and laughing


when ur a lil jealous


Hi Internet! Above are pictures of me and my best friend, nycshree! I live in Chicago and Shreeya lives in Santa Barbara, so due to the cruel geography of the United States, we have yet to meet. Three years ago we were brought together online by our love for music and a day hasn’t gone by since that we haven’t talked or laughed about whatever was going on in our lives. We got each other through high school, accepted into amazing universities, and supported each other during our first years of college. I can truly say I have NO idea where I’d be without this girl.

BUT! EXCITING NEWS! SHREE AND I ARE MEETING! OCTOBER 2ND, MARK YOUR CALENDARS! My mom and I are flying out to California for a girls weekend and it’s going to be beautiful and magical. Three years have led up to this point and I can’t even put my excitement into words.

Without knowing us personally, this might be hard to understand, but we’ve literally come to agreement that we are the “human” versions of Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss. Not only are they friendship goals, but the way they constantly support and lift each other up is inspiring for us as young women to see. Our styles and lifestyles are parallel in so many hilarious ways (as similar as they can be to a worldwide superstar and a successful model) and we really look up to these two women.

This is just a post about two friends brought together through the power of the Internet and music, and the hilarious proposition that we are Taylor and Karlie. Thank you taylorswift for your music and your amazing mindset as it’s done wonders to this friendship. I owe you so so so so so much. If you happen to see this, I hope it makes you smile at the fact that my best friend and I model ourselves after you and your best friend. We love you lots!


I know this is really late, but I want to thank everyone who read, reblogged, commented on, and liked what I wrote the other night about my sexuality. It means so much to me that you took the time to do that. I’ve been struggling a lot over this recently, a lot more than I let on to anyone, and writing what I did about it was liberating and terrifying. I’m very proud of what I wrote, and of myself for writing it, but I will admit that I kind of went into hiding (mostly from myself) after posting it. I think I was very worried about how the few people who know me outside of Tumblr would react. I know, that is pretty stupid. I have a wonderful, caring, supportive group of friends; but you just never know when you come out and confess something like that. I’m sorry that I didn’t reply to all of the comments individually. I spent a lot of time crying, and feeling like crying, throwing myself into work, and distracting myself with books to get through the period of absolute and complete anxiety of waiting for a message from someone telling me that they didn’t want to be around me anymore. I did read every comment. And every message. And every tag. And I just got so overwhelmed at the support, and so, so sad when people said that I had made them cry or that they could relate. As happy as I am that I am not the only one going through this, it really sucks knowing that other people are hurting just as much as; if not worse than, I am. To everyone who is struggling through this and feels just as lost as I do: I am here. I am here and I am real and I am 27 and still trying to figure myself out and I’m not giving up; so if you need to talk, know that I will never turn you away. It may just take me a few hours to respond to you if I am sleeping or at work. Also, if anyone feels like offering any insight to what they think I am, I’d appreciate that, too. But please don’t get offended if I clam up. I am very not used to talking about this.

So, yeah. Thanks for sticking with me.

And if you feel uncomfortable with what I wrote for any reason and wish to not be on contact with me anymore; I understand and will harbor no ill will towards you.