and laughing and crying

When I say I love you, it does not mean that you’re mine forever. Yes, you’re mine but forever? Forever seems so clear when I’m with you that I forget there will be future coming towards us. Forever means loving you for years and years accepting each and every of your faults and weakness and trying to hold your hand even when you’re very far to reach. Loving you means, reminding you of the reasons to live and to show you how amazing your future will be… with me. Loving you means keeping you happy, making you smile and laugh and less cry. Loving you means to love everything about what you hate about yourself. When I say I love you, it does not mean that you’re mine forever because you are my forever and I know it’s clear that loving me is a pain, you’ll get tired but I want you to know, I love you when you’re in pain or when you’re not.
—  Loving you is a promise to not fail you, your heart especially. // f.p

•Sejeong saying a line each for all the members while crying and laughing
•Sejeong (?) : Thank you for spending the last moment with us, I love you
•Sejeong: Thanks to Chungha now I have no worries about dance!
Oh my god, this bond I can’t y'all all help each and make I.O.I I.O.I please
•Sejeong: “We don’t have any more stage together… leader Nayoung, it must have been hard for you. Thank you so much!”
•Somi cried till she can’t talk
•Fans noticed a bunch of writing on Somi’s hands since the beginning and it was revealed to be her thank you ment she said while crying.
•Btw somi talking about cheyeon unni while crying 😭😭😭
She love chaeyeon so much 😭
•Jieqiong’s mom is there at the concert
•Jieqiong to mom: Thank you for always cheering me on. Thank you for giving birth to me
•Chaeyeon is saying sorry to the fans again when it’s not even her fault it should be Kwang Soo who’s should be saying sorry
•Yeonjung: This is not the end, let’s just be sad only for today, and continue to be together from tomorrow on. I love you.
•Nayoung’s the last
•IOI: Thank you, everyone. We love you
•They said this together, like how they greeted Nation Producers on Pd101
•Doyeon: We as IOI have been really really happy all these while
•Chungha: “Whenever there’s a downpour, please remember us~”
•They ended with,
“Till now, it’s IOI”
•Downpour omg Chungha couldn’t sing her lines so the fans completed for her
•Nayoung: “It our last greeting now…”
I.O.I: “In future, it’ll be I.O.I” 😭
•Some of the girls couldn’t get their lines out… the fans are singing for them…. I love you all so much for being there for them
•they changed ‘yes i love it, it’s been ioi’ to 'yes i love it, in the future, we are ioi’
•Y'all know what’s worse, after all these emotional ride, IT’S FUCKING PICK ME FOR ENCORE WHY
•The fans actually got to chant out 우리 이제 안녕, they’re so strong, I’m glad they’re there to send the girls off
•Yoojung: “Come on everyone! It’s our last 'Pick Me’ together!”
•They are crying while singing Pick Me idek anymore
•They started with Pick Me on PD101, now they’re ending as 11, as I.O.I with Pick Me…
•TimeSlip Concert’s Final Day has ended.

You see a smile, but on the inside I’m hurting.
You see me laughing, but on the inside I’m crying.
The fake smile is becoming harder to put on every morning.
I’m laughing, I’m smiling, I feel like losing my mind.
What you see is not all true, what you see in an act that I put on everyday.
I wake up, put on that cheesy smile and hope that I can make it through the day without breaking down.


Wow! So much happened at the Oklahoma City meet and greet, I had to share it.
At first, I was certain that I’d be fine and wouldn’t cry, but as soon as I walked into the building and saw them, I started crying.
Chris hugged me tightly and asked me how I was, and the only thing I could say was “I’m sorry I’m crying” and he laughed a bit.
I made them all pins like the ones you get at hot topic, and they all loved them. I also made Gaia, Jaime, and Kylie pins, which they all appreciated. Chris told me it was very thoughtful, and that Gaia would love them.
I made him a pin of Lisbeth Salander, which he told me he loved. We talked for a bit about The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, then he noticed I was wearing a pin I made myself of him and Gaia from Halloween. He took a picture of it to send to her, and loved it a lot. I realized later that I should have gave it to him, but I’ll save that for next time.
When I gave Ghost his pins, I told him there was one of a ghost with the caption “I put the boo in booty” and he started smiling while Ricky started to laugh.
I talked to Ghost a little bit, and when I started to tear up again, he held onto me while I talked to him and gave me a hug.
They were all the sweetest people in have ever, ever met. I am so happy I traveled 6.5 hours to meet them, it was so absolutely worth it.
Then, during the show, when Kylie came on stage, she was focusing on me a lot. She would come over to me and grab my hands or give me a high five or threaten me with a knife 😂
During Abigail, she came off stage and put the noose around me neck, and I honestly felt like I was being crowed Miss America 😂
During the show, she gave me several pieces of candy, and Ghost threw a pic at me, which hit me in the face. He laughed and handed me another one.
After the show, Kylie jumped off the stage and grabbed onto my hand and I told her that I had a present for her and I gave it to Ghost, and she told me that she knew and she loved it. She gave me a hug and we got a selfie!
This was the best night ever. The bag that I had their presents in said “best day ever”, even though I’m not sure they noticed that. Nothing will ever top this night, and I am so, so happy that it happened. I met my favorite band, something that I’ve been waiting to happen for three years now.
I love them all so much, and I will support them forever 💖💞

I want to write a book that matters
I want to write a book that inspires people
I want to write a book that changes people’s perspective
I want to write a book that make people’s hearts full of wonder
I want to write a book that makes people laugh and cry
I want to write a book people fall asleep hugging
I want to write a book that means something
I want to write a book that will stay with people for a long time
I want to write a book.
—  My writer’s pledge.

Fuck man… I have a really bad tendency to laugh when people are crying and like fuck no matter how hard I try to school my features a smile breaks on my face and like shit… I am so insensitive and I have been trying not to be, but shit.

i wish my mental illness had fun symptoms, cool symptoms, actual noticeable symptoms. i wish i would actually punch the wall and snort the lines and cry and scream and laugh hysterically, i wish it would make me do something except sit here feeling like shit and passing well as perfectly functional i wanna actually do the dangerous things that i want to do, but im still just okay enough that im not gonna do any of that. either let me be crazy enough to act on it or sane enough not to want to

Imagine Shiro and Matt playing Moonbase Alpha and Shiro is genuinely invested in the game whilst Matt just makes the text to speech say shit like “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” or “penis” over and over and at the end Shiro is fucking crying from laughing so hard

And yeah I did get my inspiration from this video

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I have something funny to share. My friend is colorblind and can't see light purple. But he can see dark purple. So when I showed him a character that was completely purple, forgetting that he was colorblind, he sent me "he's gray" just so nonchalantly and I was literally crying because I was laughing so hard. Another time is was a FNAF pillow and he was laughing at it, I was confused until he drew what he saw. Bonnie's head was regular purple but his body was all gray. It was amazing



Almost - I feel it quite everywhere
In the moments when I wake up
And listen to the birds in front of my window
I feel it in the sunlight on my face
I taste it in my breakfast oats
And I see it in the smiles of people I love

Almost - I feel it in the morning
But it’s worse when the sun’s going down
I feel it in my happiness
I feel it in my sadness
Life’s barely enough, you know?
But it’s also too much
Way too much

Almost -
But never completely
Almost -
Ninety percent
Almost -
A hole in my soul that stays
No matter how much I feel
No matter how loud I laugh
How hard I cry
Almost -
It’s always there

And everytime I think
“It’s gone now, I’m full”
Again life reminds me that I can never be
I’m broken from the start
And maybe, even if I could
I don’t wanna be fixed

If you made hell your home,
Heaven seems like a strange place
It’s so ironic
How the past keeps you sane
How you feel comforted by loneliness
And how a gun barrel in your mouth still feels safer
Than laying in the arms of someone you love

Almost -
I’m sick!
I really am
Sick of striving for more all my life long
Sick of feeling too much and feeling nothing
Sick of thinking I’m better, repetitive, so naive
Because I feel like a teen but my energy to live
It’s less than the energy of any 80-year-old man
I’m sick
I really am

Walking through a hall of dark green
I want the sunlight to taste like cotton candy again
(Although I know, it never stays)
What’s the point in playing notes
When you cannot hear
It’s a way to big word for me -

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tips for when ur craving cake / pie / donuts, etc?? i always crave sweet bread-y type stuff when it`s that time of the month :(

*laughs and then starts crying* if you find somethin out lemme know I’m //h o r r i b l e// with cravings and binging (’;
I’ll make a list when I get back to my computer