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Ok *cracks fingers* I have 3 ideas free to choose which you like the most : -platonic reader and Jefferson as roommates engaging a pasta food battle (hello again) -fake dating with (our little gay turtle ) Laurens To help him face is Dad -aaaaaaand hamisquad meet theirs soulmate's parents headcanon (Okay it's maybe a little too much ^^')



- is a nervous mess, thinking he’ll say the wrong thing

- mixes up your mom and dad, calls your dad miss

- brings in things that he created

- your parents like him, even though he’s sweating through his clothes

“Mulligan, you’ll be fine!” You said, rubbing his fingers. He turned to you slowly, and you gasped at the amount of sweat he produced. You’ve never seen him this nervous before, not even after the war.

“I can’t do this.” He whispered, the liquid dripping onto your hands. You pulled away, grabbing the six additional shirts you brought just in case this happened.


- has a way with words so this isn’t that bad

- talks their soulmates parent’s ears to death

- they seem to like him 

-but also want him to go away

“Can you just stop talking for once, Alex? Your food is going to get cold!” You hissed, nudging him. He looked at you, widening his eyes.

“But there’s just one more thing-!” He turned back to your mom, telling her about something that seemed pointless. She smiled sweetly at him, but you saw the exasperation in her eyes. You sighed, shaking your head.


- is excited, prepares an outfit weeks beforehand

- brings your mother flowers, brings your dad tickets to ??

- even though he’s sweet, your parents are suspicious

- smooth talks them with his french, they are won over instantly

Lafayette held out the flowers to your mom, and she blushed, sniffing it once. He nodded, passing your dad the tickets that you told him he would like. Your dad thanked Lafayette, looking at you suspiciously. You shrugged.

“Nice to meet you! I am grateful to be in the presence of such a wonderful family. Mon amour, Y/N, told me so much about you!” There he goes, impressing them with his French.


- wears his favorite green turtle tie

- smiles nervously at your parents but you hold his hand to reassure him

- your parents end up showing him all of your embarrassing pictures

- john tells you that you look lovely, even with the picture of that incident

“Mom, please, not that picture.” You said, covering your face. You knew this was a bad idea, but you didn’t realize how bad it was going to be. John grinned happily, sitting closer to your mother and father. He looked at you, squeezing your hand once. You frowned at him.

“And this is Y/N’s first bath. She was a chubby thing back then-”

“MOM, please!”

Camren x Boys

Interviewer: “So, I guess you are so busy you guys don’t date…”

They don’t hear what he ask.

Lauren: “huh?”

Interviewer: “I said you guys are so busy you don’t date…anybody got boyfriends?”

Camila: “ahnn…nahhh!”

Her face:

Lauren: “nah!”

Her face:

Someone in the audience screams “Michael”…

Camila: “What??? No! We’re just friends!”

Interviewer: “Somebody yells Michael. Who’s dating Michael?”

Lauren just freezes looking at Camila… (people will say Normani was looking at her too, but look at her smile… now look at Lauren’s face. LOL)

And then Lauren recover herself and say she wasn’t listening anything…

Normani to Lauren: “Who has boyfriends…” (but Lauren already heard the question, she just lost her shit when she heard Michael’s name…)

Interviewer: “First of all…who’s dating Michael?”

Camila: “No, no, no, no…we’re just friends!”

Lauren: “No, no, no…they’re just friends!”

You two think we’re all blind and deaf….but we see/hear you Camrennnnn!

-> The Interview

Camren Fetus - 5H Interview

Who farts?

Everyone: Camila! (and Lauren is always excited!)

Who’s the flirtiest?

Everyone: Ally! (look at Lauren!)


Everyone: Camila! (Lauren telling a story about Camila.)


Lauren to Normani: It’s you!
Camila to Lauren: NOOOO! YOUUUU!!!! YOUUUUU!!!!

1 - Look at Lauren’s reaction when Camila said she’s the loudest.

2 - Looks at Normani’s face like: “oh oh u gonna sleep on the couch!!” 
(LOL I’m dying)

(The first almost fight of the couple!)


Camila says that’s Ally… but Lauren says something to Camila like “you are weirdo! U know…” and Camila says “I know I am weirdo!”.

Camila says: “but it’s cute, cuz it’s Ally…” (look at Lauren’s face!)

They were so young. 

Vintage Camren. :)