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Anything She Needs.

My submission for OQ Week Day Day 5. Regina and Robin get the call that the adoption agency has found them a child. But there’s a catch…


Annoyance. It was the first thing Regina felt when the ringing of her cell phone pierced through her dreams. She groaned as she forced her eyes opened and looked at the clock on her nightstand. 4 AM. She turned her head to see Robin still sleeping soundly next to her. Somehow she’d yet to find an alarm capable of forcing him awake. She sighed as she grabbed the phone off her nightstand. If this was Snow calling with yet another town emergency she swore she might go blind with anger. But it wasn’t Snow who was calling. Her breath caught in her throat as she recognized the number for the adoption company.

Her hand flew to Robin’s shoulder to shake him awake. He groaned as she forced him out of his sleep. “What?”

She held up the phone to him with a smile. “It’s the adoption agency. This could be it!”

“Really?” He sat up completely wide awake. They’d waited months for this call.

He put his ear close to hers as Regina nervously pressed the answer button. “Hello?”

“Hello Mrs. Locksely. Sorry to disturb you so early in the day.”

“No! It’s fine!” she said quickly. She took a deep breath and tried to rein in her excitement. “Do you have news for us?”

“We do,” said the receptionist in a pleasant voice. “Yesterday we acquired a three-month-old whose parents died in a car crash. The grandparents don’t feel equipped enough to care for them but were adamant that the baby be sent to a two-parent home. All the papers were signed and everything is handled on their end but we’d like to place them as quickly as possible. Your name came up.”

Her heart was pounding in her chest. She felt Robin grab her hand in excitement. “Well we are certainly interested in taking him in as soon as possible.”

“That’s fantastic,” said the counselor. “However there is a catch…”

“Did something happen to them in the car accident?” asked Regina. “If so that’s not a concern for us.” She and Robin had agreed they’d be more than willing to take in a child with health issues. They just wanted a baby in the house as soon as possible.

“No the baby is perfectly healthy,” said the counselor quickly. “On your file it says that you would strongly prefer a baby boy. This baby is a girl.”

Regina felt her blood run cold. “Oh.”

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