and laugh at this dork

Liam Payne & Harry Styles

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Imagine being upset and Liam and Harry cheering you up

L: “Hey dudes whats goin on man?” Liam said with a bad new york accent.

Y/N:”What is that are your guys face?”

H:”What are you taking about Y/N?” Harry said in a weird ass voice

L:”We’re just hangin.” He said with that bad accent.

I start busting put laughing. “You guys are dorks.”

A/n Any request?

Watched TMNT 2 movie from 1990′s (The secret of the ooze) and I laughed again so much! I can’t get over it how adorable dork Don is in the movies! He was like a pro hostess / housewife while cleaning April’s apartment with the mop, crooning and dancing :’D I honestly can’t… I love the movies. Third one left to go!

PS. forgot to say in my last post that I felt so sad for Mikey in first movie when the poor little boy cried after seeing Splinter in meditation. Don’t make Mikey cry! It’s heartbreaking.