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SM TOWN OFFICIAL JAPAN NCT describes other members: MARK


TAEIL: 1) He’s very easy to be with. I feel sense of closeness to him. 2) He is free-spirited.

JOHNNY: 1) Big Brother 2) Toned body

TAEYONG: 1) Leader, there is a lot of things to learn from him. 2) He’s sometimes cute off stage (laughs)

YUTA: 1) His has a worldwide sense of humour.(laughs) He’s really funny. 2) Manly man. There’s great muscles under the shirt. (laughs)

DOYOUNG: 1) NCT’s mother 2) Brain/Einstein

TEN: 1) Dancing machine/swag 2) A wonder/ energetic!

JAEHYUN: 1) My half.(laughs) 2) He’s enjoyable to be with him.

WINWIN: 1) Full of charm. Lovely. 2) Free-spirited. (laughs) Very liberal.

RENJUN: 1) Kind but little bit goofy. 2) Hidden charisma.

JENO: 1) Friend-like little brother. 2) Manly man. There’s a hidden manliness under his smile. (laughs)

HAECHAN: 1) Funny and has lots of charm. Friend-like-little-brother. 2) I start missing him if he leaves me for just 10 minutes. (laughs) He never fail to entertain me.

CHENLE: 1) Fair skin. He’s mischievous and lively. 2) Cute and it’s fun to be with him.

JISUNG: 1) NCT’s maknae/ cute maknae on top 2) He is cute but has cool side as well.

source: SMTOWN OFFICIAL JAPAN (20170818 updated)

translation: NCTimezone