and lavender for date night apparently

Night Cap With Not-Cap

As requested by Anonymous.

Steve Rogers x Reader x Bucky Barnes

Warnings: NSFW. Paparazzi. Food mention. Party mention. It went a little different in terms of the direction I had originally planned, but I hope it worked out.

Word count: 5,847

“Can you believe this shit?” Bucky says with an exasperated chuckle, plopping onto the couch next to you with a newspaper in his hands. “These people have nothing better to do than to follow us around taking pictures.”

“Let me see,” you say gently, relieving him of the newspaper.

The headline reads “Night Cap with Not-Cap” over a picture of you and Bucky outside a restaurant, his arm wrapped around your waist as he leans over to press a kiss to your temple; you recognize your slinky black dress from last night and remember the flashing cameras and the obnoxious people behind them asking all sorts of invasive questions.

“Hey, did you break it off with Captain America?” they asked. “What happened with Steve Rogers? Is he out of the picture now? When did you start seeing his best friend? Was it after the fact or are you cheating on him?”

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purqatory  asked:

#25 for a ronsy au where they started dating before the war? x

  • it was late.
  • beyond late, really, but it was the only way pansy could bring herself to go and see him.
  • she’d heard the news at breakfast that morning, via a gossiping daphne and company. 
  • “did you hear about weasley and lavender?” daphne gushed as the food appeared on their plates. 
  • pansy’s stomach flipped. ron and lavender were supposed to have been over. had he… no, he wouldn’t. would he?
  • “i overheard her talking to that patil friend of hers just now,” daphne started in, not waiting for their reactions. “weasley was apparently poisoned last night, or something.”
  • pansy couldn’t stop the gasp that left her throat. poisoned? her legs itched, begging to carry her out of the hall and to the hospital wing. 
  • but daphne didn’t notice, instead she continued on as if someone almost dying wasn’t even the good part of the story. “he’s in the infirmary now but… well, lavender’s just devastated,” daphne laughed, taking entirely too much enjoyment in the emotional downfall of the girl. 
  • “what?” pansy asked, trying to keep her tone even. 
  • “yeah, i guess she thought she’d swoop back in, take care of him until he came too and hope that he’d take her back.”
  • “why anyone would go through all that trouble for a weasley is beyond me,” millicent mumbled, poking at her breakfast but not actually eating it. 
  • “why is she devastated, though,” pansy pushed, trying to keep daphne talking until she could her level on internal panic to a manageable level. 
  • daphne laughed. she really was cruel. pansy eyed her under he bangs. she’d been like that, once. but times had changed, things had changed. 
  • “well,” daphne started, her eyes alight, “apparently lavender had been by his side all morning when he finally stirred and started mumbling. and she got all excited thinking he was trying to talk to her but then,” she stopped, pausing for dramatic effect, and pansy had to stop herself from rolling her eyes. “then he said someone else’s name!” 
  • daphne and millicent fell into a fit of giggles but pansy’s heart dropped. 
  • “whose?” millicent manged to ask. 
  • “well that’s the mystery, isn’t it? she couldn’t make it out fully, but it definitely didn’t sound like lavender.” 
  • pansy wanted to leave, to run to him, but she couldn’t. not then, not in front of them. so she waited. 
  • and now she walked the dark halls, alone and hoping not to run into peeves. 
  • one of the doors to the infirmary was thankfully opened, but she was still careful to slip in as quietly as she could. 
  • luckily ron seemed to be the only patient there, and she found him quickly. 
  • there was a chair already near his bed, the one she assumed lavender had been in just this morning, but she sat in it just the same. 
  • it was then she realized she didn’t really know what to do. was she to take his hand? move his hair from his face? what did people do in this situation? when people they don’t want to admit they care deeply for are in such a state?
  • “you’re an idiot,” she mumbled, deciding to rest her hand on the bed near his hand. “i mean, really,” she continued softly. “poisoned? how do you even manage that?”
  • his eyelids fluttered and she startled. “pansy?” he mumbled, his voice thick and raw. she didn’t say anything, couldn’t. he swallowed and his eyes started to open. “i knew you’d come,” he whispered when he saw her. 
  • “really, weasley, if you wanted my attention you could have thought of something a little less dangerous.” 
  • his fingers twitched, searching for her hand. she let his fingers rest on hers, but didn’t move to actually hold his hand. “oh i’m fine,” he insisted, and it almost sounded as if he were drunk. 
  • “you could have died.” she snapped. she looked from his face down to his neck and shoulders, to his arms covered in pale white swirling scars. she thought of how he’d gotten those, and of the half a dozen other stories he’d told her of how he’d almost died. everyone of those had happened while he was with that damned harry potter. “you’re going to die,” she added sharply, “if you keep in with potter.”
  • he reached, and fully grabbed her hand. “shhh,” he said, closing his eyes. “you’re too shrill to be getting so upset, pomfrey will hear you.” 
  • she stared at him, watching him as he appeared to be drifting back to sleep, ignoring the dampness growing around her eyes. 
  • she heard her parents in her head, talking in hushed tones and half sentences about what was soon to come, about the dark lord and taking back of the wizarding world, returning it to what it was. 
  • she knew what that meant for him and his brash gryffindor sensibilities. she knew that he’d never truly abandon potter or granger, never give up the cause for anyone, even her. 
  • she knew that soon they’d be on opposite sides of a war
  • but now, now they were together. so she moved her chair closer, clasped his hand tighter, and settled in for as long as she could with out getting caught. 

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Prompt/Drabble request:K & P are dating and K goes to school with mean girls who tease her for not having money and don't believe she has a boyfriend maybe say she is gay because she likes to hunt which is ok but brings unwanted attention. She vents to Peeta one night so he shows up looking sexy af to take her home, shows a little pda which she allows and maybe comments to said girls to be careful because she might be gorgeous but is lethal with a bow in her hands.

Hope you enjoy! It was fun writing this new little world…

Please excuse all typos and such…

Summary: A day in the life of Katniss Everdeen, the new girl at Panem’s Preparatory School for Young Ladies.

Trigger Warning: bullying


God, she hated them.

Pretty, bitchy, and ditzy.

She looked around the crowded cafeteria from her lonely corner table. Her mother and stepfather agreed that Panem Preparatory School for Young Ladies was the best place for her to get a leg-up for college. She agreed; the classes were interesting and her teachers were intelligent professors from all around the world.

However, going to school in Panem Prep also required that she’d have to deal with the three girls currently walking towards her.

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