and laughs and shocks and everything in between

Imagine being in a relationship with Jensen for years and getting married in secret and him revealing it in an interview.

“Well, I really feel like I need to give you great congratulations for the movie once more. Nobody expected it to be such a blockbuster but we were pleasantly surprised, I’m sure it must have been for you too seeing as- it’s the first time you act on a movie together, am I right?” the interviewer asked and you nodded your head, glancing at your costar and… husband.

“Yeah, well I- I’ve been out of the big screen for some time now because I- because of Supernatural, and I love don’t get me wrong. It was my choice because I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world, even if sometimes the shooting is exhausting it’s all worth it.” Jensen gave her a charming grin.

“I’ll agree, they’ve got like the best crew I’ve ever met. Everything works out so well and- and that’s even more surprising seeing how much they goof around I- at times I wonder how they get anything done there!” you laughed and Jensen chuckled, nodding his head with a shy smile.

“We’re all a bunch of kids, I’ll admit.” he mumbled as you rubbed his shoulder.

“But they really have the best of the best there. From director, writers, crew to cast, I think that’s what has made the show so successful so I don’t blame Jensen or anyone if they’d never want to leave that! They are really a family and- and you can feel that you know?” you made hand motions “You feel it from the first day and you feel so welcomed you just could as well stay there forever!”

“Speaking of which, though-” the interviewer spoke up with a smile “-Congratulations (Y/n)! I learned that you have been cast to play a surprise character in the show this upcoming season, is it right?”

“Uh yeah, yeah I have! It was amazing, the soonest I found out they wanted someone for a role I just went for it. I didn’t care what it was as long as I could be there even for one effin episode, it will be more than that yeah but still.” you nodded your head.

“Yeah, and I secretly believe that she was just cast to be there to take care of us. I mean “Two oscars?”-” he made a deep voice and a funny face “Screw that, she can keep Jensen and Jared under control; you’re hired!” he slammed his hand on the chair and you giggled as he laughed along with the interviewer.

“I can almost believe that to be honest.” she laughed “But to be honest, and just because we saw how people reacted to the news: Do you not think it has to do with the chemistry you two seemed to have in the movie? And-” she raised a finger “-Before you answer, let me tell you that 9 out of 10 critics pointed out how great your acting together was, as it’s obviously well known. The fans have not stopped shipping you like crazy after this movie, asking for as much as they can get of the two of you together in a screen, big or small.”

Jensen had a sly smirk on his face and you kicked his foot slightly, trying to keep a serious face on “Well-” he cleared his throat, getting a little serious himself, or at least trying to “-I mean look at her!” he showed you off with both his hands “How can someone not have chemistry with this woman?”

You giggled shaking your head with a blush “J!”

“We- we just clicked, from the first moment; I think that was it.” he said with a fond smile and you knew that even if she thought the first day of shooting you could understand he met that first time about ten years ago in a coffee shop “There was a connection, there was defintiely understanding, an unspoken agreement and-”

“Lots of spilled coffee.” you added with a giggle and he laughed next to you.

“Lots of spilled coffee too, yeah.” he had a boyish grin on his face.

“There was chemistry, yeah.” you spoke more softly “Maybe we didn’t see it from the first moment, but it was there. We don’t act like any other couple- screen couple I mean.” you hurried to add “You’d really be surprised to see us communicate, maybe freak out a little bit too.” you chuckled and Jensen did the same “But we- we work, that’s what we know and we’re glad that people could see it as well and that it helped the movie so much; in being believable and true I mean.”

“It really came out of nowhere for some, me including let me tell you. I might be fangirling a little now, but your ship is a really big thing and I know this Halloween what I am going to dress up with my boyfriend. With both the new season of Supernatural and a Sequel in the works the ship has sailed!” she said with a wide grin and you and Jensen laughed.

“You tell me!” he grinned “Wherever I go someone will talk about it and you know what? I completely understand!” he nodded his head.

“Of course you would.” you said with a small smirk and he gave you a look that just made you shift in your place uncomfortably.

“And you know-” he suddenly said, turning to look at the interviewer “I ship it too. Yeah, I ship us like you have no idea but I think I’m the number one fan here because this has been my ship for much longer than yours!”

“Really? That would be an interesting story to hear!”

“Oh you bet!” you exclaimed, remembering how much he tried everything in his power to get to you to say yes in a date with him.

“You know?” she raised an eyebrow and you nodded your head with a grin.

“I was drunk, that’s the only thing I have to say! I was drunk, for everything! Just getting it out there, before he says anything.”

“Excuse me?!” he gasped, looking at you in fake shock that made you and the other woman laugh “Ouch!” he placed a hand over his chest.

“You know what?” he looked at the interviewer “You think a woman loves you, you do everything together: Jump off cliffs, kill aliens, go through the end of the world and almost give your life for each other and that’s what she says: I was drunk. Pff” he scoffed, shaking his head “You end up getting married and after almost a year she tells me she was just drunk, can you believe that?” he asked, his voice almost squeaky as the woman stared with almost wide eyes between the two of you, her smile vanishing slowly as she got more shocked.


“No, really. I even buy her flowers every chance I get- not just anniversaries but well, she was obviously drunk when she said yes.” he said with a clearly fake hurt face and you giggled as the interviewer gaped at you.

“You two are-” she ended up grinning as you nodded your head with a shy smile

“Ask the wife.” he said with a small pout as he rested his chin on his hand, his wedding ring more evident at that moment.

EXO reaction when you find out they’re a part of a mafia

Request:  Hi! Can you do exo reaction when you find out they are in mafia? Thank you very much!!!

Hell. Yes. I. Can. I actually live for mafia! exo so thank you you angel for requesting this. Here it goes.


Since you were now married, Xiumin thought it would be right to tell you. You can’t leave him now that you’re married to him, not that he would let you if you weren’t either. You truly loved Minseok, you did. You promised each other that you would love each other unconditionally until the end of time. You even said so in your vows.

As much as you loved him, or thought you did, you couldn’t take this. He lied to you for years but worse than that, he’s a cold blooded murderer. When you demanded a divorce he just scoffed.

‘’But darling, we just got married. We haven’t even been on our honey moon yet.’’

‘’Stop playing games Minseok! I can’t be with a murderer like you!’’

‘’I’m sorry but did you forget what you said in your vows? That you would love me no matter what, until the end of time. You promised jagi, and I expect you to keep that promise.’’

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You really wished you didn’t find out. You couldn’t believe your ears. Junmyeon thought you were upstairs so he decided to make a phone call. You just went downstairs to ask him what movie does he wanna watch tonight, but stopped in your tracks as you heard him talking rather angrily on the phone. He was in the kitchen when you were right outside of the door. What he said was enough for you to connect the dots.

All the late night shifts, the long hours, the traveling, the smell of blood that you sometimes noticed on his clothes. You always ignored it or just thought that your mind was playing tricks on you. But now you knew. And so did he. He knew that you found out as soon as he walked through that door. He saw the look of shock and fear on your face.

‘’This was bound to happen sooner or later. But, just so you know, you’re still mine. This changes nothing between us.’’

‘’What are you talking about? It changes everything! Junmyeon I need to leave I-’’

‘’Woah, woah there sweetheart. You aren’t going anywhere. You are my  fiancé, my angel. I can’t let you go.’’

‘’You’re crazy!’’

He laughs ‘’Maybe, but only for you.’’

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You found out about Yixing’s dirty little secret after a bunch of men kidnapped you. They thought you knew, but you didn’t. Not until then at least. They held you in their prison for days, trying to pry information out of you. You were completely broken. You thought you would die in there, after you just found out your boyfriend of a couple of years was a part of the mafia. Yixing of course came after you. You were not thinking straight, you forgot all the hate and fear and just ran into his arms, because you were finally out of that prison. When you were walking to the car, for Yixing to take you home, you saw more than a few dead bodies. This brought you back to the harsh, painful reality. You couldn’t get in a car with a murderer.

‘’Yixing, I… I can’t stay with you. Not after this. I need to leave.’’

‘’What do you mean leave? I just got you back, you can’t just leave me after I’ve searched and worried for you day and night. After fearing that I lost the one I loved-’’

‘’Well, you did. If you truly loved me you’d let me out of this hell.’’

He looked up at you with tears in his eyes ‘’Let you go? I can’t. I love you. You can’t just leave me like this! This isn’t how it’s supposed to go!’’

‘’Yixing I need to leave! Not that I only need to leave, I want to leave! I can’t stay with someone like you.’’

His heart broke at that moment. He couldn’t believe that he has to do this. He didn’t want to hurt you, but he can’t let you leave. You’re his everything.

‘’I’m sorry baobei.’’ was all he said before he nodded at his men, and the next thing you felt were handcuffs clicking on your wrists.

You just looked at him with complete disappointment and disbelief, while he avoided eye contact.

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You were married to Baekhyun for almost a year, and you couldn’t be happier. Until one night. You were having dinner as usual and everything was normal. Except Baek wasn’t that talkative. You guessed it was something that happened at work and didn’t want to bother him about it. Then he casually, like he was having a normal conversation, said that he was a part of the mafia.

‘’Just thought it was time you should know.’’

The fork and knife you held clattered to the plate. You swallowed nervously, you were in complete shock. ‘’You’re kidding, right?’’

‘’No, I’m not. When did I ever lie to you?’’

‘’Um, maybe these past few years?!’’ you yelled. You didn’t plan on yelling that loud, it just came out.

‘’What did you expect me to do Y/N? Just mention to you on our first date that I’m in the mafia?’’

‘’You don’t seem to have a problem with it now!’’

‘’Because now you can’t leave. We’re married.’’

You laughed in his face ‘’Can’t leave? Sure as hell I can! Watch me.’’

You stomped to the door. You looked behind you to see if he was going after you, but he wasn’t. He continued sitting at the table. When you made it to the double door, you swung it open only to find two tall men with guns in their hands.

Now it was his turn to laugh in your face.

‘’You’re not going anywhere without me, sweetheart.’’

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You knew for a couple of weeks now, he told you one night. And that night is the night you stopped seeing him as your loving, caring Jongdae. You were of course not going to stay with him, but you didn’t react right away. You were a smart woman, he wasn’t going to trap you that easily. So you waited a week to catch him off guard when you do actually try to leave.

And you did. You somehow sneaked out and now, instead of Seoul, you were in Busan. First mistake. Busan is too close so he tracked you down easily. 

You were lying on your bed in your small hotel room trying to sleep. You were close, until you heard a knock on the balcony door. You groggily got up, still sleepy, but you woke up quickly when you saw Jongdae waving at you from the other side of your balcony. He gestured at you to move away from the glass, and in fear, you did. He pulled out a gun and shot it at the glass making it break. He stepped into your hotel room with open arms and a smile on his face.

‘’Baby! I missed you!’’ He said with an overly cheerful voice. ’’I gotta say, it was clever of you to catch me off guard like this. I always knew you were intellegent.’’ He then grabbed your face roughly. ’’My type of woman,’’ and with that, he started kissing you. Roughly.

‘He’s insane’ you thought. But then you realized you were kissing him back with just as much passion. ‘I’m insane.’

And you went home with him. To your home.

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You didn’t even know this guy. Alright you kind of did, but you felt like you didn’t know him. You were dating this sweet, sweet guy for almost two months now and it was the best two months of your life. Until one night.

You were at this exlusive ass club together that he somehow got you two into and as it was pretty late and you were tired as hell, you decided to go home. You two were walking to the parking lot that was not far but not close from the club either. As you were walking down a shady street, a couple of sleezy guys started hitting on you. Chanyeol was furious, which was understandable.

But when three guys tried holding him back while the other one had you cornered against a wall with a knife against your neck, he didn’t hesitate to kill.

It all happened so fast. He swiftly pulled out his gun, that you had no idea he had, and shot each and every one of them. The rest was just a blur of tears and him frantically trying to comfort you and explain what he said. The only thing you caught was that he was in the mafia.

You tried to free yourself from his grip and run away somewhere, as far away from him as you could. But his grip on you was too strong it hurt.

‘’Let me go! HELP! HE-’’

He pressed his hand against your mouth blocking your screams. He had no idea what to do now. He, a man that was a part of a big and dangerous mafia, had no clue what to say or do now. So he pleaded. For the first time in his life, he pleaded.

‘’Please don’t leave me. You can’t. You won’t right? Look at what I did to protect you. I love you. I’ve never loved anyone. We’re gonna go home now okay? And you’re gonna stay with me right? Yeah.’’

You didn’t know if this guy was sick or something, but you kept shaking your head with tears streaming down your eyes and he somehow took that as a yes.

Not that you have a choice anyway.

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You were his princess. No, his queen. His everything. None of this would matter without you. The money, the houses, the cars, the mafia, his life. He was nothing without you. He was never this weak around anyone. And Kyungsoo doesn’t like being weak.

He trusted you with this. With his secret. You acted understanding at first, only a little scared. That was very smart of you. But when he found out you went to the fucking police with all of this information about him he lost it. You forced him and his people to kill a bunch of officers. His gang wanted to kill you too, but him, being the love struck idiot he is, did not allow it. He would never ever let anyone hurt his angel.

That doesn’t mean he still trusts you though. On the contrary, he lost all trust in you. He swore to himself he would never be completely honset with you again. He still fucking loves you though. Of course he does. You made him weak.

Even though you were the one in the cage in his room and he was the one with the key to it you still managed to control him. 

‘’I can’t believe you did that to me.’’ He laughed ‘’You betrayed me. I should never let you out of this cage. Actually, I should let my gang kill you. But I can’t. I love you. As cunning or backstabbing you are, I love you,’’ he sighed. ‘’But you’re not getting out of that cage soon.’’

‘’But Soo~’’ you said in a voice that made him melt. ‘’You know I love you too. And I’m sorry I went to the police. But can you blame me? I panicked! I would never betray you on purpose. Now, baby, let me out of this cage?’’

Lies, lies, lies. You were lying and you both knew it. He damn well knew that lying, evil poison was dripping from your lips. But how could you make it sound so beautiful and innocent? Truly a goddess he had before him.

So he unlocked the cage which you then crawled out of. He took you in his arms which you got comfortable in. You burried your head in his neck and, knewing he could feel it, smirked.

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He didn’t want to tell you. He wanted to keep it a secret forever. But you deserved the truth. And it crushed you. It crushed him as well. As soon as he told you you fell apart in front of him. It broke his heart to see you so scared and sad. It hurt his soul when you flinched when he came closer to you. He just wanted to comfort you but you slapped his hand away.

‘’I hope you know that I love you and that this doesn’t change anything. I wi-’’

You cut him off right there, ‘’Doesn’t change anything? It changes absolutely everything Jongin!’’ you screamed ‘’You’re a murderer! A killer! How am I supposed to be with someone like that? How am I supposed to have a family with someone like that?’’ The last part came out in a whisper.

Jongin also had tears in his eyes. ‘’F-family?’’

‘’Yes a family! We’re married. We’re supposed to have a future together. We were supposed to have kids that would have normal lives. Now all of that is out of the question.’

‘’It’s not! We’re still married! We can still have a family! I still love you!’’

‘’Yeah, well I can’t say the same back anymore.’’

‘’You’re lying.’’ His voice cracked.

Of course you were lying. You were lying to him and to yourself.

‘’You’re lying. You’re lying! You’re not gonna leave me.’’

‘’I can’t be with a murderer.’’

That’s what he was. A murdurer. A drug dealer. A hacker. Everything you teach your kids not to be. He knew this. And it ate his soul away every night. Except when you’re with him. With you he felt like Jongin and not like Kai- the mafia’s assasin. He couldn’t let something precious like that go.

So he didn’t. ‘’You’re my happiness. I can’t let my happiness go.’’ And so your fate was sealed.

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When he one day came back home late, as usual, he saw you and all most of your belongings were gone. He was disappointed honestly. He trusted you. He knew he’d get you back easily though, so he decided not to panic. He kept calm while he called a couple of his ‘friends’ to help him find you. Sehun would never admit it but his heart shattered to pieces.

He was hurt.

But he knew this would happen sooner or later. Deep inside he hated himself for doing what he does. As much as he wanted to, he couldn’t get out of this world so with years of practice he pushed the guilt to the back of his mind. he couldn’t escape. And neither could you.

When you came face to face again both you and him expected him to be angry, but he was more hurt than angry.

‘’Why did you just leave like that? Without saying goodbye? Without a single note behind?’’

‘’What did you expect me to do Sehun? Stay with a murderer? A terrorist? I honestly can’t understand you-’’, you would’ve went, when he interupted you.

‘’Listen, I know what I fucking am. Talk shit about me all you want, I know it all. You don’t have to repeat it.’’ he kept a straight face while saying this ‘’You think I chose this life?! Do you really thi-’’

‘’No! But you chose to stay in this life. Don’t you dare try playing the fucking victim here Sehun.’’

Your words shot pain straight to his heart. It was amazing how he was just faced with the truth itself, but still managed to somehow push it aside.

He gestured at his men to cuff you, so they did and threw you in the car.

‘How can he do this to me?’ you thought. Tears pricked your eyes but you didn’t dare let them fall. You still loved him. And you’ll keep on loving him for god knows how long. You didn’t want to admit that, you’d rather avoid the truth. Just like him.

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Ugh finally! I’ve worked on this for so long. I’m sorry it took this long :( Hope you guys like it! Sorry that some are longer than others. Some are really long bc I just couldn’t stop lol. And hopefully more mafia au related shit will be coming.

The Dirty Truth

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Diana Prince x Female Reader

Reader learns what additional capabilities Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth has.

Warnings: f/f smut, dirty talk, cursing, oral sex, fingering, restraints. WC: 1741 On AO3 

A/N: Ok, so I wrote girl on girl smut. But can you blame me? Have you seen Gal? This is inspired by this imagine. And me and @roxy-davenport​‘s conversations about Diana’s probable experiences in Themyscira. So surprise, I found another smutty trash-bin for me to fall into. Enjoy my first Diana fic. 

You can’t help but whine underneath her. Diana’s strong thighs anchor next to your hips, her hands holding your wrists down as she teases the two of you with her rolling pelvis. Just the pressure of the powerful goddess on top of you prompts a rush of arousal down to your core.

“Diana,” You mutter, trying to lift your wrists so you can touch her. “Let me touch you, princess.”

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Let Me Love You (Baekhyun x Reader)

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Let Me Love You

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9

Description: You and Baekhyun meet at the bar of your hotel.

Genre: Smut // Fluff // Slight Angst

Pairing: Byun Baekhyun x Reader

Mobile Masterlist | Request 

It feels likes a weight has been taken off your shoulders as you walk into your hotel room. A smile lights up your face as you jump on your bed. You feel your muscles relax as you collapse on your hotel bed. It has been a long day for you. After a 10 hour flight to South Korea you finally made it to Seoul. This trip had been something you wanted to do for a while now, something you’ve been thinking about doing for a couple years actually.

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Not Josh (Josh Dun x reader)

AGGHH so this is my first imagine that I’ve ever posted and I have like no followers so I doubt anything will happen but I’m still nervous 😂

So, just read it and let me know if you like it. If you wanna request an imagine, let me know.

This just made me happy so I hope you like it guys. Thanks!!!


Not Josh.
Not Josh.
Not. Josh.

At least, that’s what you have been telling yourself for days. Okay, more like months. But, none of that mattered. Just not Josh.

Josh and Tyler were your best friends and coworkers. You saw them on a daily basis and travel on tour with them. As one of their managers/assistants/creative geniuses, it was your job to fully support them and to be there to do everything you could for them. So it could definitely not be Josh for that reason alone.

Not to mention the fact that you had known the boys for years now. Emphasis on the years. And you had always been particularly close to Josh. He was your best friend. You supported him through the good and the bad. You were with him through the break ups, heart break, happy moments. One of the only constant things in your life was Josh. He was your best friend. Your right hand man. And you were his. So this made the thought of any feelings that could have possibly risen for Josh absolutely impossible. Exposing any feelings (which there weren’t any of, mind you) would be awful. You’d loose your friends, your job, and your Josh. Not that he was your Josh per say but he was your best friend.

You’d convince yourself at this point that the butterflies that flooded your stomach when he smiled in your direction or touched you were purely platonic. You told yourself repeatedly that no, you did not find Josh attractive, especially not when he was performing on stage with no shirt and that determined face. And it definitely didn’t make your day when he would text you late at night, asking if you wanted to come to his room and hang out. You had to convince yourself of this. For your friendship and job. Anyways, you highly doubted the feelings (which weren’t there) were mutual. Ever since his breakup with Debby, he hadn’t mentioned girls or being interested in anyone. He was probably enjoying life as a single, handsome, kind guy. Not that you found him attractive. Of course not.

But you couldn’t help to blush as you looked at the photos the tour photographer had sent you of the boys. There was one photo of Josh, a big, goofy grin painted across his face as he sat at his drums, staring into the crowd. He looked so incredibly happy. And he also looked great with no shirt and that goofy grin. But you mean that in a totally platonic way of course. You say there, staring at that once picture for way too long, studying all his features. You have seen him almost everyday for years now but you enjoyed just looking at him. You enjoyed seeing the way his eyes crinkled when he smiled and his jaw line. He was seemingly perfect, even his flaws were perfect to you.

Not Josh.
Not Josh.
Not. Josh.

“Well, well, well, enjoying the view?” Josh popped up next to you, staring at your computer screen before giving you a devilish wink and eyebrow wiggle and laugh. Darn his laugh. It was so cute. In a platonic way of course. You quickly switched to the next photo, which was none the less another photo of Josh. More laughs left his lips as you stared at him with a quizzical grin, hoping your cheeks didn’t look as red as they felt.

“Ha ha. I was just checking the photos that Adam sent me.” You said, sarcasm dripping off your false laughter.

“You never responded to me last night. I had to watch X-Files all alone last night. You are pretty much the worst.” Josh said in a joking tone but as you looked at his face…was that disappointment? No. Don’t be silly.

“Sorry. I fell asleep. I was exhausted last night.” You said, closing your computer with a sigh. Going on tour with the boys was a blessing but it came with a lot of long nights and you felt you got less and less sleep as time went on.

“(Y/N), you okay?” Josh said, genuine concern on his face as he looked up at you, rubbing your arm with his calloused hands. Somehow, that managed to send a shiver up your spine and make you wanna scream. This was ridiculous. Plenty of times before, Josh had rubbed your shoulder or held your hand. God dammit, during your late night tv marathons, you two would cuddle. In a platonic way. “(Y/N)?”

You shook your head, pulling yourself away from your thoughts. “Yeah. I’m fine. Just need to loosen up.”

“Well, how about this? We have a free day tomorrow so what if tonight, after the show, we get some drinks with Jenna and Tyler? Then we can stay in my room and watch whatever show you want.”

You raise your eyebrow, smirking. “Any show? Even watching Friends? Again?”

“Yeah, even Friends. Again.”

You smiled, feeling warm inside. He was always there for you and always there to make things better when you were down. “Well, I guess then.”

“Perfect.” Josh flashed one of his perfect smiles, getting up. “I have to do sound check but I’ll see you later.” He brushed his hand on your shoulder before running on.

Not. Josh.


Every show was electrifying. You are convinced that the boys couldn’t perform a crappy show, and so far they hadn’t proven you wrong. You watched from backstage, like you did every night. But tonight, Josh directed more grins and winks in your direction then he usually did, causing your cheeks to flush and for you to look down at your shoes, praying he didn’t notice.

As the show came to a close, the boys ran off and you congratulated them like you always did. “I heard we are getting some drinks tonight?” Tyler said, wrapping his arms around Jenna, who kissed him on the cheek.

“I’m up for a drink. But first, you need to shower. You smell dreadful.” Jenna said with a giggle, tease fully punching Tyler on the shoulder.

“Yes ma'am.” Tyler said with a wink, walking off.

“I’m gonna get clean, too. I’ll drive you there okay.” Josh said, grabbing your shoulder and you nodded, smiling up at him. “Sounds good to me.” Josh ran off with a wink, leaving you and Jenna alone, with her smirking.

“Well…” she said, giggling a little as eying you.

“Well what?” You said, praying she wouldn’t mention what you expected she would.

“Are you ever, ever gonna tell Josh you like him? Or are you that stubborn?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about.”

Jenna laughed and gave you a wink. “Sure you don’t. Just like Josh didn’t know what Tyler was talking about when he mentioned it.” Jenna shook her head and walked off. What the hell did that mean? Josh didn’t know what? What did Tyler say? You stood there in complete and utter shock, trying to digest what Jenna had said.

Was it that obvious? I mean, you had said if you convinced yourself it was simply platonic between you and Josh, everything would be good.

Not. Josh.


The bar was crowded, full of intoxicated bodies and loud music with bright lights. You walked in dreading the evening, but after a drink or two, you felt yourself loosening up. Which is exactly what you needed. You sat with your three friends, sitting next to Josh and across from Jenna and Tyler, who were rambling about something or another. You felt yourself not listening to the story they were telling and staring at Josh, who was laughing and smiling in response. His brown eyes lit up in the bright lights and his yellow hair was pulled back in a SnapBack. A low muscle tank exposed his biceps and you found yourself wishing they were around you.

Not Josh.

You quickly turned away, chugging down a shot of who knows what before Josh looked back at you, laughing. “Take it easy, killer.” He slurred causing you to smile.

Rising from your chair, you looked at Josh, grinning. “Hey, I’m gonna grab a drink. You want anything?”

“Yeah. Why don’t you grab me a beer?” He winked before you walked off, blushing to your annoyance. He really needed to stop winking.

You walked to the crowded bar, looking at a bartender “Two beers please.” You stated, before you found yourself with somebody standing right up against you. You looked at the young man. He wore a button up shirt, pulled up at the sleeves. His brown hair was a mess, but the good kind of mess. He looked at the bartender, stating “Make that three.” before looking at you, smiling. “Hi.”

You looked back at Josh, who was grinning at something Jenna had said. You looked back at the young man before you and smiled before saying “Hi.”

“I’m Alec, and you are?”

“I’m (Y/N).” He reached out his hand and you grabbed it. It felt different from Josh’s hand, Alec’s hands were much softer and unfamiliar.

“So what are you doing ordering two beers?”

“I’m here with a couple friends.”

“A boyfriend?” Alec asked, a grin on his lips and one eyebrow slightly raised.

You chuckle, looking back at your table to see Josh staring at you and Alec, his hand pressed tightly to his glass. The look on his face was unfamiliar, he almost looked angry. You quickly turned away, wiping away any thoughts that ate at your mind. “No, no boyfriend. Just some friends.”

“Well, to be honest, I don’t know how a beautiful girl like you isn’t with someone.” He said, and you found yourself blushing. “So (Y/N), what do you do?”

“Um, marketing, managing, writing. A little bit of this and that.” You responded, pretending not to wonder if Josh was still watching you. “How about you? What do you do, Alec?”

“I’m a programming specialist at a small company. You know, a little bit of this and that.” He responded with a wink and you giggled.

“Here are your drinks ma'am.” replied the bartender as you grabbed two beers.

“I should probably go.” You said, looking back at Alec who smiled.

“At least take this.” He pulled his wallet out and handed you a card, with his name and number and the place where he worked. “You should use the number.”

“I’ll think about it.” You replied with a wink as you walked off, feeling confident up until you reached the table. Josh was staring intently at you as you sat down, handing him his beer.

“Well, who was that, (Y/N)?” Jenna said with a giggle and wink, causing you to blush.

“Just someone.” You nonchalantly said as you saw Josh chugging his beer, avoiding eye contact with everyone.

“Well, that just someone seemed interested. You gonna use that card?” Jenna asked.

“Umm…I don’t know. Maybe.” You jumped in your seat as Josh slammed his class down and quickly got up.

“I gotta go get a drink.” He said before walking off quickly. You looked down at your lap, thinking of the wildest possibility that he was jealous. No.

Not Josh.

The taxi ride back to the hotel was completely dead silent. Jenna and Tyler had decided to go off on their own, leaving you with Josh who was heavily intoxicated and completely silent. No words were spoken until you reached the elevator and said “Josh, what is wrong?”

“Nothing.” He replied coldly, still not looking at you.

“Really? Cause it doesn’t seem like nothing? What is going on?”

“Nothing.” He repeated causing you to look away from him and stare at the door in front of you. Tears pricked your eyes as you went up another floor before you heard Josh click a button and the elevator come to a stop.

“What the hell are you doing?” You hissed, glaring at Josh, who finally looked in your direction. He looked beaten and tired.

“What am I doing? What are you doing? You basically threw yourself at that guy tonight. Are you stupid?” Josh said, throwing his hands up.

“I didn’t throw myself at anyone and I’m not stupid. Is that all you have to say?” You replied, annoyed with your arms crossed. “After not saying a work for almost all night, you just ridicule me?”

“How can you not see what’s been in front of you this whole time? How can you not see how desperately I’ve wanted you? How long I’ve waited for you to finally see that I’ve been right here this whole time. You don’t need some guy in a bar. You have me. I have you. I love you, god dammit! Why can’t you see that?” Josh yelled, staring at you, breathing heavily. His face was red and he looked broken, completely broken. He looked the way you had been feeling for months.

You convinced yourself it was platonic. Nothing more. Nothing less. You convinced yourself it was just friendship as your feelings bubbled and grew. Yet here was your best friend, telling you he loved you. And you found no words to say in the moment.

“I just told you I loved you. I’ve been waiting years to tell you that. The least you can do is say something.” Josh said, pleading with you.

While you wanted to jump in his arms and tell him you loved him for years as well, you convinced yourself this was just drunken words spilling from his mouth. So you just responded with a quite “Okay.” Josh looked away instantly and pressed the elevator button, causing it to start back up and rise to your floor, before the doors opened. You both exited the elevator and instead of walking to his room like you always did, you both walked in separate directions to your own rooms.


You looked at your phone, praying Josh would text you, saying it was a drunken mistake or ask why you weren’t with him or ask what had happened the previous night. But to your avail, no text was sent and you sat in your own bed for hours, alone and wishing you were waking up in Josh’s arms in his room like you usually did on nights like the previous one. But usually, Josh doesn’t confess his love for you and you don’t respond with “okay”. What an idiot you were. You were too busy convincing yourself that in some way it wasn’t Josh and the feelings were mutual, but they had been.

You knew what you needed to do but putting a plan to action was much harder than it sounded. So, you reluctantly marched to Josh’s room, forcing yourself to knock on the door, half hoping he wouldn’t. But the door opened, and a tired, broken Josh stared back at you. His face turned from sadness to anger and you saw his eyes were red and he was wearing his same clothes from last night. “I’m busy.” He curtly responded before going to close the door.

“Is everything you said last night true?” You quickly spilled out, staring at the floor, too scared of the response, regardless of which one it was.

“Umm..listen, we can ignore what happened. I would rather do that then-”

“Is it? Please just respond with yes or no.” You looked up at Josh, this time pleading.

Josh looked at feet, before letting out a quite, “Yes. I love you.”

Your heart swelled with joy and you beat yourself up for hurting the boy standing before you. “Josh-”

“Listen, I understand. I don’t need pity or anything. I just wanna-”

“Josh, I love you too.” You said it without even thinking and he looked back up at you, a small smirk playing on his lips.


“I love you. So much. You are my best friend but I love you more than that. I just wanna be with you. And I’m sorry I said okay but I just didn’t want it to be a drunken mistake or anything-”

Your rambling was cut off by his soft lips meeting yours, something you had reluctantly thought about for years, never realizing it would come to fruition. He slowly wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling yourself closer to him as your bodies pressed together. You wrapped your arms around him, never wanting the moment to end as his lips danced against yours, feeling all the love you too had hidden from each other for so long. He pulled away, looking at you before grinning. “(Y/N), will you be my girlfriend?”

You smiled, grinning at the boy as you finally said what you wanted to say.

“Yes Josh.”

don't leave me

◇ In which your red lips are always sealed until you can’t handle it anymore.

◇ Jaehyun x reader

◇ vampire!au + 1920s!au

◇ requested by @bybangmin; Hello! Could I have a Jaehyun Vampire! Au where he’s a vampire, and the girl a witch (a nice one, but still pretty harsh)?

◇ aaaaaaand I’m back with another 1920s!vampire!au !!! Honestly I was literally gonna make this modern but I’m actually a hoe for vampires in the 1920s….. like the era just suits them so much???? Also i was so inspired for this but i feel like my writing was just kind ajakskklblah for this one butni hope u guys still enjoy it!!

Most would think that you having a vampire for a mate was the most ironic and ill-fitting chance in the world. You did too, at first.

And why, may you ask? Because you hated vampires, that was why. It all start when you were a child — your parents got mixed up with doing business with the vampire clans who ran Chicago at the time, blah, blah, blah, and next thing you know, they’re dead in a gutter.

While you carried on your parents’ business — making potions and casting spells for only the darkest and most privileged of all Beings —, it did nothing to stop the bubbling hatred you had for the species that killed your parents.

And then you met Jaehyun.

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Drunken Confessions

Requested by anonymous on tumblr: “Can you do 22 and 80 with a Gaston x reader pretty please?" 

 22. "I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice." 

 80. "How can you think I’m anything but hopelessly in love with you?" 

 Plot: Y/N goes to the tavern to get her mind off of things, and accidentally has one too many drinks and confessed her feelings of Gaston to Le Fou. 

Warnings: Alcohol and swearing. 

This week has been absolute hell. First, my favorite dress got stuck on a bush while I was walking through the forest and ripped, I burnt my hand whilst putting another log in the fireplace, and to top it all off, my boyfriend James cheated on me with my ‘friend’. So understandably, I needed a drink to forget the week’s events. As I head into the tavern, I notice that there’s not as many people as usual. Even better, so less people will see me drunk. I walk over to the counter and sit down on a stool. 

"Rough week for you?” The bartender asks me. 

“You have no idea.” I say with a sigh. “Give me your strongest drink.” I say as I hand him some money. He hands me a glass of whiskey. I down the golden liquid, enjoying its bitter taste sliding down my throat. As I ask for another, someone sits in the stool next to me. 

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What are best friends for?

2953k words
Description: When your best friend finds out that you have never orgasmed he takes it upon himself to help.

Taehyung is one of my best friends and has been since childhood, we are so close that when it came to my virginity I told him the day I lost it. He is a year older than me and that resulted in us being very close, sharing secrets and just stupid shit in general. He moved in next door to me when I was 5, I didn’t like him at first, he was always so giddy and happy; that hasn’t changed at all, though now it is one of my favourite traits he has.

As I am walking down the university halls I bump into something that feels like a brick wall disguised in human form. When I look up I see Taehyung grinning down at me. Confusion washes over me “why the hell didn’t you move out of the way, Tae?” I pout and his grin seems to grow, “I thought maybe if you ran into someone it would encourage you to not look at your phone while walking the halls”. He is one of the most annoying little shits I have ever met, I stand there looking up at him still pouting when he says, “oh come on, wipe that pout off your face, especially since I am inviting you to come to a hotel with me this weekend” a smile starts to grow at his words but is completely replaced with more confusion than before, “what about your girlfriend? That was supposed to be your romantic getaway” his smile falters a bit before saying “I caught her cheating on me with her professor, and as much as I would like to chat about this I have to head off to my next lecture. I will drop by yours tonight”. He jogs off and I turn around to watch him run away, he should know better than thinking I am just going to drop this.

I walk into my apartment after a long day at uni and see that Tae has already made himself comfortable on my couch watching something on Netflix. I walk over to him and sit next to him dropping my back pack on the way. I stare at him for a bit before he pauses the movie and gives in telling me about everything between him and his girlfriend and how he feels betrayed but not incredibly sad making a joke about how he has me instead. We laugh and end up talking all night about life and future plans.

I wake up Saturday morning and feel like I am being stared at, I turn my head to the side and see Tae staring at my face. Shock washes over me and I scream jumping back extremely startled. He stands up and walks over to me, “Tae what the literal, actual hell? What are you doing in my apartment staring at me at-” I glance over to my clock and see that it is 9am,”-9 o’clock in the morning?” He stops in front of me and has a gleeful look on his face, “I thought I would come wake you up we are leaving soon and I knew you would still be asleep”. I start to calm down understanding but then question his actions “okay, fair enough but why were you staring at me? Wouldn’t waking me up by speaking to me or shaking me be easier?”, He smiles sheepishly and replies easily “you looked cute and peaceful so I left you alone” I looked down at the ground and blushed furiously, he laughed and told me to get ready. I watched his back as he walked out of the room, his back muscles moving ever so slightly under his shirt, I wonder what sound he would make if I ran my nails down- no! I shake my head trying to get rid of the erotic thoughts of Tae hovering over me in bed. I run to the shower and get ready with what little time I have left.

I emerge from the shower and Tae is sitting on my bed, he looks at me with a certain look in his eyes that makes my knees weak. I compose myself and ask him to leave so I can get dressed, he walks over to me and leans down to my ear “don’t take too long we have to leave soon” and with that he has managed to leave me hot and bothered again. Such a fucking tease.

The car ride was silent and I was so tired, I wasn’t exactly woken at my preferred time or way. When we arrived at the hotel Tae got out of the car and grabbed the bags, he walked up to the reception with me wandering after him. He smiled to the receptionist asking for his room key, she practically drooled at him and I couldn’t even blame her because I had been feeling the same way recently. I had never felt this way about Tae, getting nervous, jealous … aroused. He was pissing me off and he didn’t even realise it, and just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse we entered the room and there was only one bed. We have shared beds before but that was before he was giving me so many emotions and mixed signals. I looked at him and he seemed to notice my shock and he spoke saying, “sorry, I only booked one room because it was supposed to be my girlfriend and I, but I mean, it isn’t like we have never shared a bed before” I analysed his face and took in his words and decided it would be fine. I don’t want him thinking I like him because he might leave me and I don’t think I would be okay with that he is the one thing I cannot lose, no matter what.

I hear Tae’s voice coming from the bathroom, “C’mon Y/N, we are hitting the pool!” I sigh and roll my eyes “Taehyung, you know that it is 11 o’clock in the pm right now? The pool might not even be open, and it is late and cold” Tae pokes his head out of the bathroom and smirks at me “perfect! Now get your bathing suit on, or birthday suit, I’m not picky”. He has such a smug little face, I pick myself off the bed and walk over to my luggage grabbing my swimmers. I stand up straight and walk over to Tae whom still has his face poking out of the bathroom I pull him out by his cheeks and walk in so I can change.

We walk down to the pool area and to my surprise it is still open, why is that? Hotel pools always close at like 9. I brush it off and follow Tae into the pool, he jumps in first and splashes water on me in the process. I grumble at him a bit but start walking towards the lounging chairs deciding to relax instead. I haven’t even sat down for a minute before Tae is standing over me getting me wet, in the un-fun type of way. I look up to glare at him but he moves his face down to mine with his hands holding himself up on the arm rests, he looks into my eyes and I feel my face start to get hot. He smirks when I look away and picks me up carrying me back towards the pool “Tae, I swear to God if you throw me in I will be locking you out of the hotel room so you can freeze to death!!!” he looks down at me and gives me a large smile before jumping into the pool with me in his arms. When I surface again I swim over to Tae ready to attack but he just grabs my wrists and pulls me against his body, I look at him frustrated and pouting but he just starts laughing. I get myself free from his grip and swim to the stairs. I lean myself against the pool stairs and let my legs float to the surface, Taehyung swims beside me and copies my actions. We sit like this for a while just relaxing and talking about his relationship before he somehow makes the conversation about me and my sex life, “so, how was sex for you?” Tae asks looking straight in front of himself looking at his toes. I am taken aback and reply, “well Tae, it is none of your business” he gives me a hearty laugh before saying, “C’mon Y/N, we have known each other practically our whole lives and you’re not willing to tell me how your sex life is? When even was your last relationship?”. I sigh wondering why he is so curious but talk to him about it anyway, I have known him forever so it isn’t a big deal or anything, “my last relationship was with Donivan and I think you know that” without even really thinking about my answer he replies “…and how was the sex?” I freeze and start to blush, going a deep shade of red. When Tae looks at me he notices and goes wide eyed “did you never get off with him?” he asked still wide eyed, I take a deep breath in and slowly shake my head ‘no’. I looked over and made eye contact before saying “none of them ever… er… got me off…” I looked away quickly after saying that and Tae laughed “so none of them ever pleased you, huh?”, I didn’t answer this time and just kept looking at my toes like they were the most interesting things on the planet.

Tae and I walked back to the hotel room and he wouldn’t let this go, he kept asking about it and my answer was always the same – “yes, it is true, Tae, okay, I have never orgasmed with anyone of my past boyfriends. I have never reached that high that is supposed to make you happy and feel less frustrated. Instead I am left with my sexual frustration and have never been allowed release” I am breathing heavy after my mini rant and Tae starts to walk over to me. I get a little nervous so I keep stepping back as he steps forwards before my back hits the wall of our shared room. He slowly brushes his fingertips up my bare arms leaving goose bumps in its wake. His hands end at my shoulders but he cups my cheeks and leans down for a kiss, he kisses me sweetly at first but as soon as I return the kiss it turns into a needy, sex filled one. His tongue licks my bottom lip asking for access but I have never been one to give in so easily, he growls against my lips before putting his thigh in between my legs and moving it towards my centre. The friction makes me gasp and he enters his tongue into my mouth pulling a moan from my lips which he swallows. He pulls away from me to look me in the eyes before rubbing his thigh against my clothed core again, this action results in a moan louder than I expected to leave my mouth. Tae seems pleased with the sound he coerced from me but I am embarrassed to have made it and cover my mouth. He doesn’t seem as pleased with that and continues rubbing his thigh against me and taking my wrists pulling them above my head, I moan and say his name, “Tae~~” he looks down at me with hooded eyes and a lust filled expression that I no doubt reflected back at him, “yes, kitten? ~”. The little pet name makes me even more aroused and I let out a little moan as he said it, he smirks at my reaction and leans down to capture my lips in another captivating kiss. I pull away from him and he seems displeased, I look up at him and ask “Tae, what are you doing? We shouldn’t be doing this” he smiles sweetly before saying “I am helping, I am going to help my best friend with her sexual desires and then we are going to talk about this after you can’t even stand anymore”, I go to say something but he is rubbing his thigh against me and it comes out as more of a strangled moan. He looks at me with sincerity and says “Y/N, trust me,” he pauses and then continues “kitten, let me take care of you tonight”, I don’t break eye contact with him and peck him on the lips. He takes my actions as consent and kisses me again full force. Tae runs his hands down my back and reaches under my thighs lifting me up and walking over to the bed. He drops me onto the bed and crawls over me.
Leaning down he connects his lips with the crook of my neck, sucking hickies into my skin. He reaches a particularly sensitive spot causing me to moan and rub my thighs together for friction. The action doesn’t go unnoticed by Tae and I can feel him smirking into my neck, he starts travelling down south and reaches into my bikini bottoms. Resting his fingers just above where I need him most, letting out a frustrated huff of air his smirk grows against my skin and he finally makes contact. He rubs his long fingers up and down my slit barely running against my clit pulling a hushed moan from my lips. Tae growls against my skin before saying, “kitten, you are so deliciously wet for me”. I don’t know how to respond but as I am about to say something he plunges his long digit inside of my walls making my moan a little too loud for my liking. He looks into my eyes with a look that could’ve made me cum right there. He watches my expression as he moves his finger in and out of me, curling it upwards resulting in sinful sounds falling from my lips. Pulling his finger from me he chuckles at my small whine of protest.
He reconnects his lips to mine reaching around my back to unclip the top half of my swimsuit. Trailing small kisses from my cheeks to my neck before he attaches his lips to my breast and grasping the other in his large hand. A loud whine falls from my lips at the assault upon my breasts, he repeats the actions swapping his hand and mouth. Satisfied with the sounds he has pulled from me and the blooming hickies on my skin he continues down my body, reaching my swimming bottoms he pulls them off and throws them somewhere in the room. He pulls my thighs apart with his large hands and licks a long stripe up my folds ensuing a large moan from my lips, he pulls me closer down to his face and sticks his tongue inside of me. Sinful slurps from the sound of Tae’s lips on my pussy fills the room and it has me on cloud nine. Removing his tongue from inside of me he moves up to suck on my clit and pushing two of his fingers inside of me. I writhe beneath him with moans and whines constantly falling from my lips, he keeps my hips still with his hand whilst the other pumps his fimgers in and out of me. The pleasure is getting to be so much and I feel myself begin to cum. I finish with a loud whine and a euphoric feeling, it is hard to believe that Tae made me have my first orgasm from only his lips and fingers.
Letting me settle down before he crawls over top of me and looks down, the desire he feels completely prominent in his eyes and pants. I wrap my hands around his neck and pull him in for a kiss whilst simultaneously moving my legs around his lower body and grinding up into him, “oh~ fuck” are the only things he says as he continues to grind down into me. His eyes settle on my face and he groans. My hands move down for his swimming trunks and begin to remove them. He looks at me to ask if I’m sure, I look at him before saying, “Tae I need you inside of me”. As if the little self-control he had left snapped he pulled his trunks off the rest of the way and threw them somewhere haphazardly across the room behind him. He lined himself up with my wet pussy and slowly begins pushing into me, he groans out “Y/N, you are so tight- ahhhh~~- when was the last time you were-ahhh~-  fucked? -ahhhh~~”. I moaned as he began slowly pushing himself in and out of me. Our moans and grunts mixing together, I began to feel myself reaching my high once again, clenching and unclenching around Tae rapidly, he began thrusting inside of me faster. He was furiously trying to make me reach my high so he could release, I began letting go and came around Tae’s member, hard. He quickly pulled out of me and released all over my stomach.
Collapsing beside me for a bit before he got up to get a wet towel to wash his cum off of me with. Throwing the towel across the room he fell next to me again and pulled me into his chest. We both started drifting off to sleep but this is something we have to talk about when we wake up and that frightened me.

A/N: I wrote a smut for a certain thirsty admin, I hope you all enjoyed it and I apologise if there were any spelling mistakes.

- Admin ThEcooLEsTLAdXxxXXxx69420 🤙🏻

You’ve Been Avoiding Me.

 (Fair warning, i think this sucks, but my friend told me to post it, so… Yeah, is pretty bad in my opinion, maybe i’ll delete it later, idk. )

Patroling was something you always enjoyed, maybe it was because of the time you had to yourself. The silence, the peace was something unusual in your house. But you couldn’t expect anything else due to the fact that you lived with four more boys, all superheroes.

When Bruce first took you in it was a shock, not only because you were the only girl but because you were his biological daughter. And while Grayson and Drake loved you as their own blood, Todd was another history. He hated extrangers and disliked Damian, so it was only natural for him to dislike you.

Whoever it was all an act. What the young man felt for you was something deeper than a dislike. The truth is that you catched his eye the moment you stepped in the house. He loved seeing you play with Damian, he admired how clever you where and not to mention, he loved how hot you looked training and taking bad guys down. But Bruce advertised him to stay away from you, and he knew he had to do it. Even if you were Thalia’s daughter, you were full of light and life. Sure you could be a mean bitch, the boys knew that well but that was something Jason enjoyed about you. Hell, he was crazy for you.

Now, alone in your patrolling you spotted a red figure in a rooftop, silently you stood behind him, already smirking.

“You’ve been avoiding me. Are you afraid of me or something Todd?”

“Why would I be scared of you Wayne?”

“I know we never had a good start. But now it’s ridiculous, you’re avoiding me in a not really subtle way. Every time I enter in a room, you run away like I had some contagious sickness or something. I want to know why.”

“There’s nothing to know. I just don’t like you (Y/N). Get over it.” He says jumping to the next rooftop. You easily follow him, making it look like jumping from roof to roff was your everyday reality.

“Don’t bullshit me Jason. Something’s up. I know it, you know it, damn even Alfred knows it. Tell me.”

“You’re a nosy pretty little thing, aren’t you?” He says mostly to himself, making you smile sightly.

“You think I’m pretty Todd?”

“Well… I… look I don’t like you that’s why. So now leave me alone.”

You smile walking next to him, you two are really close, only a couple of inches between your lips.

“Well, that’s not what I think it’s really going on.”

“What do you think it is then?”

“I think you like me.” You say touching his cheek lightly. “And that Bruce and Damian told you to stay away. You feel like you’re so fucked up that you don’t deserve to be with someone and you try to repress your feelings. Plus as I’m Bruce’s daughter you think that dating me or sleeping with me will make Bruce hate you. And you’re afarid of what you’re feeling.”

Your words hitted him like iced water. He has shock not only because everything you said was true but also because he could see in you eyes, that your emotions were the same ones. Joy, fear, love. He couldn’t take it anymore, grabbing your hips he closed the gap between you two.

The kiss was sweet, but needed. Innocent but passionate. It released all the love you two needed in your lived. It also released the tension, it was what you both needed. When you pulled away, a big smile on both of your faces.

“How did you do that?”

“What? The kissing? ” You asked laughing.

“Not, the psychoanalysis that creeped the shit outta me to be honest.”

“Well, someday I want to work in Arkham. I want to be a psychiatrist. Not end up insane like Harley but understanding them and help.”

“Hotness, insanity runs over the family. It practically galops.” Jason says laughing.

“Yeah, that will go down when Damian finds out about this… he’s a cutie, but he’s evil.”

“The demon spawn is not anywhere cute.”

“Hey, watch it.” You say hitting him playfully. “Just because  you’re a  good kisser, doesn’t mean that I’m letting you bully Dami.”


“Shit… Well better him findding out than Bruce right?” 

“You thought young lady. You thought.” You could help but wince at you father’s voice.

“Jason?” You ask grabbing his hand.

“Yeah babe?”

“I would advise that you run for your life.” You told him as your father looks annoyingly at you while your little brother tries to kill Jason

Didn’t Mean It - D.S.

 A/N: Yo, it’s me! I’m alive lol it’s the second week of school and so far it’s alright but I haven’t had time to write or be active, my apologies! I’ve had this in my drafts for a few days but I forgot to post it, sorry! I really hope you enjoy :))

Requested: yes

You sat on one of the lounge chairs in the backyard of the WDW house, admiring the different colours of the sky. It was a particularly chilly evening compared to the constant heat in California but you liked it. The wind was blowing, making you shiver and regret only wearing a tank top. With a sigh, you heaved yourself up and went inside. On your way in, you passed Daniel and Jonah, blushing when you caught Daniel’s eye. You’ve had a crush on him for the longest time now but had yet to tell him.

Once inside, you went straight into Jack and Daniel’s bedroom, knowing how messy the other boys’ room was. You looked through their closet for something warm to throw on, your eyes settling on a gray hoodie. Quickly tying your hair into a bun, you put on the hood and walked downstairs, back to the lounge chairs. You wondered where the other boys went since you had only seen Jonah and Daniel. They’re probably skateboarding - well in Zach’s case trying to. Giggling to yourself, you focused your attention on the view in front of you.

You were lost in your own thoughts, thinking about everything and nothing. That was the reason why you didn’t hear Daniel approaching, resulting in you falling off the chair when he slapped you. What the heck did he do that for??

“I didn’t mean it” he chocked out in between laughs. Getting up again, you turned around and just looked at him. Once Daniel realized who was standing in front of him, he instantly stopped laughing. You saw the shocked expression take over his face, confusing you even more than getting slapped out of nowhere. He just kept looking at you without saying anything. What’s up with him?

“Earth to Daniel, are you okay?” That seemed to shake him out of his trance but the frown wouldn’t leave his face. “Oh shit man” he mumbled under his breath, probably not intending for you to hear it but you did. You left out low chuckle, amused by his reaction.

“Oh my god, (Y/N), I’m so sorry, I didn’t know it was you! Your back was turned towards me and you had the hood on your head so I thought you were Jack. And you know how I always slap him so naturally I had to take this opportunity. But you’re not Jack! I just slapped you, shit. (Y/N/N), I would never slap you on purpose, you know that, right? I’m so stupid, please don’t be mad at me.”

When he finally finished talking, he was blushing like crazy which you found adorable. “Dani, calm down, it’s alright, I’m not mad.” Daniel quickly pulled you into a hug, burying his head into the crook of your neck. “I’m really sorry (Y/N)” You hugged him back. “Let’s just find the other boys”

You found them in the living room and sat down on one of the couches, Daniel right beside you. You told the boys what had happened, making them laugh and tease Daniel until his face was as red as a tomato. After everyone calmed down, Jack, Corbyn and Zach went outside again, leaving you with the other two boys. Daniel hadn’t left your side the whole evening, clinging to you and constantly apologizing even though you kept assuring him it was alright. Your frustration seemed to catch Jonah’s attention, making him put down the book he had been reading to turn towards you. He saw the discomfort on your face and decided to tease you, knowing about your little crush.

“(Y/N/N), is that Daniel’s sweatshirt you’re wearing?” Now it was your turn to blush. You looked at your friend with wide eyes and saw the smirk on his face. He was doing it on purpose. Daniel turned towards you, only now realizing that you were, in fact, wearing his hoodie. He smiled at you, cheeks pink and eyes sparkling. The way he was looking at you made you think that maybe he saw you as more than a friend but before you could say anything Jonah stood up “I’m gonna leave before you start making out right in front of me. I really don’t need to see that.”

You looked down at your lap, trying to hide both your blush and the smile on your face. But Daniel had other plans. He slowly reached out and lifted your head, making you look at him before whispering “Making out doesn’t sound too bad now, does it?”


What if Logan was jealous of the other sides and felt like he couldn’t fit in?
Pairing: none
Warning: none
(it’s just Logan angst, because i love him)

Something was off. No, scratch that, everything was off.

Logan dropped the pen he was writing with on the desk at the sound of Roman’s laugh, feeling frustrated at his inability to focus on planning tomorrow’s schedule. As more laughter and yells poured through the walls into his room, he rubbed his temple. The other three must be having fun by themselves again, Logan thought bitterly, without him. He quickly stomped on that thought though, as it was illogical to be annoyed over such a silly thing.

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Storm Clouds

SPN FanFic

~Sometimes you need to let it go before the storm can pass~

Reader, Dean, Sam

1,964 Words

Warnings: ANGST. Major Angst. Depressed Reader. Talk of Death. 

“I want to die.”

You hadn’t meant to say it, especially not to Dean, especially not now, especially not in that way, but he had been pushing and nagging all day and there it was. The truth spilled from your mouth in a viscous wave of half cried words that hung in the air between you and Dean like a smoke signal. Before the last syllable had rolled off of your tongue you already wished you could take it back, but there it was. It was in the open now; everything you’d been hiding from him, from Sam, from yourself.

His mouth opened and closed, his green eyes wide with shock as your confession turned in his mind. He seemed to be digesting it slowly, trying to figure out what you meant. It must have been a joke, he decided, and laughed solemnly.

“That’s not funny, kid. I’ve died. Trust me, it ain’t a picnic.”

You could have ended it then. You could have very easily laughed along with him and played it off as simply one of those things you said when you were tired and stupid. But you were tired and stupid, and you finally felt like you should talk about it. A hundred times that day he’d asked what was wrong, so, now he’d find out.

“It’s not a joke, Dean.” You looked him right in the eye, not a hint of a smile or twinkle of jest on your face. It wasn’t funny. It was the farthest thing from it.

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Just Peter

Peter Pevensie x Reader

Words: 826
Plot: Being King of Narnia isn’t easy - when the girl Peter has a crush on falls from a ladder, he has to dash to the rescue. Fluffiness ensues.
Prompt: (Anon) COULD YOU WRITE ME A PETER PEVENSIE THING PLEASE??? like maybe she works in the castle library, and she’s really shy and hiding behind books, but he keeps coming in to try and talk to her cause he likes her, and she’s up on a ladder organizing books one day, when she falls and he catches her and it’s a completely cliche moment except he wasn’t prepared to catch her and they both fall and they’re both laughing and he finally asks her out? i’m sorry if that’s too specific, whatever you write will
A/N: I am not ashamed of my love of William Moseley and all that he is. So the idea of him as a 20-something King of Narnia is adorable and great. I hope I can do it justice for you!

Despite the howling storm beating on the castle windows; when Peter Pevensie entered the library, the warm air filled his lungs and soothed his cold muscles. He’d been out hunting this morning, and naturally, he’d made a complete arse of himself. You’d think being King would have given him some sort of grace.
Apparently not.

The walls of the library were filled with mahogany shelves; floor to ceiling, stretching up endlessly to the curved stone roof. In the centre of the room, the stone fireplace blazed, shining a halo of light against the stormy world outside the windows. 
Ladders dotted the shelves, the only route to the highest books. And atop one of those ladders, there she was.

They had first met several years ago; Peter had been nervously browsing for information on Narnian languages and had no idea what he was doing. She’d given him a warm smile, a gentle look, and she’s shyly taken him to the right section. Even then, butterflies had filled his stomach.
Just a little at first; soft sparks on his skin as she brushes his shoulder. And then, over time, he’d found himself wandering into the library whenever he felt as though a task was insurmountable and he’d sit and read by the fire while she worked.
It brought him unsaid comfort. In this room, he wasn’t King of anything.
He was just…Peter.
Just Peter.

“(y/n)!” He called from the bottom of the ladder “I just finished the novel you recommended on Centaurs, and I had to let you know how much I loved it.”
“Your majesty” she nodded, a smile softening her features “hang on one moment, I’ll come right down”.
Peter laughed “you know I’ve asked that you call me Peter.”
(y/n) began climbing down the ladder with ease, her boots clinking on the wooden platforms. 
“I-” she began, before stopping immediately.
An audible creak echoed off of the walls, and in a sudden blur, the rung she was standing on snapped. She cried out, hurtling through the air.
Peter felt his heart catch in his throat, reaching up his arms to soften her fall reflexively.
When she fell into them, Peter felt his centre of balance shift. With a loud yelp, they both crashed to the floor in a heap, Peter’s arms supporting her as he lay sprawled over her.
For a moment, they were both in shock. 
And then, (y/n) burst out laughing, the musical sound echoing off of the walls.
Peter snickered, before falling into hysterics, the pure madness of the situation overcoming them both.
When they managed to regain their composure, (y/n) reached up and brushed the tears of laugher out of her eyes.
“A good catch” she grinned “you may have just saved my life”.
“I suppose there is a first time for everything” Peter smiled, biting his lip briefly.
Silence fell between them, and Peter felt something stirring in his chest.
Looking down at her, her wrapped in his arms, he felt a force unlike any he’d known. To protect her, to always be there to catch her when she fell. His blood felt as though it were on fire and he-
“I’m still…I’m still lying on you” Peter stuttered, before moving his arms out from under her so that he could sit back. She breathed out audibly, sitting opposite him, her face still inches from his own. He could see her dark lashes, the curve of her lips. The brilliant colour of her eyes; shining sharply in the firelight.

“Your M…Peter. Thank you” she swallowed, her eyes moving to his lips “I didn’t know if-”
Peter leaned in then, slowly, softly, his lips touching against hers for only the briefest of moments. She tastes like peaches and walks in the rain, and it took all of his restraint to pull away, to lean back.
But he wanted to do this right. He knew his title could scare her off.
“I’ve wanted to do that” he breathed “for a long, long time”.
She laughed, clasping a hand to her mouth in giddy excitement.
“I’m not sorry you did” she whispered, her happiness audible in her voice.
Peter felt his heart leap in his chest, the world falling away to nothing. There was only she and him, alight by the fireplace, burning brighter than the flames themselves.
“Did you…I mean, did you want to perhaps come to tea with me sometime? We could go on a picnic, or go for a walk, or-”
(y/n) moved forwards, her lips pressing against his, her hands folding atop his own. He felt as though he were on fire; his skin pricking with ecstacy. He opened his hand to lace his fingers with her own.
When she pulled away, he was left blinking away the headrush he’d had, the shock plain on his face.
She laughed, her cheeks flushed red in the firelight.
She was so beautiful.
“I’d like that, Peter. I’d like that very much”.

Asgardian Valentine // Thor x Reader

Pairing: Thor x Reader (POC), Slight Winter/Widow and Scarlett/Vision, Bonus Steve, Tony, Bruce, Pietro and Sam.
Word Count: 2.2k+
Warning: Super cute Valentines fluff, pls enjoy this holiday fluff.
Summary: Despite not being one to celebrate the holiday, Reader is a big help to the others. Vision still can’t cook by himself. Pietro is precious. Feelings are hard. Thor is a sweet giant dork, pass it on.  

A/N: Okay I was really inspired to write this because I don’t see a lot of Thor fics (that aren’t Loki centered) and the LOML needs more love ya know? Also look a that gif. Look at him. I love him send help. 

Inspiration: “Roses” ~ Shawn Mendes
“You can tell me to stop if you already know
Though I’m not sure my heart can take it
But the look on your face says don’t let me go

And I have to be honest with you baby
Tell me if I’m wrong and this is crazy
But I got you this rose and I need to know
Will you let it die or let it go?”

Originally posted by theplacewheredreamsgo

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age gap

♡ some of these are fluff, some are angst, some are a fucking joke, but i think they’re all what you expected lmao i wish. thank you for requesting! also, um, these are vvvvv long, sorry bout that 

Kim Seokjin.

 Netizens are losing their minds. Your ship name is trending worldwide and the number of negative comments is almost unbelievable. Jin had tried so hard to keep you out of the public eye and for so long but seems like all his attempts of doing so had gone to shit in a matter of minutes. The power of the media can’t be compared to anything, and you’re both well aware that fans are not going to let of this any time sooner. Because the rumors are true after all: Jin is eight years older than you and there’s not way you can convince them otherwise now that the cat is out of the box.

 The boys are gathered around the living room in silence. Jin is holding you tight while you sobb nonstop, even though you’ve been a crying mess for an hour and a half now. Jin’s shoulder is soaking wet thanks to your tears and the front of his shirt is wrinkled because of how hard you’ve been holding onto him. The others don’t know if  there is even a way they can make you feel a little bit better about the whole situation. Namjoon remembers warning Jin about this when you guys decided to formalize things but now is not the time of saying ‘I told you so’. Jin knows he fucked up bigtime and is desperate to find a solution.

 He’s not worried about him. He’s so used to people making up bullshit about him and his brothers that he wouldn’t be surprised if suddenly there’s a million rumours about you being hired by the company, or even abused and forced to be with him. He knows how to deal with speculations, but you don’t. You’re so young and innocent and you shouldn’t be going through this crap. And right now there’s no words he can say to you because he can’t deny feeling surprised and exposed, so he keeps holding you tight, making sure you know by his actions that he’s not leaving you by yourself.

 Min Yoongi.

 He’s holding the phone with both hands, while Jimin looks over his shoulders carefully, expecting his reaction. You’re sitting next to him, resting against his leg, furrowing your eyebrows. The quality of the video is horrible and the person’s hand is shaking a lot, but still you can see clearly what is being filmed. There’s a lot people crowded in the dim lighted room: in the first two minutes of the video you can only see Hoseok and Namjoon chatting with Jackson and Yugyeom from GOT7, a little bit to the right are Jin and Jungkook sitting on two small but chic couches, laughing uncontrollably and pointing to someone. Then the camera turns around and reveals two young girls smiling like fucking idiots. When the camera is focused again on the dancefloor-like room, there’s no Jin nor Jungkook, nor any other boy.

 Here comes the night by DJ Snake starts playing and two lovers appear on the screen. Yoongi scrunches his nose at the sight, you just shift uncomfortably in your seat and Jimin takes a deep breath because he has seen the video already. You seem to be dancing slowly, Yoongi’s left arm wrapped around your waist while he holds a cup of something in his right hand. Both of you are smiling innocently at the each other until the second chorus of the song comes. By then, you hold Yoongi’s face and smash your lips against his. Hard. For the rest of the video, there’s only you and Yoongi making out as if there was if no tomorrow. When it ends, there’s silence. Yoongi starts scrolling through the comments, seeing nothing but “isn’t she too young to be in a club?” “is that yoongi’s personal whore?” “he can go to jail for that” “is she eight?”.

 He gives Jimin’s phone back, sighs heavily and looks at you with this glance mixed between serious and unfaced, “I guess I’m your nanny from now on, kiddo”, you just slap him in the shoulder between laughs. You both that  even if you’re eight years younger than him, your mental age doesn’t compare to that. 

 Jung Hoseok.

 “So a fan sent us a set of recent pictures of you arriving to LAX”, all the boys nod, while Namjoon explains everything about their promotion campaign in America. Hoseok is too focused on his friend’s words to even notice the pictures are being projected on the big screen behind them, and only turns around only until Namjoon’s voice is replaced by his nervous giggle, “Oh, I haven’t seen that before”, says a shocked Eric Nam, trying his best not to look embarrassed because he had definitely seen that before but agreed with the production not to show it on the big screen for obvious reasons. Hoseok looks at the picture behind him and then to the front, with his signature J-Nope face.

 The incident is forgotten soon after, when no one really comments on the picture of you and Hoseok hand by hand, with matching face masks under your chins and big smiles on your faces. It had caused a big fuss when it was first posted on a fansite and the comments about you being way too young for him were soon under every single tweet posted on BTS’s account. Honestly, the incident was so old already and even now, Hoseok never bothered to explain his relationship with this pretty and jovial girl. Not even when it was exposed on Koreaboo that she was eight years younger than him. The lack of of everybody’s interest on the topic was so big that the interview was not affected by someone’s mistake of projecting the picture and they were able to conclude the show without any trouble.

 Right after they were sent again to their dressing room backset, Hoseok was quick to give you a call just to ask you about the episode. You never answered the phone so he was relieved when he remembered that was exactly the time of the day in which you take a nap. He knew you didn’t care about any of that too, but still, you were too young to receive any kind of hate and specially get affected by it.

 Kim Namjoon.

 It’s been awhile since one of you said a word. The silence that came after the worst argument you have ever had was killing you inside,but you were too prideful to speak first and so was Namjoon. You were looking at the back of his head with your arms wrapped around yourself, rethinking about all the horrible things he had said to you due to the heat of the argument. They were probably going to hunt you for quite some time. You could see he was breathing heavily judging by the way his back was raising and you wanted to sooth him with the soft touch of your hands but at this point, you didn’t know if one act that simple could annoy him or not.

 Namjoon was angry enough at you for acting so immature and just remembering the way you way you were yelling at him for things he couldn’t control got him worked up again. He was decided to lecture you once again when he turned around and faced you but his heart was broken the instant he saw the way you were standing, all vulnerable, scared of his next move. You were not one to blame; he was stupid enough to think you were going to be able to manage this yourself. He also forgot he had promised you were going to move on together if that some point things got difficult, but apparently those promises were erased from his memory the moment you complained about the unnecessary attention you were getting.

 And it wasn’t your fault. None of this. It wasn’t your fault that you were born eight years after him. It wasn’t your fault that he didn’t know how to deal with all the attention that was starting to get too overwhelming. It wasn’t your fault that he was so madly in love with you he thought sharing you to the world was gonna do any good. Now he was ruining your life, your young life. Was he really such a bad person?

 Your eyes were closed when Namjoon came closer and hugged you, and your first reaction was to jump away. He looked at you with wide eyes as his lower lip started quivering, “I didn’t… I’m sorry Namjoon” “No, it’s… it’s okay”, but you couldn’t let him go with the idea of you being afraid of him, even when his screams were the most terrifying thing you had ever heard. So you took a few steps forward and rested your head on his chest, his arms automatically going around your narrow shoulders. The age gap was bringing you a lot of trouble, but Namjoon was too good to let go, and so were you.

 Park Jimin.

 “Eight years?”, the boys are looking at him as if he was some kind of strange animal. Jimin is annoyed and is trying to hide the fact that he’s not enjoying their reactions at all, but it’s a shame he’s so expressive because he can’t never get away with anything. He’s introducing you to them for the first time and the way they’re acting to you being way younger than Jungkook is making him wonder if he should just tell cancel plans with you and go somewhere else for your date night, “You don’t have to like her, just be nice”, at this point Jimin is practically begging them to treat you as if you were one of them. He knows how hard it is for you to get used to people and if they’re not comfortable with the idea of you being basically a kid, he’s not gonna make you go through this, “You’re misunderstanding, Jimin. It’s not that we don’t like her because we don’t even know her. What I meant by that is that, well… this is no easy life, the one we have, you know? Don’t you think it will be hard for her and for you if one day everything comes to light?”, of course he’s aware of that, but Jimin loves you so much he’s willing to give up his entire peace just so he can be with you, “Of course I know, and I don’t care about what the media or anyone says. Can you just give her a chance?”, the boys look at each other, worried that Jimin is committing a huge mistake by getting involved with this girl, younger than him for eight years. But they let him be and promise they’ll act as natural as ever.

 To say they were shocked by your persona when you arrived to the dorms is little. You surely didn’t look like you were eight years younger than Jimin and by the way you expressed yourself, you certainly didn’t have the mentality of the typical rebellious teenager. You seemed very mature and able to maintain a serious conversation, and what surprised them the most is that you could melt Jimin with a single glance.

Kim Taehyung.

The absurdity of the article is in so many other levels that your first reaction when reading the headline is to blink. That’s right. You blink, tilt your head like a confused puppy and read the headline again. “V from BTS spotted near the Han River with younger sister”. When it clicks a certain buttons in your head, the only thing you’re able to do is burst in laughter. You’re screaming so hard it doesn’t take long for someone to go down starts to make sure you’re not losing your mind out of nowhere. Taehyung is glad to see you so happy but he’s curious self gets the best of him and now he wants to laugh with you, “What’s so funny?”, he asks. You’re not even able to explain to him the situation because you’re literally choking of laughter so you just throw your cellphone at him.

 His reaction is very similar to yours. He doesn’t seem to get it at first, but when he does, he looks between the cellphone and your dying figure before starting to crack up too. Soon there are tears rolling down his cheeks and he doesn’t know if he should be worrying or not. Even if he tries to worry, he will end up laughing again because when in hell did his parents gave him a grown teenager sister? You’re calming down a little bit right when Yoongi and Hoseok appear at the bottom of the stairs, the first with an annoyed look on his face and the second showing an amusing smile, “What is wrong with you two?”, says Yoongi under his breath, scratching his butt and disappearing in the kitchen. Instead of following, Hoseok takes the cellphone that is in Taehyung’s hand and reads the article too.

 Now there are three people laughing hard and rolling on the floor, this meaning the whole situation will never not be hilarious, “You’re so small they thought you were his younger sister, this is gold”, says Hobi between laughs and grabbing at his stomach, “This wouldn’t be possible without you baby, thank you so much”, you do your best to control yourself and you succeed, cleaning yours and Taehyung’s tears in the process, “I’m not ten” you smack him right in the head, earning a small welp from him, “Are you sure?”, he says with a straight face before breaking in laugh once again, you following soon after.

Jeon Jungkook.

This was madness. You were warned that going through the airport was going to be quite an adventure but you never expected this many people. And they were aggressive. You didn’t have any issues with crowds but you also appreciated your life and sadly, all you could was hold Jungkook’s hand tight and hope for the best. That was your first mistake.

Their manager had told you it was best if you just holded onto his arm and looked down the whole walk to security but the moment you putted a feet out of the car, the sea of people launched towards you. Your first instinct was to hold your boyfriend and follow his way. Girls were confused, shocked and triggered so they did what they were best at: trash you as much as they could. From comments like “who the fuck is that bitch” to “let go of the maknae”, the ones that got your total attention were the ones that mocked your size and your apparent age. You honestly didn’t give a single shit about all that but you knew Jungkook did.

 Just to make sure he was not about to murder someone you lifted your head slightly, catching a glimpse of him before your head was pushed back down carefully by Jin that was right behind you. Jungkook looked flustered and his neck vein was popping so much you were afraid it would burst at any moment. He hated being judged but what got to him the most was the fact that they were being so rude towards you when they didn’t even know you. He never said anything the rest of the trip, not even when you were in a safe area, but he held you. Jungkook is a sensitive guy and his emotions were always overwhelming so instead of asking him about it, you held him back, soothing him with a sweet touch on his biceps, “Don’t worry. I may be younger, but I’m not dumber” “That rhymed”, it’s his smile what you wanted to see and know that he’s staring at you with happy eyes, you can’t ask for more.  

Yeah (Y/N), when are you and Alex having hot angry sex?

Intro: You are the actress who plays Njæla on History Vikings. After the season finale of season 5B, you and the cast are at Comic Con. Fans ask about shocking events, romantic developments and try to squeeze out some teasers for season 6. At the beginning of season 5, you and Alex started to date in secret. Your castmates suspect something but both of you have denied any gossip. That until there is asked a very spicy question…

I watched Comic Con panels all day instead of learning… Worth it? Probably. Going to regret it tomorrow? Probably.

( Making up because i am having to deal with writersblock for Óhræddr pt. 3 #perfectionist)

Originally posted by jbfor22

“Alex how could you have killed Lagertha?!” A girl screamed hard through the microphone. You laughed and laid your hand in a comforting matter on Katheryns, who sat at your right. She pouted and lifted her shoulders as she was applauded. It was your third time at Comic Con but everytime it excited you more. You had just rolled a killer season and had received such good feedback from all the fans, Micheal was truly a genius.

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anonymous asked:

oh could you write a oneshot about how about betty and jughead eloped over break and didn't tell anyone but people find out at school when betty changes her name to jones

Hey!! I love this prompt :) I actually had to google what eloped means because I had no idea. But still, I hope you enjoy!!


“Jughead, remember to remove your wedding ring before you get to school” Betty said into her phone while pacing around her pink frilly room. 

On the other side of the line, Jughead was sitting in his dads trailer, twisting his gold wedding band around his ring finger. “Got it Bets. Don’t worry. No one will know until we decide we want to tell them.” he said. “Now Elizabeth Cooper, go to bed.”

He heard a soft sigh on the other side of the line. “Night Romeo.” she whispered, making him blush on the other side.

“Good night, my beautiful Juliet.” he said as they both hung up their phones.

Over the spring break, Betty and Jughead decided that they wanted to make it official. They tied the knot. Whatever you want to call it. They may have been a little bit ‘under the influence’ at the time, but neither of them would want to change anything. 

They both decided that they would keep it a secret until they decided that they wanted to tell everybody. That means that they would have to not wear there wedding rings when they’re at school.

The next morning as Betty’s alarm woke her up from her deep slumber, she realized that she was late. She rushed out of bed and quickly got changed, brushed her hair and teeth, and quickly ate a blueberry muffin. In the rush of things, she completely forgot to take off her wedding ring.

Once she got to the high school she immediately spotted her husband leaning by her locker. She ran towards him and practically leaped into his arms. He wrapped his surprisingly strong arms around her, and when he let her go he grabbed her hands and leaned his forehead against her own. 

He looked down and his eyes went wide. “What is it?” Betty asked as he rubbed his fingers over the band that was wrapped around her finger. 

“Oh shit” Jughead whispered right as Veronica and Kevin walked up towards them.

“Hey lovebirds” Veronica said, Kevin trailing behind her. Betty blushed at the nickname while Jughead wrapped his arm around her shoulders, gripping her hand, attempting to hide the wedding ring that was neatly placed around her finger.

His attempt wasn’t good enough, because Kevin noticed the diamond almost instantly. “Elizabeth Cooper. A word?” the Keller boy said before grabbing her by the hand and pulling her away from her husbands grasp. 

He pulled her into an empty closet before flicking on the lights and inspecting every inch her hand. She looked anywhere but his eyes, but could still feel his gaze staring at her head of blonde hair. 

She finally looked up and saw her gay best friend with his arms crossed and leaning on one hip. He raised on eyebrow and Betty knew that she was defeated.

“Fine,” she sighed, breaking in “Jughead and I may or may not have gotten hitched.” she said, like it was no big deal. 

Kevin gasped and brought his hands up to his mouth while he jumped up and down like a fangirl. “That is too cute! I need to tell V. Like Right now. ASAP.” he said while grabbing his phone, but Betty stopped him before he could start typing.

“Kevin. You can’t tell anyone. Not even Veronica. No one was supposed to know. I was just freaking out about Jug forgetting to take off his wedding ring that I forgot to this morning.” she said, looking down at her hands.

Kevin just sighed and looked up dramatically. “Fine. You can stop me from telling everyone that Romeo and Juliet got married. But you can’t stop me from freaking out about it? Who? What? Where? When? Why? How? Wait… not how. Your moms super like ‘no sex before marriage’ right? Is that why you did it? Betty Cooper!” he said while playfully slapping her arm while she giggled at his words. “But seriously. We have ten minutes before class starts. Tell me everything” he said while sitting down a flipped bucket, chin in hands.

Betty just sighed and sat down on the bucket next to him. “Fine. Who: Jughead and I. Duh. What: We got married. Where: Spring break, in some small chapel when we were on our trip. When: Spring break. Why: I love him. How: We went to the chapel. We were also a little drunk at the time. But I don’t regret it at all.” she said, spilling all of her secrets to the schools gossip queen. 

Kevin just sighed with his dream eyes. “But Kev, promise me you wont tell anybody?” she said, while standing up and grabbing her backpack.

“Promise” he said while sticking his pinky up. Betty just giggled and wrapped her small finger around his. She ran out of the closet just in time for the first school bell, and to run into her beanied boyfriend. 

Jughead raised one of his eyebrows and grabbed her hands in his. “Kevin knows, but he promises not to tell anyone. We still have time.” Betty said, while brushing her thumb over his rough cheek. He leaned in for a kiss but was cut off when the bell for class rang into his ear. Betty gave him a small kiss on his cheek and ran off to her first period of the day, english. 

She ran into the classroom, just making it before the bell rang again. She ran to her seat and plopped down next to Veronica. They shared a smile before the teacher interrupted them.

“Ok. Attendance. Ms Lodge?”


“Mr Andrews?”


“Ms Cooper?”

“It’s Mrs Jones now.” she said, not thinking about what was coming out of her mouth.

Everyone turned to look at her with shocked looks on their faces. Jughead just walked into the classroom before her huge announcement and now had a smug look on his face.

Veronica looked at he best friend with a super surprised look on her face, and her gaze was switching between Mr and Mrs Jones. 

Betty just shook her head yes and smiled at her new husband. 

Veronica just laughed, with the same shocked expression plastered on her face. 

“You are telling me everything later.”

anonymous asked:

I have a little idea that I would seriously love you forever if you'd be willing to write it. I can't get the idea of an "accidental kiss" out of my mind. Most likely being initiated by Karen who promptly turns/runs off b/c she can't believe she kissed Frank paired w/ her having been afraid to stay & see his reaction considering the circumstances. Then for the next however many days she's the one doing whatever to avoid him until he finally seeks her out & eases her mind about it in some way.

ACCIDENTAL! KISSES! I love you for this prompt <3 Hope you enjoy!!

Two fingers curling loose around the sash of her trench-coat is all Frank manages before she jolts away.

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