and laugh with her

They’ve handled it very beautifully. They grow with each other. They have a deep mutual respect for each other that really affects how they operate. They empower each other in various ways. She knows how to make him laugh and he knows how to make her vulnerable. She actually came to a place where she resolved, ‘I am in this partnership and I will not step into any type of response, if I figure it out or not, without him.’ It was the new Michonne coming out. She really is different.
—  Danai Gurira in The Walking Dead Magazine when asked “What have you appreciated about the way the writers have handled Richonne?”
Superfamily Trip to the Zoo

A birthday commission from a very beautiful and brave person, for a very beautiful and brave person.

Last time they’d all had a day off – a day away from attacks and betrayals and offices and labs – it was the beach.

Today? Today, it’s the zoo.

Kara practically skips on the way, holding Alex’s hand on one side and Maggie’s on the other, and James grins broadly behind the Danvers girls and their Maggie to snap photo after photo after photo.

“Hey, what about me, Olsen? I’m photogenic too! Where’s the love?” Winn teases as J’onn chuckles with his arm around M’gann, and James pulls Winn into his chest for a selfie.

Kara whines slightly about the line – “Shouldn’t Supergirl get to stroll in for free? And, you know, without waiting?” – and Alex laughs and asks before pulling Kara into her arms, because it’s going to be a long day of sights and smells and overstimulation of Kara’s Kryptonian senses, and the more love she buoys her with, the better. Kara sighs and leans back into her sister, letting her eyes close, blocking out – just for a moment, because Alex has got her, Alex won’t let anything happen to her – all sights, all sounds, all scents, all senses, except the ones that are anchoring her to the ground, to Alex.

“All good, sis?” Alex asks, and Kara takes a deep breath and nods as she opens her eyes.

“I wanna to see the birds. Can we see the birds first?”

“You don’t get enough time with them spinning around up there, Little Danvers?” Maggie teases as she tries to hold out her credit card to the cashier, but J’onn waves her away.

“DEO mental health budget. Pam will make sure Theresa approves it,” he leans down and whispers in her ear, and Maggie grins, leaning into M’gann.

“Your man’s got moves.”

“Oh, I know he does.”

They giggle and J’onn casts them a baffled look as he distributes the tickets to his children and his girlfriend.

“I take it we’re starting with birds for Ms. Danvers?” he asks, and Kara squeals in delight, tugging Alex’s hand forward. Alex yelps and grabs at Maggie, and the three of them lurch ahead, Winn stumbling after them and James racing to the front, weaving between throngs of children and parents and strollers and balloons, to get in front of his friends – his family – to photograph their laughing faces.

“What do you think they think about?” Kara wonders aloud as they slip into a steamy recreation of a forest, her head cast all the way back to skim the tops of the trees, Alex’s hand in hers the only thing keeping her on the wooden floor.

“Their songs!” a passing toddler chimes as they bump full speed into Maggie’s legs. “Sorry!”

Maggie doesn’t miss a beat, getting down on one knee to be eye-level with the kid.

“That’s okay, kiddo. It’s an exciting place! So you think the birds think about their songs, huh?”

“Yeah!” The kid launches into an elaborate imitation of the chirps and calls all around them, and James asks the parents’ permission to snap a photo of the child laughing with Maggie, with Kara – because of course Kara’s dropped to her knees and started singing along with the child – Alex beaming behind them, leaning into Winn and smiling like she’s never seen such a beautiful sight as her girlfriend and her sister making bird songs with a random child.

When eventually the child’s parents thank James for happily agreeing to email them his photos – “that’s James Olsen, honey!” – they set off toward the reptile house, and Winn shudders.

“Do we um… do we have to go… you know… there? That’s usually connected to where they have the spiders and um… you know spiders and I don’t really see eye to eye…”

“Well yeah, they have so many more than you do, man,” James puts his arm around Winn’s shoulder, and Winn jumps.

“Distinctly not funny, James!”

“No, come on, we’ll avoid the spiders for you, okay? Besides, I think I know where Alex wants to go next,” James grins.

“Aww, babe, do you have a secret favorite animal you’ve never told me about?”

Alex blushes when they wind up gaping at the polar bears, a look of pure joy and pure sadness somehow mingling perfectly on Alex’s face.

“Iorek Byrinson, huh?” Maggie asks, and it’s the only thing that could make Alex tear her eyes away from the majestic creatures.

“How did you know?”

“All the other girls wanted to be Lyra. I bet you wanted to be Iorek. All that perfect armor, always protecting people he loves.”

“Are they… are they bonding over The Golden Compass?” Winn asks no one in particular, and M’gann burrows into J’onn’s chest as they all watch Alex kiss Maggie soft and tender and warm.

“See, this is why I need to finally meet Cisco, I’ll have someone to bond over Star Wars with,” he groans, and James and Kara clap him on the back supportively.

They all have to stop and wait for Alex and Maggie to finish kissing again when Maggie discovers that Alex absolutely loves butterflies – “don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone at the DEO, Danvers, wouldn’t want to ruin your ruthless rep with how gentle and melty and soft you actually are” – and James snaps a fantastic series of photos of Winn jumping up and down alongside a group of toddlers, in excitement to see a few zebras full out sprinting in their dwelling.

Maggie and Kara both break down squealing over the otters, Maggie reduced to utter mush as she gushes about how smart they are, how thy use rocks as tools, and Alex breaks down squealing over her girlfriend and her sister’s adorableness.

James squats down and stares, long and hard and serious, at a small family of elephants, and Maggie takes her turn photographing him, because “he doesn’t have enough pictures of himself, and look how sweet he looks.”

She snaps even more photos when Kara goes over and squats behind him, wrapping her arms around his waist and resting her chin on his shoulder as they both watch the creatures watching them.

Maggie earns another series of kisses from Alex – “god, Danvers, can you keep it in your pants for like a minute?” “No one asked you, Schott!” – when she buys Kara half the food court, and as Kara happily stuffs her face and debates loudly with James and Winn about the ethics of zoos and Alex and Maggie take the opportunity to thief some of James’s fries – Alex giving a portion of her share to Kara, who can never have enough – M’gann leans against J’onn, snacking on a bag of peanuts.

”And to think I was convinced I’d never have children again,” J’onn says softly, and M’gann leans up to kiss him gently.

”In your defense, no one could possibly have predicted you winding up with this crew.”

They watch as a food fight breaks out and Alex shields Kara from flying french fries while Maggie goes on the offensive against James and Winn nearly falls off the bench with laughter.

”No. No one could possibly have predicted this crew. And honestly, M’gann? I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

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Pleeeease tell me requests are still open, plleeeeeeeeeease. Alien companions of ME:A reacting to a squishy human baby for the first time? Pls? And the mom being completely fine with them holding the little bundle of squish?

YES! I loved writing this one! Thanks for the request and hope you enjoy!

“You were on the team that saved the arks!! Hold my baby!!!” The human mother of one particularly squishy and flubby baby yelled.

Eyes bugging out of her skull, freaking out internally as the human baby ball of squish is shoved into her arms. Peebee looked over to Ryder, “Help!” written all over her face as the rest of the crew members laughed at her expense.
Peebee awkwardly held the baby in her arms, the child drooling and squeaking out baby laughs. One particularly loud giggle cause her to laugh though. Peebee smiled at the ball of cuteness, a glint of happiness evident in her eyes for a moment. One, short lived moment. Rocking the baby slightly she look the cute baby in the eyes, “Fat.”.

The baby was thrust into his arms. All he could think of while looking at the baby was how squishy the ball of flub was. The baby grabbed hold of his horn goatee and yanked on it, causing him to grin. “Pretty bold for something so squishy. Don’t you realise you’re mostly made of water?” Drack laughed.

She was careful, almost too careful, trying her best to manoeuvre the baby into her arms the way the woman was showing her. The baby gurgled and giggled, tiny chubby hands patting her mandibles. Vetra’s heart immediately melted at the sight.
“I see why funny human baby videos are watched more than cats.”

He was in love with the tiny human instantaneously. Cooing in Shelesh and rocking the baby. Ryder teased him for his immediate love of human children, “Careful Jaal, she might think you will steal her baby.”
“Do they all come out like this?” “Pretty much.” “So when can we have one?” The comment may have caused Ryder to pass out.

His reaction was similar to Peebee’s except with a more intense freak out. “Am I holding it right? Is it still breathing? Is liquid supposed to come out from there!?! Why is it biting me?! Ryder help!?!”

Probably the only one to graciously take the child, coddle it for a moment and return the child in due time like a normal person. “Was that so hard?” Lexi asked. “Yes” was the resounding response from the non-human crew.

but consider aline penhallow and alec lightwood being best friends like her first appearance on the show is her arriving at the institute and she’s hugging jace and isabelle and max but then she sees alec and the biggest smile lights up her face and she calls out something like “hey, you! the giraffe in the leather jacket!” and alec turns around and his stoic expression turns into an equally beautiful grin and he calls back, “strawberry shortcake!” and aline laughs and sprints towards alec and flings her arms around him and hugs the life out of him and alec is laughing and he’s hugging her too because they probably haven’t seen each other in forever and they were thick as thieves when they were younger and clary and simon are like ????? and isabelle is like “oh yeah, they go wayyyyy back” as they watch alec let go of aline and start chatting excitedly to her “she’s one of the only people who can make him smile like that” “you’d think that SHE was his parabtai and not me. i’m not bitter.” jace quips, but he’s smiling and they watch alec laugh loudly at something aline just said, both of them clutching their stomachs and grinning like there’s no tomorrow.

BTS react to their tough girlfriend crying

A/N: hey thank’s so much for requesting!


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Jungshook. Poor Jungkook would be so confused and would feel rather awkward around his own girlfriend. Because he had never had to face his girlfriend’s emotional side, this would take him by surprise and he would simply just stare at her wondering what had happened. 

Oh- Um.. are you okay? Are those good tears?”


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Extra will always be extra. As soon as he saw his girlfriend start to cry happy tears he would also break down to dramatic crying, this is his way of making his girlfriend feel comfortable about crying and an attempt to make her laugh. 


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Jimin would freak out so much, he would be surprised after getting used to his tough girlfriend that when she started crying happy tears he would stop whatever he was doing and just stare. He would mentally freak out wondering if he had hurt her feelings or if something had happened, honestly Jimin would be so blank in this situation.


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Honestly, Namjoon would not be completely taken aback. He’s the wise type of person who knows that everyone has emotions and is just waiting for the moment that his girlfriend will be comfortable enough to show him her emotions. When his girlfriend started happily crying he would just break into a smile “Aish, come here you” he would say pulling her into an embrace.


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he looks like a GOD in this gif. bless

Hoseok would be flustered and embarrassed about the fact that his girlfriend was finally able to express her emotions in front of him, he would stare at her for a while before breaking into a giggle and pulling her into a warm hug. Just being happy that she trusted him enough to break her emotional barrier in front of him.


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Yoongi would be flustered more than anything, he would have become so used to his girlfriends tough façade that he wasn’t expecting to see her happily cry. And so Yoongi wouldn’t be able to do anything but stand there with his gummy smile laughing at his girlfriends figure shyly trying to calm her down.


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Seokjin would be thrilled, knowing that her tears were tears of happiness and not sadness he would immediately use this to his advantage and be able to baby her for once. “Aigoo, my baby is crying” he would drag his words to make them more dramatic and pat her cheeks as well as holding her closer, he wouldn’t really stop until he knew that she felt better and good enough to speak for herself. 

                                                    -bangtan angels-
Seven Day Challenge Chapter 5, a Walking Dead fanfic | FanFiction
The conclusion of my fluff-tastic tale

A chapter preview:

“What are you doing?” Rick stood in the doorway, regarding her curiously.

“Changing into my pajamas,” Michonne laughed lightly, holding her towel in place as she bent down slightly to open their dresser.

Rick shut the door to their bedroom, the lock clicking. “Everyone’s left the house. Carl is holed up in his room and Judith is finally asleep.” He stepped behind her, pressing his chest flush against her backside. Gently, he closed the dresser drawer. “I don’t think you’re going to want pajamas tonight.”

“Is that right?” She asked. A shiver ran down her spine as Rick’s hands brushed her hair, gathering the locs in a fist and sweeping them to the side.

“In fact, I don’t think you’re going to be needing pajamas for the next seven nights,” he pressed kisses into the back of her neck to punctuate his statement, dusting his lips lightly over the sensitive skin.

“You sure you’re up to the challenge?” she teased, rolling her body backwards against him. Rick inhaled sharply, grasping her around the waist.

“It’s been a week,” one hand came up to where her towel was knotted closed. Michonne traced his fingers, pressing them firmly into her. “I know you missed me too.” His low, rumbling tone undid her completely.

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Iwyn Lavellan and Solas by @hansaera-art, commission.

I LOVE THIS SO MUCH, how she leans on him, how he looks at her. This gorgeous illustration is for my fanfic Dirt, where Iwyn and Solas go visit clan Lavellan some time after Trespasser. 

She laughs and sits next to him. She somehow has two drinks in her hand, the liquid slosh a little when she sits.

“Here. It is made with honey and blackberries. Tenara made it.” She looks at him, half uncertain, half challenging.

“Thank you, vhenan. It is good, I have had a taste already.” It is the truth, and he thinks that she is uncertain too, how he would take all this. If he would reject it all.

She leans on his arm. Empties her cup. Then she leans forward and falls over in his lap. She smiles and look up at him.

part of me is you.

really sad lin imagine, send help. if you’ve seen grey’s anatomy some of the flashbacks are inspired by them.


“Y/N,” Lin whispered as his hand squeezed hers. She was dying. He had to learn to be alone.

“It’s okay to go,” Lin whispered and felt the tears fall down his cheeks, they dripped down his lips and onto his chin as he squeezed her hand once more.


“Smile at the camera,” Lin laughed as he pointed his phone at his girlfriend. Y/N shook her head as she looked up at the man from where she was seated. Lin smiled at her, she always smiled when he smiled. It was her weakness.

“No.” Y/N said bitterly, looking back her her textbook Lin’s arms wrapped around her. “Please.” He begged while she shook her head. Of course, she didn’t look up, though, she was busy. She was an intern, doing scut, learning the way around the hospital. Lin was beyond proud of her, the smile on his lips never leaving when he pointed the back of his phone at them again.

“Our children will appreciate seeing your smile when you’re gone,” Lin noted and kissed her forehead. “Our children?” Y/N questioned and turned her head to look at him. Lin’s eyes widened while the smile never left.

“Yeah, our kids,” Lin confirmed as a smile spread across Y/N’s lips while she leaned up to press her lips to his in a soft and passionate kiss. He removed his lips from hers before smiling down. Her head turned to the camera, a smile wide on her lips before she spoke up.

“Our children will not appreciate that.” She giggled and went back to the textbook.

His eyes met with his mom’s, her eyes held many things that he couldn’t name. A soft sigh left her lips while she walked to the side of the hospital bed her daughter-in-law was laying in.

“She was amazing,” She whispered to her son, “We’re all going to miss her.” Her voice soothed Lin. He nodded. Of course, they were going to miss her. How could they not? She was everything to this family. She made sure everyone saw each other more than normal. She made sure his family knew his family and vice versa.

“How am I going to raise two kids on my own?” Lin asked and looked at the pale, lifeless face of his wife once again as tears stung his eyes once more.

“You’re not alone.” His mom whispered and took his free hand in hers before squeezing it. Lin’s lips twitched up as he looked at his mom.

“Thank you.” He whispered before bringing his attention back to his dying wife.


“Love,” Lin giggled as he pointed his phone at his wife, the camera recording her as she put on chapstick, a smile was painted on her lips as she looked at him through the mirror. “Yes, Lin?” She asked and closed the chapstick before putting it in her purse. “I love you.” Lin smiled and kissed his wife’s cheek, she repeated the words and sat her hands on her stomach.

“And I love this little ray of sunshine.” She giggled and felt Lin’s hands replace her own, a kiss being placed on her temple this time.

“This little ray of sunshine will be with us for the rest of our days.” His hand gently touched her chin as he moved her head so he could see her eyes and lips. A smile being played onto their lips as he leaned in to give her a sweet, meaningful kiss.

He pulled away and pointed the camera at the two of them. “Eight years to go!” Lin enthused as he smiled at his girlfriend.

“Eight years.” She repeated.

“Is mommy going to be alright?” Sebastian, their youngest, asked. Lin nodded his head to tell his son that everything was going to be alright, but it wasn’t. Nothing was going to be alright.

“When is mommy going to wake up?” Romina’s voice held a knowing sense that her mother wasn’t okay, the tubes that were running from her mouth and nose scaring her and making her wonder: Was she really okay? Was she really going to wake up?

Lin’s eyes fell at the question, his heart shattered at the thought of having to tell his children their mom wasn’t coming back, but, never-the-less, he had to keep their hopes up - keep them positive.

“Soon,” Lin told his children but not letting any smile return to his face.


“Okay,” Lin murmured as he scribbled lyrics onto his napkin, a small smile playing at Y/N’s lips. He had been working on ‘Hamilton: An American Musical’ for years and he was finally going to be able to put it on at The Public, she couldn’t be prouder of her husband.

“What did you say to me?” Lin asked himself referring to his wife. “God, what was it?” He questioned, Y/N looked at the small child playing on the floor of their apartment before she spoke.

“If this child shares a fraction of your smile or a fraction of your mind, look out world,” She paused and walked from the kitchen island to the chair Lin had sat himself in.

“That would be enough.” Y/N finished in a hushed tone. Lin looked up at his wife, his heart melting at the way she created lyrics with simple words. Her hands rested themselves on his shoulders, his eyes drifted to her large stomach. She was going to have another baby, his baby. He was getting a family. A bigger family than he had expected.

“That’s beautiful,” Lin’s lips quirked up as he turned to write down the words, “You’re beautiful.” He complimented under his breath. A large smile plastered itself on her lips as she kissed his head.

“I love you,” She whispered and looked at the clock. Five past nine.

“Romani.” Y/N’s voice boomed so the little girl could hear, the dark mess of hair looked up at her mother with the same eyes as Lin’s.

“Time to go to sleep,” Y/N told the little girl, receiving a nod they headed to the bathroom to brush their teeth. Leaving Lin alone.

“I don’t pretend to know the challenges you’re facing/ The worlds you keep erasing and creating in your mind.” He wrote down quickly.

Lin rocked Sebastian in his arms while he watched the heart monitor. He knew the only thing keeping her alive was the machines.

How could a surgeon, who lived to save lives, now dying because she can’t save her own?

Lin’s eyes met with his mother’s for a split second before his eyes wandered to his daughter.

“Mommy isn’t going to wake up,” She said in a whisper so her little brother couldn’t hear her. Lin’s heart stopped and felt his breath get caught in his throat.

“I don’t know,” Lin whispered, but he knew. How couldn’t he know? He had been here for days after the accident, his eyes never leaving her lifeless frame but he couldn’t just tell his daughter her mother was dead. He couldn’t hurt her like that.


“Alexander, come back to sleep.” Pippa sang as she came from stage left. Lin looked up at her before singing his part.

“I have an early meeting out of town.” He didn’t look up at her, he kept writing like they rehearsed. Y/N remembered him telling her this song reminded him of her but how different his and Hamilton’s situations were.

Hamilton was going to go die, as Lin was going to stay alive.

“It’s still dark outside -” Pippa argued at the man. Lin only shook his head and kept going.

“I know, I just need to write something down.” Lin sang.

‘How powerful could a 48-second song be?’ Y/N thought as she watched her husband do his role.

“Why do you write like you’re running out of time-” Y/N had asked this question many times when she would get home in the late hours of the night. It was a constant question in their household.

“Sh…” Lin hushed, he’s done this many times also.

“Come back to bed,” Pippa pleaded, but he wouldn’t let up on where he stood.

“I’ll be back before you know I’m gone-” Y/N felt her eyes tear up because she knew what this was like. What it must’ve been like for Eliza. She knew what it was like to get her heartbroken, many men had been able to do that to her before Lin came around and saved her.

“Come back to sleep.” Y/N pulled herself from her thoughts to look at the two. God, she loved him. She loved him with every fiber in her body.

“This meeting’s at dawn,” Lin argued, Pippa’s poster became straighter as she touched his shoulder.

“Well, I’m going back to sleep.” She began to walk off when Lin took her hand in his.

“Hey,” He whispered, “Best of Wives and Best of Women.” He kissed her knuckles as she walked away.

Lin sat his things down as the next song rolled in. He made eye contact with Y/N, she knew what was about the happen, tears were already in her eyes at the thought of her boyfriend fake dying.

“One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine,” The company sang, Y/N made herself comfortable and watched as everyone began to move around the stage. She knew this was fake, but thinking of this as if it was real, hurt.

“You need to eat,” Luz argued with her son, he simply shook his head and looked down at his wife’s hands. They were cold. Brittle.

“She would want you to eat.” She pressed, he looked up to her. She was right as always.

He agreed after a moment, lifting himself up and walking out with his mother.


Y/N felt tears spring to her eyes as she looked at her boyfriend as he bowed.

This was the end of Hamilton for him. His creation would be passed down and it would be amazing.

She stood and clapped her hands, his eyes meeting hers. Tears were in both of their eyes. They were happy tears, but also sad ones.

After moments of waiting, Y/N walked back to the dressing rooms. She smiled at the actors and actresses before opening the room to Lin’s room.

Lin’s bare back was facing her as he redressed, she closed the door quietly before going up behind him, putting her hands on his back. He let out a sigh, he knew the feel of her hands. He knew how she would softly touch him after a show and how her fingers would press into his back or how she would move her nails up and down his spine. The way she would have feather light touches and give him soft pecks on his spine. He loved that.

He loved her.

“Hey, baby.” Lin greeted, a smile playing on his lips. Her lips met with his back before he pushed his shirt over his head and onto her body, she removed her hands.

“Hey,” She whispered as Lin turned around.

“You did amazing.” Y/N whispered and wrapped her arms around his neck, he smiled.

“Really?” He smiled and leaned closer, brushing his lips against hers. Y/N nodded and pressed her lips against his. They stayed in the position for what felt like moments before she pulled away.

“Let’s go home?” He asked and brushed her cheek, “I bet my mom is tired of the kids already.” A small giggle left her lips as she nodded and lifted her coat onto her shoulders. They interlaced their fingers before walked out.

A heart-wrenching sob left Romani’s lips as she watched her mother’s chest rise and fall one more time. Lin’s eyes closed as his children hung onto him. They all allowed tears to fall from their eyes as they choked out sobs.

“You said mommy would be okay,” whimpered Sebastian. Lin let out a loud sob. He did. He told his children Y/N would be okay.

“I’m sorry,” Lin apologized in a soft whimper as Luz wrapped her arms around the children.

“I’m going to take the children for a moment.” She whispered and kissed Lin’s cheek before walking out with the kids.

Lin walked to his wife’s bedside and sat his hand on top of hers.

“I love you. I love you. I love you.” He repeated.

“I wish I wasn’t alone. I wish they could have a mother with them,” he paused while a sob ripped through his shaking body.

“I’m sorry you were taken from us so soon.” He whispered and took his hands from hers, lifting himself up. He whispered a small ‘I love you’ before walking out and nodding at the nurses.


“Smile for the camera!” Y/N giggled as she pointed the camera at her children. Lin’s laugh could be heard throughout the room they had been sitting in. “No,” Romani argued, Y/N’s lips turned into a frown.

“Daddy will smile for me,” Y/N told her daughter, “Won’t you?” Y/N turned the camera to her husband, Lin’s lips twitched into a smile before he nodded.

“Of course I will.” He smiled making a smile play at Y/N’s lips.

“Will you smile for me now?” Y/N asked. Romani nodded as the camera was pointed at her again, a big toothless grin spreading across her face. Y/N giggled before she turned the camera back on herself. Lin walked up behind her and put a kiss on her forehead.

“I love you, love.” Lin smiled. Y/N repeated the words and turned her head towards him before pressing a kiss to his lips.

“I love you.” He repeated.

“I love you.” She smiled.

“I love her,” Lin whispered to his mother as she nodded and wrapped a secure arm around him as he cried.

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I was wondering if you could give me some dialogue prompts about a girl who is super love-y dove-y and a guy who not so discretely shows his disinterest, but the girl won't quit?

1) “Look.” He lost his temper, fists curling. “I said I wasn’t fucking interested.”
Her loving smile only grew as she laughed and touched his arm. “So did my best friend, but it didn’t seem to matter as much then, snookums. We’re so cute. I’ll be swing by your work tomorrow so we can have lunch together!” Her eyes were cold.

2) “Why can’t you take a bloody hint? I’m not interested. I will never ever be interested in you,” he said. Screw pretending to ignore her and ghosting her messages, she clearly wasn’t picking up on any of it.
The girl startled, blinking at him. She had the audacity to look confused as she shrank into herself a bit. “I was just being friendly,” she replied very quietly. “I - sorry.”

3) “Oh god, she’s coming.”
“Hide in the backroom. I’ll tell her you moved to Germany.”

4) “I’m sorry,” he tried to be polite still. “But it’s just never going to happen between us, okay?”
She’d thought the jokingly flirty relationship, the pretending to be a couple, was just what they did. Abruptly, she felt mortified.

5) He floundered, not sure how to make his disinterest any more obvious without upsetting her. And he really didn’t want her to start crying in front of everyone because they would assume he was an asshole who did something horrible, because hey he was the guy right and she was a small pretty thing. 
His best friend swaggered across towards them, eyes sharp, and wrapped an arm around his shoulders before pressing a kiss to his cheek. “Hey, we still on for tonight?” They planted their body between them. 
The girl stared at them. “Wait - are you two?”
He caught on. “Yes. I thought you knew? Yes.”

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Do you have any dialog/prompts for a guy and a girl who are clearly in love, but show it by making fun of each other/sarcastic comments/ mean to each other... Ect?

“You look cute today.”
“I know.”
“Of course you do, you check yourself out in every reflective surface we pass.”
“Well, unlike you, I have something nice to look at.”

“Hey, are you from Tennessee?”
“Because your farmer’s tan is really noticeable.”
“How sweet. I was gonna ask if you fell from heaven because you remind me of Satan.”

She laughed in a mocking way, taking a sip of her water as he stuck out his tongue.
“I’m sorry, you know I’m kidding.”
She smiled and threw arms out to hug him, letting him pull her close before she tilted her hand to spill the water down his back.
“Oops. Sorry.”

“You remind me of dark chocolate.”
“Why? Because I’m bitter?”
“Well, that and you look promising and you’re made out of a lot of delicious ingredients, but biting into you just brings disappointment.”

“That’s it,” Roy said, rounding the corner. As soon as he spotted Maria, he picked up his pace and threw an arm around her as Katelyn appeared. “Maria, will you go to homecoming with me?”
“Aren’t you going with Katelyn?” she asked, glancing between her friends. Roy had a triumphant look on his face and Katelyn crossed her arms and raised an eyebrow.
“He’s upset that I won’t show him the dress I’m wearing.”
“I want to match colors!”
“I’ll buy you a tie!”
“What kind of world do we live in that a man can’t buy his own tie?”