizabeth is in rare form.

“What makes you think I need protection?”

She had skillfully slithered up to the guard, managing to maneuver a sharp knife to the man’s throat!

But what is just too funny for words happens next. It is such a riot, and done very cheekily with a bit of flair. The scene is short and goes by quickly, but it is a treasure trove of potc characterization and comedy.

The guards already got a taste of Elizabeth’s slippery nature outside, and before permitting her to go in and meet with Sao Fang, Elizabeth is required to strip. And I mean does she ever strip! LOL! She comes across as this dainty, petite little thing harmless as a fly, and allegedly a ‘weak woman.’ And right then and there, as she disrobes and takes off what little bit she has on, this pirate lass pulls out more weapons and artillery than an army! Most of her weapons are also the size of human limbs! LOL! I mean that last rifle Elizabeth leans backwards and struggles to pull out of WHO knows where, is hysterical. She adds all her discarded arsenal in a neat little pile off to the side.

Finally when she’s done, Elizabeth gives that ‘quirky’ little ‘smirk’ over to Barbossa. It is done so well and so delightfully devious…and she delivers that expression with the innocence of a mere waif who simply got caught with her hand in the cookie jar! But, get a gander of that stockpile of weaponry Elizabeth managed to store about her tiny frame!

That is such a funny scene, and done with a cheeky finesse. Elizabeth is so precocious and this scene is such a defining moment in potc. It is a great chapter of showing us just how much Elizabeth Swann had blossomed into the wily pirate she was and IS!

Here’s to Lizzie, the one and only Pirate King!

“A former thief leads an eccentric band, including a blind monk and an enemy robot, on a mission to steal plans from a powerful imperial space station”

That’s a weird way to write Cassian Andor, a brave and trusted soldier of the resistance leads an unconventional group of heroes on a daring mission to save the galaxy.

A concept: Dominique won the temptation, halts this week’s eviction, Cody wins battleback, he is an outsider because everyone is mad that he tried to take out their leader. Dom, also being an outsider at this point, teams up with Cody and Jessica, add Mark and Josh to that because they deep down love them some Dominique no matter what the house says about her. Dom talks to Elena to squash whatever beef they have, Dominique flips the house and makes them realize that Paul is an actual snake and that they’ve been his minions. Josh/Dominique wins HoH, backdoors Paul, and we could have a possibly saved season!!

❣ Your Soul Is Mine ❣

Look at this too sassy man who got himself caught by a very amused demon. This oh so perfect college professor teaches occultism in a very sceptical way. One day, while he’s at home to make a video, to show that black magic and this stuff is utter nonsense, he accidentally sacrifices his soul to this demon, who’s of course very happy. But the professor won’t submit and since the demon can’t kill him to devour his soul, he will torture him until he give it by his own will. Professor’s world turned upside down and now there’s a demon waiting for him whenever he comes home.

Two new Oc’s haha So kids don’t play with magic! And I hope you will like it and that you are having a great day!! ❤❤

fauxtabek  asked:

Where would one go to read the My hero academia manga?

You can read it on MangHere  or  KissManga  (at least those are the ones I use)!!! I also like to read new chapter updates on  MangaStream , although they don’t seem to upload extra content in chapters like MH or KM do