and lavender for date night apparently

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Prompt/Drabble request:K & P are dating and K goes to school with mean girls who tease her for not having money and don't believe she has a boyfriend maybe say she is gay because she likes to hunt which is ok but brings unwanted attention. She vents to Peeta one night so he shows up looking sexy af to take her home, shows a little pda which she allows and maybe comments to said girls to be careful because she might be gorgeous but is lethal with a bow in her hands.

Hope you enjoy! It was fun writing this new little world…

Please excuse all typos and such…

Summary: A day in the life of Katniss Everdeen, the new girl at Panem’s Preparatory School for Young Ladies.

Trigger Warning: bullying


God, she hated them.

Pretty, bitchy, and ditzy.

She looked around the crowded cafeteria from her lonely corner table. Her mother and stepfather agreed that Panem Preparatory School for Young Ladies was the best place for her to get a leg-up for college. She agreed; the classes were interesting and her teachers were intelligent professors from all around the world.

However, going to school in Panem Prep also required that she’d have to deal with the three girls currently walking towards her.

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